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Elon Musk has revealed a $15,000 Tesla home that is affordable for sustainable living, featuring solar power and environmentally friendly materials. The tiny house movement and the desire for smaller, more affordable and eco-friendly homes have gained support, with Musk himself choosing to live in this tiny home. The Tesla tiny house includes a complete kitchen, bathroom, and living space, and is made of durable materials capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.
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Elon Musk has revealed a $15,000 Tesla home for sustainable living.
Elon Musk personally lives in a Tesla home that is even cheaper.
Tesla previously made electric cars available for purchase by the general public.
The tiny house movement supports small housing, with tiny homes ranging from 100 to 400 square feet.
Elon Musk is considering the creation of moderately priced homes as a breakthrough in the real estate and housing industries.
Elon Musk's $15,000 Tesla home promotes simple living and sustainability, with a focus on solar energy.
Elon Musk sold all seven of his California residences after publicly expressing a desire to simplify his living.
The $15,000 Tesla home features a solar-powered electric wall and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery system to reduce reliance on solar panels.
The house has the dimensions of six by two by four meters, weighs two tons, and includes a Tesla power wall and a two-kilowatt hours photovoltaic system with six panels.
The Tesla tiny house also houses a mobile workshop and configurator for electricity.
The Tesla home uses clean solar energy with power wall storage, has a specific app for energy management, and features environmentally friendly and durable materials.
Solar cells and power wall store clean energy for day and night use
Tesla app for managing energy flow and efficiency
Environmentally friendly wood cladding, steel foam, and concrete make the home durable
The home has a studio layout and is completely equipped
Elon Musk's boxable Casita in bokashika was delivered, and it's a new construction company specializing in simple-to-install residential units.
Boxable aims to industrialize building construction worldwide into a production line similar to any other object.
The tiny apartment in a package for one or two people is energy and environmentally friendly.
Elon Musk's 37 square meter Studio home was built to be boxed and costs fifteen thousand dollars.
Musk no longer owns lavish ships and mansions worth millions.
Elon Musk has publicly revealed his $15,000 Tesla home, which is a tiny boxable Casita that he is using as his principal house.
The Tesla home is made of laminated panels composed of steel and EPS foam, making it durable and long-lasting.
The house is energy-efficient with LED lighting and technology to promote resident comfort and conserve resources.
Musk sees the tiny house as a potential foundation for a home on Mars, as he desires to visit and settle there in the future.
00:00it finally happened Elon Musk has
00:02revealed an incredibly cheap home that
00:04is Affordable for sustainable living he
00:06had given Elon musk's status that
00:09appears conflicting with what one might
00:10expect from a tycoon you know what the
00:13man is a totally different person even
00:15musk personally lives in a Tesla home
00:17that is even cheaper by the end of this
00:20video you will know if this house is for
00:22you or not join me today in this video
00:24as we explore Elon musk's new fifteen
00:27thousand dollar Tesla house well elon's
00:30bag has never been empty in actuality
00:32before Tesla was successful in making
00:35electric cars available for purchase by
00:37the general public they supplied 3 100
00:39roadsters for an approximate price of
00:42one hundred nine thousand dollars he
00:45started a production line at his firm in
00:47San Francisco to build a new model of
00:49car but before we start first clear your
00:51mind with the tiny house movement there
00:53is presently a 100 000 unit shortlisted
00:56for the residences because of their
00:58popularity the tiny house movement
01:00supports modest small housing small
01:02houses often range in size from 100 to
01:05400 square feet the majority of tiny
01:07homes are constructed on trucks so they
01:09can be relocated easily they can be
01:11utilized as vacation homes or vacation
01:13rentals as a guest house in addition to
01:15their common use as permanent residences
01:17Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla is currently
01:20considering the possibility of
01:21postponing his work on developing
01:23electric automobiles by focusing on a
01:26recent favorite project one such
01:28initiative that might turn out to be the
01:30future breakthrough in the real estate
01:32and housing Industries is the creation
01:34of moderately priced homes it is just
01:37wow how a human brain could think so big
01:40we are all surprised now that a Tesla is
01:42traveling across Australia in a tiny
01:44apartment that is entirely run by
01:46Renewable Power here are some things to
01:48consider if you're thinking about buying
01:50a Tesla tiny house there are some
01:52aspects you should be aware of if you're
01:54interested in a little Casita first off
01:57there is a 100 000 unit list for the
01:59dwellings at the moment second just a
02:01few markets can purchase the residences
02:03I know what you're thinking why are
02:05people interested in these tiny houses
02:07well here's the answer people are
02:09attracted to living in tiny homes for a
02:11variety of reasons some people wish to
02:14live smaller simpler Lifestyles others
02:16are drawn to tiny homes because of their
02:18affordable ownership costs and
02:19environmental friendliness and some
02:21individuals simply find them to be quite
02:23cute and adorable moreover who doesn't
02:25want to live in such a safe and
02:27eco-friendly house the tiny house
02:29movement has received a lot of support
02:31for Elon musk's buying of a boxable tiny
02:34house that person chose to live simply
02:36in a modest place even though they were
02:38highly affluent and could purchase
02:40whatever type of home they want others
02:42may be encouraged to think about doing
02:44the same by this let's jump to the
02:46history of this tiny house of fifteen
02:48thousand dollars in March and April 2014
02:51Tesla reported spending 2.6 billion
02:53dollars to Solar City after that it
02:56unveiled its brand new solar-powered
02:58product the electric wall leaving the
03:00businessmen to wonder where he plans to
03:02use all these solar panels musk created
03:05a fifty thousand dollar Lone Star in
03:07Boca Chica Texas so it's not the rich or
03:10lavish residents you might imagine from
03:12a billionaire on Twitter the state
03:14acknowledged its unexpected action
03:16business insiders claim that after the
03:19Tesla CEO announced publicly that he
03:21wanted to simplify his living he sold
03:23all seven of his California residences
03:25in June 2020 and November 2021 netting
03:29roughly 128 million dollars the report
03:32states that a profit of around 250
03:34million dollars was made their epic fall
03:36spending spree came to an end when they
03:38sold their sixteen thousand dollar
03:40square foot property in Hillsboro
03:42California with seven rooms and
03:44bathrooms as well as a grand ballroom
03:46and flexible Library shelves for 30
03:48million dollars a classy cocktail bar
03:50was present you all are thinking what
03:53the cost of such a simple electronic and
03:55unique foldable box would be right Tesla
03:59a well-known company appears to have
04:01some thoughts on affordable housing it
04:03doesn't sound natural yes a sustainable
04:05home for fifteen thousand dollars
04:06considering how expensive their other
04:08product offerings are the company states
04:10that the house has the weight of two
04:12tons with six by two by four meters in
04:16Dimensions its solar memory is one Tesla
04:19power wall and solar energy for two
04:21kilowatt hours photovoltaic system for
04:23six panels so how is this mobile house
04:26working the battery system a
04:28rechargeable lithium ion battery
04:30intended to self-consume solar energy
04:32and lessen Reliance on solar panels is
04:34the key component of this Tesla tiny
04:36house a Tesla mobile workshop and
04:39configurator are housed inside the small
04:41home future Tesla tiny house owners will
04:43receive training from it on how to build
04:45a solar storage system for energy for
04:47their houses the tiny solar power plant
04:50that powers Tesla house provides all of
04:52its electricity that is pretty
04:54astonishing the house also has a
04:57configurator that enables you to
04:58determine how the apartment can reduce
05:00clean solar energy using solar cells the
05:03power wall stores the energy so that it
05:05can be utilized all day and night a
05:07specific Tesla app can be used to manage
05:09energy flow and efficiency not only this
05:12with no electrical cables or hot holes
05:14the power wall is perfect for kids and
05:17pets up to 10 units can be set next to
05:19one another on the floor and the network
05:21can be wall mounted the energy system is
05:23waterproof no matter where it is mounted
05:25almost silent operation much quieter and
05:28softer than generators stop wondering
05:31about what would be inside this tiny
05:32house here is something you are all
05:34eager to hear Tesla tiny house has
05:36environmentally friendly wood cladding a
05:39complete kitchen including cabinets a
05:40refrigerator a washer and a microwave
05:42yes there is a window over the sink a
05:45bathroom with a large counter folding
05:47glass barn door and deep bathtub 375
05:51square feet of living space with over
05:52nine feet of ceilings large doors and
05:54windows a boxable includes heating and
05:57air conditioning as well isn't this just
05:59incredible actually the structure is
06:01made to be extremely durable and never
06:03break down steel foam and concrete are
06:06essential components and they are all
06:09tough materials it can withstand
06:11hurricane force winds there is no
06:13drywall or wood thus there is no water
06:15damage or mold the boxable is made of
06:18non-flammable materials yet nothing is
06:20completely fireproof homes that can be
06:23folded into shipping containers
06:24constructed in factories are basically
06:26boxable homes therefore it's not too
06:28difficult to determine what's in inside
06:30the strange house made of steel foam and
06:32concrete years of development were
06:34required before they could decide which
06:36materials wouldn't damage the walls due
06:38to the laminated sheet construction of
06:40the floors and roof they may be moved on
06:43public roads yes the Tesla houses are
06:46also boxable homes shipping and
06:48packaging are included in the cost other
06:50features must be paid for separately
06:52drainage electricity and air
06:53conditioning are already installed and
06:55connected to the house this little house
06:58only has one story by fusing more
07:00modules with the living area you can add
07:02more the home has a studio layout and is
07:05completely equipped a home has a small
07:07carbon footprint which is measured in
07:09carbon dioxide equivalent and represents
07:11all greenhouse gas or ghg emissions from
07:14an individual event organization service
07:16or product you can place your house
07:18wherever you like in this fashion the
07:21CEO of boxable is Paolo tiramani the
07:24business announced in a YouTube video
07:26that it has just built a casita home in
07:28bokashika for a well-known and top
07:30secret client in November 2021 although
07:33no one was mentioned in the film
07:34bokashika was a rather peaceful and
07:37quiet location prior to Elon Musk and
07:39SpaceX establishing a presence there so
07:42it didn't take long for anyone to
07:44realize that Elon musk's boxable Casita
07:46in bokashika had been delivered the
07:48founder of boxable Galliano tiramani
07:51claims that there are a variety of
07:54reasons why house billing has not yet
07:56operated in production thus we have
07:58investigated and fixed all the issues he
08:01also thinks that the difficulties with
08:03shipping Logistics are shared by other
08:04producers of prefat homes the goal is
08:07that this will be directed at additional
08:09housing units which are rising in
08:11popularity in California boxable made
08:14the decision to create the company in
08:162017. as a result of this spark it
08:18aspires to industrialize building
08:20construction around the world into a
08:22production line similar to any other
08:24object you can produce a house would be
08:26built brought to your site and set up
08:28within an hour while some activities
08:30during unboxing require heavy apparatus
08:33most of the unboxing could be done by
08:35humans when the outside wall is opened
08:37the other side walls can be seen and the
08:40outer wall transforms into the floor the
08:42entire building is covered once the roof
08:44is opened a tiny apartment in a package
08:46for one or two people it has been
08:49engineered to be both energy and
08:51environmentally friendly irregular
08:53energy bills will be as low as possible
08:55thanks to the use of the low energy
08:56Innovation to guarantee that the
08:58dwellings boxable constructed were made
09:00of elements that would not Decay the
09:03company spent years prototyping the fact
09:05that even Elon Musk was to live there
09:07shows how great the home architecture is
09:10musk is currently residing in a 37
09:13square meter Studio his home was built
09:15to be boxed it is a new construction
09:17company that specializes in residential
09:19units that are simple to install a
09:22mobile home costs fifteen thousand
09:23dollars to purchase the cost of
09:25landscaping permits and other utility
09:27connections are not included in this sum
09:29musk has the the resources to finish the
09:31specifics of his plans and advanced
09:33modular housing musk no longer owns
09:35lavish ships and mansions worth millions
09:37of dollars in contrast to the majority
09:40of the world's billionaires he has
09:41wanted to live this way for a long time
09:43it appears that musk has no regrets
09:45about his choice when asked about a
09:47small house in Texas he posted his
09:49response we are all aware that musk's
09:52decision to Halt Bitcoin transactions
09:54for Tesla vehicles is motivated by his
09:56concern for the environment since he
09:58considers sustainability as one of
10:00Tesla's guiding principles his desire to
10:02reside in a little home is
10:04understandable Casita Galliano tiramani
10:07the startup company's chief of Business
10:09Development and their primary product
10:11home are based outside of Los Angeles
10:13alternatives to boxable claim to have
10:16invested years in development and
10:18research the Tesla CEO is happy that he
10:21found a way to quickly construct high
10:23quality inexpensive housing in fact the
10:26firm already has two of these residences
10:28close to the Starbase region despite its
10:31diminutive size and low cost Tesla
10:33headquarters is not inexpensive in terms
10:35of quality the sidewalls floors and
10:37roofs of the units are functionally
10:39laminated with panels composed of Steel
10:41and EPS foam which will not distort and
10:43last a lifetime boxable Tesla houses
10:46assert that their modest residence is
10:48incredibly energy efficient the
10:50implementation of LED lighting and
10:52Technology promotes resident Comfort
10:53while conserving resources these houses
10:56are robust snow resistant and 90 percent
10:58of North America and retrofittable to
11:01suit the other 10 percent compared to
11:03traditional homes tiny houses typically
11:05consume less energy and have smaller
11:07Footprints which is better for the
11:08environment according to the
11:10manufacturer they are far more durable
11:12than the typical building composed of
11:14magnesium oxide wall board these
11:16environmentally friendly materials for
11:17mold and mildew resistance as well as
11:20fire resistance are made to withstand
11:22extreme weather conditions like
11:23hurricanes at first it is already known
11:26that musk desires to visit and settle
11:28Mars as per Inc magazine he is trying
11:31out the boxable tiny house as the
11:33foundation for a home on Mars even the
11:35barren environment surrounding the
11:37SpaceX facility has a mars-like quality
11:39to it second you might believe that musk
11:42is simply upgrading minimalism however
11:44that way of existence is essential for
11:46surviving on another world I suppose
11:48things kind of drag you down he added
11:51actually Elon musk's drastic downsizing
11:53into a tiny residence isn't just a
11:56curiosity he's trying out his dream
11:58existence although musk exposed one that
12:01didn't even lament the small box house
12:03which is now functioning as the Tesla
12:05CEO's principal house it is excellent to
12:07have a tiny boxable Casita on such a
12:09land they have departed from this
12:11modular Mega Mansion what do you think
12:14about musk's new fifteen thousand dollar
12:15home would you like to live in it as
12:18well let us know in the comments below
12:19anyways guys if you want to see more
12:22interesting videos click the video right
12:24above thank you for watching don't
12:26forget to subscribe with all
12:27notifications enabled so you don't miss
12:29out on the latest Elon Musk news
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the Tesla home revealed by Elon Musk?

Elon Musk has revealed a $15,000 Tesla home that is affordable for sustainable living, featuring solar power and environmentally friendly materials. The tiny house movement and the desire for smaller, more affordable and eco-friendly homes have gained support, with Musk himself choosing to live in this tiny home.

2. What are the features of the Tesla tiny house?

The Tesla tiny house includes a complete kitchen, bathroom, and living space, and is made of durable materials capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.

3. Why has the tiny house movement gained support?

The tiny house movement has gained support due to the desire for smaller, more affordable, and eco-friendly homes. Elon Musk's choice to live in a tiny home has also contributed to the movement's popularity.

4. How is the Tesla home contributing to sustainable living?

The Tesla home is contributing to sustainable living by featuring solar power and environmentally friendly materials, making it affordable for sustainable living. It aligns with the growing interest in eco-friendly housing solutions.

5. What are the benefits of living in a tiny home like the Tesla tiny house?

Living in a tiny home like the Tesla tiny house offers benefits such as affordability, eco-friendliness, and the ability to live sustainably. It also provides a complete living space with a kitchen, bathroom, and durable materials.

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