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Bean tries to escape her arranged marriage with Satan and enlists the help of her friends Lucy and Jerry. They return to Dreamland, which is taken over by an army of goons, and Bean must confront her own evil version in her dreams to defeat Dagmar.
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Bean tries to escape her arranged marriage to Satan in Hell, while Lucy is stuck in Heaven and the elves plan to take power in Dreamland.
Bean talks to Lucy's head while underground dwellers try to revive the rest of Lucy's body.
The elves plot to seize power in Dreamland.
Bean attempts to make Satan dislike her to avoid the marriage, with the help of a resurrected Jerry and Lucy.
Elfo discovers a family secret while being sneaked around by the auguries.
Bean confronts her evil dream version with the help of her friends and is ultimately rescued by Maura.
Jasper and Derek are brought to school after putting their differences behind.
Bean drinks the trogs' secret goo and falls asleep.
In her dream, Bean chases Dagmar and realizes she has been chasing herself.
Bean tries to kill the evil version of herself in her dreams with the help of her friends.
Bean is rescued by Maura and they share a loving embrace underwater.
00:06recap of disenchantment bean arrives at
00:10hell with dagma trying to arrange a
00:12marriage between her and Satan but she
00:15wants out of it and attempts to run away
00:18Lucy sobs while he is stuck in heaven
00:21Bean talks to Lucy's head while
00:23underground dwellers try to bring the
00:25rest of Lucy's body back to life with
00:27the sacred goo
00:29meanwhile the elves attempt to make the
00:31move to take power in Dreamland L4
00:34captured by augris tries to escape Bean
00:37attempts to make Satan dislike her and
00:39stop the marriage with a resurrected
00:41Jerry and Lucy help her flee hell
00:44being Lucy and Jerry arrive in steamland
00:47Via an elevator from hell with being
00:49demanding answers from elwar elfo is
00:52snuck around by the augeries and he
00:54finds out a family Secret
00:57bean and Jerry Steele always Airship to
00:59Return to Dreamland elfo's dad pops
01:02tells elfo a family story elfo's augury
01:06brother challenges him in a duel to the
01:09bean and Jerry bring elfo into the
01:11Airship enroute to Dreamland
01:14King's OG enters the twinkleton insane
01:16asylum and has his first therapy session
01:19Zog admits to his fellow inmate Giggles
01:22that he misses his family and he attacks
01:25the therapist after he declares that Zog
01:27will stay there for eternity
01:30Alpha uses the controls to pull laughing
01:33horse inside the Airship Zog digs his
01:36way out and escapes the Asylum then
01:38becomes a monk in monastery
01:40Zog leaves the monastery and meets Whip
01:43and WAP
01:44Bean and the rest land their escape Pod
01:47near a cave being ill for Lucy laughing
01:50horse and Jerry returned to Dreamland
01:51which has been taken over by an army of
01:54goons being Alpha Lucy and Jerry sneak
01:57into the castle
01:59the people of Dreamland side with Jerry
02:01driving Chloe and Becky away while being
02:03tries to take care of Zog hugot
02:06scratched on the arm during the fight
02:08with Cloyd
02:09Bean shoots down an escape pod from the
02:12Airship but Becky and Floyd weren't
02:14inside bean and zoc come to an agreement
02:17they will share the ruling Throne of
02:21sorcerio brings freckles zog's therapy
02:24puppet to life Zork plans a parade for
02:26the next morning while Freckle spies on
02:29the secret elf meeting
02:31Zog being elfo and Lucy work together to
02:34try and find Becky Clyde and freckles a
02:37Chase Begins in the tunnels beneath the
02:41Bean goes into the water with Lucy and
02:43elfo in order to save her dad Bean swims
02:46underwater in hopes of finding Lucy zogg
02:49and elfo who were pulled underwater
02:52she finds a section of the castle
02:54underwater once there she learns that
02:57the castle is the home of the sea trogs
02:59while Zog Lucy and elfo are fine with
03:02taking riches from the trogs it makes
03:04being uneasy they are taking advantage
03:07of them wanting to atone for what their
03:09ancestors did
03:11Mora saves Bean just before she drowns
03:14and gives her the necklace back however
03:16Mora leaves before being wakes up Zog
03:19Lucy elfo
03:21Zog Lucy elfo una are glad to see being
03:26while she remains defensive about who
03:28saved her zorg laments how lonely he is
03:31and being admits she is in love and they
03:34have a heart to heart about romance and
03:37connects with Ursula and the child he
03:40didn't know he had the Explorers try to
03:42capture zog's kid but end up spearing
03:45his cigar burning down part of the
03:47forest in the process
03:50being tries to become a better Queen and
03:52lets people come to her in hopes of
03:54solving the problems after elfo
03:56encourages Jasper and Derek to put their
03:58differences behind they throw him down
04:01into the tunnels levo makes a shocking
04:04Discovery while the frogs and elves
04:06confront each other in the tunnels
04:08Alpha discovers something about frogs
04:11and elves Bean keeps having nightmares
04:13and is trying to figure out what they
04:15mean the trogs and elves throw down
04:17their weapons Jasper and Derek are
04:20brought to school
04:21Bean ends up drinking the goo secretly
04:24stuck there by the trogs and falls
04:25asleep Bean chases Dagmar in Her Dream
04:28Bean catches up to her and realizes that
04:31she hasn't been chasing Dagmar in her
04:33dreams but being herself being confronts
04:36her dream time version of herself bad
04:38being with the help of her friends Bean
04:41tries to kill the evil version of
04:43herself in her dreams one of the trogs
04:46say that bean can only defeat Dagmar
04:48with the help from goo elfo and others
04:51convince Lucy to save bean from the
04:53dream Bean is rescued by Maura and they
04:56kiss underwater in a loving Embrace in a
04:59post-credits scene
05:01Dagmar sits on the throne with Satan and
05:04bad beans severed head then looks at the
05:07audience smiling thank you for watching
05:10the recap and if you liked it then
05:12please give a thumbs up and subscribe to
05:14our Channel
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How does Bean try to escape her arranged marriage with Satan?

Bean enlists the help of her friends Lucy and Jerry to escape her arranged marriage with Satan.

2. Who does Bean enlist to help her escape the arranged marriage?

Bean enlists the help of her friends Lucy and Jerry to escape the arranged marriage with Satan.

3. What challenges do Bean, Lucy, and Jerry face when they return to Dreamland?

When they return to Dreamland, it is taken over by an army of goons, and Bean, Lucy, and Jerry must confront this challenge.

4. Who must Bean confront in her dreams to defeat Dagmar?

Bean must confront her own evil version in her dreams to defeat Dagmar.

5. What is the central conflict in the video?

The central conflict revolves around Bean trying to escape her arranged marriage with Satan and confronting her own evil version in her dreams to defeat Dagmar.

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