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Abella Danger discusses her experiences in the adult industry, including connecting with fans and the challenges of shooting scenes. She also talks about her day-to-day life, partying, and her academic pursuits.
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This section of the video is sponsored by Prize Picks and features a discussion about a club in Miami.
Prize Picks is an app for betting on individual player performances in sports.
The club in Miami is called 11 Miami and is known for having hot girls and a club-like atmosphere.
The podcast episodes were filmed in a span of two to three days.
The lighting on the stage is very bright.
The conversation is about getting a Double Cup and having a table at a party.
A Double Cup is a drink with purple spray.
They discuss who has seen someone with a Double Cup before.
They plan to go out together and get a table at a party.
The person speaking is sponsored and can bring people to the table.
Abella Danger discusses the authenticity of her scenes and her initial experience of catching feelings for co-stars on set.
Abella tries to have genuine connections and good sex with co-stars.
She used to catch feelings for some co-stars when she first started in the industry.
Initially, she thought some co-stars were interested in dating, but later realized they were just focused on giving good performances.
She acknowledges the intensity and skill of some of her co-stars.
Abella Danger's day-to-day life involves going to school, tutoring, hanging out with friends, going to dinners, partying on weekends, and attending basketball games.
She enjoys partying like an animal on the weekends.
Abella is the most behaved out of her friends and takes care of them like her children.
She plans to attend the UFC fight in Miami and the after party.
Abella watches UFC, NBA, and loves baseball.
In the adult industry, women are paid more than men in porn and modeling.
The gender pay gap still exists and can be checked on Google.
OnlyFans has received negative comments but Abella is unaware of them and thinks it's cool.
She doesn't care what people do on the platform and it's all about personal choice.
Abella Danger discusses the ideal duration for sex and her experience shooting long porn scenes.
Regular guys and porn guys are both capable of being good at sex.
The perfect amount of time for sex is around 8 to 10 minutes according to Abella.
She mentions that longer than that is kind of extra, and her porn scenes would last around 25 to 30 minutes.
Abella shares her experience shooting a scene after a long break and how her endurance was affected.
The speaker shares a story about delivering flashlights to a college social event and describes the disgusting condition of the house.
The speaker went to a fraternity house to deliver flashlights.
The house was dirty and smelled like old beer.
The rushies (new fraternity members) were shirtless and sweaty.
The speaker quickly left the house after delivering the flashlights.
The speaker discusses the process of speed reading and the subjectivity of judging in debates.
Speed reading is called spreading and is used in debates to quickly gather information.
Judges in debates have to write down the flow of arguments and determine the winner based on the strength of their contentions.
Judging in debates can be subjective as it depends on the weighing of arguments.
The speaker mentions their difficulty in arguing about political centrism and the need to take a side in debates.
00:00all right boys we got a Bella danger
00:01this week on the podcast I know a lot of
00:03you boys are familiar with her for sure
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01:03we're at uh 11 Miami Boys everyone in
01:06Miami knows this is the spot it's one of
01:08the craziest spots in Miami it's got the
01:09hottest girls it's like a club and a
01:11strip club they've also been carrying
01:13happy dads since like pretty much the
01:14start so shout out to 11 Pro supporting
01:17us and carrying happy Dad what we're in
01:19here two nights ago I fell right over
01:21there we're standing right there
01:23took two absolute fours home
01:26really bad night
01:28are you guys tell me a lot
01:35yeah I'm not even 12 a.m it's too early
01:38I feel if you guys are watching this the
01:40last three weeks of PODS have been
01:41filmed in like I guess two to three days
01:43yeah this light is so bright right now
01:45on my face yeah does it look right you
01:48look great dude I know we're on the
01:49stage right now I want Brad to perform
01:50you want me to what I don't know what do
01:52you want me to do dance honestly it's
01:55different during life you should talk
01:56about she seems like she parties a lot
01:57yeah yeah I want to ask about some party
02:00stories let's do it I'm sure there's a
02:02lot we can talk about ours too yeah you
02:04want a mint I got a mint for you just
02:05because I always wake up with like 40 of
02:08those in my pocket yeah yeah I got you
02:10yeah jump in a Bella Danger on the
02:13podcast thank you for coming I
02:14appreciate it why not you don't know why
02:16you're here well because I yeah I don't
02:19feel like I'm like at that level of like
02:21the guests that you guys have I was like
02:22oh my God what do they want me and it
02:24was funny because it was like three
02:25different people like it was like my
02:27agent and then someone else someone else
02:29they're like you need to do this podcast
02:30and I'm like I've seen it like I should
02:32not be on that podcast no we want you
02:35all right now you're actually probably
02:36my favorite guest we've ever had
02:46yeah that must have been a really cool
02:48guest though what's that that must have
02:50been a really cool guest so yeah it was
02:52huge it was huge for us so are you a
02:54huge Miami Heat fan uh yeah so I mean I
02:57grew I was born and raised in Miami so I
02:59saw when we won our first NBA
03:01championship I was like in fourth grade
03:03and then I just like like even when the
03:05heat are doing awful like this season I
03:08still go to every game like I love the
03:10he like I'm very proud I was literally
03:12at a game and I had to like I looked
03:14over my shoulder in like 10 rows back I
03:16was like oh [ __ ] that's a Bella
03:18dangerous behind you yeah that sounds
03:20like I'm not like trying to flex that
03:21I'm just trying to give you an idea
03:22you're 100 flexing right now wow I have
03:25good seats bro you flexible why though
03:27so I'm like okay General's behind you I
03:29miss a that sounds like a fake story
03:32I literally said like no I'm kidding
03:34yeah okay I was gonna yeah I didn't even
03:36want to sound just like that but every
03:39season rolls around night and I like
03:40pick exactly which games I want to go to
03:42and I'm like either quartzite or right
03:43behind like no but I will say Heat games
03:45out of all NBA games he games are the
03:47best games there's just so much energy
03:49really yeah I mean I'm biased but I've
03:52been to I've definitely been to a lot of
03:53good like Lakers Lakers is dope yeah
03:55it's such a difference being at the
03:56stable Center I really enjoy that like
03:58the Stapleton well I don't know what
04:00it's called crypto Arena yeah but it's
04:03it's very iconic and she's sad Courtside
04:05with hezboola last week did you see that
04:06did you really how was that that was so
04:09fun my two best friends you're like
04:11obsessed with him I think he's great but
04:14my two friends like all they do is just
04:15send each other like hospitals some
04:17people like love them or hate him a lot
04:18of girls like are scared why don't
04:19anyone hate them some girls are like
04:21yeah so I showed this girl the other day
04:23and she was like scared him she couldn't
04:24even look at him what do you mean he's
04:25cute I mean I'm not like
04:27obsessed but yeah my friends definitely
04:29love him
04:30yeah I saw that thing with like Mike
04:32Tyson and I was like I don't know if he
04:33knew he was like a baby or not but I saw
04:35that whole thing he's not a baby he's
04:3620. no I know but I guess oh yeah yeah
04:41yeah Tyson's on a lot of shrooms too
04:43right before we got on here you were
04:45talking about like going out pretty
04:46often in Miami is this is this a play
04:48shirt you frequently so yeah I love it
04:50it's like 11 is part of my identity like
04:52I spent every single birthday here all
04:53they've told me like last year they were
04:55like you spent more money than any other
04:57woman that buys tables here because
05:00you're buying tables here yeah because I
05:01buy my own tickets how much is that
05:03that's a light Flex oh yeah I know like
05:06yeah like I'm not I'm not gonna have to
05:07do no one buy tables total
05:10I honestly I was like don't even tell me
05:11I swear we gotta find that out tell me
05:15um yeah so this was for last year
05:17um and I mean every time you can get a
05:18table it can range like average it'll
05:21range from like four to like eight
05:24depending who's performing but then like
05:26on really special shows it'll be like
05:28like the most I paid was like 15 000 for
05:31that are you throwing money
05:32no I don't really throw money like but I
05:36mean my friends do but it's like I've
05:38already thrown it up what other not I'm
05:41not stick anything away from that that's
05:42a huge stat I wish I had that stat so
05:44you like never work out
05:48it's not a
05:50never seen a gym what is that
05:53are you guys sad that you're leaving
05:55Miami might leave Friday
05:59yeah yeah we just went three days in a
06:01row have you have you gone to Libya we
06:04didn't do live yeah we went where did we
06:06go first night we went to [ __ ] it's been
06:08a blur this was like the hardest three
06:09days we've ever went honestly yeah I was
06:11crazy we were gonna go to ultra at all
06:13and then we went two days yeah Sunday we
06:15were gonna call it a day and then we
06:16ended up like last minute we just had it
06:18was funny what you were saying you go to
06:20church going to church I think it's just
06:22like it's
06:23I mean I don't know how many days you've
06:25ever done in a row but three is like the
06:27older you get now too yeah no I'm 27.
06:30I'm 28. okay does it hit you harder now
06:32of course are you gonna be a hangovers
06:34or like the worst ever like when did you
06:36start to notice a difference though
06:37probably like 24 you're like oh it's
06:40different now it's not even that old it
06:41keeps getting worse yeah it keeps
06:43getting worse I'm 33. you just because
06:45I'm like drinking more like before I
06:47used to like like now it's just like
06:48back to back shots like I'm like oh I
06:50don't want to have a big strength like
06:51the calories and just like sure yeah so
06:53it's like
06:54what is this this is our Seltzer happy
06:57Dad I want I want some try one do we
07:00have a cold one I mean I'm going to sexy
07:01fish after this might as well be
07:10because summer's coming and Yacht season
07:12is upon us oh my God and I haven't
07:15worked out literally since I was
07:16listening to be friend for like last
07:18summer it's bad I really rely on like my
07:21genetics a lot low-key damn like these
07:24damn yo you actually got a joke yeah I
07:26know right and you just like work out
07:28like intermittently because you're like
07:29like I'll start when it starts hitting
07:32me when it's like yacht season is coming
07:33like Memorial Day weekend is like we'll
07:35kicks it off like that's like the first
07:37yacht this summer and that's just like
07:38the Miami thing to do like everyone just
07:40rents yachts and like you just spend all
07:41day on them
07:43and she doesn't get played after it gets
07:44played out though no dude during the
07:46pandemic that was like how we would
07:47entertain ourselves like all the clubs
07:49everything was shut down 11 closed down
07:50first and it opened down last so like
07:53everyone like on the water you could
07:55just do whatever you want so that's like
07:56all we would do is just write y'all and
07:57like go out into the water because we
07:59couldn't go out anywhere here it was
08:00like all locked down we shouldn't get
08:02tired you didn't get tired of the odds
08:03at some point no okay a good yacht day
08:07is pretty funny I mean if I go through
08:08yacht I would hide in the room and you
08:10know people would like drinking's way
08:12better than like night drinking I don't
08:13know I like drinking more though I feel
08:15like such a degenerate dude like when I
08:17drink during the day and like everyone
08:19else is like like all like I don't know
08:21whoever's not around me drinking with me
08:23they're like being normal at their jobs
08:24and stuff and I'm like but what do other
08:26people who sleep in way too much around
08:28you though yeah right yeah I like you
08:31stay out until if you go out if you came
08:32here one night honestly I'm not as bad
08:34as I used to be like I think I'm like
08:36the better of my friends
08:38um I'll stay out until like seven
08:41okay that's pretty late no it used to be
08:42worse it used to be worse do you wake up
08:44the next day like with anxiety and like
08:45depressed about your decisions I live
08:47with anxiety every day yeah me too
08:49but I mean it makes it way worse you're
08:51gonna smoke so much weed and then from
08:53Wendy to the other it was like what when
08:55you smoke you get to a high you get bad
08:56anxiety oh my God it should be about
08:58every little thing I've ever done in my
08:59life I relate to that you have an answer
09:01for anxiety or how to solve it do I have
09:03an answer yeah yes yes I do he gets
09:05really spiritual drink less alcohol and
09:07do less stress oh yeah very
09:09philosophical I'm a philosophy
09:11I will get deep with you oh really yeah
09:14have you ever gone to ayahuasca no okay
09:16what about mushrooms yeah of course yeah
09:19so I haven't done them I actually had a
09:22bad trip on streams on a yacht and I
09:24think it's because I was on a yacht and
09:25I was stuck on there for like eight
09:26hours and I literally just wanted to be
09:28on land again and I haven't done it
09:30since like a full trip
09:31like it's a little bad trip and I was
09:33like what am I doing it's and it was
09:34like a three-day like binge basically
09:37like 11 well Gold Rush Friday like 11
09:39and then yeah all day yeah
09:43we used to rip gold rush I love it
09:46sometimes it's more for five minutes 100
09:48well it's the same order so whatever but
09:51yeah you don't give as much like it 11
09:53you have to like kind of put on a gold
09:54rush you can just do whatever's there
09:56sneakers like yeah like you can
09:59literally just go there and what about
10:00booby trap
10:03I can't because it's crazy there if you
10:07have a Double Cup and you're in booby
10:08trap it's like a Vibe a Double Cup you
10:11just had a Double Cup what's a Double
10:12Cup go ahead and explain it's like a
10:13little little bit of like purple spray
10:15and a double yeah exactly how many
10:16highest book oh I don't think I've ever
10:18seen him with a Double Cup
10:19you just said that you don't know me you
10:21don't know I've seen you all the time
10:22all the time I know each other well
10:23actually no I've been out with him many
10:25times she's never had a Double Cup maybe
10:27we should all go out together are you
10:28guys leaving tomorrow yeah we should no
10:29you know what I want to do why don't you
10:31get a table no right here and we'll get
10:32the one actually and we'll see who gets
10:33more lit like together oh it's party
10:36together yeah okay I'm sponsoring you
10:38sponsoring the table are you paying or
10:39what no but
10:41well if you guys are ready for you guys
10:44okay you three split and then I'll bring
10:46like people
10:48he's like I'll bring people I don't need
10:49people he's gonna have stuff
10:51quality no wait but I want to know if
10:54you're like because I feel like not that
10:55many girls are in here buying tables
10:57like who else is really doing that yeah
10:58yeah they tell me it's not as often as
11:01like I'm definitely a commodity like
11:03wouldn't they just give you a table
11:05they have given me tables before but I
11:07mean it's not something there's so many
11:08celebrities here they can't just give
11:09tables yeah like are you kidding yeah I
11:11guess so and especially when it's like
11:13we I've seen really cool performers here
11:14like when it's like 50 Cent like Rick
11:16Ross or something like that like it's
11:18much better than gueno concert if you
11:19think about it like they're performing
11:20right here and my table is like always
11:22get that section like whenever there's a
11:24performer that one or that one it's like
11:26much more intimate and fun than like
11:28being at a concert yeah and yeah so you
11:31said you're a philosophy major yeah
11:32you're back in school philosophy tutor
11:34yeah I've been back in school for two
11:36years and I just where are you so no I
11:38go to I go to Miami-Dade and I'm
11:40actually applying to transfer to um
11:42April 1st is the deadline and I'm like
11:44so nervous so nervous because I need to
11:48get into the you like I need
11:50transcripts in like a transcription like
11:53an essay so yeah has written an essay
11:56about a time that I overcame in the face
11:58of adversity
12:01and then I just have to like give them
12:02my transcripts and but it's a really
12:04hard school to get into right now it's
12:0529 acceptance rate so last year they had
12:08like 49 000 applicants
12:10yeah so yeah for philosophy but it's a
12:13pre-law what's your theory on like Plato
12:14and [ __ ] what do you mean my theory on
12:16Play-Doh like Plato's like what's my
12:19ethereal yeah or what do I think about
12:21Play-Doh yeah I mean I'm not really that
12:23into Play-Doh more like my feet so no I
12:26actually don't like Socrates either yeah
12:29I'm more like Nietzsche like Spinoza
12:31yeah and then I I mean I definitely like
12:33like I like Primo Foster deontology a
12:36lot and then virtue ethics which is
12:37Aristotle even though it's like an
12:38incomplete Theory that's the one that I
12:40kind of practice every single day
12:42um but also more like logic and
12:44argumentation like structuring arguments
12:47and stuff so you're going into law yeah
12:49you want to be like a lawyer I'm going
12:51to be a lawyer yeah I went into gentle
12:54discrimination what is it gender's
12:56discrimination gender discrimination
12:57yeah like what type of law is that like
13:00so like for example if you're being
13:02treated unfairly in like your workplace
13:04because on the basis of sex then I could
13:06defend you in a lawsuit that you place
13:08on your employer okay yeah you should
13:10get her contact info lost in case you
13:13ever need it well it's gonna be like
13:15three or four years right it's gonna be
13:17in five years actually I know it's gonna
13:19be perfect
13:20it's but it's actually gone by really
13:22fast it's seven years total these past
13:23few years have like flown by like I'm
13:25done with my second year when did you
13:27decide or what makes you want to do all
13:29um so I always wanted to go back to
13:30school even when I was like my agent
13:32who's been my porn agent since I was 18.
13:34he knew I always wanted to go back to
13:36school and then the pandemic hit and no
13:40one could shoot and people would book me
13:41for shoots and then they would see that
13:43I would be partying all night and
13:45they'll be like you can't you because I
13:47would you would get a cobit test 24
13:48hours before so I'd get the cover test
13:50and then like go out to a strip club and
13:52then take your test is no longer good oh
13:54my God and I was like bro I'm just gonna
13:55wait for this to blow over and I was
13:57like [ __ ] I'm just gonna go to school
13:58and yeah I was like no time it was I was
14:0025 when I decided to so it's like a good
14:03time I still kind of blend in with the
14:06kind of not so much with the boys but
14:08like the boys are look really young but
14:10the girls I like are you still active on
14:13campus all my classes are in person and
14:15they all see you yeah
14:19you're pretty famous yeah no like my
14:22philosophy Professor he last semester he
14:24was like he was like can you please stay
14:26after class and I was like no oh my God
14:28wait wait wait okay hold on you have to
14:32tell us how that what happened
14:33okay please yeah I'm gonna tell you so
14:35he he was like can you please stay after
14:37class and it's still it's still just
14:40it's what it sounds like a block what
14:42was your grade in that class
14:43yes exactly
14:45before or after the meeting no this is
14:47the beginning of the semester okay walk
14:49us through this so he's like you at
14:51least you have two class and I was like
14:52sure and then he was like listen you're
14:54not at all but I thought he was like
14:56you're really engaged in class and you
14:57really seem to like philosophy do you
14:59want to be a tutor and I was like sure
15:01just so you know I used to be a porn
15:04star and some of the students might
15:06recognize it because I don't care what
15:07do you say like really he was like
15:09really which one were you and I was like
15:11I know come on but I was like I was a
15:13fellow teacher he's like you're her but
15:15I look like really like I go to school
15:17with like no makeup on and like my hair
15:19up and like in PJs like I do not go to
15:21school like it'll be a rare day when I
15:23go cute that was that's a good tactic by
15:25him and yeah he's really cool yeah he's
15:27really cool like my debate I was on the
15:29debate team I like recently just quit
15:31because I'm like transferring and I got
15:33really pissed at my partner at the state
15:35tournament last month but anyways but my
15:37debate coach needs to like I don't care
15:38you're not active you don't shoot
15:40anymore no I haven't been shy in like
15:43over two years but I've never like and I
15:47like I don't know people don't really
15:48seem to care because like there's just
15:49so many there's like over 700 videos you
15:51can watch it was actually shocking when
15:53like the New York Post said that I was
15:55like number one most watched last year
15:57on PornHub and I was like whoa like I
15:59guess people are just watching them so
16:01much because new ones aren't coming out
16:03I don't know I found it weird because I
16:04was like how is it now that I'm I was
16:05number two for so long so how long did
16:08you how long did it take to shoot all
16:09those videos so I shot I shot scenes I
16:12would shoot almost every single day from
16:14when I was 18 until I was it was March
16:1813 2020 when my seeing last scene got
16:21canceled so I was like 24 so from 18 to
16:2420. so you were shooting scenes every
16:25day almost every day yeah and then I got
16:28contracted to browsers and then so it
16:30went from shooting like 22 scenes a
16:32month to shooting like 15 scenes a month
16:34and then that's when I was able to move
16:36back to Miami so I could just like fly
16:37in and out because I hated la like I I
16:40was born and raised here so
16:42I feel people that really enjoy La they
16:44don't really like where they're from and
16:46I love being from Miami so I just always
16:48wanted to move back here yeah his
16:50browser's like the deal that everybody
16:53I don't know I can only speak for myself
16:55but like I grew up like I grew up in
16:57that culture like in high school like if
16:58someone had a bang Bros password or a
17:00browser's password like that she got
17:01passed around like everyone like would
17:04like pass around a bang Bros ask our
17:06fans for like if they have accounts yeah
17:08if anyone has a password just DM us boys
17:11yeah every two months like too many
17:14people would log into it so you'd have
17:15to like get a new one yeah but our fans
17:17would always just send us like browser's
17:18account are you being serious you had
17:21the [ __ ] login and password
17:23you don't want to be on every day
17:25because it's like really high production
17:27like sometimes you want to have a
17:28browsers day like you're in that mood
17:29you know yeah my first scene my first
17:32scenes were for bangbros and it's so
17:34Miami and like so on brand and I love
17:36Bane Bros as well like I love the way I
17:38used to do like the reverse Fang buses
17:40so I would like I would pick up the guys
17:42and like leave them stranded it was so
17:44fine does anybody ever take like the
17:45acting like very seriously before yeah I
17:48feel like a lot of us like how important
17:50was that for you if you had a role you
17:51want to make sure it's like funny or
17:52something like if it's it's like a funny
17:54script like we want to like you know we
17:56get the script a few days in advance so
17:58we make sure we all have our lines like
17:59you don't want to be that dick that's
18:00like making the day it takes so much
18:02longer because the script some of them
18:03would be like pages and pages and pages
18:05long yeah so we just would take it
18:07seriously in the sense that we would
18:08make sure we were prepared and we knew
18:10what we were going to be doing that day
18:12um but we like you know it's it's
18:14important like it's and it's supposed to
18:15be funny so like we would even laugh
18:17after it takes like we would want it to
18:19be something that people could laugh to
18:21before they jerk off I don't know how
18:23many people actually watch things well
18:24who is your favorite character to play
18:26oh man there's been so many I yeah the
18:29computer right there's been so many I
18:32can't even but most of my browser scenes
18:34they would always they would always
18:35write scripts for me I guess you know
18:37what was my favorite was if you remember
18:39fidget Spinners yeah yeah everything are
18:42you a fidget spinner girl what the [ __ ]
18:44oh it's kind of weird give me a fidget
18:45spinner butt plug and it would actually
18:47twirl like in my wait
18:52and it went viral like that scene like
18:55that's [ __ ] pretty creative so like
18:58yeah so it might like it would be bent
18:59over and like you would just see it like
19:01did you see all those after no yeah you
19:04could have sold a lot of those because
19:06no but it was like so like current and
19:09it was so great at the time like
19:11everyone was obsessed with fidget
19:13Spinners I'm I'm curious about that you
19:15filmed for so many days like were there
19:17ever days where you just didn't want to
19:18do it
19:19um so there were days where I was tired
19:20of like getting up early because call
19:22times you're fighting daylight and it
19:24takes a long time to shoot like a scene
19:27like it'll take like eight hours so some
19:29days whenever the the what is it when
19:31you fall back when you fall back yeah
19:33daylight savings yeah that but you know
19:36not the spring forward the fallback I
19:37enjoyed that because in the call times
19:38would be like 7 A.M 8 A.M and I really
19:42enjoy sleeping in so that's what I would
19:44hate and then the traffic every every
19:45day you're going to a different location
19:47so you could be going far as [ __ ] like
19:49those menial things but I was never
19:51tired to like
19:52have sex yeah you enjoyed doing it the
19:55whole time oh my God are you kidding no
19:57like that was the best part of my job
19:58was that the sex part like that was the
20:01easiest part of the day like that was
20:03like the shortest like the actual sex
20:04words only like 25 minutes yeah but then
20:07like shooting the acting and like taking
20:08pictures of everything that's the worst
20:10part that was like the long [ __ ] like
20:13the sex part is like
20:14how much of it is like like fake like
20:17done up what do you mean oh like the sex
20:19part yeah well I again I can only speak
20:21for myself and I always try to be as
20:22genuine as possible like I would
20:23generally try to connect with people and
20:25like have like genuinely good sex with
20:27them like
20:29I would go out of my way to work with
20:31people that I really liked working with
20:32yeah and I would look forward to working
20:34with them and it's like it's honestly
20:36great because you know you're gonna have
20:37really good sex and then you don't have
20:39to talk to them afterwards
20:43it was great no it really was great and
20:45it was like I would tell browsers like I
20:48need one scene a month with this one
20:49want to see a month with this one like I
20:51and I would look forward to these days
20:53and they're like
20:55we're like having this little thing for
20:56a day where we're like okay we're like
20:58having sex and then we just go like I
21:00don't even have your phone number and
21:01it's like until next time like thanks
21:03for the orgasms
21:05yeah do you ever catch feelings on set I
21:09have yeah I did when I when I first
21:11started yeah I did
21:12um and then like because it's like you
21:15have such girls have like this
21:18you know you really like having sex with
21:20someone you kind of someone like the guy
21:21afterwards yeah and so I would I I
21:25didn't like have little crushes on some
21:28of the guys after I wear to them and
21:30then I realized I'm like okay no they're
21:32just trying to give me good sex they're
21:33not trying to date me so that didn't
21:35last too long but definitely when I
21:36first started I was
21:38soon because some of these guys are like
21:39sex Gods like they're just so good it's
21:42about the sin master
21:44what Johnny Sins oh yeah he's great I
21:47love so I grew up watching Johnny yeah
21:50yeah he's great he's not my favorite
21:51like he's not my number one but yeah I
21:54definitely enjoy really working with him
21:55and when I when I met him I was like
21:57kind of StarStruck because I grew up
21:59watching like Phoenix Marie and Nikki
22:01Benz and Johnny Sins so I was like oh my
22:03God you're like Mr Brazzers like meeting
22:05like Karen like I don't know everyone
22:08well wait what are like some of the
22:09things that they do that makes it so
22:10good like she's trying to get some toys
22:11for like people watching herself I don't
22:13know honestly I feel like it's a lot is
22:15there intensity and like their
22:16confidence is just like kind of Manhunt
22:18and and do it in such a way that it's
22:20very considerate to like a girl's wants
22:23and needs like they very like not
22:24[ __ ] hear it not [ __ ] listen to
22:26like you're not giving the advice bro so
22:28intense yeah like just very intense like
22:30icon just very intense like you're like
22:32I don't even have to think like I'm just
22:34like being like yeah what's like three
22:37things that like we could do to like
22:38step up our game
22:40who's to say your game isn't already
22:42good enough there's always room for
22:43improvement just pretend it just needs
22:45some work because he's like
22:48every girl
22:50I promise but do you know that for a
22:52fact I'm not saying
22:55because let me tell you so many women
22:57are so good at faking it so do you ever
22:59really know for a fact that you're
23:00really satisfied so tell us how do we
23:02you can't really wait she can't leave
23:04you the [ __ ] alone
23:05um okay does he know your dick is good
23:11and talk to you again like if she's not
23:13blowing your phone up like she's not
23:15really into the sex with you but yeah
23:17she's gonna like
23:19want it again and again and again again
23:22she's gonna keep coming back damn
23:25okay are you like I'm great no no so now
23:27I'm just curious
23:29so what are the three tips so we never
23:31got to that to just be very passionate
23:34um you know be very passion and be
23:36intense and like you definitely Listen
23:38to What a woman's wants and needs are
23:43I don't know I don't know I don't know
23:45from a guy's perspective I can more tell
23:47girls how to be good is there like a
23:49stereotype or a pet peeve that you have
23:51about the industry that people from the
23:53outside might have yeah I feel like the
23:56worst stereotype that there is is that
23:57people that girls just get into porn
23:59like for money and like it's really so
24:01far from the truth like like making you
24:04don't even make that much money in porn
24:05to like really to have to want to like
24:08put yourself out there like that and
24:10have sex for millions of people to see
24:12and have your parents find out and your
24:14friends find out and like that is
24:16something that you wouldn't just do for
24:17money like it's a huge decision and a
24:20lot of girls really do it because you
24:22want to experience your sexuality in a
24:25safe environment in a safe controlled
24:27environment where there's a bunch of
24:28people where if something goes wrong you
24:29can say cut you can say stop and like
24:32it's not this thing that every I'm sure
24:35there are people that do get it get into
24:37it for monetary gain however that isn't
24:39the case for every single person so I
24:40think that is the biggest misconception
24:42that kind of production the wrong way
24:46do you think that's a bad thing for the
24:48people that just get into it for the
24:49money no I I mean no I and and I get and
24:52it's not even bad for people to think
24:54that yeah you know that misconception
24:55cool like you don't know like that's and
24:57that's your opinion and you're
24:59definitely entitled to that
25:01um but don't judge me or like put me in
25:04this box as if you know me because
25:06that's your assumption for the whole
25:08industry as a whole when I'm an
25:10individual and everyone is different
25:11right why did you originally get into it
25:13okay so my
25:16so I had a boyfriend who was a porn star
25:18right and I for how long was he a porn
25:21so I don't even know
25:23um he didn't like he didn't stay in the
25:26industry as long as I did but I mean we
25:28lost touch like we so I was dating him
25:30for months and then he was always
25:31telling me like do a scene with me do a
25:33scene with me and I was always so scared
25:36um but then I would go to set with him I
25:37would go to browser sets with him and
25:39everyone's so nice and it's so it's such
25:41a fun place and you would go and have
25:43sex and you always sing all these fun
25:45scripts and whatever it just became
25:47normal to me over time and then one day
25:50I was just sitting outside of a Subway
25:51and I was like texting rules like I
25:53really want to shoot a scene so then he
25:55said them pictures of me and then like
25:57the very next day I got tested and then
25:58the day after that I shot
26:00however he wanted me to only shoot with
26:03him and that's what I thought to be an
26:05issue being the feminist that I am it's
26:06just hypocritical that you think it's
26:09okay to have sex with any of the women
26:10that you want and yet I should only have
26:13sex with you and I just don't like that
26:16once I did my first scene I just wanted
26:18to shoot and you know I wanted to shoot
26:20DP like I just wanted to try everything
26:21like I said I wanted to really
26:22experiment with my sexuality and he just
26:25wasn't done with it so then we broke up
26:28and I kept doing porn was the first time
26:30at all awkward were you like this is
26:32kind of no because it was my boyfriend
26:33because the only weird part about people
26:35watching is not
26:37um the guy filming so the only part
26:38where I was like weirded out was when
26:41the director was like okay turn around
26:42and show me your butthole I was like why
26:43do you want to see that like I did not
26:45think that that why would you want to I
26:47get wanting to see my vagina I want to
26:48see my booze why do you see my ball like
26:51I didn't I didn't get it and then I
26:53tried anyone then I was like oh I get it
26:55but at the time I was like you'll just
26:57look at that like it was just weird this
26:58woman wouldn't want to see my ball I
27:00don't know why yeah I was gonna just to
27:02follow up with that what are some of the
27:03negatives or things that you didn't like
27:05about the industry
27:08um I mean the the main thing is I don't
27:11like how people view the industry I
27:13don't like how people judge me as and
27:15treat me as less than a human being it's
27:16not I don't like dislike anything in the
27:18industry I just like how people outside
27:21of the industry treat us for doing what
27:23we do like I'm telling you right now if
27:26there wasn't the social stigma that
27:28there is surrounding porn so many more
27:30[ __ ] people would do it like if they
27:32if what their parents or friends thought
27:34wasn't a factor if like that's that
27:37thing that didn't exist so many more
27:38people would do it like I'm 100
27:39concerned like I could like more people
27:42with only fans are starting to do it oh
27:44yeah like so many people now that have
27:46only fans they low-key are like yeah
27:48they're porn stars it's basically porn
27:50yeah like and it's just behind a paywall
27:52but like it's a no different than being
27:55a mainstream performer and on power to
27:57them like do you do that do you have
27:59that I haven't only fan yeah but I don't
28:01post any
28:02um point on it I just post like nudes
28:05and stuff and I talk to my fans on them
28:06but I don't post any like hard I haven't
28:09shot how long have you doing only fans
28:11um not long enough honestly I should
28:13have gotten on that bus way [ __ ]
28:14longer than it took me way like I've had
28:17it for like two years I think not that
28:19long like kind of when I ended when I
28:22was like okay let me like try would you
28:23ever go back to it that sounds something
28:25that I can answer with full confidence
28:27right now I can I I think now yeah yeah
28:31right now I think now
28:33that's what made you want to like stop
28:34so I so the pandemic like once the
28:37pandemic happened it kind of all fell
28:38into basic I kept trying to go back into
28:40shooting and then it just kept like dude
28:42literally one time I flew to L.A to
28:44shoot like five scenes and like all the
28:45directors cancel me because I was like
28:46partying before I went there and I was
28:48like this is so [ __ ] dumb like I flew
28:50I was stuck over there like for one week
28:53without shooting anything and I was like
28:54okay whatever this is like right now in
28:56order to get tested like you had to do
28:58anal swab like you had to do so many
29:00different types of
29:01testing They just added a urethra sob
29:04and it's like
29:06having to yeah and having to get covered
29:08like it's so much and it's just like how
29:11often do you have to test I used to have
29:12the test every 12 days I don't know how
29:14it is now but I I would only have to do
29:16blood and pee but now it's like an anal
29:19swab like a throat swap for Kobe like
29:22it's so much and it's just like I don't
29:25know but you never know like I
29:29I loved it I like I yeah I was an animal
29:33what about like those like those like
29:35fan videos have you seen that what do
29:38you mean like we're like
29:39do people actually is that random can
29:41you sign up 100 is real people
29:45yes yes that's 100 real like I know my
29:48friend Adriana has done them and this
29:51girl that I know
29:52um Kelsey Monroe has done them as well
29:54and they really are fans they were their
29:57fans I know a girl who like [ __ ] a fan
29:58the guy if you want to [ __ ] a van
30:00constantly she started dating the fan
30:01and she had a baby with the fan wow yeah
30:04good for that guy
30:06damn what yeah
30:10I mean good for him like yeah so what do
30:13you what do you enjoy on a day to day
30:15like what's your day-to-day look like
30:16are you hitting the gym like what's
30:17going on so my day-to-day is going to
30:20school yeah and I tutor I two to five
30:22hours a week
30:24um I'm really boring like I really like
30:25just hanging out with my friends and
30:27going to dinners and stuff and then I
30:29love partying like an animal on the
30:30weekends I love going to basketball
30:32games I'm super chill though I don't
30:34really I feel like you have some crazy
30:36party stories I do
30:40a full-sem podcast yeah if there's one
30:43place you could tell it I can't because
30:44my friends will like hate me just one
30:46because there's another one that's like
30:48I don't I'm honestly like the most
30:51behaved I I swear to God I'm like the
30:53most behaved out of my finger who's not
30:54behaved I like the mommy and I swear and
30:57like the more we'll take care of them I
30:58literally like they're like my children
31:04yeah I know
31:06I don't have any here I really don't and
31:09like dude especially in this place the
31:11[ __ ] I have seen
31:13what go on in here yeah boy was us
31:18together one day find me honestly come
31:21together we're gonna be back here for
31:22UFC Miami are you really are you gonna
31:24go to that yeah of course we're gonna
31:26dude um with um it's like the after
31:29party like after the fight right yeah
31:31yeah I think we're gonna go to story oh
31:33no we're gonna go to the fight I don't
31:35know I mean no she's the story I'm gonna
31:37go watch the fight at gold rush because
31:39like it's so fun to watch the fight
31:40there like with the big out screens what
31:43other sports are you you watch UFC NBA
31:45NFL I'm very big I'm very big key fan
31:47and then I love baseball okay I went to
31:50a class though here aren't they
31:52um let me tell you the Marlins are so so
31:55bad the games aren't even fun we've gone
31:56right yeah we won a World Series since I
31:58was so scary [ __ ] everything up but
32:02what it's just funny dude like I went to
32:06the Cuba versus Us game and they got
32:08destroyed people got destroyed and there
32:11was like protesters running on the field
32:13it was crazy what is it that you like so
32:16much about Miami that's just so
32:17different for you well I'm from here I
32:18was born here I was like I think it's so
32:21cool that I was born here like I'm so
32:23lucky to be like everywhere that I drive
32:25around like I have memories here I
32:27started going out to clubs here when I
32:28was 15. my first old show I was 13 years
32:31old whoa wow yeah like I can show you
32:33pictures on my Facebook I'm gonna be
32:35like 14 15 in space like
32:38imagine what a playground Miami is when
32:41you're you know
32:46burnt out so I had a break because I
32:49moved early and I never went out when I
32:50was in LA like I honestly I would go to
32:53I lived in L.A years ago in mind you so
32:56I would go to hospitals and stuff I
32:57would go to this place called exchange
32:58sometimes I think it was called exchange
33:00but it was just so whack like everyone
33:02there is just like
33:03very I feel people here you know people
33:06here may be materialistic and stuff but
33:07like they're not like as Cloud chasing I
33:10think L.A is like way more couches like
33:12like bro like I hang out with my friends
33:14here and like we don't we're not like on
33:16our phones like posting stories every
33:17two seconds like we're literally just
33:18hanging out like and actually like I
33:20don't really want to post out this [ __ ]
33:22though I mean there's no comparisons
33:23well in La like everyone is just like
33:25with their cameras out like putting
33:26everything on their stories like just
33:27trying to look cool as [ __ ] and like
33:29it's just like not relatable to me like
33:31I really rather when did your because
33:33your your IG is pretty popping yeah so
33:35when did that start to take off so I
33:37just been on IG for a really really long
33:40um because I used to have like porn
33:42stars really we do Twitter because like
33:44on Twitter we could post everything
33:45right so I had Twitter I loved Twitter
33:48it's like my favorite app I think how
33:49many followers you have on Twitter only
33:51two million weird it's not as because
33:53there's like less users on Twitter I
33:55think than on Instagram I don't know if
33:56I solid though yeah I mean I like and I
33:59and I genuinely just enjoy like tweeting
34:01screaming out into the void
34:03I like that so then there's so then
34:06there's someone that had like a fake
34:07Instagram account of me and I was like
34:09[ __ ] I like basically got forced into
34:10making an Instagram because I was like
34:12there's this person like like hitting
34:14people up pretending to be me and stuff
34:15and then I just made an Instagram
34:18like in 2015 or 2016. and just started
34:22popping up I never I don't like honestly
34:24I don't know why
34:25I I just a lot of porn stars have huge
34:28followings yeah I don't I don't know why
34:29I have really like dude I go to
34:31conventions and do like signings and the
34:33line like not even trying to be like
34:35anything like that but like porn fans
34:37are like very dedicated fans and it is
34:41crazy like they show love okay I mean
34:44it's like the most intimate thing but
34:45that's also like to see they're like
34:47meeting someone that like made them come
34:49so many times okay now I have to ask you
34:52obviously some creepy [ __ ] has happened
34:54but what's the biggest red flag or
34:56something that happened you're like holy
34:58[ __ ] I mean I had a stalker once that
35:00was great in Miami no I don't know who
35:03he was I was on my way to Greece and
35:04this guy was like sending me pictures of
35:06my house and stuff like but only that
35:08one time and I really don't know how he
35:11figured out but he hasn't bothered me
35:13for a long time he was like pretending
35:15to be a girl and he was like yeah he's
35:17trying to befriend you yeah but he was
35:19like sending me pictures of my house I
35:20was like God
35:21like are you talking about yeah
35:25well that's the weirdest thing that's
35:26happened yeah there's nothing weird in
35:28that type of interaction in person oh no
35:29I see that's the thing I'm like I've got
35:31a really like no one's been weird in
35:33person like
35:35yeah no one's ever been rude to me in
35:37person thank God like even when I'm here
35:40and it's like packed as [ __ ] like people
35:42will be like coming up to me and asking
35:43me for pictures and stuff but never
35:45anything like aggressive is it more love
35:47from dudes or more love from girls what
35:49do you [ __ ] think I'm just I'm just
35:51asking man I mean I do get love from
35:52girls what do you guys get more love
35:54from from guys or girls guys guys we're
35:56working on the girl stuff
35:59yeah do you watch any YouTube or
36:01anything I have seen a couple of your
36:02guys's episodes actually do you know
36:04which ones
36:05um so
36:07I have to look at my history but I have
36:09seen like a couple of them and I forgot
36:12which one you guys were like really I
36:13think it was Elon Musk so you guys were
36:15like really excited that it was gonna
36:16like happen yeah and then yeah but
36:19that's why I was like why are they
36:21asking me to be on this podcast no we
36:23did Alexis Texas too
36:25Alexis Texas okay bro
36:30that's one of the favorite ones Alexis
36:32Texas is that's one of the most viewed
36:34ones though oh I mean but again it's
36:41do you have relationships with any other
36:43girls like Alexis Texas or so my biggest
36:46my best friend in the adult industry was
36:48August Ames and she passed away so no
36:51it's okay I don't know how you have any
36:53you don't even know who she is but she
36:55was really popular performer and it's
36:58actually weird because when she passed
37:00away she a lot of people she became like
37:02number one on PornHub and I was like
37:04that's so strange what does that say
37:05something with music yeah okay but is it
37:08the same thing as music you're like
37:09crying jerking off to this girl like is
37:11it the same thing
37:14yeah holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] he said
37:18something earlier though about being a
37:19feminist yeah yeah it's not like an
37:21annoying feminist what's an annoying
37:24okay probably like someone who's really
37:27radical and just is like a man hater
37:29like I adore men I'm friends with a lot
37:31of men and
37:33yeah I don't think that it's men's fault
37:36that women I think it's more like a
37:38government problem
37:39not like men as a whole house okay so
37:43like it's not your fault that like you
37:45you get paid more than women you get me
37:47it's it's the government's fault that it
37:50even allows that to exist
37:52um just say it was the government who
37:53made it so women couldn't have a bank
37:55account without a male sick um without a
37:58male signature so it's not something
38:00that I blame men for like I'm not like a
38:02man hater like I'm just like a woman
38:04lover and I'm God lover too like I I
38:07mean I'd rather hang out with more guys
38:09and both both but you know
38:40when did you start to develop that sort
38:42of like that idea about feminism so one
38:46day I was with the director her name is
38:48Jackie St James and she's a female porn
38:50director and she was explaining to me
38:52feminism and I was like I don't need to
38:54be a feminist I feel like I have the
38:56exact same rights as men I don't feel
38:58like I felt like it was almost being a
39:00feminist was in a way
39:03um feeling like you're inferior to men
39:05and me just being a very proud person I
39:08said I don't need to be a feminist I
39:10feel like I'm equal to men I don't feel
39:12inferior to them at all and she says you
39:13don't understand the reason why you feel
39:16this way is because of all the work
39:17women have done to give you these rights
39:19in the past and then
39:21um I started to do research and I and I
39:23my biggest influence on like my biggest
39:25Role Models like Ruth Bader Ginsburg so
39:29you know I just learned about all the
39:31things that women have done to give us
39:34so many rights like I didn't know that
39:36women couldn't have their own bank
39:37account without like when was that
39:39though that was a long time ago I was
39:40like in the sick to use yeah but still
39:42that's not even that long ago I agree
39:44but what do you think now is still
39:46missing so right now the pay gap between
39:48men and women is still a different so
39:49man is so like me and you we both have
39:51the same degree we both go work at the
39:53same Law Firm for example like you'll
39:54automatically get paid more than me
39:56because you're a man and I'm a woman
39:58so that's just one thing that really
39:59irks me
40:01um that women are still getting paid
40:03less and then that's like my number one
40:05thing because I mean yeah why not just
40:09pay the same don't pay them unless babe
40:11just want me to see
40:13what is that exactly accurate is that
40:15true yeah I mean you could Google it
40:16right now the gender gap between men and
40:18women so it's just because
40:20it's just because
40:22it's like it's like it's like men black
40:25men women like yeah like you can look it
40:28up right I haven't seen the exact number
40:30go look at him right now oh I'm not
40:31gonna look at it I thought you're
40:33reaching for your pocket you want to
40:34take the other side honest or no I'm
40:35just curious no that's the details yeah
40:37I haven't checked on it recently what
40:39the percentage is exactly but it's
40:41definitely still existent there's still
40:43a peek out between men and women
40:45it is closing some
40:47hopefully I get to see it in my lifetime
40:50you could probably help and close that
40:51Gap with with all like you've made
40:53that's the cool thing about porn though
40:54porn was like the porn and like modeling
40:56or like like two of the industries that
40:59I can think of where women automatically
41:00get paid more than men and I love that
41:02for me I was like cool do you think like
41:04only fans has given a negative
41:07Outlook because I feel like girls that
41:09are cashing out on the fans all guys do
41:11is rip on them for cashing out on only
41:12really I don't know I I guess I I'm very
41:15like unaware of like negative
41:18comments I like that I don't know like
41:21I'll turn off my comments I won't even
41:23read them like it's just like for what
41:25like I think it's dope I mean if guys
41:27want to pay for that that's like their
41:28own issue yeah whatever and if they
41:30don't want to be very cool like I don't
41:31get like do whatever you want I don't
41:33give a [ __ ] it's like all about how you
41:35use it or just like you actually have to
41:37like I think the biggest thing for like
41:40users on only fans is being able to like
41:42connect with a girl and like a personal
41:43way and just be like talking to them and
41:45stuff like because that's something that
41:47you not going to be able to do on any
41:48other platform but we were talking
41:50earlier we were in the the hot tub in
41:52the cold so back and forth you're in a
41:53hot tub yeah we're in a hot tub room to
41:55the gym oh [ __ ] are you good yeah I
41:57don't know if I miss me now that's okay
41:58was that on purpose for like the no yeah
42:03so we were in uh we were we were
42:06basically went to the gym and then like
42:08hot tub cold plunge and we were talking
42:11um people using only fans and it's kind
42:12of like you know like personalized
42:15pornography or personal if if you're
42:17getting pornography from it like Customs
42:18yeah you know how like everyone's into
42:20like I want my supplement to have these
42:21things in it or I want to order this
42:23from Uber it's like that direct I want
42:24this type of content I think that's why
42:27it has so much success because it's like
42:28and and a lot oftentimes from like a you
42:30know I guess it's considered amateur
42:32because it's not some professional girl
42:34most of the times it's like a girl who
42:35just has a Content so so some girls they
42:40offer like Customs so I've done Customs
42:42before where you can say okay so I want
42:46you to like moan my name I want you to
42:48like spank yourself and like do this
42:49this and that so I think that's another
42:51cool feature that only fans offer yeah
42:53honestly I get like I've done them like
42:56here and there but dude like the request
42:58gets so flooded and so weird what's the
43:01most common request like there's one
43:03that I have on my phone this well the
43:04most common one I guess is for people to
43:06just like for me to say to my name and
43:08say their name and stuff and like but
43:10one guy was like can you just like burp
43:12for like 10 straight minutes yeah just
43:15guys and how much do they pay for What's
43:16the offer so you pay per minute uh so
43:19every girl like chooses
43:21um how much you want to charge per
43:22minute and dude like it's just so that's
43:25so weird can't you see like how much
43:27like each person spend like your biggest
43:30um yeah so you can on only fans you can
43:31like your top Spenders are you to say
43:34what yours is or no I have to look wait
43:36was it was it did you do the burping
43:38yeah well how long was that verb I can't
43:40burp on command like that like I mean
43:41you never even try that guy no I mean I
43:44drink a bunch of these I guess I could
43:46do it because I did just burp
43:48but it was like a silent one he wanted
43:50me to be like burping I still have it on
43:53my notes like it was like burping I
43:55don't know what's the most you've made
43:56in a month on only fans
44:02um not that much I would say like 400k
44:03okay not that much
44:06all right
44:07as much as comparison to like other
44:10girls that I know that's like my highest
44:11month but I know girls that will make
44:13way more than that a month like I guess
44:16you don't have to do the burping if you
44:17don't want to right no but it's just
44:19like it's one thing that I just can't
44:21like I know people that can burp on
44:23command but I just don't it would be
44:25disappointing like he would ask for a
44:26refund because I'm gonna be like maybe
44:28it's like maybe he won't even care I
44:29just want you to try it trying to claim
44:31she makes like 200 million you think
44:32that's true she just
44:49yeah no but you can't go get to 200
44:52million and say hey I'm gonna [ __ ]
44:53she just said she really quit she quit
44:55and got baptized what do you think about
44:57that because she like she used it you
44:59don't have to get baptized after that
45:00you could just quit right like that's
45:03just a bit excessive baptism because I'm
45:05not like religious but good that's just
45:08[ __ ]
45:32we travel so much though personally
45:36personally you what I'm in L.A more than
45:38OC okay just letting you know yeah you
45:40are I used to love the show The OC
45:43really yeah I wanted to live there it's
45:45just chilling
45:47dating [ __ ] do you like this the OC
45:50was a scripted one okay it's like Laguna
45:55was like you know it was a skirted like
45:58actual show and then the Laguna Beach
46:00they was like reality TV how about the
46:02hills that's even worse but I love the
46:05OC have you ever been casted or try to
46:07be in like a reality show like that yeah
46:09I tried to be on the challenge really
46:11bad like I love the challenge my friend
46:13Paulie and Cara have done a lot of the
46:15challenges and won them and they're just
46:18like so like anti-important stars I feel
46:21or they just hate me but because like
46:23one of the other challenge so [ __ ]
46:24bad that's like the only thing I've like
46:26never like accomplished that I wanted to
46:27do is be in the [ __ ] challenge
46:28because that's a huge publicity because
46:31it's cool like I like I really like
46:33Fitness competitions and like they do
46:35such and same thing like have you ever
46:36watched The Challenge I have no idea
46:38have you guys ever seen it I think I
46:39know what you're talking about crazy
46:40like it's actually inside it's actually
46:42insane like we watched The Bachelor last
46:44night season finale oh I've never
46:46watched that it's so stupid no it's I
46:48don't know I can't I like more when
46:51they're like I like reality TV more when
46:52people are like competing for something
46:54like you know at the end of it you're
46:55getting 500k and like you're doing crazy
46:58[ __ ] to get it like I don't think I
47:00could do Survivor but like and the
47:02challenge they stay in a nice house and
47:03that's the thing everyone is like always
47:05having sex non-stop on the challenge and
47:07they're like filming it so it's like
47:09they're doing soft core points like
47:10what's wrong with my hardcore I thought
47:12the challenge was a gym thing no it's
47:14like a it's like a it's like a very
47:15intense endurance like game but they're
47:18also also having sex they're living in
47:19the same house so they like all get
47:21drunk and like bug each other and the
47:23little cameras you know yeah film it how
47:25about man tracker what is that would you
47:27go on that no what the [ __ ] is man
47:29tracker yeah what is that noise reveal
47:31what you're watching tonight what the
47:32hell I'm just chilling it gives me I
47:34thought he was like talking about like
47:35parents so control that like MTV one
47:37where like your parents would pick who
47:39you date you know what
47:41what how old are you I'm 33. oh what the
47:44heck yeah how would you think I was I
47:46thought you were younger than that if
47:48you had anything parental control of
47:50course I've seen that on MTV where they
47:51check the rooms of the other people I
47:53haven't seen it culture yourself right I
47:55didn't watch it on TV man
47:57so do you want do you watch a lot of TV
47:59you like do you have any shows you like
48:00in particular I like TVs I like to but
48:02you see I suck I kind of re-watch stuff
48:05a lot I have a really bad session what
48:07do you re-watch the most friends
48:10no I hate friends
48:14what is this
48:17[ __ ] haters yeah I did did you I
48:20didn't I got like two finish I'm telling
48:22you listen I heard is a brutal ending
48:23wait what were you talking about
48:47because the first time I watched it I
48:49didn't get to the ending and I was like
48:51okay I need to they really flopped that
48:52bro yeah but that's a good show like I
48:56it was yeah but it got weird real quick
48:58like yeah like you were dead the whole
49:01time I tried watching manifest that
49:03other like plane crash version show with
49:05the time lapse yeah yeah which is like
49:07interesting the beginning and then they
49:08got all these powers and I'm like oh God
49:09lost again too gloss all over again [ __ ]
49:13except except aliens this time it was
49:17like magical powers it was like no yeah
49:20is it is it hard to go from having like
49:22sex with professionals than to civilians
49:24no oh it was actually really easy
49:29civilians so
49:31um well don't isn't the bar set pretty
49:33high like regular guys are like really
49:35good at six too it was yeah like I mean
49:38it wasn't
49:39I love it why is that such a crazy
49:42question that was a really good question
49:44these guys are like you just okay so
49:46what it is is with with the industry you
49:48have a less chance of like
49:51because it's kind of more guaranteed and
49:54of course
49:55when in real life there are some times
49:57that I did have bad sex
50:00but most of the time it was really good
50:02like regular guys are porn guys are the
50:05same as regular guys and regular guys
50:06the same as and they're both capable of
50:07being really good at sex
50:09yeah it sucks it's not a [ __ ] it
50:11sounds but it's important because it's
50:13gonna say it's not science but I was
50:14like is it it kind of is one of my best
50:16friends is like seeing this new chick
50:18and he can't last longer than 30 seconds
50:21and it's been like he probably loves
50:22that let me tell you she probably loves
50:23that I think that's a
50:26your friend you're talking about your
50:28friend but forever or only for the first
50:29few times no like for the first yeah for
50:31the first few times and then if you
50:33start and then if you start taking long
50:34I'm gonna be like what the [ __ ] were you
50:36doing what the [ __ ] have you been
50:37[ __ ] with does it have to be awkward
50:38after or should you just honestly after
50:40that guy I can't stand if a guy takes a
50:41long time to come like I really can't
50:43what's the perfect amount of time
50:46honestly like Max bro like the perfect
50:49amount of time is probably like eight
50:50minutes like [ __ ] 10 minutes like he's
50:53stressing right now I'm not I just heard
50:55like that [ __ ]
50:57that is fine but longer than that I'm
51:00saying like
51:01spitting a lot when I talk very good um
51:04anything longer than that is kind of
51:05extra like our porn scenes would be like
51:0725 30 minutes and I'm like oh my God
51:10like when I shot a scene after because
51:12after lockdown I did shoot and it had
51:14been like three or four months and holy
51:18[ __ ] like I had all my endurance was
51:21like gone I was like
51:24any water like are you winding I was
51:27when I was like what the [ __ ] because
51:29it's really think about it like unless
51:31you're like shit-faced and it's like
51:32after a long night you're not gonna be
51:34wanting to have sex for that long like
51:36come on like have you gone from the club
51:38to a shoot before no but I did go from I
51:41did go from like parties in LA to a shoe
51:44is that like okay or I mean you go and
51:46say you could take a shower you brush
51:48your teeth we bring all our toiletries
51:49and stuff like we always shower like
51:51before after scenes like we don't leave
51:53the location without like showering
51:55afterwards and yeah yeah it's like a
51:57green room or like there's catering and
51:58all that like it's usually shooting in
52:00houses so like we'll get like we'll each
52:02pick a room where we can just like chill
52:04out but I mean if you really like the
52:06guy that you're working with or the girl
52:07that you're working with you're like
52:08hanging out all day
52:11chemistry yeah we'll do stuff like
52:14before this oh like what we just like
52:17hook up before like do what like just
52:19actually yeah like we'll go like like we
52:21we would go smash like in the corners
52:23before the scene yes
52:26oh my God yeah okay I'm telling you a
52:30lot like a lot of times
52:31this takes a lot more especially because
52:33like then that way you can like an
52:36intimate moment before you're like in
52:38front of a bunch of people because when
52:40you're on sets like this
52:45where it's just like you and before you
52:47go put on a show for everyone wow I
52:50think that's common in the industry yeah
52:51like so you know that I'm telling you
52:53it's common yes like this is common
52:55practice that people have labeled like
52:58are you like more interested in like
53:00like big like meat head but probably not
53:02that smart guys or like you like I don't
53:04know you like dude I love maybe smaller
53:06I felt like an attack dude I feel
53:11I think the former
53:14yeah what do you mean formers before the
53:17former in the ladder so you mentioned
53:18the so you do like meat head probably
53:21dumbass no but really but I like very
53:24smart man but they're you know you could
53:25be both
53:29that's what the former meant before
53:32yeah he needed that sorry anyway I know
53:34that's so
53:35you were like no I mean you don't know
53:37well if you're comparing
53:39genius [ __ ] idiot people always know
53:42that actually a lot of people don't know
53:43the format I mean it explains itself
53:45yeah yeah I guess I lost that one [ __ ]
53:48it's okay man [ __ ] is there a reason why
53:52um I want to know why let's get deeper
53:55because I can throw you or what huh
53:57because I could throw you
53:59um no I mean I guess because you want
54:02your equal
54:03I mean for me at least I mean I grew up
54:06in Miami like you want fit men yeah and
54:09there's like we got like the we got the
54:11healthiest city in the US again this
54:14year so with the lowest amount of heart
54:16attacks or strokes and people here just
54:18look good I feel because yeah I like
54:21really shredded the weather I was like
54:23shredded no like but definitely big arms
54:26and like big chests like you don't need
54:28to have a six-pack though like you would
54:29have a bit of a barrel huh like a barrel
54:31what's a barrel oh yeah that's fine
54:34that's fine so you're down with the dad
54:35bot as well
54:39if you're smart yeah
54:42definitely be bigger like a top than
54:45like down there okay whatever you can't
54:47skip like day you need to have some
54:49booty like if I got booty you gotta have
54:52that you can get that
54:54you just have to work for that that's
54:55the point but that's the point it's a
54:58shame I'm bringing it like I mean but
54:59some girls don't care like some girls do
55:03you know yeah I'm into like pale
55:05brunette like I mean but also that's not
55:08gonna keep me from being attracted to a
55:10guy like I just really like really smart
55:13men and yeah really smart men nice teach
55:18me something that's why you want to be a
55:20um no I want to be a lawyer I've always
55:22wanted to be a lawyer honestly for the
55:23longest like ever like ever since I
55:26remember I always wanted to be a lawyer
55:27I just thought it would be such a badass
55:29does any part of you feel like be like
55:31what you were talking about how it's
55:32looked from the outside right be like
55:34this is a challenge that I gotta prove
55:36oh yeah like it's gonna be definitely
55:37very hard for me to be taken seriously
55:40as an attorney however
55:42[ __ ] because I'm gonna be a really good
55:44attorney and everything I do I really
55:46try to put 100 of myself like I was on
55:49the Dean's List last semester wow I
55:52graduated with high honors oh I dropped
55:54out [ __ ] well I mean you're fine okay
55:58you agree how do you know that excuse me
56:00how do you know he's fine
56:01I mean he seems happy great dude okay
56:04just anyway
56:11not best friend no definitely not my
56:14best friend my best friends
56:20but like at the same time like I would
56:22probably spend more time with someone
56:24that was like Jack just because we we go
56:25to the gym together oh yeah and he
56:27doesn't go to the gym to the gym
56:28together before this yeah but you don't
56:29work out though you don't [ __ ] work
56:31out bro
56:32I'm natural he's not I don't work out
56:35I'm not mean I'm being a honest person
56:39this is such [ __ ] that you're
56:41getting this empathy about you
56:51like I have two friends that actually
56:53work here and they're definitely like in
56:55the gym every single day together their
56:57friendship is very cute they're
56:58definitely little gymnosed so you're not
57:00really are you really a gym sister no
57:01you're just an intermittent no I just
57:03got back into it and I'm only working on
57:04like three or four times a week that
57:05sucks dude it's the thing that I get
57:08started so quick like I wish I'm gonna
57:10show you after this like dude like you
57:12like my arms aren't even I get jacked I
57:15believe I don't even think you
57:16understand like I believe like no end of
57:19our nothing no anavar I like how she
57:21knew the name what the [ __ ] whoa cause
57:23you think [ __ ] in Miami don't take
57:25this no wow
57:31any of our sales are probably high going
57:33up right now they're going up right now
57:36yeah they'll like cycle it they'll like
57:37do it for like half a year and then like
57:39you cycle in and out I don't know how
57:40the [ __ ] that works but I don't do that
57:41[ __ ] yeah I mean either when when you
57:43when you start to I just don't like when
57:46people like I don't care if people do
57:47sir it's just even people say they don't
57:49do it and I'm like bro your nipples are
57:50telling me otherwise your back needs
57:51telling me otherwise like it's fine if
57:53you do it bro just don't try to say that
57:54you don't like it's fine it's pretty
57:56obvious it is but then the you like come
58:00on like my like my ex that actually got
58:02me into Warren was like oh yeah I have
58:04nerds in series I'm like bro
58:05you're lying like explain all the
58:08needles in the bathroom or what besides
58:10that first of all your ball socks and
58:12your back knee like your nipples you can
58:14always tell really like when a guy has
58:15some steroids yeah your nipples don't
58:18always get [ __ ] up from 10 years they
58:19don't they don't but come on bro the
58:21other day I was looking out I don't want
58:22to say but I was looking at a boxer and
58:25I'm like you for sure
58:27do a lot of steroids it was gross
58:29because I just want to talk [ __ ] about
58:31him but I just didn't like his nipples I
58:33was like you
58:35yeah guy knows what I'm assuming what
58:37the guy know like yeah get the little
58:39booby yeah that's not that doesn't
58:42always happen though it doesn't yeah
58:44you're getting defensive right now no no
58:45I'm just saying it's like you have that
58:47but if you have that then like don't try
58:49to say that you've like never done Sarah
58:50it's like it's obvious oh yeah if you
58:52get gyno but some people can get gyno
58:53and never have taken steroids that's
58:55also true some people it's just it's a
58:57hormone I appreciate it just answer the
59:01I'm just educating people man let me get
59:05in my mouth this time when you um do
59:07start loss outside yeah is that when
59:10you'll stop or do you think you'll
59:12always do only fans or will you stop
59:13doing only things no I'll still do it
59:14bro what the [ __ ] like if I get into um
59:16that's just 42k a year like and then we
59:18first go out of pocket like I'm not even
59:20through law school [ __ ] do that [ __ ]
59:22like probably when I start practicing is
59:23like when it's a little unethical
59:24because then you'll start making that
59:26bag too
59:27the attorneys don't make like
59:29I make way more than an attorney I have
59:31I know is that does that take away from
59:33you have a workload of being a lawyer
59:35too I'm really not
59:37I really just want to help people like I
59:40want people to remember me
59:42um and like think like this this woman
59:44really helped me
59:46um and I that's why I love professors
59:48like I think that is like one of the
59:50most noble jobs that you can have and
59:52I've like cried to some of my professors
59:54before and and I've told them you don't
59:56even know how you've shaped me as a
59:57human being like even in the smallest
01:00:00way like like two things that they have
01:00:02taught me will like make the way that I
01:00:05change forever
01:00:07and I'm it's so sad especially this
01:00:09semester because I'm transferring
01:00:10schools and either going to FIU or um
01:00:13and I'm gonna miss like so many of my
01:00:15professors so much like
01:00:18I'm sad but happy and excited because
01:00:21I'm trying to go to the youth have you
01:00:23ever pulled up to smoke like a social
01:00:25event like a college social event yeah I
01:00:27went to a Frau house wants to deliver
01:00:28some flashlights oh my best friend
01:00:30actually went with me I was like please
01:00:31protect me when we go it was a [ __ ]
01:00:34disgusting oh we're already in there oh
01:00:36my God it was a house at um okay were
01:00:39you delivering your personal ones yeah
01:00:41yeah so it was um all the rushes were
01:00:44had to compete in a talent show and I
01:00:47was like okay so for whoever wins the
01:00:49talent show I'll give them some flushes
01:00:50I'll come and drop them off and the
01:00:52floor there's like just this thick film
01:00:55of just like old beer just smelled
01:00:57disgusting it was hot and I walk in and
01:01:00there's like 30 rushies like naked
01:01:03sweating not naked but like shirtless
01:01:05sorry and I was like whoever wins I get
01:01:07and I got the [ __ ] out of there as fast
01:01:08as I could I was like
01:01:11how fired up were they when you pulled
01:01:13up with those though oh yeah they that
01:01:15house was [ __ ] nasty that night you
01:01:16thought it was nasty before
01:01:18yeah I think I brought more than one I
01:01:21was like give them to like the top three
01:01:23I think it was passed around probably
01:01:24too oh God
01:01:26those are secret you're not supposed to
01:01:28share a [ __ ] flashlight like that's
01:01:30just nasty you'd share one wouldn't you
01:01:32no have you guys ever used a flashlight
01:01:35you have no no I would try it I'm not
01:01:39I'm only one of mine because we're
01:01:42friends are we like someone else says
01:01:44you have the time I'll send you like the
01:01:46list of the flashlight girls and then
01:01:48whichever one whichever one you like how
01:01:51do they make those so they actually mold
01:01:52their vagina like so they put something
01:01:54in and they get like no they don't go
01:01:55like fully fully in but they do like a
01:01:583D scan and they they do mold like with
01:02:00like some polymer thing I don't know
01:02:02what don't ask me what it's made out of
01:02:04but we would they were we did like
01:02:07Mastery before it so that our
01:02:09you masturbated before they made the
01:02:11mold yeah so then you're you're click is
01:02:14we weren't allowed to like come because
01:02:15I know to go back down so you're wearing
01:02:17the glasses I feel like once you use one
01:02:19of those though it's gonna be hard to
01:02:20not use it really I mean I don't know
01:02:22I'm not a guy but I don't know like I
01:02:24wouldn't want to travel you know
01:02:33like sometimes like I just want my hands
01:02:36so I don't know sometimes it's like one
01:02:37of those things where you probably use
01:02:38it and then you feel really guilty after
01:02:39yeah I mean
01:02:41I think a good joke this is the perfect
01:02:44time to say that I don't jerk off
01:02:47I don't know but I mean after I
01:02:50masturbate like especially like with the
01:02:51[ __ ] I'd be watching I'm like Ugh turn
01:02:53it off like like disgusting myself a
01:02:56little bit how long has it been now it's
01:02:57been more than a year I haven't watched
01:02:58wow that's awesome yeah that's really
01:03:00cool no porn or no jerking both no porn
01:03:04or no drinking oh jerky oh jerky yeah I
01:03:07know I've had some drinks how do you do
01:03:09that though I feel like you do that all
01:03:12three friends but if you have to drink
01:03:13for a week no yeah I'll have a drink no
01:03:16I mean why did I do it yeah just mental
01:03:17Clarity I just like I found myself
01:03:19trying to find it I'm really into it not
01:03:21like really into it but I just did it
01:03:22more than ever
01:03:24I mean like I could you know I could do
01:03:27it a few times a day just say what it is
01:03:29a day yeah okay you were really into it
01:03:31again because like
01:03:34oh sorry that's that's actually
01:03:36yeah yeah so I stopped I was like I need
01:03:38it can you ever watch me before uh it'd
01:03:41be cab if I said no yeah yeah because
01:03:43you don't remember yeah yeah someday
01:03:45yeah I feel you why were you starting to
01:03:48go down like a dark hole or no it was
01:03:49more so just like it it just I mean dude
01:03:51three four times a day like that gets in
01:03:53the way of your productivity I just
01:03:54wanted mental Clarity because it's also
01:03:55like you don't I didn't want to like try
01:03:57to get that you're trying to get that
01:03:58like released you feel verified or
01:04:01whatever I feel better yeah [ __ ] yeah
01:04:02because you know how you have less
01:04:03moments of like ups and downs and less
01:04:05like oh I'm looking for this trying to
01:04:07find this and I think that you ever will
01:04:09again no yeah I think that's honestly so
01:04:13commendable he [ __ ] a lot though that's
01:04:14why yeah but that's great that's great
01:04:17it's a little different but yeah I mean
01:04:19that girl now she's got to take it three
01:04:21or four times a day though
01:04:23so that's not fair to her I love that
01:04:26she's like back you just jerk off and
01:04:28I'm sure she loves I know she probably
01:04:30really likes to you don't jerk off and
01:04:31like all of your orgasms belong to her
01:04:34like the only time that you come it's
01:04:35because of her
01:04:38yeah I think that's [ __ ] Epic
01:04:42like I love that yeah I just I think
01:04:45every guy no you know what then I
01:04:46wouldn't make any money so yeah no keep
01:04:48jerking off
01:04:50turn off all the time don't stop yeah
01:04:54but it's funny though it was just it
01:04:55just gives it just gives you a little
01:04:56more like Clarity I'd say yeah because
01:04:58you're like not looking forward to that
01:04:59like moment you look forward to other
01:05:00moments we're like looking forward to it
01:05:02wow it's just like you know you knew
01:05:05like if
01:05:13yeah I guess yeah I mean I had I had to
01:05:16work it around the gym
01:05:17um but you could like do it at the gym
01:05:19like in the locker room in the shower no
01:05:20in the car he owns a gym I do it I've
01:05:24directed I know that office I've seen
01:05:25some jerks that do it I haven't directed
01:05:28at the gym no I'm joked up in the car
01:05:29I've never even enjoyed I [ __ ] at the
01:05:31gym before but oh that's kind of cool
01:05:32but I want a gym I feel like your life
01:05:34is like a porno it's pretty cool having
01:05:36sex three four times a day having sex
01:05:38I've had sex in the gym in a porno but
01:05:40not in real life yeah I've done it real
01:05:42life just wow what about on a plane have
01:05:44you done that no never no no uh nothing
01:05:47nothing oh okay like one time so one
01:05:50time commercial right yeah oh sorry no
01:05:53it's fine once ever got a promise to
01:05:55appear in court like I almost went to
01:05:56jail shooting a porno I'm like really
01:05:58afraid of the where it was in Miami I
01:06:00was in Fort Lauderdale actually and I
01:06:02was shooting a bang bro scene and I'm a
01:06:04[ __ ] idiot for just because I could
01:06:06say no to a skirt but I was I was like
01:06:0820 and I was crazy and the script was
01:06:11like okay basically you're gonna stand
01:06:12on the side of the road bunny get
01:06:14holding a sign that says [ __ ] food comma
01:06:16need dick and I was like [ __ ] yeah and
01:06:19then like the director he chose for me
01:06:21to stand it was right across of a yoga
01:06:23studio and we did the take so many times
01:06:25that I could see called the cops and out
01:06:27of nowhere like five cop cars come like
01:06:30grab me and put me in the back of the
01:06:32cop car I'm like crying my eyes out
01:06:35I need to go to jail like I literally
01:06:38like I was having a panic attack and
01:06:40thankfully because my mom I've actually
01:06:43never told anyone this like publicly
01:06:45I've never talked about this but
01:06:47um but thankfully because my mom had an
01:06:49address here I was able to get a promise
01:06:51to appear and I wasn't gonna have to
01:06:53like it's like so literally being from
01:06:55Miami saved me because if not I would
01:06:57have had to go get a mug shot that show
01:06:58would have been [ __ ] everywhere none
01:07:00of the cops were fans they weren't
01:07:01trying to let you know women because
01:07:02they knew they had to Upper
01:07:04handy of the apprehend like a naked
01:07:06female like it has to be women so it was
01:07:08five female cops that's not good for you
01:07:10though no yeah no but it got dropped so
01:07:13they actually yeah like bangbros got me
01:07:15a really good attorney and they like
01:07:16dropped it so I was actually stressing
01:07:19about I was like God I have to see if
01:07:21that shit's still on my like record but
01:07:22well I did because I'm applying to you
01:07:25I'm literally the deadline is April 1st
01:07:27like I'm submitting my my application
01:07:29the night before
01:07:31and today the 28th of March yeah it's
01:07:33literally almost here like you don't
01:07:34understand like it's on Common App and
01:07:37like I'm so I've done everything I could
01:07:39do you know I have all my
01:07:40extracurriculars like I literally was on
01:07:43the debate team you really want to be a
01:07:44lawyer yeah what was your favorite topic
01:07:46to debate about
01:07:48um so the my favorite one I like
01:07:49philosophical ones so so my favorite one
01:07:52that I won I won third and so British
01:07:54parliamentary it has four finalists and
01:07:57it was like my it was like two months
01:07:59into me debating and it was against um
01:08:01the other three teams were um and we got
01:08:04third over like and the people that got
01:08:06first and second like they have been
01:08:07debating for years and it was this house
01:08:09believes we should live fast Die Young
01:08:11and I was put on the negative for that
01:08:13so I was so I believe that you shouldn't
01:08:15live fast and die young so I evoked
01:08:17philosophy into it and um virtue ethics
01:08:19and virtue ethics is all about living on
01:08:21a balance between
01:08:23um vices of depravity and vices of
01:08:25excess so you don't want to be this
01:08:28person that's like live fast die like
01:08:30whatever I just went into this whole
01:08:31Spiel what do you really believe is that
01:08:32what you really that's really what I
01:08:33believe so it was great but to me also
01:08:35teaches you to look at things from
01:08:36another perspective because I have how
01:08:38to fight debate things uh I don't
01:08:41believe like I like you you find out
01:08:43what your position is first
01:08:45and then you get the resolution and
01:08:46you're like [ __ ] I wish I was on the
01:08:48neck for this or [ __ ] I wish or you're
01:08:49happy with what you got
01:08:51so it's cool I really liked it um
01:08:55definitely got recognized a few times at
01:08:57the beauty tournaments
01:08:59it was funny but
01:09:01damn it's pretty cool yeah it's
01:09:03interesting it's the odd so funny I go
01:09:05just super nerdy and like yeah just sit
01:09:08there and and it's you get the
01:09:10resolution and then you like run to your
01:09:11war room you have 15 minutes of prep and
01:09:13you're like writing down all your
01:09:14arguments and then
01:09:15so what were the arguments why you
01:09:17should we should live live slow so
01:09:19because you should live in a balance of
01:09:21life where if you're living in a vice in
01:09:23vices of excess you're not going to be
01:09:25able to really enjoy and remember the
01:09:27life that you live see they're jerking
01:09:29off too much yeah exactly so that is a
01:09:32vice of excess yeah you want to live in
01:09:33that balance and
01:09:35um also when you live fast Die Young
01:09:37you're it's kind of selfish because
01:09:39you're only living for yourself like you
01:09:41don't want the people around you to feel
01:09:43like you're not taking care of yourself
01:09:45and you are living too fast and and die
01:09:48young although great for you if that's
01:09:50what you want you're gonna leave a lot
01:09:52of people that care about you really
01:09:53heartbroken that wish that they could
01:09:55have had
01:09:55years and years more with you that they
01:09:58don't get to have so
01:10:00um yeah we won we won that one
01:10:02[ __ ] yeah I like that but it was like
01:10:04wait I like you you sit there for 15
01:10:07minutes and I'm like you're writing down
01:10:08peaches and pages and pages and you're
01:10:09like read it's called spreading which is
01:10:11speed reading so you're so because you
01:10:13only have a limited time so I'm like
01:10:14sitting there like like I'll show you a
01:10:16video afterwards
01:10:18it's funny
01:10:19it's like not comprehendable like the
01:10:22judges have to be like
01:10:24they know a lot about debate so they're
01:10:26they're sitting there writing the flow
01:10:27so they're sitting there right how do
01:10:28they decide who's winning
01:10:30because you have to go you have to check
01:10:32off points and um so your contentions
01:10:34which is like why you should win the
01:10:37argument they have to outweigh like the
01:10:38other person's contact so it's kind of
01:10:41yes and no because if you only have
01:10:42three contentions and like this other
01:10:44person has like five and like their
01:10:45arguments weigh yours out like I mean
01:10:48man some rounds I'm like I know I
01:10:51[ __ ] lost that like because it's like
01:10:55one of them was like about political
01:10:57centrism and I was like I don't even
01:10:58know what this is like I literally had
01:11:00no idea and then I learned afterwards
01:11:02but do you guys know what that is I
01:11:03don't know I have no idea but it's
01:11:05pretty it's pretty cool
01:11:07and you get political centers
01:11:16so yeah and then sometimes you have to
01:11:18take a side so so this Hub so this has
01:11:21believed so I was on the pause but it's
01:11:23like I do believe that you shouldn't be
01:11:25sometimes you do have to take a side to
01:11:27fight for what's right so I had a really
01:11:29hard time like arguing that
01:11:31also didn't know what it is and you're
01:11:33not allowed to do research everything is
01:11:34like off your head like so you either
01:11:35know it or you don't like you can't give
01:11:37you the topic on the spot that's yeah
01:11:39they give you a topic then you go to a
01:11:40separate room that you're assigned to
01:11:41you have 15 minutes of prep and it's all
01:11:43the basically all you have in your head
01:11:44is British parliamentary like you cannot
01:11:46find you cannot use your computer you
01:11:48can't use your phone and then after the
01:11:4952 minute prep you're like in that room
01:11:51and you're arguing so it's not even like
01:11:53I could Google what the [ __ ] that [ __ ]
01:11:56that's pretty respectful I mean if
01:11:57you're also making this much money
01:11:58monthly and you're still this motivated
01:12:00to do this [ __ ] well it's like being
01:12:03joining the debate team was something
01:12:04that like I did because it would look
01:12:05good on my um application low key but
01:12:06then I ended up really liking it because
01:12:08they won't like someone who's like has
01:12:09extracurriculars and that's why I
01:12:11started being a philosophy titter too
01:12:12but then I just ended up liking it on
01:12:14doing it to do any other extra
01:12:16curriculars like clubs or anything like
01:12:18that no I mean yeah no I'm just on the
01:12:19debate team and philosophy tutor that's
01:12:22that's [ __ ] a lot of time though
01:12:26yeah I like it though good for you yeah
01:12:27it's amazing we should get a topic to
01:12:30debate yeah you guys should get a topic
01:12:32why not YouTube She's the pro no you're
01:12:35Mr Paul
01:12:37did you hear this guy no I don't know
01:12:39like you guys really love each other oh
01:12:41if I get my 15 minutes in the prep room
01:12:42I would do it but like I can't do it
01:12:45right now
01:12:46let's see it's equally um
01:13:10you could just have sex yeah exactly
01:13:13since he stopped jerking off he's done
01:13:14Ayahuasca twice he's [ __ ] started
01:13:16journaling because he's trying to find a
01:13:18different Vice because he can't control
01:13:20when he gets pissed no that's not true
01:13:22dude it's like I can't [ __ ] beat my
01:13:23dick so I gotta be my [ __ ] hardcore
01:13:25drugs no he just chirps me no well he
01:13:27acts like he does yeah of course yeah no
01:13:29I Journal come on thank you
01:13:44go ahead
01:13:52tonight listen I was gonna tell you gray
01:14:02yeah that's really nice thanks wow I had
01:14:05to give you the compliment to give me
01:14:07was whatever I mean should we do 11
01:14:09tonight can you no it's not open tonight
01:14:11what's today today's Tuesday
01:14:15I have yeah yeah did you like it did we
01:14:18even eat there I think I've eaten there
01:14:19before I think it's pretty have you been
01:14:20there before okay huh you've been there
01:14:22yeah I think this is pretty good yeah I
01:14:24like the food yeah I I don't know how I
01:14:26feel about like the whole Ambiance and
01:14:28stuff like Gekko yes yeah I like Echo a
01:14:30lot yeah Gekko is a great spot it's so
01:14:32good yeah it's so good the lounge is fun
01:14:34too yeah listen
01:14:39you're gonna be here too until Friday
01:14:41yeah oh my God yes Thursday night it is
01:14:44let's do it
01:14:46I'm David all right well I mean did your
01:14:49girlfriend come as well no oh my God
01:14:52yeah you need to go you need to go
01:14:54yes this is true this is true
01:14:58oh my God you see you're gonna be like
01:15:00the one that is not lasting You're Gonna
01:15:02Last like 30 seconds nah
01:15:05no you're going rounds eh yeah yeah how
01:15:09is that possible after so many days I
01:15:11feel like you just explode mental
01:15:20Ayahuasca make you throw up no oh I hate
01:15:23that it makes you really sick
01:15:25uh not really it depends shroom it kind
01:15:28of gives you like a it can it can
01:15:30because I I mean it is a perk it is so
01:15:31it does it does kind of you do want to
01:15:33throw up I loved it yeah if you go to
01:15:37like the country it is where you do it I
01:15:39did a private I had um someone fly out
01:15:41and do it with me wow that's really cool
01:15:43I don't know it was amazing I mean I'm
01:15:45not anti-drugs definitely have done
01:15:47drugs but I don't know how to do it I
01:15:48don't know you get a lot out of it for
01:15:50sure really yeah this girl that I know
01:15:53did it and she was like I'm done with
01:15:55porn she like changed her name to like
01:15:57kitty and then like two minutes before
01:15:59she's done with porn and she changed her
01:16:00name to kitty yeah after Ayahuasca
01:16:02that's what I'm scared something weird
01:16:03like that and like completely like just
01:16:05things that were not but then got over
01:16:07it and I don't know yeah I'm kind of
01:16:10look cool with like I mean I have
01:16:12crippling anxiety don't get me wrong but
01:16:14yeah I don't know I don't know if I want
01:16:16that extreme of like change well you
01:16:18don't have to do it I don't even know
01:16:19some things are better and not clear
01:16:21yeah what do you do for your anxiety
01:16:24do you have anything that's helped you
01:16:25with it watch TV watch TV I don't know
01:16:27if that's a good one
01:16:31like health anxiety just don't think
01:16:33yeah like I just got like overwhelming
01:16:35thoughts like you know
01:16:38sporadic thoughts I'll have like a song
01:16:40playing in the background and then
01:16:41thinking about this and thinking about
01:16:43too much yeah just too much like I just
01:16:45wanted to be like silent like I heard
01:16:47like I heard there's people out there
01:16:48that their brain is literally just like
01:16:50silent I'm like well that sounds like it
01:16:52sucks too though you want to you need a
01:16:54balance right yeah
01:16:55but I mean do you do anything for your
01:16:59anxiety besides watching TV like have
01:17:01you tried to meditate
01:17:03no no [ __ ] it I guess I should yeah try
01:17:07some things out I don't know maybe a
01:17:08part of me doesn't believe that it's
01:17:09like anything's gonna work
01:17:11until you try it yeah I don't know kind
01:17:15of aesthetic
01:17:16do you know who sits next to you at the
01:17:18Heat games just want to throw this out
01:17:19there there was like a guy sits behind
01:17:22you two rows and to the left is it are
01:17:24you gonna say you or something Pat Riley
01:17:25oh my God bro
01:17:27it's all right Riley no it's an
01:17:29all-power Riley that's Pat Riley he's
01:17:31not [ __ ] Pat Riley bro he made he
01:17:33made me look like an idiot but it's not
01:17:35by Riley I don't know but he's coach of
01:17:37the Lakers biggest Legend ever legendary
01:17:39coaches in the NBA Vegas
01:17:42he invented the term 3p you know that
01:17:45he's the guy invented the term 3B damn
01:17:47what a [ __ ] imposter oh yes he is
01:17:49like you can come sit come sit in the
01:17:51big boy seats with us when we go too
01:17:52when do you go to Heat game so do you
01:17:54like okay he's like whenever my friend
01:17:56doesn't want to go oh my God
01:17:57he's captain man oh I have I guess this
01:18:02guy is not him that's [ __ ] douche
01:18:05oh my God let me see
01:18:08that's the guy that always is behind me
01:18:10what a [ __ ] imposter it's not here he
01:18:12does his hair exactly like him
01:18:16I'm pretty sure I dab him up and said yo
01:18:18Pat you're the man he was like you're a
01:18:20[ __ ] idiot no and everyone goes up to
01:18:22him and everyone be dabbing him up like
01:18:24literally and he just like is like yeah
01:18:26he probably loves that I know but I feel
01:18:29bad you don't let him live in his little
01:18:30he's never saying like yam Pat Riley
01:18:32people just
01:18:34who's your favorite player in the NBA
01:18:36right now yeah Tyler Heroes yeah Turtle
01:18:40here he's having a big season I love
01:18:41Batman like yeah he's good too Jimmy
01:18:43Butler like what about Kyle Lowry
01:18:46I like him he's a little overrated bro
01:18:48but I though we do really well when he's
01:18:50playing like he's been out a lot this
01:18:52season like the injuries but when it's
01:18:54not one one player injured it's like the
01:18:55other but when everyone that's supposed
01:18:57to be playing is playing including Kyle
01:18:58Lowry like we always [ __ ] do so well
01:19:01yeah and he's great like I mean all the
01:19:04guys that I know though don't like him
01:19:05but I don't care I like vicola Depot but
01:19:08he fell off a little bit he used to be a
01:19:10superstar he comes off the bench but
01:19:13also air exposure doesn't get the
01:19:14respect he deserves either no I like
01:19:16stress too though Robinson yeah it's
01:19:19just his birthday today happy birthday
01:19:22all right we good oh my phone as hell
01:19:24right unless there's anything else you
01:19:25missed no there's nothing oh this is
01:19:27fire yeah thank you so much yeah
01:19:30this was really fun yeah thank you yeah
01:19:32it would be more fun if we actually like
01:19:34you know this conversation it leaves the
01:19:37podcast you know leave the group chat it
01:19:39actually comes into version and we
01:19:40actually do go out we'll go out we're in
01:19:42Thursday night you don't go to beg us
01:19:43too hard trust me no
01:19:46Thursday night let's go lie to me I
01:19:47won't be friends with you anymore we'll
01:19:49be here okay all right thank you so much
01:19:51all right thank you no we'll be here
01:19:53okay cool
01:20:04all right
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Abella Danger faces challenges such as maintaining physical stamina, sustaining high energy levels, and ensuring performance consistency when shooting scenes in the adult industry. Additionally, she navigates the emotional demands and intensity of the content while maintaining professionalism.

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The video compares four different t-shirt brands (Fresh Clean Tees, True Classic Tees, CUTS, and ESNTLS) to determine the most comfortable option, with the ESNTLS brand being the most comfortable and the Fresh Clean Tees coming in second. The ESNTLS shirts are priced at $30 each, while the Fresh Clean Tees are more affordable at $17 each.

In this video tutorial, the content creator discusses defensive strategies in FIFA 23, emphasizing the importance of anticipation and player selection. The key to successful defense lies in cutting off passing lanes, covering the central axis, and choosing the right player to engage with the opponent. The content creator highlights the challenging nature of teaching defensive skills due to the situational aspects of the game.

The video discusses how to predict your future spouse based on the placement of your seventh house lord in different nakshatras. It provides descriptions of the characteristics, professions, and personality traits of potential spouses based on their nakshatra placements. The video aims to help viewers understand what to expect in their future partners based on astrological predictions.

The video offers self-training tasks for individuals who want to engage in sissy training, including shaving their entire body, wearing lingerie to work, using lip gloss, doing household chores in a submissive manner, and creating a new Instagram account to post sexy pictures.

The video is about how to receive princess treatment in a relationship, including finding the right type of man, being in your feminine energy, and showing appreciation for the treatment received.

The video discusses the case of Anatoly Moskvin and his house of human dolls, wherein he desecrated graves and made life-sized dolls out of the corpses. Moskvin's traumatic past events and obsession with death contributed to his disturbing actions. Police discovered the dolls when they went to arrest him for the grave desecrations.