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The video provides instructions on how to download Cat's Blender Plugin and Blender, including selecting preferences and installing the plugin in Blender. It also mentions the usefulness of certain menus in the plugin and suggests downloading other helpful plugins like UV Squares.
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To set up Blender, choose language, shortcuts, and theme preferences, and download Cat's Blender Plugin by searching it on Google and accessing the most recent version on GitHub.
Choose language, shortcuts, and theme preferences in the quick setup
Use spacebar for search and select Blender theme dark
Access keymap and add-ons in Edit Preferences
Download Cat's Blender Plugin by searching it on Google and accessing the most recent version on GitHub.
To download Cat's Blender Plugin, click on the provided link and follow the instructions to save the zip file, then enable the plugin in Blender's preferences.
The download link provides instructions on how to install the plugin.
The zip file should not be extracted during installation.
After enabling the plugin, you can access it by clicking on the arrow in the preferences menu.
The plugin offers various features for model editing.
To download Blender, go to the official website or download it from Steam.
Type "blender download" on Google and click the download button on the official website.
Alternatively, you can download Blender from Steam and track your hours.
The LTS version of Blender is recommended for stability.
Cats Blender Plugin is also useful to download, and UV Squares is a helpful plugin for shading hair.
00:00so you download blender and you get met
00:02with this scene here the quick setup you
00:06choose your language uh shortcuts
00:09select with uh whatever this is and the
00:13theme you can mess around with that
00:15I usually click right because that's
00:17what blender used to be and I've gotten
00:19used to it now
00:20spacebar I use it as search
00:23and blender theme dark looks nice to me
00:26so you just hit save new sad things if
00:29you don't have this I'll show you
00:30another way to do it
00:31if you want to select with the left
00:33click go ahead
00:35I'm not going to stop you
00:38if you want to have this as something
00:39else go ahead I'm not going to stop you
00:43we can also go into edit preferences and
00:51is it keymap yes key map so you can
00:54select stuff over here
00:57what else we're going to do in edit
00:59preferences right here edit preferences
01:03we're going to
01:05add an add-on
01:10you type in cat's blend plugin into
01:14you'll get this link right here cast blender plugin 0.19.0
01:22this is the most recent version of cats
01:25it was updated on June the 27th 2021
01:29which is
01:30somewhat long ago so let's see if it
01:33will work in blender
01:37we download by clicking on this or you
01:39can go over here
01:42and you can download it from this file
01:45right here
01:46if you look on this
01:50this first screen that you get to from
01:52the link it'll actually tell you exactly
01:54how to do it
01:56importantly not extract the download zip
01:58you'll need the zip file during
02:04enabled add-ons only install
02:08right we'll need to go to
02:11oh we'll just go straight to documents
02:13and models where did I put it new cats
02:18cats blender plug-in Master zip
02:21we have that there we check it and save
02:24preferences preference is saved
02:27you'll just have to click this Arrow at
02:30the side and you'll have cats right here
02:33there are a couple of things you'll want
02:36to be using and cats
02:40um this menu here the model menu the buy
02:43themes menu right here
02:45and there are some other things that can
02:48help with model editing but those are
02:50the main ones that we're going to need
02:51they're very useful if you don't know
02:53how to download blender first I'm very
02:55disappointed in you type into Google
02:57blender download go over here click this
03:03you can also go to previous versions
03:10here and then you can just download
03:13whatever one you need
03:15but we're not going to do that because
03:18we're working with
03:203.31 the LTS version LTS is your best
03:23friend because blender can be very
03:25unstable sometimes and it can make you
03:27lose a lot of work right you could also
03:29get blender on scene just type into
03:31Google blend on Steam
03:33who would have known and you can track
03:36your hours and stuff if you're really
03:37about that kind of you can also just
03:39download specific LTS versions on Steam
03:42if you really wanted to but that's for
03:44that anyway I hope this was useful too
03:46make sure to download Blender make sure
03:48to download cats there are some other
03:50plugins that you might find useful but
03:52we will come to them when the time is
03:54Neo who am I kidding if you want
03:56something to cheat on your test about UV
04:00squares is amazing I think you have to
04:02pay for it though look at that so
04:05convenient just turning Mouse into
04:09brilliant very good for shading hair
04:12without the you know having to worry
04:14about curves
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the Cat's Blender Plugin?

Cat's Blender Plugin is a powerful tool that provides various helpful features to streamline the Blender workflow. It includes tools for UV editing, mesh repair, and many other useful functions.

2. How can I download Cat's Blender Plugin?

To download Cat's Blender Plugin, you can visit the official website or the Blender Market. Simply search for 'Cat's Blender Plugin' and follow the download instructions provided on the website.

3. Why is Cat's Blender Plugin useful for Blender users?

Cat's Blender Plugin is useful for Blender users because it simplifies many complex tasks, such as UV editing and mesh repair. It also offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, making it a valuable addition to the Blender toolkit.

4. What are the recommended plugins to download alongside Cat's Blender Plugin?

Alongside Cat's Blender Plugin, it is recommended to download other helpful plugins such as UV Squares and other UV-related tools. These plugins enhance the UV mapping and editing capabilities in Blender, further improving the overall workflow.

5. How can I install Cat's Blender Plugin in Blender?

To install Cat's Blender Plugin in Blender, simply follow the installation instructions provided on the official website or documentation. Typically, it involves selecting preferences in Blender and installing the plugin via the Add-ons section.

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