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The video discusses whether David Laid, a popular fitness influencer, is natural or using performance-enhancing drugs, based on his physique and strength gains over the years. It also explores his personal background and his transformation from a skinny teenager to a prominent figure in the fitness world. After a thorough evaluation, the conclusion is reached that David Laid is believed to be natural based on his genetic potential and dedicated hard work.
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The video discusses David Laid's transformation and his journey into bodybuilding.
David Laid's father died tragically when he was young.
He faced bullying at school due to his skinny physique.
David discovered bodybuilding as a way to overcome his insecurities.
His transformation went viral worldwide.
David Laid's transformation from a skinny ectomorph to a muscular bodybuilder.
David Laid was a former ice hockey star but decided to pursue bodybuilding.
He started with a very skinny frame and had difficulty gaining muscle.
Despite the challenge, he worked hard and gained dry muscle.
He became extremely strong and changed a lot in terms of physique.
David Laid is a fitness influencer who promotes having a cool physique and enjoying life.
David Laid's impressive physique and strength raises suspicions about his natural status, as he was able to lift heavy weights at a young age without significant changes in his physique over the years.
David fell in love with fitness at 17 and transformed his physique impressively.
His ability to lift heavy weights at a young age and maintain his shape over the years raises suspicions about his natural status.
David's latest records show that he is still able to lift phenomenal loads, which further fuels people's distrust about his natural status.
David Laid faces accusations of being a fake natty and refuses to comment
David is known for his extreme dedication to training
Kenny KLE confronts David about his lifetime status
David becomes uncomfortable during the interview and refuses to comment
David's first Instagram post is from 2013 and shows he already had an impressive physique
This section discusses the evolution and physique of David Laid.
David Laid's gains are dry and he has good genetics for definition.
He has a cool physique and has evolved over time.
David Laid has gained a significant following on social media.
The subtitles discuss David Laid's physique and the question of whether he is natural or using steroids.
David Laid is a fitness influencer who built a fantastic physique over the years.
There is speculation about whether he uses steroids or not.
The person in the video gives their verdict that David Laid is natural.
They mention that genetics play a role in individual strength and that extreme strength athletes exist without using steroids.
00:00you used the juice
00:03what do you do so much at Chris Brown's house
00:14lade you conquered the world isn't it even
00:17at just 25 years old you have millions of
00:20followers an influencer made in this
00:22large scale your fame is worldwide not
00:27only in Estonia the his home country as
00:29well as in the United States, Europe and
00:31Latin America, however
00:36he claims to be natural all his life but
00:41people need to know
00:43you have a dirty little secret what do
00:46you do when no one is
00:49looking I will do a
00:51thorough investigation and I will conclude if you is it
00:55natural or not because on the channel Rodrigo
00:59Góes I am the love I am the law Let's
01:03decide if you are natural or just
01:09fake Nery stick with me
01:13let's go the beginning of David's story is
01:18a little sad David didn't know his father
01:22his father he died tragically he fell
01:25from a ship that was anchored in the port
01:26of Estonia he
01:27disappeared and when he was found he
01:30was already lifeless this devastated the
01:32law family and his mother decided to move to the
01:36United States, getting there they loved the
01:39country and everything was going well Very well,
01:42however, he started to suffer bullying at
01:45school, but Rodrigo, because they picked
01:48on the boy, David, aged 14, was
01:52only 41 kg, which means he was an easy target, right?
01:57The boy looked like a stick and
02:01sticks break very easily and that
02:04was it. What they did with David's psychology, he
02:08also had scoliosis, an annoying problem
02:11with his spine, and he decided to go to a doctor. When he
02:13got to the doctor, the doctor said damn,
02:16kid, you're too skinny because you do
02:18n't train here in the United States, we
02:20have countless gyms, train
02:24hard work, don't accept bullying you will win
02:27That's when Deivid Lady discovered the world
02:31of iron the world of bodybuilding and the world
02:35of hard work Dave Lady had a
02:39fantastic transformation and ended up going
02:40viral worldwide let's analyze
02:43David's transformation
02:46now now I'm going to show you a
02:49video of the transformation of David from 14 to
02:5317 years old, this video is from David's own channel
02:55and has more than 50
02:58million views
03:01Mary and Joseph
03:03Ok, let's analyze David's evolution and
03:08observe whether there is anything strange or not
03:13that you can observe about the boy He
03:15really was a stick, you know, look at
03:18his head, it's thicker than his
03:23extremely thin torso, which I can
03:25see is that he has that
03:27classic ectomorph genetics than that
03:29taller guy with compact shoulders and who has
03:31greater difficulty gaining muscles,
03:33this concept is it became generic
03:36over the years but it serves to give us
03:38a North beauty
03:41curiosity this hockey shirt David
03:43was an ice hockey star and he
03:46could have been a professional but he decided not to
03:48take it further
03:54you seemed insecure girl
03:57if you got beaten up in high school didn't you
04:05[ Music]
04:17cool magic tricks
04:21one and 88 skin and bones he's 88 okay
04:26guys He's really tall
04:27Here he started training man
04:30he's so skinny
04:34his forearm is bigger than his bicep I don't think I've
04:37ever seen that but this way it's developing
04:39well That one already has much
04:42better muscle definition man, always, right,
04:46his gains will be dry This is the
04:48advantage of ectomorphs, it's difficult to
04:50gain muscle but the gains are dry,
04:55look, here it came on the medsexo shoulder, already
04:58all apparently well defined veins
05:00starting to appear the boy was
05:02working hard
05:12very good
05:18heavy for someone with 20 arms see he
05:21already started bodybuilding using good
05:24cards and became extremely strong he
05:41's changing well that's
05:46it boy
05:50very good Wow that's already changed a lot
05:53really nice guy
06:03But you want to show me your Shape Or
06:05you want to show me your baseball
06:14you're wearing Zeus' shirt you're
06:18wearing Azizian's shirt the first
06:21Fitness influencer outside the
06:23bar building bubble creator of the movement
06:25stered this movement It's for people who
06:28just want to have a cool physique and
06:30live life as if there were no tomorrow, have
06:33fun picking up pretty girls, they
06:35got the term Pimp, meeting
06:38pretty girls and living a life that's very different
06:41from the barber world where you have to
06:43practically be a robot as you
06:46know I respect everyone I respect
06:49zez aroni calm down everyone deserves respect the
06:53gym is the only place where we
06:55are all on the same page there we are
06:58all equal
07:02again a base this guy is
07:10the accusations are that he
07:12met the juice and if He fell in love with the juice
07:15at the age of 17 because take a look at what
07:18he has become so far I thought
07:21everything was normal but really the shape that
07:24will appear now is a bit
07:26suspicious, isn't it? Watch
07:30wow Luke since [ __ ] look like
07:38burned times
07:41So what's up? your natural opinion or not I
07:48still don't have my verdict however
07:51I found it suspicious because everything was coming
07:55in an appropriate way
07:58normal and plausible gains 14 15 16 and well Luke
08:03with 17 David transformed however
08:09he maintained this shape over the
08:12following years today 8 years later David
08:17is practically the same but with better
08:20muscle quality people also
08:23claim that no one could lift
08:26the loads of duty without the use of drugs
08:28because he
08:30is extremely strong he lifts
08:34supernatural loads let's take a look at the
08:37loads that David is capable of lifting
08:40Let's take a look at the intensity of
08:45at 17 years old David was already putting 60 on each
08:50side on the bench press and already squatting with 80 kg
08:54on each side, without a doubt very
08:57impressive that being a deadlift with 110
09:00kg on each side is really not for
09:06everyone much less by a boy of
09:08just 17 years old What's your secret from
09:12Ilha do Leite what happened in your
09:15adolescence the bullying made you use the juice
09:19the bullying made
09:23you you wouldn't lie to me
09:26you wouldn't lie to millions of
09:29followers in 2020 he posted another video
09:33of his impressive feats the boy
09:36is capable of lifting phenomenal loads
09:39but after an injury he started to take it
09:43easy let's take a look at
09:45David's latest records channel
09:57bench press record 160 kg
10:02390 Pau
10:06great execution boy celebrate smell
10:14in the squat David holds the record
10:16210 kg really impressive no
10:23Way was boy already in the deadlift the
10:28record David is 306 kg without a doubt David
10:34is extremely strong and
10:37people's distrust of David is not because of
10:40his physique but because of his strength that David has in
10:45my opinion that means
10:46absolutely nothing genetic strength and you
10:51can through hard work become
10:53stronger and stronger Just challenge yourself and
10:57one thing I have to admit David
11:00trains like an animal he is extremely
11:04dedicated he doesn't have Only Lucas
11:07has the honor of hard work as
11:12in Mister Olympia 2021 Kenny KLE better
11:16known as kenne knockout confronted
11:19David Lady about his nerdiness about his
11:22life time status
11:28is the creator of the painting Nere York from the United
11:31States let's see what should de
11:34Lady has to answer about this very
11:36controversial question
11:47great answer
11:49you can even give me an
11:52anti-doping a drug test good girl
12:08if you notice a David is
12:11extremely uncomfortable with this
12:12interview But why because I'm not
12:17a pain in the ass I'm sorry, few people in the
12:19industry like him he's very boring
12:28[Music] [
12:49Music] [
13:21Music] [
14:02no I don't want to comment on anything get the hell out
14:04of here Boy and this is
14:08David's Instagram he doesn't have it he just uses it an
14:12Instagram and YouTube Ok, I like to say
14:15names in English, sorry, I'm faithful in
14:18English, come on guys, his first post
14:21is from 2013 and we see that he already
14:24had a cool physique, right, his shoulder was already coming
14:26out, everything was coming out and he was
14:29also evolving in November 2013, he
14:32put overware there, Training, it was
14:34a little after a year of training,
14:36so he started more or less with this
14:39Shape, you know, the forearm is bigger than the
14:41biceps, really, a lot more, the
14:45only advantage I already mentioned before It's just
14:47that his gains will always be dry,
14:50hardly anyone with the genetics
14:53will touch fat, beauty
14:57here, another photo here, 8 Maps go and now,
15:00eight months of difference between the photos,
15:02so natural, 100% here,
15:07good genetics for definition, but very difficult to
15:10gain volume so much that To this day, David
15:13maintains a physique considered thin in the
15:17middle of the bar and building, beauty, but
15:19his shape is really cool, see. Without a doubt, these
15:24are very old photos,
15:26this one from 2014,
15:29constant evolution, there was no
15:32time difference here in this image,
15:35that one looks like a pose from Zed from
15:38jeffside, it's not really presentational and
15:42that was the evolution I don't want to see
15:44your baseball, it's
15:47really cool, Hips, I've been
15:51remembering Wonder for three years here
15:53I remember when this shirt arrived in the
15:56mail, then the best wear stream, I
16:03'll explain it I
16:06was very embarrassed to wear a
16:07tank top because when this shirt arrived
16:09I looked like a clothes hanger damn
16:12I called you a stick and you called yourself
16:15a hanger however it's all a joke
16:18ok actually it's reality but I
16:21have no right to offend no one was just
16:24my way Thank God you have evolved
16:27a lot beauty what else do we have here
16:33constant evolution others 2014 in 2014
16:36he already had a very cool physique at
16:4015 years old beauty
16:42has evolved a lot in Pump always growing
16:45dry, right guys that's fantastic and
16:48recently he's here
16:51he became a star, right 3.4 million
16:54followers athlete
16:56dector I didn't know he had become
16:58director of Dean Shark track of left
17:00training director lifting weights and here
17:04the first photo he is already with the big
17:05star Seven time Mister Olympia he
17:08really looks very thin close to
17:10Filipe but this photo has a lot of
17:12effect and let's take a look here at all
17:16the photos that I didn't like, which seem
17:17to have a lot of Photoshop and
17:19a lot of lighting effects but look at the size
17:22of his arm, guys, 40 arms at
17:25most, bursting maybe contracting in the
17:31that we have here,
17:34his legs, I hadn't seen them properly
17:36yet, legs that are not very bulky, but
17:38extremely symmetrical for his shape,
17:41personal beauty,
17:43very good and in my opinion, he surpassed it, isn't it,
17:50continuing Oops, it looks like someone is a
17:54friend of Chris Brown,
17:58tell me tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who it is what
18:01Simbante gave in secret what
18:03you do with Chris Brown we
18:08all know he drinks juice for
18:10breakfast lunch and dinner at every
18:14meal he has juice do you want to be like
18:21Or do you want if you
18:23stand naturally side by side you
18:27become tiny however the height is
18:30cool isn't it cool to be
18:32taller than someone Big
18:34plus a photo with Chris Brown
18:37apparently you are personal friends
18:40this pose David is my favorite of his
18:42because he has a nice dorsal face and
18:45broad shoulders So make that Nice one,
18:47I'm back, right, that shape you see that
18:50everyone wants to have, right, that all the
18:52barbeu judges don't even love beauty Wow, this photo
18:56here, his leg looks sinister,
18:59very deep cuts, very good,
19:04I already have my verdict
19:06David Lady, one of the biggest
19:10Fitness influencers in the world, born
19:14in cold Estonia, lost his father very
19:17early, I'm truly sorry for that,
19:20I understand your pain, he came to the
19:24United States in search of his dreams and
19:27fulfilled them all at the age of 14, he weighed
19:31only 41 kg and Over the years,
19:36build a fantastic physique But there's
19:39one question that Ivete won't keep silent about.
19:42Is there an average? Have
19:45you used the juice? What do you do at
19:50Chris Brown's house?
19:52[Music] Have
19:53you looked in his fridge?
20:03after a thorough evaluation I already have
20:06my verdict and my verdict
20:11natural yes I believe it David Lady I am
20:19I will no longer believe anyone
20:21Remembering that the Nero picture is not
20:24based solely on my opinion no you
20:27can know 100% there are people who
20:30use steroids and it seems like they don't use
20:32anything there are people who don't take anything
20:36and it seems like they take a lot
20:39Genetics is something very individual I don't
20:42think the strength of duty justifies the
20:44use of steroids there are countless
20:47extreme strength athletes In my high school
20:50in the United States there was a
20:52bench press and squat championship, an incentive
20:56to the sport is tremendous and the difference
20:59I see from there to here is race,
21:02hard work, training until death, I
21:06don't see that much in Brazil because That's
21:08why I believe
21:10and I wish him all the best
21:13congratulations on his growth David congratulations
21:16on becoming a great
21:18influencer You seem like a
21:21decent person and I wish you to be very
21:24happy and if you like this type of
21:27content and want to see more videos like
21:29this please subscribe to my channel
21:32Rodrigo Goes
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is David Laid a natural bodybuilder?

The video explores the topic of whether David Laid is a natural bodybuilder or if he uses performance-enhancing drugs. It discusses his physique and strength gains over the years, as well as his personal background and transformation in the fitness world. After a thorough evaluation, the conclusion is reached that David Laid is believed to be natural based on his genetic potential and dedicated hard work.

2. What is the background of David Laid?

The video discusses the background of David Laid, including his transformation from a skinny teenager to a prominent figure in the fitness world. It provides insights into his personal journey and the challenges he faced, ultimately leading to his success in the fitness industry.

3. How did David Laid achieve his physique and strength gains?

The video covers how David Laid achieved his impressive physique and strength gains over the years. It delves into his training methods, diet, and dedication, highlighting the hard work and commitment that contributed to his transformation.

4. What sets David Laid apart in the fitness world?

The video explores the factors that set David Laid apart in the fitness world, including his journey from a young, skinny teenager to a prominent influencer. It discusses his impact on the fitness community and the inspiration he provides to his followers.

5. What is the conclusion about David Laid's natural status?

After a thorough evaluation of David Laid's physique and strength gains, the conclusion is reached that he is believed to be natural based on his genetic potential and dedicated hard work. The video provides insights into the factors contributing to this conclusion.

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