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The video explains 8 makeup archetypes to help viewers find their signature makeup style based on their facial features, visual weight, and angularity. These archetypes include innocent and seductive, natural, French girl, romantic, Hong Kong style, classic, high makeup, and fierce makeup. Each archetype is described with specific makeup techniques and product recommendations.
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This section introduces the concept of makeup archetypes and explains why it is important to choose a makeup style that suits your facial features.
Makeup is a fluid and exploratory notion, but it's important to find a makeup style that suits your features.
Facial features do not necessarily match with the characteristic of your body typing.
The eight makeup styles archetypes method is introduced as a way to determine your makeup style based on your facial features.
Evaluating the visual weight of your facial features based on their size, contour, and width.
Moderate eye size is ideal, not too wide or narrow.
A lower nose bridge contributes to a lower visual presence.
A nose with a higher visual weight has a more defined contour and forward projecting appearance.
The width of your nose alar should ideally be equal to the distance between your eyes.
The width of your mouth determines its visual weight, with a wider mouth having a higher ratio to your face.
This section explains the makeup archetypes based on visual weight and softness/angularity of facial features.
The y-axis represents the level of visual weight and maturity of facial features.
The higher the value on the y-axis, the lower the visual weight and the softer the features appear.
The x-axis indicates the softness and angularity of facial features.
The lower the value on the x-axis, the softer and more rounded the features appear, while higher values indicate more angular features.
The video explains the natural archetype makeup style.
The natural archetype gives the impression of being casual, easygoing, gentle, and friendly.
The base makeup should have an airy and light finish, with color correction for uneven skin tone.
Matte highlighter is applied to accentuate facial features and create a radiant complexion.
Earth tones eye shadows, such as light brown and neutral brown shades, are used for a natural look.
This section explains the French girl makeup style and the Romantic archetype.
French girl makeup style prefers lightweight liquid foundations or tinted moisturizers.
Contouring is not commonly used in French makeup, but blush is applied to give a natural rosy glow.
French girls love using mascara to make their lashes stand out and either use eyeliner or bold lipstick.
The Romantic archetype represents mature feminine beauty and is associated with sensuous and alluring characteristics.
The video discusses different makeup archetypes and provides tips for achieving the classic archetype.
Red lips in warm red tones are recommended for this look.
Earth tones are commonly used for eye makeup in the classic archetype.
The classic archetype emphasizes harmony and proportionality in makeup styles.
Flush cheeks with rosy pink shades and rounded brows are characteristic of the classic archetype.
The video explains the High makeup archetype which combines Western and Asian styles, emphasizing facial structures with lighter colors and matte foundation.
High makeup highlights facial structures like Western makeup styles.
Lighter colors are used for the eyes and lips in High makeup.
Matte foundation is used to set the base for the High makeup look.
Facial and nose contouring is prioritized in High makeup to accentuate angular features.
00:01Hello Peachies! welcome back to Dear peachie  makeup is a fluid and exploratory notion  
00:15you should enjoy it feel at ease in it and not  feel obligated to obey any rules however are there  
00:21any times when you've ever seen your friend pull  off the latest Beauty Trend but it just looked  
00:25odd on you chances are you are still clueless  which makeup styles suit your features the most  
00:31there's something special about curating your  signature makeup style it's fail proof and  
00:36your go-to no matter what you're wearing  or what the occasion is it always works  
00:41but how should you go about picking the right  makeup style that best compliments your beauty  
00:45first and foremost sit back and relax applying  makeup should be a pleasurable experience  
00:51which is why we're here to provide you with the  resources you need to create the ideal game plan  
00:56hence today we are introducing a new way  to identify your makeup style that suits  
01:01you best we might see archetypes everywhere  we have different systems that assist us to  
01:06comprehend ourselves better such  as zodiac signs Myers-Briggs and  
01:10enneagrams there are likely hundreds of archetypal  classifications and makeup is no exception if you  
01:16type style archetypes in the Google search  bar you can easily find so many styling or  
01:21dressing classification systems what we notice  is that almost none of these systems specifically  
01:26considered how to determine our makeup style based  on our facial features most of them suggest that  
01:32you should apply your makeup in the same style  as how you dress this is actually inaccurate  
01:37your facial features do not necessarily match  with the characteristic of your body typing  
01:42there are people out there that have a face and  body that really are on two different sides of  
01:47the spectrum on the classification system your  body it's not what people are mainly looking at  
01:52they spend the most of their time looking at your  face and structuring your makeup style according  
01:57to your body physique may result in a style that  is unflattering for you so the eight makeup styles  
02:03archetypes method that is founded by the China  makeup gurus on XiaoHongShu it is an in-depth  
02:08two-part questionnaire that takes stock of your  face shape and every facial feature of yours to  
02:13get to know your style in detail all you need  to do is take a good look at your lovely face  
02:18and soon you will get to know how to build  your signature makeup style based on these  
02:22makeup archetypes suggested in this video we  gathered information from multiple sources to  
02:28improvise this makeup archetype guide discussed  in XiaoHongShu and to ensure higher accuracy and  
02:33objectivity for our peaches while referring to  it through this exploration you will discover  
02:38the eight makeup archetypes such as natural  ingenue gamine and elegant modern romantic  
02:45classic and dramatic their names may give you  some idea of what qualities they embody ahead  
02:51we have curated the in-depth advice on calling a  signature makeup look that will leave you feeling  
02:56confident and strong so get a pen and paper  because we have a whole lot to unpack here
03:18for your signature makeup style isn't a walk in  the park the process requires a lot of effort  
03:24and patience however once you finally found  that one style that is able to maximize your  
03:29beauty the most your signature look can Define  who you are and it can be a real representation  
03:34of the way you love to look to search for  your signature makeup style you first have  
03:38to find out your visual Aesthetics there are two  parameters that we are going to look into they  
03:43are the visual way and the shape of your facial  features in this section we will go through a few  
03:49questions to help you get to know your features  better and these questions will require you to  
03:53jot down your answers as it will guide you in  the next section of this video later if you  
03:58have watched our video since a while ago we bet  that the term visual weight is no stranger to you  
04:03for those who have no idea what it means it  simply represents the visual presence of our  
04:08facial features the sense of weight refers to  the overall impression of size thickness and  
04:13the degree of forward projection and more so let's  take a quick quiz to identify your visual weight  
04:19we will begin with the face shape the element that  influences the visual weight of our face shape the  
04:24most is the overall shape and the degree of bonus  rounded face shape has stronger sense of curviness  
04:30to its overall structure Temple region cheekbones  their jawline tend to appear more rounded and have  
04:37a smoother outline round oval or pear-shaped faces  are commonly presented with such characteristics  
04:42so if you find your face shape belongs to  this category mark yourself with one point  
04:48for angular face shapes like diamond Square  rectangle or sometimes can be pear-shaped  
04:53face they have stronger bony appearance to their  facial structure these face shapes usually appear  
04:58to be sharper and present with an angular outline  the bones look more chiseled and protruded if you  
05:04have such face shapes mentioned here mark yourself  with a negative one on the other hand if you find  
05:10your face shape presenting with a mixture of  both rounded and angular characteristics no  
05:15worries it just means that you just got the best  of both worlds just mark yourself with a zero
05:26next the ratio of your lower third you can  look into the mirror and observe the ratio  
05:32of your lower third to your entire face  the lower third ranges from the bottom  
05:36of the nose to the bottom of the chin it is  suggested that these three segments of our  
05:41face the upper middle and lower third should  be equidistant if your lower third ratio is  
05:46shorter compared to the other segments score  yourself with one mark whereas if your lower  
05:52third is longer then you shall put a negative  one point for this on the other hand you should  
05:58Mark yourself with zero if you have equal  length for your lower third ratio [Music]  
06:08the size of our eyes matters too if you have  narrow eye shape or less surface area is taken  
06:14up by the eyes to the face score yourself  with one point wider eye shape or your eyes  
06:20take up a higher surface area of your face  cross negative one if you feel that your  
06:26eye size is just moderate not too wide or too  narrow give yourself a zero for this [Music]  
06:37view your nose from the side if your nose has a  lower nose Bridge these traits contribute to a  
06:43lower visual presence nose give yourself one  point if these features align with your nose
06:50a nose with a higher visual weight is  characterized by a more defined Contour  
06:54with a forward projecting appearance which  offers higher dimensionality and prominence  
06:58to its overall appearance hence you shall  score yourself with a negative one point  
07:04if you notice such characteristics present  in your nose if you think that your nose  
07:09bridge is in between both ends not too  high or too low mark yourself as zero
07:19now look at your nose from the front observe the  width of your nose alarm and the golden ratio of  
07:24facial Aesthetics it was suggested that the width  of your nose alert should equals to the distance  
07:29between your eyes therefore a wider nose here  means that your nose alarm is wider than your  
07:35eye distance a smaller Nosler has a smaller width  than your eye distance cross one point for smaller  
07:42nozzle R and cross negative one for wider nozzle R  if the width of the nose alar is equal to the eye  
07:48distance score yourself with zero lastly the size  of your mouth if the width of your mouth is wider  
07:55than the distance between the inner rim of your  pupils it means that your mouth has higher ratio  
07:59to your face hence it has higher visual weight  if the width of the mouth is smaller than the  
08:05pupil's distance less ratio is taken up by the  mouth hence it has lower visual weight instead  
08:11score one for smaller mouth ratio and  score negative one for wider mouth ratio  
08:18the weights of your mouth is equidistant as the  pupil distance note a zero for that alright please  
08:25jot down all your answers and sum them up to  get your total score for your visual weight  
08:31once you've got your score keep that aside  and we are ready to move to the next parameter  
08:37the shape of your facial features in general  there are two main types of facial features the  
08:43rounded and angular shape features just like the  name suggests rounded facial structure appears to  
08:49be more flashy it often gives us the impression  that the facial bones are surrounded with plump  
08:54and firm looking Flesh on our face so if you have  such features add negative one point for yourself  
09:01conversely angular facial structures appear  to be more bony and have deeper Contour when  
09:06viewing from the front prominent facial bone  structure appear with more depth Shadows are  
09:11clearly visible around the area around  eye sockets cheekbones and the roots of  
09:15the nose give yourself one point if you have  these features as usual if you spot yourself  
09:22with a good mix of both rounded and angular  features jot down a zero for this [Music]
09:31next the eyes when we are judging if the shape of  our eyes are more rounded or angular the shape of  
09:37the inner Corner isn't the only aspect that  we are taking into account the overall shape  
09:42of the eyes is what we should consider whether you  have rounded doe eyes or narrow elongated sirenize  
09:48rounded shaped eyes has wider opening at the  inner corner it has higher curvature at the  
09:53lids and the width is almost similar to the length  of the entire eye score yourself a negative one if  
09:58you have rounded shaped eyes whereas angular  shaped eyes has smaller opening at the inner  
10:05corner it has flatter curvature to the lids  and the length is longer than the width of  
10:09the eye mark yourself with one point if you notice  your eyes align with the angular characteristics  
10:16if your eyes has a mixture of both characteristics  the most likely scenario is that your eyes are  
10:21somewhere in the middle so it is best to  score yourself with a zero for this [Music]
10:29at one point if you have monolid or hooded eyes or  add negative one point if you have double eyelids
10:40for the nose the shape of the nose tip nosalar  and nose bridge should be observed lower nose  
10:46Bridge broader alar base and less to find  contour to the overall nose shape commonly  
10:51appear to be more rounded angular shaped  nose present the opposite characteristics  
10:57it has a higher nose Bridge narrower alarm base  and Define contour to the overall nose shape  
11:02the nose appears to be more bony generally  moderate nose shape is everything in between  
11:09like the one closest to your nose shape  take negative one point for rounded nose  
11:13and add one point for angular nose for  moderate just Mark a zero for yourself  
11:19next the Brows if your brows are shaped  with rounded curve or has a soft Arch  
11:24that means that your brows are shaped more  curved so Mark negative one point for that  
11:30on the other hand if your brows have a  higher and sharper Arch it means that  
11:34your brows are more angular so at one point if  your brows have the following characteristics  
11:40however if you have straight brows you  will need to score yourself as zero
11:47we also have to take note that eyebrow shape  can be altered with different makeup styles  
11:52therefore just pick according to the  brow shape that you always go for
11:58finally the last question to go to identify  if your lips are more rounded or angular the  
12:04lip thickness and the shape of the mouth  Corners are the aspects that we should  
12:07look into thicker powder your lips with less  defined Cupid's bow appear to be more rounded  
12:13while thinner lips with more defined Cupid's bow  appear to be more angular instead however some  
12:19of us do have a mix of characteristics  from both angular and rounded lips too
12:26you have to mark negative one if you have rounded  lips or mark one point if you have angular lips  
12:33alright have you gotten all your scores  for the shape of your features if you  
12:37have gathered all your scores for both  visual weight and shape of facial features  
12:42we are ready to move to the real  part let's reveal the results foreign
12:52your style archetypes enables you to create  an authentic makeup look for yourself  
12:58it is important to note that archetypes  are not intended to trap or confine you  
13:03everyone should feel free to explore  and be adventurous with their Style  
13:07in this figure here you can see this  graph is made up of the Y and x-axis  
13:12y-axis indicates the level of visual weight or  the neo10ne and matureness of your facial features  
13:19the higher the value of y-axis the lower the  visual weight the more neotenous one's facial  
13:24features will appear to be therefore these  features tend to give a sense of softness  
13:30and gentleness and present with less  visual impact the lower the value of  
13:35y-axis the higher the visual weight the more  mature ones facial features will appear to be  
13:41consequently these features are usually more  prominent and present with higher visual impact  
13:47besides that we have the x-axis which indicates  the softness and angularity of the facial features  
13:53the lower the value of x the softer or more  rounded the features appear to be and they  
13:59are commonly related to characteristics of being  approachable cute and Dany whereas the higher the  
14:05x value the more angular the features are they  tend to exude the cool distant and mysterious ore  
14:12there are eight makeup style archetypes  distributed throughout the graph and you  
14:16can plot yourself according to the  score you have gathered just now
14:22let's take jissu from blackpink for an  example after going through the makeup  
14:27style archetype questionnaire we found that  Jitsu has moderate visual weight which her  
14:31visual weight score Mark around at one while her  features are generally present with neutral to  
14:36slightly rounded characteristics it gives rise  to the total score of three points on the scale  
14:41hence just your makeup style will be located  at this region right here in this graph the  
14:47most suggested makeup style for her belongs to The  Elegant archetype or what if your score sits right  
14:52in the middle of the border between two different  archetypes that just means that you are versatile  
14:57for both of these archetypes suggested so have  you found your makeup archetype yet [Music]  
15:04again we would like to emphasize that searching  for your makeup archetype is much more complicated  
15:10than what we have imagined we do not necessarily  only belongs to a specific makeup archetype only  
15:16there are possibilities that you might find  yourself gravitating to two or three makeup  
15:21archetypes so what we can do is we can first  find the makeup archetypes that is closest to  
15:26your personal style make that your dominant  archetype then you can adopt other preferred  
15:31makeup styles as your secondary archetype  moreover you can also merge both primary  
15:36and secondary archetypes and modify  to the best version to suit you better  
15:40as we can see in jissues makeup looks majority of  her looks are built based on the elegant archetype  
15:46however there are times that her makeup would  be built on the natural or in Geno archetypes  
15:51so you can use these eight makeup archetypes as  a guide to find your personal makeup style if you  
15:56are not sure where to start or for those who have  developed a distinctive style of their own this  
16:01makeup archetype guide can inspire you with more  styling options so just keep experimenting within  
16:07the suggested archetype range you will definitely  find the signature look that makes your beauty pop  
16:12to make sure that everyone is able to get a clear  review of the graph to plot your scores we will be  
16:17attaching the downloadable Link in the description  box below so scroll to the description and hit  
16:23the link to get your copy share your results on  social media with us and don't forget to tag us
16:33once you've identified your archetypes  we can begin the real business  
16:37let's look at the eight archetypes now each  makeup archetype creates a certain image  
16:42which is developed to enhance a particular type of  beauty we will start with the in general archetype  
16:49the ingenu archetype is generally suitable for  those who have rounded and moderate angular lower  
16:54visual weight features thus those who belongs  to this category generally have facial features  
16:59that gravitates toward neo-tenny they are able to  retain the childlike gentle and delicate features  
17:05through their adulthood the ingenu makeup  archetype presents with attributes such as  
17:10cute refreshing young and innocent this makeup  archetype creates an overall visual impression  
17:15of delicate and Youthful femininity to enhance  the beauty of such features there are a few key  
17:21areas that are highlighted in ingenue makeup  archetype the primary Concept in this archetype  
17:26is to maintain round facial features flashy mid  faces and plump lips the ingenu archetype can be  
17:32further branched into several makeup styles such  as the energetic cute fiercely cute sweet and cool  
17:38refreshing and Airy or even innocent and seductive  Styles an energetic cute makeup looks the Brows  
17:44are shaped to appear softer the rounded or  straight brows are recommended matte highlighter  
17:49is added at the inner cheeks area and center  of forehead to bring light to the center area  
17:54the nose Contour is not highly emphasized as we  would like to mimic the natural lines of such  
17:59features the expanding shades blushers are layered  to further enhance the fleshiness of the cheeks  
18:05the contouring shade blushers are then applied  horizontally to create the fuzzy look and to  
18:10improve complexion for lips Shades that are close  to your actual lip color are added as the base  
18:16color lip gloss are applied at the center of  upper and lower lip for that pouty and juicy  
18:20lip look eyeliner can be used to help to shape  your eyes to look wider or more rounded fill in  
18:27your eyeliner at the inner corner to lengthen  the opening at this area thicken the liner at  
18:31the area right above your pupil to increase width  and add Dimension to your eyes further by a short  
18:36winged liner at the outer Corner Coral or pinkish  shade eyeshadow suits best for this archetype  
18:41darker shades are added to the outer corner  and bring down the lower lash area to bring  
18:46the level of the eyes position lower glittery  eyeshadows can be added to the inner corner and  
18:51lower lash line to create the dough I look not to  forget that the aygeosahl is a must to help widen  
18:56your eyes you can search up these celebrities  names to give you more makeup inspirations
19:08the innocent and seductive style puts more  effort in sculpting the facial structure  
19:13to increase its visually as this can help to  improve the sense of maturity of the features  
19:17to appear more feminine instead of childlike  the Brows are shaped to have a soft Arch and  
19:23the arch is slightly lifted and placed at  the further end of the brow to increase  
19:26the length of the mid face contour is applied  to the jawline to achieve the oval or rounded  
19:31shaped face the nose is contoured with a light  hand to add a little more dimensionality to it  
19:37matte highlighter is added at the under eye area  and inner cheeks to maintain the flashiness of  
19:42the face the contouring shade blushers are  more preferred to be used in this look as  
19:46they can help to sculpt the face better the aim  of the eye makeup in innocent and seductive looks  
19:51is to enhance the eye shape and to bring the  level of eyes position higher low saturation  
19:56or Earth Tones are the best choices to create  the no makeup makeup look as compared to usual  
20:01makeup looks the eyeliner is shortened to  create rounder eyes thicken the liner at  
20:06the region right above the pupil and fill in a  short and thick winged liner at the outer corner  
20:11aygeosahl Contour is added to shape your eyes  wider and retain the neotony of your features  
20:17champagne shade shimmery highlighter is added  at the aygeosahl an inner corner for the natural  
20:21looking look warm nude Coral or cherry shades  are recommended to create the juicy lip look  
20:28layer a full coat on your lips to bring the  visual attention to the upper region of your face
20:38the other iconic celebs who embodies this  style are Jennie from black pink and Mio Imada  
20:44you can actually refer to their pictures  to get more makeup and styling Inspirations  
20:48as we have mentioned that there are many  sub Styles branching from the in general  
20:52archetypes it is common to see celebrities  alternating in between different sub Styles  
20:57or even different archetypes at various time  periods makeup style isn't some rules carved  
21:02into stone but it changes based on  occasions preference age and more
21:08next we are moving into the gamine archetype the  gamine archetype generally Associates itself with  
21:15the refreshing young and boyish themes the  facial features have low to moderate visual  
21:21weight and are shaped more angularly thus they  present features with high level of neoteny but  
21:27with less femininity compared to the ingenue  archetype features as opposed to the ingenue  
21:32archetype it exudes the cool boyish and Airy  aura this archetype can be further divided into  
21:39sub-styles like the Airy boyish look or the soft  grunge makeup look if you prefer the lighter and  
21:45natural looking makeup the Airy boyish look might  be right up your alley by accentuating the natural  
21:51and boyish nature in them this look enhances the  beauty of such features less is always more for  
21:57such Beauties heavy Contour or saturated colors  do not help to bring out their beauty foundation  
22:03with matte finish creates the smooth skin like  finish to your face nose and face contour are  
22:09less important so you can add them depending on  your face shape or preference brows are commonly  
22:14shaped to be straight or with a slightly lifted  sharp Arch what a more dramatic look is required  
22:20the bushiness of the Brows is the star of the show  as it maximizes the sense of effortlessness in you  
22:26apply brow gel to your brows to highlight the flow  of your brow hairs the simple low saturation and  
22:32delicate eyeshadow looks matches best with this  style the matte neutral Shades such as beige warm  
22:38grayish tones neutral Browns nude or warm brown  tones are recommended to add more dimensionality  
22:45to your eyes you can pick the similar  tones that are with higher saturation level  
22:50there is a pro tip here that you should know while  applying your eyeshadow blend out your eyeshadow  
22:54towards the inner corner of your eyelid bring  the shadow higher to the groove right at your  
22:59eye socket try to avoid lengthening the shadow  towards the outer end of the eye by doing this  
23:04your eyes will look much deeper and your nose root  and nose bridge will appear to be more prominent  
23:10however if you have mistakenly extended your  eyeshadow towards the outer end of your eyes  
23:15the overall Charisma of the look will be changed  instead of looking clean boys and natural this  
23:22can cause the look to look more feminine matured  and sexy for eyeliner just extend a short liner to  
23:28lengthen the eye shape thicken the liner at the  outer end to bring out the beauty of your eyes  
23:34mascara can be skipped as overly curled or  dramatic lashes will affect the aura of the entire  
23:40look if you think mascara is a must for you you  can apply mascara that are meant for lengthening  
23:46lashes instead of those types that voluminizes  your lashes you just have to make sure that your  
23:52lashes have to be subtle and it isn't going to  steal the spotlight from your other features  
23:57subtle aygeosahl Contour can be added based on  the shape of your eyes the Contour shade will be  
24:03applied all over the lower lash line area so the  ifat region here will appear to be grayish just  
24:08like your actual shadow a tiny bit of highlighter  is added to the center to bring light to it  
24:14if you would like to go for bold lip look  you can over line slightly to increase the  
24:19thickness of the lips the pink or red shades with  high saturation level are less preferred but the  
24:25nude and warm Brown milk tea Shades lip products  are going to tie the whole look together better  
24:30stay away from Glitters and shimmers as they tend  to increase femininity and reduce the airiness of  
24:36the look if you prefer more feminine makeup style  the soft grunge makeup look might be the one for  
24:42you whenever we think of grunge look Nana Komatsu  or Minnie always pop up in our mind their makeup  
24:49look emphasized on their eyes which it brings  Focus to the distant and language expressions  
24:54the eyeshadow at the lower lid area are deep in  Darker shades are Blended out at the lower lash  
25:00line and aygeosahl area to bring the attention  to the lower lid area jet black eyeliner is  
25:06filled at the upper lash line a straight liner  with slight Windows extended from the outer end  
25:11Brown gel liner is filled at the inner corner  and lower lash line to define the eye shape  
25:17more mascara is added at the lower  lashes rather at the upper lashes  
25:22grunge makeup often relates to rebellious  disdain and sense of not giving Care at  
25:27anything so contour and highlights are not really  prioritized unlike the ingenue archetypes the  
25:33expanding shades blushers are skipped the worm  contouring Shades blushes are added at the outer  
25:39cheeks towards the cheekbones nose Contour is  applied to make the nose tip appear more rounded  
25:44darker lip shades are a must to make  the lips look bigger and eye-catching
25:57next the natural archetype a natural archetype  gives the impression of being casual easygoing  
26:04gentle and friendly this archetype is the  combination of features with moderate visual  
26:09weight and roundness or angularity individuals  with natural archetypes can pull off casual looks  
26:15without looking dull or undone the natural  archetype can be branched into sub Styles  
26:20like the effortless no makeup styles gentle  ladylike style or the relaxed morikei styles  
26:27the main features of the natural makeup  archetypes are approachable relax and effortless  
26:32airiness and lightness of the base makeup is the  key Concept in these sub Styles select the base  
26:37makeup products that suits your skin tone and  skin type it is important to color correct the  
26:42uneven skin tone on our face to achieve the clean  and natural looking finish the dimensionality of  
26:48the features plays a more significant role  in this look conjure the side of your face  
26:52cheekbones and jaw to accentuate your face shape  matte highlighter is added at the under eye Brow  
26:58bone Temple region forehead and nose bridge  and tip to increase the forward projection  
27:03of your facial structure to create the ratty  complexion blusher is applied across the Cheeks  
27:08from the inner region towards the cheekbones  for lighter skin Beauties pinkish tones look  
27:13best on you whereas the warm Coral Shades will  look amazing for darker skin Beauties similar  
27:19to the Airy boys makeup The Fluffy Boy brow goes  well with this look too fill the sparse area and  
27:24shape your brows straight the low saturation  Earth Tones eye shadows are the staple for  
27:29natural archetypes light brown these shades are  Blended all over the upper and lower lid area  
27:35neutral Brown shade is then added at the area  within the crease the dark brown shade is used to  
27:40trace the shadow of the aygeosahl and the whitish  base shade will be added to brighten the center  
27:45of the upper lid and aygeosahl tightline the inner  lash line try to pick lip Shades that have similar  
27:51undertones as the blush and eye makeup hence  the nude Shades such as warm Rosy or brown nude  
27:58suits this makeup the most the relaxed morikei  makeup style originates from Japanese fashion  
28:04that centers around the appearance of being  Carefree laid back and natural looking the morikei  
28:10Aesthetics was founded by a beauty community in a  Japanese social media Network named Maury girl it  
28:16was named after the idea of dressing up with the  theme of living in the woods although the craze  
28:21for Maury K dressing style has gradually died down  its influence in makeup Still Remains till now  
28:27the relaxed morikei style enhances the beauty of  the curves of the facial features and creates the  
28:32fuzzy and ready natural complexion Contour is  applied to the nose tip to make the nose tip  
28:37look rounder however the nose Bridge Contour is  applied with a light hand to avoid making them  
28:43appear too sharp the chin is contoured to be more  rounded and the cheekbones are contoured to reduce  
28:48their protrusion blushers in pink or warm or any  tones are applied across the entire cheek area for  
28:54the flush look lip products should be smudged out  around the lips a defined outline around the lips  
28:59might create a more sophisticated look making it  look unnatural instead apply a thin coat of lip  
29:05matte at the center of your lips smudge it out  for the gradient effect then layer another coat  
29:10of shimmery gloss all over the lips to make them  look powder the eye makeup is rather simple for  
29:15this relaxed Moray Kayla it places more focus  at the lower lid area and serves to lengthen  
29:21the eye shape the warm brown or Rosy beige Shades  eyeshadow works best for this style deeper tones  
29:27are usually added at the outer half of the upper  lip and lower outer lid area to elongate the eyes  
29:32eyeliner is only filled in at the outer half of  the Lash line always opt for brown color liner  
29:38as it appears to be less harsh and it Blends in  well with the overall tone of this look aygeosahl  
29:43are generally wider compared to other styles with  the Contour drawn from the center of the pupil to  
29:48the end of the eyeliner the lashes are curled and  accentuated with mascara nothing too over the top  
29:55moving forward to the next  archetype the elegant archetype  
30:00the elegant archetype embodies the quality  of being gentle Serene graceful and delicate  
30:06rounded facial features with moderate visual  weight commonly belong to this makeup style  
30:11the attributes of being graceful and Serene  is what differentiate the natural and elegant  
30:16archetype although both archetype  aims to highlight the natural state  
30:20of your visual but the natural archetype  appears to be more relaxed and casual  
30:25the elegant archetype however appears more formal  giving the impression that you have deliberately  
30:30styled yourself the elegant archetype is further  divided into a few sub-styles namely the French  
30:36girl makeup the newly in Trend makeup in China  the rich girl makeup and Korean ladylike look  
30:43the rich girl makeup is a Timeless look it  is not heavily influenced by the latest trend  
30:49the overall look is to look delicate and improve  the dimensionality of your facial structure the  
30:54Brows are shaped to frame your eyes the widths  of the brow front is wider while the brow end is  
30:59thinner to create the illusion of a more prominent  nose Bridge the distance between brows is set to  
31:05be closer the lower Edge is filled to look more  dense and it is shaped to have a slightly lifted  
31:10shape as we have mentioned that the dimensionality  of facial structure is greatly prioritized in this  
31:15look Contour is added to the side of the face in  multiple layers to achieve the natural looking  
31:20Shadows matte highlighter is added at the center  of the cheeks an under eye to illuminate the mid  
31:26face blush is applied at the Apple of the  cheek starting at the most prominent part of  
31:31the cheek blending color towards the cheekbones  contour and bringing it out towards the temple  
31:37go minimal and precise for your nose Contour  sculpt along the nose root bridge and tip to  
31:42enhance the nose shape highlighter is added  to the tip and route to bring It Forward  
31:47instead of adding overly bright colors to enlarge  the eyes I makeup accentuates their actual shape  
31:53this makeup is best complemented by Earth  Tones eyeshadow as usual lightest tone  
31:59is Blended all over the upper lid and  darker tones are added within the crease  
32:03with the same shade deepen the Shadows at the  lower lid region aygeosahl Contour is skipped  
32:09but it is only highlighted to illuminate its  middle region subtle eyeliner is filled in to  
32:14elongate the eye shape it is slightly thickened  to bring more attention to the eyes keep things  
32:19simple for Lashes overly curled or voluminous  lashes will Overkill the balance of the look
32:43on the other hand if you prefer more vibrant  look French girl makeup is right up your  
32:48alley lightweight liquid foundations or Tinted  Moisturizer are much preferred when it comes to  
32:53the French girls makeup routine make use of spot  concealer if you have any blemishes that you're  
32:59less confident about we know that the Contour  doesn't exist in French makeup repertoire you can  
33:05still Contour your face if you want to enhance it  but always remember to keep it light and natural  
33:09French women love using blush to give their cheeks  a natural pink Rosy Glow blush is applied at the  
33:16most prominent part of the cheekbone by using  soft strokes and bring it down towards the  
33:20earlobe and blend up towards the temple eyeshadow  is not a must for French makeup you can add Brown  
33:25eyeshadow to your upper lid to deepen it French  girls love using mascara to make their lashes pop  
33:31and really stand out not only that French girls  usually either use eyeliner or bold lipstick  
33:37you can try the French eyeliner look by using bold  black eyeliner to highlight the edges of your eyes  
33:43remember to go with a natural lip shade if  you want to use eyeliner besides French women  
33:49really do love a good red lipstick if there's one  makeup item that you need to look more French it's  
33:55definitely a tube of red lipstick line your lip  and apply a full coat for that sophisticated look
34:06the Romantic archetype is the combination of  rounded features with higher visual weight  
34:12romantic archetypes represent the mature  womanly feminine beauty it is associated  
34:17with characteristics such as sensuous soft or  alluring although this archetype includes softer  
34:23and rounder features just like the in general  archetype it embodies the mature sensuality  
34:28that is opposed to the cute innocent prettiness  of the ingenue adjectives like sexy womanly and  
34:34glamorous could be used to describe people of the  Romantic archetype hence the sun makeup styles  
34:40that branched out from this archetype are the  flirtatious cute makeup look or the Retro Hong  
34:45Kong girl makeup however it is common to mix up  the flirtatious cute makeup look with the innocent  
34:51seductive makeup style subdivided from the ingenue  archetype the innocent seductive style made the  
34:57innocent attribute as the dominant style while  seductive as the secondary or supporting Style  
35:03in spite of that flirtatious cute makeup exudes  the Charisma of being distant and mysterious while  
35:08also radiating that sexy magnetic attractiveness  that makes you can't take your eyes off her  
35:14similar to the innocent seductive makeup the  midface and tea region is brightened with matte  
35:19highlighter to improve the firm and plumpness  of your face base makeup with dewy finish will  
35:24help you get that glowy skin base pick pink  or Coral tone blushes and swipe them at the  
35:30fullest part of your cheeks chin and side of the  temples for the Rosie look soften out the Contour  
35:35both upward to the face and downward to the chin  for a shorter chin appearance as a shorter lower  
35:40third ratio can make one looking younger and cute  deepens the Shadows of the area between your eye  
35:46socket and nose root this can create the illusion  of a higher nose Bridge the eye shape is also one  
35:52of the features that marks the difference between  flirtatious q and innocent seductive makeup style  
35:57as opposed to the doe eye and innocent seductive  makeup this style recommends a good mix of both  
36:03dough and the siren or feline shaped eyes to  complete the look the inner Corner liner is filled  
36:08to shift the level of the inner Corner lower in  order to create the lifting effect to the eyes  
36:12however the width of the eyes is still longer than  its length the overall eye shape gravitates to be  
36:18rounder eyeliner is lined at the middle region  of the Lash line to make your eyes look rounder  
36:23a slight lifted Wing is filled at the outer Corner  apply darker eyeshadows at the bottom waterline to  
36:29connect it to the winged liner above wearing long  wispy falsies helps to open up more space to let  
36:35light into the eyes moreover adding lower lashes  widens the eyes further lastly the vibrant lip  
36:41shades with glossy finish the shine and Sparkle  creates the seductive juicy and pouty lips
36:57since a few years ago the Retro Hong Kong makeup  style has caught the attention of beauty fans  
37:02in China the Vintage Hong Kong makeup style  dates from the 1980s through the 1990s this  
37:08makeup technique evolved from the Collision  of beauty cultures from the east and west  
37:13it highlights the actual indigenous state of your  facial structure and outlining the prominence of  
37:19each feature to make them more eye-catching the  base makeup with a matte finish is essential for  
37:24this look it is also highly specific to the facial  and nose Contours the Retro HK style strives for a  
37:31natural appearance as a result it is necessary to  select a contour product that allows you to layer  
37:37and sculpt the shadows in multiple applications  any forms of shimmery or glittery highlighter  
37:42are not associated with this style you may even  skip the highlighter if you don't want to use  
37:48it however if you do a matte highlighter is your  only option it is intended to highlight the sunken  
37:53areas of our temples under eyes and forehead the  rich dense and dark brows are the signature style  
38:00for HK looks to build a distinctive style the  proper brow shape is fairly important Hong Kong  
38:06style brows are typically filled in to seem darker  and longer in length it is to be shaped with an  
38:11upward lift with the arch positioned just at the  highest point of the brow bone to increase the  
38:16amount of forward projection of the face this  vintage Hong Kong style makeup is inseparable  
38:21from red lips any shades of warm red tones works  well with this look such as the red bean brownish  
38:27red or deep red tones lips should be lined with a  lip pencil for a delicate and clean look and lip  
38:33products should be applied with a brush to help  your lipstick stay inside the designated area  
38:37the red lips give a beautiful contrast with  the dark and dense brows and hair making you  
38:43look more eye-catching for eyes makeup the Earth  Tones are commonly used in most of these styles  
38:49with a light base shade Blended all over the  upper and lower lid to de-puff the eyes then  
38:54add a darker shade to the area right above your  crease the soft all-around liner is filled to  
38:59frame the eyes add a packed line on the top of the  eyes while keeping the bottom light and light the  
39:05outer corner of both upper and lower lash line  is thickened to increase the width of the eyes  
39:09Hong Kong style makeup does not emphasize too much  on eyelashes the lashes in most of the looks have  
39:16minimal existence to the overall appearance  aygeosahl is not required however even if you  
39:21wish to wear it avoid using any products that  overly accentuated and keep it subtle [Music]  
39:36the classic archetype is the rarest makeup type  across all archetypes it takes up the smallest  
39:46scale area in the archetype graph Classics  features has moderate to high visual weight  
39:52and they are neither very angular and sharp nor  very round and soft but it balanced perfectly  
39:57between the two extremes individuals with the  classic archetype typically portray an air of  
40:03decorousness conservatism and formality there is  no need for vibrant colors or shimmers and no one  
40:09physical feature should appear overdone prominent  or out of place Substyles emerging from the  
40:15classic archetype include the classic girl look  cool minimalist looks and corporate formal looks  
40:21the beauty of harmonism and proportionality is  highly prioritized in classic makeup styles to  
40:27balance out skin tone Foundation is applied  for flush cheeks lighter Rosy pink shades  
40:33are Blended from the apple of your cheeks towards  the cheekbones add a bit more near the tip of the  
40:38nose to give the appearance of being more delicate  and feminine brows are shaped to be more rounded  
40:44the brow is filled upward and the brow tail is  directed downward precisely at the brow bone  
40:49use matte highlighter to brighten the area above  your mid brow and below your brow tail minimal  
40:55eyeshadow is used darker shades are added at  the outer corner and Blended in upward Direction  
41:01inner corner is filled to look narrower and  sharper a natural Brown liner is filled to  
41:05elongate the eyes only trace the liner  at the outer half of your lower lash line  
41:10the upper liner is smudged slightly to  avoid it from looking too harsh with a  
41:16brown eyeshadow blend it out along the lower  lid to mimic the natural structure of our eyes  
41:21go for lip Shades that are close to your actual  lip color lip Shear or satin is able to give that  
41:27subtle shine to your lips dab a little more at  the tubercle and middle region of the lower lip
41:42up to the second last archetype we are moving  forward to the modern archetype makeup style  
41:49the modern archetype includes people with  facial features that are more angular and  
41:53with moderate to high visually modern archetype  makeup style is immaculate bold and confident  
42:00their looks are always up to date on the latest  Trend this archetype is usually associated with  
42:05boldness vibrancy influence and attention hence  it is understood that the majority of Western  
42:12makeup looks fall into this category well to be  specific the cut crease eye makeup siren or smokey  
42:19eyes makeup are some of the substyles branching  from this archetype as these makeup looks are  
42:23pretty common to be seen on the western social  media we would not go in depth about it but here  
42:29are the general makeup techniques used in these  looks almost all makeup looks under the modern  
42:34archetype puts their makeup focal point to the  eyes and brows or sometimes the eyes and the lips  
42:40the prominence of the face shape is enhanced  by brightening the mid face forehead chin and  
42:45philtrum facial Contour is highly emphasized  to bring out the beauty of angular face shape  
42:51nose Contour is only added to the overlapping  region between brows and nose root  
42:56to deepen the Shadow and increase its depth nose  bridge is sculpted to look narrower nose tip is  
43:02contoured to make it look pointier and sharper  blushes swipe across both of the cheeks and Chin  
43:09shimmery highlighter is added at the brow  bone cheekbones inner corner and nose tip  
43:14whether you want to cut crease smokey eyes or the  standard eyeshadow look the inner Corner eyeliner  
43:20is usually drawn to make the eyes appear sharper  not to mention the elongated Wing liner the water  
43:27line is tight lined to complete the eye look and  how can we forget about the lashes the Western  
43:32makeup prefers falsies which have shorter front  and longer ends to create that extending effect  
43:39if you are a fan of douyin girls looks the  aygeosahl is a must for you the glittery  
43:45eyeshadows can be added to the crease inner corner  or the middle of aygeosahl to make your eyes pop  
43:51fill your brows with a sharper Arch if you want  to shift the visual Focus to the upper section of  
43:56your face then get a noon or low saturation lip  shade to complement the look conversely if eyes  
44:02and lips are the focal point of your look fill  in your brows with a softer Arch or just go with  
44:07straight brows for a safer option the lips however  bright or vibrant lip shades are your go-to's
44:15finally the last archetype the dramatic  archetype dramatic archetypes represent  
44:22people with higher visual weight facial features  which are shaped with moderate to high angularity  
44:28themes such as dignity intensity extravagance and  Charisma are normally related to this archetype to  
44:35differentiate the dramatic archetype from  Modern archetype dramatic archetype puts  
44:40equal Focus to both eyes and lips you usually  pay equal attention to all parts of the face  
44:45it stresses more on the prominence of features  by intensifying the richness of the color rather  
44:51than using sharp or eye-catching colors like in  the modern archetype moreover this makeup styles  
44:57under this archetype are more expressive  intense and radiates the charm of maturity  
45:02this archetype can be further divided into the  Thai makeup style and fiercely mean makeup style  
45:08High makeup has gained recognition in the  China Beauty community in recent years  
45:13High makeup is a love child between  both Western and Asian makeup styles  
45:18it highlights the prominence of facial  structures just like how the westerners do  
45:23but they go for lighter colors for the eyes  and lips to complement the overall look  
45:28matte foundation is normally  used to set the base for the look  
45:32the matte finish gives your skin the natural  skin like impression and prevents excessive shine  
45:38to accentuate the angular facial structure facial  and nose Contour is highly prioritized in this  
45:43makeup style Shimmer highlighters are added at the  highest point of the facial structure such as nose  
45:49Bridge tip Cupid's bow and Chin since Thailand is  a tropical country the sun-kissed look reflects  
45:56the sunny weather blusher is Blended out in  bigger areas from the cheekbones cheeks and nose  
46:03shape your brows with a soft Arch the boy brow  technique is commonly seen in tie makeup look too  
46:09fry makeup the lightest matte eyeshadow is  layered first all over the entire upper and  
46:14lower lid all the way to the sides of the nose  a slightly darker shade is added to the inner  
46:19and outer corner to create the impression  of deeper set eyes blend them out then add  
46:25a matte highlighter at the center of the lid to  recreate the natural shadow of the ice structure  
46:30continue to darken the shadow at the outer Corner  region of your crease with a darker tone take the  
46:36darkest shade and Trace out a natural winged liner  at the outer corner with a flat to thinner brush  
46:41then Trace out a soft Shadow right below  the outer half of your lower lash line  
46:47apply liquid eyeliner to the same spot to  darken the line the inner lash line is also  
46:52filled to frame the eyes better champagne  tone shimmery eyeshadow is precisely added  
46:57along the inner half of the lower lash line and  center of the upper lid to brighten the eyes  
47:02long and voluminous lashes are the go-to's for  tie makeup and it definitely can't be missed  
47:08thicker lips are not much a must in tie makeup  but lips with defined structure are more important  
47:14so line your lip with lip liner lip products  and sheer finish are recommended go for Shades  
47:20that are more natural such as red bean the  warm caramel and the milk tea shades [Music]
47:36the fiercely mean makeup look portrays the  qualities of danger exoticism meaness and coldness  
47:43The Fierce and vile appearance resembles the aura  of a wild rose she is so beautiful that you do not  
47:48dare to approach her the coldness and vile comes  from the edges of her angular facial structure  
47:56so Contour is important to sculpt your  facial bone to be more defined and chisel  
48:02straight and Arch brows are both suitable for  this look depending on which brow type best  
48:06complements your face shape lift the brow hairs  in an upward motion before filling in your brows  
48:12this will give the fluffy illusion blushes  are not a must but if you are wearing them in  
48:17your looks make sure they are really subtle  just a light touch will be more than enough  
48:22the fundamental shades for eyeshadow are typically  Earth Tones grayish tones or any metallic colors  
48:29neutral shades are Blended all over the upper  and lower lid darker Shades is then added to the  
48:35crease to deepen its shadow the darkest shade  is added to the outer corner to elongate the  
48:40eye shape the most iconic look for this style is  all around eyeliner which draws Focus to the eyes  
48:47besides that you can also try this straight liner  Style extend a horizontal straight line from the  
48:53highest point of your lid which usually located  at the middle of your pupil you can trace the  
48:59line slightly longer then extend another line from  the outer corner and connect it to the line above  
49:06fill in the entire triangle area within the lines  then fill in the inner Corner eyeliner to make it  
49:12look sharper trace the inner Corner liner up till  the inner rim of the pupil and smudge it out a  
49:18little with a cotton bud for this style warm  and wine red lip colors are the ideal option
49:33the best way to create a signature makeup look is  to think about what it is you want to accentuate  
49:42about your natural beauty and then play around  and see what makes you feel best that's the fun  
49:46part about makeup you can always just remove  it and start over we hope that these eight  
49:53makeup styles archetypes can be a useful guide  to help you navigate through your beauty journey
50:00we understand that some people might be concerned  if their style archetype can be changed over the  
50:05time there is no definite answer to this people  typically combine two archetypes which is what is  
50:12truly the case most of the time the archetype in  which you scored the highest will be the primary  
50:18and permanent Style it is because you are who  you have always been and you always will be  
50:24consider it as the foundation of your makeup  style the archetype that comes in second place  
50:29is usually what you prefer or you feel most  comfortable in hence it might be situational as  
50:36we age encounter more of the outside world and are  influenced by it our style is constantly evolving  
50:43so just relax and continue to keep on exploring  comment down below to let us know what you think  
50:50and feel free to let us know if you're  interested to learn more about style archetypes  
50:55please give us a thumbs up or share this video  with your friends if you find this video helpful  
51:00your support means a lot to us thank you so much  for watching we will see you in the next video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the different makeup archetypes explored in the video?

The video explores different makeup archetypes and provides a questionnaire to help determine which style suits your features best, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and freedom to explore different styles.

2. How does the video emphasize the importance of authenticity and freedom in makeup style?

The video emphasizes the importance of authenticity and freedom to explore different styles, encouraging viewers to express their individuality through makeup and feel confident in their choices.

3. What detailed explanations and examples of makeup archetypes are included in the video?

The video includes detailed explanations and examples of various makeup archetypes and how to achieve each look, providing a comprehensive guide for viewers to experiment with different styles.

4. How does the video help viewers determine which makeup style suits their features best?

The video provides a questionnaire to help viewers determine which makeup style suits their features best, empowering them to make informed choices based on their individual characteristics.

5. What is the overall message conveyed in the video?

The video conveys the message of embracing authenticity and exploring diverse makeup styles, encouraging viewers to have fun with makeup and express themselves confidently.

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