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The video discusses the energies of having a Capricorn descendant and Cancer rising in astrology, focusing on the seriousness around relationships, the importance of long-term connections, and the influence of Saturn in evaluating and checking on relationships. It also delves into the significance of Saturn transits and the need for recognition and detachment in relationships.
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Having a Capricorn descendant with Cancer Rising means taking relationships seriously and seeking authority figures as mentors.
Capricorn is about showing up with authority and working hard to achieve goals.
There is a seriousness and expectation of responsibility in relationships.
Capricorn energy is methodical and seeks to understand the benefits and correctness of connections.
Capricorn archetype may develop wisdom and become a mentor in relationships.
Capricorn Descendant in astrology indicates a preference for long-term relationships, drawing in older and more experienced partners, and being selective in forming connections.
Capricorn Descendant attracts people who embody Capricorn energies, often older individuals with more time and experiences.
Relationships are taken seriously, with a desire for commitment and a preference for mature energies.
Capricorn Descendant values quality over quantity, focusing on building strong connections and waiting for the right people to show up.
Natal Saturn placement in the birth chart is important for understanding long-lasting connections and partnerships.
Saturn in Pisces influences spiritually connected relationships and emphasizes seeing people for who they truly are.
Saturn transits are significant for relationships, including the Saturn return that happens every 28-30 years.
Saturn transits show the maturity and growth that occur through relationships.
Capricorn descendant assesses relationships based on practicality and rationality.
Capricorn energies excel in business relationships and can be applied to personal relationships.
The Capricorn descendant is associated with evaluating relationships every seven years, feeling recognized and respected, and desiring time alone.
Saturn, as the ruler of the Capricorn descendant, prompts the evaluation of relationships and connections every seven years.
Capricorn descendant individuals may desire recognition and respect.
They may also seek solitude and time alone.
The Capricorn descendant in combination with Cancer rising is related to parental energies.
Saturn in your chart shows what you are meant to take seriously and invest in, such as being responsible and honoring commitments.
Saturn conjunct Chiron and Venus can sometimes make you want to escape and focus on spiritual growth.
It is important to understand the connection between your Moon and Saturn, as the Moon is the ruler of your Rising sign.
If Saturn squares the Moon, it can lead to depression or feeling misunderstood, while a Trine between Saturn and the Moon is more beneficial and emotionally mature.
00:01hey it's Molly welcome back as we are
00:02moving through this descendant series we
00:06now we're going to discuss the energies
00:08of having a Capricorn descendant which
00:11means you have cancer Rising that was
00:15the energy ascending at the time and
00:17location of your birth and the opposite
00:20point in your chart is The
00:22Descendant which is
00:25Capricorn and tells us more about the
00:28energies that you you seek to connect
00:32with and understand in order to
00:34experience more of your own energies and
00:37to give you some insights into why these
00:40Capricorn energies are especially
00:43important for you in your chart so
00:46Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac
00:49and it is about how we show up with
00:52authority in our lives how we work hard
00:56to get what we have it's about putting
00:59in time energy and effort Capricorn is
01:03where we are mastering all of ourselves
01:07in the real world it's where we're also
01:10understanding what matters to us for the
01:12long term where we want responsibility
01:16and reliability from others as well as
01:18from ourselves when you have Capricorn
01:21on The Descendant there is a seriousness
01:24around relationships and connections
01:27where you take them seriously and you
01:30expect or need the same from others this
01:33is also where you are maturing and
01:38perhaps even learning some big life
01:40lessons through your relationship
01:44experiences Capricorn is also the energy
01:48of mentors authorities people we look up
01:52to those who teach us something along
01:55the way and so when you're younger you
01:58could be one who really look looks up to
02:00those who embody Capricorn energies and
02:03then as you grow and mature you become
02:07that Capricorn archetype as well perhaps
02:10then you have a lot of wisdom and
02:13experiences in relationships that you're
02:16able to offer or understand now the
02:20Capricorn Energy is known for being
02:23methodical being a planner wanting time
02:26and space to think things through to
02:29understand how is this going to work how
02:32will this benefit me how will this be
02:34something that is correct for me and so
02:37you might feel or experience those thems
02:39in your own life through connections and
02:42you also might have that type of filter
02:46on the type of people that you do bring
02:49into your world because there is a
02:51seriousness here and there could be that
02:55you need time to process and assess as
02:58well as a longer time time to get to
03:00know someone and that is a Capricorn
03:03strength where you're thinking of the
03:06long term and how is this going to play
03:08out where is this going to go can I take
03:11this seriously is this really good for
03:13me and you could also find that you draw
03:16in people who embody those Capricorn
03:19energies who are older than you so maybe
03:22you have been really connected or drawn
03:25to people who are older who have more
03:29time and experiences under their belt uh
03:32this is where you could be drawn to
03:35those romantically who are older than
03:37you because you you don't perhaps want
03:42childish or immature energies you take
03:44relationships seriously you take
03:46commitment seriously and again this is a
03:49filter into how you connect with people
03:52and when and if you do the Capricorn
03:55energy also can feel strong on its own
03:58where you might might not desire as many
04:01connections but you want good quality
04:03ones there is respect here including
04:07self-respect there is integrity uh
04:10there's a sense of I'll wait for the
04:13right people to show up I'll wait I have
04:16no problem doing things on my own you
04:19know focusing on what I need to focus on
04:21until someone who really matches or is a
04:24fit for my energy is present and
04:27available and this could also be
04:29important to understand
04:31because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and
04:34so your natal Saturn in your chart is
04:38important for understanding more of the
04:42connections that will last that will
04:44work and Capricorn descendant can have
04:48long-term friendships long-term Partners
04:52collaborations relationships uh because
04:55that's that's one of your strings you're
04:56in it for the long haul and you can can
04:59also be very particular and selective so
05:04that you do have more time energy and
05:06space for those for those that you deem
05:09worthy for those that are a good match
05:12for your energy now with the Saturn
05:16rulership you would go to wherever your
05:19natal Saturn is in your chart this chart
05:22is for April
05:251966 and you can see that is when Saturn
05:28was in p pces and actually conjunct
05:31Chiron and conjunct Venus so this is
05:36very important energy signature to
05:38understand when interpreting that
05:41Capricorn descendant now obviously you
05:43probably don't have this exact same
05:46lineup of planets but you would start
05:49with your natal
05:50Saturn and notice if it's conjunct any
05:53other planets especially personal
05:56planets because in this case
06:00Saturn is quite influential here over
06:06Venus and working with Chiron in Pisces
06:11so this would mean that the Chiron
06:14energy is actually
06:17influencing Saturn so these would be
06:21spiritually in Pisces spiritually
06:24connected relationships that have a
06:27bigger purpose in one's life would be a
06:31very simple interpretation of this
06:34energy Saturn in Pisces is making sure
06:37to see somebody for who they really are
06:39and to not idealize
06:42them now what I want to focus on with
06:44the Saturn in your chart however is the
06:47significance of Saturn transits and how
06:51it's more important for you in
06:54relationships and this includes your
06:57return which will will happen possibly
07:01three times in your life but every
07:05return is important for you and the
07:08people in your world the these
07:11connections that you have because the
07:14Saturn return happens every 28 29 30
07:20years there's a maturity and a growth
07:25that takes place through your
07:27relationships through your connections
07:30and you could even
07:32have relationships and connections that
07:36karmic that are from other
07:39lifetimes where you are working them out
07:42in this
07:43lifetime through whatever
07:46Saturn is showing you because Saturn is
07:50about our real world application of
07:54energies and and
07:56time Saturn is the gatekeeper of time
07:59the timekeeper this is where you're
08:01working with time and
08:04timing in a very important way in your
08:08relationships and it's the Saturn
08:09transits that'll show you what you're
08:11working through so going back to those
08:14Saturn returns that happen in your late
08:1720s your late 50s and your late 80s this
08:22is an important time of understanding
08:24what these connections mean to you if
08:28they're working
08:30if they are practical if they are
08:33reasonable rational there's things that
08:36the Capricorn descendant
08:39assesses to determine if it's a
08:42relationship that you need or
08:44not now the strength is in the business
08:47relationships which is a Capricorn
08:49domain where you're good at Capricorn
08:52connections um in in business in
08:55Partnerships negotiations you know
08:57that's where you could really really
08:59Excel and then that's also where you
09:02might take that same relational template
09:06and apply it to your personal
09:09world so the Capricorn energies are how
09:13you look to connect with others and it's
09:16serious again you take it seriously and
09:19then it's your natal Saturn that shows
09:22you more about what those themes are and
09:25the prominence of them during your
09:28Saturday returns also the Saturn
09:33Opposition the Saturn Opposition happens
09:3614 years or so after each Saturn
09:44return the other important thing here
09:46with Saturn as the
09:48ruler of your Capricorn descendant is
09:53evaluating and checking in on
09:55relationships and connections every
09:57seven years every seven years cuz that's
10:01part of a Saturn cycle so
10:03Saturn being the
10:06energy of what you're putting work into
10:10time into there could be powerful
10:13relationship themes for you every seven
10:15years where you have to check in on how
10:18it's going if it's working for you if
10:20it's something that is still in
10:22alignment with your goals your
10:26Ambitions there's also the need to be
10:29wherever we have Capricorn so feeling
10:32recognized and
10:34respected um also perhaps you know
10:38there's there's things here about
10:39Detachment with Capricorn where you
10:42hermit you want to be left alone um you
10:45want time and space to be in your own
10:48energy and that would be an important
10:50quality as well for somebody with
10:53Capricorn descendant to
10:56note now this Capricorn descendant end
10:59with the cancer
11:01Rising is related to parental energies
11:05and I discussed that more in the we'll
11:08call it the Sister video where I talk
11:10about cancer on the
11:14descendant so please watch that if you
11:16want more about how this energy works
11:19but this is the sign signs of the
11:22parental axis and so your parents
11:26relationship and their Dynamics would
11:28have more significant an for
11:32you it's also important to look at if
11:35Saturn is connected to any of your
11:36personal planets Sun Moon Mercury Venus
11:41or Mars as that would be very
11:45influential for relationships now in
11:48this one Saturn is conjunct
11:51Venus in Pisces in the ninth house and
11:55so this this could be the energy of
11:58somebody who really needs a deeper
12:01personal connection but it also can be
12:03someone who who wants to disappear who
12:06who wants to be able to do their own
12:08thing who wants somebody to share the
12:10adventure of the ninth house um but also
12:14needs it to be meaningful spiritually
12:16emotionally and otherwise Saturn
12:21Venus can be a very heavy weight that
12:24Venus carries and feels especially with
12:26this Chiron here so actually
12:29relationships could provide deep
12:31spiritual healing and that would be the
12:34higher expressions of those although the
12:36lower expression could be feeling very
12:38alone in the world very alone very much
12:43um in your own world or doing your own
12:45thing with this lineup um working
12:48through some
12:50wounding whether that is spiritual
12:53emotional or
12:55otherwise but this is someone who is
12:57learning a lot through through
12:59connections about what they truly seek
13:01and what they
13:03need and I feel too like you know this
13:07this lineup here of planets and Pisces
13:09has an assist from this
13:12Neptune in
13:15Scorpio and they're even trining the
13:18ascendant and that means that if they're
13:20trining the ascendant they are sexiling
13:23Descendant so all of these aspects are
13:26important for understanding
13:29what that Saturn energy is really
13:34looking for and and it can be very
13:37selective it can be the energy of
13:38nobody's good enough if your standards
13:41are too
13:42high um and in this chart there's some
13:45energy of of deeply
13:49healing I always feel this as age of
13:51Pisces energies when we have both Chiron
13:55and Saturn in Pisces um the
13:57disconnection from your your own power
13:59this could be someone who who gives all
14:01their power away in relationships and is
14:04learning not to do that is learning to
14:07trust themselves in connections even
14:10more so what I would recommend is not
14:13only looking at your Saturn but the
14:15aspects that your Saturn makes and other
14:17parts of your chart that
14:19influence your
14:23connections and with the Capricorn
14:27descendant it can later in life that you
14:31find a relationship that really works
14:32for you you could feel
14:35like your relationships take longer to
14:39form that they aren't happening as fast
14:41as other people in your in your peer
14:43group for example like you're the last
14:45to get
14:47married sometimes with Capricorn you're
14:49the first to get married Capricorn
14:51descendant um because Capricorn is is
14:54traditional and so maybe there's a sense
14:56of well I got married because that
14:58provided stability and certainty for
15:01me but with the Capricorn descendant it
15:04it typically plays out as things come
15:07about later in life after you've grown
15:10and moved through some lessons again it
15:12can be
15:13karmic um there can be things that you
15:16have to just simply
15:18experience that is the Capricorn
15:22energy and then You' you've gained more
15:26knowledge and wisdom from that
15:27experience about what the right
15:30connections mean for you what really
15:32works in your life um and and the people
15:35that you choose to have around
15:37you so do check out your Saturn which
15:40can be anywhere in your chart in any
15:43sign and that shows you what you are
15:46meant to take
15:47seriously where you invest in yourself
15:50you invest the time energy and work to
15:53be very responsible to honor your
15:56commitments uh to be aware
15:59to be aware of what it really looks
16:06like actually it's funny I just got an
16:08intuitive hit that sometimes this lineup
16:11of Saturn conjunct Chiron and Venus can
16:13be um wanting to just escape and go into
16:18monastery or you just want to you know
16:20focus on
16:24spiritual connection spiritual growth in
16:26this lifetime that could be one
16:29manifestation of this
16:31energy so that is a basic look at the
16:38descendant and again if you're
16:40interested you might want to also look
16:43at the video on the cancer
16:46descendant and why it's significant to
16:50also know the connection between your
16:53moon and your Saturn in your chart
16:59the Moon is the ruler of your
17:03Rising which is cancer in this chart we
17:06have the moon in Leo at 0 degrees so you
17:09would look at okay what is my moon
17:11need and how is my Saturn fulfilling
17:15that need or is my Saturn negatively
17:19impacting my needs which could be the
17:22case if Saturn squares the Moon that can
17:24be a depression that can be a sense of I
17:28don't know how this is going to work I
17:29don't feel like my emotional needs are
17:32understood or heard um whereas if Saturn
17:35is in a Trine with your
17:37moon that is much more beneficial
17:41mature emotionally
17:44aware if your Saturn and your moon do
17:48not make any aspects then you would need
17:50to intentionally tune in to what your
17:53moon sign needs and how it expresses
17:57itself through that cancer are
17:59rising and then it could be like the
18:02Saturn is in the
18:04background standing strong observing
18:09weighing that part of
18:12yourself and then is the gatekeeper for
18:15those seventh house
18:20connections so I hope this helps direct
18:23you into more about your own chart more
18:25to look at more to understand more to be
18:27aware of
18:30and I'll be back with more videos here
18:33as we move through all the descendants
18:36I'll be talking about Aquarius and
18:38Pisces next thanks so much for joining
18:40me I'll see you back here soon
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the energies associated with having a Capricorn descendant and Cancer rising in astrology?

Having a Capricorn descendant and Cancer rising in astrology is associated with a serious approach to relationships, a focus on long-term connections, and the influence of Saturn in evaluating and checking on relationships.

2. How does Saturn influence the evaluation and checking of relationships for individuals with a Capricorn descendant and Cancer rising?

Saturn influences the evaluation and checking of relationships for individuals with a Capricorn descendant and Cancer rising by emphasizing the importance of long-term connections, seriousness around relationships, and the need for recognition and detachment in relationships.

3. What is the significance of Saturn transits for individuals with a Capricorn descendant and Cancer rising?

Saturn transits hold significance for individuals with a Capricorn descendant and Cancer rising by highlighting the need for recognition and detachment in relationships, and by reinforcing the importance of evaluating and checking on relationships with a serious approach.

4. How does having a Capricorn descendant and Cancer rising impact relationships?

Having a Capricorn descendant and Cancer rising impacts relationships by bringing a focus on long-term connections, seriousness, and recognition, along with the influence of Saturn in evaluating and checking on relationships with a practical outlook.

5. What is the importance of long-term connections for individuals with a Capricorn descendant and Cancer rising?

The importance of long-term connections for individuals with a Capricorn descendant and Cancer rising lies in the seriousness around relationships, the influence of Saturn in evaluating and checking on relationships, and the need for recognition and detachment in relationships.

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