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Chumlee, from the show Pawn Stars, has a net worth of $5 million and has made a fortune from his passion for pinball machines, automobiles, and shoes, despite occasionally making mistakes with purchases. He has also opened a successful candy shop and expanded his business ventures, including a clothing line and DJ gigs.
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Chumlee's dedication to his job on Pawn Stars paid off, leading to a net worth of about $5 million.
Chumlee has been close to the Harrison family and Rick treated him like a son.
He earned about $25,000 per episode and quickly accumulated money due to his passion for pinball machines, automobile collections, and shoes.
Chumlee's expertise in skateboarding, video games, and Pokemon trading cards characterized him.
Chumlee's collection of valuable possessions, including cars and vintage items, is discussed, along with his ability to spot authenticity and make eye-catching bargains.
Chumlee has a collection of valuable possessions, including a Rolls-Royce Phantom, Range Rover, 1964 Impala SSS, and Cadillac Escalade.
He frequently sold phony antiques without the knowledge of Corey or Rick Harrison.
Chumlee is skilled at spotting the authenticity of vintage items, such as sneakers and paintings.
He has made eye-catching bargains, such as buying pinball Wizards and a Bowden spacelander bike at lower prices.
Chumlee discusses the possibility of a spin-off show about his candy business and his success in other ventures.
Chumlee considers doing a spin-off show about his candy business, but is unsure if there is enough content.
His candy shop gains popularity due to its prime location near Rick Harrison's Tavern and Smoke Barbecue.
Chumlee's appearances on various shows and his weight loss journey increase his fame and recognition.
He starts selling his own design clothing line and launches a creative agency.
00:00Chumlee has a reputation for having a
00:03young heart and a voracious appetite for
00:05information benefiting the Pawn Stars
00:07but in addition to his positive traits
00:09the most endearing aspect of the show
00:11has also been his unwavering friendship
00:14with Corey Harrison nevertheless
00:16Chumlee's Destiny is one of the richest
00:18people in the show wasn't alone because
00:20of the TV Fame it was also shaped by his
00:23intensive thinking when it came to
00:24playing the business game you must
00:26certainly be aware of how everything on
00:28the show has a price tag if you watch
00:30Pawn Stars in this video we will discuss
00:32each encounter Chumlee had throughout
00:34the years that helped him become more
00:36than a figure Revenue generator at this
00:38age starting with the fact that xiaomi's
00:41dedication to his job paid off in the
00:43form of numerous green notes for his
00:45financial situation as has always been
00:47close to the Harrison's and Rick has
00:49even treated him as his son even though
00:51he went on to appear in the pawn star
00:53show over five years after the crew had
00:55begun production on their first episode
00:57he today has a net worth of about 5
00:59million dollars despite Austin Lee
01:02Russell is the full name when he was 12
01:04years old his demeanor led to nicknaming
01:06of Chum Lee he was given the name
01:09according to the news when his father
01:10compared him to Tennessee Tuxedo cartoon
01:12character Chum Lee with his endearing
01:15personality and Scottish Heritage
01:17Chumley unexpectedly Rose to the top of
01:19the fan favorite list and began earning
01:21about 25 000 for each episode the star
01:24quickly accumulated his money because of
01:26his passion for classy pinball machines
01:28automobile Collections and shoes
01:31he admitted in an episode that he
01:33presently has more than 200 pairs of
01:35shoes but that was not the only thing
01:37that could accurately explain his
01:39collection his expertise in
01:41skateboarding and video games and
01:42Pokemon trading cards is more than
01:44sufficient to characterize him Chumley
01:46who has been making progress with his
01:48humorous sense of humor since childhood
01:50used to spend his time at Rick
01:51Harrison's pawn shop in Vegas when
01:53History Channel's 2009 premiere of the
01:55pawn star debuted Chumley was working
01:57behind the counter in the store he's in
01:59common standard of living immediately
02:01increased as he came to the front of the
02:03camera he does not however simply invest
02:06his time and money in the event and let
02:08the hours pass Chumlee proceeded to add
02:10significant valuables to his collection
02:12much like the other pawns that are
02:14competitors he has a Rolls-Royce Phantom
02:16a Range Rover a 1964 Impala SSS and a
02:20Cadillac Escalade he proceeded to work
02:23on and Adorn the Maserati after buying
02:25it for almost 85 000 the same vehicle is
02:29currently maintained at a pay rate of
02:31one hundred thousand dollars however
02:33according to reports made public by he frequently sold
02:37phony antiques without the knowledge of
02:39his friend Corey or he's Godfather Rick
02:42Harrison for instance at one point in
02:44one episode Chumley was shown making the
02:46error of paying nearly fifteen hundred
02:48dollars for a phony Gibson guitar when
02:50it should have been only around a
02:51hundred dollars Rick himself began
02:53teaching him the foundation of spotting
02:55the authenticity of these
02:56characteristics on a fake painting that
02:59he had in another episode
03:00but despite the surprises he did bring
03:02to the table he sincere desire to please
03:04everyone made the audience laugh and
03:06grow to love him even more when it comes
03:08to Vintage sneakers Chumley is
03:10unbeatable since he can tell the
03:12difference between authentic Jordan
03:13sneakers and knockoffs in a matter of
03:15seconds if you saw the show's 14th
03:17season you will likely recall the
03:19episode where Chumley traded three
03:20distinct samurai swords for almost 3 800
03:23it turns out that the true value of
03:25these swords were greater than 13 000 in
03:28total his upbeat demeanor has always
03:30been the best aspect of the audience
03:32especially after he made an eye-catching
03:34bargain to buy the pinball Wizards in
03:36season 2.
03:37hey how you doing
03:41I was driving by I seen that pretty cool
03:44is that a spacelander yeah he was
03:47spotted spending 8 700 on a Bowden
03:50spacelander bike for the Pawn Stars in
03:52the eighth season leaving the public in
03:54awe when compared to the typical cost of
03:56an identical item the cost is around
03:58twenty thousand dollars but Chumley
04:01wasn't going to confine himself to the
04:02show his candy shop offers a wide
04:04variety of items with a vintage flare
04:06letting people know how complex he
04:08really is with the help of his brother
04:10Sage Russell Chumley opened a candy
04:12store and it is filled with all of his
04:15favorite tweets including bottle caps
04:17and Razzles Chumley knows just how to
04:19entice clients and make a fortune off of
04:21his inventions offering candy cigarettes
04:23for a very easy charge of two dollars
04:25and candy Buttons for 1.97 when Chumlee
04:29discussed his thoughts on creating a
04:30spin-off series about his candy business
04:32in an interview with Looper magazine
04:34conducted before the Pawn Stars 18
04:36season of the show premiered on
04:37television he quoted I would do a
04:39spin-off show but everyone says the
04:41grass is green on the other side but we
04:43love doing Pawn Stars but it takes us
04:45about seven months to film out of the
04:47year I just don't know if there's enough
04:49in that candy shop what I think we
04:50should do is a spin off of the whole
04:52Pawn area there's a barbecue next to me
04:55and I've got the candy shop
04:56even on the websites like TripAdvisor
04:58you can see the fan following booming
05:00for his shop due to his prime position
05:02and proximity to Rick Harrison's Tavern
05:05and Smoke Barbecue Chumley shop took off
05:07immediately away as well Rick did close
05:10his store after some time with less
05:11success but chubbly success kept
05:14happening on the other hand his
05:15appearances on American Restoration The
05:17Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Live with
05:19Kelly and Ryan all further his notoriety
05:21with remarkable news at the end of
05:23September of last year his other side of
05:25communicating with his followers
05:27particularly while he was losing weight
05:28Chumlee's name touched the sky When
05:31Corey Harrison was observed shedding
05:33weight in 2014 100 pounds according to
05:36People magazine the audience was
05:37encouraged by Chumley's new goal with
05:39his significant recognition Chumley
05:41recognized the opportunity and started
05:43selling T-shirts he was able to generate
05:45numerous streams of income by selling
05:47his own design clothing line jumbling
05:49who had long been derided as The Village
05:51Idiot shocked Everyone by launching his
05:53building creative agency later he paid
05:55Rick Harrison 105 35
05:57000 to buy half of the shares he had
05:59originally held Chumley was aware that
06:01his Goods business needed him to be more
06:03effective and Rick is the only other
06:05perfectionist in the business sector
06:06when the inside videos and photos of him
06:09having the next video game put into the
06:10automobile surfaced his childlike
06:12character was once again extremely
06:14evident Hip-Hop star a romantic comedy
06:17that debuted in 2013 was one of his work
06:19projects his desire to do more led to
06:22his eventual participation in two
06:24episodes of The History Channel game
06:25show pornography later on though his
06:28life would encounter some legal
06:29challenges particularly in 2016 when his
06:32residence was swapped for an
06:33investigation into alleged sexual
06:35assault the audience was shocked to
06:37learn that his home contains numerous
06:39Firearms Xanax marijuana and even
06:42crystal meth Chumley was thus detained
06:44for a day and later released on bond but
06:46things got worse for him as it was
06:48reported after two months that he had
06:50been charged with roughly 20 felonies
06:52related to weapons and drugs he was last
06:54heard admitting his wrongdoin in
06:56exchange for three years of
06:57Rehabilitation and probation but despite
07:00all of this he's established reputation
07:02among viewers particularly as a result
07:03of his hard effort on the show never
07:05changed additionally Chumley sold the
07:08Las Vegas home he had originally bought
07:10in 2012 for 1.1 million dollars in early
07:132019 for almost 1.375 million dollars
07:16the bargain does hold up for herself
07:18when taking into account and
07:20depreciation rate and other elements he
07:23found that the two acre property which
07:24includes a Chum Chum room of Chumlee as
07:27well as a 6 200 square foot residence
07:29was the tiebreaker he also became the
07:32hip-hop DV for the clubs and bars in the
07:34Nevada City due to his voracious
07:36appetite for something edgier if you
07:37know him you already appreciate how
07:39passionate he is about hip-hop
07:41especially dead mouse therefore he's
07:43mixing of hip-hop music seems like a
07:45fantastic way for him to make money in
07:47the end all of these reasons give him
07:48the well to expand even more so when he
07:51was given his first concert at the Gold
07:53Spar day Club nightclub in Las Vegas he
07:55persuaded the crowd to circulate the
07:57albums while also inviting Rick and
07:59Corey to the stage as a result the
08:01audience can be seen cheering chomely on
08:03as he mixes the softness of Nerf Guns
08:05Nerf basketball hoops and Girl Scout
08:07cookies to play again even as recently
08:09as 2015 most Saturdays at one o'clock in
08:12the afternoon Chumlee could be found
08:13showcasing his DJ abilities in Vegas
08:16Villa one of his 10-year dreams
08:18reportedly involved his performance on
08:20gbdc's final episode during an interview
08:22Chumley shared Rick loves it Corey's
08:25like whatever he's more interested in
08:27his motorcycles than anything but I
08:29think he thinks it's a great idea old
08:31man he just wants to know if he gets
08:33half of my DJ Money now which episode of
08:36Chumlee did you like the most when you
08:37watch Pawn Stars
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is Chumlee's journey on Pawn Stars?

Chumlee's journey on Pawn Stars is a fascinating story of his rise from humble beginnings to become a beloved personality on the show.

2. How did Chumlee accumulate wealth?

Chumlee accumulated wealth through his hard work on Pawn Stars and by leveraging his popularity to explore business opportunities.

3. What led Chumlee to open a candy shop?

Chumlee's success and financial stability from Pawn Stars led him to open a candy shop as a venture to diversify his business portfolio.

4. How did Chumlee face legal challenges?

Chumlee faced legal challenges related to his personal life, and despite these challenges, he continued to maintain a positive public image.

5. How does Chumlee maintain his likable personality?

Chumlee maintains his likable personality through his down-to-earth nature, sense of humor, and genuine interactions with fans and the audience.

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