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The video discusses the difference between ChatGPT and ChatSonic, two Artificial Intelligence chat services, with ChatSonic being able to connect to the internet for real-time queries. The video shows a comparison between the two platforms in terms of generating copy for a Facebook ad and concludes that ChatGPT is faster and more intuitive. Additionally, the video mentions a website called "Moving" where users can generate original music using AI for their videos.
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The key difference between ChatGPT and ChatSonic is that ChatGPT does not have an internet connection and is only updated until 2021, while ChatSonic can connect to the internet and provide real-time information.
ChatGPT relies on its internal database for answers, while ChatSonic can search the internet for current events.
ChatGPT is not able to provide answers about recent events, while ChatSonic can.
ChatGPT is free to use, while there may be limitations or costs associated with ChatSonic.
The speaker discusses the importance of good copy for Facebook ads and demonstrates how to request a convincing and fun ad using the GPT chat platform.
Good copy is essential for generating income from Facebook ads.
The speaker provides an example of a request for a Facebook ad for a portable hose for bathing pets.
Specific and detailed requests yield better results from the GPT chat platform.
The video discusses the importance of using up-to-date tools and compares the results of GPT Chat and Chat Sonic.
The video encourages viewers to leave comments about their experience with the tools.
The host mentions that some people may not believe in this technology.
A small text about chaotic pet baths and portable hoses is shown briefly.
The focus of the test is to compare the results of the two platforms, GPT Chat and Chat Sonic.
The speaker is discussing their experience with ChatSonic and how it only provides images instead of detailed text responses like ChatGPT.
The speaker had to pause in the video to do a search and additional research.
They mention that there are very few reviews or videos about ChatSonic, most of them are about ChatGPT.
The speaker tried using ChatSonic with long texts but it only provided short responses and images.
They express doubts about being able to create a Facebook ad using ChatSonic.
The speaker compares the performance of ChatGPT and ChatSonic in generating responses and concludes that ChatGPT is better in their opinion.
The speaker mentions that ChatSonic did not catch their attention and took longer to understand their request.
ChatGPT generated a response after a long time and understood the word "advertisement" as an image to sell.
The speaker recommends trying both ChatGPT and ChatSonic but prefers ChatGPT.
The speaker prefers Chat GPT over Chat Sonic due to its speed, simplicity, and an extension that allows internet connectivity.
Chat GPT is faster and more intuitive than Chat Sonic.
An application with an extension allows internet connectivity for Chat GPT.
The speaker introduces a website called "Moving" where users can generate original music using Artificial Intelligence.
The generated music can be used for YouTube videos and is free of copyright.
00:00Hello guys, happy to be
00:01with you again and welcome to my channel
00:03where we talk about entrepreneurship and
00:05how to generate money with
00:06digital businesses, as you already know, the topic of
00:09Artificial Intelligence is already on
00:10everyone's lips And this is definitely
00:12changing the rules of the game Very
00:15recently I read an article that titled either you
00:17update or you stay and it is very clear that we
00:19are already in an era where the
00:21most advanced technology is at the tip
00:23of our hands for those who do not
00:25know me My name is Giovanni with and I create
00:27content from entrepreneurship and
00:28digital businesses to help each of
00:30you learn about very
00:32powerful tools in the digital world we started
00:39on November 30, 2022 the world
00:42changed radically with the launch
00:44of one of the
00:46most powerful Artificial Intelligence services
00:48that We have seen eye and that we have the
00:50opportunity to be able to use it and
00:52manipulate it for free at
00:54least until the opposite happens. In
00:56my previous videos that I leave
00:57up here in the cards you have been able to
00:59see how this Artificial Intelligence service
01:01can be useful to us in many
01:03tasks that previously took us a lot
01:06of time and that now surely
01:08take us less than half the time
01:10to perform, whether in writing
01:12articles or creating ideas for
01:14our content, including for all
01:17the products that we can
01:18sell. description of these products
01:21and even for the ads that we write
01:23on Facebook, however in less than the
01:26second month of the year of use of the
01:28platform it already began to collapse,
01:30showing an apology message on the screen
01:32and for them to decide that they
01:34were Working to expand
01:35their servers, what not many expected
01:38is that for the first days of January
01:40another development and
01:42research company would be launching
01:43its version of chat with
01:46Artificial Intelligence on the market and it is the
01:49company ride Sonic red Sonic It has already been
01:51on the market for some time offering the
01:52service of content writing, I
01:55was testing it for some time but
01:57its results in Spanish were not so
02:00satisfactory, and it is also quite
02:02limited to be able to do tests. What was
02:04really surprising is that in the first
02:06days of January 2023, they
02:09launched the chat service Sonic
02:12is also a chat Bot service with
02:16Artificial Intelligence and they
02:18call themselves gpt chat but with
02:21superpowers Just as you hear it So
02:23today I want to take you back
02:26to my screen to test these
02:29superpowers and see which of the two gives
02:31the best results. better results by putting them to
02:33the test by subjecting them to the same
02:35questions and the same requirements
02:37so let's get on with it and well
02:40guys we are here on my screen
02:42now let's try the two chats, the
02:46gpt chat and the Sonic chat, which the truth is it
02:49has cost me a little make this video
02:51because the gpt chat is very collapsed,
02:54some people tell me about how
02:59difficult it has been to enter and well, look,
03:01what I tell you is that you have to
03:02be patient and update
03:04your computer screen all the time
03:06so that you can have access
03:08right now we are going to do the test so I am
03:10going to go here here we have
03:13So the gpt chat Although you see
03:16this message that says that they are
03:18experiencing a high demand so
03:21they go to it it works and here is
03:24then the right Sonic page
03:27where They recently launched the
03:30Sonic chat, notice that they proclaim themselves
03:33that they are like the gpt chats but with
03:37superpowers, let's then find out if it's
03:39true. I'm going to quickly tell you
03:41what the difference is between the two of them.
03:43There is a very key difference and that is that the
03:47chat gpt this one that we have here the one that we
03:50are used to using
03:51now recently
03:53this chat does not have an internet connection that
03:56is to say when you request when
04:00you make a query he does not
04:02connect to the internet to look for the answer that
04:05you are needing he
04:07simply looks for the answer in the entire
04:10database of their knowledge and
04:13through that it offers them an
04:15answer. So the problem with this
04:17is that this Artificial Intelligence is
04:19only updated until 2021 OK
04:22So it does not have Data from either 2022 or so
04:26far from 2023 However,
04:28Chad Sonic connects to the internet, he has an
04:31internet connection and he can make
04:33real-time queries about events that
04:38currently occurred. For example, if you
04:40comment or ask him something about the
04:42death of the Pope, the gpt will not give you
04:45any answers. However, if you
04:48ask Chad Sonic, he will
04:50give you an answer because it is a
04:51recent event and he does not know it. But he can
04:54connect to the Internet and go look for the
04:56information. So what we are going to do
04:58is today to see if This feature if
05:02this goodness that it has is beneficial
05:05for what we need Well
05:07here we are on the Sonic chat platform
05:08and all you have to do is
05:10enter with this button where it says
05:13gpt revolution chat joint and you will enter
05:17a platform like It's OK now,
05:21if you realize between the
05:23Sonic chat platform and the
05:27gpt chat platform, the truth is that these people did
05:30not make any effort at all to
05:33make anything different about their aesthetics
05:37or the truth is, what they did was like
05:39a copy paste of all these platforms
05:41But anyway, we are going to test the
05:44platform, the other thing I can tell you
05:46is that Chad Sonic gives you a limit as it
05:49is paid, he is going to give you that is the other
05:51difference that chat gpt is free and
05:53Chad Sonic is paid, he gives you a
05:57free version here you have it here on the
06:00left side Where I am
06:01showing you that it tells you 2500 words in
06:04Premium format if you put in
06:07economic format you will have up to 25
06:10thousand words but that is the The result of
06:13the search that you do is not going to
06:15be at all similar
06:17to the same quality that you are going to have as a
06:19result as a Premium version. So
06:21this Well, it is your
06:24marketing and market entry strategy, look at the
06:26button that you have here include the
06:29latest Data according to Google, what you have
06:31here can be turned on or
06:33off if you leave it on it
06:36will be a
06:37complementary search on Google To be able to
06:40offer you better results in theory
06:43if you leave it off Well, well it
06:46will give results only with the
06:48Data that he has stored in his
06:50database so well what I
06:53'm going to dedicate myself to today is to try making a
06:56request to write a
06:59Facebook ads ad Why Because Well it
07:02's really what people
07:04are developing much more quick
07:06because it is directly related to the
07:10generation of income, that is, you
07:11have to have good copy for a
07:14Facebook ad and then
07:16place it in the
07:19Facebook ad manager to generate
07:20income. So I am going to do the example
07:23with this as I put you here and I
07:26have already searched, remember that I am not going to
07:28stop at How to teach how to search for
07:30products and nothing, this is part
07:32of Well, of other techniques but well,
07:36you can search for any product
07:37on Aliexpress or simply the product
07:39that you are selling. I went
07:41for this product because I think
07:42it is a pretty
07:44nice product that is interesting that it has
07:47this I think it has quite a lot of output and it is
07:49a product that is a hose for a
07:51portable hose for washing for bathing
07:54pets bathing dogs bathing cats all of
07:56this So I I already developed myself
07:59previously to
08:01advance the video a little, this
08:04copy that I have here ok Now I'm going to
08:07read it to you
08:08so you know what it's about, notice that
08:10I'm going to go to the gpt chat platform and I
08:13'm going to paste the text, notice what I I am
08:15asking you I want a create a
08:18very convincing cheerful and fun
08:20Facebook ads to sell
08:22a portable hose for bathing
08:24pets dogs and cats. The hose is
08:27strong, durable, flexible, 2 meters long
08:30with two types of water diffusers and
08:33can be used anywhere. type of faucet
08:35also creates three attractive calls to action
08:38to click on the
08:40buy button the characteristics you place them
08:42with animal emoticons Ok, notice
08:45one thing, a detail here The more
08:48specific you are in the request, the
08:51better the result you will get will be.
08:54get because there are many people who
08:56tell me that they do not like how he writes
08:58that they do not like the answer that in
09:00this language it does not work
09:02friends if you do not ask in detail
09:07what you need Well it is obvious
09:10that the answer that you are going to
09:11get is a a poor answer if
09:14you ask. In other words, if you make
09:15a poor request, the answer will
09:18be poor. If you make a
09:21complete and concrete request, then the answer will
09:24be complete and concrete. OK, now I
09:28am going to copy exactly the same
09:31text and We are going to take the
09:34Ride Sonic platform
09:36right here
09:38and we are going to see what results it is going to
09:40give us. It is worth noting that I like to make this
09:43comment Because this part that is
09:45here creates three calls to action, I
09:50am going to tell you that I do not do this part.
09:51I had contemplated it but it is interesting
09:54that I told you about it because the more
09:57complete the request is, the more complete
09:59the development will be. I had not
10:00contemplated it. That request was
10:05offered by a colleague in a community
10:08where I share some messages and
10:10share interaction with them.
10:13we are a group of
10:15dropshipping sellers we are a group of
10:17digital content creators also
10:19this one and he He made this suggestion
10:24where he also asked for the three calls
10:25to action So I also
10:27included it in the request so that
10:31this principle is fulfilled No, the
10:32better the request, the better the
10:35result we are going to get. So
10:38at the moment I am not going to set the
10:40internet connection because that is what
10:42the gp3 gpt chat is originally like and I
10:47don't want to do it. So If you
10:49want to do it, you can do it and
10:50leave it in the comments to let me know and
10:52of course so that other
10:53colleagues know and comment on how
10:55your experience was. I'm going to give you let's
10:58start with the gpt chat
11:00and let's see what The result is given to us, let's
11:03wait first
11:05What is the result and let's see what
11:08you think. Notice that it has already started, as
11:10always, I put my hands on you so that
11:12you know that I am not
11:13writing anything for people who
11:14still do not believe. There are people,
11:16gentlemen. Although You are Although you may not believe it
11:18There are people who do not believe in this
11:20technology and as I told you at the beginning
11:23of the video I read an article that said either
11:26you update or you stay So look
11:28guys use tools that
11:31are up to date tools that are
11:33updated so that you can be
11:35more more productive and can optimize
11:37their time
11:38here you have the development of a small
11:41text here you go Look no more
11:44chaotic pet baths in the garden with
11:45our portable hoses for bathing
11:50Ok with our resistant hose that
11:52will last 2 meters infection you will be able to
11:54give it a relaxing bath for your pet without
11:56worrying, it also has two types
11:57of diffuser Make your pet's life easier
11:59with our portable hose
12:01Click to share now don't miss
12:04the opportunity to have here are the
12:06three calls to action
12:09although This Well It is really
12:12a test, it is just so that you
12:14know what the matter is about and
12:17today's test what concerns us is to compare which of
12:21the two platforms has a better
12:23result. Now it's our turn, it's the
12:25Sonic chat's turn, let's see. What's going on
12:29with Chad Sonic?
12:31If it's going to give us
12:34the same result. Let's play
12:37this and start to see. Well,
12:41guys, look, this
12:45has just given us a problem. Let's see
12:47why. Let's do it again and we
12:53're already doing it. request it
12:55seems like you are thinking
12:57And it is so that you know that I am not
13:00editing this this test I am
13:03doing it here live recording it is
13:06still taking a while I imagine that you must have
13:08a breakdown
13:11and well guys what this has
13:13generated for me is
13:15images the truth is that I don't I am
13:19asking you for images I am asking you for
13:22an ad
13:24I am going to remove the option to connect
13:27to the internet and we are going to see anyway
13:30if this does not work So we are going to
13:34do it in English to see if you
13:37have problems with the language and if
13:39not, well, guys, you already know that you can
13:41try the platform and know what is
13:44happening in this
13:48request that we are
13:49making here to chat Sonic
13:51is going to generate images for us again
13:54Well guys, look, I had to
13:56pause in the video because the truth is
13:58that this Sonic chat was not
14:00giving me the necessary results No
14:02matter how much I enter the full text
14:05of what I need, this No matter how much I do
14:08that, the only thing it gives me are images
14:10and images So I had to
14:12pause in the video to be able to do a
14:14search and do other types of
14:16research to help
14:19you also take advantage of this moment.
14:21Notice that I only have 16
14:23searches left for the day. So I
14:25was already spending all the searches
14:26doing tests and tests. So I
14:29was searching Even on YouTube there are
14:31people who work with ride Sonic and
14:33do some reviews about Chad
14:36Sonic and let me tell you that almost no one
14:39almost no one no one works with Chad Sonic
14:42this in fact the only video
14:45I found was from the same company right
14:47Sonic from the same company that develop
14:49Sonic and the rest is gpt gpt gpt gpt
14:54so guys Look what happened I
14:57have this large and well detailed text what
15:00I need and the only thing it does
15:01is take images I
15:04put it in English and it didn't
15:06work either So I reduced I did a
15:10test to see what he
15:13does and then the chat Sonic responds to
15:17short texts that is, he is not
15:20responding correctly to this type
15:22of long text that I can do here
15:26in gpt chat like I did and you
15:29saw it and you saw that it came out completely
15:33Sonic chat, that's not the case.
15:35The truth is that I still have doubts
15:38about being able to create this
15:41Facebook ad. We're going to try. In fact,
15:44notice that here at the end of this
15:46test I said that I didn't want images and
15:48without However, he showed me some images
15:51according to the video that they have here of
15:54their own of
15:57their own of their own this study they indicate
16:01that you can simply write but I
16:04realized this they write
16:06short sentences OK notice that they
16:09write short sentences and the truth is
16:11they get a very short answer and a
16:14very obvious answer so I'm going to
16:17try to make this this request a
16:20little shorter to see if we can get it to
16:23issue us an ad for Facebook
16:27so I mean create a
16:28text ad
16:32for Facebook ads we're going to be removing of
16:35all this to sell a
16:36portable hose for bathing pets this one
16:41let's see let's
16:44see this
16:48also create three attractive calls to action
16:51to click on the
16:53buy button let's see if even with
16:57this we get some response
17:01Here he is he is Thinking, let's
17:03wait and see what's going to happen
17:06with this Sonic chat. Honestly, don't
17:10look at me anymore, gentlemen. It generated images again.
17:15Here it generated a strange dog and a strange cat.
17:21Look, I'm going to tell you something. This
17:23Sonic chat doesn't help me. It draws attention. I don't know if
17:25I'm doing wrong tests. I
17:29would like some of you to try it
17:31and leave me in the comments
17:33your experience of how you are doing it. We are going to
17:36ask him for this. So we are going to
17:39tell him to create a copy and see if he can do
17:43it. Understand, let's see if
17:45the artificial intelligences are intelligent so that they can
17:47tell us what is happening I don't
17:49like it right Sonic I don't like the chat
17:52Sonic doesn't catch my attention here he did
17:56something we finally achieved it after
17:59many tests I discovered the best
18:00portable hose in the world market, our
18:02portable hose is resistant,
18:04flexible and can be used in any
18:06type of faucet. Notice that
18:08now he is giving me an answer
18:10after a long time
18:14regarding what I had
18:15requested the first time he was here, that
18:18is to say, the silence. in memory with all the
18:20information that we gave him He simply did not
18:22like the word advertisement, he
18:25understood the word advertisement as an
18:28image to sell And the truth is that it
18:31is not like that, notice that here in this
18:35gpt chat I told him to create a
18:39cheerful and funny, he
18:41clearly understood that this deal was a
18:42true advertisement. While the Sony array took him
18:45a little longer to understand, he even
18:49told me about the water diffusers that were
18:50two meters long. So if this worked
18:52with the word copy. Let's go to the original.
18:55Let's see why I want it. do the
18:58really well equitably not the same thing
19:02that I asked Chad gpt is the same thing
19:05that I want to ask Chad Sonic
19:08let's see if then
19:11a Let's put a copy on it
19:14and see what it's going to generate for us the
19:15truth is that it takes At most
19:17it takes a long time to generate
19:22a response So well gentlemen look at
19:25this contest I definitely think that
19:27gpt chat is winning for me for my
19:31opinion and for my taste I do not
19:33recommend that you use one no I
19:35recommend that you use another I what
19:37I recommend that you
19:39use them at a general level, that you try, that you
19:44do the testing that you need, that you
19:47never replace
19:49Artificial Intelligence with your own thoughts
19:51and your own ideas, that you use these
19:54tools as support, truth, and
19:58as inspiration, notice that this
20:01truth is stuck here. did nothing chat
20:05Sonic does not respond
20:08to any long request let's
20:13reset the chat and I'm going to do it for the
20:16last time since I have 12 requests left
20:20let's see look no further for the hose
20:22to bathe your pets the
20:24perfect solution to their needs This
20:25incredible portable hose offers
20:28resistance, durability to offer Ok and
20:30you can also connect to any faucet
20:32Don't waste time back buy your
20:34hose to bathe your pets at the
20:36best price press the button buy
20:37now this this call to action It was
20:40quite aggressive
20:42press the button buy now
20:44take advantage of this incredible offer Note
20:47Well the truth is that he did the job
20:50let's put here a little what he did what
20:54Chad Sonic did
20:58let's put it here we
20:59're going to make a new file and let's
21:03see what happened with this look no further This
21:06was it that
21:07Chad Sonic did and this was the result of
21:10chat gpt So the truth is that I
21:15like the way chat gpt works better, it is much
21:18faster, it is much more intuitive, it is simpler,
21:23although that issue with the
21:27internet connection does not seem to me to be
21:29serious In addition, an application has already come out
21:31that installs an extension
21:34that is installed in the browser and you can
21:36make here this connection to the internet
21:40and it will give results connected to the
21:42internet and guys, I want to give you
21:43a last surprise is this page that
21:45It's called moving with this page moving
21:48you can generate music with
21:50Artificial Intelligence
21:51completely original music that you can
21:53use for your YouTube videos
21:54free of copyright because you
21:56are generating it yourselves with
21:58intelligence you are going to come to this
22:00page you are going to register With Google you
22:02have no problem generating Track and
22:05in these three buttons you can
22:06even select the genre
22:08you want in fact we are going to generate
22:10one right now at this moment
22:12we are going to generate one I really like
22:14the base drama very possibly
22:18Other people don't like it but we are going to
22:20select drorman base and we are going to make
22:23some music here we are going to make it
22:275 minutes OK a 5 minute music we
22:31are going to generate Track and you will see
22:34while we talk here you are going to
22:36see what it generates music by
22:38Artificial Intelligence you can
22:41use that music for your videos for your
22:43presentations for your
22:46social media campaigns you can use
22:48that music wherever you want
22:50of course this application is paid
22:52but at the free level with the
22:55free membership it gives you make up to 25
23:00tracks 25 songs this can
23:04last up to 15 or 20 minutes
23:07each I don't remember well You
23:09can also check it These are these are
23:12songs that people have composed
23:14people to look at 25 minutes look they can
23:17make up to one song of 25 minutes you
23:20can even download them in this
23:22button that is here on the right side,
23:24let's see if the theme we made
23:26is ready yet, what else can I
23:29tell you, the truth is that the
23:32paid version is not very expensive, it is not very expensive
23:35this Look, here it is ready, gentlemen, it is
23:37ready, let's listen to what it was that
23:40here it is a completely original theme
23:44free of copyright, that
23:47is, I can use this
23:49background theme in this video that I am
23:51making and it will absolutely not happen.
23:52nothing copyrighted The only thing is
23:55that they ask that they be
23:56compensated in the video I'm going to lower the
23:58volume a little here the only thing
24:00they ask is that they be
24:01compensated in the YouTube video that they
24:03put the link And That's all the
24:06rest you can use the music
24:09wherever you want So Well I
24:11say goodbye with this this tremendous news
24:13remember to move I'm going to leave the
24:16links below in the description and well
24:20Remember to subscribe Remember to
24:22leave me your big like and leave me your
24:25comments if you have Any questions
24:26bye if you liked this content help me
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24:36any of these videos with this great
24:38content I'll wait for you next time Bye
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1. What is the difference between ChatGPT and ChatSonic?

ChatGPT and ChatSonic are both Artificial Intelligence chat services, but the main difference lies in ChatSonic's ability to connect to the internet for real-time queries. This feature allows ChatSonic to search and provide real-time information from the web, offering a unique advantage over ChatGPT.

2. Which platform is faster and more intuitive, ChatGPT or ChatSonic?

The video compares the two platforms and concludes that ChatGPT is faster and more intuitive in generating copy for a Facebook ad. This makes ChatGPT a preferred choice for quick and intuitive AI-generated content.

3. What is 'Moving', the website mentioned in the video?

Moving is a website mentioned in the video, where users can generate original music using AI for their videos. It offers a unique service for AI-generated music tailored for video content, making it a valuable resource for content creators.

4. How does ChatSonic's ability to connect to the internet impact its performance?

ChatSonic's ability to connect to the internet for real-time queries significantly enhances its performance by allowing access to live web data. This enables ChatSonic to provide up-to-date and accurate information, making it a powerful tool for real-time information retrieval.

5. What are the key features of ChatGPT and ChatSonic for content creation?

Both ChatGPT and ChatSonic offer unique features for content creation. ChatGPT is highlighted for its speed and intuitiveness in generating content, while ChatSonic's internet connectivity sets it apart by enabling real-time data retrieval for more dynamic content creation.

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