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"Enemy" is a confusing film with deep-rooted symbolism and metaphors, revolving around the central character's fear of commitment and his struggle with identity and infidelity. The film uses spiders as a representation of women and explores themes of dictatorship and the repetition of history. Ultimately, the protagonist realizes that he is trapped in a cycle of repeating his own mistakes.
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The reviewer discusses the confusing nature of the film "Enemy" and provides insights into its symbolism and metaphors.
The film contains hidden messages, spiders, keys, and surreal imagery that are difficult to decipher.
There are correct and incorrect interpretations of the film, with some wild inaccuracies being mentioned.
The director describes the movie as a documentary about his subconscious or a documentary about Jake Gyllenhaal's subconscious.
The story is seen from the protagonist's subconscious point of view, depicting a battle raging inside his mind.
The section explains the fear of commitment and responsibility of the main character, Jake, and hints at the possibility of a psychological disorder.
Jake's fear of starting a family and being in a committed relationship is highlighted.
The meeting between history teacher Jake and actor Jake suggests an uncommon connection between them.
Actor Jake's wife shows extreme sadness and pain upon seeing history teacher Jake.
The revelation of both actor Jake's wife being six months pregnant and actor Jake not visiting his talent agency in six months adds to the idea of his commitment issues.
This section explores the subconscious of the lead character and his struggles with faithfulness and commitment.
Jake battles with temptation while on the train.
History teacher Jake visits his mother and represses memories of his actual self.
His mother suggests he quit his acting fantasy, implying his acting career has not been successful.
Jake's wife tries to connect with him and help him with his psychosis.
History teacher Jake discovers a photograph in his apartment that is identical to the torn one he had, showing his wife next to him.
Doorman, who was in the sex club, lets Jake into his apartment.
Jake notices the photograph and tries to act like he belongs when his wife arrives home.
Actor Jake attempts to get lucky with Melanie in a hotel.
Melanie gets upset when she notices the mark of a removed wedding ring on Actor Jake's finger.
History teacher Jake wakes up in bed with his wife at the same time Melanie wants nothing to do with Actor Jake.
The film "Enemy" uses spiders as a metaphor for women, representing Jake's fear of commitment and feeling trapped in his marriage.
Jake views spiders as representing women and has a fear of commitment.
Spiders catch prey in their webs and entangle them, symbolizing Jake feeling trapped in his marriage.
The constant reference to dictatorship and being ruled represents Jake's feelings about his marriage and family.
Jake's unfaithfulness and desire to squash his wife symbolize his longing to escape the responsibilities of marriage.
Jake's inability to control his urges and commit to a healthy relationship leads him to repeat the same pattern of infidelity, which he realizes is a recurring tragedy in his life that will eventually become a farce.
Jake's temptation leads him to go out, despite his wife's fear of being squashed as a spider.
Jake's history of infidelity and fear of women are supported by various elements in the film.
Jake's disappointment and acceptance stem from the realization that he is repeating the same pattern of mistakes.
The film ends with Jake missing a call from his mother, indicating the repetitive nature of his life.
00:00enemy is one of the most confusing films
00:02i have ever seen upon first viewing i
00:04had a definite grasp on the central
00:06story i was easily able to decipher its
00:09hidden messages it was the added
00:11elements of spiders keys and surreal
00:14imagery that had me boggled it's now
00:16been over two months since i initially
00:18viewed the film and i feel at this point
00:20i've come to an accurate knowledge of
00:22its meanings so as i've done in the past
00:24let's get nerdy about enemy and talk in
00:27depth about its deep rooted symbolism
00:29and metaphors as a warning this review
00:32contains heavy spoilers so if you
00:34haven't seen the film yet i'd suggest
00:36watching my spoiler free review
00:39when i analyzed only god forgives i
00:42mentioned that certain elements of that
00:44film were open to interpretation i'd
00:46like to start this review out by stating
00:48a fact
00:49there is without a doubt
00:52correct and incorrect interpretations of
00:55enemy i've read many attempts at
00:57analyzing this film and some have proved
01:00wildly inaccurate
01:02no spiders are not taking over the world
01:05as some have stated
01:07no jake gyllenhaal does not have an
01:10identical twin as some have believed
01:13they are in fact the same person i'll
01:16back up all of these comments with
01:17statements from the filmmakers as well
01:19as my own personal interpretation let's
01:22start with a quote from denis the
01:24director himself so we're just getting
01:26everyone to explain
01:28their interpretation of the story
01:31basically i think that
01:33this movie is a documentary about my
01:38a documentary about jake's skill in our
01:40self-conscious i think that the best way
01:42to describe it would be it's a dunyaka
01:45movie on acid
01:48or a documentary about jake gyllenhaal's
01:51subconscious it's a man
01:53who decided to uh to leave his leave his
01:56mistress to go back to his pregnant wife
01:58and we see the story from his
02:00subconscious point of view from the
02:02mouth of the man who made the film this
02:05is a battle that's raging inside jake's
02:08but what could lead him to wage such a
02:11disturbing subconscious war with himself
02:14and what the hell are those spiders all
02:17there are two versions of jake in this
02:18film history teacher jake and actor jake
02:22to avoid confusion this is how i will
02:24refer to them it's easy to tell the
02:26difference between the two history
02:28teacher jake is neurotic and messy his
02:31appearance always unkempt
02:33actor jake wears expensive clothing his
02:36hair always looks good and he wears a
02:38wedding ring
02:40the film opens with a voiceover from
02:41jake's mother she sounds concerned about
02:44the condition of his new apartment it's
02:46clear she's saying this on a voicemail
02:49we then get an insert of sarah gadden's
02:51character nude and pregnant then the
02:54words chaos is order yet undeciphered
02:58appear on screen a quote from the book
03:00which this film is based
03:02we immediately see actor jake holding a
03:05key entering a seedy sex club of some
03:08sort as men stand in silence watching
03:11women masturbate and other such things
03:13actor jake watches a woman present a
03:16large spider on a platter and she moves
03:19her high heel slowly above it about to
03:22squash it
03:24next we see history teacher jake his
03:26first words in his lecture to his class
03:28are control it's all about control
03:32he then begins to discuss dictatorships
03:35and how they censor any means of
03:37individual expression
03:39and then he says and it's important to
03:41remember this that this is a pattern
03:44that repeats itself throughout history
03:46this repeating pattern is mentioned
03:48quite often in the movie
03:50later on history teacher jake says it
03:52was hegel who said
03:54that all the great greatest world events
03:57happened twice
03:58and then karl marx added the first time
04:01it was a tragedy the second time
04:03to farce continuing in the vein of
04:06spider imagery the wires above toronto
04:08appear like a spider web he walks home
04:11and passes a mural of a man giving a
04:13roman fascist symbol
04:15defiance against rule dictatorships and
04:18fear of commitment are all themes that
04:21enemy has woven through it sometimes
04:23it's clear through dialogue other times
04:25through imagery the next few scenes make
04:28it clear that his life is immensely
04:29repetitious he gives lectures that just
04:32come off as memorized he has sex with
04:34his girlfriend played by melanie laurent
04:36his apartment is literally empty all he
04:39seems to have is a bed and a computer
04:41soon a co-worker recommends a film to
04:43him seemingly out of the blue without
04:45any real build up to this conversation
04:48history teacher jake decides to rent
04:50this film at a local video store
04:52take note of the song playing in the
04:55it's called the cheater it's lyrics
04:57telling the story of a man who has no
04:59business being with women because he
05:01can't control his urges to sleep around
05:05after watching the film and then
05:06attempting to force himself on his
05:08unwilling girlfriend he dreams about the
05:10film he just saw
05:12in the recesses of his mind he sees
05:14someone who looks exactly like him in
05:16the film
05:17he wakes and skims through the movie
05:19finding the shot it's very clear that
05:21the actor portraying the bellboy looks
05:23just like him and he becomes obsessed
05:26with meeting this man
05:28he compares a noticeably torn photo of
05:30himself to the actor probably a
05:33post-breakup photo with the woman he
05:35took the photo with torn out he begins
05:38doing research about the actor finding
05:40the other films he had a part in when he
05:42goes to rent the other films take note
05:44of the poster attack of the 50-foot
05:48this leads him to the talent agency of
05:50actor jake where he has a conversation
05:52with the security guard who recognizes
05:54him saying man you haven't been around
05:56here for ages
05:58yeah i don't know how long it's been six
06:00months i'd say
06:02six months
06:03or more he's given a package meant to go
06:06to actor jake which allows him to find
06:08his address and phone number when he
06:10tries to call the woman on the other
06:12line recognizes his voice thinking that
06:14history teacher jake is really actor
06:17jake playing a joke
06:19after a series of awkward calls history
06:21teacher jake finally reaches actor jake
06:24and tries to convince him that they need
06:25to meet
06:27it's now that we meet actor jake and we
06:30see what his life is like
06:31he's healthy he wears nice clothes
06:34he loves blueberries and his wife is
06:37unfairly suspicious of him questioning
06:39him about the phone call that he just
06:41had and accusing him of lying to her
06:44when she asks are you seeing her again
06:47he explodes at her saying it was a man
06:49it's clear that actor jake although
06:51cleaner and more well-off is dealing
06:54with fear of commitment and also feels
06:56as if his freedom has been removed by
06:59his pregnant wife it's also clear that
07:02he has been unfaithful in the past since
07:04she used the word again as if it has
07:06happened before
07:08this would explain why in the opening
07:09scene he was visiting a sex club he is
07:12afraid of the responsibility of starting
07:14a family and being in a committed
07:18this is extremely important to
07:20understanding the meaning of the film
07:21including the spiders
07:24next history teacher jake and actor jake
07:26agree to meet at a hotel they both feel
07:29the need to see each other as if they
07:31have some uncommon connection
07:33actor jake's wife soon appears at
07:36history teacher jake's school and her
07:38look upon seeing him as one of extreme
07:40sadness and pain
07:42then history teacher jake asks her a
07:45which reveals even more how many months
07:48are you
07:54that's nice i find it very interesting
07:56that actor jake hasn't been to his
07:58talent agency in six months and his wife
08:00is also six months pregnant
08:03this adds to the idea of actor jake
08:05having extreme commitment issues most
08:08likely brought on by fear of being
08:10controlled or dictated
08:13by a woman and child
08:15when history teacher jake gets up she
08:17attempts to call him and the filmmaker
08:19makes it very obvious that actor jake
08:22answers after he disappears from frame
08:25leaving the possibility that they are
08:27the same person out there this is
08:29clearly not a fantasy or delusion going
08:32on inside the mind of his wife but it is
08:34a psychological disorder of sorts for
08:37the two jakes
08:39later when she's home actor jake returns
08:41supposedly from a run complaining that
08:44they are out of his favorite organic
08:47she lays on the couch sad and afraid
08:50saying how the man she saw at the school
08:52looked exactly like him what's happening
08:55she says
08:56and when he says he doesn't know what
08:58she's talking about she replies
09:01i think you know
09:03i feel that she is slowly discovering
09:06that her husband's mind has split
09:09she wants him to come to terms with it
09:11and accept this fact
09:13which is why she appears so emotionally
09:15bothered by it i mean logically if you
09:18found out that your spouse had someone
09:20out there who looked identical
09:22would you be so emotional about it
09:24crying and everything it'd be weird for
09:27sure but it's clear to me what she's
09:29really concerned about is that they are
09:31literally the same person and she's hurt
09:34and scared by the fact that she's driven
09:36him to this state
09:38this is when we get our next spider
09:40vision a woman with a spider head passes
09:43by him as he walks
09:45he has this dream after his wife is
09:47questioning him about his real motives
09:49and tries to get him to explain
09:50everything to her
09:52history teacher jake is now walking down
09:54the hall of the hotel he's agreed to
09:55meet actor jake in
09:57we see two shots of a sexily dressed
09:59woman walking past him similar to how
10:02the woman with the spider head passed
10:03him in his dream
10:05next the two meet comparing themselves
10:08noticing they both have an identical
10:11history teacher jake gets spooked and
10:13leaves but not before giving actor jake
10:16the package the talent agency gave him
10:19the next two shots focus on the
10:21characters dealing with the stress of
10:23this situation and eventually actor jake
10:26begins to follow history teacher jake
10:28noticing melanie laurent and following
10:31her as well
10:32how would actor jake know exactly where
10:34to find history teacher jake
10:37these questions aren't necessary since
10:39the large majority of this film takes
10:41place in the subconscious of the lead
10:43character's mind as he battles to accept
10:46his actual reality
10:48while on the train actor jake has a
10:50moment in which he gawks at melanie from
10:52head to toe but he quickly turns around
10:54trying to deal with the temptation
10:57as a man he has obvious issues with
10:59being faithful
11:01this scene ends with one shot of actor
11:03jake relaxed in his chair
11:05appearing in deep thought his wife
11:08asleep next to him
11:10did this entire scene take place in his
11:13was he roaming the recesses of his mind
11:16trying to learn about this other version
11:19of himself
11:20next history teacher jake visits his
11:22mother explaining the situation to her
11:25it's clear it's history teacher jake
11:27since he's not wearing his wedding ring
11:29his mother says the last thing you need
11:32is to be meeting strange men in hotel
11:36you have enough trouble sticking with
11:37one woman don't you this adds to my
11:39earlier assumption that jake has been
11:41unfaithful in the past his mother offers
11:44him some blueberries but he says he
11:45doesn't like them
11:47of course you do she says
11:49it's clear that history teacher jake is
11:51repressing memories of his actual self
11:54attempting to escape the person he is
11:57due to fear of commitment and the desire
11:59to be unfaithful
12:01she says he has a nice apartment a
12:02respectable job and that he should quit
12:05his fantasy of being an actor
12:07now there's a lot of interesting things
12:09there the movie opens with her saying in
12:11a voicemail that she doesn't like his
12:15but now she's saying it's nice
12:17she's saying he has a respectable job
12:20since she says he has a respectable job
12:22but that he should quit his acting
12:24fantasy this leads me to believe his
12:26acting job has gone nowhere
12:29those three films he was in led to
12:32so that would mean he's actually a
12:34history teacher right
12:36this would lead me to believe that
12:38when his wife says she went to his work
12:41that she was in fact starting to realize
12:43the magnitude of her husband's psychosis
12:46and was desperately trying to connect
12:48with him to try and help by going along
12:50with his illness acting like she didn't
12:53know that he is a teacher in real life
12:56after this scene we see a giant spider
12:58roaming toronto this has also left many
13:01perplexed what does this huge creature
13:04signify i will explain this at the end
13:07when i get in depth about the spiders
13:10soon actor jake is practicing something
13:11he will say to history teacher jake
13:13asking himself in the mirror over and
13:15over if he had sex with his wife once he
13:18actually confronts history teacher jake
13:20history teacher jake can't even bring
13:22himself to say that he didn't sleep with
13:24actor jake's wife
13:26an argument ensues and a deal is made
13:29actor jay gets to take history teacher
13:31jake's girlfriend out on a date and then
13:33he says he will disappear from his life
13:36forever then they will be even
13:39i believe he's intentionally starting a
13:42war with his subconscious in an attempt
13:44to eliminate the negative parts so he
13:47can be with his wife in reality and
13:49remain faithful and be even
13:53as one person again
13:56history teacher decides to go to actor
13:58jake's wife now as this inward battle
14:00occurs in his mind
14:02i believe the real life jake
14:05is the one who has now gone back home to
14:08his wife
14:09as the narcissistic unfaithful actor
14:11jake is taking out the girlfriend in his
14:14mind he gets the doorman to let him into
14:17his apartment the doorman just so
14:19happens to be a man who was in the sex
14:22club in the opening scene
14:24he mentions to history teacher jake that
14:26he wants to go back to the sex club
14:28again he mentions the lock to the sex
14:31club has changed and that new keys have
14:35been sent out
14:36history teacher jake seems unsure of
14:38what he's referring to but goes along
14:40with the conversation anyway
14:42history teacher jake even walks too far
14:45past his apartment door before the
14:47doorman lets him in
14:49he appears to be discovering things in
14:50his apartment for the first time as he
14:52attempts to resemble actor jake waiting
14:55in his bedroom seeing the blueberries in
14:57the fridge
14:58this is when history teacher jake
15:00notices the photograph
15:02it is identical to the torn one he had
15:05in his possession earlier except this
15:07one isn't torn and shows his wife next
15:10to him
15:11when she arrives home he nervously
15:13attempts to act like he belongs
15:15during this we see actor jake attempting
15:18to get lucky with melanie in some hotel
15:21history teacher jake gets in bed with
15:23his wife nervous about taking his
15:25clothes off she looks at him longingly
15:28places his hand on her pregnant belly
15:30then embraces him asking if he had a
15:34good day
15:35at school
15:37this takes him off guard and she tells
15:39him to forget it going to sleep
15:42this also supports my earlier assumption
15:44that she knows he actually is a history
15:46teacher which would explain why his
15:48mother said he had a respectable job i
15:50just feel like she was trying to help
15:52him by going along with his psychosis
15:54actor jake and melanie are having sex
15:57and she gets extremely upset when she
15:59notices the sun tanned mark of a removed
16:01wedding ring on his finger
16:03interestingly history teacher jake wakes
16:06up in bed with his wife at this exact
16:09suddenly melanie wants nothing to do
16:12with actor jake and she storms away
16:14actor jake begins driving her home
16:17this is interspliced with scenes of
16:19history teacher jake pacing back and
16:21forth and eventually crying his wife
16:24comes to comfort him their hands
16:25interlocking he says through tears that
16:28he's sorry
16:29during this actor jake and melanie begin
16:31arguing in the car
16:33his wife tells him she wants him to stay
16:36and they begin to make love as actor
16:39jake and melanie's argument gets worse
16:41with her insulting him by saying he's
16:44not a man
16:45this makes actor jake snap leading to a
16:48terrible car crash we zoom in on the
16:50window of the car revealing the cracked
16:53glass resembling a spider web
16:56i feel that in this moment
16:58jake has successfully used his
17:00subconscious war to eliminate the
17:02negative self from himself
17:04his wife wants him to stay which tells
17:07us that they've been having a lot of
17:08problems with their marriage and she
17:10wants him to finally stay there and not
17:12be unfaithful to her anymore
17:15the next morning we hear a radio
17:17broadcast about an accident but who i
17:19will now refer to simply as jake turns
17:22it off before any details are mentioned
17:25his wife is in the shower and he's
17:27trying on a suit when he finds the
17:31we've been shown this package constantly
17:33throughout this film
17:34he finally opens it finding a key
17:38he stares at it with a look of
17:39temptation his wife says his mother
17:42called he continues to stare at the key
17:45and asks his wife if she has something
17:47to do tonight because he has to go out
17:50then what some have called the scariest
17:52ending to a film they've ever seen
18:18now the majority of audiences after
18:20initially screaming said the same three
18:24what the [ __ ]
18:26it took me quite some time before i
18:28finally felt like i had a grasp of the
18:30story but i can confidently say that i
18:33so what does all this mean
18:35well let's start with the spiders
18:38spiders in the film represent
18:42at least in the way that jake views them
18:45he has a deep fear of commitment his
18:49wife is pregnant he's been unfaithful in
18:52the past as it was made clear when his
18:54wife asks if he's seeing her again and
18:57when his mother joke that he has had
18:59enough trouble staying with just one
19:02spiders in the real world catch prey in
19:05their webs they entangle what they are
19:08about to devour often times when mating
19:11the female spider actually kills the
19:13male afterwards and sometimes even
19:15before they begin to mate
19:18the film is in a way saying that jake's
19:20character feels he's lost his freedom he
19:24feels trapped within the web
19:26of his marriage
19:28and the weighty responsibility of having
19:30a child as well as remaining faithful
19:34the constant reference to dictatorship
19:36and being unwillingly ruled has to do
19:39with jake feeling that way about his
19:42marriage and eventual family in the
19:44opening of the film the narcissistic
19:47unfaithful actor jake gets into the
19:49private sex club with his key and
19:52watches a woman about to squash a spider
19:55through his unfaithfulness he longs to
19:58squash his wife so to speak or their
20:01love at least
20:02so he goes somewhere where that doesn't
20:05exist where him and other men can watch
20:08their sexual fantasies be acted out due
20:10to his fear of committing to his wife
20:13his dream of the nude woman with a
20:15spider head supports that women are the
20:17spiders as well and directly after that
20:19a woman who looked very sexy he was
20:21dressed almost like a stripper past him
20:23and he felt the sudden urge to go and
20:25look at that woman and i feel like that
20:28also supports the fact that he's just
20:30very unfaithful and he wants to be with
20:31a lot of women so how about that giant
20:34spider roaming toronto this scene took
20:36place directly after he met with his
20:39i believe this spider represents his
20:41mother here's something interesting
20:44this is a monument known as the mother
20:47guess where it's located
20:49ontario canada where the film takes
20:53they look kind of similar don't they
20:55so how about that final spider
20:58why did his wife turn into a huge
21:00freaking spider
21:01why did the spider react in fear
21:05and why was his look
21:07one of almost
21:08exceptive disappointment
21:11as if he has just come to terms with
21:13what his life is like
21:15when jake opened the package
21:17taking out the new key
21:19he realizes it's the key to the sex club
21:22he gets a look of temptation on his face
21:25and immediately decides he has to go
21:28there telling his wife he has to go out
21:31suddenly his wife is no longer answering
21:33him as she calls to her
21:35and when she is revealed to be a spider
21:38she backs up in fear of
21:41getting squashed
21:44jake was able to successfully eliminate
21:47the unfaithful narcissistic portion of
21:51but at the first sign of temptation he
21:54goes back to his adulterous ways
21:57this is why she reacts in fear
22:00jake is a spider killer
22:03he can't control his urges and can't
22:05commit to a healthy relationship
22:08or to the eventual family he will have
22:11which he views as almost like a
22:14which is something he is defiant to
22:18the attack of the 50-foot woman poster
22:21the song the cheater playing in the
22:24his torn photo of him and his wife
22:27all support that version of himself was
22:30haunted by fear of women his
22:32unfaithfulness and his attempts to ruin
22:35his marriage
22:37so why the look of accepted
22:41remember earlier in the film when
22:42history teacher jake said this and it's
22:45important to remember this that this is
22:47a pattern
22:48that repeats itself throughout history i
22:51believe jake has realized he's
22:53restarting the same pattern he's
22:55repeating his same mistakes almost
22:57instantly upon moving on from them at
23:00the first sign of temptation
23:02interestingly the film ends with him
23:05missing a call from his mother and
23:09with his receiving a voicemail from her
23:12also remember this it was hegel who said
23:16that all the great greatest world events
23:18happened twice
23:20and then
23:21karl marx added the first time it was a
23:23tragedy the second time
23:25to farce i believe after having finally
23:28gotten over his adultery and moving on
23:30from that initial tragedy
23:33he now realizes this repeating process
23:36is just going to be a joke eventually a
23:40an unavoidable negative of his life he's
23:43just going to have to deal with
23:45think about it as humans when we
23:48constantly deal with a problem of some
23:50kind that doesn't go away
23:52eventually we begin to accept it and
23:54sometimes we even look for the humor in
23:58so lastly what does the film's title
24:01who is the enemy
24:03he is the enemy is himself his desires
24:07his fears his inability to have a normal
24:11and these things will eventually lead to
24:13the destruction of his sanity his
24:15marriage and possibly even his life
24:18i'm an optimist though so i like to
24:20think that he works things out often
24:22fictional movie worlds somewhere
24:25enemy in my opinion is a masterpiece of
24:29a film that actually requires serious
24:33i love it and i am so glad to have
24:35finally come to what i feel is an
24:37accurate understanding of it
24:39thanks so much for watching guys and i
24:41hope this has helped you understand the
24:42film a little more as always if you like
24:45this you can click right here and get
24:47stuck manized
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the central theme of the film 'Enemy'?

The central theme of the film 'Enemy' revolves around the protagonist's fear of commitment, struggle with identity, and infidelity. It delves deep into the symbolism and metaphors, using spiders to represent women and exploring the themes of dictatorship and the repetition of history.

2. How does 'Enemy' portray the protagonist's struggle with identity?

'Enemy' portrays the protagonist's struggle with identity through the use of deep-rooted symbolism and metaphors. It highlights the inner conflict of the central character as he grapples with his fear of commitment and infidelity, ultimately leading to a realization of being trapped in a cycle of repeating mistakes.

3. What are the symbolic representations of women in 'Enemy'?

In 'Enemy', spiders are used as symbolic representations of women. The film explores the complex dynamics of relationships and the protagonist's perception of women through this metaphor, adding layers of depth and intrigue to the storyline.

4. How does 'Enemy' explore the theme of dictatorship?

'Enemy' delves into the theme of dictatorship through its symbolism and storyline. It metaphorically represents the control and dominance within relationships, drawing parallels to historical and political dictatorships, adding a captivating layer of complexity to the narrative.

5. What realization does the protagonist have in 'Enemy'?

In 'Enemy', the protagonist ultimately realizes that he is trapped in a cycle of repeating his own mistakes. This realization comes after a journey of exploring fear, identity, infidelity, and the intricate symbolism present throughout the film.

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