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The video discusses the differences in dating Colombian women, highlighting their preference for directness, the lack of one-night stands, and the expectation for men to pay for everything in terms of dating expenses. It also touches on the topic of cheating being more normalized in Colombian culture.
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Colombian women prefer directness in dating, without playing games.
In Colombia, there is very little of what is called "the game" in dating.
Guys and girls in Colombia grow up together and are comfortable around each other.
The dating dynamic in Colombia is more straightforward compared to the United States.
In Colombia, there is no need to play games when it comes to dating - you can directly express your interest.
Colombian people are polite and won't laugh in your face if you approach them.
Breaking the circle of friends is not necessary, you can directly approach the person you like.
There is no need to beat around the bush, you can straightforwardly express your interest in someone.
Dating Colombian women is different due to the lack of one-night stand culture, the extended period of living with parents, and safety concerns.
Dating in Colombia involves going out multiple times in the first week.
Colombian women are not easily persuaded for one-night stands or casual hookups.
Many Colombians live with their parents well into their late 20s or 30s.
Safety concerns in Colombia discourage bringing strangers home.
Meeting the parents in Colombia is casual and can happen as early as the second date.
In the US, meeting the parents is a big deal and usually happens after being in a serious relationship for a while.
It can take months or even years for people to meet their partner's parents in Colombia.
The expectation in Colombia is that the man pays for everything when dating, even if the woman insists on paying.
In Colombia, it is common for men to pay for dates, but in long-term relationships, expenses are usually split.
Colombian men are expected to pay for dates.
In long-term relationships, expenses are typically split between partners.
The term "El Marano" is used to describe someone who is taken advantage of financially.
The term "El Marano" was originally used for Colombian men being taken advantage of by others.
Dating Colombian women from higher class neighborhoods are more likely to pay their own way, while those from lower class neighborhoods may expect the man to pay for everything.
Some women from lower class neighborhoods may ask for money or expensive gifts.
Traditional relationship rules may not apply to the current generation in Colombia.
Colombian women are focused on education and work to avoid being dependent on their partners.
Stereotypes about Colombian women being gold diggers are not true.
Cheating and having affairs is more normalized in Colombia compared to the United States, with even a word for a side guy or side chick.
In Colombia, cheating or having an affair is not taboo and is more accepted in the culture.
There is a specific word, "mosa" or "ammoso," which translates to "Muse," referring to a side guy or side chick.
Cheating is more normalized for men, while women may face more judgment for doing the same.
It is common to have a conversation about exclusivity in relationships, but there can still be instances of disloyalty.
Some people may cheat just in case their partner is cheating, which is seen as a precautionary measure.
00:00welcome back Legends today we have a very  exciting video for you all especially those  
00:03of you who are interested in dating a Colombiana  because there's some things that they do which are  
00:08very very different to how we do it wherever you  may be we're going to be counting down from five  
00:13being kind of a bit different to one which is very  different and very strange and might shock you and  
00:18I'm going to provide the Colombian point of view  with that said let's go straight into number five  
00:23Colombian women prefer you to be much more direct  in our countries there's a big riffraff around  
00:29treat a mean keep them Keen you need a show like  you're busy you got stuff to do you're hanging  
00:34out with your mates you don't have all your time  on the girl she texts you oh leave it on red text  
00:39back in like a few hours or even the next day it's  all some sort of [ __ ] game right in Colombia  
00:45they don't do that isn't that right yeah there is  very little of what we call I guess the game one  
00:51of the things that I noticed here when I first  got here in 2010 was that guys and girls they  
00:56grow up together with each other a lot so guys are  very comfortable being around women whether it's  
01:02within their own family with cousins but also in  school their friends to your point that there is  
01:08no game the game in Colombia is very easy you just  talk to a person like if you were talking to your  
01:14cousin to your sister even to your mother it's a  way different Dynamic than in the united states in  
01:20the United States guys are still paying a thousand  two thousand dollars to go to a weekend seminar to  
01:25learn how to talk to a girl and play the game here  you don't have to play the game here in Colombia  
01:31you have here we are we are straightforward  forward so if you don't text back or you take  
01:37you take time and take it as if you're not  interested if you're interested you text you  
01:42invite you ask out you don't have to be like  playing any games with Colombians especially  
01:48if you go to like for example a salsa dancing  club or whatever the game there is just you put  
01:53out your hand she takes it and dances with you or  not it's very easy and here if it's salsa they're  
02:00not gonna reject you you'll be dancing touching  even talking and having a great time and then  
02:05you go back she may even have a boyfriend she may  be not even interested in you but you're dancing  
02:10and you're getting to know and that barrier of  like oh you know how how can I pick her up yeah  
02:17what can I say to make her interested in ask me  questions or answer my questions there's none of  
02:23that here which is very refreshing if you don't  speed up like you lose your chance like how many  
02:29times a girl is gonna be asked out in a week if  you're not direct they're not no interested I'm  
02:34going with the next one you know ciao you could be  placing your own walls or your own barriers where  
02:39you think like wow that girl is so beautiful  and you have around this pedestal where you  
02:44don't even go over and ask her to dance and then  she's asking your friends if you're gay because  
02:48I've seen that I've seen that yeah I've seen that  where a gringo is not only afraid to go talk to a  
02:54girl because she's so beautiful but on top of that  maybe they don't know how to dance very well and  
02:57they're self-conscious and they don't want to  look like a fool where they could have easily  
03:01said hey let's dance I don't know how to dance I'm  just learning yeah this is all I know that's the  
03:06greatest pickup line of all done because I'll  teach you teaching you that can work here but  
03:11it's all about being direct you cannot be picking  up women here if you're a [ __ ] you need to be a  
03:16little bit more just like as you said break down  this barriers of rejection because I didn't really  
03:21care about that here they're not gonna laugh in  your face or anything yeah they're very polite  
03:25people and you can just go up you need to make  your intentions known right yeah that reminds me  
03:29of my friend when he got here so we'd go out and  there'd be a group of girls and he's like oh I'm  
03:33gonna go talk to the fat one and my I'll be like  what do you mean he's like well we need to break  
03:38the circle I'm gonna break the circle what the  [ __ ] are you talking about don't talk to the fat  
03:41one she's gonna think you like her also how did  you find a fat woman in Colombia well I guess the  
03:46less attractive one okay okay you might have to  edit out some of this [ __ ] but he said I need to  
03:51go talk to that less attractive one so I can break  the circle I'm like talk to the less attractive  
03:56one to break that sir what do you talk about just  go talk to the one that you like ask her to dance  
04:00so he did they ended up dating oh and it was like  I was like wait so this is your mentality coming  
04:06from the United States where you have to break a  Social Circle by talking to the one that you're  
04:11not interested in because you don't want to seem  too forward here there's none of that it's like  
04:15if you like someone you go up to them and say you  could even say hey I like you away I would put it  
04:20is in Colombia it's a lot more animalistic it's a  lot more let's say basic there's no games you just  
04:27need to tell someone hey this is how it is I'm  interested in you you want it or not and one of  
04:32my friends told me this what girls will do in the  gym if you're in the gym and you're pumping some  
04:37by girl we'll walk straight past you and come and  stand in front of you and maybe like be shown like  
04:43this or something and what they want to know is  if you're a huevonne or not if wevonne basically  
04:50means like a [ __ ] kicker like a guy without  balls and they'll come and kind of you know do  
04:54some flirting in front of you and the real men  in their eyes will be hey how are you I'd talk  
04:59to them straight away have you heard about this  yes yeah it happens all the time I go a little  
05:04step further talking about they're not being the  traditional game that in the U.S sometimes these  
05:09guys sell or or dating coaches sell over there  but you still have to have some sort of game  
05:14or or at least a sense of humor a personality  so for example that'll happen to me every now  
05:19and then at the gym Joe comes up and she's doing  some moves in front of you and I'll go up to her  
05:23and I can see that she looks up like she's in her  mind okay he's gonna talk to me and I'll say um
05:30like that I'll be like
05:34that will like send them completely Bonkers  they're like and you could see what the the  
05:43thoughts racing in their mind but it's also a good  way to feel them out because if they were really  
05:48not interested in me maybe the guy behind me was  way better looking which is a lot of the times it  
05:52does happen but if she's interested I'll know from  her reaction being like okay and then I'll go up  
05:56there after and saying hey you know I noticed that  you were doing something or whatever a lot of tips  
06:00for you guys coming here on how to approach women  there's one thing you take away from this is you  
06:04can be direct in Colombia it's actually going  to work in your favor don't play games [ __ ]  
06:08these games off leave that [ __ ] wherever you're  from get straight to the point and one last thing  
06:12I really must say a lot of the time when I was  dating in Oz it would be like okay I had I went  
06:16out with her on Friday night that was awesome time  but I can't ask her out for another week or two  
06:21weeks I've got to be chilling you know David doing  some other [ __ ] but here you can basically ask  
06:26them out the next day oh yeah if you're interested  just go for it hey babe we had a good day on maybe  
06:31don't say babe but we had a good day on Friday you  want to go out on Saturday like my girlfriend in  
06:36the first week we dated three times yeah I would  never do that in a state that would be like a one  
06:40month ordeal you were texting back and forth the  whole time and it was okay like I noticed that you  
06:47were interested so that's why I kept also the  conversation and we kept on doing plans if you  
06:53would have ghosted me by the second day I would be  like okay next no don't be scared if you like it  
07:01make it happen right yeah number four is despite  what you say in social media and reggaeton music  
07:07the girl's actually here are quite hard to sleep  with they don't really have the one night stand or  
07:15pickup culture here isn't that right Andrew yeah  one night stand culture is not prevalent here and  
07:20I think it's from years of dating culture being  a certain way one of the things that a lot of  
07:26people need to understand is that people live with  their parents and their family for longer than in  
07:31the US or Australia or the UK where usually at 18  years old it's like you're off to college if your  
07:37family has some sort of money or you got some sort  of scholarship and you're maybe moving out of the  
07:41city getting a job or whatever so by 18 20 22 24  25 you're out of that house like you're no longer  
07:49living with your parents but here you don't it's  very common for someone to live with their parents  
07:54well over the age of 25 up to 30. I've seen some  instances where people will get pregnant and live  
08:00with their parents and raise the kids in that same  house living together for pretty much their whole  
08:04life one big reason that pickup culture is not a  thing is because they might still be living with  
08:08their family but there's another reason as well  and that's safety right Andrew yeah that's true  
08:13yeah because of the history that Colombia has had  with safety you just don't bring like a stranger  
08:19over to your house out of all my friends I don't  think they have ever had like a random one night  
08:24stand maybe in another country or maybe because  they knew the guy from before A friend of a friend  
08:30like they have some sort of reference not just  like bringing anyone to your house on a first date  
08:37normally Colombian girls are going to date like  within their friends group or like a friend of a  
08:43friend they got introduced into like into their  group and they started dating but it's not that  
08:49common that you're sitting at a cafe and someone  randomly starts speaking to you and you okay I'm  
08:55going to on a date with this guy that's not that  common here in Colombia they're a lot more careful  
08:59about who they led into their lives at such an  early stage in a relationship so I have heard  
09:05cases where you'll be getting a girl six seven  times before it ever gets to that stage so the  
09:10lesson here is be a bit more patient don't just  give up because you know you haven't slept with  
09:14her after the first or second date because she  still might be very interested but it just takes  
09:19a little bit longer here sometimes number three  on the list of cultural differences in dating  
09:24in Colombia you might be introduced to the family  very early in the relationship yeah it's happened  
09:30uh a handful of times in the 13 years here it  would be the first or second or third date and  
09:36part of the date is me going to their house and  meeting the family and then one occasion they  
09:43were having a party and we just ended up staying  there the whole time and I was dancing with the  
09:48grandma with the aunt with the cousins and having  a great time eating with the family and and it was  
09:54amazing because in the U.S you would have to be in  a pretty serious relationship for quite a while in  
09:59order for something like that to happen Colombians  really like hanging out with their family don't  
10:04think that this is like a big deal to them or like  oh my God we just like are going to get married or  
10:10anything like that no meeting the parents is so  casual here it doesn't mean nothing important can  
10:17often take you know six months or a year or some  sometimes years for the for people to meet your  
10:22partner's parents but here second date you can be  right over there so yeah can be a lot over very  
10:27overwhelming for some of you guys especially  if you don't speak Spanish but just enjoy the  
10:32experiences all I can say AK and myself have come  together to create the Medellin Master Class where  
10:37we give you in-depth information about dating and  culture in Colombia and more for this master class  
10:43we're only taking on 10 people make sure to click  the link below below fill out the form and we'll  
10:47have a conversation to see if you're a good fit in  the meantime back to the video number two on the  
10:51list now we're getting to the nitty-gritty you're  expected to pay for basically everything in terms  
10:56of dating some of you guys might be from countries  where 50 50 split is very common you go on a date  
11:02you take out a girl the first time you pay for  it you know it's kind of like the manly thing to  
11:06do you impress them whatever A lot of times I've  actually had women fight with me and be like nah  
11:11you know I earn my own money I'm paying I don't  want you to pay for me it's very different when  
11:15you are let's say a foreigner or you're living  in a strato six or five and you're dating a girl  
11:22that's maybe living in estrato three two for them  just to get an Uber to come over to you could be  
11:28a day's work paying 25 000 pesos to get to your  house and then going back home another 20 that's  
11:3450 000 pesos that's 10 bucks yeah yeah and a day's  work could be a day's work for somebody especially  
11:39if they come from a lower income that could be  very daunting for for them and a lot of times  
11:45they may even flake because of that so people  coming and dating here in Colombia say they're  
11:49met a beautiful woman and they want to take her  out should they get on the front foot and be like  
11:54hey I'm gonna pay for you let's do this is that a  good thing to do I would say absolutely because I  
12:00rather not let money get in the way of something  that could be amazing like a friendship or a  
12:04relationship let that figure itself out later to  answer your question if you're coming from another  
12:08country and you're making two three thousand  five thousand dollars a month you could pay a  
12:132.50 taxi or Uber I understand that when you're  dating a girl the first couple of times you know  
12:20it's even in our country it's like yeah you take a  girl that a few times and once you develop a more  
12:24of a relationship you start moving towards that  50 50 right at least from where I am in Australia  
12:30that's what happened I never really had any girls  who when we went to the second date at least they  
12:34were like no you paid for the last time I'm going  to do this one and they would insist but here  
12:37once you move past even the initial part of dating  when you're in a relationship should you also pay  
12:42for everything well I mean that just comes down  to the right relationship and personalities and  
12:47also economics if you're coming here and you're  dating a girl that's making about the same amount  
12:52of money as you then yeah splitting it is great  and especially if it's a relationship okay I mean  
12:56that works um so it's not a cultural thing that  let me know it's an economic thing listen to me  
13:01I'll say it's another way so we're foreigners  we earn a lot more money hence we pay for girls  
13:05right yeah what if you're a Colombian man and you  earn the same as a Colombian woman do you also pay  
13:09for everything no like for example when I was a  a teacher in downtown at a really big language  
13:15school I only taught young adults they were men  and women in those classes and I would always ask  
13:21this stuff like you know so who pays on the dates  and the women always even said you know the men do  
13:27and I'm like okay that's the first date second  date and I would ask well what about now does  
13:33your husband pay everything she's like no no we've  been together forever we've split everything and  
13:38I'm like oh so so there is a there is a turning  point okay where you know you're a couple yeah  
13:43you're working together for a goal so there is  that Dynamic here in my group of friends all  
13:48of the ones are in long-term relationships they  always go half and half I don't have any friend  
13:55that is like a stay-at-home partner no everyone  works and pays half of the bills of everything now  
14:02if you're a foreigner making a lot of money and  you keep paying and paying and paying and you pay  
14:08forever they call that El Marano what's that mean  that means you're the pick everyone's eating from  
14:13the pig so it's a it's a term here it's like oh  he's the Marano and that term wasn't invented for  
14:19Gringos or foreigners coming here that term was  invented for other Colombian men that were being  
14:25taken advantage of because they were very generous  and they had money to be generous and they were  
14:30being taken advantage of so when that's happening  Colombian on Colombian that person is called  
14:34the pig El Marano so it's not really a cultural  difference it's more just a disparity in earnings  
14:41for example if you're dating someone that is uh  from a lower income some level here they call  
14:46them estratos let's say estrato3 and you're making  middle class yeah lower middle class and you're  
14:52dating a girl because you met her on a dating app  or whatever the case may be and you're making two  
14:57thousand dollars a month three thousand dollars  a month they see that like they hit the lottery  
15:01rightfully so because I think if I were in that  same situation growing up in that same situation  
15:07and then I'm dating somebody that's making a world  of a difference of money 10 times minimum wage 10  
15:14times minimum wage I would be like okay the way  that they're brought up is way different than  
15:19someone that is brought up in a middle to upper  class family where work is valued your pride is  
15:26valued a lot higher yeah it could be economical  and that's in that situation an economic  
15:30difference but it's also a cultural difference  yeah it's the same thing in your country wherever  
15:35you're at right now if you're dating a girl from  the ghetto and you live in the Hills do you think  
15:41you're going to be splitting bills with that girl  from the ghetto it's a very good point you make  
15:44use your brain don't be the [ __ ] Marano out here  but at the same time don't be the guy that's gonna  
15:51be thinking oh every woman's taking advantage of  me how Colombian women are gold diggers well stop  
15:56[ __ ] dating girls that you meet on Tinder that  have bricks and wires hanging in their pictures  
16:01or girls that you're picking up on the street that  are working girls and um it's not working out yeah  
16:07I think what you say is very important if you want  a relationship which is a bit more split and you  
16:14don't feel like you're being taken advantage of  if we have you have to generalize we would say the  
16:18girls that are more likely to pay and take pride  in hey I can pay my own way and stuff would be  
16:23from higher class neighborhoods and the ones which  are quite happily sit back and let you pay for  
16:26everything would be from the lower neighborhood  yeah and that's not to say anything bad about  
16:30Enron that's just life that yeah I've never dated  a girl that asked me for money yeah I never dated  
16:36a girl that asked me for things like sometimes I  hear like these comments or read these comments or  
16:42hear from people that are here that say you know  she was asking me for money so I was giving her  
16:46you know 400 a month or whatever while I'm this  person's living in the United States because she  
16:52needs she has a kid she's doing bad her mom is  sick everything that you could talk about and  
16:58then all of a sudden she asked me that she needs  the new iPhone or that she needs a motorcycle and  
17:02that's where I drew the line I'm like bro you  should have drawn the line when you're paying  
17:06her at 400 a month to do nothing traditional  relationship rules that used to be true in the  
17:11past but I don't think that really applies to our  generation there isn't is because our grandmothers  
17:17or even maybe our mothers or aunts we're in this  kind of relationships and they just had like all  
17:24the negatives of it maybe their husbands left or  their husbands were not actually providing for  
17:31the family so I think it's in our mentality right  now that we need to work that we need to also be  
17:38providers because we don't want to risk to be in  a place where we don't have education or work and  
17:44we cannot live a marriage we don't want to be in  so it's all like to account when you're actually  
17:49in a relationship anyone who's complaining and  saying Colombian women gold diggers and all they  
17:55do is take advantage of people and they suck and  I need to go somewhere else today Colombia is not  
17:59the place stop being a little [ __ ] basically you  need to grow up and you need to be a [ __ ] man  
18:04because you're getting taken advantage of because  you're going for the wrong women there's a word  
18:08for that here in spanish whatever is cheap usually  ends up being more expensive that also applies to  
18:15dating like when you take the easy route when you  pay for women of the night and you try to make  
18:20a relationship with them because I've seen that  happen here or even not even women of the night if  
18:24you just pay a woman and the only thing you offer  is money they think that's going to end up yeah  
18:28and she's seeing you only because you are the pig  and there are some guys that are okay with that  
18:33yeah yeah they don't complain about it yeah kudos  to you guys yeah but for those that do complain  
18:37it's like okay increase your standards work on  yourself be the best version of you I can only  
18:43talk from my experience I cannot talk about like  all the women in Colombia so I'm an educated woman  
18:48with a stable job from my Social Circle and how I  have approached my relationships I think maybe the  
18:56first two dates they will pay for me but then it's  like okay if we're starting something a little bit  
19:02more serious than split half and half and I think  this that's just fair I mean for me the first one  
19:08is just like you're showing interest in me so  you want to take me out but then the other ones  
19:15is just like we both want to be there so you know  we both pay are any of you guys wondering anything  
19:20let us know we'd be happy to make another video  about it where we answer some of your questions  
19:24leave all those questions in the comments like  this video subscribe for more great content like  
19:29this number one on the list cheating in Colombian  and Latin culture in general but Colombian culture  
19:35there's almost a culture around having a side guy  a side chick I'm not saying that everybody does it  
19:41and everyone has it but everybody knows about  it in the United States cheating or having an  
19:46affair is almost taboo here in Colombia it's  like everybody knows about this culture too  
19:50you even have a word for your side guy or your  side chick which is a mosa or ammoso that word  
19:56translate in the dictionary to your Muse so you've  got your wife or your girlfriend and then you've  
20:03got your Muse the one that inspires you okay it's  like weird it's weird but there's a whole culture  
20:08there's songs about it and traditional music and  that regard it's a little bit more normal to hear  
20:13that I was dating a girl and I thought we were  exclusive but lo and behold she had three other  
20:18guys that she's talking to yeah yeah cheating  is normalized I think it's even more normalized  
20:24for men because men it's always seen like the  superhero when he's like has a bunch of girls  
20:30a woman I would say like it's common but it's a  little bit more like judged in the U.S that could  
20:36happen too but not when you get to the point where  you have the talk yeah where it's like what are we  
20:41are we exclusive boyfriend or girlfriend should  we see other people what what's the deal okay you  
20:45have that conversation here and you decide that  you're exclusive there could be instances where  
20:51that person may not be as loyal as you thought  they were something that I have heard of woman  
20:56now in this generation is like oh I'm on a cheat  just in case I had a friend that did that cheated  
21:01during the whole relationship just in case he's  cheating because he's probably cheating when they  
21:07broke up he was cheating I've never experienced  that knock on wood I've never been cheated on and  
21:11I don't like to cheat on people I think it's like  what you said about the other point is that you  
21:15attract what you are and if you are a loyal person  honest person you're not into drugs and all that  
21:22stuff you're probably gonna attract someone just  like you but if you're kind of crazy you probably  
21:26attract someone kind of crazy too that's true  so how can we combat this someone who's coming  
21:31here and someone who's read a lot of these people  talking on social media about oh my God Colombian  
21:36women they just cheat they just whatever what  can they look out for how can they kind of get  
21:40past this well first of all you should learn the  language because that's a big barrier right there  
21:45it's really easy to deceive someone when they  don't understand what the [ __ ] you're saying  
21:48right knowing the language and being here long  enough to understand the culture so you definitely  
21:53want to get familiar don't go jumping into  relationships your first week here date around  
21:58learn as much as possible that could definitely  save you money and heartache another thing that  
22:03you can look out for is like we said it's very  common for her to introduce you to her friends  
22:08her family right away and if she doesn't do that  there could be something up there she could be  
22:12just playing you because you're a foreigner and  she sees you as a pig or it's just that she might  
22:19have somebody else she might even be living with  this other person yeah so her family might be her  
22:24husband yeah she might be I live with my family  okay cool husband lo and behold it's my husband  
22:29and her boyfriend lives next door and I needed  money for a motorcycle and an iPhone because  
22:35he does rappy just remember that Colombia's any  country has cultural differences that you have to  
22:41learn and understand before coming here and dating  and remember always to have fun can I do it again
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Cheating is more normalized in Colombian culture, compared to other cultures, and the video highlights the differences in attitudes toward infidelity.

4. What is the attitude of Colombian women towards one-night stands?

Colombian women are not interested in one-night stands, as the video discusses, highlighting their preference for more serious and committed relationships.

5. How do Colombian women perceive dating expenses?

Colombian women expect men to pay for everything in terms of dating expenses, emphasizing the cultural differences in dating expectations.

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The astrologer predicts that while there may be attempts to harm Modi's image, his life is not in danger and he will likely win a third term in 2024. He also believes that India will rise as an economic and technological superpower, while the future of abrahamic religions may decline as people turn to Hinduism and atheism.

Dr. Evil quotes from the Austin Powers movies, including his background, plans for world domination, and humorous one-liners.

The video discusses the film "Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon" directed by Eddie Romero, which depicts the struggles and uncertainties faced by the Filipino people during the Spanish and American Colonial periods. It explores themes of Filipino identity, cultural and political changes, and the importance of preserving the Filipino identity for the country's betterment. Overall, it provides a glimpse into the historical and cultural context of the 19th century Philippines and the challenges faced by the Filipino people at that time.

The video explores the controversial and scandal-ridden history of Uber, from its illegal beginnings to its rapid expansion through unethical tactics and deceptive practices, ultimately leading to the downfall and forced resignation of its CEO, Travis Kalanick.

Anatoly is a Ukrainian athlete with extraordinary strength, known for his viral prank videos where he disguises himself as a maintenance worker and lifts heavy weights with ease, surprising gym-goers. His physique may not be intimidating, but he demonstrates specialized training in athletic strength rather than bodybuilding, showing that muscular volume does not always equate to strength. It is important to understand the difference between developing muscle mass and developing strength for optimal performance in either sport.

This video covers the best perks to look for on weapons, armor, and jewelry, as well as where to farm them in the game New World. It focuses mainly on PvE content and offers suggestions for different weapon types. Additionally, it explains how to use the Gypsum Kiln to turn good items into perfect ones.