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The video demonstrates how to create a DERIV account and link it to the MetaTrader 5 platform, including creating a demo account, verifying email, providing personal information, and uploading documents, as well as connecting the DERIV account to MetaTrader 5 by entering the login ID and password.
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To create a DERIV account and link it to Metatrader 5, you need a working email address and use the link in the description below.
Click the link in the description to be directed to the DERIV homepage.
Click "Create Free Demo Account" and enter your email address.
Verify your email by clicking the verification link sent by DERIV.
Choose your country and confirm if you are a citizen of that country.
To create a DERIV account and link it to Metatrader 5, follow these steps:
Create a password for your account.
Choose the accounts you have on the welcome page.
Click "Start Trading" to proceed.
Select "Get and Options in Multipliers Account" on the next page.
Choose your preferred currency and click "Next."
Provide your personal details and click "Next."
Enter your address information and click "Next."
Upload your documents or select the document you are using.
Enter your ID number and click "Next."
Agree to the terms and conditions and click "Add Account."
To connect your DERIV account to Metatrader 5, follow these steps:
Click on "Accounts" on the DERIV page.
Select the DERIV MT5 account you want to connect.
Choose the server location.
Enter your password and click "Add Account".
00:00in this video I'm going to show you how
00:02to create a derivative account and
00:04connect it to your metatrader5 platform
00:06so to create a derivative account you
00:08need two things number one you need a
00:10working email address because you need
00:12access to your email number two you need
00:14to use the link in the description below
00:16because if you do whenever deriv comes
00:18up with promotions you can get a chance
00:20and get picked so once you click that
00:22link you're going to be directed to this
00:24homepage here for the Riff and we are
00:26going to click here where it says create
00:28free demo account you need to create a
00:31free demo account First Once I do I will
00:33put my email address right here so once
00:36you put in your email address you need
00:37to click the button which says agree to
00:39the terms and conditions and then you
00:41click create a demo account and after
00:43this you need to go to your email and
00:46verify your email so once you do that
00:48derev will send you an email which you
00:50need to verify so you go to your Gmail
00:53and then you open the email from darif
00:56this email is written like this here
00:58already there all you need to do is
00:59verify by your email so you click verify
01:02my email so once you are redirected to
01:04this page the first thing you do is
01:06choose your country so I'm gonna choose
01:09my country right here and then I'll
01:10click next Once you click next you need
01:13to choose are you the citizen of that
01:14country so and we're gonna say yes and
01:17then I'll go ahead
01:18then the next thing is to create your
01:21password so I'm just gonna create my
01:23password right here okay so I have
01:26created the password and so I'm just
01:28gonna start trading so once you do this
01:30you're going to come up to this page
01:32here where you choose the accounts that
01:34you have so we have different accounts
01:36right here this is just a welcome page
01:37just gonna click next next next until
01:40you go to the last one so when you get
01:43here you click start trading so on this
01:46page right here you need to click here
01:47where it says get and options in
01:49multipliers account once you click there
01:52you need to choose any currency that you
01:55want I'm gonna choose the US dollar and
01:57then I'll click next and then I'll put
01:59my details right here so I'm just gonna
02:01put put my name once you add up all this
02:04information just click next
02:07and then you put in your addresses right
02:10here and then you click next
02:12and then you need to uh to upload your
02:16documents right here or you can just
02:18choose the document that you you are
02:20using and then you put your your ID
02:22number then you click next and then
02:25you're going to agree with all the terms
02:27and conditions and then you click add
02:29account once you do all this you're
02:31going to have your real account created
02:33after this step if I didn't have the
02:35account I would have my account set up
02:38so now I want to I want to show you how
02:41to connect that account to metatrader5
02:43so that you can start trading so once
02:46you create this account you are going to
02:48come to this page right here which is
02:50your derive page right so you click on
02:53your accounts right here and then you're
02:55going to see a drop down of all the
02:57accounts that you have so what you want
02:59to do here is you want to come where it
03:01says deriv mt5 accounts you come here
03:04you click there and then you select the
03:07account that you want to connect to
03:09metatrader so if you want synthetic
03:11indices you can choose from is which you
03:13are written deriv BVI deriv S V Jeep if
03:18you want to trade currencies you need to
03:20choose this one called the financial
03:21account so I'm just gonna add a
03:24financial account right here then I'll
03:25add a financial account so once I click
03:28there I'm going to come to this page
03:29which I'm gonna choose where I want uh
03:31my server to be in so I'm just gonna
03:33choose the first one here because I
03:35don't think it really matters most once
03:38I do this I'm gonna add up my password
03:40right here I'm just gonna add my
03:42password I'll just gonna click add
03:44account so once you add your account you
03:46are going to have this page right here
03:48so from this page you are going to get
03:50your login ID so your login ID is this
03:53number here I'm just gonna copy that and
03:57then I'll go to metatrader5 now you go
03:59to metatrader5 and you open metatrader5
04:02once you open metatrader5 you want to go
04:05to your accounts and then you want to
04:07click on this add bar right here I'm
04:09just gonna click here add and then I'm
04:11gonna select selected the broker which
04:14is the reef so you come here you search
04:15for The Reef in my case I already have
04:18the Riff limited so if I search the Riff
04:20it's gonna come out right here and then
04:22I'm gonna click there once you come to
04:24this page right here you just paste in
04:27your login ID
04:29and then you insert the password so I'm
04:32gonna pause the video and add my
04:34password so now I have my password
04:35inserted and then I'm gonna choose
04:37derive server right if you're using
04:40Dairy if you want if you are adding on
04:42derive demo we are going to add the Riff
04:44demo but in this case you add derive
04:46server and then you click log in you're
04:49going to see that once you do that your
04:51account is gonna be linked to a meta
04:54Trader so as you can see I don't have
04:55money in that account I just created it
04:57so this is exactly how you create a
05:00derive account and how you connect it to
05:03metatrader5 platform thank you for
05:05watching and I'm gonna see you in the
05:07next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How do I create a DERIV account?

To create a DERIV account, you can watch the video tutorial which demonstrates the step-by-step process of creating a DERIV account. It includes instructions on how to sign up, verify your email, and provide necessary personal information.

2. What is the process of linking a DERIV account to the MetaTrader 5 platform?

The video provides a detailed guide on linking a DERIV account to the MetaTrader 5 platform. It covers creating a demo account, verifying email, providing personal information, uploading documents, and connecting the DERIV account to MetaTrader 5 by entering the login ID and password.

3. Why is it important to verify the email when creating a DERIV account?

Verifying your email during the DERIV account creation process is crucial for account security and to ensure that you receive important notifications and updates related to your account.

4. What are the benefits of connecting a DERIV account to MetaTrader 5?

Connecting your DERIV account to MetaTrader 5 provides access to a powerful trading platform with advanced features, analysis tools, and the ability to trade a wide range of assets and instruments.

5. How can I upload documents for my DERIV account?

The video tutorial explains the process of uploading documents for your DERIV account, which may include identity verification and other necessary documents as part of the account verification process.

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