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This documentary explores the creation and discontinuation of the popular animated series "Courage the Cowardly Dog," citing reasons such as potential scares for children and the creator's desire to pursue other projects.
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"Courage the Cowardly Dog" is an American animated comedy horror TV series created by John R Dilworth for Cartoon Network.
The show revolves around an anthropomorphic dog named Courage who saves his family from creepy and dangerous situations.
Muriel found Courage alone in a secluded place and named him Courage because of his fearless nature.
John R Dilworth, the creator of the show, began making his own animations while studying in college at the New York School of Visual Arts.
"The Chicken from Outer Space" was a special animated short that led to the creation of "Courage the Cowardly Dog" and the success of many other Cartoon Network shows.
"The Chicken from Outer Space" was created by John Dilworth in 1996.
It made up for the lack of horror cartoon shows in the childhood memories of kids worldwide.
The short was part of the "What a Cartoon! Show," where new creators could showcase their own cartoon shows.
Many successful Cartoon Network shows, such as The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, and Johnny Bravo, originated from this series.
The animated series "Courage the Cowardly Dog" was relaunched in 2000 as part of "The Cartoon Cartoons" program after its original run from 1995 to 1997.
"The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" was one of the successful shows that came out of this relaunch.
The series was initially a non-dialogue short, with only a few lines given to Courage.
John Dilworth's company, Stretch Films, animated the series instead of Hanna Barbera Studios, after some negotiation.
'Courage the Cowardly Dog' was discontinued due to John Dilworth's decision, as he wanted to work on other ideas.
Some people believed the show was too scary for kids, leading to scary dreams and parental complaints.
The show won awards and was even nominated for an Oscar.
John Dilworth had pictures and names of real humans who worked at Strech Films or inspired him, displayed in Courage's house.
John Dilworth had to replace Albany with MARs in Courage The Cowardly Dog because Albany is a real place and he wanted to keep it secret.
John Dilworth wrote a secret message "EAT ME" in the ashes of the chicken in one episode.
John Dilworth believes that true learning and passion come from taking responsibility and learning on your own.
John Dilworth encourages enjoying the process of creating something rather than waiting for the perfect outcome.
00:07Return the stone!
00:11Return the stone or else I'll curse you.
00:17Horror, suspense, comedy and thrill co-opted, in which
00:22That's name is Courage the Cowardly Fro......, I mean Dog".
00:26And today you are going to Know the whole story of
00:29"Courage the Cowardly Dog" from its creation to closure.
00:39'Courage the Cowardly Dog' is an American animated comedy horror television series
00:44Which was made by 'John R Dilworth' especially for Cartoon Network channel.
00:48Its entire story mainly revolves around an Anthropomorphic dog named 'Courage'.
00:54Anthropomorphic means a human-like animal that walks on two legs, laughs or cries like a human.
00:59Means does all the works like humans.
01:02Stopping this show, We have brought to you 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' show.
01:07You remembere this intro very well.
01:09It is told in it that Courage is a timid dog
01:12Who lives with Muriel and her husband at an unknown place.
01:16But this house is different
01:18because every day some creepy things happen here.
01:22Sometimes aliens come from space
01:24and sometimes mummy comes alive and asks for stones from them.
01:26And 'Courage' saves this family from all these kinds of dangers.
01:31A fun fact is that Muriel had found a dog alone at a secluded place.
01:37Where it was not a common thing for someone to be alive with such fear.
01:41That's why Muriel named that dog 'Courage',
01:44or "Sher Dil"(Lion hearted) in hindi.
01:46And finally she took 'Courage' to keep in her house.
01:50The Back Story of 'Courage the Cowardly Dog',
01:52John R Dilworth was born on 14 February 1963,
01:55The American Animator, Actor, Director, writer, Storyboard Artist,
01:59Producer, and creator of 'Courage the Cowardly Dog'.
02:03John Dilworth had began making his own animations
02:07while studying in college at the New York School of Visual Arts.
02:11In year 1985,
02:13right 5 years after completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree,
02:17he formed his own company called "Stretch Films".
02:22'Strech Films' is an Animation Studio
02:24where John Dilworth made himself Art director
02:27and making a team of some animators
02:29Started producing Animation shows.
02:33He held up his ideas to the world
02:35in the form of several animated short films.
02:39"The Chicken from Outer Space" was one of those shorts
02:44Which was created by John Dilworth in year 1996.
02:47John Dilworth had made several award winning
02:50animated shorts before this as well like 'The limited Bird',
02:54'When Lilly Laney Moved In' and one of the most popular shows
02:57'The Dirdy Birdy'
02:59But this 7 minute short which came in 1996 was so special because
03:03it made up for the lack of horror cartoon shows in the childhood memories
03:08of little kids like you and me all over the world.
03:12But how???
03:13By bringing 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' into existence.
03:16"The what a cartoon show!"
03:18Yes!! 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' could never have existed without it.
03:23So what was this "What a Cartoon! Show''?
03:26Well on 20 February 1995, Cartoon Network started a series
03:31in which a new episode was broadcast on TV every week.
03:45Yes! You got it right,
03:47this was the series that benefited the new creators the most
03:52as they could have showcase their own cartoon shows
03:55by getting them broadcast directly on TV.
03:58And could find out if their show was really good or not.
04:02And if the audience liked any show too much even by mistake,
04:06then........ Then bro all good to the creater of that show.
04:09Because after that It was Cartoon Network's task
04:13of converting the pilot of that one show into an entire show,
04:18animating it and airing it on TV.
04:20And obviously many new creators took advantage of this series.
04:23And what's interesting is that this series has led to the existence
04:27of many of Cartoon Network's most successful shows.
04:30and created a buzz in the cartoon world.
04:33Have a look to the list of episodes of What a Cartoon Show!
04:37The PowerPuff girls, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo,
04:40And....., and...., and......
04:42This is "The Chicken from Outer Space',
04:44on the basis of which the entire series of Courage the Cowardly Dog was later made.
04:49Initially 'The What A Cartoon Show' was known as 'What A Cartoon'.
04:54And in this whole series,
04:55the creators only used to come up with their own ideals,
04:59the rest of the work of animating them and converting them
05:02into pilot episodes was done by Hannah Barbera Studio.
05:05Originally this series run form 1995 to 1997.
05:09And later in year 2000,
05:11this series was relaunched with a different tittle 'The Cartoon Cartoons'.
05:17And this time too many successful show came to existence
05:20In which the biggest name is 'The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy'.
05:24Long story short: 'The What a Cartoon Show' was a program that
05:29no one in the history of TV broadcasting would have even thought of doing.
05:34But Cartoon Network did it and more specifically
05:38The credit for creating this series goes to the
05:41then head of Cartoon Network Channel, Mr Frederick Seibert.
05:46This whole idea was his that we will start a series Which will help the new creators in making their imagination a reality.
05:54And obviously it worked and we got some most amazing
05:57cartoon series to make our childhood more special and memorable.
06:0318th February 1996, the day
06:05'The Chicken from Outer Space' was broadcast on TV for first time.
06:10For your kind information I would like to tell you that
06:11this was a non dialogue short means no voiceover was given
06:16to any Cartoon character except courrage's one or two dialogues.
06:20As earlier in this video I have told you that
06:23Hannah Barbera used to produce all the pilot episodes of 'The what a cartoon show',
06:29But 'The Chicken from Outer Space' was animated
06:32by Hanna Barbera Studios along with John Dilworth's company Stretch Films.
06:382 years after 'The chicken from Outer Space' aired on TV
06:41Cartoon Network said to John Dilworth that
06:44they want to make his short film a Cartoon series.
06:48and they need his permission for that
06:50Knowing this Mr Dilworth became very happy and said that,
06:53For sure you covert it to series but
06:56my Strech Films studio will animate it not Hanna Barbera studios.
07:02Initially Cartoon Network did agree to this but
07:05after a bit of instigating by John Dilworth, they agreed.
07:10And......, And......., And........,
07:11Almost 1 year later, on 19 November 1999,
07:15its first episode aired as a series.
07:19After that 2nd episode, 3rd episode and so on......
07:22Its total 4 seasons were made contained 12 episodes each.
07:26On 22 Nov 2002, its last episode was aired and was discontinued permanently.
07:34Its new episodes stopped being made,
07:36but Cartoon Network keeps rebroadcasting
07:39its four seasons outside India and also in India.
07:43In India, this show was dubbed in Hindi and aired
07:46on Cartoon Network between 2002 and 2003.
07:49You will find the list of its Hindi dubbing artists
07:51on my website ''.
07:54Link is in the description you can check out!
07:56Why 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' stopped?
07:59So why 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' was cancelled?
08:02Some people say that this show was too scary and watching this kids used to have scary dreams.
08:08And many times parents used to complain about it.
08:12Due to which this show was discontinued
08:15and new episodes stopped being made.
08:17But that's not confirmed as this show was not discontinued
08:22due to any such reason but because of John Dilworth's decision.
08:28If John Dilberth wanted, he could have taken
08:30the show further, but he did not.
08:33Because he had many other ideas on which he wanted to work.
08:38If you visit the YouTube channel of Strech Films,
08:41you will find how many cartoon series
08:44John Dilworth has worked on in the last 11 years.
08:47Well! 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' even if it has been discontinued for whatever reason,
08:52but it will definitely be memorable for all of us.
08:56A show whose story is so well written that
08:59we definitely tremble after seeing it but
09:02at the same time we enjoy it too.
09:05Also this series not only won the hearts of the people
09:08but also won many awards.
09:10Also nominated for Oscars unfortunately could not win it.
09:13In this video uploaded in February 2017,
09:16John Dilworth talks about his short movie 'The Chicken from Outer Space'
09:21and reveals many secrets that you yourself would never know.
09:26Well let I share some secrets with you,
09:29Secret No. 1- John Dilworth has pictures and names written
09:34of real humans everywhere like walls etc. in Courage's house,
09:38and these are the persons who worked in Strech Films
09:42or John Dilworth got inspired from them and respected them.
09:46Secret No. 2- If you've watched the first episode of 'Courage the Cowardly Dog',
09:51Courage, while sending the chicken back to its hideout, has a suitcase
09:56with MARs written on it but before that it was replaced by Albany.
10:00But Cartoon Network said that this chicken came from Space,
10:03so if you write MARs on it then people will find it more relatable
10:07that they will get it as it really came from Space.
10:09And that's why John Dilworth had to replace Albany with MARs.
10:14Otherwise John Dilworth wanted to write Albony there
10:17because Albony is a real place where John Dilworth
10:21had gone for a trip with his sister.
10:23Secret No. 3- in the end of the same episode,
10:26when chicken became ashes,
10:27Then John Dilworth has written a secret message in that Ashes, "EAT ME".
10:33So yeah!! Many more secret like these,
10:35John Dilworth shared in this 20 minutes video.
10:39Which you can watch for yourself.
10:41In an interview with Bob Miller in 1999, Joan Dilworth says that
10:46If you want to learn something wholeheartedly
10:49or want to know better things related to your passion,
10:52then no school or college will learn you that but
10:56you will have to take the responsibilit
10:59y of those things and learn them.
11:01And Yup! This is the reality of life,
11:03If you really want to bring a big change in this world
11:06by creating something then remember that
11:10no one else can help you except you.
11:13Whether it's a teacher or your best friend,
11:15you have to learn things on your own.
11:18And you may have to bear the pain in that learning process.
11:23And after learning those things,
11:25you should enjoy the process of making something.
11:28Because the happiness from the outcome will last for some time
11:31but in the process of learning you will create memories.
11:35Somebody asked John Dilworth
11:37which episode of Courage do you think is the worst?
11:40So you know what was his answer?
11:41his answer was that if I could do,
11:43I can make all those episodes again with more perfection
11:48But I can't because what we make cannot be perfect.
11:54No matter how perfect that thing may seem to you at this moment,
11:58but when you look at that thing again in the future,
12:00you will laugh and think that is it I made it?
12:05and literary I also feel the same
12:07when I rewatch my old youtube videos
12:10In conclusion, "don't wait to be happy after getting
12:14result of your work but enjoy the process of your work
12:18and be always happy."
12:20To stay always connected with animation world,
12:23do subscribe this channel.
12:25Because there is no guarantee that you can find later or not.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the animated series explored in the documentary?

The documentary explores the creation and discontinuation of the popular animated series 'Courage the Cowardly Dog.'

2. What are the reasons cited for the discontinuation of the series?

Reasons cited for the discontinuation of the series include potential scares for children and the creator's desire to pursue other projects.

3. How did the series impact its audience?

The series had a significant impact on its audience due to its unique storytelling and characters, resulting in a devoted fan base.

4. What are the key elements that made the series popular?

The series gained popularity due to its intriguing plotlines, memorable characters, and distinctive animation style that resonated with viewers of all ages.

5. What legacy has the series left behind in the animation industry?

The series has left behind a lasting legacy in the animation industry, inspiring future creators and serving as a benchmark for innovative storytelling and animation techniques.

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