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Commander Toro was killed by the Mexican army while trying to hunt down the notorious Low Cost Marine, a member of the Gulf Cartel who humiliated cartel leaders. The sailor gained notoriety for his brutal acts, including raiding cartel bosses' homes and forcing women to kiss each other for humiliating photos. Commander Toro's pursuit of the sailor ended with his death, but the whereabouts of Low Cost Marine remain unknown.
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Commander Toro was shot and killed by the Mexican army in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, after his intention to find and capture the low-cost sailor led to his execution.
Commander Toro was not wearing a bulletproof vest at the time of his execution.
The cause of his death was a shot to the skull, near his left eye.
Blood stains were visible on other parts of his body.
The exact number of bullets the boss of the Gulf cartel received was not disclosed.
00:00In recent years,
00:02news emerged of the death of Commander
00:04Toro who tried to hunt down the crazy sailor,
00:08a soldier who intended to give him a hard
00:10blow and humiliate the members of the
00:12Gulf Cartel - Erik Morales Guevara,
00:15also known as Low Cost Marine,
00:17was a member of the Secretary of the
00:19Navy Semar and gained great popularity
00:22because on several occasions
00:24the acts of humiliation
00:26towards alleged hitmen were documented. The soldier was
00:29accused of raiding the houses of the
00:31bosses and destroying their
00:33valuable belongings. One of the most notorious cases was
00:36that after the break into the home of
00:38Silvestre Haro Rodriguez alias the goat
00:40leader of the Gulf Cartel in Tampico. The
00:43sailor took the ashes of the
00:45capo's father.
00:46In addition, the crazy sailor enjoyed
00:49dressing up the members of the
00:51women's criminal groups and forcing them
00:53to kiss each other. to
00:54later take photos of them and use them
00:57as a marine mockery, which caused serious
01:00problems for the secretary of the navy
01:02after an international media outlet published that
01:06it was unorthodox in treating the
01:08detainees. It is known that the member of
01:11the week threatened the
01:13Tamaulipas cartels announcing that his way of
01:15working was rougher and that he always
01:17tried to avoid arrests. After
01:20these statements, many bosses
01:22began to offer a large sum of
01:24money to whoever would give them the head of a
01:26low-cost sailor, one of the most
01:28interested in his capture was the
01:30bull commander leader of the
01:32gulf cartel - on the other hand it was revealed that one
01:36of the military's main objectives
01:38was the head of the main member of the
01:40cdg but the member of the semar was
01:42removed from the state just when he was
01:45about to locate the capo, it seems that
01:48Commander Toro never forgot all
01:50the humiliations that the low cost sailor did,
01:52so his intention to
01:54find him led to the early morning of
01:56April 22, 2017, the elements of the
01:59Mexican army shooting him down in the
02:01municipality of Reynosa Tamaulipas without being
02:04able to carry out his
02:07subsequently committed on social networks,
02:09images of the capo's corpse began to be disseminated. It
02:13could be seen that his body
02:15was left face up, lying on the
02:17floor with his hands at the height of his
02:19head. At the time of his execution, the
02:22bull commander was not wearing a vest.
02:23bulletproof as he usually did,
02:27which caused the shots to take his
02:29life immediately. Apparently a shot
02:32to the skull right next to his
02:34left eye was the cause of his death.
02:38Blood stains were also visible in the other parts of his body.
02:41However, the authorities did not detail
02:44how many bullets the boss of the
02:46Gulf cartel received -
02:48elements of the Secretary
02:50of the Navy, state and federal police, participated in this incident.
02:54To date, the
02:56whereabouts of the sailor logo code are unknown, but
02:58some claim that he continues to be
03:00part of the force. security in
03:02operations against cartels more
03:05information on the narco dotcom blog
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who killed Commander Toro?

Commander Toro was killed by the Mexican army while trying to hunt down the notorious Low Cost Marine, a member of the Gulf Cartel.

2. What did Low Cost Marine do that gained him notoriety?

Low Cost Marine gained notoriety for his brutal acts, including raiding cartel bosses' homes and forcing women to kiss each other for humiliating photos.

3. How did Commander Toro's pursuit of Low Cost Marine end?

Commander Toro's pursuit of the sailor ended with his death.

4. What group is Low Cost Marine a member of?

Low Cost Marine is a member of the Gulf Cartel.

5. What is the current status of Low Cost Marine?

The whereabouts of Low Cost Marine remain unknown.

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