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The video explores the responsibilities and qualities required to be Elon Musk's private bodyguard, as well as the potential cost and surveillance involved in protecting a billionaire. Musk's security team consists of well-trained individuals with expertise in personal security, law enforcement, and crisis management. The job requires excellent judgment, communication skills, and physical endurance, but also entails extra responsibilities and potential scrutiny.
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Elon Musk's private bodyguards are responsible for his safety and are available 24/7.
Bodyguards act as a physical barrier between Elon Musk and potential threats.
Elon Musk's security team is comprised of a well-trained group of six bodyguards.
The bodyguards are visible and easy to spot at events.
Elon Musk's security team consists of highly trained individuals with extensive law enforcement or military experience, and their compensation is estimated to be between $59,592 and $76,321 per month.
The average bodyguard pay in the United States is $67,000 per month.
The annual cost for 24-hour protection for Elon Musk is estimated to be between $518,400 and $864,000.
The cost of Elon Musk's security detail is expected to be a significant amount of money.
Elon Musk hires individuals with extensive law enforcement or military experience to protect him against various threats.
To become Elon Musk's bodyguard, one must complete approved training, have expertise in personal security, and possess skills in emergency services and risk assessment.
Bodyguards must be in good shape and have endurance and strength.
Musk employs a private surveillance firm to investigate the lives of his bodyguards.
Musk is believed to own a bullet and bomb proof safety bunker equipped with advanced access systems.
00:00there's a good reason why billionaires
00:02rarely attend public events without a
00:03bodyguard or security team nearby
00:06bodyguards are security guards police
00:08officers or military personnel who
00:10protect people's lives property and
00:12reputation from harm true bodyguards act
00:15as a physical barrier between wealthy
00:17people and those who could hurt them but
00:20there's much more to the job than most
00:22people realize today we take a look at
00:25what it's like being elon musk's private
00:27bodyguard the good the bad and the well
00:30let's call it the unexpected it's a life
00:33of keeping elon happy with some rather
00:36standard responsibilities and some other
00:38duties that might make you reconsider if
00:40your paycheck should be much much bigger
00:44we'll let you decide if you think all
00:46the extra responsibilities are worth it
00:48or if they're not
00:56tesla ceo elon musk wants to push the
00:59boundaries of innovation in ways that
01:01many only imagine in science fiction
01:03tesla for example has revolutionized the
01:05automobile world evs are almost as
01:08popular as regular cars and that's
01:10thanks to elon musk his company
01:13neuralink wants to introduce the cpu
01:16into the human cerebrum these and many
01:18more have made elon musk the richest man
01:20in the world with a net worth of 266
01:23billion dollars at the time of this
01:25video with the kind of wealth and fame
01:28musk has there's every need for him to
01:30have bodyguards protecting him musk has
01:33frequently mentioned how he requires
01:34bodyguards in case something goes wrong
01:36on stage or when traveling for business
01:39i wanted security details so thick you
01:41couldn't see through them those were
01:43musk words when quizzed about his
01:45security detail in actuality elon musk's
01:48security team is comprised of a
01:50well-trained group of bodyguards who are
01:52responsible for elon safety there's a
01:54total of six guards at events all of
01:57whom are visible and easy to spot in the
01:59crowd these bodyguards are available 24
02:01hours a day seven days a week and 365
02:05days a year to ensure that no harm comes
02:08to elon musk they double check
02:10everything that happens in public around
02:12musk elon musk's security details a team
02:15of highly driven trained incentivized
02:18energized and vigilant this combination
02:20of qualities makes them lethal
02:23as of april 25 2002 the average
02:26bodyguard pay in the united states 67
02:31per month however the compensation range
02:34frequently changes from 59 592 to 76 321
02:39monthly we of course expect must
02:41security team to earn more than this the
02:44annual cost for 24-hour protection is
02:47estimated to be between 518 thousand
02:50four hundred dollars and eight hundred
02:52and sixty four thousand dollars which
02:55would mean there would be five
02:56bodyguards on guard
02:58there's no clear figure for how much
03:01elon musk bodyguards earn every year
03:03however we can make a prediction based
03:05on the amount of money silicon valley's
03:07richest men spend on protection every
03:09year world's second richest man jeff
03:12bezos spends in excess of 1.6 million
03:15per year on his security detail and his
03:18is one of the most modest compared to
03:20other billionaires facebook founder mark
03:23zuckerberg security cost a whopping 20
03:25million dollars each year considering
03:27all these we expect much security costs
03:29to be a significant amount of money so
03:32we ask about the cost of its ceo
03:34security detail tesla declined to
03:36comment when billionaires decide to
03:39employ bodyguards they want to ensure
03:41they choose the right individual in the
03:43same vein musk does due diligence when
03:45hiring a bodyguard what qualities would
03:48one need to get on elon musk's security
03:51what security experience does one need
03:53elon musk needs individuals who can
03:55protect him against assassination
03:57assault kidnapping and other threats as
04:00a result anyone that would make his way
04:02to must security detail must be someone
04:04with extensive law enforcement or
04:07military experience
04:08with that musk is certain to acquire
04:10someone who's skilled at blocking
04:12watching detecting handling guns
04:14reporting and physical intervention
04:17extensive training top tier bodyguards
04:19go above and beyond the bare minimum of
04:21training and that's what musk is looking
04:23for when hiring his bodyguards his
04:26bodyguards must have undergone special
04:28training that includes emergency
04:30response control of pedestrians and
04:33vehicles movement and removal of assets
04:35and property managing and de-escalating
04:38situations with disturbed people or
04:40crowds defensive driving amongst others
04:44excellent judgment a billionaire's
04:46bodyguard attributes must go beyond
04:48checking the bodyguard's training and
04:50expertise similarly most bodyguards must
04:53have great judgment skills like
04:56intellect the capacity to stay calm and
04:58collected in a stressful situation and
05:01of course critical thinking that way he
05:04can be sure his security detail won't
05:06use lethal force on people trying to get
05:08close to him except of course if there's
05:10a visible threat to his life and
05:12property excellent driving skills well
05:14this has to be an important
05:16characteristic of any member of must
05:18security detail you would expect that
05:20everyone who works closely with musk
05:22must be able to drive a tesla
05:24excellently musk would be looking for a
05:26bodyguard who could drive his tesla
05:28defensively safely and quickly all at
05:31the same time during a crisis
05:33customer service experience now this may
05:36not be an important characteristic of a
05:38regular bodyguard but it's vital for a
05:40bodyguard on my security team since his
05:43bodyguards will be working with people
05:45around him including his family guest
05:48and client
05:49they must have good people skills he
05:51wouldn't want someone that could put off
05:53a potential business partner with a bad
05:56expert communication skills musk isn't
05:59going to hire a bodyguard because of
06:01their amazing communication skills of
06:02course he would however like to recruit
06:05someone who's able to communicate
06:06effectively eloquently and confidently
06:09communication skill both verbal and
06:11non-verbal is critical and might make a
06:14massive difference in providing musk
06:15with the greatest possible protection
06:18so how do you get qualified to be on
06:20elon musk's team well if you're watching
06:22this video and you're considering
06:24working as a bodyguard for the richest
06:26man in the world listen carefully now
06:28although we can assure you you'll get on
06:30the team the first place to start is
06:32complete approved training and be
06:33granted a close protection license by
06:35the appropriate authority bodyguards
06:38with official expertise in personal
06:39security police science law enforcement
06:42or criminal justice will be considered
06:44first by elon musk as a result training
06:47and emergency services security measures
06:49first aid risk assessment communication
06:52and public safety might be a good start
06:55for you also you'd agree it's important
06:57for bodyguards like every other security
06:59agent to be in good shape as well as
07:02have long endurance and strength stamina
07:05anyone who's going to be on the elon
07:06musk security detail must be someone
07:09that's built up enough strength to
07:11defend the billionaire as such if you
07:13don't already have the body for it you
07:15might require personal gym training and
07:17martial arts jogging yoga weightlifting
07:20and endurance then you must ensure you
07:23possess the skills we highlighted
07:26yes musk and many other billionaires
07:28hire bodyguards for protection still
07:31when it comes to their protection and
07:32safety billionaires have little faith in
07:35anyone what this means is that they
07:37still go on to keep an eye on members of
07:39their security team musk realizes all
07:42bodyguards work for a fee so if someone
07:44is prepared to pay them extra money
07:46they'll do anything as a result the
07:48billionaire employs the services of a
07:50private surveillance firm and they have
07:53investigative officers who look into the
07:55lives of the bodyguards of course we
07:57don't expect musk bodyguards to be
07:59around him all the time even if it seems
08:01like it at those times when they're off
08:04duty or unavailable musk would still
08:06need protection as such it's believed
08:08that musk owns a bullet and bomb proof
08:10safety bunker of course we expect the
08:12bunker to be equipped with systems that
08:14use biological features like eyes
08:16fingers dna or faces for access
08:20so do you think it's worth the extra
08:22responsibility to be elon musk's
08:24personal bodyguard let us know in the
08:26comments below
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the responsibilities of Elon Musk's private bodyguard?

Elon Musk's private bodyguard is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the billionaire, including protection from physical harm, potential threats, and surveillance.

2. What qualities are required to be Elon Musk's private bodyguard?

The qualities required to be Elon Musk's private bodyguard include excellent judgment, communication skills, physical endurance, expertise in personal security, law enforcement, and crisis management.

3. What is the potential cost involved in protecting a billionaire like Elon Musk?

The potential cost involved in protecting a billionaire like Elon Musk can vary based on the level of security required, including the number of personnel, equipment, and surveillance technologies, which can result in a substantial investment.

4. What is the composition of Elon Musk's security team?

Elon Musk's security team consists of well-trained individuals with expertise in personal security, law enforcement, and crisis management, working together to ensure his safety and security.

5. What are the extra responsibilities and potential scrutiny faced by Elon Musk's private bodyguard?

Elon Musk's private bodyguard faces extra responsibilities such as maintaining a high level of alertness and discretion, as well as potential scrutiny from the public, media, and stakeholders due to the high-profile nature of the job.

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