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The video provides an overview of the different classes in Chivalry 2, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. It discusses the unique abilities and weapons of each class, including their damage output and playstyles. The video also mentions the potential for updates and changes to the classes in the future.
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The killer class in Chivalry 2 has the main feature of dealing 35 damage from behind with a running start and jumping attack.
This class is very fast and has throwing knives.
The class can replenish throwing knives with a perk.
Despite the high attack speed of the knife, it requires charging the attack, making it not the fastest weapon.
The video discusses the Cheliks class in Chivalry 2 and its unique weapon and gameplay mechanics.
The Cheliks class has a long weapon that only stabs, making it effective for keeping enemies at a distance.
It has a sweep attack that knocks down enemies and deals significant damage.
The class is fast and agile, but lacks stamina, making it unable to block for a long time.
The Cheliks class can throw bandages on the ground for allies to pick up and heal themselves.
The video discusses the restoration of traps and the knight class in Chivalry 2.
Traps cannot be restored in the game.
The knight class is compared to tanks and is not recommended for playing as an officer.
It is advised to level up the knight with a two-handed weapon, throwing ax, and oil can.
The video discusses the tank class and the archer class in Chivalry 2.
The tank class is good for holding defense and tanking damage.
The archer class has high DPS and fast shooting speed, making it effective for dealing damage.
The rat class is different from other classes and is known for being strong and versatile.
The video discusses the different classes in Chivalry 2 and their gameplay mechanics.
The Hammer Halberd class has unique long-range attacks.
The Engineer class is not yet playable, but will have trap-based abilities.
The Officer class is better than the Destroyer class and has good defensive options.
The video discusses the jerk and crusader classes in Chivalry 2.
The jerk class is effective in narrow spaces and can deal good damage while being difficult to kill.
The crusader class has a throwing axe as a top item, which can be unlocked at level 15.
The crusader class can replenish throwing axes and cause serious damage with oil cans.
The video discusses the different classes in Chivalry 2 and their strengths and weaknesses.
Sith is versatile and can be used in various situations.
Infantryman is considered the best class due to unique weapons and long-range capabilities.
The Archer is effective against other shooters due to high running speed.
The Engineer is not considered playable.
The Guard and Crusader are considered the two best classes.
00:00so friends, let's move on to the killer class, the
00:02main feature is 35 damage from behind, that
00:06is, here it is played with a running start, that
00:09is, you make an attack with this
00:12weapon while jumping on, so you go to a
00:16wearable one, inflict crushing damage on a
00:19jump from behind and plus 35 crown, that is
00:22you're basically kidding, but to do this you
00:25need a
00:25run-up and this class is very fast;
00:28there are also throwing knives; not particularly
00:31useful, let's say, but nevertheless you
00:34can reach the enemy; finish off the
00:36enemy; someone lying down; in principle, it's
00:38useful; one eye is very fast, but he
00:42weak compared to someone else's
00:46Asuna classes, his gut is actually a kill
00:49after a special one and charges the brigades and
00:53what it is, you
00:55charge the kolchak perk, also not very much, in
00:59fact, it replenishes the throwing knife, taking into
01:01account the fact that throwing knives are
01:03not something - it’s just so incredible it’s not
01:06some top-end device that was a bank,
01:09learn to charge tourists that there
01:12are chests everywhere and in principle but some
01:16sense in this is actually lost I’m
01:18super rare
01:19obviously killers played a lot I have as you can
01:22see from level 6 a knife, that is, and a
01:25very rare one, in fact,
01:28these knives are somehow, through a perk, a new
01:31class of interest due to the running speed due to
01:33some backstabs, but
01:36again face to face you lose to
01:38the majority and here there is one very
01:41big one the nuance is why I
01:44really didn’t like this game, it’s that
01:46we take a knife with the highest
01:48attack speed and in theory we should kill or
01:52hit faster than, let’s say, our opponent,
01:55but one here is friends, if in fact in the
01:58game you inhale with a knife, you will understand that that
02:02this is far from the fastest weapon, that
02:04is, in order to swing it quickly you
02:07need to charge the attack, that is, and taking into account the fact
02:11that the attack then occurs
02:14arbitrarily, that is, it is not a rebuff when
02:17you release the button, but let’s say he
02:21just waves when it is fully charged,
02:23that is then in the same way, let’s
02:26say this guy can charge an
02:29ax attack by simply running away from you at a
02:32higher range than him and, in principle,
02:34that he will hit you charged like this, well, let’s say it’s
02:37much more likely
02:40here, in principle, this speed
02:42affects if the attack is charged, that is if
02:44you hold down the button, a normal attack, well, a
02:47normal swing, but with a quick click it
02:50happens in principle, but for most
02:52characters the same, but this is the
02:55speed that goes specifically, for the most part, the elk
02:57are charged, and it’s
03:00also super difficult to play from charged ones, because
03:02you’re allowed to and you will charge and
03:05so he will give you a
03:08quick attack with this ax yes yes yes you will not have time to
03:10charge if you both start charging the
03:13attack but there is a chance that he
03:15will hit you because he has a
03:18longer range yes
03:19here the strike range is much higher with
03:22this Cheliks actually need to ride with him to
03:25break the distance,
03:26he’ll just roll you over, that is, but also plus
03:29I have very little stamina here,
03:33stamina runs out very quickly, that
03:35is, so somehow you won’t be able to block for a long time,
03:37what we have here is pick
03:40your, this is one of ours kind of a unique
03:42class that has a unique weapon on
03:44it, it’s all long, this weapon only
03:47stabs, that is, yes, here it’s impossible for whales on
03:50this super side attacks to inflict
03:53mainly only piercing damage, but it’s
03:55quite good, that is, it’s an
03:57interesting gameplay in itself that
04:00allows you to keep the enemy at a distance
04:03has a bluff and in general the class has a
04:07very interesting class, let's say the weight on you
04:09want to play on something so
04:12interesting where it is
04:13important to keep a distance, also here there
04:16is a sweep that knocks the enemy down a
04:19powerful run-up significant damage when
04:22throwing forward by 25 to attacks from a running start,
04:25that is, this is a light class that,
04:27in principle, runs quickly, which has a
04:31fairly let's say remote
04:34weapon, and on this principle, it's
04:37a little let's say, but better than a killer, a
04:43killer can kill if he hits his back, that's the
04:46guy, he can kill, in principle, in
04:48any situation, he can kill like a back
04:51with a running start, yes, that is, quickly
04:53run up to do piercing damage,
04:56despite the fact that the damage here from all the weapons of the
04:58clinics is quite large, also for a trap,
05:01this is really a very big minus
05:04because, but this is an objectively finished
05:06device and for a set of bandages this is what you
05:09throw kind of like a first aid kit, it
05:12falls to the ground and if an ally runs
05:14past, he picks it up and is treated with a
05:17kind of bandage, that is, and then
05:20we have an infantryman, an interesting
05:23class, this is kind of like a light tank,
05:26that is, yes, he
05:28runs around him quite a bit there is a set of screws. The
05:30minus of this set is that you cannot
05:32heal yourself, there is a powerful run-up,
05:35which is also good, plus 10
05:37movement speed with one-handed weapons, the
05:40dash is restored 50 percent
05:42faster, that is, this is a very
05:44mobile class that can run towards
05:47archers and crossbowmen which, in
05:50principle, in general, in the game, they can’t
05:52do anything to protect his account;
05:55he beats him quickly enough and, in principle,
05:57you can fight with absolutely everyone, that is, if we say, but the tank is
06:03slow and this is purely on the let’s say so, you can
06:06say so,
06:07some kind of front strip defense, we will
06:10come to him again, then we have this
06:12guy here, he should just be running to
06:14grab something because he can
06:16sink some arrows there and at the same time
06:18tank a couple of hits due to the count, he
06:20can pick up heavy shields, let’s say yes
06:23instead of the average one, if you find
06:25someone there, a tank, well, in general, everything
06:28will be fine for you; engineer;
06:31I actually really hoped for this class, but it
06:33turned out to be really useless; few weapons;
06:37weapons; everything, as we see, is not very top-end; there
06:40is a set of screws; the same the same thing as
06:44absolutely anyone of this class, that
06:46is, you heal your allies and there is a trap,
06:49but the trap is not restored, friends, that
06:52is, in principle, you can
06:55restore the barricades, bags, that is, boxes
06:57with shells, you
07:00cannot restore the traps there, that is, you
07:02saw it in my review I tried to
07:05do this and thought it was fixed, but in
07:07fact the traps are not
07:09restored in any way, which is also cool in principle, let’s
07:12say it makes it somehow flawed
07:15because you can kill more
07:17traps, but in fact there is only one trap for you and it is
07:22not restored again, friends,
07:24if it’s finally being restored, then
07:27write in the comments so that the information
07:29is up to date,
07:30but if, in principle, friends are watching this, then
07:32read the comments, leave
07:35comments yourself because there, let’s say, the
07:37game is in development, I’m
07:40writing this down at the beta stage, so maybe
07:43it’s hanging around, let’s say
07:45today it’s not there, but tomorrow it already is, that is,
07:48it’s already been added to this
07:50restoration of traps and everything is generally
07:52not bad and now we move on to the knights, what are the
07:55knights like, in principle, in a way,
07:57like tanks, I’ll say right away for the
08:00officer, I played for me very strongly I didn’t
08:02like this pipe, it takes
08:04a long time to fill, stroke the invincible
08:09absorbed lesson by the player, the damage charges
08:12the item, well, that is, yes, it’s when you
08:14block something on doing that is, you charge
08:17the item, which then takes
08:19you to the red hat in the area
08:21that this is such a pipe, there’s a pretty
08:26good one We have weapons, but in general this is not
08:30a class worth playing for.
08:32If you want to play as a knight, I
08:35advise you to level up this
08:38guy with a two-handed weapon, he has a throwing
08:41ax, he has an oil can,
08:44which allows you to set fire to the crowd, it’s
08:46kind of like a Molotov cocktail like I
08:48told you that the equipment
08:50reveals the maximum and offensive
08:52potential here, it’s really
08:56very very good, an executioner’s ax and axe, there’s a
09:00two-handed hammer, that is, there’s absolutely
09:02everything for killing people, as soon as
09:05you open characters and the
09:07last class we have is a crusader,
09:10this is a dude whose fusion the real
09:13problem is a very powerful shield that can withstand
09:15a lot of blows
09:17there is us who simply heals
09:21the su pushed the one next to him and you,
09:24including due to which he was constantly
09:26replenishing their PC due to which it is
09:29really difficult to kill you, well, the weapon is already
09:33dependent on in order for us to use what you need,
09:35let you choose a hatchet and so
09:38on the
09:49battle of the ghost
09:52your own weapon that you need
09:55can choose a hatchet and so on, that
09:58is, and in principle for us the class is quite a
10:00tank class, really cool
10:02which allows, well, in principle, to hold the
10:06defense if you like to really tank,
10:08if you die super quickly here, they
10:11kill you pretty quickly there,
10:14then I advise you to play on guard in principle,
10:17let's sum up the top results personally, as it
10:21seems to me in every class, it
10:25seems to me that of the archers
10:27the best archer is for one simple
10:30reason the
10:31most high DPS at fast speed
10:33and it won’t, that is, yes, you can
10:36finish off someone like that with some kind of quick
10:39shot and inflict maximum
10:41damage or heal Scott spends
10:44the maximum charge by pressing on something else
10:47and in general due to this quick
10:50shooting you kill more you deal
10:53damage and larger ones in general you are of more use well
10:55and plus there is a brazier which
10:58also allows you to apply crazy
11:01DPS here at the forefront
11:04what I would like to say is if you don’t play a
11:06rat it’s a completely different gameplay in
11:08principle I won’t say that this class
11:10somehow strong, that is, yes, you probably
11:13saw my videos where I
11:15killed quite a lot on the killer on thugs, that
11:20is, the date raider, well, this is very
11:23good, this is a really strong class
11:25that, in principle, picks up the keys to
11:27absolutely anyone here, as you can see, up to
11:30plus 50 a crown for a knight plus 35 crowns
11:35for an infantryman, that is, and it turns out that the damage to the
11:38increases here, here it increases special
11:40damage for slashing blows will become faster and
11:45more powerful increases the damage of pain for a long time
11:48you are not Aldara, in principle, friends here
11:50the trick is that there is also Gleb and that is also
11:54important this is a weapon that has a
11:57very long range, then it’s true here
11:59if it’s skill-based, if in principle you
12:02can play a lot enough, you can discuss
12:05some kind of setup for damage from a running start for some
12:08damage at long distances,
12:12yes, that is, you see what is being cut there, you
12:14switched to Gleb, you have a
12:16large range of destruction; they won’t approach you quickly,
12:18and well, in general, everything here is very,
12:21very good, but as we see here, there is
12:24less damage to the infantryman of the Gera Tsar, that
12:27is, in contrast to this, that is, in
12:29principle, for everyone at every
12:32distance you can simply
12:35choose a weapon for yourself for some kind of most
12:38comfortable game, also you have 2 weapons, you
12:40can throw them with
12:44damage and from a distance
12:46without losing your main weapon, well,
12:49this is really a top class, there is a combat
12:52ditch that allows you to almost
12:55resurrect him the brown-haired man in the book is, well, I won’t
12:59say that this is a top device, yes, but
13:02nevertheless, it is far from the worst
13:05device among infantrymen, do I personally
13:09think it’s the best? the
13:17score is like this, the length of the fungal
13:21hammer halberd is all that allows
13:25you to fight but has a kind of
13:27unique gameplay, yes due to these
13:30long-range attacks and so on,
13:33and here we have a kind of gameplay the
13:37same as on the killer quite
13:39fast speed run, run away, look for
13:42archers, archers, protection doesn’t do anything to you
13:44if you cut them out, everything is
13:46fine with you, the engineer hasn’t been robbed yet,
13:50that is, not from the trap of replenishing the abyss skating
13:53rink, but not the classes are objectively better,
13:56this barricade doesn’t save much,
13:59it’s easily destroyed, yes it is can
14:02help you somehow escape from the
14:05archers, but the archers
14:07will have to change the topic anyway, they will all shoot
14:09at you anyway, so
14:14some guys will come running and just
14:16simply break it for us, so the engineer is
14:19not yet playable, they will add a normal one
14:21the trap of replenishing the replenishing engineer will
14:25begin to play, he will be able to really kill
14:27due to cunning and due to this
14:28trap, so far there is [ __ ] as
14:31they say further, we have an officer, I’ll be
14:34honest, I upgraded this class through force
14:37because nophone no, I didn’t go in
14:40at all, that is, yes, because well
14:42initially, on this destroyer, he is
14:45better, that is, he will be than an officer,
14:48despite the fact that there is a good weapon,
14:49starting with a one-and-a-half with a hatchet, everything is already
14:54becoming more fun, but nevertheless,
14:56these here, this throwing knife, he has
14:59absolutely nothing to worry about,
15:00let him not only help you in particular
15:02no account, archers kill quickly enough,
15:04that is, but in general, friends are
15:07quite weak, but in this class,
15:11friends will not kill you so quickly in
15:14this class, everything is absolutely fine
15:17in terms of defense,
15:19he is looking for a shield, which is really very difficult
15:23to destroy, there
15:23is a short sword, there is a large sword there is a
15:28hatchet, their hammer has absolutely everything
15:30for, let’s say, to open
15:33absolutely any class here we have what is this, what is
15:39this video, one-handed Russian-Finnish
15:41played supposedly. quite well,
15:44you can read what kind of weapon you
15:48have and, in principle, select the
15:51setup you need, one feature is a
15:53banner, this is very good in terms of the fact
15:57that this banner restores the PS bank
16:00by tanking you quickly, they don’t
16:04lie and
16:05this knowledge allows you to simply region
16:07non-stop, that is, here also the non-
16:11absorbable ones charge the item, it’s yours that
16:14will be constantly charged, they knew it
16:17could also be a tank twice
16:18quickly, it won’t kill you, and the trick is that,
16:22in principle, this banner is
16:24capable of turning over battles, that is, in
16:27terms of what the whole team is being treated near the banner
16:30and this is actually a well-important
16:33ability, I personally think that in
16:36fact this is the ideal ability
16:38for this, this eye is very well
16:40balanced, except for the fact that the
16:43jerk is restored
16:46quite slowly, the horror of the person runs up,
16:49but in principle what -in
16:51narrow spaces when you need to
16:54capture some kind of gate when the enemy is
16:56crowding somewhere nearby, that is, you
16:58will have very good damage to yourself,
17:02you inflict little, but mentioning you is also
17:05quite difficult to kill, and for the next
17:08class we have a crusader, this is a kind of
17:10like the
17:11top of a death machine because you
17:14have a very top item, it’s a
17:17throwing axe, this ax is unlocked,
17:20friends, as you can see, it’s quite late already
17:23at the 15th level of warriors, that is, it’s on the
17:28predator and here they just give it to you right
17:34that is, it’s already built-in
17:35True, there will be a small number of them, which is delivered by the
17:38driver and will be much more than
17:40yours because this class is still
17:42focused on throwing, but nevertheless,
17:44you can kill someone with them, that is,
17:46you will definitely have enough damage for one enemy, taking into
17:48account The fact is that without
17:53replenishing these navi shots
17:58here, here you can regularly
18:00replenish them from someone or finish off or
18:02kill there is an oil can, this is one of the
18:06top devices for you in some
18:08narrow passages where a crowd on a crowd
18:11can just burn the enemies of my
18:14enemies cause serious damage to this serious
18:17damage and, in principle, the
18:19local minus suffers from archers
18:23quite well and the wiring is
18:25restored, this is a really slow
18:27class, but I’m quite sure if it’s
18:32fast enough, let’s say that all
18:35absolutely knights are not super copper, but
18:38more armored so let's
18:41summarize what class is considered
18:44probably better among archers, I think
18:47that the dude is better, rumors, and
18:50due to quickly sat down due to DPS due to a
18:53cool device, again, as a bounty hunter,
18:56you make hits to the head
18:58much more often because you
19:00actually shoot more often the brazier is filled with the brazier
19:02inflicts additional gps
19:05because the arrow sets fire to enemies
19:09among the vanguard I think this is the best
19:12class of box for why it is the best
19:14because here you can choose a
19:16specific weapon for a specific
19:18situation in terms of what you see is a
19:21dude with such a short knife you can
19:24take yourself a glaive keep it at
19:26a distance you will be fine you
19:28see a knight you can take a hammer to
19:31deal additional damage to it
19:33if you see there, let’s say someone with a
19:36long weapon you can have the goods on
19:39yourself with an ax
19:41that causes damage someone is closer there
19:45medium distance
19:46shows itself well, and
19:48somehow shorten the distance of the hyena to carry damage, you
19:51can also use faster bags to reduce
19:54damage on the island, that is, accelerated
19:56recovery increases the special role, that
19:59is, here you can, in principle, choose
20:01a weapon for yourself under the whole situation or
20:04throw this weapon at someone then inflict
20:05serious damage and just simply
20:07pick up something else, but in principle,
20:10initially you can make a Sith for
20:12all occasions,
20:13one killer is a unique gameplay and
20:16several that it is bad, I will not say that it is
20:19good, you will knock it down behind the back down good with
20:22open combat you need something - then running somewhere
20:25captures objectively he is bad because
20:27you will run in any case
20:30opened the tone in person he is good when in
20:33some fields he is ready when the poet’s field there
20:36are whales
20:38siege engines driving there a large enough
20:40area for running then he can
20:43realize himself in the rest cases, well,
20:45objectively one piece, yes, it’s a small
20:48location, let’s say the infantryman
20:51is probably the best class of the way, not a
20:55thief, because there are also unique weapons,
20:59unique gameplay, there are fairly long-range
21:03weapons that allow
21:05you to play as a gift, it’s
21:07not bad to win back two, there are
21:10twenty-five races for running attacks, which
21:14in in principle, it allows you to
21:16move around the battlefield fairly well, it
21:18does good damage there behind or in
21:21front, in principle, it doesn’t matter
21:24because your weapon is long enough for
21:27you to strike the main thing, the height to hit the
21:32infantryman is not bad, it’s cool anyway, for
21:35me personally the ring is inferior to the device or
21:38acts, let's say, maybe the mayor, but
21:40again, among the classes that can
21:43kill shooters, this is probably the best
21:46eye, that is, if you see you got
21:48arrows, take pi picture because the
21:50high running speed because it is looking, that is,
21:54tricks will not shoot you, but in love you are
21:57stronger than shooting
21:58that is, an engineer, but not playable, it’s like
22:02we said here, well, personally, I think
22:05that find no, it’s still a guard,
22:08but if you want it directly manually, it’s a
22:11crusader, these are the two best classes, but
22:14they’re the same dude here, there’s already a
22:17throwing item, there’s a better one here
22:20rubo knew better than the pipe, both sites,
22:25with the right implementation, it
22:27can probably be the best device in general, fussing is
22:29what can be burned simply, but not some
22:32incredible number of people, especially if
22:34they are running towards even one side
22:36through some single gate tan Tan there’s a
22:39crowd of them, yes there’s someone tanking here, a couple of
22:42your guys will see they’re draining those
22:45crowding, you can safely throw oils
22:48where you’ll pour a couple of yours, but
22:51nevertheless you might be killed here, you see,
22:54you might not kill because there may not
22:57be enough damage from the dependence on
22:59how long they stayed there actually that's
23:02it all friends I hope it was
23:04interesting thank you for watching
23:06subscribe like ring
23:08the bell if anything has changed
23:10in this review please write in the
23:12comments write in the comments in general
23:15how do you like the game and if you purchased it what's
23:18there what’s interesting has changed, and
23:20in general it’s the same, and with it, is it worth
23:22playing or not?
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the different classes in Chivalry 2?

The different classes in Chivalry 2 include the Knight, Vanguard, Footman, and Archer. Each class has its own unique strengths and playstyle.

2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the classes in Chivalry 2?

The Knight class is known for its heavy armor and strong melee combat abilities, while the Archer excels at long-range attacks and agility. The Vanguard and Footman classes have their own distinct strengths and weaknesses, providing a diverse range of playstyles for players.

3. What are the unique abilities and weapons of each class in Chivalry 2?

The Knight class wields powerful swords and shields, while the Vanguard is known for its polearms and charging abilities. The Footman class utilizes various melee weapons and shields, while the Archer class specializes in longbows and agility-based maneuvers.

4. How does the damage output differ among the classes in Chivalry 2?

The damage output varies among the classes in Chivalry 2, with the Knight class delivering heavy melee damage, the Vanguard excelling in charge attacks, the Footman providing versatile melee damage, and the Archer focusing on long-range, precision-based damage.

5. What potential updates and changes can be expected for the classes in Chivalry 2 in the future?

Players can expect potential updates and changes for the classes in Chivalry 2, including balance adjustments, new weapons, and abilities to enhance the gameplay experience. The developers are committed to maintaining a dynamic and balanced class system for the long-term enjoyment of the players.

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