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David Kushner discusses the meaning behind his song "Daylight," which explores personal struggles with darkness and temptation, and the constant battle for redemption and forgiveness.
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David Kushner talks about his transition to a deeper, darker sound and how he discovered the baritone within him.
He started using the baritone to his advantage in his art.
He wrote the chorus for "Daylight" while messing around on the piano during a break in the studio.
The lyrics reflect the darkness that can inherit one's life if they give into certain temptations.
The chorus in the song "Daylight" is the climax of the story, expressing the internal struggle between loving and hating the darkness.
The chorus is written from a vulnerable place in the artist's heart.
The artist acknowledges giving into darkness that has grown in their life.
There is a desire to give more into the light, but also a struggle to resist the darkness.
The section is about the artist expressing their plea for mercy and forgiveness from God, acknowledging their struggle to let go of shame and guilt.
The lyrics express a desire for mercy and forgiveness from God.
The artist acknowledges their struggle to follow a righteous path.
There is a sense of resistance to receiving forgiveness due to shame and guilt.
The artist emphasizes that everyone is battling with similar struggles.
00:00I used to sound way different like I
00:02used to go for such a more different
00:04sound like a more poppy sound I guess
00:06not like this deep dark like kind of
00:09sound I eventually just started kind of
00:12using the baritone that I discovered
00:15within me to my advantage and just
00:17implementing it into my art
00:25going back when I wrote daylight I just
00:27moved to Los Angeles I was in the studio
00:30and I was working on a different song
00:33actually and I started messing around on
00:36piano just writing a different idea
00:37during a break that I took the chorus
00:40just kind of came out I started singing
00:42I was just like dang that's that's
00:44pretty good
00:47telling myself I won't go over there
00:51oh but I know that I won't care trying
00:55to wash away all the blood of spirit
01:00this lust is a burden that we both share
01:04to Sinners can atone from a long prayer
01:08Souls tied in a twine by our pride and
01:12guilt like telling yourself you won't go
01:15there it's just that darkness that can
01:18inherit in your life if you give into
01:19certain things and you have these
01:21certain Temptations and then the next
01:23line is kind of your realization of like
01:25oh but I know that I won't care because
01:27I've done it before I've messed up
01:29before like I'm not perfect but it's
01:32this like constant like uphill battle to
01:35the daylight I guess
01:38there's darkness in the distance
01:42from the way that I've been living
01:46but I know I can't resist it
01:52at this point after verse one person's
01:55already given into that thing that they
01:57know that they shouldn't have like
01:58visually they see like this black cloud
02:00like they see the darkness coming and
02:02it's infiltrating their life
02:05oh I love it and I hate it at the same
02:08time you and I drink the poison from the
02:12same Vine oh I love it and I hate it at
02:16the same time hurting all of our sins
02:19from the daylight from the daylight
02:23running from the daylight from the
02:26daylight running from the daylight oh I
02:30love it and I hate it at the same time
02:34the chorus is really the climax in the
02:37story in daylight like I wrote it from
02:39such a vulnerable place in my heart I
02:42was giving Into Darkness that grew in my
02:46life like a root beneath a tree I knew I
02:50should be giving more into the light
02:53telling myself it's the last time can
02:57you spell it in Mercy that you might
03:01thumb down on my knees again
03:07deep down way down lord I try it try to
03:12follow your life but it's night time
03:16please don't leave me in the end
03:21and the way I wrote it it's me speaking
03:23to God essentially
03:25saying like I'm sorry I know I need to
03:29get away from this thing and I'm trying
03:31my best is there any Mercy that you can
03:33find to spare me yeah it's just my cry
03:36out just like
03:38can't do this by myself
03:40this darkness in the distance
03:45I'm begging for forgiveness
03:49but I know I'm my resistance
03:55a lot of the times it's super hard to
03:57forgive ourselves even after we've tried
04:00so hard to get that forgiveness and when
04:02we receive it or when we're trying to
04:04receive it we know that we're going to
04:06resist the Forgiveness because of all
04:08the shame all the guilt all the baggage
04:10that came with it and just how hard we
04:12are on ourselves rather than letting it
04:14go and just casting your cares away
04:19this is something that we're all dealing
04:21with like we're all battling this thing
04:24knowing what's right and our goal
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the inspiration behind the song "Daylight" by David Kushner?

The song "Daylight" by David Kushner explores the theme of giving in to darkness and the struggle to find forgiveness and redemption.

2. How does David Kushner describe the creation process of the song "Daylight"?

David Kushner discusses the creation of the song "Daylight" and its meaning, highlighting the exploration of giving in to darkness and the struggle to find forgiveness and redemption.

3. What is the main theme explored by David Kushner in his song "Daylight"?

David Kushner explores the theme of giving in to darkness and the struggle to find forgiveness and redemption in his song "Daylight".

4. How does David Kushner portray the struggle for forgiveness and redemption in his song "Daylight"?

In the song "Daylight", David Kushner portrays the struggle for forgiveness and redemption, delving into the theme of giving in to darkness.

5. What message does David Kushner convey through the song "Daylight"?

Through the song "Daylight", David Kushner conveys a message of giving in to darkness and the challenging journey to find forgiveness and redemption.

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