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Dr. Rachael shares the recipe for her "Dick Up" smoothie, which is designed to help with erectile issues and improve blood flow through the use of ingredients like watermelon, basil, beets, chia seeds, and lemon juice. She emphasizes the importance of healing from within using food as medicine and encourages viewers to share their results with the smoothie.
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Dr. Rachael shares how she got inspired to make the 'DickUp' smoothie based on messages from viewers and the power of food as medicine.
The smoothie recipes are based on clinically proven strategies of food.
Dr. Rachael emphasizes that food can heal from within and make a big difference in people's lives.
Royce's message about how the smoothie recipes helped him have his first baby at the age of 45.
Dr. Rachael introduces the "Dick Up" smoothie and explains the importance of varying smoothie recipes.
Dr. Rachael mentions that the 2.0 version of the smoothie book will explain why the recipes work.
Robert shares his positive results from using the original erection smoothie but understands the importance of switching it up.
Dr. Rachael introduces the ingredients for the "Dick Up" smoothie, including basil, beets, and lemon juice.
The 'DickUp' smoothie targets two different pathways to boost nitric oxide production.
Nitric oxide can be produced in our blood vessels or through the consumption of certain ingredients like l-arginine and l-citrulline.
Watermelon is a great source of l-citrulline and l-arginine, but cucumber can be used as a substitute for those allergic to watermelon.
This section discusses the benefits and importance of basil, beets, and chia seeds in a smoothie for erectile issues.
Basil improves blood flow and has anti-inflammatory properties.
Beets are high in nitrates, which boost nitric oxide levels.
Chia seeds help with hydration, feeling fuller longer, and are rich in zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.
The 'DickUp' smoothie recipe includes watermelon, basil, beets, chia seeds, raspberries, green leafy vegetables, and a frozen banana.
Frozen bananas can be used instead of ice in smoothies.
Lemon juice is added for detoxification and tartiness.
The taste of beets is mellowed by watermelon and raspberries.
The smoothie contains bromelin from bananas, which is beneficial for blood flow.
Adding a little bit of banana with cinnamon to a smoothie can help reduce anxiety due to the tryptophan content.
Tryptophan in banana can be converted into happier hormones.
The speaker recommends trying different smoothie recipes to avoid consuming too much of one ingredient.
The audience is encouraged to share their results and tag the speaker on social media.
00:00hello so i'm feeling great i hope you're feeling  great too you know today i am going to take you  
00:06through the process of making my dick up smoothie  now what uh the main reason i got inspired to do  
00:15that this week are the messages that you guys  are sending me okay so now first the first  
00:23message that inspired me bright and early monday  morning came from from royce now here's the thing  
00:33the reason that we have such success with the  smoothie recipes is because they're based off of  
00:39clinically proven strategies of food and i want to  reiterate as as you're watching hulu and all these  
00:47things and you're seeing more and more commercials  about logging on seeing a doctor and then  
00:52sending you some prescription medication in the  mail i want you to know that you can heal from  
00:59within and that food is the ultimate medicine and  can make the biggest difference in the world the  
01:07biggest difference in the world for instance roy  sends me this message the other day and and you  
01:12know i got into this to keep families together and  i've always said that whether it was when i first  
01:19finished medical school or whatever it was about  rebuilding families keeping families together and  
01:25doing what i can to educate and so through this  process of seeing as i'm giving out free samples  
01:31of all of these great meds that come on the market  and i'm seeing those guys not do very well i knew  
01:37there had to be another way so when i get messages  like this from from gentlemen that i haven't even  
01:42met that just our energies are connecting through  this screen and through the things that i do here  
01:50it changes my life just as much as it changes  yours so royce sends me this message and i i  
01:57wake up to it thank you for changing my life  look at his beautiful baby boy he's had his  
02:02first baby at the age of 45 and he attributes  it to the smoothie recipes as being a big part  
02:09of the changes that he made in order to make this  happen okay so when i say this it's kind of like  
02:19you know immediately you know i sent the message  to my mom because my mom is kind of a skeptic  
02:25and so uh immediately it changes changes the flow  of my day right and he goes on to tell me about  
02:32how he's using the recipe he's doing hindu squats  you know hindu squats are basically going to be  
02:37very similar to sexual kung fu and jelking and  testicular massage right we're waking up these  
02:43areas that maybe have fallen asleep that maybe  aren't doing the things that we want them to do  
02:48and we're healing from within and i love that  so so royce and for the rest of you who have  
02:53these great stories of the way that the smoothies  have impacted you please send it to me and i know  
02:58you're waiting for the printed copy but i tell you  i want 2.0 to be that much more magnificent so the  
03:082.0 actually goes into why all of these uh recipes  work and i'm going to get to my famous fabulous  
03:17dick up smoothie i'm going to make it here because  i want you to have the ingredients and for you to  
03:22understand why it's working so well right and then  robert messages me that basically he's been using  
03:29the free smoothie you know the original erection  smoothie if you haven't watched that video i put  
03:34a link to it below so that you can actually go  back and get the recipe for the erection smoothie  
03:39he's having such amazing results from that but he  knows that it's important to vary it up switch it  
03:44up otherwise it gets stagnant or eating too much  kale for instance can actually cause issues with  
03:51your hormones so it's so important that we have  these conversations and so without further ado  
03:59i'm going to bring you the dick up smoothie  and it's delicious it's actually my favorite  
04:04recipe in the smoothie recipe book and and  it's named the dick up smoothie because you  
04:09can actually use it the day of to help kind of  stimulate things and get things flowing just  
04:14like the erection smoothie okay so he so you've  probably gotten the free erection smoothie and if  
04:21you have it there's a video link below for you to  watch the video and it'll tell you how to get this  
04:26this smoothie but in terms of the ingredients that  you're going to need now for the dick up smoothie  
04:32i want you to get some basil some beets lemon  juice don't worry it tastes good don't don't worry  
04:38people see beets and they get nervous raspberries  watermelon chia seeds and i always put a little  
04:46bit of extra spinach you should do you should do  too we can never go wrong with with leafy greens  
04:52you can add fenugreek for like a little  testosterone surge honey and as we'll go  
04:58through these and i'm making more of these you'll  understand that honey is not just for sweetening  
05:02honey has a lot of clinical value it's an  antihypertensive it can help with blood pressure  
05:08it's anti-cholesterol it can help lower your  cholesterol it it's an antibiotic it actually can  
05:16kill bacteria it's an anti-inflammatory component  and we're using it a lot in diabetics believe it  
05:23or not to help regulate blood sugar along with  cinnamon so for those of you who are diabetic  
05:28are almost diabetic adding a bunch of cinnamon to  anything with sugar in it is going to help your  
05:33body better be able to deal with that sugar that's  in there so adding cinnamon can never ever is  
05:39never ever really a bad thing right so i just made  my smoothie my my dick up smoothie so i'm going  
05:47to walk you through the process and we're going to  talk about some of these amazing ingredients right  
05:52so as you know already there they're two different  pathways for nitric oxide production right we can  
05:58either make it in our blood vessels well three  actually because you know we talk about breathing  
06:05deep breathing through the nasal passages  helps boost nitric oxide production  
06:09our blood vessels make nitric oxide and as we age  our blood vessels have less and less ability to do  
06:17so right and then there's the pathway that we use  that's going to use um l-arginine and l-citrulline  
06:25to actually make nitric oxide through what  we're actually eating or nitrates right  
06:30so what we're doing in the dick-up smoothie in  particular is that we are actually targeting two  
06:37different pathways to make nitric oxide  right so first what we're going to do  
06:43i want you to understand those two  different pathways and then i want to  
06:46talk a little bit about watermelon some of you  are allergic to watermelon and have messaged  
06:51me it's kind of like well i can't really do  watermelon but what can i do as a substitute  
06:56a great substitute for you if you are  allergic to watermelon is actually cucumber  
07:02but this deliciously juicy red fruit is loaded  with l-citrulline l-citrulline and l-arginine work  
07:09together to actually boost nitric oxide production  right and so this can actually help with on-demand  
07:16stiffness the you you often if if you haven't yet  heard me talk about the clinical s the clinical  
07:24uh nature of a gentleman and this is a case study  that's published a gentleman who was juicing  
07:30watermelon and actually decided one doctor told  him to juice watermelon the other doctor said  
07:35to take a viagra and before you know it he's  in the emergency room because the two acted  
07:40synergistically together to cause what was caused  priapism so that doesn't happen very often but it  
07:47can and it speaks volumes to the ability to these  substances and these nutrients and food to do  
07:54just that okay so um you know what on the recipe  i forgot to add that we're going to actually add  
08:00some frozen banana in there too so um as we're  making it so the watermelon is super important now  
08:07people sleep on basil basil to me has one of those  fantastic tastes you know like i can eat as much  
08:14basil as you know you know i can eat pesto all the  time but basil has been used for centuries as a  
08:22type of a treatment for erectile issues basal has  such a strong medicinal profile that it actually  
08:33is not only anti-inflammatory but it seems to  actually improve blood flow so don't leave out  
08:38the basil basil has a distinct taste but it's not  a strong taste if you're not familiar with it and  
08:44it can actually be quite delicious right so basil  is an important part of it now if you look here  
08:50too you'll see up here of course beets now some of  you are adding beetroot powder and beets to things  
08:57which is fantastic beets have a high level of  nitrates in it and and the cool the interesting  
09:04thing about beets are that if you're going to buy  organic beets they're going to have less nitrates  
09:09available for you than if you buy regular ones so  this is the only time you'll hear me say you don't  
09:14have to really worry about going organic here  because our goal is to boost nitric oxide levels  
09:20through nitrates now you'll also see here chia  seeds these these are not flax seeds flax seeds  
09:27can actually help suppress testosterone so i try  not to overdo it on flax seeds in smoothies unless  
09:36we're talking about maybe this is for polycystic  ovarian syndrome in women or whatever but for guys  
09:41generally speaking we want to keep flax seeds  to a minimum because they can't impair that so  
09:46these are chia seeds and chia seeds actually help  prolong hydration they help you kind of keep your  
09:52electrolytes up but they also help you feel fuller  longer but they're rich in zinc and you know  
09:59zinc is not only necessary for like healing but  it's necessary for sperm cells to be produced  
10:05and it's and and zinc is an important part of the  reproductive cycle for men right so testosterone  
10:12requires vitamins it requires fatty acids proteins  and all these things and and omega-3 fatty acids  
10:20right and chia seeds are very rich in omega-3  fatty acids which are crucial extremely crucial  
10:26for the synthesis of testosterone right and  then if you notice like we got raspberries  
10:31here now raspberries kind of helped cut the  beet taste here um and but you know it's it's  
10:37got polyphenols in it too you can actually even  substitute raspberries for blackberries and have  
10:43a very similar result blackberries or blueberries  not strawberries though strawberries are aren't  
10:49going to help us much in this department and then  of course i got some green leafy vegetables here  
10:53i always add extra greens to any smoothie i'm  going to make because i know that it's going  
10:58to be a positive thing especially spinach because  it's packed with nitrates so we've got we got our  
11:05ingredients here right you got your watermelon  you got your basil you got your beets you got  
11:08your chia seeds you got your raspberries you got  your green leafy's and you've got a frozen banana  
11:14so when your bananas are starting to go bad put  them in a ziploc put them in the fridge freezer  
11:20and let them freeze up and they make for great  smoothies that way you don't have to use as much  
11:25ice so i got my frozen banana here and now i'm  going to squeeze some lemon juice lemon juice  
11:32helps us in this process of detoxification but  i also like a little tartiness so you'll notice  
11:38in my smoothie recipes i'm always adding a half a  lemon you can add less if you need to right so the  
11:45the the best part about this smoothie and i and  i made mine beforehand so i'm going to take a sip
11:54to me is that the beet taste is not overwhelming  
11:58the watermelon and the raspberries actually kind  of help to kind of mellow the taste out right  
12:06so this particular smoothie even with  the banana now banana has bromelin in  
12:12it and bromoline is helpful for blood flow  right so this is all about increasing blood
12:32look at this i can't believe i did this but i take  it and you can't really see it but i actually ate
12:40so now what i want you to do with your dick up  smoothie is what you're going to do is you're  
12:45going to kind of integrate this into your daily  regimen so what i want you to actually do is  
12:51consider that when you're breaking your fast in  the morning use my intermittent fasting guide  
12:57that's available in the bundle most of you have  gotten that by now to actually help you push your  
13:03first meal out as far as possible and break your  fast with a dick up smoothie the vitality smoothie  
13:11but my personal favorite is the dick up smoothie  for obvious reasons and particularly because  
13:16this is the one that i get the biggest feedback  from in terms of getting a boost for the d right  
13:24and that's ultimately what our goal is  here so just to kind of review again  
13:28our ingredients the basil the beets the lemon  juice the raspberries watermelon chia seeds  
13:35the half a frozen banana now i i i want to  reiterate too that bananas are also important  
13:41because they can actually help calm you the this  this phallic shaped fruit actually is great for  
13:47anxiety so you know if you're ever really feeling  very anxious or your kids are feeling anxious a  
13:52little bit of banana with a little bit of cinnamon  on it goes a really long way because they contain  
13:57tryptophan and tryptophan is a protein that can  actually be converted into some of the happier  
14:04hormones right so i hope this helps robert  i wanted to make sure that i did this for  
14:10you because robert has been using the erection  smoothie for a really long time now and he's ready  
14:15to switch and go on to something else and then for  those of you who are you know who haven't gotten  
14:21your smoothie recipe book and are ready to take  things to the next level head over to dr rachel  
14:27institute dot com slash smoothie recipes i tell  you the smoothie recipes mixed with the bundles  
14:33i mean these gentlemen are having amazing results  and i want you to have very similar results so  
14:40i'm going to be doing smoothies periodically  on here for you guys you know those of you who  
14:45haven't bought the recipe book and you want to  rest a new recipe every now and then i encourage  
14:50you to let's rotate these smoothies because keep  in mind we got to rotate our vegetables and our  
14:57fruit because too much of a good thing sometimes  causes more trouble than anything else okay  
15:04so there it is that's the recipe for the dick up  smoothie get to it i want to hear your results  
15:12do me a favor post a picture of your dick up  smoothie or your personal blend of smoothie that's  
15:19been helping you just like has been helping robert  or just like it's been helping royce and tag me  
15:26in the post right if you're going on instagram  it's at dr rachel if you're on facebook at me dr  
15:34rachel ross so that i can kind of know how your  how these results are going to be uh panning out  
15:41and then for people like royce who actually sent  me not only this this fantastic testimonial but  
15:47sent me a picture of a baby boy that he thinks  that i've had some impact in the you know he's  
15:54gonna get an official copy of the volume 2.0 of  the smoothie recipe book so please please please  
16:01you guys please know that medicine is not the only  way to get the d headed in the right direction  
16:07right and as a matter of fact those medications  actually over time will stop working and then  
16:12you're stuck looking around like well what  happened and what do i do now so start now start  
16:17working on this now so that it is not a problem  later on and i will see you in a little bit as a  
16:24matter of fact i'm gonna take a hiccup and i'll  be right back to answer your questions see ya
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is Dr Rachael's 'Dick Up' smoothie recipe designed for?

Dr. Rachael's 'Dick Up' smoothie recipe is designed to help with erectile issues and improve blood flow using ingredients like watermelon, basil, beets, chia seeds, and lemon juice.

2. What are the key ingredients used in Dr Rachael's 'Dick Up' smoothie?

The key ingredients used in Dr. Rachael's 'Dick Up' smoothie are watermelon, basil, beets, chia seeds, and lemon juice, which are known for their properties to improve blood flow and assist with erectile issues.

3. How does Dr Rachael emphasize the importance of healing from within with the smoothie?

Dr. Rachael emphasizes the importance of healing from within using food as medicine, highlighting the natural properties of the smoothie's ingredients to improve health and wellness from the inside out.

4. What does Dr Rachael encourage viewers to do with the 'Dick Up' smoothie?

Dr. Rachael encourages viewers to share their results with the 'Dick Up' smoothie, promoting engagement and interaction within the community to showcase the benefits of the smoothie.

5. How does the 'Dick Up' smoothie improve blood flow and assist with erectile issues?

The 'Dick Up' smoothie improves blood flow and assists with erectile issues through the combined properties of its ingredients, which are carefully selected to enhance circulation and overall sexual health.

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