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This video explains the differences between the proteolytic enzymes serrapeptase, nattokinase, and lumbrokinase, which are used to dissolve proteins in the body that don't belong. Serrapeptase is great for a healthy inflammatory response, nattokinase is effective for vascular inflammation and blood clot prevention, and lumbrokinase is a natural blood thinner with overall cardiovascular health benefits.
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Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, and Lumbrokinase all regulate inflammation and fibrin in the body, but they have different purposes.
They eat or dissolve proteins in the body.
They eliminate excess fibrin and signal the body to stop producing fibrin.
Excess fibrin can be caused by inflammatory responses, scar tissue buildup, autoimmune conditions, or viral infections.
Lumbrokinase is particularly effective for Lyme disease.
Serrapeptase is effective for pain reduction and dissolving scar tissue, while Nattokinase is beneficial for vascular inflammation and blood clot dissolving.
Serrapeptase induces anti-inflammatory and anti-edemic activity.
It helps dissolve scar tissues related to inflammation like uterine fibroids and blocked fallopian tubes.
Nattokinase is loaded with vitamin K2 and is effective for vascular inflammation and blood clot dissolving.
It is also beneficial for lowering blood pressure and stabilizing cholesterol.
Nattokinase is good for vascular inflammation, lumbrokinase is a natural blood thinner, and 300 times more powerful than serrapeptase.
Nattokinase is beneficial for vascular inflammation.
Lumbrokinase is nature's natural blood thinner and promotes fibrolysis and fibrinogenesis.
Lumbrokinase is 300 times more powerful than serrapeptase and 30 times more powerful than nattokinase.
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00:40the difference between serrapeptase
00:43nanokinase and lumbrokinase now remember
00:46all three of them are considered
00:47proteolytic enzymes which proteolytic
00:49enzymes they what they do is that
00:52they're protein digesting enzymes which
00:54they will eat or dissolve
00:56proteins in the body that don't really
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01:23hello everyone this doctor jawad i had a
01:24viewer write in and suggest can you do
01:27your next video on the difference
01:28between serrapeptase nanokinase and
01:31lumbro kinase
01:33and i've done that was a great idea
01:35thank you very much i always appreciate
01:36ideas now what i did is that i've done a
01:38previous video on sarah peptase and i
01:40did a video on natto and lumbro kinase
01:43and i put them in the links below so
01:45those individual individual videos are
01:47the links are down below this is just
01:49kind of summary of overall three now
01:52remember when it comes to these products
01:54they're all considered proteolytic
01:56enzymes what are proteolytic enzymes
01:59they're protein digestive enzymes and
02:01basically what they do they eat or
02:02dissolve the proteins and the body that
02:05they're they don't serve a healthy
02:07and that could be scar tissues that
02:09could be just plaque buildup for again
02:13uterine fibroids it could be
02:15ovarian fibroids i have a lot of you
02:19blocked fallopian tubes so for and so on
02:21so you can use these products remember
02:23but you have to use them on an empty
02:24stomach okay so what is what is the
02:27difference between serrapeptase
02:29nanokinase and lumbro kinase they're
02:32phenomenal and they all have their
02:33certain purpose so the common role of
02:36all three of them though is they
02:37regulate inflammation and fibrin in the
02:39body fibrin is what's used to make our
02:43they signal the body to stop producing
02:45fibrin in addition it eliminates excess
02:47fiber so when the fibrin builds up which
02:50is the clot it kind of takes it away and
02:52depending on what product you're using
02:54now the question is how do these
02:56proteins build up how does the excess
02:58fibrin build up
03:00and they're called rogue proteins
03:02one it could be a couple things one it's
03:04an inflammatory response someone from
03:05productive to unproductive it could just
03:08be too much buildup of the scar tissue
03:10it could be an autoimmune condition that
03:13is causing damage to healthy tissues it
03:15could be
03:16buildup of un healthy tissues fire
03:18fibrin in the thyroid hashimoto's it
03:20could be in the pancreas as type 1
03:23diabetes it could be endometriosis it
03:26could be ulcerative colitis it's an
03:28autoimmune response in addition
03:30protein-rich utter coverage of a virus
03:32that allowed it to attach to healthy
03:35lyme disease now with lyme when i was
03:36doing the research on lumbrokinase if
03:39you have lyme disease do the research on
03:40lumbrokinase it's phenomenal for lyme
03:43disease and the dosage is a lot higher
03:46so i encourage to do your own research
03:47okay so what's the difference between
03:49serrapeptase nanokinase and lumbro
03:52kinase so let's start off with
03:53serrapeptase serrapeptase i've done
03:55videos on it before and they're they're
03:56in the links down below
03:58serrapeptase is great for healthy
04:00inflammatory response it induces
04:03fibrolynic anti-inflammatory and
04:05anti-aedemic activity to tissues
04:08this helps desire dissolve
04:10scar tissues related to inflammation
04:13like uterine fibroids blocked fallopian
04:17it's superior its anti-inflammatory
04:19effects are due to its ability to
04:20dissolve the fibrous and or scar tissue
04:23due to inflammation now the benefits of
04:25using serrapeptase
04:27pain reduction due to the ability to
04:28block the release of pain-inducing
04:30amines from inflamed tissue amines are
04:33these signals that signal our body that
04:35the tissue is inflamed
04:37so it's phenomenal for fibroids scar
04:39tissue systemic inflammation chronic
04:43seropaptase now the dosage varies
04:45according to the condition okay next
04:47dental kinase nanokinase is phenomenal
04:49for vascular inflammation and is loaded
04:52in vitamin k2
04:54vascular information of the arterial
04:55walls can close the vessels as the
04:57plaque builds up so if you have
05:01in the arterial system i always say like
05:03the piping system now the inner piping
05:05the inner wall is called the endothelial
05:07lining and when that gets inflamed scar
05:09tissue builds up which will cause a
05:11narrowing of the arterial system which
05:14will make the blood thicker
05:16this is phenomenal because it dissolves
05:18the blood clots
05:19it contains high amounts of vitamin k2
05:21now k2 what that does is that kind of
05:24pulls the calcium where it shouldn't be
05:26and into the bone where it should be
05:28i've done multiple videos on that
05:31because low amounts of k2 can cause
05:33calcium to build up in the arteries
05:36and the tissues and calcium i'm sorry
05:39vitamin k2 and magnesium now there's 10
05:42different types of magnesium so please
05:43do your research on which magnesium is
05:46needed k2 and magnesium is critical for
05:48regulating the calcium in the body so
05:50the benefits of using nanokinase it's a
05:52potent blood clot dissolving protein and
05:54blood thinner so it's great for clot
05:57prevention it's phenomenal for lowering
05:59blood pressure
06:00phenomenal for stabilizing cholesterol
06:02because cholesterol has multiple
06:04purposes one of them it's it's it's used
06:07as the arterial band-aid
06:11and stroke prevention so nanokinase is
06:14phenomenal for vascular inflammation
06:16next lumbrokinase lumbrokinase when i
06:18did the research on lumbrokinase i don't
06:21understand why they don't use this more
06:23because it's nature's natural blood
06:26thinner they've been using it in other
06:28cultures forever it's phenomenal
06:31so it promotes both fibrolysis and
06:34fibrinogenesis so it can both
06:36break down or build up fibrin
06:39so what happens is that when the fibrin
06:41is present it breaks it down and when
06:43it's not there anymore it stops the
06:46this is good because it prevents
06:48hemorrhaging so depending on the body
06:50body's needs so it helps maintain a
06:52proper a very very healthy
06:54cardiovascular system
06:56it gives healthier blood it lowers blood
06:58viscosity which makes the blood not as
07:00thick but you don't want thick blood
07:02pumping through these arteries and
07:04supports a healthy cardiovascular health
07:06overall this is phenomenal for overall
07:08health heart health benefits only active
07:11in the presence of fibrin so if there's
07:13no fibrin it stops doing the mechanism
07:15we need that has its own stopping
07:19so it's great for angina diabetes heart
07:21disease lyme disease lyme disease yes
07:24because remember lyme disease the
07:27coverings of a virus stroke prevention
07:29dvt prevention so it's phenomenal for
07:32overall cardiovascular health
07:35now with lumbrokinase it's 300 times
07:37more powerful than seropeptase
07:39it's 30 times more powerful than
07:43you could take all three of these if you
07:46you know depending on what your goal is
07:48you gotta take an empty stomach the dose
07:50varies according to your condition so
07:52please do not email me and ask you for
07:55do your own research so i hope this
07:57helps thank you for the person who wrote
07:59in this this question i appreciate it
08:01and i'll see you next video be good
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the differences between serrapeptase, nattokinase, and lumbrokinase?

Serrapeptase, nattokinase, and lumbrokinase are proteolytic enzymes that are used to dissolve proteins in the body. Serrapeptase is great for a healthy inflammatory response, nattokinase is effective for vascular inflammation and blood clot prevention, and lumbrokinase is a natural blood thinner with overall cardiovascular health benefits.

2. How does serrapeptase help with the inflammatory response?

Serrapeptase is known for its ability to promote a healthy inflammatory response in the body. It can help alleviate swelling and edema, making it a popular choice for those seeking natural anti-inflammatory support.

3. What are the cardiovascular health benefits of lumbrokinase?

Lumbrokinase is a natural blood thinner that offers overall cardiovascular health benefits. It can support healthy blood circulation, prevent blood clots, and contribute to heart health, making it a valuable enzyme for cardiovascular wellness.

4. How does nattokinase prevent blood clots and support vascular health?

Nattokinase is effective for vascular inflammation and blood clot prevention. It works by breaking down fibrin, a protein that contributes to the formation of blood clots. By promoting healthy blood flow and preventing clot formation, nattokinase supports vascular health.

5. Are there any other natural enzymes that dissolve proteins like serrapeptase, nattokinase, and lumbrokinase?

Yes, besides serrapeptase, nattokinase, and lumbrokinase, there are other natural enzymes such as bromelain and papain that also have proteolytic properties. These enzymes can be beneficial for digestion, inflammation, and overall health support.

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