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This video showcases the prime of Cristiano Ronaldo during the 2007-2008 season, highlighting his skills, plays, and goals for Manchester United. Ronaldo's performances in this season were iconic, showcasing his versatility, technique, and goal-scoring ability.
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The video discusses Cristiano Ronaldo's prime, particularly focusing on his performances in the 2007-2008 season.
Cristiano Ronaldo won five Champions Leagues and five Ballon d'Ors.
The video mentions a sports betting house called One xb.
The host considers the 2007-2008 season as the best moment of Cristiano Ronaldo's career.
Ronaldo scored 31 goals in the Premier League and was the top scorer in the Champions League that season.
This section discusses the difference between Cristiano Ronaldo's performance in Real Madrid and Manchester United.
Ronaldo had 44 goals in total for Real Madrid and 450 goals in 438 games.
In Manchester United, Ronaldo was considered a better player, playing as a midfielder in a 4-4-2 formation.
Ronaldo's performance in Real Madrid was more focused on being an area player and scoring goals.
This section showcases Cristiano Ronaldo's skills and goals during his time at Manchester United in 2008.
Ronaldo receives the ball and effortlessly passes opponents.
His speed and agility make it difficult for defenders to stop him.
Ronaldo's ability to make precise passes and create scoring opportunities is highlighted.
The commentator wonders if Ronaldo intentionally made a specific pass to Rooney.
This section showcases some impressive skills and goals by Cristiano Ronaldo in his prime.
Ronaldo demonstrates incredible ball control and showmanship.
He scores amazing goals in both the Premier League and the Champions League.
One notable play involves a skillful roulette move.
This section showcases Cristiano Ronaldo's skills, plays, and goals.
Ronaldo was always looking for space on the field.
Real Madrid's purchase of Ronaldo was necessary and justified.
Ronaldo showcased his control and agility during plays.
Ronaldo scored a goal from a free kick with precision.
This section showcases Cristiano Ronaldo's impressive goals and skills.
Ronaldo scores a goal where the defender falls asleep and the goalkeeper fails to stop it.
He scores a free kick from below the barrier, hitting the second post.
Ronaldo kicks a long-range free kick with precision.
The most important goal shown is Ronaldo's goal in the Champions League final.
00:00hello everyone how are you doing Welcome to
00:02a new video from Davo senice ladies and
00:05gentlemen today's video is a very
00:07complicated video Why Because as you read
00:09in the title it is the Prime of Cristiano
00:11Ronaldo dos Santos aveiro My question is
00:14what is the Prime of A guy who won
00:16five Champions Leagues, being the top figure
00:18in the five Champions Leagues, a guy who won
00:20five Ballon d'Ors, something similar to what
00:22happened with Messi happens, he has many Primes
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01:02football always wins now without further ado I
01:04leave it with the video So
01:06what is the true best moment of
01:08CR7, I'm going to end by letting myself be carried away a
01:10little by my feelings and a little by
01:12the best Cristiano Ronaldo as a player
01:14that I saw, at least the most complete, which
01:16is nothing more and nothing less
01:19than this What are you seeing here, ladies and
01:22gentlemen, I'm going to stick with the one from
01:24Manchester United in the 2007-2008 season.
01:27Now we're going to react to a video with
01:28plays from that season, but to give
01:30it an idea, Ronaldo won the
01:32Premier League in 2008 by scoring 31 goals in In 34
01:35games, he won the English Super Cup, he won
01:38the Champions League, he was the top
01:39scorer in the Champions League, he scored eight
01:41goals in 11 games and the key goal in
01:42the final against Chelsea, he won the
01:44Club World Cup, he won the golden boot, that
01:46is, no one in the five major leagues
01:48in Europe he scored more goals than him and
01:50also won the Ballon d'Or he was the top
01:52scorer the best player the champion of
01:54the Champions League the champion of the Premier I'm not
01:56saying that's why he has to be
01:57his best version because the guy In
01:59Ramader he has won the Spanish League he has
02:00won the Champions League he has scored more goals than he has
02:02even played games But well
02:05I have reasons to say that CR7's Prime is
02:07from 2008 anyway I want to
02:08show you something look what
02:10Cristiano Ronaldo is at Real Madrid his
02:13first season 35 games 33 goals his
02:15second season 54 games 53 goals and
02:18then he has two 3 4 5 five
02:22seasons in a row having more goals
02:24than games guys here Go down a little
02:26in quotes that is, think that this
02:27season in numbers is a
02:30bad Ada season for Cristiano Ronaldo at
02:32Real Madrid scored 42 goals and 12
02:35assists in 46 games and to top it off he
02:38scored 10 goals in the
02:41Champions League head-to-head, he scored five against
02:42Bayern in the quarterfinals, three against Atlético
02:44Madrid in the semi-finals and two in the
02:46final and his Last season it was 44
02:48games 44 goals in total in Real
02:50Madrid he has 438 games and 450 goals and
02:55120 assists in short it is clearly a beast
02:58Cristiano Ronaldo has
03:00around 15 20 58 Prime has
03:03Cristiano Ronaldo but as I said at the
03:05beginning I'm going to finish staying with
03:06the one I like the most so let's
03:08enjoy guys attention emanates a lot of
03:12Mystique this Ronaldo 7 Premier League as a
03:15kid entering old trafford this is
03:18pure Mystique Oh God What a showman
03:23brother aside you know that in
03:25Europe I am inch United too That's
03:28why I'll stick with this one
03:32no no no no [
03:39no So I'm going to say what I feel,
03:42Ronaldo from Real Madrid was more
03:44decisive but United's rando
03:46was a better player. Tell me in the
03:48comments if you trust my opinion or
03:51not, pay
03:53attention Ugh Ugh
03:58Ugh show this football
04:02boy I grabbed half of the field I believed at that
04:05time because United played 442 and Ronaldo
04:09was like a midfielder thrown in for the
04:11obvious offense but he was an all-
04:14round player Oh
04:20wow you can't even get it off
04:28stupid This was semi Champions
04:322008 like
04:36crazy look how he received half of the field
04:39And started to
04:41face Ugh well for example we didn't see
04:44much of this from Ronaldo in Real
04:46Madrid That's my opinion there aren't many
04:48plays of Ronaldo starting half of the
04:49field At Real Madrid he was
04:51more of an area player, a player who was
04:53higher up and they gave it to him and he scored the
04:54goal, which has a lot of merit. I
04:55also don't want to detract from the merit, but
04:57well, as I said at the beginning, I don't
04:58want to repeat always going the same way. I also
05:00feel that this
05:01Cristiano Ronaldo is more enjoyable. Look where he grabbed it at the
05:03back half of the field, he passed and he didn't
05:06get it any more. Look, you idiot, you didn't
05:10get it apart in the Premier League.
05:13What good
05:17control. What an unstoppable brother player.
05:21Also, something very good that
05:24Ronaldo had was an impressive change of pace
05:26when he started running
05:29with a controlled ball, it was incredible, look, they
05:35lowered him from what I see, these are plays
05:38of him starting from behind
05:39midfield. I guess the goals will come later
05:42because, as I told you, that
05:43season he was the one with the most goals. He made Look at
05:45the pass that Acelo makes Oh,
05:52not Rabona, that parun seems like that
05:56rooney to me God What a great team United is for
05:58God's sake
06:01play a photo of that Manchester United
06:02I get nostalgic United 2008
06:05training look what this
06:07stupid team is besar in the Arc Brown of four
06:10central duo vidit Ferdinand impasa of
06:13three and in the middle Carrick played
06:16Schols and Owen played and above Cristiano
06:19Ronaldo dos Santos aveiro Carlos Alberto
06:22Tevez and W rooney How are you not going to win
06:25everything please brother well sorry let's
06:30show show show Look at the half of the field he
06:33received and one was already passed and they started looking at him,
06:36look, they were going to kill him and you
06:40couldn't put him down, you couldn't stop him there, Carlitos had a hard time, let's
06:44see, Carlitos,
06:50Carlitos, let's see, Ronaldo wins
06:58well, but how did he do it? to mark him as an idiot
07:02God What a bad ass that he was an idiot, it's
07:06that on top of that maybe he wanted to
07:07kick him And that's how you could because you called him an
07:10Uh fit the
07:13bug Aprila
07:16no What a player
07:24brother Ah
07:28well Ah
07:30well how crazy
07:35stupid are those players that you sit next to
07:38see it Look
07:40Ugh and change the front of three videos to
07:44see this
07:46little chest first pass good air
07:52Uh let's see this control What a nice
08:00Uh what a good pass no
08:04friend must have wanted to do this How the hell did he
08:08see Rooney how he did that I'm
08:12interested in him debate whether he wanted to do it or
08:14not If one day I personally know
08:17Cristiano Ronaldo I am going to ask him if he
08:18did this intentionally because the
08:20pass was called that it was for this
08:22boy clearly how he managed to see
08:24Run there no this happens it is impossible this
08:26no It makes sense, I don't know if he wanted to do
08:28that because he wanted to do that, he's
08:31straight up an alien. How does he think of doing that,
08:34stupid son of a [ __ ]. This was a goal, tell me
08:38yes, yes,
08:40roney, stupid, what a goal, that
08:47attention. That's part of the show, part of the
08:49show. That's because there he can clearly
08:52give the normal pass but he likes the show
08:54there they give it back to him Ah
08:57well Show show show show taquito good
09:01Taco let's see this one
09:04and how he liked to pass it from Taco to the son of a
09:07[ __ ] This
09:12terrible is that in this season
09:15Cristiano Ronaldo achieved more things than
09:17many footballers in their entire
09:18career it is
09:20impressive I repeat the same thing again
09:23Sorry I am repeating the best Cristiano
09:25Ronaldo guys hey look what he does
09:27brother he is the best Ronaldo this one Stop me
09:30from [ __ ] stupid what a piece of player in
09:34the Premier In the
09:36Champions League, incredible, hit him Wow, idiot,
09:41but he started his game and didn't extend it
09:46more terrible. Oh,
09:48this is the mythical one, the historical one, the
09:52incomparable one. United was beating
09:54Arsenal and we had to hold on to the ball.
09:55There were 2 minutes left. Look at what the idiot is doing. He
10:00's a
10:01showman. Control. step on it
10:05step on it again and
10:06taquito let's see this
10:10control and now it starts now it starts
10:16step on it what kind of brother what kind of this
10:19that the goals are still missing stupid
10:21These are just plays good good
10:30look at it aavi captain of
10:33Barcelona good series that great team that
10:36had the bar
10:38also let's see
10:45Cristiano look at Correa good pass
10:50Carlitos AC pass from Carlit
10:53Muchach and Tom bu Herman and Ronaldo Define
10:57very well I think the goals are coming
11:00now no how good a roulette there another
11:04roulette Sidan's back against the
11:07bar against Let's see the step the step the step the
11:10step center Ah it was good Uh nice cao
11:16but the football
11:18cao let's see Ugh between two
11:23there it's like he was always looking for space
12:01of course seeing all this now you understand
12:03why when Cristiano Ronaldo was
12:05presented at Real Madrid there were like
12:0790,000 people because they were buying what
12:10was the best player in the world
12:12at that time, well along with Messi,
12:15but that purchase of Real Madrid
12:18was completely
12:34that one and he starts back on the field, he
12:38positions himself, he
12:40starts back it started this time look
12:44where it was going down grab it it turned and
12:47started a play
12:54look good stupid
13:08brother let's see how good this is and they start
13:13car from behind the
13:20field Wow good how good
13:32good and let's go with the goals now Oh
13:35good definition this is coming Christian
13:40u From a free kick he hit a hard ball and
13:43nailed it into the corner. Look at Vidic and
13:46Runi. Let's see. This average goal is good
13:49below the Arc. Let's see
13:54your header. Goal scorer's goal. Let's
14:04Ugh, the bomb that this boy scored,
14:08please. Seeing this shot, the defender falls asleep
14:12and the goalkeeper makes it
14:15complete. He makes it
14:17complete. Nice goal, nice goal. Let's see this
14:20hit it. Ah well well this is the goal we
14:23just saw, terrible. Did you realize
14:26that both times I said hit it twice?
14:28H com It's incredibly cute, this one
14:34too, pay attention to it and grab it from the court and
14:38run, it's sent and no one can reach it and
14:42it defines the second post with a free kick from
14:46below the Barrier, cute look at what
14:49this doll did. Let's see
14:53this one, take it out if you can,
14:57take it out,
15:01no, but you have to see this one. goal with the
15:02other camera Sorry but I thought you were
15:04going to put bme on it guys look what this
15:07is pay attention Christian
15:10free kick let me pump up my balls
15:15you can't make that stupid goal but I can
15:18kick 800 million times in my life
15:20that I will never hit hit like that stupid what a
15:23son of a [ __ ]
15:26brother head goal record es7 that
15:31head goal from Cristiano Always here he
15:34hooks It defines very well cute
15:41definition how he kicked a free kick
15:44incredible brother apart from rel far away he
15:50hit him well and to finish with this
15:52video I leave you the most important goal that
15:54Ronaldo scored this season, which was
15:56neither more nor less than the
15:57Champions League final. Brown throws it to the center
15:59and look what happens, your great goal,
16:03incredible goal, this goal was later
16:06tied by Lampard and then it ends
16:08United was crowned by penalties and
16:10Cristiano missed his penalty afterwards
16:12But well, thank God United won
16:13the Champion anyway but well nothing anyway
16:15guys I hope you liked
16:17this video The truth is that I
16:18quite liked Cristiano Ronaldo's reaction because
16:20I don't remember A lot of it was very young I
16:21was 7 years old so it's like seeing
16:23this although I had more or less seen it
16:25It's good and nothing leave me in the
16:27comments for What was
16:30Cristiano Ronaldo's Prime I'm going to die with
16:32this one eh I hope you liked it If
16:34you liked it, leave your like, subscribe to the
16:35Channel, please I ask you and Leave me in
16:37the comments Which Prime would you like
16:39to react in the future nothing
16:40guys Thank you for everything
16:51take care of yourselves
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What makes Cristiano Ronaldo's 2007-2008 season iconic?

Cristiano Ronaldo's performances during the 2007-2008 season were iconic due to his versatility, technique, and goal-scoring ability. His exceptional skills and plays made this season standout in his career.

2. How did Cristiano Ronaldo showcase his skills during the 2007-2008 season?

Cristiano Ronaldo showcased his skills through exceptional plays, incredible technique, and remarkable goal-scoring ability during the 2007-2008 season. His performance on the field was a testament to his talent and dedication.

3. What are the highlights of Cristiano Ronaldo's 2007-2008 season with Manchester United?

The highlights of Cristiano Ronaldo's 2007-2008 season with Manchester United include his outstanding performances, spectacular goals, and crucial plays that contributed to the team's success. This season truly demonstrated Ronaldo's impact on the field.

4. What role did Cristiano Ronaldo play for Manchester United during the 2007-2008 season?

During the 2007-2008 season, Cristiano Ronaldo played a pivotal role for Manchester United with his exceptional skills, versatility, and goal-scoring ability. He was a key player in the team's success and made significant contributions to their performance.

5. How did Cristiano Ronaldo's performance in the 2007-2008 season contribute to his legacy?

Cristiano Ronaldo's performance in the 2007-2008 season contributed significantly to his legacy by showcasing his exceptional talent, versatility, and goal-scoring ability. This season solidified his position as one of the greatest footballers of all time.

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