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The video tutorial explains how to earn money using the platform by shortening URLs and driving traffic to them through viral videos on platforms like TikTok, with the potential to make around $600 per month by sharing free content and incentivizing viewers to click on the shortened links. This is a side hustle opportunity suitable for beginners in the online world.
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The video explains how to earn money through by shortening URLs and driving traffic to earn from advertisements.
00:00 is a platform where you can shorten URLs and earn money by driving traffic.
Users can earn money by showing ads to people who click on the shortened links.
The platform shares the revenue earned from advertisements with its users.
Earnings per 1000 views vary by location, with different rates for different countries. allows you to earn money by sharing shortened links, and you can use viral content from platforms like TikTok to generate more views.
No need to sell anything or create products.
Simply shorten a URL and share it.
Utilize viral content from platforms like TikTok to generate more views.
You won't be monetized on YouTube, but you can repost content to get attention and earn money through
By reposting TikTok videos on YouTube shorts, you can make around $600 per month without creating content.
Repost TikTok videos on YouTube shorts
Majority of traffic comes from the US
People tend to read comments on TikTok videos, which can increase engagement on your reposted video
Good for beginners who want to earn money without creating their own content.
The video explains how to find and use free PLR books in the food niche to create valuable content for YouTube shorts.
PLR books are free and can be used by anyone.
Search for specific topics or recipes in the food niche to find suitable PLR books.
Download the chosen PLR book to your computer and upload it to Google Drive.
Generate a shortened link for the PLR book and paste it as the first comment on your YouTube shorts video.
To earn money on, share videos and credit original owners, use PLR downloads as a source, and repost videos while scaling up efforts.
Every click on shared videos counts towards views on
Crediting original owners of videos is important
PLR downloads can be used as a source for valuable content
Reposting videos and scaling up efforts can lead to increased views and earnings.
00:00so this is not your usual video I'm not
00:02going to tell you how to make one
00:03thousand dollars a day simply because
00:05that just doesn't exist you'll find a
00:07lot of these blogs telling these things
00:09but trust me there is not something like
00:11that today I'm gonna show you how you
00:14cannot get one thousand dollars per day
00:16but how you can get some great side
00:18hustle all right now for those of you
00:20who are not familiar with this website
00:22it is called and basically
00:25you will just shorten URLs and you will
00:27earn money now this platform is pretty
00:29old and a lot of people are using it but
00:31of course as I've told you you will not
00:33like Get Rich by using this but it can
00:36be a really good side hustle if you want
00:38to make some money on the side you can
00:40actually see that this website is pretty
00:42popular 1.8 million each month are
00:44coming and it's even growing so they
00:46tell us that you can get money by
00:48shortening those URLs and then just
00:51driving the traffic but why do they do
00:54that okay so why do they pay the money
00:56well the thing is that all these people
00:58are just using that that they're just
01:00using because for example
01:03when I make certain link and when I sent
01:05that link to you for example and you
01:07click on it you will have to see an ad
01:09first okay you can skip the ad of course
01:12but later you're gonna go to the place
01:14where I intended to okay so firstly you
01:17are gonna see an ad so that's how they
01:19get the money from those advertisement
01:21companies you know all of these ads you
01:23know they get the money and they share
01:25the revenue with us now on the payment
01:27proof section you can see that people
01:28are just getting some amounts of money
01:31on a regular basis but how much money
01:33and where to find the traffic well if
01:36you go to the web page and you go to
01:37payout rates you will see this okay
01:39these are the earnings per 1000 views
01:42for example if the views are coming from
01:45Ireland you are gonna get sixteen
01:47dollars this Greenland I'm gonna skip it
01:49because it is like almost impossible to
01:52get the views from Greenland right now
01:53you can see that the United States is
01:55eight dollars Belgium is 7.5 United
01:58Kingdom 7 and all of the others so
02:00Gathering like 100 million views isn't
02:04gonna do it okay you can't do that but
02:06what you can do you can get a certain
02:08portion of it because we are going to
02:09use something which is already viral
02:12okay and the good thing about this is
02:13that you don't have to sell anything you
02:16don't have to create the products and of
02:18course you don't need any experience for
02:19this so it can be a nice side hustle if
02:22you are a beginner in the online world
02:24so when you make yourself an account
02:25this is how it's going to look like you
02:27click on new shortened link you add the
02:28URL and let's say I take one of my
02:31videos I wanted to share that with
02:32someone well I just go and I click on
02:34the share button copy this link and then
02:36I go to my dashboard I just paste that
02:39you can add Elias for example I don't
02:41know MMO video click on the shortened
02:43one and then you are gonna get your
02:45shortened version of the link okay so
02:47that's it now the more views it gets the
02:49more money I can get but how actually to
02:51get a lot of those how to actually end
02:53up like this person for example who got
02:5557 well I've got a strategy which is
02:58gonna utilize something and that is
03:00already viral on the internet okay so we
03:03can use for example Tick Tock videos now
03:05don't worry you don't have to create the
03:07content yourself this is why this is
03:08good for beginners you don't have to
03:10create the content yourself you can take
03:12someone else's content and for example
03:14you can post it as YouTube shorts now of
03:17course you won't be monetized on YouTube
03:19because you can't take other people's
03:21content and make profit off of it but
03:24you can take the content and you can
03:26just repost that because you won't get
03:30the money from YouTube ad Revenue okay
03:32so they will exclude you from the
03:34program but you don't want to do that
03:36okay you just want to get these links
03:38you want to get that attention because
03:40as you can see per 1000 views you get a
03:43certain amount of money and you can of
03:45course Target these so let me just show
03:47you one way of doing this let's say for
03:49example we go to tick tock and you find
03:51a certain recipe I don't know you can
03:53use whatever whichever viral video you
03:55take you just have to like adjust the
03:58strategy a bit let me explain plane so
04:00for example we take I didn't know this
04:02recipe video just take a look at the
04:04amount of views that this video has so
04:06it is
04:07135 million views so you can just go
04:11inside of this video sorry for the music
04:13so you can just play it to see what it
04:16is it's a simple recipe but it has like
04:19huge number of views and now you can be
04:21sure that this is gonna work for you
04:23okay if you post this on YouTube shorts
04:25it is going to go viral it won't get
04:27like 100 million views but let's say it
04:30will get like 500 000 all right let's
04:33actually say that you get 500 000 views
04:36and of course we're gonna divide that by
04:371 000 views so divide that by 1000 and
04:41let's say that all from us times eight
04:44dollars per each one of those that's
04:46four thousand dollars now of course this
04:49isn't gonna come over nine okay four
04:51thousand dollars isn't gonna cut it like
04:54over nine I told you this is gonna
04:56happen in like five or six months okay
04:58so when you take this number and for
05:00example divide this by six months this
05:03is how you can actually make from this
05:05strategy in one month now you tell me is
05:08six hundred dollars enough for you
05:10without actually creating the content
05:12yourself without actually doing the
05:14research filming video editing I don't
05:17know paying someone to do it and this is
05:20good for beginners okay so tell me
05:22honestly six hundred dollars per month
05:24you just go and you just repost the
05:26content and of course you can take a lot
05:28more of these videos you know you never
05:29know which one is gonna work sell six
05:32hundred dollars like per month well it's
05:35good for me now you also don't know
05:37where your traffic is going to come from
05:40but the majority is going to come from
05:41the US that's how things stand you can
05:44get lucky and get some from Ireland you
05:45know Irish luck but all of these like
05:47are differentiated so you can just take
05:49it so what do we have to do go to that
05:51Tick Tock video right click on it and
05:53click on download video tiktok has a
05:56download button click on the download
05:57video it is going to go over to your
06:00computer and then just upload that video
06:03on YouTube you have to upload that as a
06:05short you know because these like Tick
06:08Tock videos they're made for shorts
06:09right but you can't expect just people
06:12to click on that video how are we going
06:14to make money you ask well people will
06:16watch this video and usually when people
06:18watch these videos on tick tock on
06:20Instagram on shorts they take a look at
06:22the comments I take a look at the
06:24comments you take a look at the comments
06:26everybody does that so we are going to
06:27put something as a top comment in order
06:29to incentivize people to click on that
06:31link and of course we are gonna give
06:34them something for free okay so
06:35everybody would click on that link you
06:38can go to a website which is called free
06:40plr downloads and you will find
06:43something which is in the food Niche
06:45okay so food Niche you can see this food
06:47and you will get a lot of these like
06:49recipes Food for healthy life you know
06:52you're gonna get a lot of these free
06:54ebooks now plr books they're all for
06:56free okay it stands for private label
06:59rights and any one can use them I don't
07:01know who makes them why they are online
07:03but they're there you just have to find
07:05something in here so you can as well for
07:07example search for recipes like this
07:09search for recipes search and you will
07:12get a lot of these so you can see the
07:14best chocolate related recipes there are
07:16some kitchen packs there are some
07:17creative culinary things now you just
07:19have to search for something that you
07:21like so for example I don't know I'm
07:23gonna take this one the best chocolate
07:25related recipes and of course this would
07:27work better if I found some chocolate
07:29recipe video on Tick Tock you know but
07:32now I just want to show you the strategy
07:33so I'm gonna go I'm gonna download this
07:35ebook to my computer and then I'm gonna
07:38go over to my Google Drive and I'm gonna
07:41upload that plr book in here so this is
07:44gonna be that the best chocolate related
07:46recipes then I'm gonna right click on it
07:48I'm gonna click on get link and then I'm
07:51gonna click on anyone with the link okay
07:53so anyone can view this and download
07:55this and now you copy this link of your
07:59peel lar free book this link is gonna go
08:02to your dashboard click on the new
08:04shortened link then just delete this
08:06which was an example click on the paste
08:08and then you can just add Elias for
08:10example chocolate recipes one two three
08:14item now you can click on the shorten
08:15right now and then you will have this
08:17link okay so this is the step now what
08:20you want to do you want to paste that as
08:23the first comment on your YouTube shorts
08:25okay so you got a Content you've got
08:28something that people can take for free
08:30and you can also like put something on
08:32that video you can for example use to just put on that video
08:36something like check the surprise in the
08:39comment section okay so people will just
08:41see that on the video somewhere check
08:42the surprise in the comment section they
08:44will go to the comment section and they
08:46will click on this and they will get the
08:48book for free okay so you are just
08:50giving people something for free they
08:52won't be like disappointed or something
08:54okay so you are actually giving them the
08:56value you are giving them these for
08:58example chocolate recipes or whatever
09:00you find on plr downloads you know and
09:02they will just click on it and every
09:04click will count towards your views on okay so that is how this
09:10works and as I've told you this is not
09:11like get rich quick scheme you have to
09:13go and you have to search for videos and
09:16then you can just scale this of course
09:18the more you work the more of these
09:20views you are going to get and of course
09:22the more money you are gonna get so just
09:23go in I don't know if you have time for
09:26this if you think that you can make this
09:27into a great side hustle go and do it
09:29because it is possible you know it is
09:31possible because of these ads you got
09:33attention you've got these viral videos
09:35and let me tell you these videos you can
09:38repost them but in all honesty just
09:41credit the owners okay so when you find
09:43something on Tick Tock it is not hard to
09:46credit someone right for example you can
09:48just take the name of this person so for
09:50example butter hand and then your video
09:52shorts you can just put that in the
09:54description that you credit the original
09:56owner of this video maybe sometimes some
09:59of these people are going to contact you
10:01in order to I don't know they will ask
10:03you to remove their content some of
10:05these people they just don't want to do
10:07that they don't want to share right you
10:09do that remove one and just go to
10:11another one right it's not big deal you
10:14know you just remove that content you
10:16take another video you can take like
10:18dozens off these videos you can take
10:19like I don't know 100 of these make one
10:21each day and you will see that it will
10:24quickly add up to your views on and of course do not forget
10:28this plr downloads that's going to be a
10:31good source put that in your Google
10:33Drive and when people watch your videos
10:35put that for example there's a surprise
10:37in the comments put that as the first
10:39comment on your video after you shorten
10:42them of course like this and then people
10:44watch the video they get some free
10:46recipes you know if you are into this
10:48cooking Niche but of course you can do
10:49this in whatever you know you can just
10:51go I don't know with Fitness Niche and
10:53you just find some I don't know book
10:55about Fitness a lot of categories just
10:57do the research on plr downloads there's
10:59a lot of things and if you invest some
11:02time it is going to work out for you so
11:04just go and do it guys it is pretty easy
11:06go and take an action I'll catch you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I make money with the platform?

You can make money with the platform by shortening URLs and driving traffic to them through viral videos on platforms like TikTok. By incentivizing viewers to click on the shortened links, you can earn around $600 per month sharing free content.

2. What is the earning potential with the platform?

The earning potential with the platform is around $600 per month by sharing free content and driving traffic through viral videos on platforms like TikTok. By incentivizing viewers to click on the shortened links, you can generate a steady income as a side hustle opportunity, especially suitable for beginners in the online world.

3. How can I drive traffic to shortened URLs using the platform?

You can drive traffic to shortened URLs using the platform by creating viral videos on platforms like TikTok and incentivizing viewers to click on the shortened links. By sharing free content and utilizing effective strategies to attract viewers, you can maximize the traffic and potential earnings.

4. What are the benefits of using the platform for earning money?

The benefits of using the platform for earning money include the ability to make around $600 per month by sharing free content and leveraging viral videos on platforms like TikTok to drive traffic to the shortened links. It provides a side hustle opportunity suitable for beginners in the online world and offers the potential for steady income.

5. Is the platform suitable for beginners in the online world?

Yes, the platform is suitable for beginners in the online world, offering a side hustle opportunity to make around $600 per month by sharing free content and driving traffic through viral videos on platforms like TikTok. By incentivizing viewers to click on the shortened links, beginners can generate a steady income and explore the potential of online marketing.

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