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The video explains how to use the CapCut online video editor, a free tool with various features such as templates, effects, transitions, and text. It demonstrates the process of importing files, editing clips, adding music and effects, and exporting the final video. The online version of CapCut is practical, intuitive, and produces professional results.
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The video introduces CapCut, a free online video editor with cloud storage, automatic updates, and real-time collaboration.
CapCut is a free and easy-to-use online video editor that doesn't require any downloads.
It offers free cloud storage, automatic updates, and real-time collaboration features.
To use CapCut, you need to click on the provided link and log in using your Google, TikTok, or Facebook account.
The editor provides various templates and formats for video editing projects.
The video demonstrates the sidebar features of the CapCut editor, including media files, photos, audio files, text templates, subtitles, stickers, editing elements, and the process of adding videos to the timeline.
Sidebar contains media files, photos, audio files, text templates, subtitles, stickers, and editing elements.
Automatic subtitle system available for videos and song lyrics.
Editing elements include transitions and filters.
The process of adding videos to the timeline and adjusting their size is shown.
The speaker demonstrates how to use the beat detection option in CapCut editor to synchronize clip changes with the beats of a song and add transitions and effects to the video.
The beat detection option detects the loudest beats of the song and brings them to the timeline.
By synchronizing clip changes with the beats, the editing becomes more organic.
Transitions can be added between clips by selecting them from the sidebar.
Different effects can be added to each beat of a selected clip by dividing the clip and selecting a different effect for each beat.
This section demonstrates how to change the beginning and end of a video, add entry and exit movements, apply fade in and fade out effects to audio, add text, and export the edited video.
To change the beginning and end of the video, select the first clip and choose an entry movement for the start and a movement for the exit at the end.
Entry options are available to start the video in a cool way.
The same editing can be applied to the audio file by selecting it, choosing fade in and fade out effects, and adjusting the duration.
Text can be added by clicking on the text option, selecting a model, and editing it as needed.
After adding all the texts and making necessary adjustments, the video can be exported by clicking on the export button, naming the file, choosing the resolution, and selecting the desired quality.
The video explains how to share and export your edited videos using CapCut online video editor.
You can share the video for analysis by sending it to someone.
You can generate a link to share via WhatsApp, email, or other platforms.
You can publish the video directly on TikTok.
You can download the video file to your computer.
CapCut online video editor is a practical and free tool with professional results.
00:00Hey guys, how are you today I
00:02want to talk to you about the caput
00:04online video editor among other
00:06incredible features this is a
00:09free tool Easy to use and you
00:12don't need to download any program on
00:14your computer plus this
00:17online video editor has free storage
00:20in the cloud automatic updates and
00:22collaboration and team in real time all
00:25this without having to pay anything but before
00:28showing the main functions of this
00:30tool, subscribe to the channel and activate
00:33the notification bell so you don't
00:34miss any news and leave
00:36that Your like because this
00:37helps a lot in promoting the
00:39channel here, guys, so today I want to
00:41show you how to use the caput
00:45online video editor. The first thing
00:47you will have to do is click on the
00:49link that I will leave right here
00:51in the description of this video And then you will
00:53land on this page, done this instead
00:57of downloading the program to your
00:58computer and it is very important that this is
01:00clear, right? This version is
01:02different from the desktop version that you
01:05will download so you can edit it locally
01:07on the your computer does not have this
01:09online version. You will click on this button here
01:12to start editing your videos in
01:15a Super Simple way, so by clicking
01:16here you will be directed to
01:18this page here, just log in
01:21to the platform and you can use the
01:23email mail from Google, Tik Tok, Facebook and
01:25so on, after logging in,
01:27you can start editing the
01:29videos in this workspace here in the
01:31tool, you will find several
01:33ideas to develop your project, right,
01:36sometimes you are left without any ideas
01:38don't know how to start a project so
01:40here you have several templates several
01:43models that you can use to
01:45start editing the videos if not if
01:48you already have in mind What you want
01:49to do just click here on this button Create
01:52new video then here it is possible choose the
01:54format of your video if you want
01:56a blank screen 16 by 9 which is in the
01:58YouTube format Facebook 9 by 16 which is
02:01in the Tik Tok format of the shorts so
02:04on or for Instagram which is one by
02:06one I will put here 16 by 9 for
02:08YouTube and from there I can
02:10start doing my editing So
02:11let's suppose I want to make a
02:13themed video, right? I'm going to use the skate theme here
02:15to set up my timeline So
02:18the first thing I'm going to do is to
02:19click on this button here and you
02:21select the files that I want to
02:22use, they can be audio files,
02:24video files or still images
02:27such as photographs, for example, so I
02:29will select everything that I will use
02:30and I will click here on the Open button,
02:32done with that, mine files already appear
02:35here in the sidebar before placing
02:37my clips here in the timeline I want to
02:39show you this sidebar
02:41so here in the media button I have all
02:43the files that I just imported into the
02:45local library I can select
02:47some videos in stock Or they are
02:50free copyright-free videos
02:53that I can use to
02:55enhance my editing here in photos,
02:57the same thing are photographs that you
03:00have here so you can use them during
03:02your editing without having to
03:04worry about copyright, the same
03:05thing with the audio files Look,
03:07you have them here divided by category
03:09So I have here lo-fi funk rap and
03:13so on in this other button here you
03:15can add texts to your
03:18edit so there are some
03:20ready-made templates here that are really cool But you
03:22can also create a text from scratch
03:24by clicking this button here and then
03:26adding it to your timeline later I'll
03:28show you exactly how this all
03:29works here in the subtitles you
03:31can also subtitle the videos this is really
03:33cool because you have an
03:36automatic subtitle system here, right?
03:38automatically recognize
03:40speech in videos you can also put
03:42manual subtitles or also
03:45automatically recognize song lyrics
03:47in this other button here I have stickers
03:49Look how interesting So there are
03:52several stickers here that you can
03:54add to your edit and in these
03:56last three buttons here I I have
03:58editing elements so my effects that I can
04:01add transitions to my video to
04:03transition from one clip to another and
04:05also some filters here that I can
04:07apply to make my image more
04:09interesting that said, let's start
04:12editing so it's important that you
04:14choose there a chronological order
04:15What for? For your video to make some
04:17sense, then I'm going to start adding
04:19the videos here to my timeline and
04:21as you do this you
04:23can adjust the size you
04:25want And then you can repeat this
04:27process with all the clips that you
04:29will use during editing I will
04:31leave all the clips here more or
04:33less the same size So this
04:35video of mine here that talks about skateboards is
04:37approximately one minute long what am I
04:39going to do now I am going to add one
04:41music So it's important that you
04:42choose a cool song that has to do
04:44with the theme you chose. I'll
04:45take the song and bring it here to
04:48my timeline. Here you can
04:49cut your song, right? So that it
04:51's exactly the size of your video
04:53so I'm going to position the needle here and I
04:55'm going to click here to divide my clip
04:57divided clip I'm going to select
04:59awaken delete and I'm going to delete this part
05:02that I don't want here from the song now I
05:03want to show you a
05:05really cool Artificial Intelligence feature
05:07Check it out I'm going to select my
05:09music here and
05:11this menu will automatically appear here on the side I
05:13'm going to click on basic and look how
05:16interesting here you have the
05:17beat detection option I'm going to select it and
05:21what the intelligence will do it
05:22will detect where are the loudest beats
05:25of my song and it will
05:27bring it here for me, look how
05:29interesting it is and why can I
05:30use this precisely to
05:32synchronize the change from one clip to
05:34another exactly where I have the beat
05:37of my song, maybe not only this
05:39first clip here I'm going to bring to
05:41this beat and that way I can do it with
05:44all my editing so it will be
05:46much more organic, right, because whenever
05:48you have a higher beat in the
05:50song there will be this change of clip
05:52See, I'm just finished here to
05:54synchronize the clip change with the
05:57beat of my song and there's music left
05:58here at the end so what do I do I'm going to
06:00cut this ending here too
06:01so I already have the base of my
06:03video here I have my clips and this
06:05change that will there is from one clip to
06:07another synchronized here with my
06:09music now I'm going to add some
06:11transitions so to change from this clip
06:13to here I'm going to choose a transition
06:15here in the sidebar so I have
06:17transitions here so you can choose
06:19which one best suits yours
06:21need, I liked this one from the
06:23spiral And then all you have to do is bring it here
06:25to join one clip to another, let's
06:27see how it goes, I'll press play
06:31see how cool it was, a very
06:33fluid change, right? So I'm going to repeat this
06:35process with all the clips that I
06:37have here in my finished video placed
06:39here the transitions that I'm going to do
06:41now now I want to add some
06:43effects to my editing So in this clip
06:45here what am I going to do in each of
06:47these beats here I'm going to put a
06:49different effect so to do this the
06:51first thing is to divide your
06:53selected clip here this is my first clip
06:55that I'm going to do I'm going to go here to
06:57effects and I'm going to select a
06:59Cool effect here to add my
07:00edit So in this one I want to
07:02put the negative and I just drag it
07:04here and leave it exactly on this
07:06clip And then I'm going to repeat this process
07:08with these other three sessions here from
07:10my clip, let's see how it goes, I'll
07:12press play here
07:21cool, right Another thing you also What you
07:24can do here with your clips is
07:25add filters Look how cool
07:27this filter is, there are seven of them so I'm going to
07:29do the following I'm going to bring this
07:31filter here to the top of my clip And then I'm
07:33going to adjust the size just right
07:36so I have several filter options here
07:38that I can add my
07:40editing to give this more
07:42professional charm to the final product. Another
07:44thing you can do to give
07:45your editing a more professional look is
07:47to change the beginning and end of your video,
07:49so I'm going to come back here with the needle for the
07:51start I'm going to select my
07:53first clip here when this side menu appears
07:55I'm going to click on
07:57entry movement and here Look, you have several
07:59entry options here to start
08:02your video in a really cool way I'm going to
08:03choose this first option here
08:04opening and ready, it has already been added
08:06here to my first clip and I'm going to do the
08:08same thing here at the end, but
08:11instead of entry I'm going to click on
08:12movement and I'm going to select exit Look, I'm
08:14just going to choose this movement here to
08:16slide, another thing is that you You
08:18can also do this editing both at the beginning
08:20and at the end of your audio file,
08:22so I'm going to select my file here, I
08:24'm going to go here to basic and here I'm going to
08:26select what was done in and Fade out, that
08:28is, it will have a small delay to
08:31start my song and then it will
08:33do a gradual reduction at the end of
08:35my video so here in fe I will
08:37select 2 seconds and the same thing in
08:39Done out And then I will show
08:41you how it turned out correctly
08:42In addition I will also use some
08:45texts here in my edit I will
08:46click here on text here I will
08:48select the model I want ready
08:49the text has already been added here to
08:51my first clip then I will do the
08:53following I will reposition or
08:55resize And then by double clicking
08:57I can edit my text and then I will
08:59repeat this process throughout
09:01My editing, ready after adding
09:03all the texts here to my timeline,
09:05let's see how cool the video turned out
09:33right, if the video turned out cool if you
09:37have happy with the result it's
09:39time to export your work so
09:40to do this it's all very simple
09:42You will click here on export you will give
09:45the name for your file you will choose the
09:47resolution And then you can choose up to
09:491080p by clicking here on
09:51advanced settings you can select the
09:54quality you want high
09:56recommended quality or quick export I will
09:58leave it here at recommended quality
10:00here I will choose the frame rate And
10:03then you can vary it up to 60 frames per
10:06second I will leave it at 30 and here
10:08you will select the MP4 or mhv format I
10:11will leave it in MP4 and I will click on
10:14export this may take more or less
10:16depending on the size of your file
10:18here the rendering you can choose
10:21how you want to share your video
10:23then you can share it for
10:25analysis That is you you will send this
10:27video to someone so that they
10:28can see if your work was cool
10:30or not you can also generate a link
10:32by clicking on this button you will have
10:34a link then you will share it via
10:36WhatsApp via email however you
10:38want or you can publish directly
10:40on Tik Tok by clicking here on this button,
10:42another option is to click here on download And then
10:45you will download this file
10:47to your computer, which is what I
10:49'm going to do now, ready, he has already downloaded the
10:51file, let's see now how did it turn out
11:45you saw what a cool result so this
11:48online version of what is spicy it is
11:50very practical because unlike
11:52the desktop version or the
11:55mobile version that you need to download an
11:57application or a program to your
11:59computer or your
12:00mobile device with the caput online video editor
12:03you don't need to do any of that, just
12:06bring your files here onto
12:07the platform and edit all this
12:10material in a super simple,
12:12intuitive and completely free way and what
12:15it's cooler with the super
12:17professional result And that's cool, right, did you like the
12:20caput online video editor to find out
12:22more and test this free tool
12:25full of incredible features right in your
12:26home, just click on the links that I will
12:28leave in the description of this video and also
12:30in the first pinned comment, okay, I
12:32hope you liked it, if you
12:34liked it, don't forget to Share
12:36this video with your colleagues, if you have
12:37any questions, just leave them below
12:39in the comments because if I know, I'll
12:41respond quickly. Agreed, so
12:43take this time now to
12:44choose and watch one of the videos that
12:46are appearing here on the screen because
12:48I will definitely see you in the next video
12:50bye bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I use the CapCut online video editor?

You can use the CapCut online video editor by simply visiting their website and accessing the tool. It offers a user-friendly interface with a wide range of features such as templates, effects, transitions, and text to help you create stunning videos.

2. What are the key features of the CapCut online video editor?

The CapCut online video editor comes with various key features such as templates, effects, transitions, and text. It also allows you to import files, edit clips, add music and effects, and export the final video, making it a comprehensive and versatile tool for video editing.

3. Why is the online version of CapCut practical for video editing?

The online version of CapCut is practical for video editing because it is intuitive and easy to use. It provides a seamless editing experience, allowing you to create professional-quality videos without the need for complex software or downloads.

4. What makes the CapCut online video editor stand out?

The CapCut online video editor stands out due to its user-friendly interface, extensive features, and the ability to produce professional results. It offers a convenient and efficient video editing experience, making it a popular choice for content creators.

5. How does the CapCut online video editor benefit content creators?

The CapCut online video editor benefits content creators by providing a free, practical, and comprehensive tool for creating high-quality videos. It empowers creators to express their creativity through professional video editing, helping them engage and captivate their audience.

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