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This video tells the tragic story of El Pirata de Culiacán, a 17-year-old boy who gained fame as an influencer through his partying and excessive lifestyle but ultimately met a violent end when he crossed paths with a dangerous cartel leader. Despite his online popularity, he faced criticism for his destructive behavior and his death raised questions about the authenticity of his relationships and the whereabouts of his supposed fortune.
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The video section discusses the life of a 17-year-old boy named Juan Luis Lagunas, also known as the pirate of Culiacán, who lived a fast life filled with parties, substance abuse, and conflicts.
Juan Luis Lagunas was born into a low-income family and was abandoned by both his father and mother at a young age.
His paternal grandmother, María Rosales Torres, took care of him and his younger sister, working hard to provide for them.
Juan Luis dropped out of school and got involved in robberies and drugs, leading him to be sent to a juvenile rehabilitation center.
Juan Luis Lagunas became famous on the internet after a video of him drunk went viral.
Juan Luis made new friends who invited him to parties where he would get drunk and pass out.
One of his friends recorded a video of Juan Luis drinking directly from a bottle and uploaded it online.
The video showed Juan Luis initially looking sane, but then staggering from how drunk he was.
The video became popular due to the combination of Juan Luis' drunken behavior and the heyday of viral videos at that time.
The Pirate of Culiacán gained fame as an influencer by showcasing an ostentatious lifestyle on social media.
He gained close to 800,000 followers on Facebook, 37,000 on Twitter, and 323,000 on Instagram.
He flaunted a buchon style, posing with celebrities, models, and musicians, and engaging in self-destructive drunken acts.
Despite criticism, he was invited to parties and offered money to get drunk in front of others.
His lifestyle was mostly a facade, borrowing from millionaires, and he aimed to capitalize on his newfound fame.
The section discusses how the pirate gained fame and money through event appearances and music videos, despite facing criticism and negative perceptions.
The pirate earned 15,000 to 50,000 Mexican pesos for attending events and appearing in music videos.
He faced criticism for being associated with narcoculture and engaging in harmful activities at a young age.
Despite the negativity, he continued to pursue opportunities and even started studying.
The pirate had tours with other artists and gave interviews, despite difficulties in understanding him due to substances.
The Pirate of Culiacán continued with his activities to stay relevant and began speaking badly about powerful people, including the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, which ultimately led to his downfall.
The Pirate of Culiacán wanted to have a more dignified lifestyle but was rooted in excesses.
He began speaking badly about other influencers and then started blaming powerful people.
The leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, El Mencho, is one of the most wanted men in Mexico and the US with a $10 million reward for his capture.
El Mencho began filming the video of the Pirate of Culiacán, which was recorded by his supposed friend.
Juan Luis Lagunas, also known as El Pirata de Culiacán, was tragically killed in a bar shooting, possibly targeted by the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel.
Juan Luis Lagunas was 17 years old when he was attacked and received 15 bullet wounds, leading to his death.
The owner of the bar was also a victim of the shooting and lost his life.
The lack of response from the authorities and theories surrounding the event raised questions about the involvement of the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel in the shooting.
Discrepancies in the accounts of what happened to El Pirata de Culiacán and the lack of support from those around him reveal the current state of society.
The informant who gave the whistle about El Pirata's location may know more than they have disclosed.
Discrepancies in the accounts of what happened to El Pirata de Culiacán between Hot Spanish and Ben the Gringo.
El Pirata's supposed friends and important people distanced themselves from him after his death.
El Pirata did not extend his hand to the only person who cared about him, his grandmother.
00:00In most cases when you insult
00:02someone on the internet nothing is going to happen to you
00:04but you better be careful
00:06who you mess with especially if it is one
00:08of the most feared men on the entire
00:11continent and this is what ended
00:13the grave of the pirate of Culiacán, a
00:1617-year-old boy who lived life very fast,
00:19causing the parties,
00:21excesses of substances and conflict
00:24to take control of his life in a short time. Making
00:26the boy have no brakes until he
00:28crossed the line one of the
00:31most dangerous groups in all of America decided to
00:34turn off the lights. This is the
00:37case of the pirate from Culiacán, an
00:38influencer who believes himself to be the most macho
00:41of all here for insulting behind
00:42the screen without being aware that this
00:45would cause one of the
00:47most shocking episodes on the internet so without
00:50further ado let's start the Mexican Juan
00:53Luis Lagunas was born in the early
00:552000's in a family with very low
00:58resources and about which he would know
01:00absolutely nothing because his father
01:02abandoned him before he was born and his mother
01:05would also abandon him when he was just
01:07a little boy of 5 years old with his
01:10younger sister. And it was his paternal grandmother
01:13María Rosales Torres who went to
01:15pick them up so she could raise them in Villa
01:17Juárez, this lady would be the one who would care for
01:20and take care of both children
01:21working. very hard to get them
01:23ahead so he would start selling
01:26food in the streets and working in the
01:28fields to be able to have
01:30enough money and thus give a better life to
01:33his grandchildren. In this way the years
01:36passed and Juan Luis would become a
01:38teenage boy. who worked on
01:40the streets with his grandmother until
01:42one day, seeing that he did not want to take
01:44the slow path and wanted the money
01:46there, he decided to leave school,
01:49barely finishing the first year of secondary school,
01:52this is because of bad friendships
01:54Juan Luis He would be involved in robberies And
01:56soon the drugs took over
01:59him due to these addictions Juan was
02:01taken to a juvenile rehabilitation center
02:03everyone had a lot of faith that he
02:06would be able to straighten out if he received the
02:08necessary help Since he was still a
02:11child so his grandmother agreed
02:13Even if it was against his
02:15will Juan Luis repeatedly
02:17asked his grandmother to take him out
02:19of rehab until
02:21she finally agreed after 2
02:23and a half years that he was hospitalized
02:26however when Juan Luis came out of
02:28rehabilitation with the fear that they
02:30would deprive him of his freedom again, he made the
02:32decision to flee and go to Culiacán where he
02:34would start working in everything and
02:36when there is no bread on the table, choosing
02:39what job to work in is a luxury. So
02:41the boy began He worked as a windshield wiper, a
02:43mechanic, a car wash, he helped
02:47a lady who sold street food,
02:49he loaded chairs for events and any
02:52help that was offered to him. Juan
02:54accepted it and due to his great charisma, he
02:56always got the odd job
02:59out there, however, the young man from 15 years old, he was
03:01not going to settle for having
03:03enough to survive, he wanted
03:06to live large just like those men he
03:08saw in big trucks giving themselves
03:10all the luxuries in the world with
03:12beautiful women, and since we are
03:15in Culiacán Sinaloa, of course he
03:17should. to know what the job was of these
03:19men that Juan admired at this
03:22time Juan, who had dropped out of
03:24school, began to investigate how he
03:26could get into the drug business
03:29but he was just a pissed-off kid so
03:31no one took him seriously but On this
03:33path he made new friends who
03:36began to invite him to different
03:37parties to enjoy the corridos,
03:40regional Mexican music and
03:43get drunk until he
03:45literally passed out. This is how in 2015,
03:49in one of those moments of
03:51extreme drunkenness, Juan Luis would be recorded by one
03:54of his friends who would later upload the video
03:57to his account showing the
03:59young man drinking directly from a
04:01bottle and the funny thing about this video was
04:05that Juan Se looked quite sane at
04:08first and then the video cuts and you
04:11see this staggering from how drunk he
04:14was and well you better watch the video
04:17on your own he is asking for the 20 bill
04:20for a 100 one turn one
04:24turn but he
04:28lost it he
04:32lost it
04:51soon after this video became
04:55very popular on the networks well Many
04:57found Vera funny, a
04:59completely drunk boy hurting himself.
05:02Adding to all that, it was also the
05:04time of the heyday of the viral videos
05:06that were around for months, not like now
05:09when everything goes out of fashion during the week, and this would
05:12also be helped by the appearance of
05:14Juan Luis Lagunas who It was that of the typical
05:17humble young man of short stature,
05:19chubby and you don't know how old he is since he
05:22could be between 12 and 37 years old and you
05:27know, well, I'm not going to go into why
05:29this becomes so viral on the networks because it
05:31could work for me but I just want to Let it be
05:33clear to you that if you are ugly, it is
05:36likely that if you make a fool of yourself on the
05:38internet you will go viral since people
05:40tend to laugh and adopt it as a meme.
05:43But believe me, that is a fame that
05:47you would never want to have. In this case, we
05:49could talk about ethics, yes, it
05:54is really okay for someone who is supposedly your friend to upload a video of you
05:55making a fool of yourself, but beyond
05:57this, having bothered Juan made him happy
06:00because the young man had been rejected even
06:02by his own parents, society
06:05looked askance at him and now Hundreds of
06:07people had a good time. Thanks to
06:10him, something that made him feel accepted. In
06:13this way, the boy began to
06:14function more on camera when his
06:17friends recorded him. His attitude attracted
06:19a lot of attention because despite his
06:21practically harmless appearance, he
06:24spoke with a certain arrogance as if he
06:27were the mere grouper but in reality he
06:30was nobody and always ended up
06:31devastated because of the alcohol in this
06:34way he caused a certain shock in the
06:36audience and attracted new followers
06:38making several of his videos
06:40go viral along with his famous phrase
06:43like this He only saw this opportunity
06:46and the need to make a name for himself
06:48in social networks. Juan would become
06:51known under the nickname of the pirate from
06:53Culiacán since previously they called him
06:56The Pirate because he was someone very
06:58crazy who consumed a lot of alcohol and
07:01He also lived in Culiacán so that's
07:04where the name comes from and don't expect
07:06a very deep meaning for this
07:09by uploading this type of content that
07:11many criticized as being productive
07:14for society Juan achieved a certain
07:16fame and presence on networks, managing to
07:19reach close to 800,000 followers
07:22on Facebook 37,000 on Twitter and
07:25323,000 on Instagram The pirate was
07:28already an internet star in Mexico
07:31and little by little more people from different
07:33parts of the world came across his
07:36content in which now not only was
07:38he seen doing the ridiculous but
07:41showing himself as a young aspiring to
07:43that image that he had always admired of
07:45going with weapons, luxury cars, women and
07:49large amounts of money. The pirate
07:51who was now quite an influencer
07:53wore a buchon style that for those
07:56who are not from Mexico this is like He
07:58boasted that he had
08:01such an ostentatious lifestyle and so he was seen
08:03posing with celebrities of the moment,
08:06models, footballers, musicians and among
08:09other influencers who accompanied him in
08:12his classic acts of
08:14self-destructive drunkenness. And he could be
08:17criticized by haters for lead a
08:19life full of pure excesses but many
08:21wanted to have the pirate from Culiacán at their parties
08:24so much so that they began to
08:26offer him money so that the man would
08:28get drunk and in front of them an activity
08:31that was punishable in many countries due
08:33to Juan's young age but here In
08:35Mexico, let's say that this was not something that
08:38kept the authorities up at night.
08:41Juan wanted to capitalize on his new life to the
08:43fullest. After trying this life, he
08:46didn't want to go back to the way he was before, and let's
08:49not fool ourselves. The young man. It's not
08:51that he was millionaire, what he boasted on the
08:53networks was mostly a screen and things
08:56borrowed from the millionaires who were
08:58in the places he went. But now he
09:01was in a better place than
09:03a couple of years ago and the boy could
09:05have done better if he had not been a
09:07slave to his impulses, the problem with
09:10living as a jester for the masses is
09:13that you cannot do the same graces
09:15over and over again and have the same
09:18impact, so to stay
09:20relevant The pirate would become a
09:23new type of content that They would be the
09:25videos in which he was shown with
09:27violent behavior,
09:30rude attitudes or controversial fights with
09:32different people until he even got
09:35into trouble with the police and he
09:37will be arrested on more than one occasion
09:40until it is said that he was the one who
09:42lit The Spark so that
09:44A big fight broke out in Torreón when he was
09:47invited to host a concert
09:49which got so out of control that it ended with
09:51the death of one person and several
09:54injuries, even though many
09:56referred to the pirate as a YouTuber.
09:58Tena did not have any official channel on
10:00YouTube, much less a
10:02verified account. This confusion came because
10:05there were several videos of him on the platform,
10:08but these were from anyone who
10:10recorded him or summarized his videos. Even his
10:13collaborations with other YouTubers
10:15made it seem like he enjoyed the same
10:18status. But the reality was that he always
10:21They used him to gain more fame and
10:23impact on the platform since he was
10:26the boy of the moment And many did not
10:29even hide this since on
10:31many occasions in the peda when they saw
10:33the pirate babbling nonsense What
10:36they did was give him even more alcohol to
10:38see What was his reaction going to be? They even
10:41offered him other
10:43stronger substances and everything. To laugh at him and
10:46not with him, he was like the typical greasy guy in
10:49the class that everyone wanted around to
10:51have a laugh with but no one
10:53cared what was happening to him. At the
10:56end of the day Look at the old man
10:59and he's going to take it he's going to take it or
11:02what will
11:05the old man do so they can see that it's
11:07true my friend Look what I eat I eat or
11:14what Like this you haven't left me like this I haven't
11:18left with All this fame and popularity
11:21that he gained every time due to the people he was
11:23now hanging out with. Juan
11:25got a contract with an agency
11:27called Crash. It
11:29is said that at that time he began
11:31to earn 15,000 to 50,000
11:34Mexican pesos for just attending events.
11:36to encourage them or perform with
11:38different singers who asked him to
11:40appear in their music videos. So
11:43now it could be said that that
11:45boy who was looking for a life on the
11:48street with the few coins they gave him
11:50had managed to make his way with
11:53all this fame and money that he was
11:55earning Of course there was hatred
11:57towards the pirate, many said that he
11:59was another jester of the narcoculture. In addition
12:02to the fact that at his young age his
12:04activities were very harmful, it was better to
12:07look for another job or with the
12:09money he had He actually started
12:10studying but no one other than
12:12Juan himself knew the value of the opportunities
12:15he had now and for nothing in the world was he going
12:18to stop for this. Then the
12:20pirate from Culiacán began to have tours
12:22with other artists and even gave
12:25interviews as the one he had with Pepe
12:27Garza where they talked about his
12:29life as an internet celebrity and if you
12:31listen to him it is difficult to
12:34understand him. The young man seemed to not
12:36articulate very well, some say it is
12:39because of the substances that were
12:41affecting him and others say They blamed
12:43the little education he received,
12:45however, what caught the most attention in
12:48this interview would be that Pepe not only
12:50once but repeatedly stressed to
12:53Juan the dangers of the life he was
12:56leading on a daily basis. This was
12:59so that Juan himself and people close to
13:01him after the interview stated
13:04that they did not really like this side of Pepe,
13:06claiming that the man was very
13:08scolding for something that was not his
13:11concern, however, after
13:13the news of the end of the pirate
13:16months became public Then everyone would begin to
13:18make more sense of
13:21this man's words s s Because when one eh
13:26represents fame when one represents
13:30money well a lot of people are there
13:33but when
13:35not the people no the people send him to
13:37[ __ ] his mother then Well, you have to
13:39know if Who are the people who
13:40are really with you in good times and
13:42in bad? It's also important.
13:46I'm not your dad, but well, I play
13:49with my nose. I'm 20 years old and I don't play. I'm
13:5122 years old and I don't. rat
13:54eh And then when I see that someone
13:57clues a lot I say eh waters
14:01because in this life something can happen
14:06This and well I don't know I hope this one
14:11continues to go well that you don't get into farts
14:13because you have had every time that the
14:16Pata cacán the police pata cacán I don't know
14:19what's going on This one, yes, sometimes I also
14:23sometimes make videos, so because to
14:26grab people, it cures Well, of course. Even though
14:29Juan at certain moments
14:30showed that he wanted to have a
14:32more dignified lifestyle, you don't need to be a
14:35fortune teller. to realize that leaving the
14:37excesses was going to be complicated since that
14:40was well rooted in his identity, in
14:43this way he continued with his activities
14:46to stay relevant and at the end
14:48of 2017 he began to take the terrible
14:52trick of speaking badly about
14:55other people while drunk first. He spoke badly about
14:57other influencers or people who were not so
15:00relevant but then he started to blame
15:03the macho man, speaking badly about
15:05powerful people who were feared throughout Mexico.
15:08However, since the pirate had managed to
15:10get his way on several occasions, he
15:13thought that this time it was going to be the same,
15:17Dad. I can also bring what so el
15:21mecho a m me
15:25p El mencho is one of the most
15:27wanted men in Mexico and the United States for
15:30being the leader of the Jalisco New
15:33Generation Cartel, his group does not need
15:35much introduction and I will only limit myself to
15:37mention it so that this video is not
15:40deleted but what I want you to
15:42stay with is that a person like this who has
15:45so much power that even to this day
15:47has not been captured Even though the
15:49United States government is
15:51giving a reward of 10 million dollars
15:54for his capture suggests that this
15:56man can do whatever he wants and
15:58within that is that with just the
16:01snap of his fingers he can turn off the
16:04lights on anyone. Since
16:06November 9, 2017, he began filming the
16:09video already shown of the pirate from Culiacán
16:12on the networks Well, it turns out that his
16:14supposed friend, the person who recorded it
16:17to earn some numbers on the networks, released
16:20the video as if nothing had happened and those who were more
16:22attentive said that this message was a
16:25death sentence for the pirate from
16:27Culiacán The reasons Why the
16:30boy recorded himself saying that is
16:32unknown, as I said before, he was
16:35nobody and I don't think he had
16:37direct contact with the man, yet
16:40possibly no one gave him a warning about
16:43what awaited him as
16:45the days went by and the pirate He continued
16:48uploading content to networks, more users
16:50believed that the incident in the video was going
16:53to remain in the video and while Juan
16:56was now in Guadalajara
16:58recording content with other influencers
17:01until finally, without knowing it, being
17:04with the youtuber Hot Spanish, he got together
17:07to record the last video we have
17:09of him. In this video you can see the
17:12pirate with the same attitude as always,
17:14posing as the grouper. And
17:17what stuck out to many in this
17:19video was the part in which he
17:21makes him this to his then girlfriend he is
17:27talking to
17:29or what are you talking about now p Pásame el
17:35vato what happens to you
17:46happens it was not left for the mor that happens not that
17:50once in that afternoon all
17:54the content was already recorded who wanted Hot spanish
17:56along with the youtuber see the gringo and
17:58some girls asked for an Uber to go to the
18:01bar mentioned sung in zapopán some
18:05say they went in different ubers
18:07others that they went in the same one the thing is
18:09that these They had a plan to spend that
18:12as a night of madness And that's it, but
18:16what no one counted on was that as soon as I
18:18arrived at the bar with Juan near the
18:21entrance of the establishment, some
18:23movements were heard that made several people
18:25turn around to see what was happening and
18:28then some armed men began to attack.
18:31open fire, everyone present fell
18:34to the ground waiting for this to be over and
18:37once the shots stopped ringing
18:39all eyes went to the same
18:41person Juan Luis Lagunas Well, it turns out
18:44that the 17-year-old boy had undoubtedly
18:47been the target of this attack Since
18:50he received 15 bullet wounds, an event that
18:54ended his life, however, he
18:57had not been the only victim. The
18:59owner of the bar, who some say came out
19:01to see what was happening,
19:04was also hit by the gunshots,
19:06causing the man to lose his life. life
19:09while he was being treated by the
19:11paramedics, all the
19:14Mexican and several international news media
19:16began to spread the news of the
19:18death of the Culiacán pirate. And given the
19:21lack of response from the authorities to
19:23seek to resolve this, theories began to be
19:26created around This terrible
19:29event, although then the prosecutor in the
19:32case declared that anyone could have
19:35killed Juan Luis Lagunas,
19:37common sense and even the few investigations
19:40that have been carried out point to the
19:42Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel. None of this
19:45is confirmed because evidently the
19:47authorities have not involved a lot of hand in
19:49the case but what seemed
19:52curious to several is that one of the leaders
19:54called El rr went from being head of the
19:58local Plaza to the current leader of the elite group
20:01of the Cartel just after the death
20:04of the pirate from Culiacán so To
20:06some this seems suspicious,
20:09however it is difficult to believe that someone
20:11like this gains so much power for just ordering that they
20:14kill a Man who recorded himself drunk
20:17on the Internet and other
20:19things happened that have not yet come to
20:21light and that probably they never come out
20:24But well I found it interesting
20:26to investigate the little that is known
20:28about the double r who also has an
20:31unofficial run in which he is
20:33mentioned made by featherweight and Luis R
20:36with richness called 2r this does not contribute
20:39anything to the case but The little story is good.
20:42Another thing that caught the attention of many people
20:44about the pirate case and that
20:46continues to pursue it to this day is
20:48the possible role of youtubers in the
20:51case since this draws a lot of attention
20:53as Wow linked youtuber with
20:56people from organized crime and such and
20:58above all people point out Hot spanish that
21:01he gave the whistle that the
21:04pirate was going to be there or that he also
21:06knows more than what his interviews say,
21:08mind you, I'm not defending him but
21:11I'm not defending him either. On the side of the people who
21:14put it here as if he is linked to
21:16this group, the truth is not that it
21:19cannot be confirmed but there is something strange here
21:22and that is that the versions of him and Ben
21:25the Gringo about What Happened differ in
21:28many ways. points to Hot Spanish in his
21:31video he didn't even mention that a bullet
21:33grazed him and the curious thing about this is that on
21:36social networks we are all friends but after what
21:39happened everyone referred to Juan
21:41as a complete stranger who
21:44had only seen him twice giving saying as it were that
21:48this had been like a
21:49transactional meeting, something that was not without
21:52fault at all since even the
21:54youtubers were very scared and
21:56surprised by what had happened but
21:58it shows what the current world is like and what
22:01Juan had around him, supposed
22:04friends, important people at his side, but
22:06when it was no longer convenient for anyone to be
22:09involved with him, now he was a
22:11complete stranger, but be careful, this was
22:14notified to the same pirate, even his own
22:17grandmother later in an interview
22:19stated that she didn't know anything else. of
22:21Juan since she ran away from home and that
22:23on a few occasions he went to see her
22:26doing a show in this two brief
22:28encounters that he was going to help him and
22:30give him a house but even at his
22:33highest moment The pirate did not extend his hand to
22:36the only person who really
22:38cared about him and another issue that came out of all
22:41this is Where is the famous fortune
22:45that Juan Luis left because many people
22:47talk about that and his grandmother and many people
22:49wonder where is the supposed
22:52money that his grandson left in life But
22:55this is a topic on which I do not want to
22:57waste time since first
22:59surely everything the pirate had
23:01was to prove that he had money and
23:04when you do that, well, you don't have money
23:06in the bank and yes, well, if you put all
23:09his belongings together, maybe There is some
23:12money there but nothing that will change
23:14anyone's life and another issue is that
23:17Juan's grandmother and sister complain about
23:19not having seen any of that money but
23:22after the events they
23:25were called to claim the body and
23:27possessions but they feared that this
23:30was a trap so barely
23:32three days after the events they
23:34decided to claim the body and it is said
23:37that it took them much longer to want to
23:39claim the belongings and all this
23:42suggests that between the same police,
23:45Juan's agency and some other
23:48friend who was close to him at that
23:50time, the few things
23:53that he had left were distributed, even though
23:55many of his supposed friends
23:57made an appearance on the day of the
23:59Veil and Juan's funeral, of course, this not
24:02without first uploading the photo saying that they
24:05loved the pirate and that he was a
24:08spectacular guy, no one remembers the pirate
24:10for his human quality. If we talk about him,
24:13it is more about his lifestyle and everything
24:15that surrounds his tragic end. and well my
24:18carnal I hope you liked this
24:19video And if so I recommend this
24:22series of stories about boxers well
24:24but very crazy since that is what
24:26we do on this channel and having already said this, that's
24:29all it was.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who was El Pirata de Culiacán?

El Pirata de Culiacán was a 17-year-old boy who gained fame as an influencer through his partying and excessive lifestyle. He was known for his wild behavior and lavish parties, which attracted a large following on social media.

2. What led to the tragic end of El Pirata de Culiacán?

El Pirata de Culiacán met a violent end when he crossed paths with a dangerous cartel leader. His reckless lifestyle and involvement in illicit activities ultimately caught up with him, leading to a tragic and untimely death.

3. How did El Pirata de Culiacán's online popularity affect his life?

El Pirata de Culiacán's online popularity brought him fame and fortune, but it also subjected him to criticism and scrutiny. His destructive behavior and controversial lifestyle choices divided public opinion and raised questions about the authenticity of his relationships.

4. What questions arose following the death of El Pirata de Culiacán?

Following the death of El Pirata de Culiacán, questions arose about the whereabouts of his supposed fortune and the truth behind his relationships. Many were skeptical about the extent of his wealth and the sincerity of his connections, prompting speculation and controversy.

5. What impact did El Pirata de Culiacán's death have on his followers and the public?

The death of El Pirata de Culiacán sent shockwaves through his followers and the public, sparking discussions about the consequences of his lifestyle and the dangers of seeking fame through reckless actions. It served as a cautionary tale and prompted soul-searching about the allure of online popularity and its potential pitfalls.

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