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Interview with Erin James, the first female to ever do OnlyFans in Australia, discussing her experiences and thoughts on topics such as star signs, taking control in relationships, and the negativity and judgement associated with OnlyFans and topless waitressing.
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Erin James discusses the early days of OnlyFans and how she was perceived by others.
People were divided into "team Erin" or "team not" and debated about her on social media.
She felt like a topic of discussion despite not knowing most of the people involved.
Erin talks about the lack of guidance in the early days of OnlyFans and how it was seen as an entrepreneurial venture.
She addresses the misconception that OnlyFans creators are not intelligent and expresses confidence in her decision.
The speaker discusses the difference in attitudes towards success and judgment between Newcastle and the Gold Coast.
In Newcastle, the speaker feels judged and bothered by the negativity and preconceived notions.
On the Gold Coast, people are more laid back and open to different pursuits such as influencers, photographers, OnlyFans creators, and podcasters.
The speaker believes that in Newcastle, there is more of an ego-driven mentality where someone else's success is seen as a threat to their own chance at success.
The speaker discusses her experience at a burger franchise in Australia and how a guy's choice of burger can reveal a lot about his decision-making skills and personality.
The burger franchise called Grilled is popular in Australia and is claimed to be a healthy burger place.
The speaker believes that the choice of burger can reflect a person's ability to make decisions for themselves.
She mentions a specific burger called the Simon Says Burger and expresses her confusion about why guys often order it.
The speaker points out that she has never seen a girl order the Simon Says Burger, suggesting that it is more commonly ordered by guys.
The speaker finds it cringe and embarrassing when people base their actions on their star signs and try to impress others with it.
The speaker dislikes when men try to flirt by asking about star signs.
They think it's dumb and lame to live life based on star signs.
They believe some men pretend to like star signs just to impress girls.
The speaker discusses her experience in the topless waitressing industry and her newly single status.
She stopped topless waitressing when she was with her ex, but is now considering returning to it.
The conversation turns to the idea of changing her name to a Dutch name or identifying as Belgian.
They discuss a video about a child identifying as a cat in school, considering it a form of mental illness.
The speaker discusses the issue of transgender individuals competing in sports of their transitioned gender.
The speaker disagrees with transgender individuals competing in the sports of their transitioned gender.
They argue that men have natural advantages in terms of power, strength, and size.
They mention that even some transgender individuals agree that competing in the sports of their transitioned gender is not appropriate.
They suggest that transgender individuals should have their own separate sports categories.
The speaker discusses their desire for a man to take control in various aspects of their life.
They express a preference for a man to make decisions and plan activities.
They mention wanting a man to take control in the bedroom.
They also mention enjoying when a girl takes the initiative in certain situations.
00:00some girls do just crave a big one and
00:01there's nothing wrong with that either
00:02it's getting like slammed and like it's
00:04like because they're angry at you the
00:06moon it's the moon what's your sign
00:09is a woman's cervix longer than a man's
00:21hello ladies and gentlemen and all the
00:24other pronouns around the world welcome
00:25back to the new and improved Shadow band
00:28we had to do a name change I won't go
00:30into too much detail but a few things
00:32happened we are no longer outspoken was
00:34a great name the new name is even
00:36greater it actually suits me better
00:38because we are always Shadow banned
00:39being edgy controversial somewhat risky
00:41content creators Shadow band is now the
00:44name so welcome back everyone and um
00:46we've had a bit of a break a whole club
00:49we've had a whole lot of things going on
00:50pretty much so uh thanks for being
00:52patient thanks for sticking around and
00:53it is great to be back and it's great to
00:55see you all I hope you enjoy this
00:56episode we have got a lot to cover today
00:58and a beautiful guest very good friend
01:00of mine from Newcastle one of the very
01:02first if not the very first female to
01:05ever do only fans in Australia ladies
01:07and gentlemen and other pronouns welcome
01:09the Beautiful the lovely the funny the
01:10happy The cheerful Aaron James hello
01:13thank you so much for having me how are
01:16you sweetheart I'm really welcome a
01:18little shot just I'm very nervous around
01:20pretty girls no I know I know you are
01:22I'm very nervous you've never been
01:23around many very nervous amount I do
01:25need a chaser though a chaser you've got
01:27a beer
01:29[ __ ] me all right do you love
01:33dangerous wig rest in peace greatest man
01:35ever ah
01:38true blue Aussie Aaron bloody lovely to
01:40have her smashing down a beer and a shot
01:42of Vaude at 11 in the morning on a
01:43Tuesday if you're wanting to sponsor me
01:45hit me up probably not a bad idea she's
01:48got a lovely Personality yeah I was
01:51gonna say other things but that's not
01:53the kind of guy I am so what's been
01:54happening love it's been a while one way
01:56to see her you look great thank you so
01:58um yeah I just got new boobs so really
02:00that'll do it and how much would that
02:02set you back oh
02:04about it
02:07oh yeah so it was a redo so I did the
02:11initial surgery and my tits weren't that
02:13bad to begin with that's what's even
02:14more annoying my tits are actually not
02:15too bad I just like gained weight and
02:17lost weight and started training harder
02:19and I got a bit saggy so I was like [ __ ]
02:21it like I do only fans I want like
02:23voluptuous I want to feel confident when
02:25I'm taking nudes obviously there's
02:26nothing wrong with what I'm done I went
02:28to the best of the the best the king of
02:29boobs I'm not going to say anything
02:31because I'm gonna get sued but but I
02:34paid 17 grand oh whoa for initial
02:36surgery one ended up higher than the
02:38other I know I lost weight and then they
02:41were a lot smaller because they did Fat
02:43grafting as well or none of that held
02:45and so I went back and got revision and
02:47he did it cheaper for me but it was
02:49still another I think that he's written
02:51it down as like it being like a health
02:53complication so my health care will
02:55cover a thousand dollars which at least
02:56that's nice I think I end up being about
02:58seven Grand further out of pocket so you
03:00do the math 17 plus seven you know what
03:03though I always look okay quick question
03:04can someone like yourself can you claim
03:06that on tax because what you do for work
03:08has to do with your appearance
03:09unfortunately no that's not a tax
03:10write-off not that one yeah I know in
03:12the United States I think it can be a
03:14tax write-off in America because their
03:15laws are a lot different to here in
03:16Australia but if you're a woman in
03:18Australia you can't write off your fake
03:19boobs unfortunately no but you can yeah
03:22if you do only fans you can cover a
03:24quite a bit on tax but that's pretty
03:25good talking about only fans I think a
03:28lot of people would be interested to
03:29hear this you are to me anyway and I
03:31think to a lot of people you're probably
03:32the very first girl that did only fans
03:34in Australia honestly like I tell people
03:36this and they don't believe me but I
03:38have to be I swear to God when I'm and
03:40the fact
03:41Castle makes it even weirder because
03:43like where I live in Newcastle like not
03:45an accepting place just just for a bit
03:48of uh just for a bit of reference for
03:49everyone to sort of cut you off just a
03:51bit of reference we are from the same
03:52pretty much the same Hometown I grew up
03:54about an hour away from her but we've
03:55both lived in the same town of Newcastle
03:57so we've dealt with similar problems a
03:58whole lot of [ __ ] and beautiful
04:00place just not the greatest starting to
04:02live in just horrible like novocation
04:06you know I won't always bag it you know
04:08there's a lot of good memories a lot of
04:09good people still there and it is a
04:10beautiful place great beaches great food
04:12a lot going on but you know it's one of
04:13those tall poppy syndrome places where a
04:15lot of people don't want to see people
04:16do well and doing something out of the
04:18ordinary you're going to cop [ __ ] as you
04:19would have so what was it like how long
04:22ago what year was it when you started
04:23only fans
04:25I think it was 20
04:282018 2018. it would have been 2018. 2018
04:31I'm pretty sure it was just after I
04:33graduated high school so how old were
04:35you I was
04:37I would have just turned 19. okay well
04:39so you're over age yeah yeah yeah but I
04:42was doing a little bit like a little key
04:44under just to get by like I did and I
04:46lived out of home since I was 17 and it
04:48was like the only route that I knew sort
04:49of thing anyways yeah you gotta [ __ ]
04:53pay the rent you gotta feed yourself at
04:55the end of the day I gotta feed the kids
04:57man yeah
04:58exactly right but um yeah it was
05:01honestly it was a lot so when I first
05:04started it like my mum and I didn't have
05:06a great relationship because I lived at
05:07a home for like a year and a half she'd
05:09blocked my number and my mum's very well
05:11off she's a surgeon so you know I'd like
05:14and I her and I are on great terms now
05:16she's dealt with a lot of her problems
05:17which had a lot of childhood trauma that
05:18kind of caused her to not really be
05:20interested in our relationships have
05:23like you know it's just some problems
05:24with that which is why everyone always
05:26thought that it was because I mean
05:28anyways it was like mainly her problems
05:31but she thought of that we've moved on
05:32whatever but starting it she was just
05:34like because everyone was like do
05:35parents know I was like yeah my mum
05:37knows and like my dad doesn't carry that
05:39they were like you're you're an adult
05:40you can do whatever you want I just hope
05:42you know what you're doing and I was
05:44like I'm telling you now because at the
05:46time all I did was just like a few titty
05:47Peaks like undies on you know what I
05:49mean you're an OG when it comes to like
05:51homemade kind of like doing actual adult
05:52content as well here there's like
05:54there's not many Aussies here that were
05:55before you and you know you were very
05:57early to the game especially in only
05:58fans you might have girls doing
05:59webcaming in the Snapchat crap back in
06:02the day but I mean in terms of only fans
06:03you're for sure like the first girl I've
06:05ever known of that's that was doing only
06:06fast I don't think anyone else in
06:07Newcastle in Australia was doing it
06:09definitely no one in [ __ ] Newcastle
06:11but being in Newcastle really Amplified
06:12that because I did it and then suddenly
06:15because I was like what 18 19. suddenly
06:17all these [ __ ] like 26 27 28 year
06:19olds are like writing fake this is when
06:22Facebook was a thing that's how [ __ ]
06:23long ago I hate to break it I hate to
06:25break it to you Facebook is still a
06:27thing oh but I it's really a thing
06:30people would go on there and post
06:31statuses all the time I had to go
06:33through that [ __ ] too I'm doing that
06:34anyways so they were like this [ __ ]
06:37little chick it's so like it was
06:38literally like team Aaron or team not
06:40and it was this whole big debate and I'm
06:42getting tagged in like these [ __ ]
06:43statuses with like 300 likes of people
06:45being like just just voicing there
06:48and I'm like where the [ __ ]
06:52well I was just like like what's like
06:54what's like it was just wild to me that
06:56I'm just this big topic of discussion
06:58when like I don't even know this comes
06:59well me jumping on the the other side
07:02I'll be a little bit unbiased from both
07:03ends you know it was it was early days
07:04you know so you couldn't really look to
07:06anybody else the way it is now like
07:08[ __ ] like one in two girls are pretty
07:10much doing only fans so it's like 50 of
07:11people trying to do it you know what I
07:12mean and when you did it there was no
07:14one that you could be oh this person did
07:16well from it all this it was like it was
07:18a lucky dip exactly it was an
07:19entrepreneurial thing though this is the
07:21thing and I promised my mum and my mom
07:23knows me my mum knows how I'm very
07:24intelligent and like not to teach my own
07:26horn but I I know my [ __ ] feel like
07:28people like who do only fans especially
07:30girls just get put in this [ __ ] like
07:32category of your dumb so not true with
07:34me and this is another thing that I
07:36think a lot of people were really
07:36concerned of with me because I was like
07:38Aaron you're like so smart you go to
07:40this academically selective High School
07:42you have so much potential why are you
07:44wasting it doing something like this
07:45like you've ruined your life now you're
07:46never going to be anything and I'm like
07:48I'm telling you two three is time
07:49everyone will be doing this I'm [ __ ]
07:52I just knew it I just [ __ ] knew it
07:54like I just had this gut feeling and I
07:55just I looked at the logistics of it and
07:58then covert hit and that was really when
08:00only fans took off but I said it was
08:02well that's when I started yeah me and
08:04my old partner you know we did it kind
08:06of peak over it a little bit and that's
08:07that's when you know a lot of the world
08:08couldn't travel or do certain things and
08:09then blew it up kind of that year
08:112020-ish roughly but um you know you do
08:13deserve a lot of credit a lot of people
08:14you know kick [ __ ] on only fans people
08:16and people are doing so oh you can't
08:17call yourself an entrepreneur you can't
08:19it's like well you kind of can in a way
08:20because you saw the opportunity before
08:22it was really a well-known opportunity
08:23it's a big risk that you have to take
08:25you have to deal with bullying a whole
08:26bunch of [ __ ] people even even
08:28probably friends of yours just deciding
08:29they don't want to be good to you
08:30anymore you would have had to go through
08:32a huge process of your life of just
08:34changing so many little things around
08:36because that's what you chose to do and
08:37you stuck it out and here you are x
08:39amount of years later got plenty of
08:41money you look amazing you're healthy
08:42you're happy you're doing well you
08:43traveled around the world you've made a
08:45living out of it you've done very well
08:46for yourself and you're a great person
08:47no matter what you've been through so
08:48thank you I think that's a good little
08:50message for people out there I
08:51appreciate that like at the end of the
08:53day like like to put it like plainly I
08:56was a bit of a Pioneer and like I knew
08:58that it paid off because I'm telling you
09:00you know Newcastle being from like that
09:02area yeah I'm telling you back then
09:04before it was even even like no one even
09:06knew what only fans was they were
09:07calling it fans only I would I dead set
09:10walk into like clubs there and [ __ ] like
09:12that people would spit on me people ever
09:15like ran the whole club that I would
09:17know would be every the minute I walk in
09:19Erin James earn James Aaron James like
09:21swear at me [ __ ] shame me this and that
09:24I had to deal with [ __ ] like that myself
09:25I know what it's like I can literally
09:26relate it was almost
09:31[ __ ] kid 25 in a couple of days get
09:33[ __ ] I was unsettling before this be
09:35happy for me [ __ ] you you know what I'm
09:38saying it's like people are jealous
09:39they're just like oh wait there's
09:41actually like a [ __ ] market for this
09:42and they were just so butt hurt over it
09:44they're like nah it's funny how you say
09:46it's like why does it bother people so
09:47much you know it's like they are
09:48entitled to their opinion but it doesn't
09:50give them a right to [ __ ] not only
09:52bully you but like spitting on you
09:54throwing [ __ ] like yelling [ __ ] that's
09:55like assault it's just harassment it is
09:57assault in a way like spitting's for
09:59sure legally it's a soul if someone's to
10:01spit on me I'm not a tough guy someone
10:03just to spit on me like that's that's a
10:04problem that's a big problem if I can't
10:06fix it I'll get someone to fix it I'm
10:07not being spat on is horrendous that's
10:10like highly disrespectful yeah it was
10:13probably men doing it too [ __ ] women
10:15too and that yeah that's even worse like
10:17to watch the men which is gorking they
10:19were loving it but like it was mainly
10:21the jealous girlfriends whose man had
10:22probably subscribed yeah I just don't
10:24know what's like even with me it was a
10:26lot less controversial the stuff that I
10:27did in my early days you know like but
10:29not I'm not going to call myself a
10:31Pioneer but I was very early days to the
10:32Facebook videos to doing all these
10:34things you know I've gone back nearly
10:35nine years ago when when it wasn't
10:36really a thing there wasn't many people
10:38Vine was popular in America but it
10:39wasn't here really
10:41and I started doing my Facebook videos
10:43and I had to deal with that people
10:44yelling [ __ ] out throwing [ __ ] [ __ ]
10:46commenting sharing all my videos this
10:47guy's an intention Seeker people saying
10:49oh what are you gonna really do like
10:50what's like your actual like career
10:52going to be because he's going to do in
10:5310 years and what are you gonna do if
10:54you can't remove you running around
10:55naked I'm like oh [ __ ] laugh at it
10:58I'm not even guaranteed to be here in 20
10:5930 years from now well that's a [ __ ] way
11:01to live like I get it you don't want to
11:03ruin your future and your kids and that
11:04but it's like why would you live your
11:06whole life too scared to do anything
11:07with a little bit of risk that you're
11:08like oh what happens if it's an if
11:10you're not guaranteed to hit 50 or 70 or
11:12even 30 it's like enjoy your life do the
11:15things I just enjoyed it and it's the
11:17same as you I was true to myself I was
11:18like I see where Facebook's going there
11:20was no money involved everyone including
11:22lots of my family members in a nice way
11:24they're like oh you need something else
11:25you can't just rely on this but we
11:26support you you're smart enough dude you
11:28know what you're doing them I did that
11:29too and I had to deal with shitty people
11:30especially in Newcastle just like you so
11:32well we're lucky in the sense that we
11:34had you clearly you and I both had
11:36really good supportive families and just
11:38understanding my mum really wasn't in
11:40any position to be judging me because
11:42she but at the same time because I'm
11:44very similar to my mom like to the point
11:46right no I don't know does she look much
11:50like you she I don't know she stopped
11:52dying her hair dark and then she let
11:54herself go gray but she's like I'm not
11:56gonna be against the old I'm getting the
11:57old gray hair down she's very she's she
12:00weighs less than me
12:02she's a little lean thing no she's my
12:04higher but she's just [ __ ] like
12:06really really looks after her health so
12:08she's [ __ ] hot no I don't think
12:10she'll think you'll think that she
12:12doesn't want people to think that
12:13because she gets judged as being a
12:14doctor for that she gets like oh my God
12:16don't tell me she's a doctor as well
12:18dude she's a she's a gynecologist
12:20obstetrician and she gets referred to by
12:22old women who are still so good I try to
12:24stay nice and respectful to Mama Aaron
12:26but she's a doctor she's she's smallish
12:29she's got she takes care of her health
12:31she might look a little bit like you
12:34all I'm saying is I don't really look
12:36like my parents okay well then I don't
12:37want anything to do with it I want
12:39anything to [ __ ] do with her all
12:40right nothing
12:41thank you but um it's okay I'm fine with
12:45that exactly so where you're at now
12:47you're looking at changing location
12:48finally after a while oh my god I've
12:50been like I'm ignoring about it for so
12:52long and I've the amount of times I've
12:54been like oh let's move up to Gold let's
12:55move up to Goldie just because purely
12:57every time I'm up here like it for one
12:59there are so many other creators up here
13:01now like it's quite a common thing up
13:02here but also I just feel so much
13:04positive energy up here like even just
13:06if I go out some any even just to like a
13:09[ __ ] a Westfield and I'm not like a
13:11[ __ ] super influencer like you like
13:13I've got 173k come on don't downplay it
13:16though you know it's not to the extent
13:18of like I'm a celebrity but I literally
13:20in Newcastle cannot even go to the
13:21[ __ ] local shops without some [ __ ]
13:23looking at me and being like and it's
13:25just like oh I cannot be bothered for
13:27that I don't like the negativity I don't
13:29like the Judgment I don't like the
13:30preconceived notions and I don't get
13:33that up here I think the Gold Coast is a
13:35bit more laid back in the sense that you
13:36look around here a lot of people are
13:37trying to do the influencers
13:38photographers even only fans people or
13:41podcasts people up here are trying to do
13:43a little things that are a bit different
13:45to the norm and the people here that
13:46don't want to do those things are a bit
13:47more just like oh whatever they don't
13:48care like it's I think it's more of like
13:50an ego thing down in Newcastle where
13:52it's like you know I've got an ego for
13:53sure but I like to keep mine in a good
13:55healthiest way to use it to my advantage
13:56but people down there like oh someone
13:58else's success is going to rule my
13:59chance at success and that's how they
14:00look at it down there and they just like
14:02oh this person's from where I'm from so
14:04if he makes it and does well it's like
14:05[ __ ] him he did this he did that it's
14:06like he did this to me in high school
14:08exactly bring up [ __ ] from when you were
14:10like 13 years old like cool I don't care
14:13yeah I'll own anything I'm an open book
14:15to everyone everyone can get [ __ ] who
14:17cares about not people watching not the
14:19people watching yeah I love you guys
14:20what you did when you're a little
14:22insecure kid one comment you made at
14:23high school like legit form someone's
14:26entire opinion about your entire
14:27personality and being it's crazy and
14:30they don't they don't respect the
14:31changes and like the like the evolving
14:33it's like me now at 20 28 compared to
14:35who I wasn't 18 I wouldn't even like
14:36recognize who I used to be you know I
14:38mean I've learned so much I've lived in
14:40so many different countries now I've met
14:41and experienced so many interactions
14:42with so many people new relationships
14:44whether with women or even just friends
14:46I've been through new traumas had to
14:48overcome new things you know and it
14:49builds you and molds you into like a
14:51different type of person so me looking
14:52back on who I used to be I'm like they
14:54can talk about me but they're talking
14:55about someone that they don't know
14:56anymore yeah they're talking about
14:57someone that existed 10 plus years ago
14:59not the person that's standing here
15:00right now exactly and look I didn't used
15:03to know the oldie but I've said this to
15:04you many times like the person that you
15:06are and all of the [ __ ] you've achieved
15:07and I've seen firsthand like how you've
15:10interacted with other people in certain
15:12situations that has really made me
15:14respect who you are as a person and like
15:16not to [ __ ] research and selfie about
15:18this but seriously you should [ __ ] be
15:20proud of it
15:25just staring at two things that are on
15:27your body but I'm not gonna say what
15:28they are no they're New Hope no the eyes
15:30okay good very good breasts anyway you
15:34were saying just briefly before we sat
15:35down something about a little bit of
15:37gambling you've been doing a little bit
15:38of gambling or you had a few problems
15:40with not being able to get a bit of
15:41money somewhere oh
15:43the online pokies nothing like the
15:46online pokies so you were using a
15:47different beers are flowing shots flow
15:50and I'm like oh [ __ ] you got money I'm
15:52nearby I've got [ __ ] eat some money
15:54in my account and you got money you got
15:56money stuck in one of them yeah I hate
15:57having cash out I'm like let me brutally
15:59interrupt you and cut you off because
16:02there's a place called Joe Fortune
16:03online and they're on online pokies and
16:05they are amazing you will never have
16:06those issues I've been playing them a
16:09lot and I actually do love them so if
16:10they're interested in talking to me
16:12please talk to me because I'm desperate
16:13I love you I'm not someone who's gonna
16:16say gambling's always going to win or
16:18always going to lose things but I've had
16:19great experiences with Joe Fortune
16:21they're great online uh pokies you can
16:23do a whole bunch of different gambling
16:24on there and you're not gonna get money
16:25stuck they're very good and they're
16:27actually very popular and they're
16:27starting to like really expand out here
16:29so I don't like to gamble all that often
16:31with like betting and like things like
16:33that or take the chance but it's
16:34laughing stuff like that is it's a
16:36little bit of fun the thing is but like
16:38you're gonna go to the pub and do it
16:39anyway so I'm like [ __ ] it if you can do
16:41something that like the online ones just
16:43always have better payout I'm Different
16:44I don't really go to the pub I don't
16:46like going to the pub I like to just
16:48chill here like a little [ __ ] hermit
16:49crab and work out eat gamble have a
16:51little bit of smoky smoke here and there
16:52you know what I mean but maybe that's
16:54the like the not wanting to go out into
16:56a public place in Newcastle the more
16:58low-key the better I would rather go to
17:00like the lowest of the keyest of the
17:01pubs I've never had one issue with
17:03anyone here since living in Brisbane or
17:04the Gold Coast oh and I don't think I
17:06will either that's why I'm so excited
17:07even on a night out I haven't had
17:09someone be rude to me someone be nasty
17:11you might get something like oh your
17:12shit's not fine I'm like cool that's
17:13fine that's your opinion you're not
17:13being a [ __ ] you're just being honest
17:15I'm in respect honesty like where
17:16there's opposed to down there it's like
17:18oh you're a [ __ ] wanker you're this
17:19you're an attention seeker you're gonna
17:20do this like cool man oh you [ __ ] did
17:22this when you were 14. which one right
17:27from the new hotel
17:31[ __ ] we're gonna we're gonna exploit a
17:33uh exploit have deleted his name as we
17:35just said about yeah
17:37he's someone that's just like got two I
17:39had to remind you so you know but [ __ ]
17:41that's funny
17:42no you went to the effort to make little
17:44and people have done this to me too like
17:46do you know people have dead set sent
17:49like photos of like like I don't even
17:51know who these people are or why they
17:53would ever have such a like
17:56such a like Vendetta against me to do
17:59something so horrible and you've not
18:00done anything personally wrong to them I
18:01don't know who did it but like someone
18:03has sent like nudes like leaked nudes of
18:05me in an in a Happy Father's Day card
18:08found out where my dad lives in Tasmania
18:10and sent them to him wow I know like how
18:13horrible people are just people are just
18:16actually that's the funny thing people
18:18might look at someone like us like oh
18:19they're just so shamelessly putting
18:20themselves naked or they're doing this
18:21and they don't care they're this I'm
18:22like you know what cool this we're not
18:23like Pricks to other people like that
18:25exactly and my mom like I her and I had
18:27a big conversation when we like
18:28rekindled and like all of like this only
18:30fancy just happened
18:32you'd love that I've got the image in my
18:35head and it looks lovely but anyways I
18:37need to show I don't know I don't call
18:39it that that's a title bro I can feel a
18:41bit of blood rushing somewhere in my
18:42body no I'm not talking about my [ __ ]
18:45I'm talking about my brain and my heart
18:48is getting very full and that's about it
18:51yeah do it again
18:52it's a little bit more a little bit more
18:53there we go
18:57is that how it sounds dreary
18:59just for everyone watching you can find
19:01her online we will have all of her
19:02socials attached in the description
19:04Aaron James on Instagram is probably the
19:06best place to look for her and give you
19:07a demo a demo
19:15not bad oh yeah don't know about that
19:17one but the first part the first part
19:19started nicely and it was going
19:20somewhere yeah but um you want to see
19:22the rest of where it went you know
19:24there's nowhere to go Lincoln bio
19:26Lincoln wink Lincoln bio but um anyway
19:29Linkin Park
19:31we had a funny conversation not long
19:32before this podcast and I just had to
19:34bring it up again only because I wanted
19:35to share it with everyone one of your
19:36biggest ex happens to just be what men
19:38order in a burger place this
19:44looks like when you're playing beer pong
19:45and he chases after the [ __ ] the mid
19:48my specific egg that I've never heard
19:51before but it is it's been a Nick for me
19:53for years
19:54like because girl's a good place just to
19:57give everyone reference grilled is a
19:58burger franchise in Australia relatively
20:01claimed to be a healthy burger place
20:03it's chill it's like a relaxed Vibe
20:06anyways it's a great like kind of first
20:08date kind of like Vibe because you can
20:11go there and it's like you know it's not
20:12that serious it's not expensive like
20:14whoever pays doesn't matter or whatever
20:16it can be chill if I go there with a guy
20:20and he orders assignment says
20:21immediately no immediately no really
20:24immediately [ __ ] no like that tells
20:27me you have not looked at anything else
20:29on the [ __ ] man I don't believe for a
20:30second that that is what you mean you
20:33had someone else wanted it so you got it
20:34you got no sense of being able to like
20:37make decisions for yourself and actually
20:38choose like it means there's actually
20:41logic behind it also it's just a chat
20:43Burger it's [ __ ] [ __ ] chat Burger she
20:46reckons I'm gonna just have to just
20:48[ __ ] get on the offense because I
20:52don't mind the Simon Says Burger chicken
20:53bacon avocado a little bit of like
20:55salads what what's so bad about that oh
20:58that's fuckboy and he's [ __ ] boy it's
21:00[ __ ] boy it's [ __ ] boy what if a girl
21:01orders certain ingredients list they
21:03dama do they never do they never do I've
21:05never seen an oven any girls watching
21:07this have you ever ordered a Simon Says
21:08Burger I mean like I've been I've never
21:10been on a date with a girl I've [ __ ]
21:11girls but I don't think oh names of them
21:18we've gone from grilled to [ __ ] girls
21:20if I'm like [ __ ] a girl I need to be
21:24like the dominant one but if I'm being
21:25[ __ ] by a guy you'd like to be a bit
21:27more like yes yeah [ __ ] do you like
21:29dominant man because I'm a big girl like
21:31I need to be picked up I need to be able
21:33to be like dominated and like made feel
21:35little and made feel like feminine well
21:37I'm definitely not the man to do that
21:39but it's not about that I'm strong
21:42enough no it's not about that yeah it's
21:43about it's nothing to do with that like
21:45big dick to me sorry all the big dicks
21:48that's kind of [ __ ] big dicks hurt
21:50chicks yeah
21:52honestly I've never had a complaint mine
21:54isn't big I've never had a complaint but
21:56you know it is what it is I think I
21:57think it's like you need perfect girth
21:59and then just like an average width
22:01don't have it average average length
22:03perfect don't have it but you know what
22:07it's all right it looks pretty it's
22:09pretty good it looks pretty film it is
22:12good enough Goods it's got knife length
22:13if you don't doing with it is sweet my
22:15theory is just use your tongue and hands
22:17and [ __ ] around with a bit of foreplay
22:18first get get the job almost done before
22:20you even have to rely on that little
22:21fella down there because if you can do
22:22that it doesn't matter too much long
22:24term it might but I've had a few
22:25girlfriends long term never complained
22:27so I mean the biggest sick is them not
22:29wanting you to get off some girls do
22:31just crave a big one and there's nothing
22:32wrong with that either I can respect a
22:33girl that wants a big one
22:35I'll be lying if I said I haven't
22:37watched porn in my past I'm like [ __ ]
22:39it'd be cool to have a monster at some
22:40stage in my life just you know wrap
22:41three hands around it in my own mouth
22:43but anyway with conversation for another
22:45day well like I'm telling you now do you
22:48know like you're like a female's like
22:50cervix length is different depending on
22:53your time of the month so like sometimes
22:54it will hurt more it's a woman's cervix
22:56longer than a man's so the cervix is the
22:58top part of your vagina so like that
23:00length actually like shortens a little
23:02bit different times of the month so it
23:03will hurt more at different times of the
23:06month dude I've got all of the [ __ ]
23:07gynecologist facts here right now like
23:09just just
23:11a little bit anyway do we need to go
23:13over Anatomy I mean like this is the
23:15world we live in if you want to look at
23:17our anatomy you know where to go I
23:18identify as a cervix and if you disagree
23:21with that you're a bigot and if you're
23:22watching this and you think I'm not a
23:23cervix then you're wrong because yeah
23:25you date them pieces of [ __ ]
23:28whoa well that just like opened up
23:31something he the they Z he shim sure I
23:36actually I identify as a [ __ ] what
23:39are they called
23:40are they your pronoun no it's a meerkat
23:43so that's your pronoun it it's do you
23:45know I actually found pronouns I
23:47actually found pronouns when I was I was
23:49over in Africa on a trip and more like I
23:51was like getting involved with all the
23:52local people digging up trying to look
23:53for like jewels and stuff like that it
23:54was great it was a lot of fun but blood
23:56diamonds blood diamonds exactly and I
23:58stumbled across a whole bunch of
23:59pronouns buried and I was like whoa this
24:00is what a pronoun looks like and I got
24:02them and went to the airport I didn't
24:03take any photos I was like I want to
24:05savor this I want to put in a glass
24:06house like a glass box in my house I was
24:08like now I can show like I want to make
24:10a pronoun Museum one day and and because
24:12I support pronoun and the pronoun was
24:15just beautiful I picked it up and I
24:16brought it to the airport they're like
24:17sorry sir this is actually worse than
24:20drug trafficking we can't let you leave
24:21our country with this pronoun and I was
24:23like cool well the pronoun is staying
24:24here in Africa it's just mine I claim it
24:26and everyone's denied everyone's denied
24:28this stories legit and that's okay I
24:30know what I saw I saw a pronoun and I
24:32almost brought it home and I will get my
24:33pronoun one day get it back lock it away
24:36in a glass box here yeah I just don't
24:37want to be done for like trafficking or
24:39like you know holding people against
24:40their will you know because a pronoun is
24:41a living organism 100 pretty much fungi
24:44they grow like out like they they start
24:47like Plankton and algae exactly they're
24:49like an oyster yeah like very like the
24:50smallest organisms there are they're an
24:52oyster in the world yeah I feel like my
24:54brain is an ADHD enough
24:57everyone watching knows I've got [ __ ]
24:59crippling ADHD that's why sometimes he
25:01told me I had it I actually did know
25:03that I had ADHD no she just proved it
25:05until until Jackson and I met in Mexico
25:09and he's I always because people always
25:11go oh I've got undiagnosed ADHD shut the
25:13[ __ ] up you're just an Aries annoying
25:15[ __ ]
25:16you say Aries ah so I got a specific
25:20person in mind I'm not an astrology
25:21[ __ ] I hate that [ __ ] but that's one
25:23thing I said blame we gotta get through
25:24one thing at a time
25:26in a sentence I'm I'm just I've done a
25:29few of these so I'm slowly getting
25:30better with the ADHD so
25:32let's talk about ADHD then I want to
25:34talk about all the the astrology star
25:36signs because that's very popular in the
25:39world we live in right now I'm still
25:40unsure of where I am with it all you
25:42know what I mean so I'd like to hear
25:43your opinions on it all but I've got
25:44minutes Aaron definitely has ADHD uh I
25:47was diagnosed as a kid and re-diagnosed
25:49as an adult in the States and it's not a
25:51bad thing to have you know we've talked
25:52about ADHD a lot on here but just FYI
25:54guys that if there's a lot of fast
25:55talking a little bit of interrupting
25:57here and there I know it might get
25:58frustrating but we're doing our best all
26:00right you guys some of you probably know
26:01what it's like to have uh ADHD and you
26:04know that it gets a little bit hard to
26:05have normal you know conversations so
26:06we're doing our best just bear with us
26:08and I hope you're enjoying it and um
26:10Aaron just look at Aaron's tits anyway
26:11and if you're listening to this and
26:13can't see them bounce off them bounce
26:19anyways let's get back to the uh star
26:21signs now I want to talk about the star
26:22signs what's your thoughts on these on
26:25men or women or pronouns genders
26:27whatever else it is what do you think of
26:29the people who like live their life by
26:30that [ __ ]
26:32oh that was kind of hot I just
26:34I just find a cringe dude it's like
26:37especially when it's a man and he's
26:40coming up he's trying to flirt with me
26:41and he's like what's your sign I'm like
26:43shut the [ __ ] up [ __ ] you don't actually
26:46care about that [ __ ] you think I care
26:48about that [ __ ] even worse that I don't
26:50and even worse if you do and you
26:52actually are asking me I would prefer
26:55that you were just pretending to know
26:56about it to try and impress me but both
26:58of them are embarrassing it's a little
26:59bit feminine hey it's just like it's so
27:02[ __ ] dumb and lame I've got the
27:04theory if I will add that I think a lot
27:06of dudes pretend that they like it just
27:07to impress girls that's what I was just
27:09saying I'm like either way is [ __ ] it's
27:11embarrassing I support people for
27:13enjoying what they want to do if they're
27:14confident and they they support and they
27:15believe in it like I'm not gonna like
27:16make fun of them for it but we're
27:18entitled to our opinions too I just hate
27:21when people base their whole like they
27:22they blame their actions on it that's
27:24where I take issue with it leave
27:25whatever the [ __ ] you want I'm not here
27:27to stop you if that doesn't hurt me if
27:29it's not affecting me that's fine but
27:30when it does affect me I.E you're
27:32blaming your actions on your [ __ ]
27:34lame ass
27:41I feel like Jackson really is a
27:44Capricorn like he's very strong I'm a
27:46Taurus oh sorry
27:48that explains a lot see I believe in it
27:51man partially I mean [ __ ] star signs are
27:54slapping on me I believe in it when I
27:57want to believe it it's annoying how
27:59accurate it is but you know what's
28:01really funny is my ex when I lived in
28:02America one of her friends and her had a
28:03bit of a falling out I'm not going to
28:04name names or anything like it's just
28:05whatever girl problems um she's like oh
28:07the next day oh sorry it was a full moon
28:09and you know that's fine I was just a
28:12bit hormonal or angry because of the
28:13Moon and I'm like don't blame no [ __ ]
28:16moon for how your mood was see that's
28:18where I take issue like the fact that
28:19you just did like math all weekend and
28:20didn't eat any food or water and didn't
28:22sleep for three days that could have
28:23something to do with your mood you know
28:25what I mean the moon it's the moon not
28:28all the Bender I was just on And the
28:29fact I eat no nutrition food nutritious
28:31food and [ __ ] behind my skin exactly
28:34people are just so quick to blame
28:36everything but themselves
28:38like yesterday yesterday I was hungover
28:40as hell I was Moody I didn't sleep well
28:42I was coming down from a big weekend you
28:43know I was drunk as hell and I don't
28:45drink often anymore so it rattles me you
28:47know the girl he was like Moody I'm like
28:49yeah I'm [ __ ] Moody I'm hungover I'm
28:51Moody as hell [ __ ] deal with it oh
28:52[ __ ] and all you got to do is just like
28:55[ __ ] understand that that person's in
28:57that mindset right now and just try not
28:58to aggravate them yeah just got to be a
29:01bit chilling you know be respectful it's
29:02not [ __ ] hard talking about Instagram
29:04stuff I just want to talk about this
29:06before it slips my mind ADHD topics oh I
29:08know I know so the Instagram
29:09verification that they've brought out
29:11where you can pay for your verification
29:13now I'd love to get your thoughts on it
29:14because I know it's very torn down the
29:16middle some people hate it and they're
29:17making fun of everyone the other half
29:19are kind of like enjoying it oh my
29:20business is better you know easier to
29:22keep my account as a legit thing what's
29:24your thoughts so listen when it first
29:27came out because I have had copious fake
29:29accounts on me there was actually a
29:30scandum in Belgium that I keep getting
29:32[ __ ] like emails I've got about 30
29:34emails really I can bring up yeah there
29:36was a whole scandal in Belgium from
29:38people using my photos like leaked
29:40photos from only fans to catfish under a
29:43fake name to catfish these like Belgium
29:46celebrities call like like I'm I'm
29:49thinking like in my head like guys at
29:50Fashion levels you know what I mean like
29:53they're on [ __ ] like that okay anyways
29:56they catfish them into selling nudes
29:57using my photos and they [ __ ] like
30:00leaked them all over the Internet their
30:01wives have left their mouths on the
30:03front of all these like [ __ ]
30:04magazines like Evelyn Evelyn like they
30:07called me this
30:08so like they're in the home wrecker so
30:10like look there are there are fake
30:11accounts of me everywhere is the point
30:13and I have applied for many many many
30:16like verifications and they will not
30:19give me one because of many reasons I'm
30:21Shadow band and I have links and I
30:23obviously I'm a sex worker so they don't
30:25want to [ __ ] give me an American a
30:27verification because they can't so look
30:29in that sense I think that it wouldn't
30:31be the worst thing for someone like me
30:33like just to so people know like these
30:36are this is me this is my only account
30:37if anyone else who has a like new like
30:40new account messages them they're
30:42getting scammed I've had girlfriends
30:43like so not even girlfriends random
30:45people email me being like my dad has
30:48like literally gotten all these [ __ ]
30:49emails from this person he won't trust
30:51me that it's not really you they're
30:53using your photos he sent them so much
30:55money like from catfishes you know what
30:58I mean and that's sad and I've I've I've
31:00actually gotten on FaceTime with someone
31:02just to help out their dad because she
31:04was like please can you help me I don't
31:06know what to do he won't believe me like
31:07he keeps sending so much money to this
31:09person and I'm telling him it's not
31:11really you and they're just making up
31:12lies so I think in that situation like a
31:14Blue Tick could be beneficial because
31:16then it leaves get at least gives you
31:18that authenticity it's like your license
31:20is verified it's you yeah so my my
31:22opinion my this is a great little short
31:24for tick tock too anyone that's going to
31:25be editing this but um this is this is
31:28my exact opinion on anyone in the room
31:30this is my opinion on the new Instagram
31:32blue verification ticks you can buy is
31:34if you're using your social media to
31:36make money or as a tool to eventually
31:38make money definitely get it it's worth
31:41it that makes sense if you don't make
31:42any money or have no aspirations of
31:44using it to either become someone or
31:46make money from it in any whether it's a
31:48business or your own brand or anything
31:49then you don't need to buy it you just
31:51you're just doing it to pretend to be
31:52somebody and it's just a waste of money
31:54you're going to cancel it in three
31:55months when you can't afford it anymore
31:56anyway so if you're going to use
31:58Instagram as a tool to either do
32:00marketing or make money or promote other
32:01things get the verification it makes
32:03sense I [ __ ] hate Instagram but I
32:05mean this is It's a good tool for them
32:06to introduce I think it's nice because a
32:08lot of people had problems with getting
32:09verified and like you said it'll stop
32:11people from getting hacked uh banned
32:14innocent men from getting [ __ ] like
32:16catfished essentially they might they
32:18may still be dumb enough but like look
32:19at least if there's something it would
32:22at least it would make me more money too
32:23because they're not spending their money
32:25on these fake people they're spending it
32:27on me because they want to see me and
32:28that's exactly right so have you have
32:30you ever thought about how Wild it is
32:32that like people would send you
32:35theoretically money or like leave their
32:37wives for you like all these things like
32:40if you were the person doing it that you
32:42actually had the potential to do that I
32:45mean like as someone who's also worked
32:47in the topless waitressing industry and
32:50I see box parties you still do that I
32:53just I've done two jobs since they've
32:55broken up with my ex so I stopped doing
32:57it while I was with him you're newly
32:58single as well yeah there you go Lads
33:00any Lads out there sorry to the ex if
33:02he's watching it sorry brother but um
33:04anyways uh yeah back on the market it
33:06will be sorry I'm sure that they're all
33:08I'm I'm sure that there's uh plenty of
33:10um there'll be a very big line of men
33:11out there because you're not just a
33:13pretty face you're pretty full on and
33:15pretty wild but deep down you're very
33:17nice girl yeah maybe even some Belgium
33:19celebrities yeah oh yeah maybe I'll hit
33:21up the ones you thought exactly
33:23but come back to me sir your wife left
33:27you anyway I've got Alter Ego Evelyn of
33:30Belgium that's a pretty cool name Evelyn
33:33it's like an Elvish name like should we
33:35change your name right now like a Dutch
33:36name officially yeah you could just
33:39identify as that oh pronouns I don't
33:42know you don't have to like legally I am
33:43Belgium I'm not Australian I'm not
33:45taking Torres Strait on Islander I'm
33:47taking Belgium do you know I watched a
33:49video the other day on Tick Tock of this
33:50woman whose daughter is in school and
33:51she's like oh my my child in school
33:53she's in the fourth grade she now
33:55identifies as a cat so if a teacher asks
33:57her question she either goes like meow
33:59or she purrs and if she tells her that
34:02that's wrong or she has to like say to
34:04speak it's actually deemed some type of
34:06like offensive work I couldn't think of
34:07the I can't like derogatory that could
34:10be the one yeah so then they like and
34:11then the parents putting in complaints
34:12and stuff I was like that's mental
34:14illness that to me is mental illness no
34:16that's a cat that's a cat I love how I
34:19love how openly we're just talking about
34:20some of the most controversial current
34:21topics around the world
34:24violence right now it's annoying that
34:27it's controversial we should be able to
34:28we're humans we should be able to speak
34:29whatever the [ __ ] we want and have our
34:31opinion especially when it's not issues
34:33nothing that we're saying is malicious
34:35we're not I'm not saying death to all
34:36those people or I'm not saying that they
34:38shouldn't do it they're entitled to do
34:39it we're just we're allowed to say
34:41whether we support it or don't support
34:42it but yeah I'm not someone that I don't
34:44really not support anything I'm just
34:46like cool do you but don't it's like
34:47like currently push it on me like for an
34:49example right now the other day I cooked
34:50up a nice brisket a big 12-hour slow
34:52cooked brisket I'm getting messages from
34:53like some of my Muslim fans and I
34:55respect Muslim people all these things
34:56however they're like oh bro this is
34:58disrespectful it's Ramadan and I'm like
35:00but but but but but I'm like okay I get
35:03it I respect your Ramadan I understand
35:05all these things and I get it but I'm in
35:07Australia I am not a Muslim person you
35:09know I support that you're a Muslim
35:10person and I I respect you for what
35:13you're doing it's challenging to do some
35:14of these things and I anyone that has
35:16faith and full belief in these things
35:17cool good on you all the power to you
35:19but don't get upset that I'm still
35:20living my daily life I'm not going to
35:21change my daily life of eating food when
35:24I want to just to make you feel happier
35:26it's crazy like I think that's a pretty
35:28entitled way of thinking it's very
35:29interesting to someone else to you know
35:32be a respect thankful of your time your
35:34spiritual time when they are not
35:36themselves it's not like I'm going over
35:37to their countries wherever they are and
35:38eating right in front of them saying Oh
35:40it's like I'm just going about my
35:41everyday life and that's just how I do
35:42I'm not and I'm not sorry for that like
35:44it's not offensive what I'm doing I'm
35:46I'm allowed to cook up a nice feed and
35:47eat it like to be honest it's only a
35:49handful and I have a lot of Muslim
35:50friends who are like oh hell yeah that
35:51looks so nice I wish I wasn't in Ramadan
35:53I would love to eat that with you and
35:54I'm like yeah so they're not all like
35:55that you know not one doesn't speak for
35:57all and I get that and I've been out to
35:58Dubai a whole bunch of times and all the
36:00Muslim people were great like I get
36:01along with them Muslim in general no
36:03it's not entitled people it's it's an
36:05individual thing rather than a whole
36:06whether it's race or religion it's an
36:08individual thing it's not about the
36:09whole it's like Christians Catholics
36:12Jewish it doesn't matter like everyone
36:13it comes down to that person you know
36:15what I mean like they can have the
36:16choice to just be it be at peace with
36:18what they believe in and go about them
36:19like my friend Alex it's been Christian
36:20his whole life I've done a lot of dumb
36:22[ __ ] you know that probably wouldn't
36:24fall under a good category of being
36:25Christian but Alex is still my friend
36:27doesn't judge me Sports what I like to
36:29do I support what he does never any
36:31[ __ ] there you know what I mean and
36:33I've gone to church with him a couple of
36:34times because I want to learn [ __ ] you
36:35know what I mean and I think that's cool
36:37when like you've got calm patient
36:38understanding friends who are more
36:40accepting of things and just slowly
36:41willing to learn yeah I like to go there
36:43it's nice which like whether I'm
36:45extremely religious or not I've been
36:46enjoying going there and I like
36:47listening to things they talk about it
36:48all is relatable and
36:50they're not like trying to exactly like
36:52a shy or a closed book like it's nobody
36:54sees what you get so it's like that's
36:55like someone coming along to like you
36:57know like a model I mean like oh hey I
36:58love you and everything about you but
36:59change everything yeah I actually wish
37:01that you were a Wrangler why can you be
37:03Wrangler yeah like I really fell in love
37:04with you with this hair but like in two
37:06weeks you've got to be Wrangler that's
37:08not how it works the world's yeah some
37:09people are just very entitled and think
37:11very like heated they don't think
37:12logically you know I mean and I was
37:14guilty when I was young there was things
37:15that I didn't like about people and all
37:16these things you know like we're all
37:17guilty at some stage of that but I think
37:18now getting too old it's like it's it's
37:21just entitled and wrong to meet someone
37:22like oh hey yeah I want to date you six
37:23months later oh I can't believe you do
37:25this and expect them to change for you I
37:27don't I don't agree with I don't know
37:28the guy I can't personally speak I'm not
37:29gonna get involved in any [ __ ] you
37:30know what I'm like I'm just here to
37:31[ __ ] spread some good messages have
37:33some laughs talk about some
37:34controversial [ __ ] and have a bit of fun
37:36I don't really give a [ __ ] what anyone
37:37says or thinks either so yeah I've got a
37:40really interesting question so something
37:42happened recently in Canada at a
37:44weightlifting competition so those this
37:47transgender woman uh that like set the
37:50rest called massive record I think it
37:52was like 70 kilos or 100 kilos more than
37:56the previous record and then a a coach
37:59that uh just like was a man uh
38:01identified as a woman and she broke all
38:04the records by like 100 kilos and stuff
38:06what a true story hundred percent yeah
38:08it literally just happened like last
38:09week what do you think about that
38:12why were they even allowed to compete
38:14men facial
38:17everything but those
38:19those women that like was transgender
38:21and she like said all the records and
38:23stuff she's been translated wait wait
38:24wait so was the female to male
38:26transgender who beat all the men no male
38:29to female she like be all the women and
38:33then the coach of like one of the women
38:35hang on we need to stop for a second so
38:36it wouldn't be a problem if it was a
38:38girl going to guy Sports well because
38:39the thing is men like physiologically
38:42and biologically are stronger than women
38:44have higher strength High muscle mass
38:46lower body fat percentage all of that
38:48[ __ ] so if you're going the other way
38:50and you're beating them then it's like
38:53okay well you really [ __ ] that's
38:54impressive I still don't really agree
38:56with that I think no I think it should
38:57be like at least Fair like both if I say
39:00one thing that I should it should it
39:02should you know let me tell you
39:03something along these lines of this
39:04topic yeah if it's that easy for like
39:06men and women to identify as anything
39:07they want if I ever have to go to prison
39:09for a long time I'm going to be
39:10identifying as a woman but someone's
39:12done that have you heard that don't know
39:13yeah impregnated two women that's
39:16[ __ ] he knocked up girls in jail yes
39:19God a hundred percent how crazy is that
39:21there you go get out of jail free card
39:23that's not jail that's Heaven that's
39:24when you know there's a problem in
39:26society I'm like there has to be a line
39:27no I disagree with you all that is a
39:29great problem next time I break the law
39:32if I go to jail I kill someone um like
39:35would you just like wear a dress and
39:37stuff or would she like I'll just tell
39:38them that I identify as a woman oh
39:40that's it like genotypes just Jackson
39:42walking list like this yeah I'd probably
39:44like cut my [ __ ] off there's not much
39:45there to lose
39:48if I could go to a woman's uh prison
39:50over a man's prison I'd be I'd be
39:52attacked in a prison and I'd probably
39:54allow it and I probably would just have
39:55to submit to it but if I was in if I was
39:58in a woman's prison
39:59I'm gonna be the king of that [ __ ] yeah
40:01unless there's some real proper all the
40:03queen or the queen exactly well I mean
40:05if you're in prison and you're a woman
40:06you're probably there's probably some
40:07proper [ __ ] in there but at the same
40:10time not the same as men men just have
40:13the power and strength and size natural
40:15it's literally just biology at the end
40:17of the day that's why I take issue with
40:19it like don't be [ __ ] competing in
40:21the sports why is this even a debate I'm
40:24sorry like they and there's a lot of
40:26transgender people who agree with this
40:27too like they're like okay well yes I'm
40:29transgender and that's fine and I
40:30support them and that's happy I'm happy
40:32for them great glad that you like it but
40:34why the [ __ ] are you wanting to compete
40:36in the other gender sport you know I
40:37mean in your in your like transitioned
40:40gender sport that's it offensive to say
40:42that they could just have their own
40:43League of things you know have their own
40:44bathrooms have their own sports have
40:46their own
40:47sitting on a plane have their own like
40:50everything fat people should have that
40:52we should give them more than what we
40:53have so they can't ever attack us I
40:55think it's just breaking things up too
40:57much because then you could say like oh
40:59let's have
41:00like for people to transition one way
41:03and then the other way and then you
41:05could have like I don't know you could
41:07have the cats and the dogs in the humans
41:10and then the females anyways well we've
41:12been on this topic for a while I would
41:13like to move on to the next segment and
41:15this is a night a nice little funny
41:16little game segment that I've introduced
41:18now we've changed up a bit calls for a
41:20new little fresh fresh little flavor
41:22taste and for the people that are
41:23listening that aren't watching I'll just
41:25have to say it as we go we've got a
41:26little game called
41:28red light no red flag and green flag and
41:31as you can see the green flag looks a
41:33bit povo and that's because our Amazon
41:34Prime delivery didn't arrive in time so
41:36[ __ ] you Jeff Bezos for that be better
41:39yeah there's chewing gum holding that
41:40one in place thanks to courtesy of
41:42lachlan's saliva so I'm going to give
41:44you these two flags thank you sir and
41:46basically we're going to ask a series of
41:47questions if you were from fans and
41:48followers and a few for myself and a few
41:50are from me yeah God fans I want to talk
41:53to you so let me open up where are we
41:55all right so we're going to start off
41:57with red flag green flag and the first
42:00question is going to be well we've kind
42:02of talked about we've kind of uh
42:03addressed this people that are into like
42:04all their star signs
42:06ah red flag yep I can see that shut the
42:10[ __ ] up especially when it's just to try
42:13and impress me I'm like bro I know for a
42:15fact you don't actually think and if
42:18they do even think it even more cringe
42:19for me but if they're just doing it to
42:21try and impress me I'm like you're a
42:22phony you're fake as [ __ ]
42:27well do you know what do you know what
42:29pisses me off even more about it they
42:30always go but you're a Gemini I bet
42:32you're I bet you're a Scorpio and I'm
42:34like [ __ ] you my one's actually good
42:37you're basically just insulting me to
42:40someone who doesn't believe in [ __ ]
42:41star signs to come up to say I'm gonna
42:43be like I bet you're a Gemini it really
42:45is hey
42:46you might just say I'll feel like you're
42:48a [ __ ] well actually none of your shit's
42:51rotten I'm a Taurus I got a hectic star
42:53sign I'm honest and I'm loyal so [ __ ]
42:55you red [ __ ] Flag next question oh
42:58you're a true you're a true gem Erin
43:00Australia you're just an absolute
43:01General thank you for being here anyways
43:03next one thank you for having me your
43:05partner going clubbing every weekend
43:07without me with without red flag I don't
43:10mind if they're with me green if they're
43:12with me all right I can respect that Max
43:14I'm not real fast on that people who got
43:16the you know what jab oh don't say
43:18specific words please for security
43:20purposes because we're not allowed to
43:21talk about it I love you Joe Biden yeah
43:22Joe Biden's the best I'll get on my
43:24knees for that man
43:26the wall the fly in the in the leg hairs
43:29in in China anyways next do it so well
43:32it's actually fun he's like so Joe so
43:34Joe Biden uh how was your focus oh it's
43:36focused I I I'm about when the when the
43:39fly on the wall
43:42in sanctions anyways and China we don't
43:46like China men who don't brush their
43:48teeth red flag green flag you gotta hold
43:50it up you don't brush them ever just
43:52they don't they're not committed to it
43:53they don't do it enough what the [ __ ]
43:56yeah of course but some girls are into
43:58some [ __ ] you know what would have been
44:00a better one men who don't let you use
44:01their own toothbrush all right men who
44:03don't let you use their toothbrush
44:08you just grab your dirty [ __ ] plaque
44:11off your teeth let me scrap mine I'm
44:12just kissing your mouth anyway
44:14let me use your toothbrush if I'm
44:16staying at your house I want to go to
44:17bed and not stink in the morning small
44:21I don't care green flag she's a true G
44:23yeah right toxic relationships red flag
44:25green flag
44:27because I'm not gonna lie some people
44:28like that [ __ ] oh it's it's I don't want
44:31to be a hypocrite because I feel like a
44:33lot of mine have been toxic but I don't
44:35like it I don't want it to be that way
44:37so I'm gonna give it oh yeah
44:39that's your subconscious speaking you
44:42know what it is about the toxic
44:43relationships that I find is the sex
44:45gets pretty wild and I think that's
44:47something about it because you're always
44:48fighting or even make up sex breakup sex
44:51there's a lot of things so toxic it is
44:53it is very toxic but it's kind of oh
44:56there's nothing hotter though like [ __ ]
44:58you and you're getting choked because
44:59you get it because you're a bit of spit
45:01in the mouth yeah yeah yeah you're just
45:02getting like slammed and like it's like
45:04because you're they're angry at you and
45:05it's like the next question is a
45:07controversial one so I'm going to word
45:08it correctly red flag green flag people
45:10who blame being overweight on a genetic
45:16go to the gym ain't better it's not
45:19[ __ ] hard
45:22come on I put on weight easily but I
45:24don't [ __ ] just I actually work my
45:27ass off and I still party like a
45:29balanced lifestyle like there's no
45:31[ __ ] excuse for being an overweight
45:33piece of [ __ ] I don't think there's a
45:34problem with this when people start
45:35carrying on about it and being like it's
45:38my issue and then and then like [ __ ]
45:41it's lizzo spec and people like look how
45:43gorgeous she looks in this [ __ ]
45:45little tight body suit oh the whole body
45:47why don't you just say she's an amazing
45:49singer and an amazing performer yeah you
45:51don't have to comment anything about her
45:52appearance yeah neither do I but I mean
45:54we do anyway I loved that you post that
45:56yeah it's just sometimes I get a little
45:58bit of a chippy chippy on my shoulder
45:59and had to say something next question
46:01will be
46:02actually you kind of answered some of
46:04them like the next one was men who take
46:06control oh I love that that's a green
46:09flag hold that [ __ ] Flag up thank you
46:12so for me because I'm such a big
46:15personality and I like to like I know my
46:18[ __ ] and I've I make good decisions like
46:20about things if we're going to dinner
46:21I'll pick somewhere [ __ ] hectic like
46:23I will you know what I mean like I know
46:25that if I'm picking a hotel it'll be
46:26beautiful if I'm picking where we're
46:28going it will be nice I go out of my way
46:30to make things fun for other people
46:32because I care
46:33but I don't want to why can't a man do
46:36that like I would love for a man to like
46:38take control do all that [ __ ] for any
46:39kind of sure and in the bedroom too even
46:41also like I don't want to [ __ ] be the
46:43one who starts kissing you and they'll
46:44be like what are you on I'm like [ __ ]
46:46tell me what you want and hold me down
46:48however however I do like it when a
46:50girl's not I wouldn't say control I like
46:53it when like for example we could be
46:54laying up there you walk out of the
46:55shower freshly showered you're like
46:57smelling good you're looking good you're
46:58fresh you're warm and you sometimes
47:00walks out of a shower and sits on my
47:01face by accident like I'm gonna like
47:02that [ __ ] oh that's different obviously
47:04when you're at that stage but I'm just
47:06talking about like if even if that so if
47:08I walk out the shower freshly safe
47:09freshly [ __ ] ready to [ __ ] DTF I walk
47:13out the shower and they're like oh you
47:16look hot and they freak out don't know
47:17what to do yeah just like pin you up
47:19against the wall right I know I'm like
47:20do I really have to do like do I really
47:23have to initiate this right now like
47:24it's making it's giving me the ick that
47:26I have to go out of my way yeah we can't
47:28have the yeah
47:29you had a question what was your red
47:32flag what if he like loves entertain
47:35green flag Road flag
47:37um look
47:40I I I've seen I've seen a lot of Andrew
47:44and I'm I'm really like at a confusion
47:47type of place where I don't know what a
47:50lot of people are like that I don't know
47:51if he's just saying some of the [ __ ]
47:54that he says to be controversial to make
47:55him more money or if he actually
47:58believes it all because he contradicts
48:00himself a lot he'll say he'll yeah he'll
48:02say something really controversial and
48:04then he'll be on like a Piers Morgan
48:05interview and he will like backpedal on
48:08what he said he'll be like actually like
48:09no this is why I think that I really
48:11respect women I like a lot of his
48:13ideologies I will say though let me say
48:15something I think for example when he
48:16goes on a big news channel like Piers
48:18Morgan or something I think he kind of
48:20has no option but to just think of a
48:21smarter less intense way to say things
48:23otherwise he wouldn't be given that
48:24platform to speak so he can't be as
48:27Brash and as intense as he is on his own
48:29things because he's got that power
48:30whereas on the news or on someone else's
48:32thing they could just cut it all out
48:33they could they could manipulate it
48:34whereas if he words things smart sounds
48:36a bit more chill you know he did get a
48:38lot of hate for going on them shows for
48:39for being a bit more like logical but
48:41that would be my opinion I'm not a huge
48:43Die Hard fan of Andrew take I like a lot
48:45of the stuff he says a lot of the stuff
48:47he says about the women and other things
48:49I don't like you know it's one of those
48:50things I'd say like 80 to 90 of me
48:52really likes him yeah but I'm not like
48:53oh I [ __ ] love him like I have to be
48:55like no I don't care like I think people
48:57that idolize him that much they're kind
48:58of like embarrassing that's that's like
49:00uh like a die-hard like yeah yeah it's
49:02like a 15 year old virgin who just you
49:04need to idolize something it's just
49:05cringe it's like think for yourself it's
49:07people who aren't able to critically
49:09think if you are like proper die hard
49:11but at the same time I agree with you I
49:13do agree with like you know 80 90 of the
49:16[ __ ] that he says and the ideologies
49:17that he has I think are quite
49:19intelligent and I think look the thing
49:21that like that feminism in general has
49:24really ruined is the fact that there
49:25should be in heterosexual relationships
49:27a Max masculine and a feminine energy
49:29and people don't [ __ ] realize that
49:31and I used to be like I I this is why I
49:34can put my hands up because I'm able to
49:36admit my wrongs and I used to think
49:37there should be equality quality
49:39equality no equity way better there is a
49:41masculine role and there is a feminine
49:43role to every [ __ ] relay relationship
49:45and if there is they aren't being met
49:47for example in my previous relationship
49:50I felt like I started sapping into that
49:52masculine I was paying for things I was
49:54organizing things I was making the
49:55decisions I was doing all of the male
49:58things and then also the female things
50:00as well so then I lost respect
50:02and then sort of there's that imbalance
50:04it really just doesn't work yeah I could
50:06agree to a point to be honest I think
50:07one thing that I've noticed with around
50:08Tate is that you see a lot of girls
50:10jumping on and supporting him I think
50:13most females around the world that
50:14support Tate are only doing it for clout
50:16I think I think
50:18Andrew Tate's right what he says about
50:20women is Right everything he says is
50:22right they're just like then they
50:23they're the clout Chasers like the girls
50:25are the supporting Tate I support him I
50:27think he's cool I like him yes I'm gonna
50:29[ __ ] write off die a fan of his but
50:31like he'd be cool he's a cool guy he's
50:33Rich he's successful he's doing well but
50:34not at the moment in prison but no why
50:36not came out came out exactly but I
50:38think it's funny when you see all these
50:39girls though he is but you see he came
50:42out his prison you see girls like
50:44jumping on tick tock on Instagram like
50:46like oh like idolizing him and I think
50:48they're just doing it I love Andrew Tate
50:50they're only doing it do you know why
50:52they're doing it they're doing it
50:52because Andrew Tate's audience is
50:54perfect for a girl who does something
50:56like only fans or any of these things so
50:57if they go on there and kiss his ass and
50:59pretend that they love everything he
51:00talks about and throw their morals away
51:01it's like oh his whole audience is going
51:03to worship me because I'm a girl that's
51:05liking him and not many girls like him
51:06now I'm gonna get a whole bunch of
51:07subscribers so it's smart from girls to
51:09pretend they like him but doesn't he
51:10[ __ ] on anything else yeah he does so I
51:12can see through my [ __ ] I can see yeah
51:14it's it's an only fans it lowers a
51:16female's value blah blah blah blah so
51:18those things I don't agree with don't
51:19agree with him saying like you own a
51:21woman I don't agree with those yeah they
51:22do anything about like business or about
51:23like how a man should just you know be
51:25strong and do things I like all that he
51:26spreads a lot of good good messages and
51:28I like how he's not afraid to attack the
51:30[ __ ] Elites of the world and show up
51:33for what it is I think some of that
51:34stuff's really good you know but like I
51:35said a lot of things he says not great
51:37so I'm just I'm just a dad [ __ ] I'm
51:39not even confused I just come on I could
51:42not agree with you more Tomatoes
51:43Tomatoes [ __ ] anyways that's pretty
51:47much all we've got time for today it's
51:49flown by it's been [ __ ] amazing to
51:51pee really can I watch fine [ __ ] pee
51:54on you everyone
51:56anyways guys you can find Aaron's
51:59socials in the description of this thank
52:00you for coming back to the first episode
52:01of Shadow band it is good to be back I
52:03feel good I hope you guys enjoyed it
52:04very very wild episode you can expect a
52:08lot more of this we've got some very
52:09good guests lined up some very big
52:10things coming we're back every single
52:11week so turn on the Subscribe buttons
52:14notifications like this video leave a
52:15comment some guests he wants to see I
52:17love you all so
52:19really goodbye bye
52:26I'm on
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