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The video discusses the concept of Kibbe Celebrities List, which categorizes individuals based on their body aesthetics and energies. The list includes various celebrities, both men and women, each assigned to different types such as Romantics, Dramatics, Naturals, Classics, and Gamines, based on their physical characteristics. The list has been created by people based on the ideas of David Kibbe, who developed this philosophy.
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The video explains the concept of Kibbe Celebrities List and the different types of aesthetics associated with it.
Kibbe Celebrities List is a concept that categorizes people based on different aesthetics.
The concept is rooted in Asian philosophy, specifically the yin and yang energies.
There are five main types in the Kibbe Celebrities List: Romantics, Dramatics, Naturals, Classics, and Gamines.
Each type has variations, with sharper and softer versions.
David Kibbe didn't create the Kibbe Celebrities list, but people on the internet did, causing confusion.
Kibbe reassigned celebrities like Ingrid Bergman from one category to another.
The list was created by people online based on Kibbe's ideas without his verification.
Kibbe's disclaimer notes that celebrities may not always dress according to their body type recommendations.
Some celebrities may not visually represent their true body type due to styling or roles in movies.
This section lists various celebrities and their body types according to the Kibbe system.
Lena Horn, Michelle Dockery, Olivia Calpo, Cheryl Lee Ralph, and Taylor Swift are mentioned as celebrities with certain body types.
Sean Connery, Charlton Heston, George Hamilton, and other male celebrities are mentioned as having different body types.
Adele, Barbara Streisand, Christina Hendricks, and other female celebrities are mentioned as having specific body types.
Dean Martin, Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, and other male celebrities are mentioned as having a soft dramatic body type.
The list includes celebrities like Vanessa Redgrave, Hugh Jackman, Dick Van Dyke, Harrison Ford, Angelina Jolie, Marisa Tomei, and Sandra Bullock, identified as flamboyant or soft natural types by Kibbe.
Kibbe suggests that some men and women on the list may be reassigned to a different natural type.
Notable celebrities mentioned as soft naturals include Alexa Ray Joel, Barbara Hershey, Ellen Barkin, and Jennifer Lopez.
There is a mention of a potential reassignment of Brad Pitt from pure natural to soft natural.
Fergie is noted to possibly refer to Sarah Ferguson, not the singer.
This section lists celebrities categorized into different Kibbe types.
Celebrities in the Classic category include Maggie Sif, Olivia Munn, and Felicia Rashad.
Celebrities in the Soft Classic category include Barbara Walters, Carolina Herrera, and Catherine Oxenberg.
Celebrities in the Flamboyant category include Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, and Debbie Allen.
Celebrities in the Gaming category include Geraldine Chaplin, Rosanna Arquette, and Richard Pryor.
The video lists celebrities categorized into different Kibbe types, including soft natural, romantic, theatrical romantic, and their reassigned types.
Celebrities like Bridget Bardot, Halle Berry, and Natalie Wood were categorized as soft natural.
Celebrities like Beyonce, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe were categorized as romantic.
Celebrities like Elvis Presley, Prince, and Johnny Depp were categorized as theatrical romantic.
The video also mentions David Kibbe and his wife's Kibbe types.
00:00hi guys so in today's video we're gonna
00:02talk about what is daily kiwi
00:04celebrities list I have many new people
00:05on my channel here especially many who
00:07came from Tick Tock who are new to keep
00:09this subject sometimes I just get
00:11questions like what is keeping
00:12celebrities list first of all I have
00:14huge kibi playlist I'm Gonna Leave the
00:16link down below if you want to start
00:17from the beginning now I'm gonna update
00:20all my older videos with new knowledge
00:22that I have about kibi I'm gonna do a
00:24huge presentation of kibi very soon so
00:27stay tuned subscribe to this channel not
00:29to miss it let's recap very fast there's
00:31Asian Asian philosophy yin and yang two
00:34energies Ying is in softness roundness
00:37lightness and so on Yang is strength
00:41sharpness elongation so these two
00:44energies are everywhere in our world and
00:46then there were some artists who decided
00:48to use this philosophy describing
00:50different Aesthetics of people's bodies
00:52it started long before kibi it started
00:54at the beginning of the 20th century and
00:56there was a mcgimsy I think some other
00:59authors who wrote books about this and
01:01they were talking about how some women
01:03can be more young yet more elongated
01:06sharp and strong they called it
01:08Dramatics some women can be soft rounded
01:11smallish they call them Romantics so
01:13overall there were five types Romantics
01:15Dramatics Naturals Classics and canines
01:18yeah means it's a teenage girl David
01:20kibi in the 80s got this technology and
01:22developed it into 13 types almost each
01:25of these five types now had sharper
01:27version and softer version for example
01:29soft classic or dramatic classic David
01:31Kitty gave each one very special name
01:34because that name had to reflect to
01:36actually show the aesthetic of this
01:38particular type from my viewpoint this
01:40is very exact names David kibi is very
01:42specific about words that he is using he
01:45has huge vocabulary so I had to sit with
01:47a dictionary to actually read his book
01:49but this is very interesting and it is
01:51opening a new world of an amazing huge
01:54amount of knowledge about many different
01:57things many different Aesthetics that
01:58are around us in the World which many
02:00people don't even notice some stylists
02:03they don't even know about it so they
02:05use some different techniques I actually
02:07have an amazing video of types of
02:09stylists I'm Gonna Leave the link down
02:10below so in the 80s David Kibby made
02:12this technology and he created this book
02:14metamorphosis that was very popular and
02:17now it's very expensive you can buy it
02:19still somewhere in internet but it costs
02:21like 500 or something David kibi changed
02:23his technology a little bit right now
02:25and he is going to publish new books
02:27soon so we are all waiting for that he
02:30changed it a little bit so now he has
02:32not 13 times but 10 because he said pure
02:35Classics don't exist pure Naturals don't
02:38exist and pure ghanians don't exist in
02:40our world there's no absolute everybody
02:43tends to whether softer version or
02:44sharper version back then in the 80s he
02:47made this book and that was first ever
02:49makeover of a woman before and after
02:51head to toe none of these women were
02:54famous this is approximately how that
02:56looked in the book I have a great video
02:57about review of David Kim's book and I
03:00show you each transformation there so
03:02I'm going to leave a link down below and
03:03in this book he talks about one specific
03:06type natural for example first he talks
03:09about its yin and yang balance then he
03:11talks about what kind of bodies these
03:13women have and then he gives us example
03:16of several celebrities so of course
03:18there was celebrities of old Hollywood
03:19mostly not modern celebrities that we
03:22know of now so in this book they were
03:24approximately from 7 to 10 I would say
03:27examples of these celebrities later he
03:30would reassign some of them for example
03:32Ingrid Bergman in his book that was pure
03:35natural then he later reassigned it to
03:37Flamboyant nacho because she's still
03:39much more elongated and then in 2000s
03:42many kibi publics started appearing
03:44everywhere in Internet and people
03:46actually were catching each of his words
03:49whenever he appeared in this or that
03:50public or he had his master class
03:52somewhere people kept asking him about
03:55celebrities about modern celebrities and
03:57many people were noting that down so
04:00somehow people created this list David
04:03kibi himself he didn't create this TB
04:05celebrities list he just threw his ideas
04:07here and there and people created this
04:10list and this list was an internet for
04:12some time some people recreated that
04:14list adding their thoughts in there as
04:17if it's verified by kibi so it created a
04:19little bit of a confusion in internet
04:21I'm gonna present you now the full list
04:24of women and men that David kibi
04:27assigned over the last years up to now
04:292023. there were some of the celebrities
04:31are very very modern very new I want to
04:34make this list just purely verified by
04:36kibi without any opinions from outside
04:38even my opinions I don't put in there he
04:41is kind of my teacher in terms of
04:43Aesthetics of the bodies before I start
04:45read you the list there's one disclaimer
04:47and he actually writes this disclaimer
04:49in his book when you look at the
04:51celebrities keep in mind that these
04:52ladies might not be dressed in their
04:54best lines in David kibi's
04:56recommendations so you might be confused
04:59for example a soft gaming woman can
05:01choose flamboyant natural style she
05:02won't look like soft coming for you
05:04probably from the beginning sometimes
05:06it's hard to see the real body behind
05:08that visual shell that they created
05:10around her sometimes this shell is
05:11created by stylists sometimes a person
05:14herself feels it or doesn't feel it I
05:16think also that is a special skill of
05:18directors of the movies or people who
05:20choose this or that star for a certain
05:22role in a movie sometimes the type of a
05:24person's aesthetic is so far from
05:26somebody they try to make your play even
05:28the best in the world actress would have
05:31to do something with her in terms of
05:34hair and makeup and sometimes they do
05:35this weird wigs for them just to create
05:38something like nobody saw hers blonde
05:40but it so much doesn't fit her sometimes
05:42some women or some men they have to play
05:44somebody that they're very far from I
05:46think that is the skill of a director of
05:48the movies really see how organic this
05:50or that star would be for that
05:52particular role so in this kibis system
05:54you will understand so much more another
05:57thing that didikiri says that in one
05:59time type there can be women that are so
06:01so different but they have one thing in
06:04common and this is their yin and yang
06:06balance now we're gonna start with
06:07Dramatics when you check those pictures
06:09you might feel like oh they are so
06:10different they are but they have one
06:12thing in common they have extreme young
06:15in aesthetic of their body and face
06:16certain recommendations will work for
06:19them a bit better than other
06:21that's all Alexis Smith
06:24Angelica Houston
06:26Kate Blanchette
06:29Claire Danes
06:31Diane Carroll
06:33Faye Dunaway
06:35Jean Tierney
06:37Greta Garbo
06:40Jamie Lee Curtis
06:42John Crawford
06:44Kate Moss says possible Catherine
06:48Caitlyn Turner Kira Knightley says
06:52possible Kristen Wiig
06:55Lauren Beckel
06:57Lena horn
06:59Lewis Brooks says probably Maggie Smith
07:04Michelle Dockery
07:06Olivia calpo
07:08Cheryl Lee Ralph
07:10Taylor Swift
07:12Tilda Swinton
07:14now let's go to dramatic men I have
07:16amazing video analyzing men's body types
07:19it's in two parts I'm Gonna Leave the
07:20link down below to show more pictures
07:22there Sean Connery
07:24Charlton Heston
07:26George Hamilton
07:28Burt Lancaster
07:30Jack Palance Ricardo Montalban Errol
07:36Sam Shepard
07:38Daniel Craig
07:40Benedict Cumberbatch now let's go to
07:42softer magic Adele
07:45Anita Ekberg
07:47Anita Morris
07:49and Barcroft
07:51Ava Gardner
07:52Barbara Carrera she was moved from
07:55dramatic to soft dramatic
07:57Barbara Streisand
07:59Christina Hendricks
08:01Jacqueline de ribs
08:04Kim Novak
08:06May West
08:08Maria Callas
08:10Marlene Dietrich
08:12Michelle Lee
08:14Rachel ways
08:16Raquel Welsh
08:19Rita Hayworth in the book as theatrical
08:21romantic and then she was moved to soft
08:23dramatic in 2016 by David Sandra Miller
08:27Sofia Vergara
08:30Sophia Loren
08:32Valerie purine
08:34now let's go to soft dramatic man Dean
08:37Christian Bale
08:40Matthew McConaughey
08:42John Travolta
08:44Nicholas Cage
08:46Clark Gable now let's go to Flamboyant
08:49Naturals Emmy Adams Anne Hathaway David
08:52said might have had work done and might
08:55not look quite flamboyant natural be
08:59Bliss Danner was reassigned by David
09:01Kibby from soft classic in 2016. Brooke
09:06Cameron Diaz
09:08Carly Simon
09:10Charlize Theron
09:12Christy Brinkley
09:14Cindy Crawford
09:16Claudia Schiffer
09:19Colleen dehurst
09:21Emma Stone
09:23Eve Arden
09:26Farah Fawcett
09:28Gisele Bundchen he's had probably to a
09:30grad Gwyneth Paltrow
09:33Heidi Klum
09:34Ingrid Bergman he reassigned her from
09:37natural Jane Fonda was moved from
09:39natural to Flamboyant natural Gene Smart
09:43Jennifer Lawrence
09:45Julia Roberts
09:47Katie Holmes he says probably Linda
09:52leave omen
09:54Lucy Arnaz
09:56Lucille Ball
09:58Linda Carter
10:00Lynn Redgrave
10:03Michelle Obama
10:05Natalie Dormer
10:07Nicole Kidman
10:09Rosalind Russell but in the book she was
10:11as dramatic so he reassigned her to
10:13Flamboyant natural Princess Diana of
10:15Wales Sarah Jessica Parker
10:18Shirley Maclean
10:21Tracy Alice Ross
10:23Uma Turman
10:25Vanessa Redgrave there's also a note
10:28from kibi that a lot of supermodels are
10:30flamboyant Naturals now we have
10:32flamboyant natural men and some men in
10:34the list are with a question mark so
10:36probably he be said maybe he's that type
10:39Calvin Klein but with question mark Hugh
10:43Dick Van Dyke Harrison Ford Bruce Jenner
10:48cleaned Eastwood Tom Selleck with
10:51question mark Michael Landon with
10:54question mark Joe Biden now let's go to
10:57Natural in present time David kibi
10:59doesn't use pure Naturals he says
11:00everybody is whether soft natural or
11:02flamboyant natural so probably from this
11:04list he would actually reassign all
11:06these people to more flamboyant version
11:08or Tumo soft version I'm still gonna
11:11read you Naturals from his list as it
11:13was stated before Ali mcgro Angelina
11:17Jolie he said a natural of some kind
11:19Carol Burnett Chris Evert Lloyd Karen
11:23Allen leave Tyler he said a natural of
11:26some kind we don't have natural men I
11:29just have a little note here I don't
11:30know if it's true or not that Brad Pitt
11:32at the beginning was pure natural but
11:34then he reassigned him to soft natural
11:36now let's go to soft natural type Alexa
11:38Ray Joel he said probably Ali shidy she
11:42was moved to soft natural from natural
11:44Barbara Hershey
11:46Betty Grable
11:47Carol Lombard
11:49Chloe savingi
11:51Doris Day David said she is also an icon
11:54for soft natural Ellen Barkin Goldie
11:59Fergie I've seen in other lists it said
12:01that he meant Sarah Ferguson not Fergie
12:04the singer Helen Mirren
12:07Jennifer Lopez
12:09John Blondell
12:11Joanne Woodward
12:13Judy Collins
12:15Judy Holliday
12:17Julie Andrews
12:19Juliana Huff
12:21Kamala Harris
12:23Cat Dennings
12:25Katy Perry
12:27Kelly McGillis
12:29Kim Basinger
12:31Jessica Brown Finley he said maybe Lana
12:35Marisa Tomei
12:37Molly Ringwald
12:40pink and David said or flamboyant nacho
12:43she might just work out so much hard to
12:45know Renee Zellweger
12:47Sandra Bullock he be said she's probably
12:50a soft natural Scarlett Johansson kibi
12:52says might have had things done you can
12:54see her straight shape in an earlier
12:56movie this is basic
12:58Stephanie Powers
13:01Terry gar
13:02let's go to soft natural man Alan Alda
13:05Joe Namath O.J Simpson John Wayne
13:10Robert Redford
13:12Robert Conrad
13:14Bing Crosby he was reassigned from
13:16classic Tom Cruise
13:18Michael Hall
13:20George Clooney he was reassigned from
13:22soft dramatic Gene Kelly
13:25Brad Pitt
13:26Gene Hackman John roggins now let's go
13:30to dramatic classic koni seleka
13:33reassigned from soft dramatic at some
13:34point Diana rig Gina Rollins Jackie
13:38Kennedy Onassis Jane Wyman
13:41Jill Biden Catherine Ross Lana Turner in
13:46the book she was in dramatic category so
13:48she was reassigned by kibi 2 dramatic
13:50classic Linda Gray
13:52Lizzie Kaplan
13:54Maria shiver
13:56Maggie Sif
13:58Olivia Munn
14:00Felicia Rashad
14:02Paulie Bergen
14:04Suzanne Pleshette
14:06Tracy Scoggins
14:08dramatic Classics men Jon Hamm
14:12and Cary Grant now let's go to Classics
14:15again now pure Classics don't exist at
14:18the beginning his pure classic example
14:19was gray scalish now she's in soft
14:22classic category Sybil Shepherd
14:25Diane Sawyer
14:27Ginger Rogers
14:29Isabel Hubert
14:31classic man Richard Crenna
14:34John Forsyth Phil Donahue
14:38Robert Young
14:40Henry Fonda
14:42Anthony Perkins
14:43now let's go to soft classic Barbara
14:47Carolina Herrera
14:49Catherine denove she was reassigned to
14:51soft classic from classic Catherine
14:55Constance Bennett
14:57dini Benton
14:59Donna Reed
15:01Emma Thompson
15:03Grace Kelly she was reassigned from
15:05classic John Fontaine
15:07Kirsten Dunst kibi said probably Laura
15:12Remick she was reassigned from classic
15:15Marion Cotillard Meredith Baxter Bernie
15:19Meryl Oberon Meryl Streep
15:23Naomi Watts Norma Shearer
15:26Olivia de Havilland
15:28Veronica Lake
15:30soft plastic men John Slattery
15:33John Glenn
15:35Bryant Gumbel
15:37Gregory pack
15:39Jerry Brown but with question mark now
15:42let's go to Flamboyant Audrey Hepburn
15:45Bonnie Franklin
15:47Coco Chanel she was reassigned from
15:49gaming Debbie Allen
15:51Deborah Winger Gloria Vanderbilt
15:55Jennifer Love Hewitt
15:57Julia Garner
15:59Julia Harris
16:01Kelly Osborne
16:03Liliane monteverchi Liza Minnelli
16:07Lucy Leo Nastasia Kinski
16:12the nilopa Cruz
16:14Sherry bellafonte Tina Turner
16:19Zoe de Chanel
16:21flamboyant Jimmy Kimmel it says here
16:24that can't remember if flamboyant gaming
16:26whoever did this list I don't know Frank
16:29Neil Patrick Harris
16:31now let's go to Gaming's and again he
16:34says now pure gamings don't exist
16:35anymore everybody whether it's more
16:37flamboyant gaming or soft coming I'm
16:39still gonna read you the list at this
16:41behalf Geraldine Chaplin
16:44hither Locklear Jim sieberg Mia Farrow
16:49Pat Benatar Paulette Goddard
16:52Rosanna Arquette
16:54and here's gaming man Johnny Carson
16:57Sammy Davis Jr
16:59Dudley Moore
17:01Richard Pryor
17:02Joel Gray
17:04Richard Simmons
17:06dick cavette Dick Clark
17:09red buttons
17:11Roddy McDowell
17:13now let's go to soft gaming Audrey Tatu
17:16she was reassigned from Gaming's to
17:18softcamines bat Davis
17:20Betty White
17:22Susan Hayward
17:24Bridget Bardot kibi says maybe Clara
17:28Claudette Colbert
17:30Cindy Loper
17:31Debbie Reynolds
17:33here's a kit
17:35Halle Berry
17:37Judy Garland
17:39Jessica Brown Findlay he said soft
17:41natural or soft gaming Leslie Caron she
17:44was reassigned from gaming Linda
17:48Mary Martin
17:50Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
17:52Mary Pickford
17:54Octavia Spencer
17:56Natalie Wood she was reassigned from
17:58soft natural by kibi in 2014. Rhys
18:03Sally Field
18:05vandawi Newton
18:08Victoria principle
18:10Winona Ryder
18:12soft caminlan Fred Astaire Robert Downey
18:16Jr now let's go to romantic type it's
18:19the softest type Arlene doll
18:21Barbara Mandrell
18:24Bernadette Peters
18:28Christina Ricci
18:30Claudia cardinali it says possible given
18:33as inspiration to romantic in 2017.
18:37Delta Burke
18:38Dolly Parton
18:40Drew Barrymore
18:43Elizabeth Taylor
18:45Emma Sams
18:48Gina lobrigida
18:50Helena bonam Carter
18:53h-e-r Gabby Wilson Isla Fisher
18:57Jean Simmons
19:00Jessica Lane
19:02Kate Winslet
19:06Marilyn Monroe
19:08Susan Sarandon
19:10romantic man Colin Firth
19:13Leonardo DiCaprio
19:15Elijah Wood
19:17Simon Baker
19:19Christopher Atkins
19:21Richard Gere
19:24Michael Jackson
19:26Sugar Ray Leonard
19:29John Schneider
19:31Omar Sharif
19:33Billy D Williams
19:36Michael York
19:38Elvis Presley
19:40Lorenzo Lamas
19:42and last but not least theatrical
19:44romantic David kibi himself is
19:46theatrical romantic and his wife Susan
19:48slavin is also theatrical romantic and
19:52Donna Mills
19:55Heidi Lamar
19:56Jada Pinkett Smith
19:59James saymore
20:01gin Harlow
20:03John Bennett she was reassigned from
20:06soft classic John Collins
20:09Marilyn McCoo
20:11Mila Kunis
20:14Morgan Brittany
20:16Morgan Fairchild
20:19Salma Hayek
20:21Selena Gomez
20:23Vivian Lee
20:25theatric romantic man Orlando Bloom
20:30Johnny Depp alright that's it I hope
20:32that was interesting and as I said all
20:34the interesting links I'm Gonna Leave
20:36down below including my email address in
20:38case you have some additional
20:40information 100 True For example maybe
20:42you've seen him talking about it so let
20:45me know thank you and bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the Kibbe Celebrities List?

The Kibbe Celebrities List is a categorization of individuals based on their body aesthetics and energies. It includes various celebrities, both men and women, each assigned to different types such as Romantics, Dramatics, Naturals, Classics, and Gamines, based on their physical characteristics.

2. Who created the Kibbe Celebrities List?

The Kibbe Celebrities List has been created by people based on the ideas of David Kibbe, who developed this philosophy.

3. How are celebrities categorized in the Kibbe Celebrities List?

Celebrities are categorized in the Kibbe Celebrities List based on their physical characteristics, and they are assigned to different types such as Romantics, Dramatics, Naturals, Classics, and Gamines.

4. What is the significance of the Kibbe Celebrities List?

The Kibbe Celebrities List is significant as it provides a framework for understanding body aesthetics and energies, and it allows individuals to identify with specific types based on their physical characteristics.

5. How does the Kibbe Celebrities List relate to David Kibbe's philosophy?

The Kibbe Celebrities List is based on the ideas of David Kibbe, who developed the philosophy of categorizing individuals based on their body aesthetics and energies, thereby establishing a connection between the list and Kibbe's philosophy.

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