💫 Summary
This video is a beginner to advanced crafting crash course in Path of Exile, aimed at demystifying the crafting process and providing strategies for improving items. The video covers topics such as currency usage, modifiers, imprinting, and using influence modifiers. It also explores the use of certain orbs and essences to enhance gameplay and create more powerful items.
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Crafting in Path of Exile is the process of using currency or tools to modify an item and turn it into something else.
Crafting can involve improving or intentionally making an item worse.
Even using basic currency items like transmutes or alterations counts as crafting.
The currency in the game has value for trading and making items powerful for other characters.
Exalted orbs are valuable and not commonly found, but can be used for crafting high-tier items.
Average players may find an exalted orb every couple of days while mapping normally.
Exalted orbs can be traded for a significant amount of currency.
Exalted orbs have intrinsic value and can be used for crafting higher tier items.
Blessed orbs can be used to randomize the numeric values of the implicit modifiers of an item.
Divine orbs can be used to randomize the numeric values of the explicit modifiers of an item.
When crafting an item, the item level determines the pool of available modifiers.
Higher item levels make it harder to hit specific higher tier modifiers.
The item level determines the pool of modifiers that can be rolled on the item.
Choosing a lower item level can be useful for targeting specific modifiers.
There are four exceptions to normal essences in Path of Exile, which are the fancy ones obtained by using a remnant of corruption on scorn, envy, misery, or dread in the map.
The fancy essences include essence of horror, delirium, hysteria, and insanity, which have special effects such as increased elemental damage, chance to get charges on kill, or inflict decay.
These advanced essences can be used for specific crafting purposes or sold for good money.
The prefix modifier for essences is called "essences" and it is not a tier.
This section explains the concept of catalysts in crafting in Path of Exile.
Catalysts can enhance specific modifiers on items.
Different catalysts have mutually exclusive effects.
Catalysts can improve the chances of adding or keeping certain modifiers.
Quality is consumed when using catalysts.
Harvest crafting can be used to split items, imprint them for future crafting, and re-roll mod values.
Splitting items allows you to separate modifiers and potentially sell or craft them individually.
Imprinting an item preserves a valuable modifier while allowing further crafting.
Re-rolling mod values can be done with the Fair Frost Helion, effectively functioning as a Divine Orb.
Harvest crafting is useful for starting with hard-to-get modifiers and working from there.
Imprints can be bought and used multiple times for crafting.
It can be cost-effective to use imprinting if the time and resources required to get a specific modifier are more valuable than the cost of an imprint.
To craft the gloves, the goal is to roll until there are two influenced modifiers, and then use a Maven Orb to elevate one of the modifiers.
Influenced modifiers can be identified by their names such as "redeemers" or "hunters."
The gloves initially have a redeemers prefix tier two and a tier one suffix global chance to blind enemies on hit.
Using a Maven Orb, one of the modifiers is removed, unfortunately removing the global blind modifier.
The tier two redeemers prefix is then turned into a tier one.
The gloves can now be used as a viable base for further crafting using the Awakened Orb.
This section discusses different crafting options in Path of Exile and their rarity.
Augmenting a random item of a certain group is incredibly rare.
Removing non-add is a null modifier and adding a critical strike modifier is also rare.
Removing a random influence mod and reforging are not commonly used.
Reforging with fire guarantees a fire modifier and there is an improved version called reforge plus.
Upgrading a magic item to a rare item destroys all mods.
Reforging a rare item with the same mods is possible with some advanced techniques.
00:00hello friends so crafting it's
00:03one of those things that scares a lot of
00:05people off in the game
00:06there it is a very complicated thing in
00:08the game but you can get going
00:10right right away and i would argue that
00:13everyone who has played the game
00:14of path of exile has crafted in some
00:16fashion if you've even just used a
00:17transmute once
00:18you have technically crafted and this is
00:21intended as a guide to get people that
00:25are on the fence about getting into
00:26crafting in general or
00:28people who are intermediate and want to
00:29get to the next level just
00:31help them show see how approachable
00:34crafting really is and how
00:37how scary it is not so let's just get
00:39into it
00:46all right so what is crafting well it's
00:48the process
00:49of changing some sort of item into
00:53type of item usually with a goal of
00:55improving it
00:56you can even purposely make an item
00:58worse if you want to in this game
01:00and the world is your oyster it is
01:02really just a process of using
01:04currency or different tools that are
01:06available to us
01:07to modify an item and turn it into
01:11something else
01:11that's that's really all that is
01:13encompassed in crafting
01:14so that's why i said if you've used a
01:16single transmute or an og or an
01:19or even the chromatic orb or anything
01:22it you have technically crafted it
01:25there's just
01:26a lot of steps beyond that and a lot of
01:27strategies that you can use to
01:29make more advanced items and i just want
01:33we're going to start from the beginning
01:34and we're going to go real real basic
01:36and then later on we'll get into more
01:38specific things basic currency
01:41items changing them what what all is it
01:43so this is kind of
01:44the foundation of all of path of exile
01:47the currency you know what what we use
01:50to trade to spend
01:52that effectively has value for buying
01:54buying things from people on the trade
01:57their value is locked to what
02:00they can do in terms of making an item
02:02powerful for other characters
02:04so you know that what these items can do
02:08what these currency items can do to an
02:10item is kind of
02:12that that is what defines the entire
02:16economy of the game
02:17what defines the whole way that players
02:20interact with items and they
02:22they look at their their power curves
02:24over time and all of that
02:25what is an item well from the most basic
02:28definition and there's
02:30due to path of excel being very
02:32complicated there's exceptions
02:34but if we just look at a standard item
02:36that can be equipped by a character in
02:37our main
02:38equipment slots you know there's
02:40exceptions with like flasks or jewels or
02:43we just we have this base item an item
02:45can be
02:46white normal it can be blue which is
02:50magic or it can be yellow which is rare
02:53what all of that means is white means it
02:56can have
02:57no modifiers blue means it can have one
02:59prefix and one suffix
03:01and yellow rare means that can have
03:04three prefixes and three suffixes
03:06what are those well i'm gonna cheat and
03:09go ahead a little bit
03:10um so if we have this yellow item if we
03:13hold alt
03:14and you'll want to go to
03:17the ui setting here and turn
03:20on advanced
03:24mod descriptions this under ui you want
03:27to turn on advanced mod descriptions
03:29this lets us see even more detail when
03:31we hold alt like we can see the range of
03:33of the values here you'll you'll
03:35actually see
03:36what is a prefix and what is a suffix
03:39when i hold alt on this item you'll see
03:40prefixes there's three prefixes right
03:42now and there's one suffix
03:44that means that this item is full on
03:46prefixes it has no more room
03:48and suffixes it actually has room for
03:50two more
03:51um and that that's like the
03:54base concept of what an item is it is
03:58the the base item
04:00so we have our base white item it has
04:01these these base stats
04:03physical damage critical strike chance
04:05attacks per second um
04:07as we hold alt we see it is item level
04:10which i'll get into it requires level 6
04:12and 29 intelligence to equip
04:14it also has an implicit implicits kind
04:17of live
04:17separately from the prefixes and the
04:19suffixes that is just something that
04:21usually comes from the base type of an
04:23item but there's ways in the game to
04:25change what
04:26implicit is what does the currency do
04:28and how how do we craft
04:29as you mouse over these you see what
04:31each item does
04:33uh transmute upgrades in normal upgrades
04:35a normal item to a magic item
04:37that specifically means that as i said
04:39before it makes a white item
04:41into a blue item it now gives it the
04:44ability to have one prefix and one
04:46suffix by becoming a blue magic item
04:49we see that it has one suffix so by
04:51using a transmute
04:52also all of these things that change the
04:54state they will
04:56it will also roll it randomly to give it
04:59some modifiers that fit within the
05:01buckets that are available you know one
05:03prefix one suffix for blue
05:04or three and three four for yellow now
05:07the next step on top of that would be an
05:09orb of augmentation
05:10augments a magic item with a new random
05:12modifier what that means
05:13is if the if it has an open prefix or an
05:16open suffix we can fill that
05:18using the orb of augmentation so we know
05:20that there's already a suffix on here
05:22if we use an orb of augmentation it now
05:25will fill a prefix because we already
05:27because we had a full suffix no matter
05:29what it has to be a prefix
05:30and then there's the orb of alteration
05:32which will reforge what reforge means
05:35is keep the state of the item blue
05:39what have you but just do a full reroll
05:42of what's on there
05:42there's nothing additional to that it's
05:44just do a full reroll
05:46give me a new item that or just give me
05:48all new prefixes and suffixes on that
05:50item and it's
05:51you're not guaranteed to have full
05:53prefixes and suffixes as you'll see
05:55we'll get sometimes we'll get one prefix
05:56one suffix or
05:57or both filled it's uh it's just random
06:00so we got one suffix and then we can aug
06:02it again and then we get a prefix
06:05and then sometimes as we're rolling
06:07we'll get a prefix and a suffix
06:10now the interesting thing you can do
06:12when looking at magic items
06:13is you can you actually see the title of
06:15it adapts goat horn of the whelpling
06:18so what this is so it's a goat's horn
06:20right and now
06:21when we have our modifiers on it we
06:24see that the name of the prefix is
06:26smoldering the name of the suffix is
06:29so the name of the item is the
06:30smoldering goat's horn of embers
06:32this can be very very useful for when
06:34you're rolling and you're looking for
06:36the name of a specific modifier
06:38you can just be reading the top and just
06:40see like i'm looking for smoldering
06:41and you can just keep rolling until you
06:43see that name of the item that is
06:45all of the interactions for blue items
06:47is transmute aug and alteration
06:49now these are how you you modify you go
06:51from white to blue with a transmute
06:53you can go from a single modifier blue
06:56to a two modifier blue with an og
06:58and an alteration will turn it it will
07:00just do a full reforge
07:01now a regal orb has a very specific
07:04where it changes a magic item to a rare
07:07item as we said before a rare item means
07:09it can have three prefixes and three
07:11what a regal orb does is it will add it
07:13will take a blue item
07:14either one or two modifiers and make it
07:17a rare item
07:18and it will add one random prefix or
07:21suffix to it
07:22so no matter what we're going to get a
07:25no if we start from a two modifier we
07:27will always go to a three modifier with
07:28a regal
07:29this can be used for specifically
07:31targeting certain things
07:33it's also if you want to finish crafting
07:34an item you usually want three prefixes
07:37and suffixes
07:38you can use a regal orb to continue
07:40working on your item
07:41when you get the you get the two
07:42modifiers that you want one or two as
07:44the blue item
07:45and then you upgrade it to yellow and
07:46then you you keep going down the line
07:48so what a regal orb does it will add a
07:51new modifier
07:51because now there can be up to six
07:53modifiers they just give it like a
07:55randomly generated name from a
07:57dictionary so instead of being called
08:00smoldering goat's horn of embers and of
08:03the student
08:04it just has the name sorrow chant and
08:05that is just randomly rolled
08:08we'll we'll see that it added a suffix
08:10which is the tier viii
08:11intelligence it is now a yellow item
08:13which means it can have
08:14up to three prefixes and three suffixes
08:16i also mentioned
08:17tiers so modifiers uh within a certain
08:20range so
08:21we see tier viii adds fire damage to
08:24what that means is uh tier eight
08:27like tier ten i think is about as low as
08:28it goes tier one is the best
08:31and the the tiers that we can get are
08:33based on
08:34the base item that we're working with
08:36we'll get into that in a little bit
08:38this is these are low tier modifiers but
08:40we created an item
08:42now you've seen me use this already a
08:44couple times in the past
08:46what a a scouring orb does is it will
08:49remove all modifiers that it can
08:51from an item so there are things that
08:53can block it and there's
08:54very specific tricks that we'll get into
08:56later but for all intents and purposes
08:58for normal usage a scouring orb will
09:00turn an item back to white
09:02this will remove all the modifiers so if
09:04something bad happens like if your regal
09:06orb hits a modifier that
09:08you really really don't want and you
09:10just want to start from scratch again
09:12that's what a scouring orb does so this
09:13is this is kind of this this is our our
09:16this is our clean slate so conversely
09:19from using the um you know using orbs of
09:22transmutation alteration rolling up a
09:24blue item and going up to a yellow item
09:26we can just go directly to a yellow item
09:28and start crafting from there
09:29so that's what an orb of alchemy does so
09:32this will just go
09:33directly to a full randomly rolled
09:35yellow item
09:37it will have between i think it can have
09:40three modifiers between
09:41three and six modifiers and they're just
09:44all fully randomly rolled as
09:45a little bonus you can use an orb of
09:47binding which will uh it will re-roll
09:50the sockets
09:51it will give you three linked sockets on
09:54a normal item on a
09:55on a small weapon and then larger items
09:57it will go up to
09:58four link sockets uh for all intents and
10:01purposes otherwise an orb of binding is
10:03identical to
10:04or orbital of alchemy you can use it on
10:06maps you can use it on anything
10:08but do be careful don't use an orbital
10:09binding on a six-linked item
10:11you will break the links it is very sad
10:14uh so be careful about that
10:16um also orb of alchemy is generally
10:18valued more anyway
10:20because this can be used in certain
10:21recipes uh a chaos orb which
10:24is it's effectively what a dollar bill
10:27is in in this game
10:28uh this is the standard currency that we
10:30use for trading
10:32but what a lot of people don't really do
10:35when they think about it
10:36a lot of newer players is yeah it's a
10:37dollar but it also does something like
10:39it's a dollar because it does something
10:41that's the economy is based on
10:43what an item can do to another item so
10:46or what currency can do for crafting
10:48items so a chaos orb
10:51it does the exact same thing as an orb
10:52of alteration but
10:54for yellow items so as an orb of
10:56alteration we'll just roll
10:57just keep reforging and give you random
10:59blue modifiers uh an orb of chaos will
11:02just re-roll an item entirely and give
11:04any any modifiers on a yellow item
11:07uh this can be so we call that chaos
11:09spamming if you want to just like
11:11go for you're just looking for like two
11:13one or two different modifiers
11:14you can just keep throwing chaos at
11:16something until you hit something that
11:17looks decent
11:18chaos especially in something like solo
11:21cell phone
11:22is actually a very very useful currency
11:24for just
11:25getting a basic item that you can you
11:26can use kind of don't want to do this
11:29because it is these are expensive so
11:31there's the exalted orb
11:33so an exalted orb is the exact same
11:36thing as an augmentation
11:38but for a yellow item so as as an
11:43let me scour this so as we saw if we if
11:45we get to a single modifier
11:47as a blue item uh an orb of augmentation
11:50added one more modifier
11:52uh up to fill up the bucket you know we
11:54had one prefix or one suffix it fills
11:56the other one
11:56uh now so if we wanted to go through all
11:58the steps we can
12:00uh we can transmute we can orb of
12:04uh augment then we can alteration to
12:08what we have here like oh we really like
12:10chaos damage over time that's cool
12:11let's regal it to make it yellow and see
12:14if we can keep working on the item
12:16okay we hit uh we hit increase spell
12:20damage cool we like that
12:21now if we want to complete the item like
12:24as for like full
12:25basic crafting only using simple
12:27currency we can use an exalted orb
12:30which is worth about 100 to 150 chaos so
12:34uh on standardly in a league like by
12:38um and that that just totally that
12:40varies throughout the course of the
12:42varies league to league i've seen an
12:44exalted orb worth between 20
12:46up to almost 200 chaos depending on the
12:48league and everything
12:49and that's because the way the economy
12:51works as i said earlier is it's based on
12:54how useful that currency is for crafting
12:56good items
12:57and for some leagues you're crafting you
12:59know entirely with a mechanic outside of
13:01basic currency
13:02like harvest or something like that and
13:04in other leagues exalted orbs are the
13:06main way that you're crafting
13:08and if you're doing that then exalted
13:10orbs could be worth a lot more
13:12um so what an exalted orb does is we see
13:15that we have two prefixes and one suffix
13:18let's let's actually just roll this
13:19until we have three of one of them
13:22just so i can i can show
13:26so here we go this this is very cool so
13:28we have
13:29three prefixes and two suffixes now
13:32because of that
13:32we know that there's only room for one
13:36by using an exalted orb on this we it's
13:39called slamming
13:40uh you will slam an exalted orb on this
13:42this item
13:43and you'll guaranteed filled the last
13:47uh so for reference this is me spending
13:50a fair amount of currency
13:52to make a demonstration in a video so
13:55we're gonna fill the suffix on this
13:57goat's horn
13:59and boom we hit increased lightning
14:01damage so
14:02you know if you want to finish an item
14:04and just using basic currency
14:06that is uh that is exactly what you use
14:09the exalted order for
14:11you know so because it's so exalted orbs
14:14are so rare like
14:15best case uh like a very strong farmer
14:18will see just a few exalted orbs a day
14:20like someone that's going really really
14:22hesitate to use the word average but you
14:24know the uh a player that is just
14:26mapping normally
14:27will they'll see maybe an exalted orb
14:29every couple days
14:30you know it's it varies for link to
14:32league and all that but it is not a
14:34super common item
14:35so you know it you want to be very sure
14:38that you're using your exalted orb in a
14:39in a useful way
14:41however you know it most people don't
14:43even ever use exalted orbs they just
14:45trade them because there were so much
14:46money for selling for other things
14:48and that's okay but you know just know
14:50that they have intrinsic value
14:53when you're when you're crafting and
14:55it's something if you want to craft
14:56bigger tier items
14:57they're very valuable i was mentioning
14:59the implicit before
15:01so that lives entirely outside of the
15:03prefixes and suffixes that we're looking
15:05that is the increased spell damage line
15:07at the top that is just
15:09an intrinsic to the uh goat's horn
15:12it is it's the implicit modifier that
15:14comes with it and
15:15it's within the range of 10 we can see
15:17it's in the range from 10 to 14.
15:19what that does so we can use the blessed
15:21orb which is not worth very much
15:22the blessed orb will re-roll so it says
15:24randomizes the numeric values of the
15:27implicit modifiers
15:28so what that means is it will just
15:30randomize from 10 to 14.
15:32this usually doesn't cost very much so
15:34we can just use them
15:35until we hit the 14 and then we're happy
15:38we can see that there's ranges on all of
15:40our modifiers here so you know one to
15:42three on our fire damage where perfectly
15:44would be two to four
15:46etcetera down the line the divine orb
15:48which is worth about 15 chaos
15:50this does the exact same thing for the
15:51explicit modifiers those are the
15:53the six below the implicit so we can use
15:56the divines
15:57and you'll see that it just randomizes
15:59the value of all of those six modifiers
16:01and uh you can use multiple divines to
16:03try to get to try to get
16:06as high rolls as possible on that the
16:08the final
16:09the final thing that you can do actually
16:11we'll do we'll do the sockets first
16:14the volume is the the final big fun
16:16thing there's also
16:17quality and socket currency it changes
16:20the quality of an item so if we use a
16:22blacksmith west stone and cruz
16:24improves the quality of a weapon what
16:25that does is if you look at the physical
16:27damage at the top
16:28that will go up as i add quality to an
16:31item an item
16:32an item will have zero to uh
16:3520 quality by base and then there's ways
16:37to impr to get that higher
16:39um so you can see that the physical
16:41damage and that's the only thing that's
16:43as i improve the quality and use the
16:45whetstones because
16:46what quality does is it actually
16:50just modifies the um the base damage of
16:53a weapon
16:54or the base defensive characteristics of
16:57it really doesn't do anything else when
16:59used on basic items
17:01and uh there's other things that quality
17:03can do later on but that's that's what
17:05it does by default
17:06on a white item a quality uh quality
17:09improvement will give you five percent
17:10at a time
17:11on a blue item i believe it's two
17:14and a yellow item will be one percent at
17:16a time so it will take
17:1820 blacksmith wet stones to improve a
17:20yellow item and only four
17:22to improve a white item so if you want
17:24to quality something up you do it when
17:25it's white before you start crafting if
17:26you can
17:27and now you'll see that there's sockets
17:29on an item you can actually
17:31re-roll the number of sockets on an item
17:33by using a jeweler's orb
17:35and the chance of hitting the uh
17:38the perfect number which is three on on
17:40this weapon is
17:42higher if you have high quality on the
17:45and then you can reroll the si the the
17:47links on an item
17:48and you know links are for getting your
17:51gems to interact with each other you
17:52know that's that's outside of the scope
17:54of this video
17:55but uh the higher the quality on the
17:57item the
17:58easier it is to hit the links that you
18:00want so because this is a
18:0220 item uh the chance of me hitting
18:05three links on a fusing orb is just very
18:07high so if using a jeweler will change
18:09the number of sockets
18:10fusing will change the uh the links
18:12between the sockets
18:13and a chromatic orb will actually change
18:15the color of the sockets
18:16and the color of the socket is
18:18determined that the chance of getting a
18:20color of the socket
18:21is determined by that requires uh
18:23intelligence line at the second and last
18:24line at the bottom there
18:26that is the higher that those values
18:29intelligence is blue dexterity is green
18:31and strength is red
18:32the higher those values the more likely
18:35it is to hit
18:36that color when you're using a chromatic
18:38orb so there's a lot of tricks that you
18:40can do
18:40by to reduce that number to make it
18:44to to hit the colors that you want and
18:46there's a lot of tricks for recoloring
18:48the last basic basic currency here uh
18:52show these in a second actually ancient
18:55these these live outside the scope of
18:56this video so the last
18:59last basic currency here that i i can
19:02is the vol orb uh a vol orb will corrupt
19:05an item
19:06modifying it unpredictably uh
19:09unpredictably is is not uh entirely
19:12accurate it's no more art more or less
19:14rng than anything
19:15else we've already done what it will do
19:17is it corrupts an item a corrupted item
19:19for all
19:19intents and purposes cannot be changed
19:21with some exceptions
19:23you can change the colors and links of
19:24an item but that's that's about it
19:27it will corrupt an item which will give
19:29it the red line corrupted at the bottom
19:31and it means it's you basically can't
19:33change the item ever again
19:35and it will do one of a few things
19:38so if i uh the the number one thing that
19:40you're looking for when you use a vol
19:42orb on an item
19:43is it actually has a chance to to change
19:46the implicit modifier on
19:47an item so if we have a really nice wand
19:51that has increased spell damage
19:52maybe we don't want increased spell
19:54damage maybe we want a different
19:55implicit like
19:56increased attack damage or something if
19:58we have like an attack wand
20:00so this is a risky thing i think there's
20:02a 25 chance of changing the implicit
20:04and but then there's also like a 25
20:06chance of
20:08nothing happening and a 25 chance of
20:11it if it like breaking the item like
20:13re-rolling it entirely
20:14uh something along those lines so it
20:17is a very it's a risky maneuver but it's
20:19like a fun thing that you can do
20:21to take a really high tier item and push
20:24it into the next level
20:26so if we you know craft up our item and
20:28so we say oh this item's really really
20:30good but i hate the implicit
20:32and uh i want to risk my item and make
20:35super super crazy good i can use a vol
20:37orb on it
20:38and corrupt it and look we actually
20:40exactly what i was talking about just
20:42we corrupted the item the explicit
20:45modifiers did not change
20:46but the implicit modifier changed to
20:48increased attack speed
20:50this is if if we were making an attack
20:52wand this could actually be really
20:54really good for us
20:55however now we can no longer modify the
20:57item see target is corrupted
20:59so you know you have to make sure that
21:01the item is what you want
21:02and you have a decent chance of of
21:05bricking the item and making it unusable
21:07because it can actually re-roll it and
21:09turn it into something totally different
21:11evol orb is a thing to be used with uh
21:13with caution and care
21:15that is that is a thing you can do for
21:17fun uh a gamble
21:19later on down the road but it tends to
21:20be a more advanced strategy so
21:22when i first recorded this i actually
21:23was missing the
21:25uh orb of annulment and orb of chance so
21:28what an orb of annulment does is it
21:30removes a random modifier from an item
21:33the so you know if we have a modifier on
21:35the item
21:36and we annul it the modifier is gone the
21:39interesting thing about the orb of
21:41annulment is it does not
21:42change it from blue to white or white to
21:45blue by
21:46you know hitting that level of the
21:48bucket so
21:49it is still a blue item with zero
21:51modifiers now you can use this to your
21:53advantage for some advanced crafting
21:55techniques it's a good thing to know
21:56you know it just removes any random
21:58modifier for an item we call that the
22:00yolo a null
22:01because it's just you know say we we
22:04really want to remove this global
22:06but we want to keep the other three
22:08modifiers we have a 25
22:10chance of removing the thing we want to
22:11remove and a 75
22:13chance of hitting something we do not
22:15want to remove and so we just close our
22:18and we hope we remove the accuracy and
22:20then we open one eye
22:22and ding we did not remove the accuracy
22:25we removed the modifier that we like
22:27and now the item is bricked and so now
22:30we just scour and we start again
22:31or or whatever um that's what the an orb
22:34of annulment does
22:35there's also the order of chance which
22:38just upgrades a normal item to a
22:40random rarity including unique as as you
22:43may know there are unique items in the
22:44game that are just
22:45they do special things they have a set
22:48explicits and
22:49sometimes implicits i think i'm not sure
22:51but definitely the the explicits on
22:53on unique items are totally set and they
22:55can have unique ones that don't show up
22:56anywhere else in the game
22:58you can use orb of chances to try to
23:00randomly and it's very rare i think i've
23:01made like two uniques ever
23:02in five years of playing poe using
23:04chance orbs using an orb of chance
23:06it will just turn it into either normal
23:10or unique and so if you want to like try
23:13to chance
23:14and get a special unique item you can do
23:16that or you can use a chance item where
23:18like if you get like a really nice base
23:19like a four link base as you're leveling
23:21axe you can use an orb of chance and
23:23just hope that you make it yellow with
23:25good modifiers
23:26at the least it's like no matter what it
23:28goes to at least blue
23:29so you can turn a white item into
23:31something that has a couple modifiers
23:33it's it's either it's either the same
23:35thing as a transmute an alchemy or
23:37you know a special turning into unique
23:40and then
23:40this is what someone will do to like try
23:42to make a unique item
23:44you'll see that it's it will be blue
23:49or or the third time in five years of
23:51playing path of exile i just made a
23:53unique item
23:54so you'll see that i just made a unique
23:57item with a chance orb
23:58wow that's crazy and then once it's a
24:01unique item
24:02everything is really set and you can no
24:04longer scour it uniques are just set as
24:07so there we go we just made a storm
24:09prison that's very cool
24:11that's pretty cool all right so we know
24:14what basic currency
24:15is and what it does now what about the
24:18actual item
24:19crafting is it's about the interaction
24:22between the item that you're
24:23working on and the currency or tools
24:26that you're using
24:27the actual item is a
24:30it's just as important obviously as as
24:33the currency that we're using so what
24:34what is this item
24:36so i just bought i went to act one i
24:38just bought a simple carved wand here
24:39what is it
24:41so it is it is a wand that so
24:44this is the thing about path of exile
24:46every single
24:47word matters so here's the thing if i
24:50hit control c
24:51i hit control c on this wand i can open
24:53up notepad
24:54and if i control v it this is what the
24:56item is this is a thing built in a path
24:58of exile it's no external tool
25:00and this is this is the stuff that path
25:03of excel sees when it's looking at an
25:05item like you know there's some there's
25:06some like window dressing with some
25:07graphics here
25:08but this is what an item is to path of
25:11so what what is this it's in the item
25:14class wands
25:15what does that mean uh it means so
25:18also here's our first little
25:20introduction to craft of exile
25:22this will be your best friend when
25:24you're crafting
25:26i uh i i won't i will not be able to go
25:30into enough detail
25:31about how to use craft of excel i'm only
25:33going to use the really really basic
25:34things in this video
25:35you know a comprehensive craft of exile
25:39will be very useful i would like to work
25:41on one but
25:42uh the developer actually keeps adding
25:44new features faster than
25:46i could make a video at this point so
25:48i'll do my best in the future but
25:49anyway so it is a we have a wand
25:53here and this is all of the things that
25:56can go
25:57on a wand now what else is part of the
26:00it is a normal rarity so we know that
26:03it is it cannot have any explicit
26:06modifiers right now
26:08and then it is a carved wand what a
26:10carved one means
26:11is that it is it has a specific uh
26:14implicit so if we click on carved one it
26:16means that it has the implicit of 11 to
26:19spell damage and it has that amount of
26:21crit strike crit chance attacks per
26:23second and
26:24the level and intelligence requirement
26:26all of all of the stuff that we see here
26:29comes along with being a carved wand
26:34and then in addition to that so these
26:36these all of these things kind of come
26:37together uh and as well as this so like
26:41this is all the stuff that comes by by
26:42being a carved wand
26:44and by being item level 13 we'll we'll
26:47talk about item level in just a second
26:49it has these these attributes
26:52item level in just a second well here
26:55was a second
26:56so item level item low this is one of
26:59the most
27:00important things about crafting what
27:02item level means
27:03is it determines the pool
27:07of modifiers that can go into the bucket
27:09of the item so
27:10if you imagine a pool of like
27:13all of these potential prefixes and
27:14suffixes and the size of the pool
27:17is based on you know based on the item
27:20level and the base item
27:22of what the base of what that item is
27:24and then you just have this bucket of
27:26three prefixes and three suffixes that
27:27you can like scoop
27:28the your prefixes and modifiers out of
27:30that pool for then
27:32that's basically the way that crafting
27:33works so you know a little visual
27:36demonstration here
27:37this is an item level 10 pool here and
27:39then here's like all the little
27:40modifiers that are in it all the
27:41prefixes and suffixes
27:42if it's an item level 20 pool so item
27:46level 20
27:47it will have all of these prefixes and
27:49suffixes in it
27:51and in generally these are higher level
27:53i mean they're they're necessarily
27:54higher level prefixes and suffixes
27:56so in the item level 10 pool for for
28:00let's say you can only get that tier
28:02viii fire damage
28:04you can only get the tier viii fire
28:06damage there um
28:07in the item level 20 pool you can you
28:09can actually get
28:10tier 6 to tier and tier 7
28:13fire damage tier 6 to tier 7 fire damage
28:17is going to be higher numbers
28:19if you want to get those higher level
28:22notice that the item level 20 pool is
28:24also surrounding the item level 10 pool
28:26so you're not blocking the tier 8 fire
28:28damage you're just adding six and seven
28:30to the pool
28:31and so it just it as as you're going to
28:34higher item level and you're trying to
28:36get uh specific higher tier modifiers
28:39you're now opening yourself up to a
28:40wider range of modifiers so it's
28:42it's just necessarily harder to hit what
28:44you're what you're going for
28:45and then you know when you have our
28:46little bucket here that can have three
28:48prefixes and three suffixes
28:50and then we you know whenever we're
28:51rolling the item you know we're using
28:53our alterations we're using our chaos
28:55whatever it will just you know it'll
28:57randomly pick modifiers from the
28:59available pool for that item level
29:01um so if it's just an item level 10 it
29:03only comes out of the item level 10 pool
29:06and that that's what can go in the
29:07bucket um so that this is just like the
29:10very very basics so you know i'm using a
29:12chaos orb i'm using an orb of alteration
29:15it will choose from the available
29:16modifiers on the pool and
29:18just do a random roll and pull them out
29:21um so what what are those um
29:26what are those modifiers what are the
29:28random rules how does it work
29:30so if we choose
29:33the item level of the item
29:38right here so we are looking at an item
29:4313 item so if we choose item level 13
29:48we can we'll actually see so we'll
29:50actually see so that the
29:51by default the website is showing all
29:53item level like a max item level
29:55all of the modifiers if we choose item
29:57level 13
29:58we actually see it knocking out all the
30:01things that are just no longer valid and
30:02if i open these up
30:03look it's knocking out all of the higher
30:05tier modifiers
30:07this can actually be very useful if
30:09you're looking for a very specific thing
30:11like look plus one plus level to all
30:14lightning spell skill gems
30:15this is actually only item level two so
30:18if you just want these types of
30:20modifiers getting
30:22the lowest item level if you can get an
30:24item level two wand
30:25if you could if you could get that you
30:27could just you know get
30:28uh plus to cold fire and lightning if
30:31you want it does that all at the same
30:32very very easily because nothing else
30:34can show up in the prefixes
30:36however you generally don't want to do
30:38that that's
30:39that's that's a fun strategy for early
30:41on but if you want to
30:42if you want to get like these high level
30:44spell damage rolls or anything like that
30:46you need a higher item level wand and
30:49then it opens up the pool of everything
30:51here however
30:52obviously this makes it much harder to
30:54hit what you're going for
30:56now how do you know what you're going to
30:57get and what's what what are you likely
30:59to get
31:00so that's what this weight that's that's
31:02what this weight uh
31:03column means so we can see that in the
31:05prefixes there is a total weight of 86
31:08536 and then each modifier by itself
31:11has its own specific weight so what you
31:14can what you can imagine
31:15is there there there's a die there's a
31:18a die roll from one to 86 536
31:22and in these these are all just lined up
31:25in order
31:26and when it lands on that number you
31:28know it lands on you know like
31:3014 632 and maybe that's going to hit you
31:33like tier 7 max mana
31:35right if you have no no other additional
31:37crafting strategies where like you're
31:39going for these certain tags like caster
31:41or whatever which is more advanced
31:44you'll just get a random thing if you're
31:45using an
31:46alteration or a chaos orb a random thing
31:49within here and you'll see like the
31:51larger the range right so
31:52if it's if it rolls from you know 1 to 1
31:5687 you're gonna hit cold damage if you
31:59roll from
31:591888 to you know that plus 1800
32:04you'll get one of the increased
32:05elemental damage with the tax skills
32:06modifier and then so on and so on
32:08and then that is the basic way that item
32:11affects the modifiers that you get
32:15what else do we have uh sockets
32:18and then that's it so this is this is
32:22your very basic introduction to what
32:24item level means and how you're gonna
32:26get different modifiers within that as
32:28as you're rolling in addition to that
32:30you'll see that there's
32:31these these numbers on the right side
32:33here these are modifier groups
32:35what a modifier group means is if it
32:38already hits
32:39if it already hits say increased cold
32:42damage it's in modifier group one
32:44you can only have one mod of modifier
32:47group one
32:48and so what that means is if you're so
32:50for example if you're using your regal
32:52orb to add
32:53one more modifier to your wand and you
32:56already have the
32:57increased cold damage prefix that means
33:00you cannot roll
33:01and increase fire or increase lightning
33:03damage or increase spell damage
33:04they're all in mod group one so that
33:06means your regal orb actually
33:08has these blocked out because you can
33:10only have one modifier within that mod
33:13and that that that is a very basic
33:16excellent explanation
33:18of the strategy for making sure that you
33:21don't hit certain modifiers
33:22all right so hopefully that was a good
33:24enough explanation of
33:25basic currency what a basic item is
33:29what the in a way that you can look up
33:31with the modifiers that are available on
33:32that item are
33:33based on its item level now let's look
33:36at our first thing that you can do
33:38in the game that does not use basic
33:40currency to craft well
33:42it fuel basic currency fuels it but it
33:44does not
33:45you know you don't directly use basic
33:47currency and that is the crafting bench
33:49so what the crafting bench does is it
33:51allows you to add one
33:53or in a special circumstance up to three
33:55crafted modifiers
33:56onto an item so you'll see that i have
33:59all of these modifiers that are unlocked
34:01that i can craft onto an item
34:03so if we take this white item there's
34:05there's one special interaction
34:06in the crafting bench is a white item if
34:09you craft on it will
34:11automatically become a blue item
34:14so there's no restriction there it
34:15basically works like a transmute
34:17but you'll see that i have all of these
34:19modifiers here
34:21and on this white item i can craft um
34:24i can craft this modifier onto this item
34:27and then you'll see that it's actually
34:29like a light blue instead of the dark
34:31and what that means is that's a crafted
34:33modifier if i hold alt it says master
34:35crafted prefix
34:36that's kind of a that's kind of a
34:39leftover from old school path of exile
34:42where master crafted meant something
34:44that just means it is a a bench crafted
34:48um so that's a bench crafted
34:51uh modifier that you can put on your
34:53item and it follows all of the standard
34:55of of the crafting so if we have an item
34:59has uh you know one open prefix and one
35:02open suffix so i can aug this
35:03and i know that it's going to become the
35:05suffix like it that's the only
35:07available slot on the modifier is just a
35:10crafted mod
35:11um it uh crafted modifiers have their
35:13own mod groups and everything that are
35:15shared with the prefixes and suffixes
35:17as i showed earlier we can craft
35:19everything normally on top of this item
35:21in addition to it so you can craft
35:24anything that you want onto it the most
35:25common thing that you'll do early on
35:27is when you're leveling through the axe
35:29you can use this to very quickly
35:32craft resistances onto your items so if
35:34you're if you're very low resistances
35:36and you're not capped you can take any
35:39of your items that may have an open
35:41suffix all resistances are suffixes so
35:44we actually don't have an open suffix on
35:46our suffix is full we can wriggle this
35:48and now since it is yellow it
35:50now has room for two more suffixes we
35:54craft a resistance on here you'll see
35:58that it also costs a scourer to craft a
36:01resistance on here and then you also see
36:03that it removed the prefix that i had
36:06uh it did that by automatically doing
36:10remove crafted modifiers
36:12and then uh and it is is clever enough
36:15for us
36:16to add that onto the scouring orb so if
36:20if we remove crafted mods and then we
36:22want to
36:23uh add like fire res you'll see that the
36:26scouring orb doesn't cost there anymore
36:28you'll see that this is the cost that it
36:30will take to do that craft and some of
36:32expensive there are modifier there are
36:34some advanced crafts that cost up to two
36:36exalts at a time
36:37you may end up doing multiple of these
36:39at a time to do advanced crafting it can
36:41just bench crafting can get very very
36:44but yeah the most common thing that
36:45you'll do early on if you're in like act
36:47one act two act three
36:48and you're trying to cap out your res
36:50just come to your hideout go to your
36:52crafting bench and just
36:53you know for one transmute you can just
36:54toss on some resistance
36:56and you can cap out your res and make
36:58your make your leveling experience much
37:00easier and many many people already do
37:03that and they don't get they don't
37:04consider themselves crafters but that's
37:06really like
37:07entry level beginning you know very
37:09beginning this is technically crafting
37:10and it is the exact same tool exact same
37:13tool that we're using
37:14where i do you know can't have three
37:16crafted modifiers
37:17suffixes cannot be changed prefixes
37:19cannot be changed doing the advanced
37:21uh metacrafting stuff it's all the same
37:24tool in the crafting bench
37:25and it's stuff that's available to you
37:28once you do that like
37:29you're a crafter now you're crafting
37:31it's really just about that getting that
37:32game knowledge and getting to the next
37:34that's that's really all there is for
37:36the basic tools that we have in our
37:38crafting bench as i said it follows all
37:40of the
37:41uh of the guidelines that i said earlier
37:44uh only one prefix one celtics on magic
37:47and three and three on
37:48a rare item however uh it also
37:52so this is a thing where you may have
37:54run into this and you didn't know
37:56if i want to craft spell damage it says
37:58this item already has a mod
38:00of this type what that is is the mod
38:03that i was talking about earlier if i
38:05look at spell damage
38:06it ha it's in mod group one and then if
38:08i mouse over this there's so many mods
38:10in my group one
38:11um if you if you look all the way down
38:14there is
38:14the uh the little hammer and piece of
38:16paper icon and that means it's a crafted
38:19and uh we'll see that all of these
38:22modifiers are in the same mod group as
38:24the spell damage
38:25and so we are not able to craft the
38:28modifiers that are in here like same
38:29with like fire damage
38:31they are all in mod group one which it's
38:33this is
38:34not information that you see in the game
38:36uh that's what think
38:38uh think uh the developer of craft of
38:41exile for creating this wonderful tool
38:43that helps us see exactly why these
38:45things are blocked and and how
38:47and that's a way that you can see like
38:48oh it's the
38:50it's the spell damage that that's
38:51blocked so the first
38:53non-basic currency style crafting that
38:55we're going to go over is
38:56essence crafting it took me a long time
38:59to really understand the power of
39:02essence crafting i don't think it was
39:03until harvest league that i really got
39:05into it
39:06uh and you know a lot of that was i
39:09didn't really understand crafting very
39:10well until harvest uh
39:11well while there was crazy power creep
39:13and you know there's been a lot of
39:15harvest league was really really good
39:17for i think bringing at least
39:19me and a lot of my friends bringing us
39:21into understanding what crafting was and
39:23all that it can can do in the game
39:25so what essence crafting does is it
39:29uh it will re-roll an item so the the
39:32higher tier essences can just do they're
39:34the same as a chaos orb
39:35they can just reforge they can reforge a
39:37rare item so you can just spam them
39:38but the lower level ones will upgrade a
39:40normal item to a rare one
39:42with a guaranteed property so that
39:44that's what all essences do
39:46is they will when you use it on an item
39:48it's basically the same as an alchemy or
39:50a chaos orb
39:51so it'll it'll randomly roll a bunch of
39:53things on it but
39:55there will be one modifier that is
39:57locked in and guaranteed
39:59and essence tier modifiers are
40:02generally higher than the modifiers that
40:05you can normally get
40:06and so essence modifiers if you really
40:08want to craft like
40:09that the really really good items or if
40:11you want to just target craft hey
40:13i want to make a helmet that has you
40:15know 100 life if i want to guarantee
40:17that the helmet that i'm crafting has
40:18100 life you can just use a deafening
40:20essence of greed like this
40:22you guarantee no matter what you get
40:23that one life modifier everything else
40:25will be random but if that's all you're
40:27looking for
40:27very easy to just use a single one and
40:29and go from there but also
40:31that's higher than a regular tier one
40:33life we call this tier zero life or
40:34essence tier
40:35and this this is actually even a step
40:37higher than what you could get normally
40:39and if you want to craft like the really
40:40really good item then uh you can start
40:43from an essence
40:45um so the way essences work is it's a
40:47full reforge so there's no
40:50there's there's actually there's no way
40:52to stop the essence from reforging
40:54everything so
40:55when you if you see essence modifiers if
40:57you want to craft something with an
40:58essence modifier
41:00this has to be the first step there is
41:02no way to
41:03there's no normal way to keep a an
41:06essence modifier
41:07onto an item uh further on down the road
41:10you know so say we we are starting with
41:12this blue item
41:13and we want to let's see it says adds
41:16that on a weapon
41:17this will add 0.7 to 0.9 percent of
41:19physical attack damage leeched as life
41:21upgrades a normal item to a rare so
41:24we'll start off with the weeping essence
41:26of greed
41:27uh it upgrades a normal item to a rare
41:29item with one guaranteed property
41:31properties restricted to level 60 and
41:33below that means that we can't craft it
41:36on a higher item level item which is
41:38which is interesting
41:39uh we see that this is for a weapon
41:41we're going to be crafting on this wand
41:43it will add 0.7 to 0.9 percent of
41:46physical attack damage leeched his life
41:48if this item were you know we have to
41:50make sure we scour the item first it
41:52only upgrades a normal item which is
41:54too rare it will become rare and
41:56guarantees have
41:57has that physical attack damage leads
41:59his lifeline on it
42:01now we can use higher tier essences if
42:03we want because these ones are not
42:06to by by item level we can use the
42:09definite essence of greed
42:10and this will actually give us the the
42:12tier zero super high tier one the 1.1 to
42:16uh leeched his life and it will reroll
42:19the wand
42:20and now we everything else rerolled but
42:23it now has that guaranteed 1.13 percent
42:26of physical attack damage leeched his
42:28and that is basically the core of what
42:32are and and if you're just like curious
42:34about sss in general i can type like
42:36fire right
42:37and i can just see like what does this
42:38one do well this is fire damage to
42:40spells fire damage to attacks on gloves
42:43you know they do different things across
42:45different stuff so like you can just
42:46kind of
42:47go through the different essences look
42:49at them you can go to the wiki
42:50and just read through what they all do
42:52and get like a really
42:53good idea of how um of how they work
42:56now there's there's one exception uh or
43:00one exception but there are four
43:01exceptions to these normal essences
43:04now there are there's the fancy ones i
43:06don't know what they're called
43:07uh that you get them by using a remnant
43:09of corruption on
43:10scorn envy misery or dread in the map so
43:14when you see the essence if you see the
43:15purple ones
43:16these guys you use a remnant of
43:18corruption and you'll make an essence of
43:20horror delirium
43:21hysteria and this is insanity goes right
43:23here and what these do is they have very
43:26very special things
43:27socketed gems deal 30 more elemental
43:29damage or chance to get a power frenzy
43:31or endurance charge on kill
43:33or delirium when your your hits inflict
43:36dealing 700 damage like they do things
43:38that you can actually it's
43:40it can be like an extra gem in your in
43:42your socket
43:43so these are are very very specific for
43:45doing uh
43:46for doing fancy things um like this
43:49weapon one that they're this league
43:51right now there's something called the
43:52fire burst auto bomber you'll see cast
43:54level 20 fire burst on hit
43:56and people are built making entire very
43:58strong builds around
43:59just crafting essence of hysteria
44:01weapons so
44:02the advanced the advanced ones do really
44:04cool things they also
44:05sell for good money uh you know
44:07depending on the type of the league they
44:09can sell for
44:1030 to 50 or even 60 chaos depending on
44:12the demand
44:13so these things can be really good for
44:15just making money that's a little little
44:16side tip there
44:18but other than that yeah if you just
44:19want to craft if you want to craft for a
44:21specific thing
44:22or you want to just quickly get a
44:24modifier that you know you want to get
44:25life on a helmet
44:27put it on there and go this is this is
44:29something that you can do
44:30now just so look just so you see looking
44:32a little bit more detail it
44:34the prefix modifier is called essences
44:36it is not a tier or anything like that
44:38it is just specifically the essence tier
44:40and you can look out for that
44:41so when you're looking at someone else's
44:43craft you can
44:44if you can see the advanced modifiers on
44:48you can tell if they crafted with an
44:50essence craft first
44:51and that's how you can kind of reverse
44:52engineer how someone might have crafted
44:54their item
44:54and that's that's about it for for
44:57essence crafting really
44:58uh you you need to start off with it
45:00because the essence modifier
45:02you know when you when you use an
45:04essence it rerolls the items so you
45:06can't just
45:07do you can't just do a whole bunch of
45:08things and then essencecraft you have to
45:10start with it next we have fossils
45:12it's actually the first thing that i
45:14ever did
45:15that introduced me to crafting before
45:18harvest league
45:19i it actually blew my mind the first
45:20time i did it is i was just throwing
45:23frigid fossils at a helmet i got nearby
45:26enemies have minus sign cold res and i
45:28was able to sell it for like two or
45:29three exalts
45:30and it just blew my mind that i could
45:32make money doing something so simple
45:34and that's that's like that that
45:36excitement is what i want to
45:37what i want to get all you guys doing um
45:41so what fossils do is
45:45um as advertised on the tin
45:48they effectively work as a chaos orb
45:51um so if you use an alchemical it works
45:54as an
45:54alchemy orb and if you use the chaotic
45:57it acts as a chaos orb
45:59but what it does is from that pool
46:02so you know like a chaos orb will reroll
46:04the whole item and it just
46:06uses that whole pool that i was talking
46:07about earlier whereas
46:09the by socketing different fossils into
46:12the resonators
46:13it will actually modify that pool so the
46:17jagged fossil for example will make it
46:19more likely to get physical modifiers
46:21but it will also
46:22block all of the chaos modifiers i
46:24haven't talked about
46:26tags yet but the tags
46:29that you'll see here are the tags that
46:32um modified by
46:35doing using different fossils so you
46:38know if we want more speed modifiers or
46:40more attack modifiers or
46:42fewer chaos modifiers like the jagged
46:44anything with the chaos tag will get
46:46fully blocked and they actually can't
46:48get rolled and we can show that by
46:50clicking on fossil and say that we're
46:52going to use a jagged fossil
46:54now if we look at that all of the chaos
46:57tags are now blocked
46:59and it it means that we can just not hit
47:01those this is a strategy that you can
47:04to do a couple roles on something and
47:06make it much more likely to get what you
47:08and so what you can do is there's also
47:10one two
47:11three and four socket resonators
47:15so we can combine up to four different
47:17fossils at a time
47:19and really like if you set it up
47:21perfectly you can make it
47:22effectively guaranteed to hit the exact
47:24rolls you want or very very close on
47:26just a single attempt
47:28but obviously the the price goes up um a
47:30prime chaotic resonator
47:32right now so the price goes up
47:36as you as you try to get more expensive
47:38resonators it's only
47:39one chaos for effectively one chaos for
47:42one and two z's and then the three is
47:45three chaos and then the four is 40
47:47chaos they are
47:48very much uh less common however
47:51yeah as i said if you have just a
47:52perfect set of fossils put together you
47:55really just target the modifiers that
47:56you're looking for if i want you know
47:58more physical modifiers and no chaos
48:00modifiers i can use a jagged fossil
48:02and then if i want to also block life
48:05defense so
48:06more defense modifiers but no life
48:07modifiers and
48:09then so here's the interesting thing you
48:11can do is
48:12where's the pristine fossil we can also
48:14do more life
48:16modifiers and no defense modifiers so
48:19the no so you know more and less is is a
48:22modifier right
48:23it's a multiplicative but no means
48:26multiplied by zero
48:27no matter what by zero so by combining
48:29something like a dense
48:30and a pristine you actually can't have
48:32defense or life modifiers
48:34and you can actually block a gigantic
48:36pool by doing that
48:37and we can show that in craft of exile
48:40by choosing
48:41both a dense and a pristine fossil
48:46and now we see that all life uh all life
48:50modifiers are actually blocked here oh
48:51there's actually no defense modifiers on
48:53a wand
48:53so that's uh that interaction doesn't it
48:56doesn't do too much here
48:57but it's a way that you can um you can
48:59seriously block a lot of modifiers but
49:01other other than that what you usually
49:03do and if we look at my crafting tab
49:05uh you'll socket you'll just socket a
49:06bunch of resonators at a time
49:08and you'll try to hit a very specific
49:10thing so for example and i'm just going
49:12to do this off
49:12off the top of my head if i want to hit
49:15if i want to hit fire damage and
49:17a lightning modifier if i want to hit
49:18fire and lightning um
49:20actually i don't have any any twozies
49:22here uh if i want to just hit fire
49:24for example and actually what you can do
49:26with your resonators this isn't that was
49:27an old habit
49:28you can click it you can hold shift and
49:30then just do this and bring them down
49:33and then so i would use scorched so more
49:35fire and no cold modifiers
49:37and if i really want to go for fire
49:39modifiers here i can
49:41i can socket scorched modifiers in my
49:45um uh it has to be since it acts the
49:48exact same as a chaos orb we have to
49:50make sure it's a yellow item first
49:52so you can use an alchemy to
49:53automatically yellow make it yellow
49:56and then we can just right click our
49:58resonator and do it
50:00and you'll see that we actually got two
50:01fire modifiers by doing that and we will
50:03never hit a cold modifier
50:05and you know we would just use you know
50:07two or three if we want to go for a
50:09certain tier
50:10you know and then we can check in here
50:11and we'll see we'll say like okay this
50:13is item level
50:14this is actually item level 20 or 19
50:17let's say
50:18and you know we're going for fire damage
50:20we know
50:21at the very best tier seven fire damage
50:24as the best we'll ever hit because it's
50:25a low tier item
50:27and we look at the we look here and we
50:29see that we have tier 9 fire damage well
50:31that's no good we want a
50:33little bit better than that oh dang we
50:36we hit tier 7 fire damage there we go
50:38perfect roll we're
50:40good to go we crafted our item so
50:42similarly to essences
50:43they're kind of in the same category a
50:45fossil works just like a chaos orb it's
50:48a full reforge
50:49so if you're crafting something and so
50:51essences and
50:53fossil crafting are actually generally
50:55mutually exclusive
50:57because it does a full reforge so if you
51:00start with an essence or you start with
51:01a fossil
51:02when when as soon as you use that item
51:04if you use another one
51:06of either a fossil or an essence it will
51:07reforge everything that's already on it
51:09and you lose what's there
51:10so you know this is always the first
51:12step in your crafting
51:14then you work on it afterwards so that's
51:17that's mostly what uh fossil crafting is
51:20there's some more advanced fossils that
51:22i can talk about very quickly
51:23so the hollow fossil will give you a an
51:26abyssal socket so
51:27uh you know similar to a stygian vise
51:31you can actually get an abyssal socket
51:33on like your helmet your boots your
51:34glove uh your weapon whatever you can
51:37get you can stack a bunch of abyssal
51:38sockets if you really want to if your
51:39build isn't gem starved
51:41you could stack a bunch of abyssal
51:42sockets that give you a bunch of damage
51:44which is pretty cool
51:45a tangled fossil which just gives you
51:47any fossil modifiers this doesn't really
51:49mean too much
51:50these days people don't really care
51:51about that a fractured fossil will
51:54create a split copy
51:55we'll go into what splitting is and all
51:57that a little bit later
51:59when we get to beast crafting faceted
52:01fossil this is
52:02unique because this is the only way to
52:05get more gem modifiers
52:07everything else there is no uh other
52:10crafting method
52:11that lets you target gem modifiers and
52:13those are the very powerful ones that i
52:15talked about earlier
52:16the plus to gem level you'll see that we
52:18have plus to level socketed gems plus
52:20socketed melee gems
52:21and these are generally pretty low
52:23weighting compared to some of the other
52:24modifiers they're
52:25they're often very hard to hit and so
52:28using a faceted fossil with in
52:32you know you can that's that's where you
52:33actually would set up like a a quadruple
52:36with your faceted fossil and some other
52:38ones to make it so you can get like a
52:40really really targeted craft and get
52:42plus gem levels there
52:44um that's a that's a special one um a
52:47bloodstained fossil will give you a
52:49vowel modifier
52:50this can be very cool but not
52:53particularly desired although with uh
52:56vol lightning strike maybe some people
52:58are doing this
52:58these are the specific vol modifiers
53:00people it's generally for
53:02vol skills people generally don't value
53:04this but
53:05you know with vol skills getting more
53:06popular and 3.14 perhaps this will
53:08change the glyphic fossil
53:10this one is is interesting but it's
53:13weird because you
53:14can't choose which one of these you'll
53:16get so just like i talked about the
53:18specific special essences that you get
53:20from the remnant of corruption
53:22the delirium horror hysteria insanity
53:24the glyphic fossil will give you a
53:26random one when you're crafting
53:28and that just isn't particularly useful
53:32because when you're trying to craft
53:33these items it's usually very very
53:36however there can be circumstances where
53:38you have like a quad resonator set up
53:40and you want the delirium one and you're
53:43willing to go
53:44until you hit that delirium modifier on
53:46that weapon for example
53:47uh and then if we just go down the line
53:49for the other
53:50fossils here there are some uh
53:53so the perfect fossil the special thing
53:55about the perfect fossil
53:57is it will give you a random quality i
53:59think from
54:0010 to 20 or 10 to 30 and so this is
54:03one of the ways that you can get 30
54:06quality on an item
54:07and as i said earlier 30 quality will
54:10give you more defense
54:12on on armor more offense on weapons and
54:15it's uh kind of the most common usage is
54:18you want to
54:1830 qual something before you try to
54:20six-link it with fusing orbs
54:22because it just makes it way more likely
54:24for you to hit
54:25that that six link which can be a very
54:27painful process otherwise
54:28gilded fossil will give you a another
54:32on the item and this can be useful for
54:35when you're double corrupting an item
54:36and you're trying to get
54:38uh you know you want it to overwrite
54:40that prefix
54:41instead of the other prefix on the item
54:42so you know if the item already has one
54:44prefix it will add an additional one
54:46and then it will allow you to rip it it
54:49can replace that item is overvalued by
54:51vendors prefix
54:52and keep your other one if you're if
54:54you're doing a corruption which can be
54:55pretty nifty a sanctified fossil is uh
54:58you know it still rerolls the item but
55:01the numeric modifiers are lucky
55:03and high level modifiers are more common
55:05so what that means is you're more likely
55:07to get the higher tier
55:08uh of those of those um modifiers that
55:11you get
55:12and it basically rolls them rolls those
55:15values twice and gives you the higher of
55:17that that's what lucky means in the game
55:18uh it'll it'll roll twice and just give
55:20you the higher number uh
55:22unlucky is the opposite rolls twice and
55:24gives you the lower one
55:25uh and then the last special fossil is
55:28the enchanted fossil
55:29you can the most common usage here is
55:31you will just take like a a high item
55:34level helmet
55:35you know because helmet enchantments are
55:36the most valued and you can just
55:38use a hundred enchanted fossils on it if
55:40you don't want to run lab
55:42because you know running lab is not your
55:44favorite thing in the game and you can
55:46throw a bunch of enchanted fossils and
55:48if you get lucky you can hit an
55:49enchantment that is worth good money i
55:52believe that you can even hit
55:54non uber lab enchants as well so
55:57it's they're not super valuable because
56:01really really hard to hit the
56:02enchantment that's worth money but it's
56:04it can be a fun gamble
56:05so that's a fun thing that you can do as
56:07well and
56:08yeah that's uh that's fossil crafting
56:10and you know just like essence crafting
56:11it's what you're gonna start off with
56:13and you will uh you know you'll try to
56:15get your base item from there and then
56:17generally you'll work on it
56:18afterwards all right next is catalyst
56:22so this was added in metamorph league
56:26it doesn't do a ton it doesn't do a lot
56:29but it can be
56:31in crafting you can use it to try to
56:34target certain modifiers or make it less
56:36likely to lose modifiers
56:38it adds quality to an item but it's it's
56:41targeted quality so you know we have
56:43quality in our
56:44on our armor and on our weapons but we
56:47can add quality
56:48on jewelry as well so catalysts add
56:52quality to jewelry so you can quality up
56:54your rings and your belt
56:56and your amulet and it will add for
56:59those types of modifiers for example on
57:01my circle of nostalgia here
57:03i have k physical and chaos damage
57:05quality on it
57:06and you'll see that my chaos damage
57:08there says 15 to 22 when i hold alt that
57:10shows the basic value
57:11but you'll see it also says 20 percent
57:14above that chaos damage so that 15 to 22
57:17when i let ho
57:18let go of alt now changes to 18 to 26
57:22because it's a 20
57:23boost to that line now you can do the
57:26same thing
57:27um you know if we so we see the strength
57:30they are mutually exclusive so i use the
57:33abrasive catalyst which is
57:34attack modifiers if i use intrinsic
57:38catalyst which in
57:39enhances attribute modifiers you'll see
57:41that it has 24 strength as the
57:43implicit if i use just one of them it
57:45now goes down to 5
57:47quality for the attribute modifiers
57:50that's because they're mutually
57:51exclusive so when you use a different
57:52catalyst it will overwrite the previous
57:54exactly the same as other quality
57:57currency if you do it on a white item
58:00it's five percent
58:01two percent add a blue item and twenty
58:03uh one percent at a time on a yellow
58:06so you'll see that the 24 strength is
58:08now improved by 5
58:10and now it's 25 strength so what a
58:12catalyst does
58:13in crafting is when you're
58:17unknowing or adding a modifier those are
58:19the only two
58:20situations it will consume that quality
58:23and make it that much more likely to
58:27keep in the chance of a null or to add
58:30that type of modifier so we have quality
58:33assigned to attribute modifiers here and
58:35let's let's make that uh
58:3720 you know if i transmute this item
58:40let's make sure it only has one modifier
58:42so open suffix if i
58:43augment this it is much more likely to
58:46add an attribute
58:47as the suffix because that is a valid
58:50suffix for it to get
58:51and it will consume the quality when i
58:53do that so you'll see
58:55while it did not hit an attribute
58:58it consumed two percent of the quality
59:01and it will do the same thing with an
59:02exalted orb if the item were yellow
59:04and we can do this to try to make it
59:07much more likely so we haven't let's uh
59:10aug this until we our alteration till we
59:11have an open suffix
59:13now we still have 18 quality we can use
59:15one more
59:16intrinsic to bring it back to 20 then we
59:19used another augment
59:21see nah there we go it's not guaranteed
59:23you know it just makes it more likely
59:25but because we had the quality there
59:27that's probably
59:28a good chunk of why we hit that strength
59:30now if we use
59:32an annulment orb because that's let's
59:35make it back
59:3520 you know if we use an annulment orb
59:38now it will consume the quality
59:39again and make it less likely for us to
59:43lose the strength it's most likely going
59:45to hit that max life
59:47like that and it consumed all of the
59:49quality and it made it less likely to
59:51hit the max strength and that's how you
59:52can use
59:53that's how you can use catalysts when
59:55you're crafting now those are the
59:57as far as i know the only two
59:58circumstances where
01:00:00the catalyst comes into play if you
01:00:02catalyst up your item before you start
01:00:04crafting it and you start using fossils
01:00:06and essences and chaos and all that
01:00:08you'll see that it doesn't get consumed
01:00:09if it does not get consumed
01:00:11it is not affecting the crafting so it's
01:00:14not it's not just like
01:00:15a bonus that you have all the time it
01:00:17only gets consumed in those specific
01:00:19circumstances so
01:00:20you know it's nice to start off with
01:00:21that because it only takes four to
01:00:23quality up a white item and then you
01:00:24don't have to worry about it
01:00:26but also the nice thing is if you are if
01:00:28you know you want to specifically target
01:00:31life and mana modifiers on your on your
01:00:34jewelry that you're crafting
01:00:35you can fertile catalyst at first and
01:00:37that way
01:00:38when you're crafting if you have really
01:00:39really good stuff and you have to use
01:00:41a null and you want to remove something
01:00:43that is not life or mana
01:00:44you already have 20 fertile on it and
01:00:47you your annulment orb is
01:00:48much much less likely to hit the
01:00:50modifiers that you want to keep
01:00:51before you start crafting jewelry
01:00:53consider using a catalyst
01:00:55if you know you might end up in the
01:00:57place where you're going to exalt or a
01:00:59null or something and you're targeting
01:01:00certain types of modifiers
01:01:02and that's really all that um catalysts
01:01:05do it's a lot you know it's not
01:01:06i don't want to minimize it but that's
01:01:09that's all of the real uses that i know
01:01:11of for catalyst
01:01:12and then what you can also do is like i
01:01:14bought unique rings
01:01:15and you can just quality them up and you
01:01:17know push push the value that you get
01:01:19out of those um
01:01:20those modifiers on the uniques just yet
01:01:22i did i did forget to mention that
01:01:24uh it is also affected by regals regals
01:01:27count the same
01:01:28effectively as an augment or an exalt
01:01:31for purposes of adding another modifier
01:01:33to the item
01:01:34so just know that if your alteration
01:01:36into regal
01:01:37that that regal will consume your
01:01:38quality and uh
01:01:40you know it can be very useful but you
01:01:43know keep that in mind if that's your
01:01:44your crafting process
01:01:46all right beast crafting this is
01:01:49something that i
01:01:50slept on for a long time i didn't play
01:01:52bestiary league and
01:01:54uh one of my friends who was a good
01:01:55crafter did play bestiary he actually
01:01:57liked it a lot
01:01:58and he's always there to remind me of
01:02:01like i'll just be chaos spamming an item
01:02:03or something on
01:02:04discord and he'll just say hey did you
01:02:06consider did you consider using
01:02:08x y or z in the in the menagerie and i
01:02:11was like oh that would have been so much
01:02:13um i think it's really easy to forget
01:02:15what's available
01:02:16in the menagerie and i just wanted to
01:02:18point that out so
01:02:21the most common and i'm just going to
01:02:23point out the things that i use there
01:02:24other crafts here but the stuff that i
01:02:28use the most
01:02:29uh i think that never never forget that
01:02:31you can add a suffix modifier to flask i
01:02:34guess i haven't talked about flash yet
01:02:36let's uh let's let's do a flask and
01:02:38menagerie section
01:02:40so with flasks
01:02:43um what's a good flask we can just do
01:02:45here let's do a silver flask
01:02:47so flasks are they they follow all of
01:02:50the same rules
01:02:51as as everything else that we've talked
01:02:52about but they can
01:02:54only become magic you cannot make a rare
01:02:58that means you can only have one prefix
01:03:00and one suffix
01:03:01the and you know the most important
01:03:04thing that most people care about on
01:03:05their flash
01:03:06is immunity to curses immunity to freeze
01:03:09uh immunity to burn ignite or or
01:03:11corrupted blood
01:03:12stuff like that and those are all
01:03:14suffixes and what we can do
01:03:17is guarantee so if we want we want
01:03:20something that has
01:03:20just a prefix so we want to go until we
01:03:23have just a prefix that we care about
01:03:25so we just alteration spam so perpetual
01:03:28sure increased charge recovery uh also i
01:03:30used glass blow glass blowers bobbles
01:03:32this is the quality currency for a flask
01:03:34we made it 20 and now we can just add a
01:03:37suffix to our flask
01:03:38and so if i want an anti-freeze flask of
01:03:41heat you know it's the opposite of that
01:03:43we put in a flask that has no suffix on
01:03:47we do the little craft here we kill
01:03:50kill the monsters make sure we don't die
01:03:53to any on death effects
01:03:55and now we have a perpetual silver flask
01:03:58of heat
01:03:58and this is a really really useful way
01:04:01you know you start seeing einhar i think
01:04:02in act
01:04:03two uh you'll see einhard then if you
01:04:06need a flat a specific type of flask
01:04:08that has one of these
01:04:09as soon as you do your first einhardt
01:04:11come down to your menagerie and just see
01:04:12if you can add a
01:04:13add a nice mod to a flask it can be
01:04:15really good for leveling early
01:04:17and just never forget it for later on
01:04:18also now in terms of
01:04:20more advanced crafting these guys so the
01:04:24ferric lynx alpha and the ferric wolf
01:04:26what these guys do is kind of a target
01:04:30a null but also switch the modifiers so
01:04:33add a suffix remove a prefix
01:04:35or add a prefix remove a suffix now you
01:04:38can't do this unless you are able to
01:04:40satisfy the requirements
01:04:41you can't have at full prefixes and say
01:04:44remove a suffix and then like don't add
01:04:45a prefix
01:04:46so there has to be an open prefix and
01:04:48you have to have at least one suffix
01:04:50but you can do this to say you have two
01:04:53really good prefixes that you care about
01:04:55and one good suffix and one good uh or
01:04:57one good suffix and one bad suffix right
01:05:00you don't wanna lose you don't wanna
01:05:01risk running those prefixes
01:05:03so instead of having a 25 out of a 100
01:05:07of hitting the modifier that you want to
01:05:09hit you can actually make it a 50 50 by
01:05:11just removing a suffix
01:05:12you know you risk adding a bad prefix
01:05:15but there's things that you can do
01:05:16with like crafting in your crafting
01:05:18branch to block one of those you know
01:05:20say you have one prefix
01:05:21you could craft another prefix that
01:05:23blocks one of those mod groups that i
01:05:25was talking about earlier and then you
01:05:26remove the
01:05:27remove the prefix and you make it more
01:05:28likely to get a or sorry remove the
01:05:31bad suffix and make it more likely to
01:05:33get a prefix that you that you don't
01:05:35work you don't
01:05:36care if you get or hopefully one you
01:05:38even like and that puts you into a 50 50
01:05:40instead of a one out of four
01:05:41and so that's why like the um using the
01:05:44ferric links and the ferric wolf alpha
01:05:46can be really good
01:05:47then there is the um creating an imprint
01:05:51so what an imprint does
01:05:52is you can take a blue item uh so this
01:05:56for reference this costs about 100 chaos
01:05:58um you can take a blue item
01:06:00and it will create an imprint of it
01:06:05you know you have to fight the monsters
01:06:07to always make sure that your character
01:06:08is capable of fighting the monsters
01:06:11now i have this item and i have this
01:06:14thing called an imprint
01:06:15now you'll see it imprinted the cobalt
01:06:17carved wand
01:06:19this it can only be used on this
01:06:20specific item
01:06:22if you do anything to the item except
01:06:25some advanced harvest stuff you can
01:06:27always use the
01:06:28imprint on the item and bring it back to
01:06:31this state
01:06:32so say if i rolled like a very very very
01:06:35hard to hit modifier using alteration
01:06:37on on this wand i can now do all sorts
01:06:40of crafting
01:06:41and like if if i hit a step in my
01:06:42crafting that i
01:06:44am not able to recover from safely i can
01:06:47then use my imprint on it to go back to
01:06:50this is a huge huge boon to people that
01:06:52are trying to do really big crafts off
01:06:54of a modifier that's hard to hit
01:06:55i did this for crafting bows a lot this
01:06:58league there's the of many modifier on a
01:07:00bow plus two arrows on attack
01:07:02and uh that is very very hard to hit so
01:07:04what i can do
01:07:05is start from that just base i used a
01:07:07lot of alterations for multiple days
01:07:08i hit that modifier and then i just keep
01:07:11i i try to work on it and if i brick the
01:07:13item i use the imprint i go back to the
01:07:15blue version
01:07:16and then i can keep crafting again very
01:07:17very useful so you can even do
01:07:19like more advanced like more advanced
01:07:21things like using a crusader's orb or
01:07:23any of these more advanced things on it
01:07:25and as long as i don't fracture it or
01:07:27split it which will show splitting in a
01:07:30i can always use an imprint and get back
01:07:31to where it was so for example you know
01:07:33i'll regal this
01:07:35and i could i could craft on it or
01:07:37anything right
01:07:38and so say i did a whole bunch of things
01:07:40on this i can then use
01:07:42the imprint and go it goes back to
01:07:43exactly where it was before i did the
01:07:45imprint it's basically like a snapshot
01:07:47in time
01:07:48and you can just say go back to where
01:07:49this was
01:07:51now splitting so this is i hinted at it
01:07:54with the fossils
01:07:56what's splitting is is it's actually
01:07:59pretty pretty significantly this this
01:08:01patch so it's good that i didn't make
01:08:02this video last patch
01:08:04um splitting is with the fenimo plagued
01:08:06arachnid also these are the items
01:08:08these are items in your bestiary so if i
01:08:11purchase an item from einhard these
01:08:12things they cost one chaos obesity orb
01:08:15then i can go view my bestiary um
01:08:19and so this is the ferric lynx alpha i
01:08:21can right click it and capture him
01:08:23and now the ferrix link alpha is in this
01:08:25little item i can use this to sell and
01:08:27trade with other players
01:08:28and or just to like your bc area can
01:08:31actually get full
01:08:32and uh if you you know if you're over
01:08:34full on too many
01:08:36of the beasts you can actually just pull
01:08:37them out and put them in a stash tab
01:08:39the phenomenal plagued arachnid this guy
01:08:40so and then to put it in your
01:08:42menagerie you right click it so what
01:08:44this does is it will split an item
01:08:47so if we go down here we'll see split in
01:08:49item and two with half the mods on each
01:08:52does not work on influence or split
01:08:54items so
01:08:55this has to be a rare item
01:09:00so we regal it now it's a rare item
01:09:05and what this does is so by by it being
01:09:07a rare item
01:09:08it has to have three modifiers although
01:09:11we can kind of get around that so
01:09:12here's just a little tricks you can do
01:09:15use an annulment orb so
01:09:16because we want like let's say we
01:09:18specifically want to target
01:09:19just two of those modifiers and we want
01:09:22to make sure that the items that we
01:09:24have one of one and one of the other now
01:09:26we can put it in here
01:09:28and we will split the item by doing the
01:09:30fenimo plagued arachnid recipe
01:09:32just like this
01:09:40and now you'll see there's one wand on
01:09:42the ground and one
01:09:44wand in here and it took each suffix is
01:09:47now on each one
01:09:49and you'll notice that it added the
01:09:50split tag what that means is you can no
01:09:53longer split it again you there's no way
01:09:55people were finding ways around it
01:09:57earlier this week but there is no way to
01:09:58remove that split tag
01:10:00and by splitting it it actually became a
01:10:02new item both of these are new items
01:10:05now as a demonstration in paint here
01:10:08so the origin let's say we have the
01:10:10original item here you know this is this
01:10:11is our original wand
01:10:12this guy let's draw a little bit better
01:10:15this is our first their original wand
01:10:17and let's say we even made an imprint
01:10:19right let's say we made one of those
01:10:21right like this this is a little imprint
01:10:24we made that imprint that imprint points
01:10:26specifically to that item
01:10:29by splitting by splitting
01:10:32it now made two new wands
01:10:38and these these two new wands are not
01:10:41they're no longer viable for that
01:10:44imprint this item
01:10:45no longer exists this item is gone by
01:10:47splitting this item doesn't exist you
01:10:48cannot use the imprint on it you cannot
01:10:50go back to that imprint
01:10:51and now you have two brand new items
01:10:55that you can do whatever so you can
01:10:56imprint these items
01:10:58and they can't be split again anymore
01:10:59but this item you can imprint it you can
01:11:01do everything it is
01:11:02effectively it's a whole new item and
01:11:04you created it
01:11:05with you know you splitting those two
01:11:07base uh modifiers in half
01:11:10so a kind of a neat thing that you can
01:11:12do um for split items is say
01:11:14you made a six white link bow right like
01:11:17a really fancy like six white link bow
01:11:20and let's say you even got like one
01:11:23really good prefix and one really good
01:11:25you can make two new six white link bows
01:11:28and one and each one has a good modifier
01:11:31on it and you can
01:11:32maybe sell that or craft up from there
01:11:34you know make
01:11:35make that a um you know imprint each one
01:11:37of those and craft them into
01:11:38individually or or sell them to someone
01:11:41else for like a really good base that
01:11:42has a good modifier on it already
01:11:44so that that's what you would use split
01:11:46for these days um and you can you can
01:11:48split anything in the game
01:11:49like you could split a map you could
01:11:50split uh
01:11:52you know you could split a bow you can
01:11:53split anything those are the big
01:11:54modifiers here there's also the fair
01:11:56frost hellion
01:11:57which uh re-roll mod values that
01:12:00is effectively just a divine now just
01:12:03using a divine orb on it
01:12:04that is it for what i use harvest
01:12:07crafting for
01:12:08so imprinting you know if you're
01:12:10starting from a very hard to get
01:12:11modifier you know you can alteration orb
01:12:13until you get it
01:12:14you imprint it and then you're going to
01:12:15work from there and you can just keep
01:12:17buying imprints using it and crafting
01:12:19from there
01:12:19you know if the amount of the amount of
01:12:21time and alteration orbs that it takes
01:12:23to get that modifier
01:12:24are more you know it's more than your
01:12:27your value for that 100 chaos or one
01:12:29exalt that the imprint costs
01:12:31that's probably the right way to go or
01:12:34you know if you're crafting like you can
01:12:35even use this on cluster joules or
01:12:37you know it say say you have uh one
01:12:40one good prefix and one good suffix and
01:12:43one bad suffix on a cluster drill right
01:12:45you can do the uh ferric wolf alpha
01:12:49and you can 50 50 remove that bad suffix
01:12:52and try to get a good prefix
01:12:54and if you get that good prefix that is
01:12:57uh and most likely there's a good chance
01:12:59that that prefix is another notable
01:13:01right like you have
01:13:01let's say a notable prefix and a suffix
01:13:03and then a bad a bad suffix
01:13:05if you remove that bad suffix and like
01:13:08you have a good chance of getting a
01:13:09notable on that
01:13:10uh that prefix you there you just made
01:13:13you know possibly a
01:13:15five to 10 exalt cluster jewel cool
01:13:17little trick that you can do um
01:13:18that's actually i use i use those for on
01:13:20cluster tools a lot
01:13:21so that is uh that's primarily what i
01:13:25use bestiary stuff for
01:13:26all right this is uh i guess the
01:13:29first advanced topic this is
01:13:33influenced synthesized and fractured
01:13:36um i'm doing this in standard because
01:13:39it's very expensive and i don't want to
01:13:40use my lead currency on it
01:13:42and yeah that should give you a clue
01:13:43that this is this is
01:13:45this is the type of crafting where you
01:13:48don't get into this
01:13:49until you're like this is when you're
01:13:51you're ready to spend at least a couple
01:13:54so influence uh i i put synthesized
01:13:57and fracturing in that same category
01:14:01because they are all mutually exclusive
01:14:03so what that means is we have our base
01:14:06and it can have an additional modifier
01:14:09that counts as
01:14:10as part of what the base item is you'll
01:14:13see if i mouse over these gloves they
01:14:15have the
01:14:15you'll you'll see that white the the
01:14:17white wings and the
01:14:19at the top that means that they are
01:14:21redeemer items
01:14:22and you also see you also see that it
01:14:24has like the the icy
01:14:26the icy glow behind it these gloves that
01:14:28you'll see that has the crusader icon
01:14:30and it has the lightning you know it's
01:14:31like the baron lightning
01:14:33uh what that means is it is influenced
01:14:35by that conqueror
01:14:37the only thing that it really means is
01:14:39it expands the pool of modifiers
01:14:41uh able to be on that item so if we go
01:14:44i was buying eight exalt maven orbs on
01:14:47in standard it's pretty crazy
01:14:48if we go back to craft of exile here
01:14:51you'll see that
01:14:52there are these these drop downs here
01:14:56that are i have them closed by default
01:14:58because unless you have that
01:15:00influence on that item it cannot roll
01:15:02those modifiers but by gaining
01:15:05these modifiers so let's let's start
01:15:07from scratch here
01:15:10so we are crafting gloves um they
01:15:13are int gloves they are redeemer int
01:15:16what that means is now in addition in
01:15:20to all of these modifiers we now also
01:15:22have these ones and especially
01:15:24the you know what ggg thinks is more
01:15:27they have a much much lower weight to
01:15:29roll so some of these can be
01:15:30particularly hard to hit
01:15:32because we have both the original 59 000
01:15:36in addition now we actually have 65 000
01:15:39and we want to hit that 500 weight out
01:15:41of there and there's no tags on it or
01:15:44it can be difficult to hit these things
01:15:46uh and there's a number of strategies to
01:15:48hit them
01:15:49you know the the number one basic one
01:15:51would be have redeemer gloves
01:15:53alteration alchemy do all that type of
01:15:56but also we have exalted orbs
01:15:59for those for the conquerors so
01:16:03this is a crusaders exalted orb what
01:16:05that does is it will add the crusader
01:16:07but it also guarantees that it adds a
01:16:10new crusader modifier to that rare item
01:16:13so if we have the item like fully
01:16:15crafted up it's perfectly good to go
01:16:17and we want to just get this one
01:16:19crusader modifier
01:16:21you know as i showed earlier if we want
01:16:24to have
01:16:25you know we can block certain mod groups
01:16:27and make it more likely to hit that the
01:16:29thing that we're going for
01:16:30you can only use a a conqueror
01:16:34exalted orb on an item that is not
01:16:36influenced i can't use
01:16:37i can't use it item has influence so
01:16:40uh an item by default can only have one
01:16:43influence on it so if it's already
01:16:44influenced we can't
01:16:46we can't use the exalted orb but we can
01:16:48use it on
01:16:49another item that is not yet influenced
01:16:51so you'll see it says removes 20
01:16:53quality applied by catalyst so
01:16:56as i was showing earlier we can catalyze
01:17:00and make it more even more likely to hit
01:17:02them certain modifiers that we're going
01:17:04my i don't play standard so i don't
01:17:07uh let me find my catalyst here so if we
01:17:10want uh so if we what we can do is we
01:17:11can look at crusader jewelry
01:17:15we go to amulet and we look at crusader
01:17:19we can see that oh increased
01:17:20intelligence perhaps we want to hit
01:17:22increased intelligence
01:17:24to make that more likely is we can craft
01:17:28up our item
01:17:28you know let's let's hit it with an
01:17:30alchemy we want to make sure it has an
01:17:32open suffix
01:17:34actually we want we want to uh use
01:17:37intrinsic catalyst first and then we can
01:17:39alchemy it
01:17:40make sure it has an open suffix it
01:17:42doesn't maybe use a couple chaos orbs
01:17:45okay has an open suffix now uh and in
01:17:48fact it has
01:17:50it has tier three intelligence on it
01:17:51already if we remember
01:17:53there is not a mod group that's blocked
01:17:55there the intelligence by default is in
01:17:57mod group 10.
01:17:58now we can go back and hit it with the
01:18:01crusaders exalted orb
01:18:03that will add their crusaders influence
01:18:06to it
01:18:07and we see that it added it actually
01:18:09added a prefix because we had an open
01:18:10prefix i did not block the prefix before
01:18:12i did that
01:18:13that was a mistake
01:18:17let's do that again let's do it again
01:18:18yeah let's just let's keep the mistakes
01:18:20in here
01:18:21that does the thing right so if you have
01:18:22an open prefix you're not guaranteed to
01:18:24get a suffix
01:18:25okay so we have another crusader sword
01:18:28we have another attributed up onyx
01:18:33and let's see open suffix and no
01:18:37open prefixes so we have three prefixes
01:18:39they are full so we are guaranteed to
01:18:41hit a suffix
01:18:42we have quality attribute modifiers and
01:18:45if we look here that is the only
01:18:47crusader attribute suffix it has a
01:18:49pretty good weight
01:18:50so we have a decent chance of hitting
01:18:52increased intelligence however there are
01:18:54two tiers
01:18:54so we have to worry about that let's see
01:18:56if we hit it
01:18:58we did not so two goes we did our best
01:19:01you see consumed the quality
01:19:03you know the catalyst thing is not
01:19:05guaranteed but that's what we hit
01:19:07and so you see that it now has the
01:19:10crusader influence
01:19:11and it just has those things in addition
01:19:13to its pool
01:19:15now the other things that kind of count
01:19:19influences that are mutually exclusive
01:19:21are synthesized and fractured items
01:19:23so this is a fractured wand that i
01:19:26i have from harvest league so you'll see
01:19:28that the prefix there
01:19:30cremating is kind of a gold color
01:19:33it's kind of a dark gold color what that
01:19:35means is it is fractured on
01:19:37no matter what you do to that item if
01:19:40you scour it or what or
01:19:42exalt it orbit or you know throw it in a
01:19:44fire and pick it up again
01:19:45that that modifier is locked on
01:19:48permanently you cannot remove it
01:19:50this can be very very useful for
01:19:52crafting a
01:19:53very difficult to craft items so as you
01:19:57you know you saw what we could do with
01:19:58with imprinting items
01:20:00so instead of imprinting it you can
01:20:02fracture that modifier on there
01:20:04and then you you don't even have to
01:20:05worry about imprinting or anything you
01:20:06can just chaos spam
01:20:07and try to get additional stuff in it
01:20:09instead of like very carefully building
01:20:11up from the imprint
01:20:12and that that can make crafting a lot of
01:20:14people do this with bows with thicket
01:20:16bows they get the plus two arrows that i
01:20:18mentioned earlier
01:20:18they try to fracture it on which is a
01:20:20harvest craft that you can do here
01:20:23oh these are these are old ones that
01:20:24people don't you don't get anymore so
01:20:26you'll get a harvest craft that will say
01:20:28fracture either one out of three
01:20:30prefixes one out of three suffixes are
01:20:32one out of five total modifiers
01:20:34so you need to you need to have at least
01:20:36three prefixes or suffixes to do those
01:20:39um or five total modifiers and then it
01:20:41will pick from one of those so you have
01:20:42a thirty percent you know one and three
01:20:44percent chance
01:20:45of hitting one of those prefixes and etc
01:20:48for the other ones those mod those are
01:20:50uncommon to get these days in league
01:20:52play so they cost about 10 exalts
01:20:54on uh on a trade site to get but if you
01:20:57hit that fractured base
01:20:59then you can craft up from it and it's
01:21:00very very easy to craft it is mutually
01:21:02exclusive you cannot have a redeemer
01:21:05influenced fractured item they are all
01:21:06mutually exclusive from each other so
01:21:08if you want to craft something that has
01:21:10an influence modifier
01:21:12you you have to make sure that you're
01:21:13not doing anything that you want
01:21:15you know you don't you can't do
01:21:16fracturing for that craft similarly
01:21:19you can get a synthesized item so it's
01:21:22effectively a
01:21:23new base item so it still says diamond
01:21:26but it's basically not a diamond ring
01:21:28anymore this was a diamond ring
01:21:30and the image still is but if you look
01:21:32at the prefix it's no longer
01:21:34uh critical strike chance it is -1 to
01:21:36mana cost of skills
01:21:38and that is the it's just a new implicit
01:21:40modifier you can actually get up to
01:21:41three implicits
01:21:43on a synthesized item they come from
01:21:46maps and uh you there's you can get them
01:21:49in other places but that's the most
01:21:51uh place to get a synthesized item
01:21:52there's very very valuable synthesized
01:21:56like frenzy charge on on gloves or rings
01:21:59power charges as well stuff like that or
01:22:02curse on hit so there can be really
01:22:03really good synthesized bases
01:22:05that if it drops you could sell for 50
01:22:07to 100 exalts
01:22:09or you could craft it up yourself if you
01:22:11want to use it so
01:22:13that that's another thing that can exist
01:22:15in the game it's just a new implicit all
01:22:17the explicits are totally open and you
01:22:18craft it up normally
01:22:20but again this is mutually exclusive
01:22:22with influenced uh
01:22:24with like conquer influenced items now
01:22:26additional things that you can do
01:22:27with influence items so the all of the
01:22:31influences are
01:22:32shaper and elder so they kind of live
01:22:33outside the conqueror stuff there's no
01:22:35orbs for those
01:22:36so they have to drop that way or there
01:22:38is a harvest craft
01:22:39reforged influence on an item so you can
01:22:41take a crusader item and
01:22:43change what that influence is it'll do a
01:22:44full reforge and maybe you could turn it
01:22:46into a shaper or elder influence
01:22:48and then so there's there's the four
01:22:49conkers and then there's shaper and
01:22:51elder and
01:22:52there's also double influenced items so
01:22:54if you look at my boots you see
01:22:56in the upper left it is veritania the
01:22:58redeemer and the upper right is el has
01:23:01the uh the hunter so that just as as
01:23:04as i said before just adding an
01:23:06influence adds to the pool of modifiers
01:23:09that you can get on that item
01:23:11now how do you have a double influence
01:23:14item well you have to use an awakener's
01:23:16orb that drops from cirrus to combine
01:23:18those two items
01:23:19what that will do is it will take one
01:23:22influence modifier so if if you have
01:23:25three influence modifiers uh on each
01:23:27item it'll take
01:23:28it'll pick one of each one of those it
01:23:30will it will destroy
01:23:32so you you right-click the awakeners orb
01:23:34you left-click on one item and then you
01:23:36left-click on the other item
01:23:38it will destroy the first item that you
01:23:40clicked on
01:23:41and add the influence to the new item it
01:23:43will take
01:23:44one influenced modifier from each one of
01:23:46those combine them and then
01:23:48re-roll everything else so you'll have a
01:23:51two influence modifiers one from each
01:23:54item and then the other up to four
01:23:57modifiers will be totally random so you
01:23:59have no control
01:24:01so a wakener's orb is definitely a yolo
01:24:03you can get bad
01:24:05and i've had to deal with this a lot
01:24:06this league is you can get like a bad
01:24:08modifier that you can't easily remove
01:24:09without like a yolo
01:24:11a yellow and null so to show this off i
01:24:13will roll these until they have
01:24:15influence modifiers and then we'll
01:24:16awaken them together and in fact i'll
01:24:19i'll do uh i'll use one of the mavens
01:24:21orbs as well
01:24:22so what a mavenzorb does it will
01:24:26the tier of an influenced modifier
01:24:30so it will do that by removing one
01:24:31influence modifier so you need at least
01:24:34it will remove one of them and basically
01:24:36take its power and put it into the other
01:24:38if you have like a tier you know you
01:24:41have two tier one modifiers
01:24:42it will delete one of them and turn this
01:24:44one into a tier zero modifier
01:24:46the mavensorb will allow you to create a
01:24:48tier zero modifier which is a new one
01:24:50which is
01:24:50super super powerful sometimes it'll add
01:24:52brand new lines of power to them
01:24:54if we take an example so you can't do it
01:24:57on jewelry so we're going to go to
01:24:58gloves here that's what we're working
01:25:01um oh yeah jewelry and weapons are not
01:25:04also so if we go to craft of exile
01:25:06you'll see this maven orb if we mouse
01:25:07over it
01:25:08you'll see that tier 3 is 16
01:25:1121 26 and the maven version is 31
01:25:15goes all the way up to 60 percent so
01:25:17it's like double
01:25:18as powerful as the tier one modifier and
01:25:20some of them are
01:25:21like super super crazy world they're add
01:25:23like another line
01:25:24like physical damage converted to fire
01:25:27but also gain
01:25:28five percent physical as extra fire
01:25:30it'll add like a whole another line of
01:25:32power to it
01:25:33so you can do really really cool things
01:25:35with that but it does
01:25:36just increase the tier by one so if it
01:25:39if you have a tier two modifier it'll
01:25:41just turn to tier one so you wasted that
01:25:43whole maven orb
01:25:44and you didn't even make an elevated
01:25:46modifier and they cost uh currently they
01:25:48cast about four x in league
01:25:50and eight x on standard so these things
01:25:51are not cheap
01:25:53so what is it what it has to do so we
01:25:55have to roll until we have two
01:25:56influenced modifiers so let's do that
01:25:58and we can tell if something is an
01:26:00influence modifier because it will just
01:26:02have the name
01:26:03redeemers or of redemption hunters of
01:26:06stuff like that elders eldritch shaper
01:26:08of shaping you can tell very easily by
01:26:10the name of the modifier here so we see
01:26:12we have
01:26:13adds cold damage if you dealt the
01:26:14critical strike prefix modifier
01:26:17so we want to do this until we see two
01:26:19redeemers modifiers
01:26:21all right that wasn't too bad so we have
01:26:24redeemers prefix tier two so we really
01:26:27hope we don't elevate that one
01:26:28and then we have tier one suffix global
01:26:30chance to bind
01:26:31enemies on hit uh if you have more than
01:26:33two it will
01:26:34remove one and just add that power to
01:26:37one of the other ones
01:26:38uh ideally if you're trying to do
01:26:40anything targeted you will do
01:26:42you'll try to do it off of two so we're
01:26:44going to use a maven orb
01:26:46this is throwing eight exalts in the
01:26:47garbage we're going to use a mavens orb
01:26:50on these gloves and we hope we elevate
01:26:52the global blind
01:26:54so you'll see it will remove one of them
01:26:57unfortunately it removed the global
01:26:59blind and
01:27:00now you get to see the pain of using a
01:27:01mavenzorb and it turned the tier 2
01:27:04redeemers prefix into a tier 1. we have
01:27:07other redeemers mods on here so this is
01:27:09a um
01:27:10a viable base for now using the
01:27:12awakeners orb
01:27:14now on here we want to just go for we
01:27:16want to go for one crusader
01:27:18modifier all right we have tier one
01:27:21damage converted to lightning so what we
01:27:23want to do
01:27:24is if we look at these two gloves
01:27:26they're both item level 85 they're both
01:27:27finger silk so it doesn't really matter
01:27:29which base we destroy
01:27:30we want to combine these two gloves and
01:27:33have the physical damage
01:27:34critical strike and the physical damage
01:27:36converted to lightning
01:27:37we will combine these with an awakener's
01:27:39orb everything else will be totally
01:27:41random we have no control over it
01:27:43this is a 100 gamble we you know we make
01:27:47a base that has two modifiers that we
01:27:48know we want
01:27:49but everything else is kind of up to
01:27:51chance so this is the base we want to
01:27:53destroy so we right click the wakeners
01:27:55orb we left click
01:27:56this and then we left click this one and
01:27:59then we look away
01:28:00you don't want to look right away and
01:28:02then if we look at it
01:28:05it rolled a whole new item so you'll see
01:28:07it's crusader and redeemer
01:28:10and if we hold alt we see it has the
01:28:11crusader prefix and the crusader
01:28:14and the redeemer prefix that we had and
01:28:16in fact it rolled another crusader
01:28:18tier 1 max cold res which is which is
01:28:21actually pretty cool
01:28:22but then everything else on this is
01:28:23totally random
01:28:25totally random so uh you know this is a
01:28:29bit this is now an item that we can
01:28:30continue to craft up
01:28:32and uh but there's a chance that this
01:28:36now if this did brick we could have done
01:28:39on the base you know so this this is the
01:28:42this was the redeemer item if we had
01:28:45imprinted it
01:28:46so say say it was a white item or sorry
01:28:48a blue item
01:28:49and we had that elevated maven uh
01:28:53mod on it and everything we could use a
01:28:56an imprint we could use the phenomenal
01:28:58plague arachnid or the crazy chimeral
01:29:00and make that imprint even after we did
01:29:02the awakeners orb we could use the
01:29:04imprint we wouldn't get this item back
01:29:05the crusader item is gone
01:29:07but we would go back to the original
01:29:09redeemer item that still had that
01:29:11physical damage if you dealt a critical
01:29:13strike recently so if you get a really
01:29:15if you have like a really nice item that
01:29:17you spent eight exalts
01:29:18with a maven orb and you have that nice
01:29:20mod that you want to keep
01:29:21and you're just throwing another item
01:29:23into it make an imprint first
01:29:26and then if your awakeners over is
01:29:27really bad like you hit dexterity and
01:29:29intelligence and you do
01:29:30and rarity and you can't get rid of them
01:29:32safely just
01:29:34use that imprint you know you lose the
01:29:36crusader item but at least you don't
01:29:37lose that maven orb and you can just
01:29:39keep going
01:29:40so that's that's how you that's how you
01:29:41do uh awakener stuff you know that's
01:29:43it's totally yolo
01:29:46it is what it is now what we can do just
01:29:48to show a little bit
01:29:50of uh a little bit something
01:29:52unfortunately they're all prefixes
01:29:54but if we really don't like
01:29:57that cold res we can go for a yolo here
01:30:00right we have another mavens orb the
01:30:02maven zorb will choose one of those
01:30:04three to destroy
01:30:05and it will elevate and make that the
01:30:07tier zero maven
01:30:08modifier so if we use a second maven orb
01:30:11on this
01:30:12uh it will destroy let's let's cross our
01:30:14fingers and say we want to remove the
01:30:16cold res it did not remove the coldress
01:30:20it removed the physical damage to
01:30:22attacks but it gave us
01:30:24elevated crusaders physical damages
01:30:26extra lightning
01:30:27and physical damage converted to
01:30:28lightning like that's a very very
01:30:30powerful mod
01:30:31it removes one and elevates another one
01:30:33and if there's three four
01:30:35five six uh influence modifiers it's all
01:30:38that is how you craft an influenced uh
01:30:40item and that's
01:30:42that's pretty much all that really goes
01:30:43into it it's an expensive thing
01:30:45you know you can you you wanna plan
01:30:46things out and uh
01:30:48and go from there all right now i'm
01:30:51going to touch on
01:30:52the more advanced expensive stuff this
01:30:56i'm not going to go into a ton of detail
01:30:58there's a lot of very advanced
01:31:00strategies that you can do with it
01:31:02i will link elishar's youtube uh
01:31:05in the description below and in the
01:31:07spreadsheet all of this will come with a
01:31:08spreadsheet with a lot of detail
01:31:10just to explain just to put in one place
01:31:14you know all the stuff i described is
01:31:16but um i'm gonna talk about and show
01:31:18some metacrafting
01:31:20it is it's not it's not as complicated
01:31:23as it may sound based on its name
01:31:25but the techniques that you use it does
01:31:28enable a lot more complexity
01:31:30in the crafting and as soon as you're
01:31:33jumping into that i would
01:31:34uh i think like really advanced
01:31:36metacrafting stuff is
01:31:37is kind of out of the scope of this
01:31:39video but yeah definitely
01:31:41ask me questions you know anywhere you
01:31:43can you can find me on discord or twitch
01:31:44or anything and we can talk about that
01:31:47but yeah you could we i could talk about
01:31:49metacrafting for an hour by itself
01:31:51going into all the different strategies
01:31:52that can be done with it what
01:31:54metacrafting is
01:31:55is in the crafting bench there's a few
01:31:57modifiers that
01:31:58really change what you're able to do
01:32:02while you're crafting because it kind it
01:32:05kind of lives outside of of the basic
01:32:09rules it modifies the way that the
01:32:10currency works and that's kind of why
01:32:12it's uh it's called metacrafting because
01:32:15you the currency does its stuff based on
01:32:17the you know that
01:32:18what i started off saying at the very
01:32:20very beginning you have your basic item
01:32:21you have the state of that basic item
01:32:23that it's in right now
01:32:24and you have the you have the currency
01:32:27or the tools or whatever that you're
01:32:29using on it
01:32:30and they just have a set interaction
01:32:33changes those rules and that's why it's
01:32:35metacrafting the the big ones are
01:32:38prefixes cannot be changed cannot rule
01:32:40attack modifiers and cannot roll caster
01:32:43what this allows us to do is totally
01:32:46um or do not even have and then suffixes
01:32:48cannot be changed will be
01:32:50a a prefix that will be up here what
01:32:52that will do
01:32:53like for example if i do prefixes cannot
01:32:55be changed
01:32:56and i scour the item that means
01:32:59that the e even the scouring orb gets
01:33:03countered by that prefixes cannot be
01:33:06and it just will remove all the suffixes
01:33:09we can do things like that to uh
01:33:12interact with the crafting and
01:33:15do kind of more advanced things and and
01:33:18modify certain stuff
01:33:20so for example if we have these boots uh
01:33:22sorry these these gloves
01:33:23so let's try to yellow and all the
01:33:25suffix let's try to yellow and all
01:33:28we did even though i don't care about
01:33:30this item i would be sad if we lost the
01:33:33right so we can do we can do prefixes
01:33:35cannot be changed
01:33:38right and we put that in here and
01:33:41now if we scour the item the prefixes
01:33:44will all
01:33:45still live and we just clean the
01:33:48suffixes it's an easy way to just like
01:33:50clean the suffixes and keep working on
01:33:52the item
01:33:52another thing that we can do is use
01:33:56both prefixes cannot be changed and
01:33:58suffixes cannot be changed
01:33:59with the can have three crafted
01:34:03and that will allow us to
01:34:09that will allow us to uh do really
01:34:12really fancy things
01:34:14so that cost six exalts just doing that
01:34:16cost six exalts but
01:34:18what this means is we have one open
01:34:21suffix and one open prefix we can use
01:34:23this to additionally fill some prefixes
01:34:25and suffixes
01:34:26and make sure that when we slam
01:34:28something like
01:34:29let's say i had one more suffix in there
01:34:31i can do that to safely fill the
01:34:33suffixes without filling them
01:34:35prematurely and then i can slam an exalt
01:34:38in there and
01:34:38make sure that i get a prefix if all my
01:34:41suffixes are filled right
01:34:42and then if you're super saucy you could
01:34:45yolo a null
01:34:46that can have three crafted modifiers
01:34:50hopefully remove that and you know that
01:34:52opens up another suffix that you could
01:34:54slam something else on certain things do
01:34:56not respect
01:34:57the the the meta mods though as essences
01:35:00don't care about your metamods
01:35:02and fossils don't care about your
01:35:03metamods they are they just live
01:35:05outside of that this is just for a nulls
01:35:09a harvest crafting as well will harvest
01:35:12crafting will respect your amount of
01:35:13mods and so like the the
01:35:14advanced crafting that most people do
01:35:16today is some sort of interaction
01:35:18between harvest crafting
01:35:19and your um and your meta mods as well a
01:35:23lot of it
01:35:24is a lot of what the advanced crafting
01:35:26is these days
01:35:27the other the other things that you can
01:35:30are cannot roll attack or caster
01:35:33this is very very useful for uh very
01:35:36very specific targeted things
01:35:38so if you have a bow with full prefixes
01:35:41let's see if i have a bow here's a bow
01:35:42let's identify it
01:35:44all right so we want a bow with an open
01:35:46prefix and full suffixes here we go
01:35:49perfect so this bow if we roll cannot
01:35:52roll attack modifiers
01:35:55it is a suffix we have full suffixes we
01:35:57have one open prefix
01:35:59now the this is a very unique
01:36:00interaction that is good to know if
01:36:02you're ever crafting a bow
01:36:05is every single prefix on a bow
01:36:10has attack look at that boom boom boom
01:36:13boom boom
01:36:14except paragons this guy right here is
01:36:17plus one level of socketed gems normally
01:36:20it has a
01:36:21medium weight kind of low a little
01:36:23low-ish so it's kind of hard to hit and
01:36:25it's a really nice
01:36:26it's a really nice modifier to hit now
01:36:27suffixes there's some suffixes that are
01:36:29not attack
01:36:30but if we have full suffixes and we roll
01:36:32cannot roll attack modifiers
01:36:34if we use an exalted orb on it
01:36:38we are guaranteed to hit plus one level
01:36:40of stock of the gems
01:36:42so that that is a a unique interaction
01:36:45that you can do
01:36:46cannot roll certain modifiers for and
01:36:48then you can do really really
01:36:49complicated things right like
01:36:51can have multiple crafted modifiers
01:36:53cannot roll attack
01:36:54cannot roll caster and then slam
01:36:56something if you want to like block a
01:36:57whole bunch of modifiers
01:36:59so you know meta mods are you know
01:37:02metacrafting is
01:37:03is much more complicated it's but once
01:37:05you know the basics it's just
01:37:07learning the specific ways that people
01:37:10use those to craft additional stuff it's
01:37:13you know it's not out of this world and
01:37:15once you're used to the basics it's not
01:37:17that scary
01:37:18the scary part is just the fact that it
01:37:20costs a lot of money
01:37:21like i've already spent 30 exalts just
01:37:23for a reference in standard
01:37:25just to demonstrate to you guys how some
01:37:27of these things work and that's just a
01:37:29that's not even a full craft that's i
01:37:30think as far as we really want to go
01:37:33with metacrafting here i think the best
01:37:35thing is just
01:37:37study as many crafts as you can that are
01:37:38out there uh
01:37:40definitely watch like elisha's videos
01:37:42and he'll he'll have metacrafting in a
01:37:44lot of different steps that he does
01:37:46and just learn them learn them over time
01:37:48talk with other crafters could talk with
01:37:49other people that do crafting
01:37:51and uh just see what's out there and
01:37:53start picking up those those tips uh
01:37:54because there's a lot
01:37:56and you know as you saw it's not even
01:37:57something that you can get into
01:37:59until you're willing to spend four to
01:38:00six to ten exalts on a craft anyway
01:38:03so that's that's just that is what it is
01:38:06all right harvest crafting this is a
01:38:08topic that i can make a whole one hour
01:38:10video on
01:38:11just by itself so i'm just gonna go
01:38:14i'm just gonna touch on the basics yeah
01:38:16it's it's it's a very complicated thing
01:38:18the way that you can use it and
01:38:20interact with meta mods and all of that
01:38:23other stuff
01:38:23it it gets kind of subtle and
01:38:25complicated so i'm just gonna touch on
01:38:27and uh i'll put as much detail as i can
01:38:30into the spreadsheet
01:38:31but i think uh it's just useful to
01:38:34go to the wiki read this page uh
01:38:37watch lsr's videos look at the way that
01:38:40as many people as you can use that in
01:38:42different crossing steps
01:38:43and start to understand the way that
01:38:45they all they all work
01:38:46um so harvest crafting is it's changed
01:38:50three times now uh since it was added it
01:38:53started off as incredibly powerful
01:38:54where you could just say add fire
01:38:58i just add a fire thing remove a fire
01:38:59thing and you could just do that until
01:39:01you hit exactly the thing that you
01:39:03wanted forever it was uh
01:39:05it was very very simple it was very
01:39:06simplistic and now we're in the
01:39:08situation where
01:39:10we we had we've had to it's been nerfed
01:39:12a number of times and we've had to come
01:39:14up with clever ways
01:39:15to figure out how to get around those
01:39:18nerfs but
01:39:18we can still almost make the exact same
01:39:21items that we used to
01:39:22so what the way it works is you you find
01:39:24a harvest in your map
01:39:25you kill the monsters in the garden and
01:39:28you'll get the
01:39:29certain crafts from those monsters and
01:39:31then you can store them in your harder
01:39:33crossing station for later
01:39:34you can put your item in there and you
01:39:36can do the stuff on it
01:39:38i just demonstrated one of the gigantic
01:39:40nerfs that they did
01:39:41is you can no longer use uh
01:39:44harvest crafts on influenced items some
01:39:47of them you can do but you can't do the
01:39:48removing ads
01:39:49um you can do like reforge keeping
01:39:50prefixes stuff like that
01:39:52so you can still do some things but like
01:39:54these these really targeted
01:39:55super fancy ones um they all say
01:39:58non-influence now they did not used to
01:39:59say that
01:40:00so this stuff that is available to us
01:40:02here is we can
01:40:03augment just a random item of a certain
01:40:05group this is incredibly rare now
01:40:08but this can just be like i said add
01:40:10fire add whatever
01:40:11this is so rare now i've only seen two
01:40:14all league and i only saw them for like
01:40:16the normal exalts not the targeted ones
01:40:18um remove non-add i have not seen a
01:40:20single one of these uh
01:40:22but this is you a null like a
01:40:24non-critical strike modifier and add a
01:40:26critical strike modifier
01:40:27remove a random influence mod from an
01:40:29item i have not seen one of these i'm
01:40:31not sure it's in the game anymore
01:40:32but yeah i guess you could remove an
01:40:34influence mod from an item reforged this
01:40:36is this is basically the most common
01:40:37thing so
01:40:38when it says of a certain group the
01:40:40certain groups are like fire crit speed
01:40:43all those like the bait the big tag
01:40:45groups and
01:40:46so what what you can do is guaranteeing
01:40:48one or two mods
01:40:50so you can do a reforge and so as i
01:40:53talked about like the the meta mods
01:40:55earlier this is like the the unique kind
01:40:57of interaction here is we can say
01:40:59prefixes cannot be changed
01:41:00reforge uh with fire so then i guarantee
01:41:04nothing's gonna get added to my prefixes
01:41:06or rather if there's an open prefix it
01:41:08can still add one
01:41:09but it will remove all the suffixes and
01:41:11guarantee within the open modifiers
01:41:14something fire will show up and then
01:41:16there's also an approved version of that
01:41:18that says
01:41:18reforge guaranteeing but also more
01:41:21common if you want to get
01:41:22more than one fire modifier for example
01:41:24you want to do the one that's more
01:41:25common we call that reforge plus
01:41:27the upgrade magic item to a rare item
01:41:29destroying all mods we
01:41:31this this one's not used very often so
01:41:33reforge are rare keeping all prefix or
01:41:35this is this is like the this is very
01:41:38very valuable they sell for about one
01:41:40uh if you're trading it with people
01:41:42reforge a rare item with more or less
01:41:44likely to receive the same mods there's
01:41:46some interesting tech here it's kind of
01:41:47more advanced so
01:41:48reforging a rare item keeping all
01:41:50prefixes and suffixes
01:41:52you know if you for example if you do
01:41:54the awakening orb right
01:41:55and you're just putting together two
01:41:57good suffixes you
01:41:58keep those suffixes and you can just if
01:42:01you get bad prefixes you can do that to
01:42:03just clean off your prefixes
01:42:05and then you can craft suffixes cannot
01:42:06be changed and you know reforge fire or
01:42:09something and try to get a fire prefix
01:42:11and you can do steps like that to try to
01:42:13finish an item after you're awakened
01:42:15and that's that's like a very common
01:42:16thing that is done right now
01:42:18super super useful change the modifier
01:42:20that grants fire colder lightning
01:42:21resistance into a similar one
01:42:23you know this is good for just fixing
01:42:25your res if you have like too much
01:42:26lightning rows on your on your items
01:42:27change one lightning to fire something
01:42:29like that
01:42:30the uh the other thing is there's the
01:42:32temple mod on gloves
01:42:34which is a hybrid of like lightning res
01:42:36but also
01:42:37damage against shock targets you can
01:42:39change that one to
01:42:40fire res and damage against ignited
01:42:43and or cold and against uh frozen
01:42:46targets right
01:42:47or chilled targets and so like that
01:42:49that's like the one like it
01:42:51not advanced but like the trick that
01:42:52people are doing to keep the make the
01:42:54temple mod more valuable
01:42:55you know if the temple mount drops on a
01:42:57pair of gloves you can just change it
01:42:58into the one that's about more valuable
01:43:00that you want to craft
01:43:01then you can enchant armor or weapons
01:43:03with better things so like if you don't
01:43:05if you don't care about what quality
01:43:06does on a weapon like if you have a
01:43:08spellcaster one you can make the quality
01:43:10give you
01:43:10spell damage or fire damage or whatever
01:43:13instead of
01:43:14or increased aoe that's actually one of
01:43:16the more valuable ones increased aoe for
01:43:18quality instead of
01:43:19physical damage because you don't care
01:43:20about the physical damage on your on
01:43:21your wand
01:43:22big thing is reroll numeric values you
01:43:24can do this for free divine orbs so
01:43:26that's just a a quick overview of
01:43:28harvest the
01:43:29interaction between harvest and the
01:43:31metamods that i mentioned before
01:43:33that's where all of the really really
01:43:35complicated crafting stuff goes into
01:43:38i'll probably make a video about just
01:43:41that type of stuff but
01:43:43i think it's out of the scope for this
01:43:44already very long video i
01:43:46i really wanted to make something that's
01:43:48just here's the basics you know
01:43:50getting into a little bit more advanced
01:43:52stuff with influence modifiers but
01:43:55here's here's to get you up to speed
01:43:57like if you're if you're scared of
01:43:58crafting and you
01:44:00have been hesitant to even hop into it
01:44:02here's the basics that if you learn that
01:44:04at least you can watch
01:44:05videos and you know what they're doing
01:44:07and you can say hey i don't have the
01:44:09currency for that but i know how it
01:44:11and maybe next league i'll i'll find a
01:44:14way to make enough currency and get into
01:44:15that market or get into crafting items
01:44:18for myself
01:44:18subtract them from two days later here i
01:44:22missed one thing while i was recording
01:44:25previously and that is the brand new
01:44:28veiled chaos modifiers
01:44:29so as part of betrayal failed chaos
01:44:32monitor veiled modifiers have been in
01:44:34the game for a while
01:44:35however just in this patch 3.14
01:44:38they kind of got a little bit of a
01:44:40makeover and
01:44:42they're way better now so previously you
01:44:44could unveil modifiers from your item
01:44:47from things that you picked up
01:44:49uh from doing betrayal and they would be
01:44:52the same tier as what you could actually
01:44:54craft on your crafting bench
01:44:56and those were modifiers that you
01:44:59would target farm like lreon on rings
01:45:02for minus
01:45:03minus mana costs on your skills or
01:45:05trigger socketed spells
01:45:07so this patch they reworked a lot of it
01:45:09trigger socketed spells is actually
01:45:11weaker now
01:45:12but if you unveil it on that item
01:45:16it's actually a higher tier somehow some
01:45:18of them are
01:45:19as good as they were before this patch
01:45:21the so trigger socketed spells for
01:45:22example on a weapon
01:45:24it used to be every four seconds and now
01:45:26it's every eight seconds
01:45:27unless you unveil it and then it's every
01:45:29four seconds
01:45:30so what does that mean by unveiling it
01:45:32well they added something called the
01:45:34veiled chaos orb
01:45:36which much like a chaos orb it allows
01:45:38you to just do a full reroll
01:45:40on an item and it will have one veiled
01:45:44that veiled modifier will come from the
01:45:46pool of mods that you can get from
01:45:48unveiling on june and they are actually
01:45:50a higher tier and they're actually
01:45:52some of them are special and they don't
01:45:53show up anywhere else so
01:45:55if we look at craft of exile
01:45:59under all of the influence modifiers
01:46:01there's actually veiled modifiers
01:46:03so these are the ones that june can
01:46:05unveil and some of them are very very
01:46:07nice and powerful
01:46:08i'm a big fan of the the power endurance
01:46:11and frenzy charge
01:46:12ones these are really really nice as a
01:46:14way to get
01:46:15those charges on your character or even
01:46:17just to get a little boost from just
01:46:19having plus one to the minimum
01:46:20there's also the big thing that i really
01:46:23like is i'm a big fan of trying to cap
01:46:25out my chaos res in every build
01:46:26with a lot of the stuff that they've
01:46:28added to the game over the past few
01:46:30there's more and more chaos damage than
01:46:32there used to be uh you know for example
01:46:34fighting el hezmin or
01:46:35fighting cirrus who does like 20 all of
01:46:37his damage is 25
01:46:38converted to chaos so getting you can
01:46:41get these
01:46:41nice hybrid mods that give you 20 of an
01:46:43element and chaos res
01:46:45and you can get that by getting in on
01:46:48getting a veiled modifier on your item
01:46:50and then going to june and unveiling
01:46:52you there's two ways actually to get a
01:46:53veiled modifier on an item
01:46:55it is using the veiled chaos orb which
01:46:57will just you know
01:46:58full chaos reforge and give you
01:47:02one just exactly one veiled modifier
01:47:05if you have ashling in your research
01:47:09at level three she doesn't have to be
01:47:11the leader if she's level three with
01:47:12three stars
01:47:13and you run katarina in that safe house
01:47:17after you kill katarina
01:47:18you will get a an ashling slam is what
01:47:21it's called so it's tier four ashling
01:47:23that's a new thing that was added in
01:47:243.14 and a tier four
01:47:27ashling will actually give you at least
01:47:31failed modifier or a small chance i've
01:47:33only seen one out of like 20 this whole
01:47:35a small chance of getting two modifiers
01:47:38some of them are really really powerful
01:47:40for example that's how i crafted this
01:47:43is i actually had i actually had one
01:47:46open prefix and two open suffixes i ran
01:47:48the tier four ashling
01:47:49and it gave me that minimum endurance
01:47:52charges and the cold and chaos res
01:47:54and that's how i created this really
01:47:55really unique cool ring so that that's a
01:47:57it's called just an ashling slam or tier
01:47:59four ashling the one thing to note is
01:48:01you cannot
01:48:02do it if you already have any unveiled
01:48:04modifier on it so it'll say
01:48:06chosen or of the order the prefix is
01:48:08called chosen chosen
01:48:09and the suffix is called of the order or
01:48:11if you have any crafted modifier on it
01:48:13whatsoever so you have to remove all
01:48:14your crafted modifiers before you do an
01:48:16ashling slam
01:48:17conversely a veiled chaos orb is you
01:48:20just do it
01:48:21sorry it has to be rare first and then
01:48:24you just do it
01:48:25and you will get a you'll get a whole
01:48:28new item
01:48:29with a veiled modifier you can actually
01:48:31tell if it's a prefix or suffix if it's
01:48:33long or short
01:48:34prefixes are long and suffixes are short
01:48:36so you can tell right away
01:48:38if this is and i know this is a suffix
01:48:40already because it's short
01:48:41now what you can do is if you are
01:48:44looking for specifically a prefix or
01:48:46if you unveil now a
01:48:49an unveiled modifier is no longer just a
01:48:51crafted thing that you can remove it
01:48:53actually becomes a permanent modifier on
01:48:55the item
01:48:56and then you can craft your own thing on
01:48:57top of that but
01:48:59it while it's still veiled it actually
01:49:01counts as a crafted modifier
01:49:03so if you got a suffix and you don't
01:49:05like that you can actually just go here
01:49:07and do
01:49:07remove crafted mods and that will remove
01:49:09the the suffix
01:49:13and then uh but if you like what you got
01:49:16you can put it in
01:49:17go into june and unveil and you will
01:49:19usually be looking for very specific
01:49:21things like in this case
01:49:2212 chance to deal double damage is very
01:49:24very nice
01:49:25and so we can just craft it on and
01:49:27you'll see that it becomes a permanent
01:49:29suffix on the item
01:49:30and then we can go over here and
01:49:32actually just craft whatever the heck we
01:49:33want on top of that
01:49:35so it's a really nice way to get these
01:49:37super special targeted
01:49:39modifiers on your item the one thing to
01:49:42is when you're looking in craft of exile
01:49:45some of these have a weight of n a not
01:49:47not applicable not available
01:49:49that means that you actually cannot get
01:49:51that actually from a slam
01:49:52you can or a build chaos or you can only
01:49:55get that from
01:49:56an item that was already veiled from a
01:49:59betrayal master
01:50:00so some little extra tech that you can
01:50:01do and actually how
01:50:03you get additional ones using veiled
01:50:05cast orbs so normally a veiled chaos orb
01:50:08will just give you one modifier so what
01:50:10we can do if you remember from the
01:50:11metamod discussion
01:50:13is we can for example do
01:50:16prefixes cannot be changed or i guess
01:50:19like this example suffixes cannot be
01:50:21and then we can do a veiled chaos orb
01:50:25and the suffixes will not change the
01:50:27prefixes will get fully re-rolled
01:50:29and then we will have a pre guaranteed
01:50:32prefix veiled modifier
01:50:34and that's actually how i crafted this
01:50:36bow is i started
01:50:38with the bow attacks fire two additional
01:50:40arrows i crafted
01:50:41suffixes cannot be changed i used a veil
01:50:43chaos orb
01:50:44i then unveiled chance to deal double
01:50:47damage on the suffix
01:50:48then i crafted can f3 crafted modifiers
01:50:52suffixes cannot be changed and then i
01:50:54used another veiled chaos orb
01:50:56and i got the attacks with weapon
01:50:57penetrate elemental resistances
01:50:59and then i did a yolo slam i hit t1
01:51:02increased elemental damage with attack
01:51:04skills uh cannot roll attack modifiers
01:51:07plus one socketed gems with just
01:51:08you know slam it with an exalt and that
01:51:10that is the entire steps for crafting
01:51:12this bow
01:51:12now there were some missteps in the
01:51:14middle you know using imprints and doing
01:51:16all that and going back
01:51:17but if you just step if you just remove
01:51:19the failure states
01:51:20that is all of the steps to craft this
01:51:22bow all you do
01:51:24is so those are the steps to craft the
01:51:25bow and then the failure states in the
01:51:27middle are
01:51:28using an imprint or doing reforge
01:51:30keeping suffixes and stuff like that so
01:51:32you can try to like clean bad states
01:51:34and that's really like the summary of
01:51:37all of
01:51:37all of crafting you know there are some
01:51:39additional subtle things
01:51:41that i kind of hinted at but
01:51:44the in terms of like i've already given
01:51:47you guys all of the tools for crafting
01:51:48this bow that
01:51:49depending on the state of the league or
01:51:51whatever you know this
01:51:53is a 60 to 100 exalt bow and i crafted
01:51:56it for about 20 to 30 x
01:51:58and i there's not a single thing that i
01:52:00did with this craft that i didn't
01:52:02tell you guys how to do in this video
01:52:04all right that was a lot of talking
01:52:06hopefully i presented the information
01:52:08with enough examples that was
01:52:09useful for everybody i really want to
01:52:11wanted to make something that
01:52:13was just here here's if you don't know
01:52:17anything about how crafting works from
01:52:19from xero
01:52:21to at least understanding the bits and
01:52:23pieces or at least like a
01:52:25an over an overview without going into
01:52:28extreme detail and we're already in on a
01:52:30very long video
01:52:32i want to make something that you can
01:52:33reference like if you have a friend that
01:52:35knows absolutely nothing about crafting
01:52:36they're scared of it
01:52:38they could just sit here and watch this
01:52:39video and hopefully it's not too boring
01:52:41and uh and pick up enough information to
01:52:45to get on the right foot at least
01:52:47crafting and be on the right path
01:52:48to get ahead with crafting so i
01:52:51the big thing is i am also making a
01:52:54spreadsheet that's gonna have
01:52:56all of the detail in here with links to
01:52:59different craft of exile things to the
01:53:01with picture examples of different
01:53:03crafts stuff like that
01:53:05and you can reference it and share it
01:53:06with people and
01:53:08um the most important thing that i want
01:53:10is crafting i
01:53:12i played this game i've played this game
01:53:13for about five years now and
01:53:16i basically didn't craft for the first
01:53:18four years and
01:53:19i think that uh was to my detriment and
01:53:22i really really want people to feel
01:53:24comfortable crafting
01:53:25feel comfortable hopping into it and not
01:53:28being scared to spend some of that
01:53:29you know because the currency has the
01:53:31value on the market people might be
01:53:33scared of doing it
01:53:34maybe even just make a solo cell phone
01:53:36character so you're forced to use that
01:53:37currency if like if you can't get over
01:53:39that hump of just like
01:53:40hey i'm gonna spend 20 30 chaos just
01:53:42spamming on something and see what i get
01:53:44so hopefully i encourage people to craft
01:53:45i really want more and more people to
01:53:46craft i think it's good for the game
01:53:48it's good for the community
01:53:49it's good for the market overall by for
01:53:51having more good crafts out there and
01:53:54just really really healthy for the game
01:53:56overall so
01:53:57yeah if you like this video uh thank you
01:54:01i just sat here and talked for a number
01:54:03of hours and uh i hope i can edit this
01:54:06down into something that is
01:54:07super digestible and nice for you all to
01:54:08watch so if you liked it you know let me
01:54:11and uh i would appreciate any support
01:54:13for there for that
01:54:15and uh hope to see you next time thank
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1. What topics does the video cover?

The video covers topics such as currency usage, modifiers, imprinting, and using influence modifiers.

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The aim of the crafting crash course is to demystify the crafting process and provide strategies for improving items for beginners to advanced players.

3. How does the video explore the use of certain orbs and essences?

The video explores the use of certain orbs and essences to enhance gameplay and create more powerful items, providing valuable insights for players.

4. What is the main focus of the video?

The main focus of the video is to provide a comprehensive understanding of crafting in Path of Exile, aiming to empower players with crafting strategies and knowledge.

5. How does the video help in improving crafting skills?

The video provides a crafting crash course that helps in demystifying the crafting process and offers strategies for improving items, catering to both beginners and advanced players.

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