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The video discusses the horrifying truth behind "Daisy's Destruction," a real and abhorrent snuff film created by a truly evil individual. It delves into the perpetrator's despicable actions, the exploitation of children, and the depths of depravity in the deep web, shedding light on a disturbing and sickening reality. This video serves as a chilling reminder of the heinous crimes and the need to uncover and address such atrocities, highlighting the importance of acknowledging and combating such dark, real-world horrors.
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"Daisy's Destruction" is a real and horrifying video, confirmed by the speaker who has chosen not to watch it.
The video is considered one of the most legendary and disturbing videos on the internet.
The speaker has the video file but has decided not to watch it due to the disturbing nature.
The video's creator is serving a life sentence in the Philippines for recording, devising, and selling it.
The video is part of a larger market of child abuse that exists online.
Peter Scully chose the Philippines due to the lack of control over child abuse and prostitution, and he had contacts in the underworld. He filmed and sold everything on the deep web, and he specialized in sexual and minor issues. He got girls in various ways, including buying them from their parents or finding them on the street, and he used his friend Angel to attract more victims.
Scully had previously opened a website to put older people in Australia in contact with teenagers, young people, or women who wanted to work in prostitution.
He renamed the women who came into his life and used them to get other girls to participate in his macabre games.
Scully filmed everything and sold it on the deep web, where he specialized in the most extreme and illegal vices, including small children.
It is unknown how many of the girls are alive today, as many of them were not registered and were filmed.
Engel, along with two companions, kidnapped and recorded the torture of young girls for snuff films, earning money through pay-per-view and forums, including Daisy's Destruction, which involved two girls being held captive for five days before escaping.
Engel renamed the girls with sweet names despite committing savage acts of destruction towards them and other victims.
He was able to move around the Philippines and make money due to contacts on the deep web.
The girls were kidnapped under the pretext of teaching them English by parents who may have been deceived.
The torture involved mutilations, murders, and humiliations and was consumed by sadistic individuals.
This section discusses the infamous case of Daisy's Destruction, a video involving the abuse and torture of young girls.
Daisy was one of the two girls who escaped from the kidnapping.
The man responsible for the video was eventually caught in 2015.
The case involved the abuse of hundreds of girls over a period of years.
The speaker discusses the existence of child exploitation and abuse, corruption in the police force, and the need for severe punishment for offenders.
The police in the Philippines are known for corruption, but recently some offenders were caught and sentenced to life.
The speaker believes that those who have been abused as children can still lead normal lives, but individuals who engage in sadistic and sick acts are psychopaths.
The speaker mentions the existence of extreme forums on the deep web related to child prostitution and trafficking.
00:00daisies destruction one of the
00:02most sadly legendary videos in the
00:04history of the internet, many classify it
00:06as fiction, a creepy lie, an
00:09urban legend, well hopefully because I
00:13can assure you that I have had daisies
00:16destruction in front of me, I am speaking
00:19literally, I have had the video on
00:23file right in front and I have decided not to
00:27see it, decide not to go in there although
00:30you always have that part of
00:32morbid curiosity of saying I want to see what
00:34almost no one has seen and everyone has
00:37talked about but I didn't dare because I think
00:39there are doors that it is better not to open
00:41but you have spoken to people who have
00:43seen it and I can confirm that it is
00:45totally true and not just me and
00:47these people there is an abhorrent human being,
00:50a real son of a
00:53[ __ ] who is going to be the sad protagonist
00:55of this video that is serving a
00:59life sentence in the philippines for being the
01:02author of daisy es de extraction for
01:04having recorded it,
01:05devised it and sold it, today i tell you as i
01:09promised you more than a year ago when
01:11i did the story of matthew folder, one
01:13of the most terrible monsters in the
01:15history of the deep web well today I bring
01:17something that I talked to you about above at
01:19that time I keep my promise a year
01:21later today he explained what exactly it is and
01:26what happened with daisies destruction
01:29we started
01:31the first time I heard the name of the
01:33video I was surrounded by a certain aura of
01:35urban legend of a lie of darkness of the dark and
01:37the ghostly even
01:39but as soon as I
01:41started to investigate I easily found
01:43many things that testify that that
01:46damn video is totally true and not
01:48just the video itself which is one more
01:51than so many of a market that
01:54exists even today, we are
01:56talking about these issues that happened
01:58a few years ago, imagine what the playground is like
02:00in 2020, a huge virtual market of
02:03abuse in some cases of boys and girls
02:08and small children and when I speak At very
02:10young ages
02:11I am even talking about babies and this
02:14is the case at hand. First we have
02:16to understand who Twitter Girl is,
02:18Cali, born in Australia in 1963.
02:23Very little is known about his life. He was
02:25married in Australia in Melbourne. He is the
02:28father of two children and had to flee
02:30his native country because he was a
02:33professional swindler. It is estimated that the total amount he
02:35had swindled was around three
02:38million dollars. He had to escape and
02:42chose a country that he loved because of the
02:45little control that there was at the level of abuse
02:47of minors in the philippines, for him, that
02:50country was not unknown to him, surely that is
02:52why he chose it. He had also previously
02:54opened a website hosted on
02:57the deep web in which he put
02:59older people in Australia in contact with
03:03teenagers, young people or women who
03:05wanted to work. prostitution in the
03:08Philippines and nearby countries so he
03:10already had contacts so he already knew
03:14of that underworld in which he would
03:17move as soon as he landed in the capital
03:19there he knows a child prostitute who is
03:21only 14 years old carmen and álvarez to the
03:25that he renamed with the nickname "
03:27great", we will see that he was always
03:29renaming the women who
03:31came into his life and uses it to
03:34get other girls to
03:36participate in his macabre games that I am not going
03:40to detail but what I am going to
03:42tell you. The thing is that he filmed everything and
03:45sold it on the deep web and where he sold it
03:48and how he sold it here we enter the
03:50connection of the video from a year ago by
03:52Matthew Folder, one of the creators and
03:53promoters of the page hard to the core
03:56vagina forum of the deep web where we
03:58could find the most extreme of the
04:01extreme, all the most illegal,
04:05prohibited, disgusting vices that you can
04:07imagine, including small children
04:10were there and Peter is Cali
04:12specialized in the sexual issue and in the
04:15minor issue and what he did was in
04:18various ways He got about
04:20and girls in some cases he talked to their
04:22parents and bought them in others he
04:25found them on the street badly living in
04:28extreme poverty and he gave them
04:30anything food so that they would come to his house
04:33in some cases he used angel to
04:36attract friends of his that he knew his
04:38relatives in gall were a
04:41true mental slave of escal and the
04:44fact is that they ended up going to his house and
04:46he did everything we cannot know
04:49how many of those girls are
04:52alive today there was no control many of
04:54them were not registered many of the
04:56girls were filmed and have been
04:58recognized over time but many
05:00others have not or tapes that no longer exist,
05:03recordings that have been lost or that
05:05are hosted in a place so deep
05:07in the deep web that not even the police can
05:09reach them but Many others were
05:12murdered by him and his friends,
05:15henchmen. It is believed that there was an
05:17important circle of people, but
05:19only 34 were discovered, in addition to
05:22Engel and another girl who would also be
05:25exactly the same
05:27as a young teenager who would capture in
05:29this case, he would rename her lovely
05:32enjoy lovely notice that he always names
05:34very sweet when what he did
05:37with them and with all the others was the
05:39most savage thing, the absolute destruction of
05:42human beings
05:44on the deep web and thanks to the contact of
05:46looks he begins to earn a lot of money which
05:49allows him to move around the
05:52philippines, change his residence,
05:54maybe he was deceived by some parents who
05:56gave him their daughter with the pretext that they were going
05:58to teach him english. ají was known
06:00as the american, not because he was from the usa,
06:02because he was from australia, but because
06:04he spoke english and He also had a
06:06very particular appearance, which is why they
06:08nicknamed him that, because I took that girl with the
06:10pretext of teaching her English and then
06:13they disappeared, they went to another city, another
06:16town, and so on for a few years,
06:19meanwhile I earned money making
06:21those snuff films that I don't go for. to
06:23detail, but you can imagine the worst
06:26of the worst,
06:27mutilations, murders, humiliations, everything that comes to
06:33mind that comes to mind, all of this was done by him and the two
06:35companions he had. Let's go to the moment
06:38of Daisy, it's destruction. We have to go
06:39to the year 2012
06:42there. you manage to kidnap two daisy girls
06:46but this day if it's not the one from the
06:50so famous video that would be another girl a
06:54baby that I would rename after a
06:56while but let's start with these two
06:58girls the kidnaps her they do everything they
07:01record them and via pay-per-view he makes
07:04money with them, which is what he did on
07:05the egg page in the
07:07different forums of disgusting, sadistic,
07:11ill-born people who consumed these
07:14products, they spent five days in the
07:16scale house of horrors and until finally After
07:19a mistake, they managed to
07:21get away from there, quickly go to the
07:25police and although the police were on
07:27notice, he and his partners took the
07:30suitcases and went to the other side of the
07:32country, the authorities were already semi-
07:34warned. The Philippines is not a
07:37first world country and more. at that time where
07:39there was a lot of lack of control so it
07:41is not like here where they quickly have
07:43all your information and they will surely
07:45find you in little philippines it is another
07:47story a few months after these
07:49two sadly lucky girls
07:50lucky to have been able to escape
07:53surely His faith would not have been
07:55death, it is known that it is cal and he killed
07:57several of his victims after
07:59finishing with them, especially if they wanted to
08:01snitch or if he had left them so
08:04physically ill that so that they would not
08:07be there dying, annoying,
08:09screaming or whatever, well ended
08:11his life and remains have been found
08:13in the gardens of houses he had owned.
08:16Remains were even found under
08:19the tiles of an apartment in which he
08:22recorded several movie scenes and this is
08:25known in addition to a paperwork issue
08:27because the background of the The apartment fit
08:29perfectly with the recordings that they
08:31found on him or that they found over
08:33time. Well, let's get back to the mess. We have
08:35scally at Yale. Lovely on the other side
08:37of the country. At Yale, he manages to fool a
08:41mother who has an 18-month-old baby
08:44named Barbie. to give it to her
08:47because this mother has very little money, she
08:49does not know what to do with the girl, she believes that
08:51she will not be able to take care of her, that she will not be
08:53able to feed her, so in gel he
08:56convinces her that with them they will be very
08:59helpful. He says that he is Cal and he is a man who
09:01cannot have children but that his dream is
09:04to have one and that emptiness in a
09:06wonderful way in the end the mother gives in and gives him
09:09her baby, they take him home and there it is
09:13recorded from this extraction that is not A
09:15video is five videos that go from less
09:19to more. I am not going to detail anything. They
09:22have told me almost everything. The only thing that is
09:25public is that there is a moment in which
09:27it is hanging but from then on I will not
09:30see more details but yes, in this
09:32atrocity the two girls participated, the
09:35baby is cali and all this was sponsored and
09:38with the seal of the producer's brand
09:40by a doctor for calling him in
09:42some way that he himself created nou limit
09:45fund and that together with the unfortunate
09:47folder They moved these recordings, now
09:49the deep web became
09:51legendary because of how extreme it was. For the people
09:54who enjoy these stories, it was a
09:57boom and Isis destruction became
10:00the spearhead of the hardest
10:03of the hard hardcore and
10:06they used this video as form of
10:09promotion to reach all the
10:12deep web sites where they wanted to reach so
10:14that you can see to what extent their minds
10:16were twisted and sadistic they made a
10:18small text that accompanied a frame
10:21of the video that was simply the title
10:23so that you would pay to be able to Seeing it like this, they
10:25did the business, I'm going to read you the text
10:28that made my blood run cold. I didn't know it. It
10:32's amazing how certain
10:34minds work. The introduction of the destruction
10:36of the daisy daisy in English is
10:39daisy. Come see the mental ruin of
10:41a girl. who lost her innocence being
10:43used as a tool she will
10:45learn to please her mistress her
10:48body will be devastated her dignity stolen
10:50helpless she will hang it all for her
10:53relentless fun her mistress will
10:55destroy her would you dare to witness the
10:58destruction of you and be sick text
11:00accompanied the video of some of you, you
11:02might wonder if the baby girl's name
11:04was barbie because you see and well
11:07because if you remember daisy was one of the
11:09two girls who escaped from that
11:12kidnapping and he stayed with her and
11:15this girl The baby also physically looked a lot like
11:18one of them, so he
11:21turned it into that kind of
11:23crazy fixation he had and transformed it into days and
11:262, that's why it's called the destruction of
11:29Daisy and what happened to the little girl, she couldn't make it
11:34the recording.
11:36Although there is no reliable proof
11:37because the body has not been found or
11:40anything, but he could not overcome the recording,
11:44we are in 2012 because this son of a
11:47[ __ ] still had three years of
11:49freedom left, the police were little by little
11:52approaching the man.
11:55clues the videos in which he left the country
11:57because there he thought he was immune that
11:59nothing would happen until the end in 2015 they
12:02hooked him I'm surprised that it was almost
12:06not heard here it's something curious because
12:08these cases that are cases of very
12:11important things do not reach and then we
12:14find out that they have robbed a bank in
12:17singapore and guys like him because there were
12:19five arrested in addition to the two
12:21girls who have done atrocities not
12:24for a day not for a week not
12:26for a month for years to hundreds of
12:30girls we are talking of a predator
12:33like few have seen, one of the
12:35worst, surely in history, who
12:38also made a profit from it and if I don't
12:41tell you about it now, it's because many don't even know it, he
12:43even fed on the rumor that
12:46this was a nice urban legend. urban
12:48my balls this was totally real
12:50unfortunately and we have to talk about things
12:52like that we have to remove the veil from these
12:56sick people and not just eye people like
12:59the hundreds or thousands of
13:01people who consume it who pay and who
13:04They are horny ok what the hell I know
13:06what they do with this type of content
13:10and we don't talk about it if we hide it what
13:12seems to happen in the end it
13:14seems like it doesn't exist hey no
13:16problem these are four talks the
13:17deep web
13:18here I'm sure that there were
13:20important people and I'll tell you why. Look
13:22what a coincidence in 2015 a
13:26room in the police station caught fire
13:28where all the material that is
13:31Cali was there. It had video tapes,
13:34telephone contacts, everything was burned, what a
13:38coincidence, right, we have a room
13:40inside a unit. In theory, the police
13:44would surely and fairly burn that room
13:48and here what is believed to be almost
13:49such security is that either on their part,
13:52which I highly doubt, or on the part of someone
13:54who was not interested in this coming to
13:56light, no matter what. Things came out
13:58that were there for a police force.
13:59Corruption in the Philippines at the
14:01police level is something super common, at least it
14:03was a few years ago because now there is
14:05a very harsh president in the Philippines and
14:08everything ended with the fact that they caught five who
14:10are serving life sentences. I don't
14:12even want to imagine and I'm glad what
14:14they are doing there, this happens to
14:16everyone who has been abused and
14:18especially to boys and girls in prison.
14:22To a good connoisseur, a few words are enough,
14:25although for me the wonderful ideal is
14:27that in one case So sincerely the
14:29death penalty, a person who, I don't even know
14:31how to define, is still alive,
14:33breathing and without repenting of anything
14:35because he has not regretted anything,
14:37says that when he was a child
14:38a priest abused him and with this he
14:41shields himself from who was half disturbed, there
14:43are not many people who have unfortunately been
14:46abused as children and who
14:48have normal lives and who are good
14:49people. Maybe they may have some
14:51problem, more depression, more anxiety,
14:53post-traumatic stress, but they don't do these
14:56things, this sadistic, sick, crazy
15:00psychopath. It has everything, but well, I
15:04wanted to bring you the topic of the
15:05extraction thesis because it is like an
15:07urban legend that many many many, even
15:09today, continue to say that it does not
15:10exist, that this is another
15:13Depp Web story and many are, but There is no
15:14market, there are forums on the deep web
15:17that are extreme and still exist,
15:22so I am sure that in countries like this,
15:23countries where there is a problem of
15:25child prostitution and trafficking of
15:28imagine with the Internet what it is like
15:31today. It is all over the world,
15:32what must happen, this is the first
15:34known case of many, but hey, who will
15:36we save the world or fix
15:38anything, I hope that at least you have been
15:39informed, entertained with this video, what
15:41I want to simply tell you
15:44that this Thursday November 26th I will be
15:47on a very special live show on my channel
15:49with my father and we will talk about many
15:51things that I'm sure interest you okay
15:54November 26th live on
15:56Georges' Corner I hope you
15:58liked this explanation and this story
16:00and if you are seeing from a letter from
16:04peters cali that they give you but in a way
16:07like you have never even imagined and
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the horrifying truth behind "Daisy's Destruction"?

The video delves into the horrifying truth behind "Daisy's Destruction," a real and abhorrent snuff film created by a truly evil individual. It sheds light on the perpetrator's despicable actions, the exploitation of children, and the depths of depravity in the deep web, highlighting a disturbing and sickening reality.

2. What are the despicable actions committed by the perpetrator of "Daisy's Destruction"?

The perpetrator of "Daisy's Destruction" has committed despicable actions including the creation of a real and abhorrent snuff film, the exploitation of children, and involvement in the depths of depravity in the deep web. The video discusses the chilling reminder of the heinous crimes and the need to uncover and address such atrocities.

3. How does the video shed light on the exploitation of children in "Daisy's Destruction"?

The video sheds light on the exploitation of children in "Daisy's Destruction" by portraying the disturbing reality and sickening depths of depravity in the deep web. It serves as a chilling reminder of the importance of acknowledging and combating such dark, real-world horrors.

4. What is the significance of acknowledging and combating the atrocities depicted in "Daisy's Destruction"?

The significance of acknowledging and combating the atrocities depicted in "Daisy's Destruction" is highlighted in the video, emphasizing the importance of addressing such dark, real-world horrors and the need to uncover and combat such heinous crimes.

5. Why is it important to shed light on the horrifying truth behind "Daisy's Destruction"?

Shedding light on the horrifying truth behind "Daisy's Destruction" is important as it serves as a chilling reminder of the depth of depravity, the exploitation of children, and the heinous crimes that need to be addressed. The video emphasizes the significance of uncovering and combating such disturbing and sickening realities.

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