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Fatima Diame is a Spanish athlete known for her achievements in long jump and triple jump, with a net worth of $1.5 million and over 120,000 Instagram followers. Despite finishing 21st at the Olympics, she bounced back to win gold at the Spanish Indoor Championships.
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Fatima Diame is a Spanish athlete specializing in the long jump and triple jump, known for her achievements at a young age.
She became the Spanish national indoor champion in both the long jump and the 60 meters.
Fatima received her training at the esports academy in Valencia under coach Rafa Blanquer.
At the age of 16, she reached her first national podium in the highest category.
Fatima Diame has achieved success in the field of athletics, winning gold and bronze medals at various championships and representing Spain at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.
Won a gold medal at the Mediterranean Athletics Under 23 Championships in Italy, leaping 13.82 meters.
Earned two bronze medals at the Mediterranean Games in Spain and the Ibero-American Championships in Peru.
Finished in 21st place at the Olympic Games in Tokyo but later won gold at the Spanish Endorsed Championships.
Has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million and is sponsored by Additive and Crown Sports Nutrition.
Keeps her love life private and is currently single without any children.
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00:05in recent years fatima da ame has become
00:07a household name and one of the most
00:10well-known and stylish female athletes
00:12on the planet at the age of 17 fatima de
00:15ama already made significant strides in
00:17her professional career she became the
00:20spanish national indoor champion in both
00:22the long jump and the 60 meters
00:25join us in our video today as we explore
00:27the lifestyle net worth and how it all
00:30began with fatima the ama becoming one
00:32of the most successful and popular
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00:46fatima de ame is a spanish athlete
00:49specializing in the long jump and triple
00:51jump she was born on the 22nd september
00:541996 in valencia spain to senegalese
00:58immigrant parents
00:59the beautiful young lady received her
01:01training at the esports academy in
01:03valencia and trained under rafa blanker
01:06one of spain's greatest coaches who
01:08helped her reach her first national
01:10podium in the highest category at the
01:12age of 16.
01:18she made her professional debut in 2013
01:21and donuts at the world youth
01:22championships and finished 13th as a
01:25long jumper
01:26in 2015 during the european junior
01:29championships this long jump champion
01:32finished third and earned a bronze medal
01:34at the competition hosted in escostuna
01:44fatima has always been a star and has
01:46often been tagged as the present and
01:48future of horizontal jumps this is
01:50because in her teenage years of just 17
01:53years she was already winning awards
01:56she won the long jump and the 60 meters
01:58in the spanish national indoor
02:01following her success in sweden the star
02:04athlete won a gold medal at the
02:05mediterranean athletics under 23
02:07championships in gesallo italy in 2018
02:11leaping impressively for a record 13.82
02:14meters she topped up with two bronze
02:16medals in that same year where she won
02:19one at the mediterranean games in
02:20tarragona spain and the other at the
02:23ibro american championships in trujillo
02:34fatima's professional career culminated
02:36in the summer of 2021 when she
02:38represented spain at the olympic games
02:41in tokyo japan the olympics game is
02:43often a holy grail for every athlete
02:46where the best of the best converged to
02:48showcase their immense talents fatima's
02:50performance at the olympics however was
02:53not particularly impressive as she
02:55finished in 21st place but she did not
02:58let that deter her and she went on to
03:00win gold at the spanish endorsed
03:02championships the following year
03:09fatima is currently an additive
03:11sponsored athlete with an estimated net
03:13worth of 1.5 million dollars she is also
03:17sponsored by crown sports nutrition and
03:19has over 120 000 instagram followers
03:23for her love life 25 year old has kept
03:26her love life private from the prying
03:28eyes of the media who are as curious as
03:30we are to find out who this spanish star
03:33is dating from many reliable source
03:35based on our research the beauty queen
03:37is single and without a child of a
03:40perhaps she wants to focus on
03:42establishing a career first but who
05:32this is
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are Fatima Diame's achievements in long jump and triple jump?

Fatima Diame is known for her achievements in long jump and triple jump, making her a prominent figure in both sports.

2. How many Instagram followers does Fatima Diame have?

Fatima Diame has over 120,000 Instagram followers, showcasing her significant social media presence.

3. What is Fatima Diame's net worth?

Fatima Diame has a net worth of $1.5 million, reflecting her success and recognition in the world of sports.

4. How did Fatima Diame perform at the Olympics?

Despite finishing 21st at the Olympics, Fatima Diame demonstrated resilience and determination in her athletic journey.

5. What did Fatima Diame achieve at the Spanish Indoor Championships?

Fatima Diame bounced back from her Olympic performance to win gold at the Spanish Indoor Championships, showcasing her remarkable comeback and competitive spirit.

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