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The video is a review of the Deskhaus Apex Pro standing desk, highlighting its stability and low height range, as well as the company's 20-year warranty and customer service. The reviewer recommends the desk for its durability and stability, and emphasizes the importance of stability in a standing desk.
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Standing desks are not stable for people over 5'8" to 5'9" and not suitable for people shorter than 5'5".
The more weight you put on a desk, the less stable it becomes.
Cheaper standing desks are not great for people shorter than 5'5" as they don't go low enough to be used as a sitting desk.
Popular standing desks in the $400 to $700 price range also suffer from instability for people over 5'8" to 5'9".
The speaker compares different standing desks and praises the stability of the Deskhaus Apex Pro.
The speaker levels out all the desks in the studio and mentions that the Secret Lab standing desk is unstable.
The Deskhaus Apex Pro is praised for its stability, attributed to its double legs design.
The speaker clarifies that they are an affiliate of various desk brands, but they believe in the Apex Pro's quality.
The Deskhaus Apex Pro standing desk legs are highly recommended for their rock-solid build, high weight capacity, and adjustable height range.
The maximum height is 50 inches and it can go incredibly low, with a minimum height of 24.4 inches.
The legs are so short that they come about two inches above the speaker's kneecap, making it suitable for even a six-year-old.
The standing desk legs have the best warranty in the market, with a 20-year warranty on their frames and products.
The reviewer praises the customer service and online presence of Deskhaus, making it their favorite standing desk.
Deskhaus has a strong online presence and actively engages with customers on forums like Reddit.
The company pays close attention to customer complaints and feedback.
The Deskhaus Apex Pro is the reviewer's favorite standing desk, with a discount code provided in the video description.
Deskhaus products are made in America and come with a 20-year warranty.
Stability is the most important feature in a standing desk, even more than the cool gimmicks and features.
The Deskhaus Apex Pro has multiple memory heights and alerts to remind you to stand up.
You can change the top of the desk anytime you want.
Stability is crucial when using a standing desk.
00:00I now own six standing desks I don't
00:02even know how or why I have this many
00:05but one thing that I've learned that is
00:07true for all standing desks is that they
00:09all have the same issue they are not
00:11stable for people over five foot eight
00:13to five foot nine if you put your desk
00:15in that height and you begin to push it
00:17forward and back you're going to notice
00:19that there's quite a bit of rocking and
00:21contrary to Common Sense I've realized
00:23that the more weight you put on a desk
00:25the less stable it becomes it's kind of
00:28weird I thought that you know the more
00:29weight you have the more sturdy would be
00:30it's not the case when I go to actually
00:32move the desk I think it's a lot more
00:35unstable because once this 90 additional
00:38pounds gets moving it takes a lot of
00:41effort to get it to stop side to side
00:43wobble on every standing desk is even
00:45worse at those Heights now this isn't
00:47true for all standing desks but for many
00:49of the cheaper standing desks especially
00:51they're also not great for people that
00:53are shorter than five foot five because
00:55many of them don't go low enough to even
00:57be able to use as a sitting desk because
00:59if you're short and you want your feet
01:01to be on the ground and your chair needs
01:02to be low but the standing desk will not
01:04be able to get that low and so you'll
01:05find yourself either going like this or
01:07having to raise the chair up bringing
01:09your feet off of the floor now this gets
01:11even more confusing because you would
01:13think that many of the popular standing
01:15desks out there range in that 400 to 700
01:17price range right like autonomous uplift
01:20fully Jarvis like all those things and
01:22you think like for that price I'm
01:23getting a solid standing desk but that's
01:25not the case because they all suffer
01:26from the same thing at that five foot
01:28eight five foot nine range they begin to
01:29rock back and forth this way sideways it
01:32doesn't really matter like who's who's
01:33going to be using their desk like this
01:34right who's going to be rocking this way
01:35nobody but I imagine if you're working
01:37at your desk you are going to be pushing
01:38against it like this and you're going to
01:40be pushing forward and it's going to be
01:41rocking quite a bit your monitor if it's
01:43got on stand especially it'll wobble
01:45even more if you've got cups of water
01:46it'll spill if you've got kids running
01:48around they hit it all those kinds of
01:50things right the forward and back
01:51matters to me infinitely more than the
01:54side to side but again all those in that
01:56four or 700 price range they all suffer
01:58from really unstable back and forth if
02:00you don't believe me later on in this
02:01video I'm going to show you I'm going to
02:03level out all these desks that I have in
02:05the studio I only have three here but I
02:06leveled all them out and you're gonna
02:08see exactly what I'm talking about okay
02:10that's a little later you can use the
02:11time stamps if you want to skip to that
02:13you would think that okay there are
02:15standing desks that are much more
02:16expensive and you would think that okay
02:17if I spend more money then I should be
02:20getting a more stable desk right
02:23that unfortunately is not the case
02:25because case in point the secret lab
02:27desk and by the way I'm nothing against
02:29secret lab but unfortunately their
02:31standing desk is one of the most
02:33unstable standing desks out there that
02:35thing at five foot eight five foot nine
02:36is really bad and then the higher you
02:38get especially at Max height it is it is
02:41really really pretty bad when it comes
02:43to stability this is why I love these
02:47standing desks so much this is called
02:48the Apex Pro Pro Apex Pro from a company
02:51called desk house now I'm going to keep
02:54it honest this is what we do we keep it
02:55honest here okay I'm an affiliate with
02:57every single one of these Brands I'm an
02:59affiliate of fully now no no I'm an
03:01affiliate with desk house I'm an
03:03affiliate with secret lab I'm an
03:04affiliate with autonomous I'm gonna
03:06affiliate with all these guys okay and I
03:08stand to make a lot more money by
03:10promoting their desks and I stand to
03:12make a lot less here both because the
03:15range of products in which I earn
03:16commission is small and because if you
03:18purchase like a combo or something I
03:19don't earn any commission whatsoever
03:20okay so yeah I'm making this video
03:22because because I believe in these desks
03:25not because I stand to make a lot of
03:26money okay
03:27um please like keep it honest here
03:29please don't accuse me of stuff like
03:30that that's not you know that doesn't
03:31fly here anyways the reason why I love
03:34these standing desk so much is because
03:35instantly you'll recognize that this has
03:37two double legs right all these other
03:39standing desks have a single leg and I
03:41think a lot of the forward and back
03:42stability issue comes from that because
03:44the Apex Pro is by far the most stable
03:47desk I've ever used and when it comes to
03:49forward and back it's it's rock solid
03:52like absolutely solid the monitor may
03:54wiggle as you're seeing on camera and
03:56that's because it's on a monitor arm any
03:57monitor with if you've got some wiggle
03:59is going to wobble a little bit but when
04:02it comes to back and forth insanely Rock
04:04Solid so if you're five foot eight or
04:05taller you're looking for a really
04:07really rock solid desk or you plan on
04:08putting a lot of weight on your desk I
04:10highly recommend these legs it also goes
04:13incredibly incredibly low the max height
04:15here is 50 inches by the way and then if
04:18I go ahead and lower it you're gonna see
04:19by the way I'm five foot six I'm gonna
04:21go ahead and lower it all the way down
04:23and you're going to see just how low
04:25this thing goes
04:27in case you want to hear what it sounds
04:35this is the minimum height it's 24.5
04:3824.5 24.4 inches and as you can see it
04:42comes here's my kneecap it comes about
04:45two inches above my kneecap this is so
04:47short that my six-year-old could
04:49probably use this as his desk if he
04:51wanted he's not getting this desk but
04:53you know if he really wanted to he could
04:54and so if you really wanted a desk
04:56that's going to last the entire life of
04:58a person this is the one to go with and
05:00then you gotta ask yourself this
05:01question like how many standing desks do
05:03you plan to purchase in your life the
05:05answer to that is probably one and these
05:07standing desk legs are not cheap and you
05:10can get the expensive legs and then get
05:11a cheap tabletop from Ikea or something
05:13and then as you grow as you switch
05:15houses as you you know grow in financial
05:17stability and all that stuff you can
05:19change it with a nicer desktop when
05:21you're ready that way you have legs that
05:23are going to last you forever and then
05:25the top you can switch out whenever you
05:26feel like speaking of lasting you
05:28forever these standing desk legs have
05:31the best warranty desk house offers the
05:32best warranty on their standing desk
05:34compared to every other company out
05:35there I believe autonomous offers a
05:37seven year warranty on their desks I
05:39think uplift is 15 years fully is a
05:42little up in the air because they were
05:44acquired by Miller Knoll and now they
05:45were being sold on Miller Knolls but
05:47desk house offers 20 years warranty on
05:49their frames on their products and this
05:52is why this matters the owner of this
05:54company his name is Chris he's all over
05:56social media and I really admire the guy
05:58right he keeps it honest just like I do
06:00I watch his videos and I'm like wow uh I
06:02can't believe he said that
06:09about that is that he has such an online
06:11presence that if people get upset at the
06:15customer service that he's providing or
06:17that company desk cast is providing
06:18there are avenues for people to go
06:20online and complain about it and because
06:21he has such an online presence like it's
06:24going to lead to some consequences right
06:25it's not like a faceless company like
06:27uplift where you can complain it just
06:28goes down to The Ether and it just goes
06:30nowhere like Chris is all over the
06:31forums on Reddit and things like that
06:33and because of that you know that if you
06:34complain it's going to catch his ear and
06:36it's going to catch the ear of many
06:37other people and being like a pretty
06:39small company I believe he has a team of
06:40four they're gonna pay close attention
06:42to their customers for all these reasons
06:44this standing desk is by far my favorite
06:46you can use my code honestly I believe
06:49it's honestly I'll I'll put it down in
06:51the description below you can get 50 off
06:53of the frame here if you want to go with
06:55the more budget standing desk because
06:56you fit into that five foot five five
06:58foot eight range where honestly you
06:59could buy any standing desk but if you
07:01want to buy one oh by the way the desk
07:02House Apex Pro is made in America it's
07:04made in Michigan the um the their other
07:07desk the Detroit desk that's it's like
07:09their budget version it's like 600-ish
07:11dollars that's also made in America
07:1420-year warranty again better than the
07:16competition you guys can use the code I
07:18think it's like honestly Detroit again
07:20I'll link it or put it down in the
07:21description you can get 25 off that
07:23standing desk by using that code over
07:25there so yeah these are by far my stamp
07:28favorite standing desk legs I think a
07:30lot of the markup on some of these more
07:31you know uh boutiques standing desks
07:34that are coming out are coming because
07:35they give you a lot of like gimmicky
07:36features like for example come with
07:38really great Cable Management features
07:40built in it comes with really cool like
07:42touch features to be able to like swipe
07:44up and down to bring the table up the
07:46downsides of some of that stuff is like
07:48look cable management is something you
07:49do once and then you never do again
07:51right like you you install stuff and
07:53then you just never touch it you're
07:54gonna pay an extra premium for those
07:55features I mean that's up to you like
07:57I'm not saying it's bad I'm just saying
07:59these are kind of my thoughts when it
08:00comes to the fancy schmancy built-in
08:03swipe up thing the downside to that is
08:05that you'll never be able to change your
08:06desktop you're gonna have to swap out
08:08that entire desktop up to be able to get
08:10you know that integrated swipe up and
08:11down thing this comes with the standard
08:12paddle This paddle is actually really
08:14really nice I'm gonna not get into all
08:16of its features you can check it out on
08:18their website but it has things like
08:19lock it has multiple memory Heights that
08:23they believe two memory Heights it can
08:25give you alerts every you know x amount
08:27of time to remind you to stand up it's
08:29got a whole bunch of features really
08:30really cool really really nice but yeah
08:33you can literally change the top anytime
08:35you want which is another added effect
08:37so it's a pretty No-Frills but the
08:40biggest thing for me is that you want
08:41stability because at the end of the day
08:43stability is the thing that you need
08:45most because you're going to be standing
08:46with it right and because of that you
08:48need that stability that is the most
08:50important thing Cable Management
08:52gimmicks cool tips and like cool tricks
08:55that it can do those are all secondary
08:56like those things if you want to
08:58paperwork great but I highly recommend
09:00highly urge you find something that's
09:01stable even if it's not the Apex Pro
09:03find something that is stable all right
09:06guys it's gonna do it for this one until
09:07next time stay safe and as always stay
09:27thank you
10:06thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is stability important in a standing desk?

Stability is important in a standing desk because it ensures a secure and balanced work surface, preventing any wobbling or shaking while working. This is essential for maintaining a comfortable and ergonomic working environment.

2. What are the key features of the Deskhaus Apex Pro standing desk?

The Deskhaus Apex Pro standing desk is known for its stability and low height range, making it suitable for a wide range of users. It also comes with a 20-year warranty, highlighting the durability and quality of the desk.

3. How does the customer service of Deskhaus contribute to the desk's value?

Deskhaus offers exceptional customer service, providing support and assistance to customers throughout their experience with the standing desk. This adds value to the product and ensures a positive overall experience for users.

4. What sets the Deskhaus Apex Pro standing desk apart from other options in the market?

The Deskhaus Apex Pro standing desk stands out due to its stability, low height range, and the company's 20-year warranty, offering exceptional durability and quality. These features make it a reliable and long-term investment.

5. What recommendation can be offered for the Deskhaus Apex Pro standing desk?

The Deskhaus Apex Pro standing desk is highly recommended for its durability, stability, and long-term value. It is a reliable choice for those seeking a quality standing desk with excellent customer service and warranty.

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