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The video discusses how the molecule spermidine can promote pigment in hair and potentially reverse gray hair. There are success stories of individuals who have taken a spermidine supplement and have noticed re-pigmentation of gray hair. The mechanism behind this may be due to an increase in antioxidants that stop hydrogen peroxide from bleaching hair from the inside out.
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Spermidine, a molecule found in high quantities in semen and human breast milk, is a key component of a supplement called Primodine, which has been reported to potentially reverse gray hair.
Spermidine is a molecule found in high quantities in semen and human breast milk, and is necessary for human life.
The supplement Primodine, containing spermidine and a prebiotic, is designed to slow down various hallmarks of aging.
Spermidine has been reported to potentially inhibit pathways related to aging, and some users have reported that it appeared to be re-pigmenting their gray hair.
The speaker brought the supplement to market to make it available in the United States and for her mother to benefit from its ability to slow down aging processes.
People of different ages are experiencing new hair growth in their original hair color, including those who are over 50, nearly 60, and even 92 years old.
Demonstrations show new black hairs coming in for a 92-year-old white-haired person.
A 79-year-old experienced dramatic results with dark hair growing across the top of their head.
The new hair growth is darker at the roots and lighter at the ends.
Studies have shown that human hair can grow in its original color in vitro.
Spermidine has been found to stimulate hair follicles, causing them to enter the growth phase and produce pigment.
When hair follicles are subjected to spermidine in the petri dish, more than a quarter of them go back into the growth phase after just six days.
Spermidine increases the production of antioxidants in rice, which helps protect it from heat stress.
It is believed that spermidine might have similar effects in mammals, including humans, leading to hair repigmentation.
Adrenaline, if not released through physical activity, can turn into hydrogen peroxide, which can bleach hair from the inside out, but high levels of antioxidants in the liver can neutralize it.
Adrenaline not released through physical activity can turn into hydrogen peroxide, bleaching hair from the inside out.
High levels of antioxidants like glutathione, superoxide dismutase, and catalase in the liver can neutralize hydrogen peroxide.
Spermidine supplementation may increase the internal production of superoxide dismutase and catalase to prevent hair bleaching.
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00:11hey guys leslie here and today i want to
00:13talk to you about a really awkwardly
00:16named molecule that can promote pigment
00:19in your hair
00:20and i'd like to talk to you about how it
00:22does that
00:24so as many of you may know i also in my
00:27spare time have a supplement company
00:30called oxford healthspan
00:32that makes a supplement called primodine
00:35to put you back into the new prime of
00:37life after the age of 50.
00:39and uh it really uh is made up of a very
00:43awkwardly named molecule called
00:45spermidine and a prebiotic to help you
00:48make more spermidade there are also some
00:50other polyamines called spermine and
00:53putrescine which are part of a
00:56virtuous recycling feedback loop so that
00:59you can make more internally
01:01and spermidine is really necessary for
01:04human life all plants and animals make
01:07it um it's in very high quantities in
01:10semen also in human breast milk and it
01:15something which is in very high
01:16quantities in the healthy centenarians
01:19around the world so we can measure their
01:22serum plasma levels
01:25i brought this supplement to market
01:27because it wasn't available in the
01:28united states where i wanted my mom to
01:30be able to take it
01:31and i really wanted her to have it for
01:34the um you know the ability its ability
01:37to slow
01:38different hallmarks of aging everything
01:41from uh you know the shortening of
01:44telomeres to
01:46uh mitochondrial and stem cell
01:48dysfunction so we know that spermidine
01:51inhibits all of those pathways so six
01:53out of the nine pathways to be exact
01:56but i was not prepared for various
01:59people to report to me clients that
02:02actually spermatine appeared to be
02:05re-pigmenting their gray hair
02:08i'll just show you a few photos so
02:10here's one of someone who has she's
02:13demonstrating not only new baby hair
02:15growth but in her original blonde hair
02:19and here's that person is over 50.
02:22here's someone who is nearly 60 who had
02:25gone you know blonde it basically had
02:27gone gray or white and was sort of doing
02:31a blonde wash
02:33um but they are now getting uh hairs
02:37back new hairs in the original color
02:41here is another person who's closer to
02:44who uh you know has basically taken a
02:47photo so you can see the hair up here
02:49which is older
02:51and the hair at the root which is now
02:53getting darker
02:55um this person is 92
02:59and i find this quite remarkable because
03:02this person is basically white-haired
03:05but if you look very carefully you can
03:07see that there are these new black hairs
03:10coming in
03:12that is uh not just in that spot but on
03:16the back of the head again here i don't
03:18know if you can see there are a few more
03:20just in here normally you'd say well
03:22that's not really that's not really very
03:25interesting but that person is 92. so
03:28that is what i think is remarkable and
03:29then they got more sort of diffuse new
03:33hair growth
03:34at the top of their head which was
03:36so probably the most dramatic results
03:39were from a 79 year old and if you look
03:42carefully here you can see what has
03:44happened it looks like an alice band
03:46across the top of their head it's so
03:49and um
03:51now actually that they you know they'll
03:53be able to cut off the white ends but
03:55it's so different to what we have seen
03:58during lockdown where most people had
04:00these white stripes
04:02you know at the roots it was white and
04:04at the ends it was dark
04:06so here's another close-up of that you
04:09can see how it's all coming in dark
04:12but it's white at the end
04:14so what is going on here right i had to
04:18really think carefully about this and i
04:21have said before that we do know from
04:24studies in in vitro studies that means
04:27in a little petri dish with human hair
04:29follicles that if you
04:32um if you subject them to spermidine in
04:35the petri dish that's something like a
04:37quarter of those hair follicles more
04:40than a quarter will actually go back
04:42into the growth phase known as the
04:44anagen phase after just six days and
04:48during the anagen phase is the time when
04:51pigment pigment known as melanin is
04:54produced so if you are not if your hair
04:56follicles are not in the growth phase
04:58they are not going to be producing
05:00pigment so we knew that but i happen to
05:04come across a really interesting study
05:08spermidine enhanced free polyamine
05:11levels and this had to do with rice so
05:14this is actually a study um an
05:16agricultural study and they're looking
05:19at how
05:22how polyamines with rice who are
05:26who i can't say who with rice which
05:29which are subjected to heat stress um
05:33do better in the presence of spermidine
05:37and the reason why
05:38is because you'll see here it is because
05:40it increases the amount
05:42of catalase and superoxide dismutase two
05:47antioxidants that the rice needs to
05:52protect itself from high temperature
05:54heat stress
05:56so i thought about this and i know that
05:58all plants and all animals make
06:02it's just a natural part of life and if
06:07it actually increases these two
06:09antioxidants sod superoxide dismutase
06:13and catalase
06:15it makes sense that it might do the same
06:18mammals humans
06:20and if that's true that could be one of
06:24the reasons why all of these people
06:27are actually having their hair
06:31and why is that well if you've watched
06:33any of my other videos you may have
06:35heard me talk about hydrogen peroxide in
06:39the hair follicle how when we have
06:43we produce adrenaline and the adrenaline
06:46has nowhere else to go
06:48once our fight flight or freeze moment
06:50is over normally we'd run it off but we
06:54don't run it off anymore we sort of sit
06:55in front of a laptop get stressed by the
06:58news and the adrenaline doesn't go
07:00anywhere so the body gets rid of it
07:03in the body's wisdom the body gets rid
07:05of it by turning it into
07:08hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen peroxide
07:11exactly the same hydrogen peroxide that
07:13you would bleach your hair blonde with
07:15needs to get out of the body somewhere
07:17so it's going to go out through the skin
07:19and it's going to go out through the
07:20hair follicles and literally bleach your
07:22hair from the inside out at the follicle
07:27superoxide dismutase and catalase and
07:30glutathione levels are high in the liver
07:34those three antioxidants will actually
07:37turn the hydrogen peroxide into harmless
07:40water which the body will just excrete
07:42out so
07:45i've mentioned there are these three
07:47antioxidants the liver makes glutathione
07:49superoxide dismutase and catalase
07:52they're all very important but these two
07:54superoxide dismutase sod and catalase
07:57are really hard to supplement with so in
07:59all my other videos you hear me saying
08:02supplement with glutathione but it looks
08:04like based on this study that it is
08:08possibly to supplement with spermidine
08:11and that that
08:13will increase your
08:15endogenous your internal production of
08:19superoxide dismutase and catalase to
08:22help stop the hydrogen peroxide
08:25bleaching your hair from the inside out
08:28i hope this video was useful if you've
08:30got any questions leave them in the
08:32comments below i'll answer the ones
08:34asked in the first seven days and if you
08:37like this video and want more like it
08:40hit the subscribe button below see you
08:42next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does spermidine promote pigment in hair?

Spermidine promotes pigment in hair by potentially reversing gray hair. It increases antioxidants that stop hydrogen peroxide from bleaching hair from the inside out.

2. What are the success stories related to spermidine supplement and re-pigmentation of gray hair?

There are success stories of individuals who have taken a spermidine supplement and noticed re-pigmentation of gray hair. These stories provide evidence of the potential benefits of spermidine in restoring hair pigment.

3. Why is the increase in antioxidants important for preventing gray hair?

The increase in antioxidants is important for preventing gray hair because they stop hydrogen peroxide from bleaching hair from the inside out, leading to the potential reversal of gray hair.

4. What is the mechanism behind the potential reversal of gray hair with spermidine?

The mechanism behind the potential reversal of gray hair with spermidine involves an increase in antioxidants that prevent hydrogen peroxide from bleaching hair from the inside out, promoting re-pigmentation of the hair.

5. How can spermidine potentially reverse gray hair?

Spermidine can potentially reverse gray hair by increasing antioxidants, which in turn prevent hydrogen peroxide from bleaching hair from the inside out, leading to re-pigmentation of the hair.

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