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Eddie Huang and his wife play Truth or Drink, revealing insights into their relationship dynamics and discussing topics like their initial intentions, sex life, and annoyances. They navigate through the questions with humor and vulnerability, demonstrating the importance of open communication in their marriage.
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Eddie Huang and his wife Shia Blanca play Truth or Drink and discuss their relationship.
Eddie wasn't initially looking for something serious when they first met.
Eddie thought Shia could be his wife on their first date.
Shia doesn't want Eddie to work on any physical trait.
The couple discusses their sex life and how it has improved over time.
They mention that their sex life is emotional and they wouldn't change anything about it.
They talk about how using toys and whips feels weird when they are deeply in love.
The wife mentions that their sex life is the best she has ever had and compares it to Irish boxers.
Eddie Huang and his wife Shia Blanca discuss their thoughts on threesomes, past insults, and cheating.
Eddie is not interested in threesomes because he doesn't like the awkwardness it may bring.
Shia holds it against Eddie for calling her incompetent and dusty when they were mad at each other.
Eddie admits that catching feelings can make someone act foolishly.
They found a pair of women's panties in their house, but Eddie denies any involvement.
Eddie Huang and his wife discuss finding women's panties and worn-out men's underwear in their house, speculating who they might belong to.
Eddie found leopard lace panties and worn-out men's underwear in their house.
They speculate that the panties might belong to one of the girls who came to swim in their house.
Eddie's wife mentions that it annoys her when he cancels plans after saying they will do something together.
The couple discusses their biggest challenge in their relationship and how they communicate differently.
The biggest challenge in their relationship is communication.
They have different ways of communicating, with one preferring emails and the other preferring in-person conversation.
The wife challenges the husband to open up more and be better at communication.
The husband appreciates the wife's ability to understand him without him having to say everything explicitly.
00:00have you ever thought about cheating are
00:02you trying to ruin relationships here
00:04pantygate found a we found a rogue pair
00:07of women's panties in our house this
00:09week oh my
00:16God can we start with your name and then
00:19how you two know each other Edwin
00:20Charles Wong born in Fairfax Virginia
00:23Social Securities
00:2522758 what do you do writing directing
00:29you know [ __ ] five times a day
00:31that's that's what I spend most of my
00:33time doing I take a 45-minute [ __ ] five
00:35times a day he's not lying I'm Natasha
00:38and I'm on the receiving end of his
00:40writing I produce our podcast and shout
00:44out to our new baby he's almost 4 weeks
00:47old glad to have you both here today
00:48we're going to play Truth or drink have
00:50you ever heard of Truth or drink yeah so
00:52if you don't want to answer a question
00:54you can take a shot of alcohol and then
00:56we also have some ginger shots CU we
00:58know you are a new mom is and all right
01:00go ahead this is so funny to sit across
01:02from you like this I know you know this
01:04is like couple's therapy yeah or like
01:06Family Court yeah when we first met were
01:08you just trying to hook up or are you
01:10looking for something serious this is a
01:12good question I was definitely not
01:14looking for something serious you just I
01:16was but I wasn't trying to hook up cuz I
01:18think I told you delayed pleasure you
01:21did and I feel like why wouldn't you
01:22just put me in the rotation there was no
01:25rotation there was oh I like that I like
01:27that you were trying to do love though I
01:29wasn't trying to do love I was active I
01:31was playing recck League games and then
01:33I was like oh [ __ ] this is like a real
01:36playoff game with meaning and then I was
01:38like this could be my wife like on the
01:40first date I was it could be my wife
01:42what physical trait of Mind do you want
01:43me to work on oh none the ass got fatter
01:48in pregnancy but really I may not even
01:50have enough dick for that much ass you
01:52know like I'm at the extent of my dick
01:56this is as much dick as I got you have
01:58to like know what you can play with yeah
02:00yeah there's like certain parking spots
02:01I'm like that's foul you should let a
02:03van like park there yeah like if you
02:06have a Fiat don't don't take up the big
02:08spot yeah you know what that's courteous
02:11of you yeah let's go with the next one
02:13yo I love it no one's drinking this is
02:15incredible just answer the questions
02:16what sex advice do you have for me how
02:18can I improve this is good D just you
02:21could you can say what sex advice do I
02:23have for you I don't like we talk about
02:25this all the time wire playing in the
02:26background yeah maybe like don't have
02:29the wire like Entourage can be turned
02:31off like we're so in love our sex is so
02:34different like we just have like in love
02:36sex it's emotional and I don't think
02:39that there's anything I would change
02:40about it cuz I just like I love you yeah
02:43I I think it's funny cuz when we tried
02:45to do like toys and all the whips and
02:47[ __ ] it feels weird when it's the love
02:50of your life and trying to walk her with
02:52the goyard call that shit's crazy so I
02:55also second I got no notes I have no
02:57either oh rank our sex life how does it
03:01compare to past loves oh this is for
03:04it's for sure number one I'm not even
03:06lying it's not even close the [ __ ] got
03:08hands like crazy hands like you know you
03:11go to a bar and they have like those
03:14like black and white photos of Irish
03:15boxers like going like this like her
03:17[ __ ] you put your dick in it
03:19goes it's like turbo yeah your your
03:22[ __ ] is a old school Irish P you said
03:24it got better after it got better I will
03:26say the craziest thing was around the
03:287th eth month of pregnancy mhm it was a
03:32different restaurant wow there's a new
03:34Chef in the restaurant I was like damn
03:36hints of
03:37Teragon I think pregnancy sex though
03:39like hits So Different yeah I highly
03:42recommend pregnancy sex yeah that was
03:46beautiful next question hey my name is
03:49kayin I'm a producer at cut if you like
03:51these videos then you should check out
03:52these games they're in stores now it's
03:55awkward it's fun I actually started
03:57playing this when I first started dating
03:59my boyfriend friend and I learned a lot
04:01about him
04:02so oh my gosh my ankles crack did you
04:09that would you ever want a threesome no
04:12honestly I did it I'm good truly no yo
04:16cuz I don't like seeing like the
04:18[ __ ] in the corner like what up
04:21though you know what I mean like then
04:22you're going to have what do you mean in
04:23the corner like I'm just saying like
04:25there's always you there's always one
04:27experience there's always one person
04:29that's like is it my time you know what
04:30I mean and I'm like I'm good like I'm
04:33good on the third if either of us agreed
04:35to do it I know 3 Days Later someone
04:37would get stabbed in our house it would
04:38literally be Lena bobit like I watched
04:41that and I was like phenomenal idea I
04:43love that she did that what something
04:45I've said done in the past that you
04:46still hold against me oh I'm just going
04:49to be so real you called me incompetent
04:52and you called me Dusty when you were
04:54mad at me he called me a Dusty [ __ ] he
04:56really did he looked me up and down like
04:57this dead ass he looked me he goes
05:01Dusty and I was like that's [ __ ]
05:03crazy it's when you catch feelings dumb
05:05hard you like start to become an idiot
05:08like I'm an idiot it's okay I'm a 41y
05:10old idiot it's okay have you ever
05:12thought about cheating how do we yo are
05:15you trying to ruin relationships here
05:17panty gate that's all I'm going to say
05:19we found a we found a rogue pair of
05:22woman's panties in our house this week I
05:24have nothing to do with these panties so
05:25I thought you know what I'm not the type
05:27I'm not going to go for a friend cuz
05:28that's [ __ ] up you know what I mean
05:30like give this answer [ __ ] drink the
05:33ginger I don't want to [ __ ] know this
05:36is what you do like like this is free
05:38game if your man cheats on you and you
05:40know like say you're like two degrees
05:42away from like his favorite rapper or
05:45like his favorite actor or some [ __ ]
05:47that's what you do go there ruin an
05:49album for him ruin his favorite movie
05:51ruin something that he cherishes like
05:53don't [ __ ] his friend that's whack oh my
05:55God so can I learn more about these
05:57panties where did you find them I found
05:59so here's what happened I'm just going
06:01to start I just had a full I just I just
06:03had a baby so our mom my mom was staying
06:05with us and she was doing the laundry in
06:08our house and there's a pair of women's
06:12panties that I've never seen before so I
06:14took it to my mom and she was like not
06:16mine and I was like oh [ __ ] these
06:19leopard Lacy ass panties leopard leopard
06:23and Lacy and like g string so the only
06:26people that have been in our house are a
06:27housekeeper my mom are girls that came
06:30to swim yo if yall watching this help me
06:34out I know one of you I know one of you
06:36left it there I also found of of two
06:39pairs of Rogue worn out man's draws like
06:43a grizzly bear had them shits on so
06:46those were crazy like I don't know who
06:48you're [ __ ] that might be your
06:50rappers I don't know I'm I'll save you
06:53here next if you [ __ ] Cameron I would be
06:55so [ __ ] mad at oh this is a good
06:57followup what do I do that annoys you
06:59what what what do you do that annoys me
07:00what I do that annoys you I mean
07:03probably when we're beefing you just get
07:05something that you get to just like stab
07:07me with over and over for fun yeah like
07:09I'll be calling like we'll be I'll be
07:10calling you panties for the next two
07:12weeks yeah I I okay panties yeah no you
07:15know what the most annoying thing is
07:18when you tell me we going to do some
07:19[ __ ] and then you cancel on me that's
07:21the number one that's it I don't even
07:22care about the other can you uh ask the
07:25question back to her oh man what is the
07:28thing that annoys me the most that you
07:29do we'll beef and then we'll drop it and
07:32then it will literally be the worst time
07:34ever and you will want to talk about it
07:36again and it's like 2 in the morning and
07:38I'll just be like no can we talk about
07:39it in the morning and you will make me
07:42talk to you about it yeah cuz for some
07:43reason I'll just wake up and be like she
07:45doesn't love me yeah which is fair that
07:48if you want to flake because you're like
07:49I had too much of this you know what I
07:51mean I'm like I can't go to breakfast
07:52because I've been up till 4 in the
07:54morning literally conversating Fair
07:57that's fair wow we're like having a
07:59we're like really finding something out
08:00about each other this incredible what's
08:02been the biggest challenge on our
08:03relationship I like this show the y'all
08:05[ __ ] Dr philli in here I know
08:07[ __ ] um the biggest challenge
08:10communication not in a way that we have
08:13bad communication but I feel like I've
08:16never had open communication or just
08:18like vulnerability with anyone in the
08:20way that I do with you and I don't think
08:22it's a challenge in a bad way I think
08:23you've just like challenged me to open
08:26up more and like be better in that Arena
08:29I think the challenges that we
08:30communicate in different ways yeah so
08:33for instance I will email that's not
08:35what you like to do you don't like the
08:36email you like an email when you say an
08:39like you will send me nine paragraphs
08:41like so this is actually I never told
08:43you I use emails so I can try to be a
08:45better person cuz I think when I talk I
08:47get emotional and then I say [ __ ] I
08:50don't mean and I really don't want to
08:53[ __ ] up with you yeah cuz like this is
08:55everything and with you you're a
08:58physical community unicor it's like
09:00unspoken you're the most Young Jeezy
09:02[ __ ] ever you're like What's Understood
09:05doesn't need to be
09:07said this is so good panties what's been
09:10our biggest
09:14disagreement what do you think I don't
09:16know panties oh my god really you think
09:19it's that big no it's
09:21fine is this forever love yeah for sure
09:26forever for sure I love you I love you I
09:29love you all right wonderful how was
09:33that how did it feel how do you like
09:34truth or drink yo it's great you feel
09:37like you learned a lot about each other
09:39yeah like we're communicating we might
09:41we might I understand you better I
09:43understand your emails better now this
09:45is a good show I got to say this is a
09:47good show like yo cuz there the strike
09:49I've been saving money on therapy this
09:51incredible we would definitely encourage
09:54couples to play Truth or drink this is
09:56this is a good game I say play it well
09:58thank you guys guys that was thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What insights into their relationship dynamics did Eddie Huang and his wife reveal while playing Truth or Drink?

Eddie Huang and his wife revealed insights into their relationship dynamics while playing Truth or Drink, demonstrating the importance of open communication in their marriage.

2. How did Eddie Huang and his wife discuss their initial intentions during the game of Truth or Drink?

Eddie Huang and his wife discussed their initial intentions with humor and vulnerability during the game of Truth or Drink, highlighting the significance of mutual understanding in a relationship.

3. What topics did Eddie Huang and his wife explore related to their sex life while playing Truth or Drink?

Eddie Huang and his wife explored topics related to their sex life with humor and openness while playing Truth or Drink, emphasizing the importance of maintaining intimacy in a relationship.

4. How did Eddie Huang and his wife navigate through the questions about annoyances during the game of Truth or Drink?

Eddie Huang and his wife navigated through the questions about annoyances with honesty and humor during the game of Truth or Drink, underscoring the significance of addressing and resolving conflicts in a marriage.

5. What did Eddie Huang and his wife demonstrate regarding the importance of open communication in a marriage?

Eddie Huang and his wife demonstrated the importance of open communication in a marriage with their humor and vulnerability while playing Truth or Drink, illustrating the value of honest and transparent interactions in maintaining a strong relationship.

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