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This video tutorial demonstrates how to eliminate random and unappealing townies in The Sims 4 by using a mod called MC Command Center to populate the game with saved Sims from the user's library instead. The video also provides tips on using the mod effectively and optimizing settings for NPC appearance and population.
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The video discusses how to make the NPCs or townies in The Sims 4 look more appealing by using the MC Command Center mod.
The process is a bit tedious but worth it.
The mod needed for this is called MC Command Center.
The mod can be downloaded from the website and installed by extracting the files into the mods folder.
The video discusses a mod that prevents random townies from appearing in The Sims 4.
The mod removes makeup and accessories from random Sims.
The mod can be accessed through MC Command Center on a computer.
The mod allows saved Sims from the library to populate the game instead of randomized townies.
The video explains how to customize the townies in The Sims 4 by deleting the existing households and populating the game with saved Sims from the gallery.
You can customize the percentage of babies and toddlers in the townies.
In the Manage Worlds section, click on Manage Households and delete the existing households.
Go to Create a Household and populate the game with saved Sims from the gallery.
Check the outfits of the saved Sims to ensure they appear the way you want in the game.
The speaker prefers aesthetically pleasing Sims in the game rather than random townies and shows how to populate the game with Sims from the gallery.
The speaker finds the randomized townies less cute and more crazy-looking.
Sims from the gallery can now populate the game when going into manage households.
The speaker notices Tyler the Creator in a household with a young Caucasian boy.
The speaker questions the design choices in a crusty apartment.
00:04hello and welcome back to my channel my
00:07name is Tay if you're new here don't
00:08forget to follow me on my other socials
00:10I go live on Tech talk and twitch every
00:12weekend and I post weekly on Tick Tock
00:14today I'm going to be sharing with you
00:15something that I get asked all the time
00:17which is how do I have my NPC or townies
00:20looking so cute in my game I'm not even
00:23gonna lie to you it is kind of a tedious
00:25process but I promise you're going to be
00:27so happy that you did this I'm at the
00:29point where whenever I see a randomized
00:31townie I'm just like ew and immediately
00:34they're deleted from my game because
00:35this is my new norm and I refuse to have
00:37those crusty roaches in my game okay so
00:41I have My Little Sim self Tay and she's
00:43gonna be my model for this video okay
00:46for this you will have to have a mod
00:47installed which is MC Command Center I
00:50am so sorry console players if you don't
00:52already have this mod installed I'll
00:54have it linked Below in the bio when you
00:56go to the website you just need to click
00:58on the MCC downloads button and then
01:00you'll see this big yellow button here
01:01that says MC Command Center when you
01:03click on that but it will just start
01:05downloading and I believe it's going to
01:07be in a zip folder when you go into your
01:09downloads you'll see the file here and
01:11it might be in a zip folder so you'll
01:13need to extract it if it is I always use
01:167-Zip as my extractor but I know there's
01:18others like winwar and things of that
01:20sort it's whatever you prefer really but
01:22then you can go into the file and you'll
01:24see all of these script files here
01:26you'll just need to drag these into your
01:28mods folder I have like a little
01:29shortcut there because who got time to
01:31always be going into your mods folder
01:34but it's the same as any old mod you'll
01:36just drag to your mods folder and that's
01:37it okay and then when you're in your
01:39game click options go to game options
01:41and just make sure that your script
01:44files are enabled it will be under other
01:46you want to make sure that script mods
01:48are allowed and also enable custom
01:50contents and mods and then you should be
01:53good for the sake of this video I am
01:55going to get a new game so I can show
01:57you from scratch how everything is done
01:59oof okay so I have Tay here this is Tay
02:02From Another Dimension because in this
02:03dimension and she does not have cats yay
02:06nobody to scratch up my furniture okay
02:08but she is we are in the ghetto right
02:10now because oh this is my old apartment
02:13and uh the ghetto the ghetto I was
02:18shocked honey I was in tears almost and
02:20it has a white refrigerator I was like
02:23oh not a white refrigerator girl please
02:26put your shoes on let's go find you a
02:28home honey okay so I let a few hours go
02:30by so some of the Sims can populate in
02:32the world and I can already see some
02:35randomized townies starting to pop in
02:38like this Sim I don't think she's Max
02:40has created they actually don't look too
02:42bad low-key
02:44um this is Jenna I think she's new
02:48these fellas I think they might have
02:50been Max's created that's Dawn I don't
02:53know who Brian is but I think Maxis
02:56created him oh I can tell this girl was
02:59randomly generated I can tell because
03:01she has some CC Hair on yeah she's
03:04randomly generated oh look at him sir
03:08where is your shirt where is your shirt
03:11the nerve of some people I said
03:14he coming here without his shirt on and
03:16he don't even he don't even got his
03:18Fitness skill up so annoying I do want
03:21to start by saying that my randomized
03:23Tony's look a lot better than they could
03:24have looked and that's because I have
03:26this mod by this Creator I'll have it
03:28linked Below in the description but this
03:31mod basically allows for you not to have
03:33any makeup or accessories on your random
03:35Sims and this works in Create a Sim and
03:38also on your randomly generated townies
03:40so definitely get this just in case you
03:42do ever have a random Tony populate your
03:45game this will help a ton okay so to fix
03:48this you're going to need a computer so
03:50I just threw one onto this crusty ass
03:52lot and then you're gonna hit the
03:54computer and then hit MC Command Center
03:56scroll down and then go to mcpopulation
04:00and then populating settings scroll
04:03again to tray import settings and then
04:07import Trace in percent and you're going
04:10to want to set this to 100 and basically
04:12what it does is it allows your sim that
04:15are saved in your library to populate
04:16your MPC Sims instead of randomized
04:18townies so I'm just going to hit OK
04:21and then next you want to make sure that
04:24you include their clothing make sure
04:26that's enabled so the Sims that are
04:27populating your game will have the same
04:29outfits that you chose I like to go to
04:31import bypass appearance
04:33and I like to enable that because I
04:36don't want my Sims to change their
04:37appearance in any way from the way that
04:39they were saved so I always enable that
04:41the rest of the settings I basically
04:42keep the same
04:44but you can also like be more specific
04:47about it like what percentage do you
04:48want to be babies what percentage do you
04:50want to be toddlers all of that you can
04:51be more specific but I feel like that's
04:54a little too complicated for me so I
04:56just keep it the way it is okay next
04:57you're gonna go to manage world all
05:00right when you get into manage worlds
05:02hit the manage households button and
05:04please don't hate me when I say you're
05:06going to want to delete all of these
05:07households because these people are
05:10currently populating your world and oh I
05:13can already see some aliens popped up in
05:15here okay so you can start having the
05:17townies that you saved to populate your
05:19game instead so I'm just gonna delete
05:21all of these
05:2924 hours later okay I'm finally done I'm
05:33not even gonna allow you my wrist hurts
05:35from doing another SIMS okay but now
05:38it's time for step two now we're gonna
05:40go into create a household
05:46and basically we need to create or grab
05:49some Sims from the gallery to populate
05:51our library I've been doing this for a
05:54while so I have a ton of Sims in my
05:55library already I recommend you have
05:58about 50 to 100 Sims saved because if
06:01you think about it there's a lot of Sims
06:03that populate your game the gallery is a
06:05great option for saving Sims I like to
06:08go to the most popular section and you
06:10can type in some keywords like type in
06:12queue or type in townie or type in
06:14different things and usually you can
06:17find some really cute Sims okay so I
06:19scrolled down and I saw this Sim her
06:22shoes were intriguing to me so I'm going
06:24to check it out let me Place her
06:29oh she's so cute oh my God
06:33the simosi okay
06:35um she's cute though I like it so what
06:38you would want to do is check out the
06:40outfits because if this Sim was saved
06:42with a pack that you don't own they're
06:44not going to be wearing that outfit so
06:46just check the outfits and make sure
06:47that this is the way you want the Sim to
06:49appear in your game you can even change
06:51the outfits if you want just depends on
06:54whatever your preference is I'm just
06:56gonna say she's perfect I love her just
06:58the way she is you can save her to your
07:00household and then she'll populate your
07:02library after that oh another thing if
07:04you go to the computer and you go to MC
07:06Command Center scroll down again
07:09mcpopulation populating settings and
07:12then import tray settings there's two
07:15options there's the limit import by tags
07:18and you can actually have the bypass
07:21tags or only include tags and basically
07:23what that means is you can put this
07:26hashtag in the description of your Sim
07:29in your library and then that will allow
07:31them to only populate your game or it
07:33will like bypass that SIM for example I
07:36have a SIM here on my library and I use
07:38the hashtag MCC underscore include and
07:42now MCC Command Center knows to include
07:44that Sim and you can change this at any
07:47time like you can just go in here and
07:49type whatever you want whenever you want
07:51and then you just click off of it and it
07:53saves it or later if I no longer want
07:56this Sim I could just type bypass
08:00and now he would be bypassed so
08:02depending on whichever tag you want to
08:04use if you want to have certain Sims
08:06bypass just turn on the bypass option or
08:09if you only want to include certain Sims
08:11turn on the includes option or if you
08:13just think that's too complicated and
08:14you want every Sim that's saved in your
08:16library to populate your game just set
08:18it to default and it will just be any
08:20saved Sims that's in your library will
08:22populate your game oh and also um you
08:24don't have to worry about duplicate Sims
08:26or anything like that because it knows
08:28not to import a Sim that has the same
08:31name as another Sim so unless you change
08:33the name of your sim you don't have to
08:35worry about seeing them twice in your
08:36game I will say that I am a dictator in
08:39my game I'm not even gonna lie I'm gonna
08:41admit it I don't care I don't want my
08:43Sims having babies y'all are not having
08:45babies unless I say so so I go to my
08:49computer I go to MC Command Center and
08:51then go down to MC pregnancy and then go
08:54to the neighborhood story settings and I
08:56make sure that I only use the
08:57neighborhood story settings make sure
08:59that's enabled and then when you're in
09:01manage households and you go to other
09:03households I go to the neighborhood
09:04story settings and you guys are not
09:06adopting a baby you can adopt a cat you
09:09are not having a child you can adopt a
09:12y'all are not doing it because I'm not
09:14dealing with any more randomized
09:15counties not after all that work I did
09:17no no thank you
09:19all right so I'm back in my game after
09:22I've changed all those settings and I
09:24have all the Sims saved in my library
09:25and I can already see that Kendall
09:27Jenner is now the paparazzi love that
09:30for us look at this cute Sim who is a
09:33little vendor look at him he is so cute
09:35oh my gosh my ex-boyfriend who peed his
09:37pants and has two holes on his booty
09:39cheeks in his shirt has populated my
09:43we have this little cutie as our little
09:46street performer love that
09:49now who is this crackhead
09:51samashuno does populate some crazies
09:54wearing little stupid outfits like this
09:56not even gonna lie and we have this
09:58cutie who is doing a protest on global
10:03warming love to see it we got a little
10:05Taurus here look she did not even
10:08hesitate to shave her legs today oh and
10:11I see another cutie here oh my gosh see
10:13I don't know I just think it's so much
10:15more fun to see like aesthetically
10:17pleasing Sims in your game instead of
10:18the randomized townies because I don't
10:20know they're just like they're just so
10:22much cuter like I don't know how else to
10:25put it and now when you go into manage
10:28households and you go to other
10:29households you're gonna see that people
10:30from your gallery are now populating
10:32your game they'll slowly start trickling
10:34in like here I don't know why but I can
10:36see that Tyler the Creator is in a
10:39household with this young Caucasian boy
10:41I don't know whose wife baby this is but
10:45it was goddamn white baby is that
10:48I don't know I'm not gonna question it
10:50but yeah all right so I brought Tay back
10:54to her little crusty ass apartment we
10:56are really we're in the slums right now
10:58and whoever created this apartment I
11:00have a few questions for you like for
11:03example why is this picture frame so low
11:06to the wall and also why is this coffee
11:09table so close I know the TV is small
11:11but damn you got to sit that close to
11:13watch I don't know also like
11:16I don't know this apartment is just
11:19crusty like why is this window up
11:21against the wall
11:23but this one isn't I I don't know but
11:26thank you so much for watching this
11:28video I hope you enjoyed it and I hope
11:30you're loving your game with no more
11:31randomized townies if you enjoyed this
11:33please give it a huge thumbs up like
11:35comment and subscribe I have to get Tay
11:38back to her luxury lifestyle because
11:39this is not cutting it okay I'll see you
11:42guys next time bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I eliminate random and unappealing townies in The Sims 4?

You can eliminate random and unappealing townies in The Sims 4 by using a mod called MC Command Center. This mod allows you to populate the game with saved Sims from your library instead of random townies, resulting in a more appealing and customized experience.

2. What is MC Command Center mod and how does it work in The Sims 4?

MC Command Center is a mod for The Sims 4 that provides a range of functions, including the ability to control and customize the population of Sims in the game. It works by allowing players to manage the appearance and behavior of NPCs, replacing random townies with saved Sims from their library.

3. What are the benefits of using MC Command Center mod in The Sims 4?

Using MC Command Center mod in The Sims 4 offers various benefits, such as eliminating random and unappealing townies, populating the game with saved Sims from your library, and providing a more personalized and immersive gaming experience. It also allows for better control over NPC appearance and population.

4. How can I optimize settings for NPC appearance and population in The Sims 4 using MC Command Center mod?

Optimizing settings for NPC appearance and population in The Sims 4 with MC Command Center mod involves adjusting the mod's configuration to suit your preferences. This includes specifying the ratio of randomly generated Sims, customizing age distribution, and fine-tuning other characteristics to create a more tailored gameplay experience.

5. What tips can you provide for using MC Command Center mod effectively in The Sims 4?

To use MC Command Center mod effectively in The Sims 4, it's essential to regularly save Sims to your library, maintain a diverse range of Sims, and periodically update the mod to access new features and improvements. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with the mod's various options and capabilities will help you optimize its functionality for an enhanced gaming experience.

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