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The video is a review of an app called Easy Earn that claims to pay money for watching videos, but the reviewer identifies multiple red flags and concludes that it is a scam. The app offers unrealistic payment amounts and requires a high withdrawal threshold, while also incentivizing people to invite others rather than doing the actual work. The reviewer advises viewers to avoid wasting their time on this app.
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The video is a review of an app called Easy Earn that claims to pay users for watching videos.
The reviewer received a message about the app and decided to review it.
Easy Earn is described as an advertising platform.
The website claims to be the world's largest advertising self-help highest return company.
The reviewer questions whether it is possible to make $400 a day with the app.
Easy Earn offers a $25 sign-up bonus and allows users to make money by watching videos, playing games, and testing apps.
Easy Earn is free to join and offers a $25 sign-up bonus.
Users can make money by watching videos, playing games, and testing apps.
Payment can be received through various methods such as mail, check, PayPal, cash app, and Bitcoin.
The company provides registration information and testimonials from people who have made money with it.
The narrator discusses the sign-up process and the different ways to earn money on Easy Earn.
The narrator questions why the website shows a date range from 2015 to 2023.
The sign-up process is described as easy, requiring basic information like name, username, email, and password.
The narrator's current balance is $25 and they can earn money through video offers and referrals.
Referring friends is stated to pay more than watching videos or doing other tasks.
The video highlights several red flags with the website Easy Earn, including excessive pop-ups and a payment structure that favors inviting others over doing the actual work.
The website has frequent pop-ups displaying large withdrawal amounts.
Inviting friends to join the website pays more than actually completing tasks.
The minimum amount for the first withdrawal is $200.
00:00hi prisca I hope you're good can you
00:02please make a review of an app called
00:04easy and my friend sent me this app
00:07saying that you can make money by
00:10watching videos is it true well I guess
00:14today we are reviewing an app called
00:16easy end hi there guys welcome or
00:18welcome back to another video if you're
00:20new here my name is Priscilla SoMo
00:21welcome to princess corner here I share
00:23our ways of making money online if
00:26you're new here please do subscribe to
00:28the channel give this video a thumbs up
00:30it really helps with the algorithm it
00:32also helps to support the channel and
00:35hit that notification Bell so that when
00:37I drop a video you get to see it you
00:38don't miss any of this make money online
00:41site so today let us review an app
00:45called easyn and I got this message from
00:48Tick Tock and this lady said that her
00:50friend referred her to this app and
00:53she's not sure if she can make money by
00:56watching videos from this app so we're
00:59gonna review it in today's video so
01:01without wasting too much time let's jump
01:03into my laptop so I can show you what
01:04easy end is about and can you make money
01:07with easy and 400 can you do that so we
01:11have our beautiful website here it is
01:13called easyn it is called easyn
01:17advertising platform okay it says
01:20advertising platform and I can see some
01:22pop-ups here it's showing us um people
01:25who have get cotton paid so it okay here
01:27it says
01:29um Rahman was paid 845 dollars
01:34well let's leave all that so it says
01:36that it is the world's largest
01:38advertising self-help highest return
01:41company join an end 400 a day 400 it's
01:47not a small amount it is not a small
01:49amount so let us see if
01:52um what you can do on the website will
01:54be equivalent to you getting 400 in a
01:57day so it says free to join places are
01:59limited and now it is showing us this
02:02thing here right so let's go down a bit
02:04and it says here's how to begin you join
02:07join for easy and
02:10okay this thing should move
02:14join for easy n
02:16and n25 dollar sign up bonus as soon as
02:20you join it is easy to join and we don't
02:23share your info
02:26let me not say so much
02:29let me not say so much so number two it
02:31says make money make money by watching
02:33videos playing games testing apps and
02:36more right okay get paid get your money
02:40when and how you want them we can pay by
02:43mail by check PayPal cash app Bitcoin
02:47and other mainstream payment methods
02:49well well that that's good right let's
02:53go down
02:56what caught my eye it is the business
02:58license you know the business license
03:00file copy and all of that and you say
03:03certification of incorporation of a
03:05private limited company and it shows you
03:08company number here right so this is the
03:10company number
03:12okay well okay right
03:15then it shows you all this information
03:17here let's see it says now given at
03:21company's house Cardiff on 30 August
03:252015. right
03:292015 fine since 2015 guys first of all
03:33it's very rare it is extremely rare that
03:37like a website will give you the company
03:40name I mean the registration information
03:42and all of those things they are there
03:45but then it is not like visible visible
03:48if you are not looking for it so here
03:50we're not looking for it they just gave
03:51us two um they just gave us this
03:55saying that the company thingy company
03:58number and all of those things and yes
04:00yes it shows you all of that it shows
04:02you all of that now it also shows you
04:04the I guess testimonies of people that
04:07have made money with it then let's go
04:10down that's something that really caught
04:12my eye right so this is the um
04:15frequently asked questions and all of
04:17that how much does it cost to join it
04:19says easy money is absolutely free to
04:21join and we intend on keeping it that
04:23way so it is free to join as they say
04:26so now sh25 sign up bonus so when you
04:29sign up you get 25 as a sign up bonus 25
04:33it is around
04:35450 Rand 460 rent right South African
04:40Rands by the way
04:41okay what other rent then now the thing
04:45that really made me worry it is here
04:47this part remember it say that 30 August
04:52um 2015 then now it says 2023 easy end
04:56so I thought to myself maybe it is
04:59um maybe the website came through or the
05:02website was um done in 2023 but then
05:07from 2015 to 2023 what was what were
05:11they doing because the main purpose of
05:13this company well I mean the thing with
05:15this company is that they made we they
05:17make money when we make money right fine
05:19so okay let's get inside and see exactly
05:22what's going on so the sign up process
05:24is very easy right you put in your name
05:27then you look for a cool
05:30um username then email then you create a
05:32password right then you sign it to the
05:34terms and condition then you sign up
05:40all right right so we in now and it's
05:43saying that easy end my balance have
05:45been added I've got 25 dollars right and
05:49it says n through invites 100 plus and
05:53through video offer Center
05:56forward to n
05:58okay so now I want us to go down a bit
06:03so my current balance is 25 total
06:07earnings is 25
06:08referral commission is zero right so now
06:11it says watch videos
06:13I can end
06:17twenty dollars plus for um watching
06:19videos I can earn 100 plus for referring
06:23friends wow so referring friends pays
06:26more than watching videos pay pays more
06:30doing the actual work play games
06:34or download apps and fifty dollars plus
06:38so referring friends still pays more
06:41than doing the actual work so let's
06:43let's see if we can watch something
06:45okay let's watch this one here
06:49okay so it's showing me update that I
06:52have and
06:53um 5.78 dollars and that was a five
06:57minute videos I even got up and did my
07:00dishes as it was playing so
07:03fine we have added that right well okay
07:06I understand now so now I want to check
07:09the inviting right I want to check what
07:12the whole inviting is all about it says
07:15share your referral with your friends to
07:18end and two dollars for every friend who
07:21clicks your link and ten dollars for
07:24every friend that signs up so it means
07:27that for every friend like if I share my
07:29link right now if I share my link for
07:31every person who clicks on the link
07:33even if they don't register they're
07:35gonna credit my account with two dollars
07:37and if they register and become a member
07:39of easy and they're going to credit me
07:42ten dollars
07:45trade me ten dollars right so I I think
07:49I think on this video we have went way
07:52too far for you to notice that there are
07:55a lot a lot a lot a lot of red flags
07:57with this website there are a lot of let
07:59me see if I can oh so the so you have to
08:03be able so you can only be able to
08:07um it says the minimum amount for the
08:09fast withdrawal it is 200 and there is
08:12no amount limit for subsequent
08:14overdrawals so the first withdrawal it
08:16is 200 they say that the first
08:18withdrawal has to be for 200 right
08:21so guys
08:23like with this video I wanted you guys
08:25to actually notice or be able to
08:28identify red flags from the start this
08:32website has been a red flag those pop up
08:34the first thing that pop up and someone
08:36ending like or withdrawing 800 something
08:39dollars 849 it is the first red flag
08:44normal companies don't do that you don't
08:46get pop-ups all the time pop-ups all the
08:48time telling you how much someone has
08:50withdrawn or cotton and also that amount
08:53is a lot of money right secondly it is a
08:56red flag because it will pay you more to
08:59invite people then it will pay you more
09:01to do the actual work you know
09:05thirdly it is way too good to be true
09:08why am I saying so it is because there
09:11is no website on earth that is going to
09:13there's no website there's no person
09:15there's no company there is no there is
09:18no kind of job that it will pay you to
09:20just do simple things and pay you a lot
09:22of money firstly
09:24I don't know exactly offers this
09:26withdrawal threshold it is way too high
09:28it is way too high for just a
09:33um a normal company or for just a
09:36website or an app to require you to
09:39obtain in order to to withdraw
09:42and one thing I'm gonna tell you is that
09:44it will not pay you even if you get this
09:46200 that will require that you invite 30
09:48people first for you to to a throw they
09:52will require you that you need to pay a
09:54certain amount if you don't want to
09:56invite people and that is how they will
09:58scam you that is how they will get into
10:00your account and scam your money scam
10:02you of your money you will pay an amount
10:04that you will never see or that will
10:06never do anything and if you pay and
10:08they can see that you are a person who
10:09gets influenced or a person who can get
10:11easily scammed that will tell you to do
10:13another thing that will require maybe
10:16for you to spend again or invite people
10:19so these people or this app is escape it
10:23is like it their reflex are there
10:25they're screaming at us when we got on
10:28the website and it says 400 a day it was
10:31a red flag so this website will waste
10:33your time I have seen a lot of people in
10:36my DMs asking me about this website or
10:39this app there is no website that is
10:42going to pay you this a lot of money for
10:44you to do simple things
10:46like watching videos the highest amount
10:49you can watch um you can make money by
10:51watching videos you can maybe make
10:5475 cents
10:56for watching videos yes you can make
10:58money by watching videos but then this
11:00high amount of money no you can't
11:03so the only thing I can say is that look
11:05out for websites that are promising to
11:07give you a lot of money by doing Simple
11:10tasks such thing does not exist I will
11:13not leave the link for this website as
11:14it is a scam and I don't want you to
11:16waste your time like a lot of people
11:19have wasted that time otherwise I'll see
11:21you on my next video bye for now
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is Easy Earn app a legitimate way to make money?

No, the Easy Earn app is not a legitimate way to make money. The reviewer identifies multiple red flags that indicate it is a scam.

2. What are the red flags of the Easy Earn app?

The Easy Earn app offers unrealistic payment amounts, requires a high withdrawal threshold, and incentivizes people to invite others rather than doing the actual work.

3. Can Easy Earn app be trusted for payments?

No, the Easy Earn app cannot be trusted for payments. It presents unrealistic payment amounts and a high withdrawal threshold, indicating that it may not fulfill its payment promises.

4. Should I invest my time in the Easy Earn app?

It is advisable to avoid wasting time on the Easy Earn app. The reviewer concludes that it is a scam and advises viewers to steer clear of it.

5. Is it recommended to invite others to use the Easy Earn app?

It is not recommended to invite others to use the Easy Earn app, as it incentivizes people to invite others rather than focusing on the actual work, indicating a pyramid-like structure.

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