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The video discusses an alternative to the overloaded Chat GPT called JGBT, which is never overloaded and offers the same functionality. The alternative, GPT API, allows users to enter prompts and save presets for better sentence generation. However, there is a potential downside of having to pay for the service in the future.
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The video introduces an alternative to Chat GPT called JGBT, which is claimed to be better and not overloaded like Chat GPT.
Chat GPT is currently overloaded and does not allow new users.
JGBT is presented as a better alternative to Chat GPT.
The video mentions other services offered by the company, such as Dali and Eri GPT API.
GPT API is said to have a disadvantage, which will be explained later in the video.
This section explains how to enter values and use presets in the chat interface of Shetty BT.
The chat interface of Shetty BT works differently from Jetski BT.
Values can be entered at the bottom left and confirmed.
Presets can be saved and loaded in the chat interface.
This section demonstrates how to use the GPT API to generate better synonyms and alternative sentences for a given text.
The user can enter a sentence and receive a list of feedback with better synonyms and a revised sentence.
The GPT API can be used like a program and preset values can be saved and loaded.
The disadvantage is that the GPT API requires an upgrade, which usually implies a payment.
00:00If you have wanted to use Chat GBT in the last few weeks
00:02you will probably have
00:06seen this screen here more than once. The reason for this is that
00:08Jet GBT is currently massively overloaded
00:10and does not allow new users. Today
00:13I would like to show you an alternative
00:15that is better in almost every respect is
00:17the jgbt and is never overloaded
00:21if you are interested in
00:22subscribing to this channel and
00:25stay tuned now. Chat GPT is a service
00:28from the company open air I. However, this is
00:30not the only service
00:32that this company offers.
00:33In addition to Chat gbt, there is also Dali
00:36which was shown in another video. There
00:38is also another
00:40tool that we will use today,
00:42namely the Eri GPT API above, it sounds a bit
00:46complicated, it is actually not,
00:49we are currently on, a new
00:54service is being offered up here There is even a
00:56reference to Czech BT, basically
00:58GPT API is suspected to offer help to companies
01:02corporate organizations,
01:04but we will be using the whole thing privately today,
01:06which means you can
01:08read a lot about the tool here. Unfortunately,
01:11GPT API has a huge disadvantage,
01:14which I'll see later I'll explain in the video
01:16to start the gbt API,
01:19we simply start in Login at the top right
01:21and log in as normal as in the
01:23gbt chat. Once we're logged in,
01:25the whole thing doesn't look quite the same,
01:27but we can just click
01:29on the button at the top left
01:32press playground and welcome basically to
01:33where we wanted to go here we can
01:36simply enter everything in this field that
01:38you would also enter in Jetski BT
01:40it works a little differently because
01:43the whole thing is basically a huge
01:44text box I can enter the values ​​at the
01:46bottom left So just confirm
01:49and write it to me in my own
01:51field here. Now we have
01:53basically established the basic functions of
01:55Shetty BT, that is, if you just
01:57wanted to use chat,
02:00here you have the solution. The whole thing will
02:01never be blocked. I'll explain to
02:04you why A little later you can
02:06simply Enter Enter and
02:07enter your desired values ​​here. If you
02:10are not quite sure what to
02:12do with chegbt, I recommend
02:14my Basics and Excel video, which
02:16I have linked to you below in the
02:17video description.
02:19I will explain to you how The whole thing works in the
02:21chat gbt works exactly the
02:23same here if you don't otherwise
02:24know 100% what you
02:26could enter, I have also
02:28linked a grid post for you that shows you
02:30different options that you
02:32can do here, you can simply
02:33enter them, unfortunately the whole thing is in
02:35English you can However, tell
02:37him to just answer you in German
02:38why GPT API is now so much
02:41better than Jetski I would like to
02:43show you now that it can never
02:46be blocked, we have something on the
02:48right that you
02:50don't have in chati and you can
02:52your prompt so save your settings
02:54up here we have presets
02:56that we can easily load, which means
02:58we can save the whole thing here in our
03:02and open it again later, no matter
03:04how complex, for example, I have now
03:06preset a preset, I have called the whole thing
03:09synonyms I just say
03:10I don't want to save it, press
03:12okay and the whole thing is loaded now
03:14I have entered a value you
03:16just look at
03:18the choice of words in the following text you give me tips for
03:20better synonyms and proven that the
03:22choice of my words I need the
03:24feedback in a list just give me the
03:26list of feedback back and at the end
03:28a better variant of my
03:30original sentence the sentence is
03:32as follows I wrote the whole thing
03:33and saved it if I now want a sentence nicer and better for
03:36a text or a block post or an
03:38email, for example If
03:41I want to formulate it, I can
03:43just write it in here, that is, I
03:44just load up this synonym preset
03:47and now write in the following text:
03:49the man goes into the big house, a very
03:51simple sentence, I press Sub
03:53and see what comes out, it
03:55sounds a bit too simple, big is not
03:57strong enough and the house could be replaced. A
03:59better version of the man walking into
04:02the imposing building sounds
04:05completely different than the original sentence,
04:06which means you can basically use the GPT API
04:10like a program
04:12and save preset values ​​here
04:15every time you do something
04:16You just want to load the preset up here.
04:19By the way, you can save it
04:21by pressing safe on the right and
04:23call it up again later and
04:25enter your values ​​again. Basically,
04:27this is really an extension
04:29of your work. Now I would like to
04:31show you the big disadvantage of
04:32the GPT API comes with it and the
04:36whole thing is located here at the top right next
04:37to the green word Upgrade and the word
04:40Upgrade never sounds
04:42good when you're on the Internet for a long time,
04:44which actually always means that
04:45you have to pay something. In fact,
04:47as I said, GPT API is for companies
04:50For example, those who want to integrate these things into
04:52business processes
04:54and here you can of course
04:56ask for something we are currently on the free
04:58trial we have pricing in which we are
05:00shown that 1,000 tokens
05:03cost two cents we have an
05:05example below that 750 words are 35 tokens
05:09and 1000 tokens cost two cents
05:12so it's not really expensive. However,
05:14I have to say that in the last
05:16month I actually never use churchy BT,
05:18which was blocked for me very often
05:20and I mostly use GPT API.
05:23I haven't paid a single cent for
05:25this free trial which is
05:27announced here is relatively generous
05:29since Chat gbt is currently also free,
05:32but you have to say that
05:33both will probably be chargeable in the next few
05:36weeks or months.
05:38The same rules as
05:40Czech BT also apply to GPT API,
05:43which means we don't have any
05:45values 2021 it cannot be
05:48guaranteed that all
05:49information is correct and
05:51no things can be output that could, for example, be responsible for
05:54any injuries to other
05:55people. I
05:57hope that you can continue to
05:59use the chat gbt in the form of GPT API in the future
06:03with the
06:05presets and you will see your
06:07work output will increase enormously
06:09that was a little tip and everything
06:11I wanted to show you today and it's
06:13best to take a look at the basics of
06:15Jet gbt so that you understand exactly
06:17how this playground here is very
06:19simple It works, I'm glad
06:21I was able to help you. See
06:23you again in the next video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the alternative to the overloaded Chat GPT?

The alternative to the overloaded Chat GPT is JGBT, which is never overloaded and offers the same functionality. It also offers the GPT API, allowing users to enter prompts and save presets for better sentence generation.

2. What features does JGBT offer compared to the overloaded Chat GPT?

JGBT offers the GPT API, which allows users to avoid overloading and offers the same functionality. It also allows users to enter prompts and save presets for better sentence generation.

3. What potential downside is associated with the GPT API?

The potential downside of the GPT API is that users may have to pay for the service in the future. This is an important aspect that users should consider when choosing this alternative.

4. How can the GPT API benefit users?

The GPT API can benefit users by providing an alternative that is never overloaded and offers the same functionality as the Chat GPT. It also allows users to enter prompts and save presets for better sentence generation.

5. What is the functionality of the GPT API?

The GPT API offers users the ability to enter prompts and save presets for better sentence generation, providing an alternative to the overloaded Chat GPT. However, users should consider the potential downside of having to pay for the service in the future.

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