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Elon Musk's $700 million Tesla yacht, designed by Dhruv Pasad, is a conceptual work of marine engineering, featuring a sleek and modern design with solar-powered, electric machinery and luxurious interiors. While the yacht's specifications and price tag may change in the future, Elon Musk has not disowned the concept, leaving open the possibility of a Tesla yacht hitting the market.
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The Tesla yacht, currently in its conceptual phase, is a $700 million hydropowered and solar charge vessel with a sleek design inspired by a giant squid.
Elon Musk's tweet in 2016 hinted at the possibility of a floating Model S.
The Tesla yacht is a combination of art and science, showcasing the precision and innovation of the Tesla company.
The yacht is still in its conceptual phase, designed by Dhruv Pasad, a former member of the Tesla design team.
The design of the yacht is inspired by the shape of a giant squid, making it both quirky and stunning.
The Tesla super yacht is shorter than most yachts despite its high price tag of $700 million.
The Tesla super yacht measures 131 feet or 40 meters in length, which is considered short for a yacht.
It only has two decks and four lounges, which is significantly less than other yachts in its price range.
Despite being shorter and having fewer decks, the Tesla super yacht still ranks above a $600 million yacht in terms of cost.
The $700 million SuperYacht by Elon Musk will have luxurious features including a bar, lounge area, Jacuzzi, bedrooms, swimming pool, and fully furnished spa.
The yacht will have a massive open space for parties and events.
It will be equipped with a large TV screen and a massive solar panel for power.
The lower deck will have a living area with hidden seats and a fully furnished spa.
Tesla's sustainable electric power systems will make the yacht safe for the waters and prevent hydrolocking.
The concept of an electric yacht is not far-fetched, with companies like Tesla and individuals like Dr. Charles working on electric vessels.
Japanese company Knee-deck installed an electric power system in a yacht in 2021.
Dr. Charles, a lead engineer at Tesla, has also converted his personal yacht into an electric vessel.
The price tag for Elon Musk's Tesla yacht is $700 million, making it one of the most expensive yachts in the world.
There is a chance that the specifications and price of the yacht might change in the future.
00:00in 2016 Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted this
00:04tweet implying that the model S could
00:06temporarily float like a boat it was a
00:08bold claim to make and some people were
00:10genuinely impressed but others well they
00:13were skeptical until this happened soon
00:15we might no longer have to settle for a
00:17floating Model S very soon we might have
00:20a yacht a 700 million dollar
00:22hydropowered and solar charge Tesla
00:24yacht that is as epic as you'd expect
00:26any Tesla product to be before we set
00:28sail there are two things that you must
00:30know first the Tesla yacht is a
00:32breathtaking work of a marine
00:34engineering Marvel it's like Art and
00:36Science had a Seaborn baby and frankly I
00:39am not surprised the Tesla company has
00:41shown that they not only innovate in
00:43their approach to Machinery they are
00:44also precise when it comes to their
00:46style we'll talk about it more in a
00:48second but we need to address the second
00:49point you must know there is no Tesla
00:51yacht at least not at the moment and I
00:53promise you that this isn't some click
00:55bait Rabbit Hole this is not a scam the
00:58fact is designs of the yacht exist at
01:00the moment it's still going through its
01:02conceptual phase in the hands of dhruv
01:03Pasad a designer who worked in the Tesla
01:06design team in the past so bear that in
01:08mind as we dive into the details of this
01:10beautiful Beast good good now let's
01:12begin Tesla has had its fair share of
01:14curious ventures in its relatively Short
01:16History ever since they came onto the
01:18scene in the early 2000s and ever since
01:20musk took control of the company we've
01:22seen everything from electric cars to
01:24futuristic looking pickup trucks to
01:26creating an entire energy focused
01:28subdivision that's threatened to
01:29redefine how we consume power so if you
01:32take all of that into consideration it's
01:34not all that far-fetched that the
01:35electric car company would try their
01:37hand at an electric yacht the Tesla
01:39yacht is quirky and stunning quirky
01:42because the designer Drew Prasad took
01:44major Inspirations from the shape of a
01:46giant squid when he was creating its
01:48Sleek looking structure and stunning
01:49because unlike other Yachts out there
01:51this one will be as quiet as anything
01:53with a Tesla logo should be oh you had
01:56no idea Yachts are noisy
02:02well here's a reference for you for
02:04educational purposes and this is from a
02:07small one the reason the Tesla yacht
02:08won't sound like that is all thanks to
02:10the electric Machinery powering it and
02:12we will talk about it in a bit we'll
02:14also cover for who and why it was
02:16designed in the first place but for now
02:18let's jump into the stuff we know the
02:20people love to see specs exteriors and
02:22interior based on the designs the Tesla
02:24yacht will be sleek and Incredibly
02:26modern the Tesla super yacht will also
02:28measure a very economical 131 feet or 40
02:32meters across its entire length by
02:34contrast this is a little troubling
02:36because if you know anything about
02:37Yachts you know that these dimensions
02:39are incredibly short by any standard
02:42especially for a yacht that would
02:43supposedly cost 700 million dollars you
02:46don't believe me here's a list of the
02:48world's longest Yachts if we were to
02:50rank the Tesla yacht on this same list
02:52it would be well give me a second
02:55um nowhere the last yacht on this list
02:58is at least 246 feet which is about 75
03:01meters so ask me why am I still calling
03:04it a super yacht well the answer is
03:06simple it's price tag I don't think I
03:08know anyone who can afford a 700 million
03:11dollar yacht and I know quite a lot of
03:13people but we're not done yet things get
03:15a little more interesting because aside
03:16from its surprisingly brief length and
03:19despite its nine-figure valuation the
03:21super yacht houses only two decks and
03:23four lounges two decks that's a bummer I
03:26mean if you aren't already reeling in
03:28shock and stuttering in disbelief like
03:30me then you might know what this means
03:31but don't worry I'll break it down if we
03:34choose to rank Yachts based on how much
03:35they cost the Tesla yacht would rank
03:37above Azam a 600 million dollar ship
03:40owned by an Abu Dhabi billionaire and
03:42despite costing a hundred million less
03:44the Azam has seven decks and 50 Suites
03:47that's at least three times more decks
03:49and many times more interior space than
03:51the Tesla yacht offers okay so I'll step
03:53into the shoes of a Tesla superfan for a
03:55second and say it's probably just a
03:57question of exclusivity this could be a
03:59yacht for introverted billionaires maybe
04:01whoever chooses to buy it is the type
04:03that won't want to have visitors wants
04:05to keep it small call it a private super
04:07yacht that would make sense good good
04:09now Beyond its insane price tag and
04:12economical space it also Sports a
04:14deceptively narrow design that makes it
04:16both stylish and aerodynamic but more
04:18importantly it allows it to move faster
04:20in the water while retaining its
04:22stunning appearance it also has a sharp
04:24narrow tip with a flat wide end opening
04:26to one of its lounges and it has Windows
04:29large panoramic windows that run almost
04:31the entire length of the craft
04:32Illuminating its Interiors with natural
04:35lighting while giving anyone that can
04:37afford to own it a breathtaking view of
04:39the sunset the Tesla yacht will also
04:41feature a unique luxurious and modern
04:43interior the upper deck will feature a
04:45massive open space that can be used for
04:47anything from massive parties to events
04:49there will also be a bar and a
04:51convenient sitting area a large TV
04:53screen on one end and a massive solar
04:55panel that feeds power to the entire
04:57boat more on that later the other end
04:59will hold the battery indicator and both
05:01can be sheltered from strong weather
05:03conditions with a controlled shutter
05:05door there will also be a lounge area at
05:07the stern that comes with comfortable
05:08deck chairs and a Jacuzzi within there
05:11are two bedrooms which will be furnished
05:13luxuriously according to the tastes of
05:15the Tesla brand obviously and this goes
05:17without being said there will also be
05:19spaces for the cabin crew a kitchen a
05:21swimming pool and bathrooms the lower
05:23deck will share a lot of features with
05:25the upper deck including a living area
05:27with seats hidden in tables that pop out
05:29at the push of a button and finally it
05:31will also come with a fully furnished
05:33Spa along with massage tables and a
05:35steam room that brings another notch of
05:37luxury to the yacht a lot of features
05:39are still under wraps and there is still
05:41a lot that will be revealed with time
05:43but for now you can be sure that Tesla
05:45will go all out on the power system they
05:47have enough experience that would give
05:49them enough advantage to set them ahead
05:51of the game that Advantage is their
05:53history of making sustainable Electric
05:54Power Systems that have powered not only
05:56electric cars all over the world but
05:59thousands of homes Across America with
06:01their energy Focus sub Vision Tesla has
06:03introduced a range of Energy Products
06:05like the power wall that have disrupted
06:07the traditional energy industry devices
06:09like the power wall store energy
06:11generated from solar panels or grids for
06:13its users to utilize in down periods or
06:16in the event of an outage it is clean
06:18and efficient two things that yacht
06:20builders all over the world have
06:21struggled with Millions have been spent
06:23on research and development but it seems
06:25Tesla might be the ones to crack the
06:27code their eco-friendly Power Systems
06:29will not only make the Yachts safe for
06:31the waters but it will also prevent the
06:33vessel's engines from hydrolocking
06:35hydrolocks happen when a yacht's motor
06:37engine gets too much water in them but
06:39since the design ensures that the yacht
06:40won't have any openings that the blue
06:42Seas could exploit The Vessel will be
06:44safe from that at the very top of the
06:46yacht will sit a customized solar panel
06:48that I mentioned earlier which will be
06:50enough to charge the battery even while
06:51the yacht is stationary and at the
06:53bottom there will be turbines that can
06:55drive the yacht to speeds of up to 70
06:57knots by producing hydroelectricity
06:59which will be circulated through to
07:01power the yacht and charge the battery
07:02tree this Loop mimics the system you
07:04find in Tesla electric vehicles making
07:06each one a powerful energy generator and
07:09conserver this also means that the yacht
07:11can eliminate the cost of fuel making
07:13sure that it never gets stranded in the
07:15middle of the sea now you must know that
07:16if this yacht ever sees the light of day
07:18it won't be the first at least from a
07:20technical perspective in 2021 knee-deck
07:23a Japanese company in the electric motor
07:25industry reported that it installed an
07:27electric power system in a 165-foot
07:30yacht and it had worked just fine but in
07:33the same breath Dr Charles kuaman a lead
07:35engineer at Tesla has also tweaked his
07:37personal yacht and Elon GT5 to an
07:40electric vessel so it's becoming a
07:42growing Trend that might just need a
07:44heavyweight like Tesla to finally make a
07:46technological statement can you see now
07:48why the concept of an electric yacht is
07:50not so far-fetched at least not with
07:51people like Dr Charles on the Tesla team
07:53okay it's time to address the price tag
07:55because I don't think we've spoken
07:57enough about it 700 million dollars is a
08:00whole lot of money there I said it I've
08:02made made calls and I still don't think
08:04I have friends that can afford this
08:05truth is there aren't many yachts in the
08:07world that have gone past that price
08:09point in fact if you're counting Yachts
08:11that actually exist there is only one
08:12Roman abramovich's eclipse and it costs
08:15an astronomical 1.5 billion dollars for
08:18reasons we cannot begin to break down in
08:20this video so in what Universe do we see
08:22Elon making a Tesla ship this expensive
08:25personally I think there is a chance but
08:27take everything we've said here with two
08:29grains of salt because I think most if
08:31not all the specs will change the boat
08:33will be longer the price tag might be
08:35lower the Innovation more revolutionary
08:37and precise like I said a lot will
08:39change and maybe that's why Elon hasn't
08:41publicly endorsed or even made a comment
08:43about the 700 million dollar Tesla yacht
08:46wait so does that mean the yacht might
08:48never happen not so fast Elon has also
08:50not disowned the yacht and this is odd
08:52because when you consider the fact that
08:54the Tesla boss is the internet's biggest
08:55troll you'll know that there is no way
08:57he hasn't heard of the concept yacht and
08:59this also means that his silence is a
09:01deliberate choice another reason why I'm
09:04sure Elon is aware of this Uber
09:06expensive electric sea vessel is because
09:08Drew Prasad The Man Behind the concept
09:10yacht has worked with Tesla's product
09:12design team in the past he most
09:14certainly Falls somewhere under musk's
09:16radar so while Elon allegedly has had
09:18little to nothing to do with the design
09:20or ideation of prasad's concept tesliat
09:23I wouldn't be too surprised if one day
09:25we have an electric Sea Beast under the
09:27Tesla Banner quietly cruising the Open
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the concept behind Elon Musk's $700 million Tesla yacht?

The concept behind Elon Musk's $700 million Tesla yacht is a work of marine engineering featuring a sleek and modern design with solar-powered, electric machinery and luxurious interiors.

2. Who designed Elon Musk's Tesla yacht?

Elon Musk's Tesla yacht was designed by Dhruv Pasad, showcasing a conceptual work of marine engineering with a focus on modern design, solar-powered electric machinery, and luxurious interiors.

3. What are the unique features of Elon Musk's Tesla yacht?

Elon Musk's Tesla yacht boasts unique features such as a sleek and modern design, solar-powered electric machinery, luxurious interiors, and a strong emphasis on marine engineering.

4. Is the price tag and specifications of Elon Musk's Tesla yacht subject to change?

While the price tag and specifications of Elon Musk's Tesla yacht may change in the future, the concept has not been disowned by Elon Musk, leaving open the possibility of a Tesla yacht hitting the market.

5. What is the potential market impact of Elon Musk's Tesla yacht concept?

The potential market impact of Elon Musk's Tesla yacht concept is creating anticipation for a sleek, modern, and environmentally friendly yacht with luxurious interiors, powered by solar energy and electric machinery, bringing a new wave of innovation to the marine engineering industry.

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