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The video is an honest review of Mad Muscles, an app for workout. The reviewer finds that the app's marketing techniques, lack of personalized programs, and difficulty cancelling subscriptions are major drawbacks. They recommend using Dr Muscle instead, which is created by exercise scientists and uses AI to adjust workouts over time.
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The reviewer had a hard time finding anything positive about the Mad Muscles workout app, especially due to the major issues with canceling subscriptions.
The reviewer did not buy a subscription for Mad Muscles due to complaints about difficulties in canceling.
Many people complained about being charged even after canceling their subscription and having trouble getting their money back.
To cancel a subscription, users have to call a number instead of being able to cancel within the app, which is seen as a red flag.
The fitness program claims to be personalized but offers pre-written programs with questionable marketing techniques.
The program claims to be personalized but provides pre-written programs instead.
Marketing techniques are questionable, prescribing unconventional exercises and using iffy selling tactics.
The program does not seem to cater to individual needs or adjust the program based on specific variables.
The video criticizes the Mad Muscles program, stating that it does not provide personalized workouts and lacks scientific evidence.
The program categorizes individuals based on body types, but there is no scientific truth to this approach.
Mad Muscles claims to optimize hormones through resistance training, but all resistance training improves hormone levels.
The program does not allow for customization of rest times or exercise substitutions.
Mad Muscles is presented as a video workout program where users follow along.
Mad Muscles app is not recommended due to its high price and lack of effectiveness, while Dr. Muscle is praised for its AI system and guidance backed by exercise scientists.
Mad Muscles app costs about $19 a month, which is considered expensive.
The app is criticized for not being well done or top-notch, and there are cheaper and more effective alternatives available.
Dr. Muscle is recommended for its guidance backed by exercise scientists and its AI system that adjusts exercises, reps, and load as the user progresses.
00:00hey guys it's Garrett again with Dr
00:01muscle and today we're back with another
00:04review today we're going to be looking
00:05at an app by the name of mad muscles so
00:08mad muscles isn't as popular as some of
00:10the other ones but it still has a
00:11relatively big following it came to my
00:13attention due to its promotioning on
00:16Facebook I felt like I was just getting
00:17hit every day with uh with
00:19advertisements with mad muscle and so
00:21soon enough I said yeah I might as well
00:22check this out and I did and this is
00:24what I think about it
00:26I'm gonna start right at the back I
00:27didn't really like doing this review
00:28because I felt everything I had to say
00:31was negative I don't like to just only
00:32be negative but in all honesty it was
00:35very hard for me to find something
00:36positive about this workout app and so
00:39first I want to be clear on one thing is
00:42that I actually did not buy a
00:44subscription for Mad muscles usually I
00:46do and then I'll cancel it and the
00:48reason being is also a pretty big
00:50negative in my books which is a lot of
00:52people complained about having major
00:54issues trying to cancel their
00:55subscription it basically came in
00:57different variations uh someone would
01:00cancel and it would keep charging them
01:02so they'd have to call again and call
01:03again some people just weren't able to
01:05get through
01:06they supposedly off offer money back and
01:09that is like pulling teeth to get it
01:11back supposedly and again these are
01:13these are all reviews but in my opinion
01:15there's plenty of reviews for me to
01:16believe this is absolutely true and one
01:18of the things that really kind of
01:19validated this for me is that to cancel
01:20a subscription you actually have to call
01:22in a number to cancel you can't just go
01:24in your app and cancel subscription and
01:26they say ask you a couple questions do
01:28you really sure yada yada you have to
01:31actually call in to cancel and that's a
01:34huge red flag
01:35um so that for those reasons I
01:37personally didn't feel comfortable
01:38giving them my card I didn't want to go
01:41through this hassle of calling
01:43a company that may or may not cancel my
01:46subscription and so those are pretty big
01:49red flag but also it's something to be
01:52it's something it's definitely something
01:54you should know before you go get a
01:55subscription I mean even the money back
01:57guarantee is very difficult to get back
02:00my concerns with this app started with
02:02its marketing campaign
02:04I'll sit with these marketing ads saying
02:06you should do this exercise instead of
02:08this exercise you've probably seen those
02:10around they were telling me to do things
02:11like tiptoe wall squats rather than back
02:13squats a bench press with water bottles
02:16rather than a barbell bench press
02:18another AdSense sent me a you know one
02:21of those quizzes you do for your best
02:22fitness program
02:24but it was giving people fitness
02:26programs due to their career like a
02:28firefighter a policeman if I want to try
02:31to be the nice guy I could say there is
02:33some truth to if you have someone who's
02:34seven there they just sit down all day
02:36maybe you want to give them a program
02:38with a little bit more walking and stuff
02:39like that then compared if you're
02:41working with someone who's they're
02:43always lugging around Uh Wood and stuff
02:45maybe they need to have a maybe less
02:47frequency or something but yeah that's
02:49not what this is that's not what this
02:51was because they even had things like
02:52lager and police officer and all this
02:55stuff and so
02:57going into it I had a bit of a bias
02:59towards it
03:01is what it is
03:03marketing techniques they're not
03:07um they actually prescribe things like a
03:09instead of doing a bent over barbell row
03:11they prescribe things like a bent over
03:14towel row where you literally take a
03:16towel and you row it again if I'm trying
03:19to be positive I could say maybe this is
03:21for somebody maybe it's somebody who has
03:23no equipment and if you have no
03:25equipment yeah you could do something
03:26with a towel you could use really strong
03:28isometric contractions but again this is
03:31not what it was because the variables
03:33were very implicit that was a full gym
03:35had access to a full gym and you get
03:37bent over towel rows and curls with
03:40water bottles with that said it's
03:43basically your typical was really trying
03:45to find something that made it stand out
03:47and I just really couldn't suppose it
03:49gives you personalized programs again I
03:51don't believe these were personalized at
03:52all I mean they do what a lot of workout
03:53apps they have personalized program but
03:56these are really just a a collection of
03:58pre-written programs and they give you
04:00the one that works best for you so you
04:02know it's not really personalized
04:04personalizes when you sit down and you
04:06listen to these person's exact needs and
04:08you write the program right then and
04:09there um even changes on the variables
04:13didn't really change the actual program
04:14you've got that much and you know some
04:16of their other selling tactics
04:19are iffy at best
04:22they also claim to sell programs based
04:25on your on your SoMo type which is
04:27basically ectomorph mesomorph
04:30basically how big your body is if you're
04:32tall and slender are you big around are
04:35you more musculature if you're are you
04:37more muscular
04:39now there's no studies to back this up
04:42at all the only place where your SoMo
04:44type has any effects
04:46on you is in performance when it comes
04:48to your biomechanics obviously someone
04:50with bigger limbs is going to need to
04:52it's gonna need to adjust their program
04:53a little bit differently or adjust their
04:55exercise so that also if you look into
04:57someone types you basically notice that
04:59if you're an ectomorph which is tall and
05:01kind of skinny they basically just give
05:04you a program as if you're like a hard
05:06Gainer right so they tell you eat a lot
05:08of carbs do a lot of
05:10um type of bodybuilding hypertrophy work
05:15which is you know generally rounder
05:17shorter rounder they treat you like
05:19you're trying to lose weight all right
05:21so we're gonna have you do circuit sets
05:22hit puts you on a low carb diet kind of
05:25your general basic fat loss type methods
05:30just a little fun fact the man who
05:32actually invented SoMo types
05:34was actually doing as a way to
05:37relate different personality traits to
05:39body types and so you know the
05:42endomorphs were short or shorter bigger
05:43and you're trying to see those people
05:45are like lazier or the more muscular
05:46people they were they were more uh they
05:49were more outgoing stuff like that now
05:51that's literally the that's actually
05:53where someone types even came from is to
05:56divide people into personalities there's
05:59no scientific truth to it having any
06:01sort of meaningful effect in guiding
06:03your Fitness uh decisions
06:07um they also claim to optimize your
06:09hormones again all resistance training
06:12is going to improve your hormone levels
06:13it's just part of their kind of
06:15marketing where they're kind of saying
06:16stuff to kind of get people to buy their
06:20you know what desk on their programs
06:21there's a lot of issues with that again
06:23I don't believe they're personalized I
06:25don't think their first lines to begin
06:26with and also it's very difficult to to
06:29alter the rest time to substitute
06:31exercises all that kind of basic stuff
06:33you're just not able to do
06:35and also when the way metal muscles work
06:37is it's like a a video and you start
06:39your workout you follow the video the
06:41problem is that if you cancel out of
06:44your out of the video screen let's say
06:45your buddy texts you and you go check
06:47your text when you come back to workout
06:48it starts the video all the way over and
06:50so a lot of people complain it's just
06:52you're constantly going back and forth
06:54and you're pausing the videos just not
06:55it's not conducive to a to an effective
06:58workout like I said I could go on and on
07:01there's a bunch of little things like
07:02that but I don't I don't see the need
07:05um basically I just wouldn't recommend
07:06this app to anybody last but not least
07:08it's mad muscles is not a cheap app it's
07:10not the most expensive app but it's
07:12definitely not cheap or when I was
07:14checking it out um it ran about 19 a
07:16month which is not cheap yeah I think
07:18they did have other options like 60 a
07:20year but still that's not cheap you can
07:22cheaper apps that a lot more smooth and
07:25a lot more effective because I think if
07:27you're gonna be charging 20 a month
07:30your app should be pretty well done it
07:33should be pretty pretty Top Notch and
07:35it's just not and so I could go on and
07:36on about other things I saw other issues
07:39but there's no need
07:40I just basically would not recommend
07:42this to anybody in fact I would actively
07:43encourage you to not use this app
07:46um there's a ton of other awesome apps
07:48out there some for much cheaper some for
07:51more more expensive but when it does get
07:53money like I think you should spend
07:56money on your Fitness if you find an app
07:58that really is going to fit your needs
08:00you know so for that reason if you are
08:01looking for an awesome app a guidance is
08:04backed on science is Dr muscle
08:07Dr muscle was designed by actual
08:09exercise scientists you know I have phds
08:12this is what they do it's their life
08:14it's not some tech guys who are trying
08:16to make a quick buck
08:18um this is Dr Russell was created by
08:20people who are genuinely passionate
08:25exercise science and fitness and getting
08:27people fit one of my favorite things
08:28about it is it uses this awesome AI
08:30system which basically works with you as
08:33you progress and what that means is it
08:35adjusts it adjusts your exercises to
08:38adjust your reps and adjust your load
08:41and it does this for your entire life so
08:43you could theoretically never buy
08:45another app again because Dr muscle
08:46isn't just like one app where you have a
08:49few programs that you can choose from
08:50then you finish when you're done now Dr
08:52muscle is basically like if you had a
08:54lifetime trainer you know it's like a
08:55trainer in your pocket as you progress
08:57is going to change your it's going to
08:59change your program as necessary
09:02um these have a really cool system where
09:03they're actually you want to start
09:04putting altering your exercise giving
09:07you new exercises when when you they say
09:09you become stagnant
09:11I'm going to see that's going to read
09:12that's going to throw you new exercises
09:14and so if you are looking at my muscles
09:15don't I would highly encourage you to go
09:17check out Dr muscle it's the coolest app
09:19I know of on the market
09:21um I know it's going to work
09:23you know there's very few things I can
09:25guarantee I know if you follow Dr muscle
09:27it will work
09:28um so money spent well on all thanks
09:30again and I'll see you back next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the major drawbacks of Mad Muscles app according to the video review?

The major drawbacks of Mad Muscles app, as mentioned in the video review, include its marketing techniques, lack of personalized programs, and difficulty in canceling subscriptions.

2. What alternative workout app is recommended in the video review?

The video review recommends using Dr Muscle instead of Mad Muscles. Dr Muscle is created by exercise scientists and uses AI to adjust workouts over time, addressing the drawbacks mentioned in the review.

3. How does Dr Muscle app address the drawbacks mentioned in the video review?

Dr Muscle app, recommended in the video review, addresses the drawbacks of Mad Muscles by being created by exercise scientists, providing personalized programs, and using AI to adjust workouts over time, thus offering an improved workout experience.

4. What sets Dr Muscle app apart from Mad Muscles app?

Dr Muscle app stands out from Mad Muscles app by being created by exercise scientists, offering personalized workout programs, and using AI to adjust workouts over time. It provides a more comprehensive and effective workout experience as compared to Mad Muscles.

5. What makes Dr Muscle app a better choice than Mad Muscles app?

Dr Muscle app is considered a better choice than Mad Muscles app due to its focus on personalized programs, AI-based workout adjustments, and being created by exercise scientists. These features contribute to a more effective and satisfying workout experience.

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