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Elon Musk discusses his views on religion, stating that he agrees with some teachings of Christianity but is not religious, and believes in a higher power that created the universe. He also emphasizes the importance of expanding consciousness to understand the meaning of life, and questions how consciousness and feelings emerge from molecules.
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Elon Musk believes in the teachings of Christianity but does not consider himself religious. He believes in a higher power and thinks expanding consciousness is important for understanding the meaning of life.
Musk agrees with the teachings of Christianity, such as turning the other cheek and loving your neighbor.
He believes that something created the universe or the universe itself is God.
Musk sees expanding consciousness as a way to better understand the nature of the universe and the meaning of life.
Elon Musk discusses his religious background and his lack of religious affiliation, as well as his perspective on the meaning of life.
Elon Musk attended a Hebrew preschool and an Anglican Sunday school, but he was never particularly religious.
He believes that the current goal should be to expand humanity and consciousness in order to eventually answer the question of the meaning of life.
Elon Musk finds it interesting that despite being the most intelligent species on the planet, humans are unable to answer this question.
The speaker discusses the existence of a higher power and the limitations of human understanding.
The speaker believes that the complexity of existence suggests the presence of a higher power.
The speaker acknowledges that humans are unable to fully explain their own existence.
The speaker mentions the scientific explanations based on archaeological evidence, the fossil record, and physics.
The speaker also mentions the inability to comprehend the origin of the universe and how molecules have consciousness and feelings.
Consciousness may have emerged along the path from hydrogen molecules to humans, and everything might be conscious.
Complex molecules like ourselves can feel, talk, and think.
Hydrogen molecules, when left alone, can start talking to themselves.
The question of where consciousness starts along the path from hydrogen molecules to humans is mind-boggling.
Our bodies are made up of a pattern of molecules that change over time, but the pattern remains relatively consistent.
00:00are you religious at all
00:02I'm not I'm
00:05I would say I generally agree with the
00:06teachings of Christianity but I am not a
00:09like I agree with you believe in a
00:11higher power like you know like like
00:13turn your cheek and love the neighbor as
00:15myself and that kind of thing I think
00:16those are good the teachings of like
00:17yeah yeah but do you believe in like a
00:20god or like a higher power
00:24well something created the universe or
00:27the universe is
00:28you know hear how did it come to be
00:32um you could say
00:34whatever course the universe to come to
00:36be is God or
00:38you know God's depending on your view um
00:40but I don't know uh I think as a
00:44philosophy that a philosophy I think
00:45makes sense is to go out there and to is
00:50to expand Consciousness so that we're
00:52better under better able to to answer
00:54the questions of like what is the
00:56meaning of life what is nature of the
00:59what are even the right questions to ask
01:01and if we can expand
01:03Consciousness more humans and more
01:05digital intelligence than our
01:07opportunity to understand the meaning of
01:10life is is that much greater and so I
01:13would call like say like I the
01:15philosophy of curiosity
01:17but to understand the nature of reality
01:20so you've never practiced any religions
01:24um uh no I was uh you know I was sent to
01:27a weirdly a Hebrew preschool I'm not
01:29Jewish but I have my dad sent me there
01:31because it was like nearby and I guess
01:33his Partners in his engineering firm
01:35they sent their kids there so
01:38um so I said Hebrew preschool and then
01:40uh Anglican Sunday school and so I was
01:43like having a gila one day and Jesus I
01:45love the next you know
01:47um and um
01:51you know so but I would say that I you
01:53know was I've never been particularly
01:55religious do you uh do you have an
01:58answer for what the meaning of life is
02:00what your meaning of life is
02:03well I think the the currently the thing
02:05to do is to expand the expand humanity
02:09and and Consciousness to the point where
02:12we're able to answer that question
02:15um I don't think we can answer that
02:17question yet or we can't answer we can't
02:20answer what's the meaning of life well
02:22yet I find that so interesting how it's
02:24like you know we're technically like the
02:27most intelligent species on the planet
02:28so to say but we can't even no one on
02:31this planet can explain like or provide
02:34evidence of like our existence or how we
02:36were created I find that so in you know
02:39what I mean like could be very no one on
02:40this planet could say how were we
02:43that's why I feel like there has to be
02:44some sort of higher power You Know It's
02:46gotta be like we're not smart enough to
02:48even explain our own existence
02:51well we can say step by step based on
02:55archaeological evidence the fossil
02:56record and what we know physics how we
03:00came to be at this point
03:05but that doesn't explain how the
03:06universe came to exist in the first
03:10there have to be like something at some
03:12point like we can't even grasp that
03:14right or is this some well Evolution
03:16high dimension on which thought and
03:18emotion exist I don't know
03:21um like how do molecules
03:23have Consciousness and feelings
03:30but you know at least like the the chain
03:34of events from a physics standpoint from
03:36the beginning of the University now are
03:39quite well understood really yeah but
03:41somehow we're in from a bunch of
03:43hydrogen gas
03:44to uh
03:48complex molecules and then an assemblage
03:51of complex molecules like ourselves that
03:55can feel and talk and and think
04:00I mean just if you leave hydrogen out
04:02long enough it starts talking to itself
04:04basically it's what happened here
04:09so so where along that path from a bunch
04:13of hydrogen molecules
04:17humans where where consciousness
04:21it's crazy so maybe maybe everything's
04:27wear a pattern of molecules like the
04:30actual atoms in our body change
04:32you know so
04:34your your the cells in your body I mean
04:37some cells are stick around for a long
04:39time but most of the cells in your body
04:40are regenerated so
04:43um I think your skin regenerates every
04:44seven years or something like that
04:48so you're not even the same molecules
04:50like you know from one year to the next
04:52the molecules in your body have changed
04:54it's the pattern that stays relatively
04:57pattern of molecules
04:59it's where a pattern of molecules that
05:01can talk
05:03and think and feel
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are Elon Musk's views on religion?

Elon Musk discusses his views on religion, stating that he agrees with some teachings of Christianity but is not religious, and believes in a higher power that created the universe.

2. What does Elon Musk emphasize regarding expanding consciousness?

Elon Musk emphasizes the importance of expanding consciousness to understand the meaning of life, and questions how consciousness and feelings emerge from molecules.

3. How does Elon Musk view Christianity?

Elon Musk states that he agrees with some teachings of Christianity but is not religious.

4. What does Elon Musk believe in terms of the creation of the universe?

Elon Musk believes in a higher power that created the universe.

5. What does Elon Musk question regarding consciousness and feelings?

Elon Musk questions how consciousness and feelings emerge from molecules.

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