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Dr. David Sinclair's updated supplement protocol includes Vitamin D, Vitamin K2, Resveratrol, Quercetin, NMN, Spermidine, Metformin, and TMG, with varying dosages for each supplement.
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Dr. David Sinclair takes vitamin D and vitamin K2 supplements for their nutritional benefits, as vitamin K2 helps with calcium distribution and keeps it out of the arteries.
Dr. Sinclair mentioned taking these supplements in his book and confirmed in a recent interview that his supplement protocol has not changed.
These supplements are not specifically for longevity but rather for general health and nutrition.
Dr. David Sinclair has added spermidine to his supplement protocol, taking 1-2 milligrams every morning with water.
The spermidine is purchased in pure form from a company with low levels of gluten.
Dr. Sinclair is testing spermidine to see how it affects his numbers in his inside tracker.
He advises the company that produces the spermidine and is impressed by the promising results of the human clinical trials.
In a comment, Dr. Sinclair corrected the dose of spermidine to be 1-2 milligrams, not one gram as previously mentioned.
David Sinclair takes trimethylglycine (TMG) as a precaution to provide his body with a source of methyl groups, which are necessary for various bodily functions including antioxidants and stress protection. TMG is considered safe and he continues to take it unless there is a good reason or risk not to.
Taking high levels of nicotinamide can lead to its excretion through the kidneys, which becomes methyl nicotinamide.
There is concern about the drain of methyl nicotinamide and its impact on the availability of methyl groups in the body.
TMG, also known as betaine, is a safe supplement that provides methyl groups and protects human cells against stress.
Our bodies can naturally produce methyl groups, but taking TMG as a precaution ensures a constant source of methyl groups.
00:00if you've been following Dr David
00:01Sinclair you know that the update is
00:03supplement protocol from time to time
00:05and in each interview it gives another
00:07piece of his protocol and certain
00:09supplements that appear in one interview
00:11he does not mention them in other
00:13interviews sometimes it's hard to follow
00:15his protocol today what he's doing today
00:17that's what we want to know now since I
00:20know Dr David Sinclair Works since 2007
00:22since I read many studies that he
00:24published even before he went public in
00:262019 here I have collected for you from
00:29a variety of sources including
00:30Sinclair's book trying to figure out
00:32everything it takes today in our March
00:35from each supplement and in this video
00:37I'm also going to include a very spicy
00:39comment from Dr Sinclair about
00:40Resveratrol so if you take the
00:42supplements you really want to see this
00:43now let's start
00:46welcome to the wellness Messiah podcast
00:49I'm your host Ramon
00:58vitamin d and vitamin K2 I would like to
01:01start with these because Dr David
01:02Sinclair stopped mentioning these
01:04supplements in the latest interviews in
01:07his book he said I take a daily dose of
01:10vitamin D vitamin K2 but in 2021 he
01:14mentioned that he's still taking all the
01:16supplements that he mentioned in the
01:17book let's hear it from him
01:21what are you currently taking uh Doses
01:24and such like
01:26yeah well actually it hasn't changed
01:27since I wrote uh lifespan 18 months ago
01:30so page 304
01:32see the list
01:33now if you do consider to take these
01:35supplements you wonder why does Dr David
01:37Sinclair take these vitamin d and
01:40vitamin K2 supplements in this segment
01:42it explains why so you can make up your
01:44mind about your health
01:46I take vitamin D vitamin K2 K2 is a
01:50really important one which keeps the
01:51calcium out of your arteries and puts it
01:53into your bones where it's needed so
01:54even though Dr David Sinclair doesn't
01:56mention vitamin D and K in every
01:58interview it gives I guess because they
02:00are more nutritional choice of
02:01supplements than longevity supplements
02:03on which is mostly asked about the
02:06reasons he gave are solid and it's safe
02:08to assume that it still takes them what
02:10about the dose of those two supplements
02:12I never found one interview where he
02:14mentioned specific doses of those two
02:15supplements a standard dose of vitamin D
02:17is between 2000 to 5000 units and a
02:20standard dose of vitamin K2 is somewhere
02:23between 50 to 120 micrograms so I
02:26estimate that his does fall within this
02:28range the verdict he still takes vitamin
02:31D in K2 and the dose is unknown let's
02:33move to the next one this is his most
02:35famous supplement Resveratrol
02:41so let's go back in 2019 book he
02:44mentioned I take one gram of any man
02:46every morning along with one gram of
02:48Resveratrol shaken into my homemade
02:51yogurt does he still take the same dose
02:53in 2022 in his very long interview in
02:55his channel he confirmed I'm quoting
02:57I've been taking one gram of Resveratrol
03:00since 2004. so it's the same exact dose
03:03the one he wrote in his book confirmed
03:05of course if you follow Sinclair it's
03:07not just how much respiratory takes but
03:09also how now that has been evolved over
03:12the years so I showed you in the book
03:13that he mentioned in 2019 that he mixes
03:16Resveratrol with yogurt about a year ago
03:19we changed that protocol and then began
03:21to mix Resveratrol with olive oil
03:23however I was pretty surprised to see
03:25that he also changed that protocol as
03:27well let's hear from him what he is
03:28doing now
03:31um I've even tried I like to mix up my
03:33diet like anybody else I've tried olive
03:35oil plus a bit of vinegar and a Basil
03:37Leaf in the morning it's like drinking
03:38uh we call it salad dressing in the
03:41morning uh that one lasted for about a
03:44month I've given up on that I now like
03:46this coconut yogurt that you've turned
03:48me onto actually
03:50the verdict one gram of Resveratrol
03:53mixed in coconut yogurt in the morning
03:55as a segue here if you have doubts about
03:58adding Resveratrol into your supplement
04:00routine don't go anywhere we're going to
04:02attach this Resveratrol controversy
04:04today the next two supplements are from
04:06the same group the same family of
04:08Resveratrol the polyphenols the
04:17explaining why he takes these
04:23um so I've added
04:26quercetin which is a molecule related to
04:29Resveratrol which is also
04:32suppresses the activity of senescent
04:35cells the the one that I'm testing out
04:37is physician f i s e t i n n because in
04:41we showed in 2003 and 2005 in two nature
04:44papers that it extends the lifespan of
04:46animals small animals worms and flies
04:49but nevertheless it's been now shown
04:51that it's analytic it kills off the
04:53senescent cells in the body at least in
04:55mice probably in humans based on some
04:58human data and so I'm looking at that
05:01so this is the why but how much does it
05:03take this segment is from a long video
05:05in his channel
05:09visadin and Kirsten half a gram in the
05:12the verdict 500 milligrams of quercetine
05:16in phisidine every morning mixed into
05:18yogurt probably now we can assume it's a
05:20coconut yogurt
05:26the next supplement in our list is an MN
05:28let's hear Dr David Sinclair explains
05:30about this supplement and how much he
05:32takes and so nmn is is what I take each
05:35day I take a gram of it I know a gram is
05:39likely to be raising 180 levels during
05:42I also try to time it with my natural
05:44circadian rhythm so NAD will go up
05:46during the morning getting ready
05:50but if I take it at night
05:53what I find is that I'm actually
05:55starting to interfere with my sleep
05:58patterns in all the interviews he has
06:00done since then it's still the same dose
06:02one gram of any man in the morning and
06:05it doesn't need to be mixed into
06:06anything just with water so the verdict
06:08one gram in the morning with water let's
06:11move to the new supplement in Dr David
06:13Sinclair protocol
06:19let's hear what he says about that
06:24uh spermity there is you can buy it now
06:26it's um there's a company that makes it
06:29in pure form very low levels of gluten
06:31and just the last few months I've added
06:32that to my protocol and we'll have to
06:34see how my numbers look on inside
06:35tracker okay so that's not that's not
06:38something you've adopted and you're like
06:39I'm definitely sticking with it this is
06:41I'm adopted and I'm testing it out to
06:43see how it works I am and I actually I
06:46advise that company it's the first
06:47supplement company I am advising and I
06:49did that because I wanted to look at the
06:51human clinical trials and they they look
06:52really promising as well how much of
06:54that are you taking a gram as well okay
06:57so from this interview it sounds like
06:58this is the most recent experimental
07:00supplement in the stack now what about
07:03the dose this is important to listen to
07:05this even though in this video Dr David
07:07Sinclair mentioned it takes one gram of
07:09pyrimidine later in the comment section
07:12he corrected this dose he said
07:14correction I said I take one gram of
07:16spermidine but the active ingredient in
07:18the capsules is one to two milligrams I
07:20apologize for the confusion so the
07:22verdict about spermidine is one to two
07:24milligrams taking every day in the
07:26morning this is what he said also in
07:28this podcast now if you too consider to
07:30take spermidine and you think okay this
07:32is only an experiment he's doing on his
07:34body maybe if there is a safer and
07:36cheaper way to guess permittent and many
07:38of my subscribers ask me how to guess
07:40permitting from food this study measured
07:42how much permadine in each type of food
07:44and and ranks them from the highest
07:45concentration to the lowest I'm quoting
07:47from this study spermuding concentration
07:49in Foods was as follows mushroom the
07:5288.6 milligrams per kilo of food green
07:56peas 65 milligrams per kilo of food and
07:59broccoli 32 milligrams per kilo of food
08:02so as you can see there is a bunch of
08:04spermidine in mushrooms but also in
08:06broccoli and green peas these levels
08:09coming from food more than satisfy or at
08:12least similar to the levels of
08:13spermidine that Dr Sinclair takes in a
08:15supplement form and also there is
08:17another certainty about the safety of
08:19spermidine in those Foods
08:25now we are getting more into the
08:27controversial stuff let's hear Dr David
08:29Sinclair explain on why he used to take
08:31TMG the reason that I take
08:34glycine actually specifically
08:36trimethylglycine is is actually to
08:39counter what I think might be going on
08:41with an NAD booster but the thing with
08:44nicotinide mononucleotide nmn is that it
08:47it has this nicotinamide group on it it
08:50hangs off the the main part of the
08:52chemical and it's the first bond to
08:53break and so we see in animals and even
08:56in humans that
08:57the levels of nicotin might go up quite
08:59rapidly after taking nmn or NR and two
09:03two high levels of nicotinamide are not
09:06good in part because
09:09the nicotinamide gets excreted through
09:12the kidneys and it's done so that
09:15happens because it becomes methylated
09:17into methyl nicotinamide but the concern
09:19that's that's been talked about in
09:22social media especially is is this drain
09:25of methyl nicotinamide a problem the
09:27methyl groups are are needed for the
09:29body we need methyl for a whole range of
09:31things including antioxidants
09:34and so as a precaution I take
09:36trimethylglycine so that I continue to
09:39give my body a source of methyl groups
09:41now I don't know if that's true people
09:44ask me all the time
09:46and take as a precaution because I know
09:48that trimethylglycine is not going to
09:49hurt me glycine is good
09:51and the other thing is methyl glycine is
09:54also known as betaine uh which on human
09:57cells is very good for them including
10:00protecting them against stress so I
10:02don't see any downside it's not an
10:04expensive molecule and the upside is
10:07that I'm preventing my body from being
10:08drained of methyl groups but the reason
10:10that I can't say for sure that it's
10:14actually is that our bodies can make
10:16methyl groups there's a whole pathway in
10:18fact I did a PhD on it when I was in
10:19Australia 30 years ago
10:22um but so I did take it as a precaution
10:24now Dr David Sinclair didn't mention TMG
10:27in his last interviews as he stopped
10:29taking TMG your guess is as good as mine
10:32but as we can see how he adds and Stack
10:35Up supplements the likelihood that it
10:38doesn't stop taking them unless there is
10:40a very good reason or risk of taking
10:42them and TMG is a pretty safe supplement
10:44how much does it take he never said but
10:47the standard dose is about 500
10:48milligrams the verdict about TMG is
10:51yours based on what he said you can make
10:53up your own mind if you want to add this
10:55supplement to your supplement routine
11:01the next one is metformin metformin is a
11:04drug of course not a food supplement but
11:06Sinclair mentioned that in his book why
11:09does it take Metformin let's hear him
11:10explaining exactly that I try to take a
11:13couple of Metformin pills for two
11:16reasons one is that my family has a
11:18history of diabetes and metforminism
11:20very effective at treating diabetes and
11:22even preventing it so I do that for
11:24disease reasons but also because the
11:27work of many Labs has pointed to
11:30um not just animals but tens of
11:32thousands of people in clinical trials
11:33benefiting from that drug which seems to
11:37enhance and mimic the benefits of
11:39fasting now what about the dose so we
11:42said in the book it was one Graham he
11:44said it takes one gram of Metformin
11:46every day apparently it changed a bit
11:48with those in a recent podcast he said
11:51I'm quoting I take 800 milligrams at
11:53night but the edit that it does not take
11:55me to form in the days before exercise
11:58anyhow 800 milligrams in one gram is
12:01very close dose so it hasn't changed
12:03dramatically about the time in
12:04government forming Dr David Sinclair
12:06says that he takes it at night this
12:09corroborates what I found with with my
12:11own body in my own experiment with
12:12metformin over the last three years I
12:14found that metformin is very useful to
12:16my body before bedtime because it
12:19offsets the glucose stimulating hormones
12:21at night melatonin and growth hormone
12:24these two are natural hormones produced
12:27by the body and they are increasing the
12:28Sleep Quality they are good hormones for
12:31anti-aging however one of the things
12:33they are doing is increasing glucose at
12:35night so personally I found what Dr
12:37Sinclair I guess found himself that
12:39metformin helps to reduce the blood
12:41sugar at night but again it's a drug
12:43it's not a food supplement and it's just
12:46my experience and not a recommendation
12:47to anybody the verdict about metformin
12:50800 milligrams six days a week day off
12:53the night before exercise another drug
12:55that Dr David Sinclair mentioned in his
12:57book in other interviews is baby aspirin
12:59to reduce inflammation
13:01now let's go to a summary of Dr David
13:03Sinclair supplement stack or supplement
13:05protocol and after that I'm going to
13:07show you a very spicy comment from Dr
13:08David Sinclair about Resveratrol
13:17finishing today's video with resveratrol
13:20again you may have heard about
13:21controversies about Resveratrol for
13:24example these studies show that
13:25Resveratrol offset the beneficial
13:27effects of exercise in humans that lead
13:30us to a very interesting story Dr Brandt
13:33Stanfield published a video called why I
13:35stopped taking Resveratrol mentioning
13:37those exercise studies on his Twitter
13:39account Dr David Sinclair commented on
13:42Stanfield video describing it as what
13:44would seem as horse so this is a
13:47bit confusing if you're taking
13:48Resveratrol on its face value there is
13:51no reason not to go with Sinclair take
13:53on Resveratrol but what is even more
13:55confusing is that those studies and
13:58papers Dr stenfield mentioned seem legit
14:00luckily there is a video that clears
14:03that confusion between Dr stainfield and
14:05Dr David Sinclair I'm going to put a
14:07link to this video where we clarify this
14:09confusion so you can make up a decision
14:12for your own body about Resveratrol in
14:14your supplement stack in other
14:16interesting thing about Resveratrol and
14:17controversy about that is that did you
14:19know that in Dr David Sinclair own study
14:22low Resveratrol worked better for
14:24longevity than high Resveratrol when I
14:27saw that I was pretty shocked so I
14:29created another video that explored this
14:31study and the best Resveratrol of those
14:33for longevity not necessarily sickness
14:35for this video as well you can find the
14:37link in the description so you can find
14:39the link of both of these researchable
14:41controversies in the description and the
14:43pinned comment of this video
14:45until the next video stay healthy stay
14:47young and stay subscribed foreign
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is Dr. David Sinclair's updated supplement protocol?

Dr. David Sinclair's updated supplement protocol includes Vitamin D, Vitamin K2, Resveratrol, Quercetin, NMN, Spermidine, Metformin, and TMG, with varying dosages for each supplement.

2. Why does Dr. David Sinclair include Vitamin D in his supplement protocol?

Dr. David Sinclair includes Vitamin D in his supplement protocol because of its known benefits for health, including immune system support and bone health.

3. What are the benefits of Resveratrol in Dr. David Sinclair's supplement protocol?

Resveratrol in Dr. David Sinclair's supplement protocol provides antioxidant properties and is believed to have potential anti-aging effects.

4. How does Quercetin contribute to Dr. David Sinclair's supplement protocol?

Quercetin contributes to Dr. David Sinclair's supplement protocol as it is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, potentially supporting overall health and well-being.

5. What role does NMN play in Dr. David Sinclair's supplement protocol?

NMN in Dr. David Sinclair's supplement protocol is a precursor to NAD+, a molecule involved in multiple biological processes, and is associated with potential health and longevity benefits.

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