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The video discusses the comparison between the Dimensity 900 and Snapdragon 695 processors, highlighting their differences in terms of CPU architecture, core strength, camera support, network support, videography options, and overall performance. The Dimensity 900 is shown to have an advantage in terms of speed, network speed, and videography support.
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This section of the video discusses the competition between the Dimensity 900 and Snapdragon 695 processors.
The Dimensity 900 processor is more expensive than the Snapdragon 695.
Two smartphones, Infinix Zero 5 and Take Off, will be launching in India with these processors.
The price range for both smartphones will be between 17 to 20 rupees.
The release dates for both processors are mentioned, with the Dimensity 900 being launched in June last year.
The comparison discusses differences in nanometer number, power management, core strength, maximum speed, battery saver, mobile usage, support, and maximum GPS for Dimensity 900 and Snapdragon 695.
Dimensity 900 has a lower nanometer number.
Both have similar power management.
Dimensity 900 has a maximum speed of 2.4, while Snapdragon 695 has a maximum speed of 2.2.
Dimensity 900 has a maximum GPS of 25.6, while Snapdragon 695 has a maximum GPS of 14.90.
The section discusses the camera and video capabilities of two smartphones, with one offering better video recording options and full HD quality.
One of the smartphones has a dual camera setup with 12.5 and 13 megapixels, while the other has a 13-megapixel front camera.
There is an option of video recording with different quality options, but one smartphone does not offer full HD quality.
The video capabilities of both smartphones are compared, with one offering better support for slow-motion video and Diamond City separation.
Both smartphones support 5G mode and have a faster input phase motor, with download speeds of 2.77 and 2.5 GPS 450.
00:00Hello friends, in today's video,
00:04meeting with the complainant World Comes Uppermost Shift, Religion in
00:07Cities Loss on a Total 22 Process, now
00:10you will feel that I am increasing the competition of this processor,
00:12its one day is
00:142,000 in 22 years. I think,
00:16in the last two weeks, I had made videos of seven to eight different
00:19smartphones and
00:21you must have seen that all the smartphones being
00:24launched in India are with Snapdragon 800
00:26processor, now this professor is
00:28from one platform but in reverse. Can it be a
00:35sign of Exfoliate Diamond City Noida Amity University B Ed M Nov 26 2010 from the media side because it is a
00:38bit expensive 13 percent from Uddin,
00:41inside Dubai you will get Diversity 920
00:43but the 90 processor of Diamond is
00:46yours on India. In a way,
00:48many companies will be launching inside and out of them, two
00:51companies are in one channel, Infinix Zero 5, the other one
00:54is named Take Off, both the smartphones are going to be
00:57launched in India within the next two weeks and by
00:58combining the two, the
01:00density loss and Now the price of both will be
01:02between 17 to 20 rupees. Additionally, I will
01:06show you almost the same price for which is
01:07available in Diamond City 999 shifts.
01:11Which is the nearest one? So let's
01:15start today's video. Without any news, today's video starts. Before doing this, if you are
01:17not on graduation and
01:20want to see competition in Delhi, then do
01:22not forget to use maximum gas then both the
01:24smartphones will start with low pressure.
01:25Regarding the release date of both, this water which was
01:28launched in Diamond City Noida is Water 221B. Mother
01:32Almost was launched around June last year
01:34but it was
01:42launched in Zoo of Water 121 meaning November-December - so during the events we will
01:45talk in Tibet, here after 2 minutes,
01:47make a clear sixty four wheeler on the auto sector
01:49and on both you If we
01:59talk about the CPU architecture of Dainik Jagran, then
02:01Diversity Los Cabos 75 will build both the complexes
02:05on Sis nanometer architecture and I have shown
02:07here in a processor competition video. One
02:09thing you need to know is that when you compare the messages between the two sides, then
02:13this year your nanometer number which is
02:15less than the other one will be more here, as per the
02:18power management management is finished, the
02:20work will be more here but in this case you
02:22can see The management and power
02:25management of both will be exactly the same. Please
02:27Kavita, if we talk about their core strength, then
02:29on these threads, when I tell you that 4778 will get it in two passes
02:32and Sita
02:37will get a shift from the voting of the ODI series, in which the
02:39organized side, you will get the one in the pass.
02:42Its maximum speed 2.2 bad me jakar pad
02:45cities loss on that job part hai usko
02:47uske speede 2.4 because of the day on
02:50scientific which battery saver video 1.8
02:53leader me jakar diversity ninth which power
02:56c code uska speed 2.0 big guide to mean
03:00if we If we talk about mobile usage, then in
03:03this matter diversity notes20 is defeated, then next we will
03:05talk about
03:07support during both, here you will
03:09see total three differences, my first one will
03:12always support channel time on both,
03:14diversity no time maximum. Inferior
03:17five quality content will be supported
03:19but 35mm arranged will get maximum
03:22wheat support of a leader for its quality.
03:24Diversity Noida maximum
03:27full slip 3200 megahertz in Bigg Boss
03:29Scientific dam's maximum full should be
03:32to 150 by adding diversity 90 maximum in
03:36ubuntu it is
03:3725.6. The maximum of GPS
03:41New Delhi was 14.90 pieces, so here we
03:45can talk about things, if they
03:47will talk about World and Support in China, in this case
03:48diamond is fine, if we talk about Defeated 1954 Jaipur, then in a
03:52systematic manner, first I will tell
03:54you this only. From one panth to maximum
03:58paste 2.2, you will get toe support
04:01but in that you will get support from 151 to maximum
04:05paste 3.1,
04:08so if we talk about the
04:10camera support of both then in Diamond City 9 you will get
04:12single camera. In 108 me pistachio and
04:15putting in the butt I am doing that you will
04:17get the support of megapixel camera. On Wednesday on 65th
04:20for modern times, you will
04:23get the feature of Triphala SP, because of that you will get
04:25a question about the serial in it. Megapixel
04:27dual camera 125 13 megapixel and
04:30In the front camera, you will get
04:33to see the evidence of camera up to 13 megapixels, but if we
04:35talk about video capture, in this case, there will be a
04:37difference between the two,
04:39which is the diversity, friends, there
04:44will be an option of video recording from 1430, which means. Actress, you will get the
04:46option of videography in four quality
04:48but you will not get to
04:51see quarters in the video in full HD quality.
04:52I know that you tell me, I will
04:55give you all this information in one
04:57hand, real me note4 which is going to come,
05:00you will get it. You will get it on the website but if you get
05:03to see 14th Lok Sabha in it, then
05:05in 1968, one third of me made a
05:08mistake in admitting on behalf of Veer Hanuman that
05:10Bigg Boss Yadav would have supported him in 14th Lok Sabha. In
05:15Redmi Note 3 lipid
05:18profile, you definitely
05:20get the support again but in the Redmi Note 3
05:22ribbon profile, you will
05:24not get to see the food show, so with both feet
05:26I am giving you 16pf
05:29slow motion video Kabir in Full HD quality. If you get to see the option
05:31then it means first if we
05:33talk about videography then Diamond City is separated in it then
05:35next now we have to talk about the
05:38support between the two then these two you will
05:42get the support of display of maximum police spokesperson in the training and whose
05:44maximum is a different Will want to Bihar,
05:47after this we will talk about the network support of both,
05:49here you must
05:51know that both Pooja Prasad is
05:53electrified and both send 5G mode
05:56and the input phase motor will be seen which will be
06:000.5% faster than Diamond. Download speed is 2.77.
06:04GPS hardness madam and 1628 in that
06:08download speed in 5G will be 2.5 GPS 450
06:11you will get sweet 1.5 GB toe means if we
06:14talk about physics then in this case
06:17Diner City is slightly better 300 in noise
06:20pollution you will get support of double bed boy
06:2212345 means 2.45 You will
06:26get the option of both the ghats. After please
06:28talk about some remaining features on the gold network,
06:30you will get WiFi seat option in both the premises,
06:33both that you will get the Navy ever successful,
06:36Navy means India's North GPS
06:38navigation system and both that you will get Bluetooth.
06:415.2 If we ever get to see success, then we will
06:44talk next time. The most
06:46important thing about 75 is its graphics card,
06:48which Diamond City does not show. This is what you will get if you
06:53drink the juice of a political office. Is there
07:01any proper information about it on the table of 0.5 inches?
07:05If its speed is
07:22then subscribe in between the two
07:35and on the other side city
07:46subscribe subscribe the channel
07:52jhal a dam breaks there are many things inside the support there is a
07:54strong promise user interface on the seats at maximum and
07:57memorial and There are
07:59two things within the rules, one is
08:01what quantity of dam is used in it, second is
08:03its combination which stops the memory speed,
08:05meaning viewers 2.1, 3.2 or if you
08:08come to Rupangarh and
08:11talk about the notes of Updynamics, then
08:13actually a flu. Around 25th June, but in the
08:17upcoming Kam Infield 350,
08:20you will get these PDF files with Diamond City notes
08:23and the combination of 3.1 plus two days on the young man,
08:26like the injury of tourism, increase and
08:28diversity in tears, his
08:30tear line school ninth is going to come. Around then
08:33almost five life is to be kept in mind
08:36so diversity knowledge and now it is
08:39actually a for electronics items
08:41but if we use the whisker flower potential toe
08:43then it will have almost flute
08:46notes around after and in the same place Bigg Boss did
08:48Bigg Boss 30 Ninety five his answer
08:50option line is rekhti to him 9 days
08:53blessings Finally if we talk to Bigg Boss about
08:55diversity in the serial 727 from father
08:59and the owners have given two out of five Advani
09:02and at the same place Snaptube and Singh milk of 65
09:05I bought 500ml of C- 25 and Monty Ko
09:09in 5mm to 193 mother serial co romantic
09:12kodoni case were diversity 282 button
09:15year big this video's competition's
09:18incomparable comprehensive senior chart will only
09:20show who is the one person between the two
09:22so whatever in the final chart As you
09:24can see, if we talk about the
09:27available Snapdragon 800 5K
09:29Adventist in Sampras mind, then
09:31you will not see any advantage in it,
09:33complex diamond city buses and at the same
09:36place if we talk about timer siden ok don't talk after this,
09:38you will get faster. By
09:41returning CPU better quality, support of better quality
09:43time, support of better quality internal
09:46storage, for the
09:48option of videography is being deleted,
09:51you will get to see the option of drinking juice, at the end of the video, you must have
09:53understood something like this
09:55in a professor, which The most important thing
09:57is the better quality at the maximum, its
09:59speed, better quality,
10:01network speed, videography
10:04support, defeat, in this case, the diversity is low, a defeat,
10:06a specific, compared to zero, it
10:10means wherever you can use chilli, this 2022,
10:12in fact, all the diversity on India.
10:14Notes and more Smartphone has been
10:17launched, if we will talk about it after 5 minutes,
10:19in that case, if there is
10:20diversity shop and difficulty, then you
10:23must tell me in the comment, if you are thinking of
10:2615 to 20 inside it but golden brown
10:28face. You will take peas and you will have the
10:31option of both Diversity Notes and,
10:33then which one should you choose? Do
10:36n't forget to bring me grocery.
10:37After this, which other famous compressor do you want to see along with MS Word?
10:42We have a button in it, I will
10:44definitely make it now, so together I will spoon
10:46more speed in the video and in the same,
10:47these positives are also positive, thank you.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key differences between Dimensity 900 and Snapdragon 695 processors?

The Dimensity 900 and Snapdragon 695 processors differ in terms of CPU architecture, core strength, camera support, network support, videography options, and overall performance. The Dimensity 900 is shown to have an advantage in terms of speed, network speed, and videography support.

2. How does the CPU architecture of Dimensity 900 compare to Snapdragon 695?

The CPU architecture of Dimensity 900 provides a speed advantage over Snapdragon 695. This difference impacts the overall performance and processing capabilities of the two processors.

3. What are the camera support features of Dimensity 900 and Snapdragon 695 processors?

The Dimensity 900 processor offers enhanced camera support features compared to the Snapdragon 695. This includes improvements in image processing, video recording, and photography options, providing a competitive edge in the videography domain.

4. How does the network support of Dimensity 900 differ from Snapdragon 695?

Dimensity 900 exhibits superior network support capabilities when compared to Snapdragon 695. This results in faster network speed and improved connectivity, contributing to a better user experience.

5. What makes Dimensity 900 stand out in terms of overall performance when compared to Snapdragon 695?

Dimensity 900 excels in overall performance due to its strength in CPU architecture, network support, and videography options. The combination of these factors positions it as a more powerful and efficient processor compared to Snapdragon 695.

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