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Justine Leconte discusses different body types and provides examples of celebrities who have each type, including rectangle, apple, pear, inverted triangle, and hourglass, to help viewers understand their own body shape and how to dress for it.
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Justine Leconte discusses the rectangle body shape and provides examples of celebrities with this body type.
The rectangle body shape is characterized by a lack of a defined waist and a straight torso.
Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, and Rosario Dawson are examples of celebrities with a rectangle body shape.
Celebrities with different body shapes include Princess Diana, Catherine Zeta Jones, Adele, and Jessica Simpson.
Princess Diana has a straight torso and long legs.
Catherine Zeta Jones is an apple body shape with more volume around the waist.
Adele is also an apple shape but curvier.
Jessica Simpson is a muscular apple shape.
Celebrities with pear-shaped bodies include Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Helen Mirren, and Kim Kardashian, while Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, and Demi Moore have inverted triangle body shapes.
Jennifer Love-Hewitt's pear-shaped body is visible in tight dresses.
Helen Mirren's pear-shaped body gains weight around the thighs and hips.
Kim Kardashian, a pear-shaped celebrity, has a consistent silhouette through her fashion choices.
Cameron Diaz's athletic body shape is characterized by broad shoulders and bust, narrow hips, and intensive training.
Jennifer Garner, with wider shoulders and bust, also has an inverted triangle body shape, even with a bit of a belly.
Demi Moore, regardless of aesthetic surgery, has an inverted triangle body shape associated with youth.
Renée Zellweger, Scarlett Johansson, Dita von Teese, and Salma Hayek are celebrities with different body types.
Renée Zellweger has a petite inverted triangle body shape.
Scarlett Johansson has a typical hourglass figure.
Dita von Teese is a regular hourglass with a narrow waist.
Salma Hayek has extreme curves and is a good reference for styling.
00:00Hi everyone, it’s Justine.
00:01In the process of learning how to dress for your body type, I often get the question
00:06“You know, I don’t know exactly what my body type really is; I can’t say what’s going
00:10to suit me well and what won’t.”
00:13Good news is you can train yourself to get a feeling for that.
00:16And an easy way to learn is to look at celebrities and how they dress.
00:20So I prepared a compilation of body types of celebrities, for each of the
00:265 main shapes.
00:27Rectangle, apple, pear, inverted triangle and hourglass.
00:33One note before we start:
00:34Your body type is supposed to be genetic, so if I have narrow hips and a wide bust and
00:39shoulders, then I should technically be an inverted triangle.
00:43But if I tend to gain weight rather, around the hips, so lower, and the hips are my widest
00:48point, then I will look more like a pear, so for dressing purposes, I would just go
00:53with the pear.
00:54What I’m trying to say is, your body changes over time, and your proportions change too;
00:59it’s ok.
01:00Just pick a celebrity that has your body, your current body, as an example.
01:05First the rectangle.
01:06When I say rectangle, people usually think long and lean, like Gwyneth Paltrow for instance.
01:13This is the typical model body.
01:14She’s very long.
01:16She barely has any curves.
01:18She doesn’t have fat anywhere.
01:19She’s very thin, really.
01:20But what makes her a rectangle is the fact that she doesn’t have a marked waist.
01:24Her torso is pretty straight.
01:25It is the opposite of the hourglass.
01:27Nicole Kidman is also a rectangle.
01:29She’s impossibly lean and thin.
01:33She clearly has a dressing size that’s below the average, especially given that she’s
01:37had four kids, but she’s a rectangle as well.
01:39Rosario Dawson is a rectangle too.
01:42So she’s a bit wider.
01:43She’s curvier.
01:44She’s also shorter, so it gives you a different body with different proportions.
01:49But she still belongs to the group of the rectangle ladies.
01:52Now on the tall side, I would put Princess Diana, typical example.
01:56She has very, very long legs, over-proportionally long, which is very pretty.
02:00But what matters is her torso.
02:01It is all again quite straight, from the bust, through the waist, to the hips.
02:06Then, the apple body.
02:08An apple has more volume around the waist.
02:11Typically among actresses, Catherine Zeta Jones would be an apple lady.
02:15She doesn’t really gain weight around the hips and the thighs, but rather, a bit higher.
02:20She used to be extremely trained, extremely sporty, and look like an inverted triangle,
02:24but as she gets older, we can see that her natural shape, the one that she leans toward,
02:29is in fact an apple, and not a pear or a rectangle.
02:33Also an apple, but curvier, is Adele.
02:35By the way, she knows exactly how to dress for her body type, very flattering outfits,
02:42So she’s a great reference if you want to research apple bodies.
02:45And then another example would be Jessica Simpson.
02:47She’s more muscular.
02:49Look at those calves.
02:50I mean I’ve been spinning for three years…
02:52Mine look nothing like that!
02:54Beautiful, very sporty.
02:56But she’s an apple.
02:57What I’m trying to show you is that the absolute size doesn’t matter when you’re
03:02looking at body type.
03:03It’s about the proportions of bust versus waist versus hips.
03:06Then the pear body.
03:07The queen of pears is Beyonce and I’ve mentioned her in a previous video on my channel about
03:13body types.
03:14Her stage costumes always add stuff going on and width on the shoulders, and they cinch
03:19her waist to make her look more like an hourglass – but if you’re look for her street style,
03:24more casual, regular outfits, she is a pear.
03:27The shape of a pear is easier to see on Jennifer Love-Hewitt.
03:31This dress is not ideal for her because it is so tight on the whole body, but it is great
03:36to see her contours, which is why I selected it.
03:38Helen Mirren is a pear too, slightly.
03:42She would gain weight around the thighs and the hips first, before the rest of the torso.
03:46This dress is perfect for her body, and definitely office-appropriate, totally wearable.
03:51Then Kim Kardashian, the lady who wants to look like an hourglass, is a pear as well.
03:56She also happens to have great stylists, no matter whether you like her or not, and she’s
04:01building a consistent silhouette, and a couture for herself through the way she dresses, so
04:07she’s a very good reference if you’re a pear too.
04:09Then, the inverted triangle.
04:10The inverted triangle lady can seem very athletic, like Cameron Diaz, for instance.
04:16Broad shoulders and bust, no belly fat whatsoever, and narrow hips.
04:20But let’s be clear about this.
04:22She has this body shape, and she also trains intensively on top of that.
04:26It’s not like a six pack is a characteristic of the inverted triangle.
04:30It really doesn’t have to be.
04:32Jennifer Garner is a bit less sporty at the moment, but you can still see very clearly
04:37how her shoulders and her bust are wider than the rest of her torso, even with a bit of
04:41a belly, which hides beautifully and wears beautifully anyways.
04:45Another famous one is Demi Moore: with or without the aesthetic surgery, she has this
04:50triangle shape.
04:51When getting a bit older, having an inverted triangle body is considered an advantage because
04:57a boyish silhouette without too many curves is associated with youth.
05:01Renée Zellweger is a petite inverted triangle.
05:04She’s smaller in format but she still has these proportions on her upper body.
05:08This is to show you that “inverted triangle” does not mean you have to look like surfer
05:13girl Cameron Diaz.
05:14Then, the hourglass body.
05:16In Hollywood, the hourglass ladies always seem to want to play the sexy card, with
05:21body-con dresses.
05:22I’m not saying that this is your only option, but it’s great to see their bodies, for
05:25the purpose of this video.
05:27Scarlett Johansson is a typical hourglass: her waist is a lot narrower than her bust
05:33and then her hips.
05:34She is typically the modern Sophia Loren.
05:36Dita von Teese is less curvy overall, but she still has a very narrow waist compared
05:42to the rest of her silhouette.
05:43She is a so-called “regular hourglass”.
05:45A petite hourglass with more curves would have to be Salma Hayek.
05:49She has what is called extreme curves, in fashion.
05:53Not many standard clothes are going to fit her, but she still makes casual clothing
05:58work for her.
05:59She is very smart about her styling, and therefore a good reference person for this kind of body.
06:02I hope that you found in this video a good reference person for your body type.
06:06If yes, thumbs up!
06:08Thank you very much.
06:09And if not, what was missing?
06:11How is your body different?
06:12If you can describe it in the comments below, I will try to think of further celebrities
06:17that could inspire you.
06:18Once you have your “celebrity twin”, I can recommend this video here on how to find
06:23your own style.
06:24It’s the next step in the styling process.
06:26I will also link here in the corner and down below in the description, my series on the
06:30different body types, one video per body type.
06:33I will see you very soon again in a new video and until then: happy styling!
06:37Take care.
06:38Bye bye!
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the different body types discussed by Justine Leconte?

Justine Leconte discusses different body types, including rectangle, apple, pear, inverted triangle, and hourglass. She provides examples of celebrities who have each type to help viewers understand their own body shape and how to dress for it.

2. How can understanding your body type help in choosing the right clothing?

Understanding your body type can help in choosing the right clothing by highlighting your best features, creating balance, and enhancing your overall appearance. Justine Leconte provides examples of how different body types can dress to flatter their shape.

3. Why is it important to dress according to your body type?

Dressing according to your body type is important because it can boost your confidence, create a more proportionate silhouette, and help you feel comfortable and stylish. Justine Leconte emphasizes the importance of embracing and dressing for your unique body shape.

4. What are some fashion tips for the rectangle body type?

For the rectangle body type, Justine Leconte provides fashion tips such as creating curves with belts or details at the waist, wearing fitted styles to define the waist, and choosing tops and bottoms that add volume to the upper and lower body.

5. How can the inverted triangle body type dress to balance proportions?

To balance proportions for the inverted triangle body type, Justine Leconte suggests wearing wide-leg pants, A-line skirts, or dresses with details at the hips to add volume to the lower body, and avoiding shoulder pads or tops with heavy embellishments.

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