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The video discusses the scandal that erupted when Hiyama Saya, a popular Japanese weatherwoman, revealed she was in a relationship with a professional tennis player. The scandal highlights the intense scrutiny faced by young women in the Japanese Idol industry, which encourages parasocial interactions with fans. While the backlash towards Saya eventually died down and she remains employed, the situation sheds light on the harmful expectations placed on female idols in Japan.
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Hiyama Saya, a popular weather reporter in Japan, gained millions of fans through cute clips and her nerdy interests, but some fans took their support too far.
Hiyama Saya has nerdy hobbies like cosplaying and gaming.
She became the most popular weather woman in Japan and was chosen as an ambassador for her home prefecture.
Fans supported her through fan-art, donations, and purchasing her essay/photo book.
Some fans were hoping to meet her in person.
Saya, a weatherwoman from WeatherNewsLive, disappeared before a fan meetup and was later found in Great Britain watching Wimbledon.
The fan meetup was highly anticipated and tickets sold out quickly.
Saya stopped appearing on WeatherNewsLive, causing speculation among fans.
Saya was unexpectedly found in Great Britain watching Wimbledon, despite having no previous interest in tennis.
Saya's relationship with a tennis player caused a fiasco, leading to stock fall and loss of followers.
Saya confirmed her relationship with Nishioka Yoshito on Twitter.
The revelation led to a significant drop in Weather News Live's stock and loss of followers for Saya.
In East Asian Idol culture, idols are expected not to date, and fans are less interested in idols who are in relationships.
Weather News Live's success is attributed to involving attractive young women in their business strategy.
The video discusses the scandals and controversies surrounding the no-dating rule in the Japanese entertainment industry.
Weatherwoman Saya faced backlash for her basic life decisions.
Vulnerable and lonely men felt targeted by WeatherNewsLive's marketing.
The no-dating rule has caused scandals involving both female and male idols.
The director of AKB-48 suggested getting rid of the no-dating rule.
Saya, a weather reporter in Japan, faced public scrutiny and financial loss after news of her having a boyfriend caused a scandal, but her fan meetup event turned out better than expected.
Saya's private life became a public issue when news of her having a boyfriend caused a scandal.
Her company suffered financial losses and negative publicity as a result.
Despite the initial concerns, Saya's fan meetup event went better than expected.
The event concluded without any issues, and Saya continues to work for Weather News.
00:25Last month, the Japanese internet turned on one of  its most beloved figures. Her name is Hiyama Saya,  
00:31and although a simple weather reporter,  she found her way into the hearts of  
00:35millions of Internet users through cute  clips that garnered millions of views.
00:39She ticks all the boxes -- she has nerdy  Hobbies like cosplaying and gaming,
00:51and on top of that she's  even a bit socially awkward.
01:00Saya is essentially a nerdy guy's dream girl,  
01:03so for some fans, the best part  was... it seemed like she was single.
01:14Her five-year career at WeatherNewsLive (a  24/7 online Weather Channel hosted entirely  
01:20by young women -- yes we'll get to that later)  has brought her a lot of success. In addition  
01:25to becoming the most popular weather woman in  Japan, she was chosen by her home prefecture  
01:30of Ibaraki to represent them as an ambassador.  And if those weren't big enough honors already,  
01:34this year the company sharp produced special  Hiyama Saya air purifiers voiced and signed  
01:40by her. Hey, that's not a bad idea: would  you guys buy an air purifier voiced by me?
01:47Unfortunately for Saya, when  you have millions of fans,  
01:50some of them are bound to take it a bit too far...
01:54Whether through fan-art, massive donations  to the stream, or simply by purchasing her  
02:01essay / photo book "Blue Moment", members of Team  Saya did everything they could to support her,  
02:07and it was looking like they might  get a chance to meet her in person.
02:10The WeatherNewsLive fan Meetup was coming in  July, and there hadn't been one in five years.  
02:16All the casters were going to be there including  Saya. There was only one problem -- tickets,  
02:21even at their 6500 Yen price point were in  super high demand. The thousand-seat venue  
02:27sold out in minutes -- never have a group  of men been so excited about the weather
02:32But anyways, around a week before  the fan meetup, something weird  
02:36started happening. Saya stopped appearing on  WeatherNewsLive. Nobody could figure out why.
02:41"No Saya today or tomorrow, huh... I'm  feeling a bit Saya deprived." "She's off  
02:47tomorrow too..." "What's going on, is she  taking a summer vacation or something?"
02:56"Does this mean she's quitting Weather News?"  "Saya, please tell us that you're not leaving  
03:00Weather News." But eventually, Saya was found, and  not by some sleuthy detective work either. Saya,  
03:08or at least someone who looked like her, was  found in the last place anybody expected:  
03:12Great Britain, watching Wimbledon. "Oh my God,  is that... could it be?" Yep, it was her. Saya,  
03:21who had never expressed any interest in tennis  before, took time off to fly all the way to the  
03:26UK to watch Wimbledon. "I thought she'd be at  home gaming during her summer break. Wimbledon  
03:31is a big shock." The match she was watching was  between Daniel Galan and the number one ranked  
03:37Japanese player, Nishioka Yoshito, and she was  in seats that are generally reserved for friends  
03:43and family. Friends and family seats? The person  beside Saya must be the one connected to Nishioka,  
03:49right? I hope that's what's going on." Well, that  isn't what was going on. The person beside Saya  
03:55was her mom, and then even more revealing footage  came out. Saya had come to the UK with her mom  
04:01to be Nishioka's special guest at Wimbledon. "This  has to be a lie." "It's all but confirmed now."  
04:09"I just don't care anymore; the colors have  faded from my world." "Nishioka, that guy?"  
04:28"Why does it have to be him?" Some fans were  getting so angry that even the car guy had to  
04:33come in and defend Saya. Things got so crazy  online that Saya eventually had to put out a  
04:39statement on Twitter. "To all my wonderful  supporters, I wanted to share some personal  
04:43news with you that you may have already seen in  a few reports. I'm currently in a relationship  
04:48with the professional tennis player Nishioka  Yoshito. We both look forward to nurturing our  
04:53bond and supporting each other in the days to  come. Your continued warmth and encouragement  
04:56would mean the world to us." Nishioka also put  out a statement saying the relationship was  
05:01getting pretty serious and getting mad at people  for posting the racket-breaking clips. Look,  
05:06maybe you're still not convinced that Saya getting  a boyfriend was a big deal, but you know who was  
05:10convinced? Weather News Live shareholders. Their  stock fell like 10 percent overnight. Saya lost  
05:17a ton of followers in the same period, and when  she finally showed up on screen after Wimbledon,  
05:22there was chaos. The chat wouldn't stop spamming  tennis balls and Nishioka's name on screen.
05:33This whole situation is obviously completely  foreign to people unfamiliar with East Asian  
05:38Idol culture. Western celebrities are free to  have romantic partners, and the only time it'll  
05:43make the news is if there was like cheating or if  their boyfriend went on a podcast or something.  
05:48But in Japan, this is normal. Fans are less  interested in Idols who are in relationships,  
05:53so Idols are expected not to date. It's not  written in their contracts; that would be illegal,  
05:58but it's clearly an industry norm. Now, is  Hiyama Saya an idol? It's easy to reject this  
06:04premise and say no, she's a weather caster,  but it's undeniable that Weather News Live  
06:09is only as successful as it is today because of  how they've involved attractive young women in  
06:13their business strategy. Every year, the company  holds auditions to find the cutest new talent to  
06:18hire. They know what the fans want. However,  this approach inevitably subjects the casters  
06:23to intense scrutiny. There is certainly  more depth to Saya than just the adorable  
06:28otaku character she's expected to portray  on screen, but because of how Weather News  
06:32encourages these parasocial interactions with  the expensive merchandise, the air purifier,  
06:37and the cute clips on their official channel,  the now 29-year-old Saya isn't even allowed  
06:42to make basic life decisions without causing  a massive scandal. And that's not fair. The  
06:47men who were upset with her are called "弱者男性."  They are vulnerable and lonely men, and they  
06:53feel like WeatherNewsLive specifically targeted  them with their marketing. They actually made up  
06:58a new word to describe this; it's called "弱男営業,"  and it means business exploiting vulnerable men.  
07:03And it's unfortunate that they feel exploited,  but they shouldn't direct their anger at Saya.
07:10The biggest scandal that erupted from the  no-dating rule happened in 2012 when a  
07:16tabloid magazine reported legendary AKB-48  member Minegishi Minami slept over at a  
07:21man's house. The blowback was honestly insane.  Minegishi was immediately demoted to trainee  
07:28status within the group and within 24 hours  had shaved her head in penance and was made  
07:33to post an apology to the official AKB-48 YouTube  channel. It made headlines all over Japan and in  
07:39the West too. There are honestly so many other  no-dating scandals involving female Idols, but  
07:45it happens to male Idols as well. When heartthrob  Kuyama Masaharu announced his marriage in 2015,  
07:50the stock price of his talent agency Amuse  fell nine percent. "Sorry, ladies, I'm taken."  
07:57Although it feels like a relic of the past, it  doesn't seem like the no-dating rule is going  
08:01anywhere anytime soon. Last year, amidst  a different AKB-48 no-dating scandal,  
08:07the group's director, a former Idol herself,  Mukaichi Mion, made a sympathetic statement on  
08:12Twitter saying it might be time to get rid  of the no-dating rule, and that she would  
08:16speak to management about it. But a lot of  fans seemed to be upset with this idea. They  
08:21didn't want the no-dating rule removed, and the  results of this poll show the same sentiment.  
08:27The backlash to Mion's statement about rethinking  the rule was so bad that the next morning she  
08:32was forced to put out another statement saying  that she misspoke, and that after speaking with  
08:37management, actually, there is no no-dating rule,  and that group members make their own decisions.  
08:43When it comes to Saya, the line between weather  reporter and Idol has clearly been blurred. While  
08:48it's easy to envy the financial success that must  come with a position like hers, the psychological  
08:53toll of living under such public scrutiny must  be immense. A woman getting a boyfriend should  
08:59not be the news of the week or some sort of  scandal. Put yourself in Saya's shoes; imagine  
09:04how stressful this must have been. You can't go  public and say you have a boyfriend because your  
09:08fans have developed some image of you. You're in  another country with him, and people still catch  
09:12you. Your fans are enraged, and through no fault  of your own, your company loses tons of money,  
09:17and it makes headline news. All of this two days  before your massive fan meetup event. Oh yeah,  
09:22I still have to talk about the fan meetup. So as  you could imagine, everyone online thought the  
09:27fan meetup was going to be a catastrophe. Image  board users were amalgamating salty fan tweets,  
09:33and they even found the car guy parked outside  the venue. I even caught wind of this as it was  
09:38happening and tuned into the broadcast to see  the chaos, but actually, it went a lot better  
09:42than expected. Yes, the audience turned out  to be 90 men, mostly in their 30s and 40s,  
09:48and yes, 20 of the seats were empty, most  likely in protest, but aside from that,  
09:53things went pretty well. When all the casters were  being introduced, Saya got memed on a little bit.  
10:03The fans honestly did a great job supporting her.  
10:10That wasn't the only time  they memed on her, though.
10:19In the end, the event came to a close without a  hitch, and that's kind of been the theme since.  
10:34Saya still works for Weather News,  the negativity has mostly died off,  
10:39and things are back to normal. Thanks for  watching. Say something nice to Saya on  
10:43Twitter or in the WeatherNews chat if you feel  like being nice to her after this video. Thanks  
10:47to my patrons, including Jason the Artist, Ethan  Campbell, and Manjisan 13. See you next time.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What scandal erupted involving Hiyama Saya, a popular Japanese weatherwoman?

The scandal erupted when Hiyama Saya revealed she was in a relationship with a professional tennis player, sparking intense scrutiny and backlash.

2. What industry does the scandal shed light on?

The scandal sheds light on the harmful expectations placed on female idols in Japan, where intense scrutiny and parasocial interactions with fans are encouraged.

3. Did the backlash towards Hiyama Saya eventually die down?

Yes, the backlash towards Hiyama Saya eventually died down and she remains employed despite the scandal.

4. What is the significance of the scandal in relation to Japanese Idol industry?

The scandal highlights the intense scrutiny faced by young women in the Japanese Idol industry and the harmful expectations placed on them, reflecting broader issues within the industry.

5. How is the scandal relevant to the discussion of female idols in Japan?

The scandal involving Hiyama Saya is relevant to the discussion of female idols in Japan as it showcases the intense scrutiny and backlash young women in the industry face, revealing the damaging impact of parasocial interactions with fans.

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