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Haircuts that imitate the styles of non-Muslims, evil-doers, or the opposite gender are considered haram (forbidden). Keeping long hair is permissible as long as it does not resemble the hair of the opposite sex. It is important to avoid hairstyles that imitate non-Muslims or evil-doers and to ensure that children do not dress or groom themselves in a way that resembles the opposite sex.
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The Prophet forbade the haircut known as "kaza," which is having a tuft of hair here and a tuft of hair there after shaving the head partially.
Hadith number 5920 and 5921 mention the prohibition of kaza.
Kaza refers to having tufts of hair in certain areas after partially shaving the head.
The Prophet advised a boy to either completely shave his head or keep all of his hair.
It is considered wrong to keep a boy's hair long as it may lead to confusion about their gender and cause psychological damage.
Imam of a mosque told a boy with long hair to go to the women's section, causing embarrassment and potential psychological damage.
Dressing up young children in opposite sex attire and allowing them to have long hair can create confusion about their gender identity.
It is important to ensure that children do not resemble the opposite sex, evildoers, or those who follow sinful ways.
00:13we'll just take one last question before
00:14we end the session
00:21my name is imani i'm a student from
00:25montreal canada
00:27but originally from morocco i am a
00:3115 years old and i am a real
00:34big fan of you every day i pray for you
00:38may allah protect you i mean my question
00:41is about haircuts what haircut is haram
00:45what is halal and are we allowed to keep
00:49hair very long thanks for answering
00:52love you jazakallah kharan mellah grant
01:01the brothers asked that what kinds of
01:03haircut is haram and what is permissible
01:05can he keep longing
01:08there are several hadith which clearly
01:09mentions that
01:11do not imitate the kuffar so if your
01:15is imitating the haircut of the carpet
01:17of the unbelievers
01:19or the evil doers or the woman this type
01:22of haircut is haram
01:23so in short those haircuts with imitate
01:26the kuffar
01:27the unbelievers it's haram those
01:29haircuts which
01:30imitate the evildoers at saharan and
01:33those haircuts
01:34which imitate the opposite gender that
01:36is of the few minutes
01:38so in short for guidelines any haircut
01:41imitate the kuffar and the haircut
01:44of the evil doers or of the opposite
01:48that is women in haram regarding those
01:52which are
01:59it's mentioned in say bihari volume
02:01number seven
02:03hadith number five nine two zero
02:08that um allah built with him said that
02:11the prophet
02:12forbade kasa uba doula asked
02:15what is khada nafi replies
02:18a boy whose hair has been
02:23shaved but has tuft of hair here
02:26and a tuft of hair there assemble how
02:29this is repeated
02:30inside buhari one number seven hadith
02:32number five
02:33nine two one
02:39that the prophet forbade kaza
02:43and brackets it says kaza means a tuft
02:45of hair ear
02:46and a tuft of hair there of a boy whose
02:49head have been
02:50shaved there's another hadith
02:54inside muslim voice number five hadith
02:57number five five five
02:59nine web number may allah be pleased
03:01with him says
03:03that the prophet forbade kaza
03:06and ibn umar asks nafi
03:10what is gaza nafi replies that when
03:13a person whose head has been shaved
03:17and head which has not been shaped
03:19partly that is kaza
03:22it's also mentioned hadith of abu dhabi
03:25of sunnah number four hadith number 4195
03:30that once the prophet saw a boy
03:33whose head has been partly
03:37shaved and partly uncut
03:40so the prophet told him either you shave
03:43your head completely
03:44or keep the hair completely so based on
03:48all these hadith the foca has they say
03:50that this type of haircut
03:56he gives details of variety of
03:59kaza variety of types of kada
04:02and he said that the verse is when
04:05the head is shaped from the sides and
04:08the center is kept
04:09the other type is when the head is
04:12shaved from the center
04:13and the sides are kept
04:17when this question was asked to shake
04:21he says that kazaa is of different types
04:23and he says that
04:24shaving the first type is shaving
04:28the head partly from the left partly
04:30from the right
04:31partly from the front partly from the
04:32back second type he says
04:35is shaving the head
04:39from the sides so that the hair is only
04:41in the center
04:42third type is shaving from the head from
04:44the center so hair is only on both the
04:47the fourth is shaving the head from the
04:49front and keeping the head behind there
04:51are various types of kaza
04:54but all the focals all the scholars they
04:56say that kaza
04:57is prohibited unless it is
05:00imitating the kafir or the evildoers
05:03so in terms of haircuts which are haram
05:07is if you imitate the cafe and kuffar
05:09you have no people
05:11you know imitating the evil doers the
05:12punk they're dying their hair
05:14and keeping only in the center they say
05:18or imitating the kofar the kafir or
05:20maybe a sports
05:21man or a football player all this is
05:25as far as keeping longa is concerned
05:27there are various hadith saying
05:29that the length of the hair of the
05:31prophet which reached the earlobe
05:33another says it reached the shoulder one
05:35of these says
05:36it was in between the ear and the
05:39keeping long hair is permissible but see
05:42to it that it should not resemble
05:45that of the opposite sex one of my
05:47friend he had young
05:50children he had young sons and
05:54because they were young one son
05:58about seven years old and his features
06:00were also
06:01quite feminist but his hair was long so
06:04when he came to shake hand with me
06:06i i was taken aback and later on when i
06:09realized he was a
06:10boy i shook hands
06:13all three children had long hair and
06:16when they came to the mosque the imam
06:18said what are you doing here you go to
06:20the women's section
06:21imagine your son being told in the
06:25go to the women's section what what
06:27psychological damage will that person
06:31so it is wrong to keep your son's hair
06:34so that they look like woman they look
06:37like girls
06:38it is totally wrong and imagine if
06:42the imam of the mosque is thinking he's
06:44a girl and telling him to go in the
06:46women's section
06:47it's a shame so therefore see to it that
06:50don't make your children
06:51dress up like opposite sex or have long
06:54a okay when they have beard
06:56and they have got masculine features and
06:58then if you keep longer it is very
07:00evident that the person is a
07:02is the gender no problem but young
07:04children four years old five years old
07:06seven years old eight years old dressing
07:10whether with the dress you cannot come
07:12to where it's a male or female and then
07:13they have long hair and with the voice
07:15you cannot come down because it's not
07:17it this should not be done see to it
07:20that they don't resemble the cafe number
07:22one they don't resemble
07:24the evildoers and number three they
07:26don't resemble the opposite sex as long
07:28as you take care of this
07:30then it is not haram
07:34if you do kaza it is mahru
07:37don't do that also all the other
07:42then it comes in the moba category
07:45hope that answers the question we have
07:47run out of time and we end the program
07:49till we meet inshallah next saturday
07:52i would like to wish all of you assalamu
07:54alaikum tell em
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What haircuts are considered haram in Islam?

Haircuts that imitate the styles of non-Muslims, evil-doers, or the opposite gender are considered haram in Islam.

2. Is keeping long hair permissible in Islam?

Yes, keeping long hair is permissible in Islam as long as it does not resemble the hair of the opposite sex.

3. Why is it important to avoid hairstyles that imitate non-Muslims or evil-doers in Islam?

In Islam, it is important to avoid hairstyles that imitate non-Muslims or evil-doers as it goes against the teachings of the religion and the principles of modesty.

4. What should parents ensure regarding children's dressing and grooming in Islam?

Parents should ensure that children do not dress or groom themselves in a way that resembles the opposite sex according to Islamic teachings.

5. Can you explain the concept of haram (forbidden) hairstyles in Islam?

In Islam, hairstyles that imitate non-Muslims, evil-doers, or the opposite gender are considered haram (forbidden) as they go against the principles of the religion and modesty.

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