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David Goggins, a former Navy SEAL and endurance athlete, attributes his success and overcoming physical pain to his intense stretching routine, which includes stretches for the psoas muscle, shoulders, triceps, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. He recommends stretching for at least 30 minutes daily to see significant progress in flexibility.
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David Goggins believes that stretching saved his life and he is passionate about it due to the challenges he has faced.
David Goggins sheds 106 pounds in less than three months to qualify for the Navy Seals.
He goes through Navy SEAL hell week three times in a single year.
David Goggins is not only a military legend but also one of the world's top endurance athletes.
David Goggins discovered the life-changing power of stretching after experiencing health issues due to his intense physical feats.
His body became stiff and his blood flow was affected.
He developed a bump on the back of his head from the stress.
David started stretching for 1-2 hours a day and hasn't missed a day in five years.
By stretching his psoas muscle, he was able to fix his compressed spine and regain height.
David Goggins includes various stretches in his routine, including neck stretches, shoulder stretches, tricep stretches, psoas stretches, quad stretches, glute stretches, hamstring stretches, and calf stretches.
Neck stretches involve moving the head from side to side and bringing the ear close to the shoulder.
Shoulder stretches include interlacing the fingers behind the back and raising the arms up, as well as holding the straight arm across the front of the body.
Tricep stretches involve bringing one arm up and behind the head and using the other hand to pull the elbow towards the opposite side.
Psoas stretches are done by kneeling on the floor with one knee down and the other up, and reaching back to the ankle for more stretching.
Quad stretches can be done by crossing one leg over the opposite knee and using the arms to pull the top knee closer to the body.
Glute stretches and hamstring stretches can be done by sitting on the floor or in a chair and using the arms to pull the top knee closer to the body.
Calf stretches involve using a board placed against a wall or doorway at a 70-degree angle and stepping onto it.
David Goggins recommends various stretching routines, including calf stretches, Indian style sitting, seated double quad prayer stretch, and the Butterfly stretch.
Goggins suggests stretching for 8-12 hours if you can, but 30 minutes daily is recommended for significant progress.
The recommended duration for stretching is 30 minutes daily for 30 days.
The flexibility program at, called Flexibility University, is backed by the latest science and used by top athletes, Olympians, yogis, martial artists, and dancers.
00:00do you want to know how David Goggins
00:02pushes his body to the absolute limit
00:04well stretching is actually one of his
00:07Secrets despite the incredible benefits
00:10of his stretching routine he never
00:11really goes into very explicit details
00:13uh about the stretches in fact finding
00:16specific details about them is darn near
00:18impossible but fear not as a diligent
00:20flexibility detective I've scoured over
00:23a hundred videos and articles to give
00:24you a comprehensive summary of 11 key
00:27stretches and specifically how to do
00:29them with these Navy SEAL stretching
00:31routines you can overcome your body pain
00:33Crush Ultra marathons and maybe just
00:36maybe even set some Guinness World
00:38Records yourself just like Goggins thank
00:48now David Goggins story is absolutely
00:51mind-blowing if you've never heard it
00:53this man truly believes that stretching
00:55saved his life and as you hear about the
00:58crazy challenges he's faced you'll
01:00understand why he's so passionate about
01:01stretching I saw this doc about eight
01:04years before this happened he was like
01:06Hey man you're so tight I've
01:08never seen anybody in my life as tight
01:09as you you need 50 000 hours of stress
01:12so I started stretching out one hour
01:14hour and a half so as muscle start
01:15getting more and more stressed out more
01:17and more relaxed and over a period of
01:18five years I'm the best shape of my damn
01:20life right now from stretching out to
01:23understand why David's body needs such
01:25intense stretching we must appreciate
01:27what he's been through it all started
01:29when he shed a jaw-dropping 106 pounds
01:33in less than three months to qualify for
01:35the Navy Seals but that was just the
01:37beginning despite injuries and setbacks
01:39David went through the notorious Navy
01:41SEAL hell week not once but three times
01:45in a single year to finally earn his
01:47graduation and David isn't just a
01:49military Legend he's also one of the
01:50world's top endurance athletes he's
01:53conquered countless Ultra marathons over
01:55100 miles long race through mountains
01:58and deserts instead of nine boggling
02:00Guinness World Record by doing four
02:02thousand Thirty pull-ups in just 17
02:05hours but although superhuman Feats
02:07started taking a toll on David's Health
02:09his body became stiff as a board which
02:11messed up his blood flow in his entire
02:13body and even developed a weird bump on
02:15the back of his head from all the stress
02:17and that is when he designed his
02:19stretching routine check out this crazy
02:21clip of him explaining how he discovered
02:23the life-changing power of stretching my
02:25organs were pretty much shutting down
02:26and I went from a guy who could run 205
02:29miles to God who couldn't get out of bed
02:30my body was just jacked up couldn't
02:32sleep I hope I was just down shutting
02:34down and I realized man my life is over
02:36this is it I saw this doc he was like
02:38Hey man you're so tight I've
02:41never seen anybody in my life as tight
02:42as you you 50 000 hours of stress you
02:46know I worked out so hard I'd have time
02:48to stress man I was running 150 miles a
02:49week so I started stretching out one
02:51hour hour and a half I've I've missed
02:54two days of stretching out in five years
02:55that silver has muscle started getting
02:57more and more stressed out more more
02:58relaxed in over a period of five years
03:00I'm the best shape of my damn life right
03:02now from stretching out as you just saw
03:05at the start of his stretching Journey
03:06even getting out of bed was a battle his
03:09spine was compressed and he lost up to
03:10two inches in height but by stretching
03:13his psoas muscle AKA The Soul muscle all
03:16that changed at this point David was
03:18stretching for a whopping 8 to 12 hours
03:20a day he gradually scaled it back to
03:22only six and then four hours and now he
03:25religiously spends at least two hours
03:27every night stretching this intense
03:29commitment to fixing his body no matter
03:31what it takes is frankly for me freaking
03:34inspiring if this doesn't kick you in
03:36the ass to start your own stretching
03:37routine you better check your pulse
03:39alright so let's get into the Nitty
03:41Gritty details of David's stretching
03:43routine first he believes that the psoas
03:44muscle is the real MVP he even claims it
03:47can help relieve anxiety and depression
03:49and if that's true damn that's one
03:51powerful muscle although some will argue
03:53that the claim is a little woo-woo I
03:55don't think David gives a bleep about
03:57your thoughts bottom line if it works it
04:00works beyond the psoas in researching
04:02hundreds of interviews articles and
04:04videos I found 11 other key stretches
04:07that David includes in his stretching
04:08routines next stretches to stretch your
04:11neck gently move your head to each side
04:13holding it there for as long as possible
04:15without discomfort
04:16start by bringing your ear close to your
04:19shoulder lower your chin to your chest
04:23and finally move your ear towards the
04:24other shoulder
04:27David's favorite shoulder stretch is
04:29simply interlacing your fingers behind
04:30your back and raising your arms up as
04:32high as possible this movement targets
04:34the shoulders and stretches the chest
04:36and biceps another shoulder stretch
04:39David does is holding his straight arm
04:41across the front of his body to Target
04:43the rear delt muscle hold each position
04:45until it becomes uncomfortable and then
04:47rest and repeat for tricep stretches
04:49David uses the standard arm behind the
04:51head position bringing one arm up and
04:54behind your head and then use your other
04:56hand to pull the elbow toward the
04:57opposite side gently
04:59one Advanced variation I like is to use
05:01a band for deeper stretching
05:07and so as stretching one of David's main
05:10focus areas is the psoas muscle which he
05:12stretches by kneeling on the floor with
05:14one knee down and the other up another
05:16modification he uses is reaching back to
05:18his ankle to add more stretching to his
05:22if you want to see an advanced version
05:24of this quad stretch check out the video
05:26on my YouTube channel called the best
05:28damn quad stretch period glute
05:31stretching to stretch your glutes and
05:32hamstrings sit on the floor in a chair
05:34or lie on your back cross one leg over
05:37the opposite knee and use your arms to
05:39pull the top knee closer to your body
05:40creating a deep stretch hamstring
05:43stretches sit with your chest up and
05:45your spine straight then reach towards
05:46your toes this stretch targets your
05:49hamstrings in a nice Deep Way calf
05:52stretching David's favorite calf stretch
05:54involves using a board placed against a
05:56wall or the inside of a doorway at a 70
05:57degree angle step onto the board with
06:00your heel on the floor and your toes at
06:01the top allowing for a deeper calf
06:03stretch some other stretches that David
06:04mentions are Indian style sitting
06:10the seated double quad prayer stretch
06:12where you sit with your shins on the
06:14floor and your butt on your heels
06:18and the Butterfly stretch
06:23so how long should you stretch for well
06:26if you're Goggins then eight to twelve
06:28hours is a good place to start but if
06:30you're a mere mortal 30 minutes daily
06:32would give you significant progress in
06:3430 days I call it the 30 30 breakthrough
06:37and it's about the length of time I
06:39recommend in all my stretching and
06:40flexibility programs at so
06:43there you have it David Goggins and his
06:45intense stretching routines I don't know
06:47about you but even if you don't use
06:49these techniques to get through Navy
06:50SEAL training I'm personally inspired to
06:53take my stretching game to the next
06:54level what about you are you ready to
06:57stretch like Goggins if so check out
06:59flexibility University at got
07:01it's a system of flexibility used by top
07:04athletes Olympians yogis martial artists
07:06and dancers and it's backed by the
07:08latest Cutting Edge science of
07:10stretching and flexibility so happy
07:12stretching and remember you're just one
07:14step away from building or rebuilding
07:16your perfect body
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does David Goggins attribute his success and overcoming physical pain?

David Goggins, a former Navy SEAL and endurance athlete, attributes his success and overcoming physical pain to his intense stretching routine.

2. What muscles does David Goggins focus on while stretching?

David Goggins focuses on stretches for the psoas muscle, shoulders, triceps, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

3. How long does David Goggins recommend stretching for daily?

David Goggins recommends stretching for at least 30 minutes daily to see significant progress in flexibility.

4. What is the key to David Goggins' success in overcoming physical pain?

The key to David Goggins' success in overcoming physical pain is his intense stretching routine.

5. Why does David Goggins emphasize stretching for flexibility?

David Goggins emphasizes stretching for flexibility to achieve significant progress in physical endurance.

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