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Steffan Bankier, founder of Stasis, discusses the motivation behind creating supplements to manage and balance the side effects of stimulant medication for ADHD. Stasis supplements are designed to address mood swings, energy irregularities, sleep difficulties, and other downsides caused by stimulants. The goal is to empower individuals to take the medication they need without worrying about negative impacts on their bodies.
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Stefan Bankier created Stasis, a supplement for stimulant medication for ADHD, to help manage and balance the side effects of those medications.
Stasis aims to help individuals with ADHD manage and balance the downsides and side effects of stimulant medication.
The founder, Stefan, witnessed firsthand the brutal effects of taking stimulants in the wrong doses or incorrectly.
There is a stigma around taking stimulants, but for many people with ADHD, they are necessary.
Stasis has two different types of pills, one for the morning and one for the night, designed to keep you steady throughout the day and address the downsides of stimulants.
The supplements address common issues like unsteady mood, irregular energy, difficulty sleeping, and neurotoxic side effects.
The ingredients include adaptogens, vitamins, minerals, ashwagandha, l-theanine, B vitamins, vitamin C, and Sage.
Sage helps promote calmness and clear focus without sedation, while oceanics helps convert stress.
Adaptogens are natural plants and vitamins that help our bodies adapt to higher levels of stress, working on our hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis to reduce the impact of stress on our bodies.
Adaptogens help our bodies reach homeostasis.
They don't directly reduce cortisol, but rather work on the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis.
Adaptogens have been used in Eastern medicine for a long time and are now gaining popularity in Western medication.
Taking adaptogens can lead to reduced anxiety-induced jitters, better energy, and no 3 pm slump.
The supplement aims to reduce the side effects of stimulants and help individuals achieve a more balanced circadian rhythm.
The supplement is designed to allow individuals to take necessary pills while minimizing the debilitating side effects.
Customers have reported feeling less crash, better sleep, and improved stability and energy throughout the day.
The supplement helps normalize circadian rhythms, allowing individuals to wake up energized and wind down naturally.
The mission of Stasis is to empower people to take medication without worrying about the side effects or downsides.
Stasis plans to address symptoms of people taking stimulants and other medications with potential side effects.
The goal is to improve the use of medication in society and culture.
There are no specific recommendations on what to study to work in the mental wellness or biohacking space.
The MBA program helped the founder develop structured thinking and navigate complicated work dynamics in running a startup.
Working in small groups with driven individuals helped develop concrete frameworks for moving forward.
The MBA program emphasized methodical and structured thinking, which is valuable in a startup environment.
The program instilled the habit of identifying next steps, ownership, and deadlines in every meeting.
The lack of process in big companies and the potential for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to drive innovation in the neurotech and mental health tech fields.
In big companies, there is often a lack of process and assumption that someone else is taking care of things.
SMEs like Open BCI and Mendy are pushing the conversation forward in neurotech and mental health tech.
The collaboration between academia and business in commercializing scientific ideas will be the sweet spot for innovation.
The merging of science and technology will lead to an inflection point and rapid progress in the field.
The founder discusses the importance of combining art and science in creating a positive impact, and the benefits and challenges of being based in New York City.
The founder wants to make a lot of money while also making a positive impact.
Steve Jobs' approach of combining humanities and science inspires the founder.
Being based in New York City provides access to talent, but remote work has become more common.
New York City offers the benefits of in-person collaboration, but remote work is advantageous for engineers.
00:00welcome to the brainpal podcast we're on
00:02a mission to improve the world through
00:03Neuroscience I'm your host Devin Rome
00:05and today I'm meeting with Stefan
00:07bankier Stefan is the founder of stasis
00:09which creates a supplements to be taken
00:11with your stimulant medication for ADHD
00:14to help manage and balance the downsides
00:17and side effects of those medications
00:18one of their taglines is your brain
00:20balance because they want to help you
00:22manage and balance the side effects that
00:24come with the stimula medication and I
00:26thought this was pretty interesting
00:27because I'm actually diagnosed with ADHD
00:29and at one time it was prescribed
00:31Adderall which is a stimula medication
00:33and it really did work very effectively
00:35but the side effects for me were
00:37basically intolerable made my hand shake
00:39a lot made me sweat a lot it negatively
00:41affected my sleep when I already had
00:42insomnia so there were so many side
00:45effects for me at least that it just was
00:47not worth staying on it because it was
00:49really negatively impacting my life
00:51there was some positive taking it but
00:52the negatives were too much for me to
00:54bear so the fact that Stefan even made
00:55stasis was cool and interesting to me
00:57because I have firsthand experience
00:59dealing with side effects caused by
01:01stimulant medication to treat ADHD so in
01:03this video you'll learn about staphon
01:04stasis and some of Stephan's advice for
01:07Success alright let's get started
01:09alrighty so we'll start with uh why did
01:12you make stasis what was your motivation
01:14and interest for that
01:16it's a great question
01:17um so I grew up
01:19um I'm actually surprisingly
01:24um at least by today's diagnosis
01:26standards my brother is my best friend
01:29and he was diagnosed early on with ADHD
01:33um and my family initially resisted it
01:35we went back and forth tried tons of
01:37medication and I just witnessed
01:38firsthand how brutal it can be to take
01:42stimulants in the wrong doses or take it
01:45um the sort of difficult thing that I
01:47experienced through my relationship with
01:48my brother
01:49is that for a lot of people stimulants
01:51are necessary there's a stigma around
01:53stimulants but for better or worse it
01:55helps improve a lot of lives but there's
01:57a lot of downsides that come with it
01:59and so I was searching for a way to help
02:03my brother get around these downsides
02:04and I was introduced to mutual friend to
02:06Dan who is the founder of thesis and Dan
02:10also has a very interesting personal
02:11story about uh stimulants and ADHD and
02:14he was working on this product with some
02:16of the leading scientists that you take
02:19with the stimulant and it helps protect
02:20your brain and in doing so it reduces
02:22the downsides and I was just like I
02:25literally that day I quit my job and we
02:28launched stasis about three months after
02:31um and so it was just kind of like one
02:33of those situations that you couldn't
02:35make up you know
02:37I see pretty interesting so you met Dan
02:39who is the CEO or the owner of thesis
02:43that's right I see and then you tell us
02:46about the partnership or whatever you
02:47can share about that partnership between
02:48you two yeah it's it's very
02:50straightforward so thesis has been
02:53um for quite a bit of time I think two
02:55or three years they've done
02:56fantastically they're the leading
02:58personalized nootropic brand at least
03:01that I know of
03:03um and they have grown a really
03:05interesting business
03:06and understood consumers better than any
03:09other kind of business in their category
03:10because the personalization aspect gives
03:13them access to these troves of data and
03:16the biggest data point they found was
03:17that consumers were having friction
03:19either giving up their stimulants or
03:22um taking States thesis with their
03:24stimulants so there's a massive pain
03:26point and opportunity to create
03:28something that complements
03:30um stimulants and so they basically are
03:33launching almost like a little sister
03:37brand or you know partner brand within
03:40the umbrella so we are two separate
03:42entities but essentially there are
03:43parent company we operate separately
03:47um but For Better or Worse we're really
03:49focused on accomplishing the same
03:50mission I see pretty cool now let's talk
03:54about uh what exactly thesis
03:57how do I keep messing up what exactly
03:58stasis is they're so so similar that
04:00it's so easy to it's get them confused
04:03so let's talk about what exactly uh
04:04stasis is and what's inside these so can
04:07you tell us about the ingredients and
04:09uh what can we expect from the
04:11ingredients yep
04:12so stasis has
04:15um just about 18 different ingredients
04:18there are two different pills to be
04:21taken there are
04:22um I'm sorry two different types of
04:24pills that you take so in the morning
04:26you take two of the daytime pills with
04:29your stimulant empty stomach or full
04:31stomach whatever and at night you take
04:33before bed 30 minutes before bed you
04:35take two of the nighttime pills and
04:37each one is specifically designed and
04:40formulated to keep you sort of steady
04:43throughout the day as your stimulants
04:46might otherwise cause spikes and crashes
04:48so obviously I don't need to explain the
04:49signs to you but the biggest issue with
04:53stimulants is that with the dopamine
04:55surge that they create there comes a
04:58crash right and that crash is
05:00detrimental to the brain but it also
05:02causes very immediate downsides
05:04throughout the day so some of the more
05:07common ones that are addressed by the
05:09stimuli these supplements are
05:11unsteady mood irregular mood
05:14um irregular energy you know that that 3
05:16pm crash difficulty sleeping and then
05:19obviously a lot of neurotoxic side
05:21effects so the ingredients are all
05:23chosen to address these different pain
05:26points that you have throughout the day
05:27as your stimulant is working
05:31um so there's a bunch of different
05:32adaptogens vitamins minerals
05:34um ashwagandha l-theanine B vitamins
05:38vitamin C
05:39I personally have gotten really really
05:42interested with a couple that are a
05:44little bit more rare
05:45um I would say that my favorite so Sage
05:49is one that a lot of people respond very
05:51well to obviously we all know Sage is
05:54the most expensive and rare spice on the
05:58um but it also helps modulate Gaba which
06:01you know as you know promotes this
06:03feeling of calmness without making me
06:05feel sedated I almost think of it like
06:08just this clear Focus that you get that
06:12doesn't rattle you doesn't cause Jitters
06:14so that's a big one that we really love
06:17another one is oceanics are you familiar
06:20with oceanics I'm not feeling like we
06:22don't really talk about that when I
06:23learned Mary no but it's very rare it's
06:26um it's a microalgae and it's grown in
06:29the ocean in Spain you actually need a
06:31permit in order to get it you can't go
06:33to CVS and supplement it but basically
06:35what it does is it's pivotal it's an
06:38antioxidant that helps reduce oxidative
06:39stress right so basically helps convert
06:41oxygen molecules
06:44um into much more I mean um free
06:45radicals into oxygen molecules and it
06:48helps promote the brain and produce and
06:49reduce oxidative stress that's another
06:52really really interesting one and then
06:53we have one called venetron which has
06:55been used in Chinese medicine for years
06:57and it helps sort of reduce the
07:00degradation of Serotonin the bloodstream
07:03right which increases your mood and then
07:05it also facilitates production of
07:07melatonin so it has this sort of
07:08two-fold effect where it's boosting your
07:11mood helping you wind down naturally at
07:13the end of the night so all of our
07:14ingredients are like I said 19.
07:17are tailor made to help keep you steady
07:20hence stasis or getting us to
07:22homeostasis I see yeah great name now
07:26what one thing I'm curious about is
07:29how did you guys because this is a
07:30pretty unique combination of ingredients
07:32how did you guys come across in uh
07:34decide on this this ingredient
07:35combination yeah so
07:38I um I was not as involved with this
07:42unfortunately because this is
07:43fascinating Dan is a master formulator
07:45and when he was working on thesis he
07:48brought on some of the leading
07:50scientists and neuroscientists to put
07:52that together
07:54excuse me so we did the same thing with
07:57stasis um I was there at the tail end
07:59but essentially through research through
08:01working with some of the leaders in the
08:02field we identified the ingredients that
08:04are not just the most potent but also
08:07the combinations that are almost
08:09synergistic and work best towards
08:10hitting the benefits that we want to hit
08:13I see so it sounds like you got a like
08:15an a team so to speak to help assemble
08:18you know I I like to think so
08:21um I feel like you need an A Team it's
08:23not easy I see pretty cool now what
08:26exactly are adaptogens it sounds like a
08:28cool word but uh for the Layman with
08:30people who might not know what that is
08:31can you explain what exactly those are
08:33and what they do yeah so
08:36adaptogens as the name implies help our
08:40body adapt to higher level of stress so
08:42it's basically natural plants vitamins
08:44found in nature
08:46um interestingly our bodies want to be
08:48at homeostasis adaptogens help us get
08:51there in today's environment we have a
08:54lot more exposure to stress a lot more
08:56cortisol interestingly adaptations don't
08:58reduce the cortisol directly but it
09:01actually works on our hypothalamic
09:03pituitary adrenal axis to help us sort
09:08take on the stress with less impact to
09:11our bodies
09:13um so it's been used in eastern medicine
09:15forever and it's only now becoming big
09:18in Western medication
09:20I see that sounds pretty interesting
09:21it's always been
09:23that East West dichotomy has always been
09:25pretty interesting to me because a lot
09:26of things like like meditation and
09:28breathing techniques it's new to us like
09:30in the west but it's not new to these
09:33they've been doing it for centuries if
09:35not thousands of years so we're just now
09:38learning about this stuff so I think
09:39that's pretty cool you guys are
09:40implementing uh some diverse knowledge
09:44of diverse resources into making this a
09:46company in this product
09:48you know the way that I think about it
09:50it's like we're using Western Cutting
09:53Edge technology
09:55um but leveraging ancient like
09:57time-tested plants and vitamins and
10:01I see all right now with that being said
10:03we talked a little bit about uh the
10:05ingredients what sort of benefits uh can
10:08one typically expect
10:11so everyone's different as you know
10:13every brain is different
10:15um so some people take longer to get the
10:18benefits than others
10:22within a few days usually I think the
10:25first sort of immediate feeling is the
10:28Jitters that go away a lot of people
10:30that take stimulants get this like
10:32anxiety-induced Jitters that seems to
10:34leave pretty quickly
10:36um followed by better energy less crash
10:38you don't get that 3 pm slump
10:41um the way that I like to compare it to
10:42is the difference between drinking
10:44coffee and tea right I'm a big espresso
10:46Drinker I like the jolt of energy that
10:49comes with espresso but there's a lot of
10:51downsides when I drink green tea for
10:53example I feel like I have that focus
10:56and energy but I almost have it without
10:58any distractions any other sort of
11:00nothing's going on my head it's a very
11:02steady calm Focus that is sort of what
11:05we're thriving for and that's the
11:06l-theanine in the in the tea that's
11:08causing that so immediately I would say
11:10mood and crash are the first benefits
11:13um within the first week you should have
11:14better sleep a lot of consumers respond
11:17to not just falling asleep easilier but
11:20waking up more refreshed not groggy not
11:24necessarily out of it um and then over
11:26time I mean the neuro the the
11:30cognitive support that it brings is
11:33still a little bit early to measure but
11:35you know there's a lot of clinical
11:37studies that show that this reduces
11:39oxidative stress to the brain it can
11:42anhedonia it can prevent
11:45you know dopamine depletion right all of
11:48these things that you may not feel in
11:50day to day but that are literally
11:52wearing and wearing down your brain
11:55I see it seems pretty uh one it seems
11:58pretty important and meaningful and I'm
11:59glad it's having this sort of impacts
12:00because I can somewhat speak to that
12:02myself when I was prescribed Adderall uh
12:05I used to joke that my hands would shake
12:06like I was Doctor Strange after he was
12:08in a car accident yeah they would just
12:10shake all the hand all the time and then
12:11it would be sweating all the time so I
12:15wish I had the sort of thing when I was
12:16prescribed Adderall because I might have
12:18stayed on it so this seems like
12:19something again that I think is super
12:21and pretty cool yeah I mean it's I don't
12:25need to cut you off but it's interesting
12:26because you know we've been in business
12:28just over four months now and the
12:31unfortunate thing and this is by no
12:33means the fault of consumers it's just
12:35the the sort of environment we're in is
12:37that the immediate reaction is oh more
12:39pills to take with my pills
12:41and just because they come in pill form
12:44it doesn't mean that every pill is the
12:46same right yeah so it's interesting
12:47because it's like we could put this in a
12:49flower and maybe you'd feel better
12:51eating flowers or you know Blades of
12:54grass but really what this is meant to
12:56do is to allow you to take that pill
12:58that you need to function
13:01but to take out some of the debilitating
13:03side effects that it's causing right
13:06um and it's hard to communicate that but
13:08I think that over time we're getting
13:10there I see pretty cool now with that
13:13being said what are some of the
13:14customers and what's your audience
13:16saying about stasis so far
13:19it's it's honestly fascinating because
13:21obviously we have some people who come
13:24back and it doesn't work for them and
13:25that's fine and that's expected it's not
13:27a big number which is good
13:29um some people don't feel any difference
13:30and that could be because their brain
13:32chemistry is set up one way it could
13:33also be that their stimulant is not
13:35right but the vast majority
13:37um definitely feel the benefits
13:40um a lot of them report feeling less
13:42crash a lot sleep better I would say
13:45that the stability and energy extending
13:48from the day up until night is the
13:51biggest one right so a normal circadian
13:53rhythm has you waking up energized and
13:56then obviously going to sleep with a
13:58stimulant that's completely thrown off
13:59at a natural level what we're seeing is
14:01people's circadian rhythms are
14:03normalizing they're energized when
14:05they're energized they're winding down
14:07naturally they're waking up refreshed
14:09they're getting out of this sort of
14:10cycle of relying on stimulants for
14:12energy and they're just sort of really
14:14getting to that homeostatic level that
14:16we want them at
14:17I see pretty cool all right now one
14:20thing I'm curious about are I know
14:22you're partnered uh with thesis uh but
14:24can you talk about what some of your
14:26goals are I'd say to wrap up this year
14:28and then going into the next year with
14:30some of the your main goals and things
14:31you guys are working towards are
14:33yeah so you know like I said we're four
14:35months old we're a baby baby brand
14:38um the rest of this year is really about
14:41learning right so we've made a point to
14:43stay very very close to our customers I
14:45call customers daily I text with some of
14:48our customers on a regular basis I
14:50personally handle every single one of
14:51our customer inquiry through email
14:53through our Instagram channel so I would
14:56say that if you obviously want to really
14:58understand the customer that we're
15:00serving the problem that we're solving
15:01refiner messaging obviously we want to
15:05um as many as much product as possible
15:07right now
15:08were exclusively sold online so we're
15:10really building out that channel
15:13um but that's our goal for the rest of
15:14the year it's just to build the online
15:15Channel understand our customers best
15:17possible refine our message refine our
15:19product our website or packaging
15:22um and we're well on our way to doing
15:27next year is is going to be a big year
15:29obviously you know having refined the
15:32foundation online with the website and
15:34messaging a product that resonates
15:36there's a lot of opportunity for growth
15:38and and really our goal is to get this
15:40into the hands as many people as
15:42possible so
15:43the nice thing about this product is
15:45that it lends itself very well to Amazon
15:48to other channels pharmacies you know
15:51there's it's almost Limitless and so we
15:54have some ideas of areas that we can go
15:57um but at a high level I would say that
15:59it's going to be just like Channel
16:02you know that being said
16:04any small business needs to be nimble
16:06needs to be flexible so
16:09it's like um I forget what the general
16:11was that said this but the best plans
16:13are plans that meant to be broken or
16:15something like that essentially having a
16:17plan but knowing full well it's probably
16:19not going to go to plan yep you know or
16:21that uh what's the other one that goes
16:24the plan is good until you come in
16:25contact with the Enemy right that's the
16:27one I was thinking Mike Tyson who said
16:29everyone has a plan until they get
16:31punched in the face yep yep that's
16:33exactly how it is I mean that's how it
16:34is in science and business or in life in
16:37general so it's good that you have this
16:39I think mindset that you're going to
16:40have to keep on rapidly iterating and
16:43continuously improving I think that's a
16:44good sign
16:45I appreciate that
16:47all right now uh in addition to your
16:51goals you have any sort of like uh
16:53missions for yourself or thesis I know
16:55this is a very personal thing for you uh
16:57being that your brother uh has ADHD if
17:00you have any other sort of uh missions
17:02or bigger things that go above this
17:04because you seem to be sort of a big
17:06thinker so I am curious about that
17:08yeah so
17:10this product can go many places we named
17:12it stasis because it's really about
17:14bringing people to homeostasis we don't
17:16plan to necessarily
17:18um there's a lot of symptoms that are
17:20not being addressed with the current
17:21product so there are some symptoms of
17:23people taking stimulants that we hope to
17:24address down the road with different
17:25products there's also a bunch of other
17:29medications that people take that have
17:32side effects that we could potentially
17:35um but I would say the mission at the
17:37core is to sort of Empower customers or
17:40Empower people to take the medication
17:42they need without worrying about what
17:44it's going to do to their bodies or or
17:45without you know
17:47creating these downsides right
17:49um and we keep it broad because again
17:52you know amphetamines
17:55um are just one medication but there's a
17:59ton of other medication that are
18:01kind of unraveling our entire society
18:04and our culture that we can probably
18:06help improve
18:08I see pretty cool and again I think it's
18:11super meaningful and important thing as
18:12well now a lot of people in my audience
18:15they're either students or they're
18:17younger people or their citizen
18:19scientists uh for somebody who wants to
18:21work in this space kind of like the New
18:23Tropics or the mental Wellness or the
18:25the biohacking space uh if somebody
18:28wants to work in that sort of area of
18:30any recommendations on that like maybe
18:32what to study in school or to study
18:34outside of school yeah so the short
18:36answer to this is that
18:38you can kind of end up in the space
18:40doing whatever you studying whatever you
18:42want quite frankly you know there's
18:44obviously quicker paths to it but I was
18:46a consumer Psych in visual Studies major
18:49like I had no idea I would end up doing
18:51this so I would say that it's not a
18:54question of doing it and then you'll for
18:56sure end up here
18:57um but obviously if you know if
19:00someone's interested in getting into
19:01nootropics or supplements by the science
19:04route I would probably do you know
19:07Neuroscience biochemistry something like
19:11you know if people want to get into
19:14startups for example
19:16um I mean this is obvious but computer
19:18science is probably the the most needed
19:21field the most necessary
19:25I would say the biggest thing is having
19:27an interest in
19:28in the space
19:30um when I interviewed or when I was
19:32talking with Dan about this job
19:35uh I had a personal link to it both to
19:38my brother but also myself I was you
19:41know out of college I was 20 years old I
19:44was reading David asprey and Tim Ferriss
19:46back to back I would order nootropics
19:49from Mexico with my co-founder at the
19:51time we would be making little pills
19:53that we work and trying to be our own
19:55biohackers this is something that's been
19:57near and dear to me forever
19:59um so I would say that the biggest thing
20:01is to have an interest in the space and
20:03then supported by you know hard skills
20:06like computer science like some kind of
20:07Neuroscience and
20:09for the guys that do business you know
20:11it's really about I would say starting
20:15things right like again it's very cliche
20:17but it's insane having when I went to
20:19business school how many intelligent
20:22by that time even 26 27 had never
20:25started a business wanted to but even by
20:28then the habits that they developed were
20:30focused on a certain type of work Style
20:32versus a you know an entrepreneurial
20:34type of work style and so
20:36to me that's the biggest the biggest
20:39thing you can do if you want to get into
20:40a startup
20:41seems like uh have an interest slash a
20:44passion have some sort of a skill that
20:46you can apply to it and then if you're
20:49on that business side try and start
20:51something as well so you can get some uh
20:53some experience on the field so to speak
20:56yeah I mean it's funny I forget if
20:58someone said this to me where I heard
21:00this but it's almost like everyone has
21:02at least two or three failures in them
21:04right every entrepreneur you're gonna
21:06get you're not going to hit it right out
21:07the gate most likely so start getting
21:09those failures out early start failing
21:11at 20 start failing at 24 and then when
21:14you're 25 26 30 35 maybe you're going to
21:18start getting your successes under your
21:20um the people that started 35 they're
21:22going to be a little behind obviously
21:23and yeah it's it's obvious that you're
21:25going to hopefully fail less likely at
21:27that age because you've got a lot more
21:29experience but you know
21:31take some shots on goal early yeah I
21:33think one of those one of those quotes I
21:35think we both know a lot of quotes I
21:36think one of them is a fair fail early
21:38fail fast fail often there we go that's
21:40the one get it out the way
21:43um so this is a related question based
21:45on what you're talking about like your
21:46time in Business School
21:48uh so what degree would you say that
21:51um and the MBA program well I know
21:53you're I know your MBA probably didn't
21:55touch on how to start a new Tropics
21:57company of course but to what degree
21:59would you say it has prepared you for uh
22:01running a startup and uh being an
22:05it's very funny you say that because I
22:08was talking to friend very facetiously
22:10saying that I regret getting my MBA I
22:12don't yeah but it was a surprise when I
22:14went to get it and
22:16um it's obviously a big investment but I
22:17would say the biggest thing that I got
22:19out of it was
22:21working in small groups with very driven
22:23intelligent people you need to develop
22:28Frameworks around moving the ball
22:31forward and also navigating very
22:33complicated work Dynamics so what I mean
22:36by that is
22:37a big difference in the NBA and not an
22:39MBA is not how smart you are or anything
22:40but I can I can say confidently that
22:44every MBA I know at the end of a meeting
22:46is going to say what are the next steps
22:48who is the owner of this when is it
22:50getting done it's a small thing but
22:52these are the kind of thinking
22:53methodical thinking structured thinking
22:56that is very very helpful especially in
22:59a startup where
23:01um there's so much inherent chaos that
23:03having that rigorous thinking process is
23:06huge and I will say I'm the first to
23:08admit it I came in with zero of that I
23:11am as far on the creative side as you
23:13can be and so for me to work and learn
23:17alongside these you know investment
23:19bankers Consultants you know whatever
23:22lawyers I they rubbed off on me and that
23:25that is by far the biggest takeaway I
23:29I see pretty interesting yeah I think
23:31that I think that explains it pretty
23:32well because one one of my motivations
23:34for this podcast and my social media is
23:37get more people interested in this field
23:39both in the on the academic side but
23:41also in the private sector I think a lot
23:43of Innovations kind of like what you're
23:45doing a lot of that's going to come from
23:46the private sector because it can I mean
23:49we both know that the private sector can
23:51easily move a lot faster than Academia
23:53so I think it's important to know this
23:55sort of stuff and then see what your
23:57your point about like the next actions
23:59in the
24:00concrete actions and knowing what the
24:03next steps are I think that goes back to
24:05like understanding processes and Process
24:07Management and process Improvement
24:09because that's what I've learned in my
24:10about third year of businesses in the
24:12first two first two years I knew what I
24:14needed to do I knew about strategies and
24:16tactics uh but process and being process
24:19driven and oriented and knowing how to
24:21manage a process things that have to be
24:23repeated over and over again and
24:25understanding systems I think that's
24:27what helps you scale and go from a
24:30beginner so to speak to the intermediate
24:32and the next level so I'm glad you
24:33brought that up because I think that's
24:34important for a lot of people want to
24:37yeah it's funny because so I would say
24:39the other thing also just to add to that
24:42um taking big problems and breaking them
24:44out right so there's massive tasks and
24:48problems that we have to face as a
24:49startup basically like start a business
24:52or build out a paid media channel and
24:55just understanding what are the steps
24:57needed to take when do we need to get
24:59them done by who is going to own them
25:01what are the gaps how do we fill that
25:03um what's interesting is I've worked in
25:05Fortune 500 I've worked in you know
25:08little startups and a lot of my friends
25:10who work in these Fortune 500s are just
25:13like you know it must be so hard for you
25:14because it's chaos there's no processes
25:16in startups and it's actually the
25:18opposite I because most startups
25:21understand how volatile and how chaotic
25:23their Industries are especially in the
25:25early days they go above and beyond to
25:27create rigorous processes and obsess
25:30over having these processes especially
25:32as they start getting to like the 20
25:34employee plus Mark I've worked in
25:36Fortune 500 you know where
25:39I was blown away by how little of a
25:42process there was because everyone hands
25:44it off they assume someone else is
25:45taking care of it you know craft Heinz
25:48is too big to fail
25:49I can tell you from having been inside I
25:52was just shocked at how broken some of
25:54the processes were so it's an
25:56interesting sort of
26:01yeah that makes some sense yeah and that
26:03that goes back to what I was saying
26:05wanting more people to get into this
26:06field because I think it's not
26:07necessarily the younger people I think
26:08it's going to be a lot of small and smes
26:11that are going to be bringing a lot of
26:12the the coolest Innovations uh so to
26:14speak like open BCI they're pretty big
26:17but I wouldn't call them a huge mega
26:19Corp they're pushing the conversation
26:22forward another company Mendy uh makes a
26:24cool headset that's pushing this whole
26:25thing forward so I'm excited to see the
26:28future of neurotech and mental health
26:31Tech and mental wellness and thank you
26:33again for helping us push the sort of
26:35stuff forward
26:36of course I I actually think also what's
26:39interesting to that point is you were
26:41talking about Academia earlier is going
26:43to be the at some point Academia and
26:46business will figure out how to play
26:47well and once you can figure out how to
26:50commercialize the brilliant ideas that
26:51the scientists are having that is The
26:54Sweet Spot and there's obviously a bunch
26:55of programs and research universities
26:57working on that but in as we get more
27:00and more into the science and the
27:02merging of Science and Technology I
27:04think that's when it's really going to
27:05hit the inflection point and we're going
27:06to really really start moving quickly oh
27:09yeah I think so as well all right now to
27:11wrap this up I was taking a look at your
27:13LinkedIn and you're involved in a couple
27:14cool things uh it looks like some sort
27:16of a Investment Company so can you talk
27:18about uh just cursory talk about that
27:21and then kind of like what you want your
27:23impact let's say outside of stasis
27:25what's your impact and what you want to
27:27uh because you're so young so I can tell
27:30you're young and motivated you seem like
27:31a pretty type a person so I'm curious
27:33about uh what's your what's your bigger
27:36motivations in
27:37uh yeah actually you want to go for
27:41um so first of all thank you I'm
27:43actually a lot older than I look but I
27:45appreciate that you know how old I am if
27:46you looked in my LinkedIn but
27:49so the investment vehicle that you
27:51mentioned um secret sauce Studios it's a
27:54very small Angel investment fund that I
27:57um use to invest in mostly what I call
28:01consumable so initially it was food and
28:04beverage increasingly it's becoming you
28:06know supplements I'm also very
28:08interested in the plant medicine
28:11um world so obviously right now that's
28:14not on the legal Forefront but obviously
28:17it's you know it's moving that way so I
28:19make investments in those spaces in
28:21health and wellness
28:22um it's really awesome because it
28:25exposes me to other businesses I'm a
28:28passionate I'm passionate about food and
28:30beverage as well I'm not able to work in
28:31it right now but it keeps me close to
28:33that as well
28:34um hopefully it's going to make a lot of
28:36money as well but really the goal there
28:38is to just be exposed to a lot of
28:41interesting new businesses
28:44as far as my impact I mean I'm not gonna
28:47invent an impact like I don't I don't
28:49know what the answer is to that it's
28:51very it's it's a tough question to ask I
28:53can say that
28:55I think that building a business or
28:57building a brand is probably the best
29:01job in the world and I remember thinking
29:03about this a lot even before business
29:05school but
29:06you know I initially wanted to be an
29:09artist at one point and one of the
29:10things about art is that it lives beyond
29:12you and it has a lot of interpretation
29:15other people can get it touches a lot of
29:17a brand or a business done right
29:21is doing that in theory
29:24um indefinitely right like you look at
29:25some of the big brands in the world
29:27especially the purpose-driven brands
29:28above and like way after I'm dead if I'm
29:31able to build a really fantastic brand
29:33it's causing impact on a large scale
29:36it's in new people's lives it's
29:37providing jobs it's generating Revenue
29:40it's just it's creating an entity that
29:43is having a ripple effective impact
29:45above and beyond what I did and I don't
29:47mean that entirely you know
29:51sort of selflessly I want to make a lot
29:53of money I want to make an impact I want
29:55to make a lot of money on my family to
29:56make a lot of money but I want to do
29:58that in a way that's not detrimental
30:00that's obviously adding value
30:02um and snow falling in that way yes I
30:04see that makes some sense I just
30:06finished uh Steve Jobs's
30:08biography by uh Walter Isaacson and when
30:12I compare you to Steve Jobs
30:14uh but I would say that he was talking
30:16about well Steve would often say that he
30:18what was different about apple and a lot
30:20of other companies was that uh most
30:23companies were all about tech are all
30:24about science but what he did was he
30:26wanted to combine both the humanities
30:27and the science so both the creativity
30:31so to speak and the logic and the
30:32science so it seems you've got some of
30:34that as well because you've got this uh
30:36background and interest in art but also
30:39combining that with uh technology and
30:42science in order to push uh Innovation
30:45and push the world so to speak for so I
30:47think that's a good sign if Steve Jobs
30:49is any uh indicator uh that it's good to
30:52combine both that Humanity slash art
30:53with the science and the logic and that
30:56can create both great but also beautiful
30:59impacts on the world as well
31:02yeah absolutely
31:03now uh one last thing I'm curious about
31:05because you're based in New York City
31:07right yeah so how would you say that
31:10affects your company would you say NYC
31:13is a pretty good place to run this sort
31:15of company
31:16it's a very interesting question
31:18um well I would say that
31:21my immediate thought is that just the
31:23access to Talent is great but at the
31:25same time as I'm saying that that's Dr
31:27that's changing by the month right
31:30people are especially through covid we
31:33can work remotely you know there's
31:34access to Talent everywhere our company
31:36is hybrid
31:38um there's a lot of benefit to being in
31:39office and working together but at the
31:41same time especially the engineers can
31:43can do a lot of great work from remotely
31:45the nice thing also about New York is
31:47that it is so connected and there are so
31:53serendipitous opportunities to to kind
31:56of create business
31:58business opportunity so I can be with a
32:01friend getting a drink or having a bite
32:03at a restaurant or hotel and someone
32:05overhears us and this happened before
32:06and they come over and they introduce
32:09themselves and next thing you know we're
32:10making a deal
32:12um you know our our so Dan the founder
32:14of thesis is raising money right now you
32:16know from an investor standpoint besides
32:19Silicon Valley New York is probably the
32:21biggest Hub where else can you go door
32:24to door and have these meetings have
32:25them come to your office I mean that's a
32:27huge huge benefit that is still very New
32:31York San Francisco increasingly you know
32:33I guess other areas
32:35um yes but I would say those are the big
32:37benefits nicely yeah that makes some
32:39sense all right well this has been
32:41really awesome for me I learned a lot I
32:43learned some cool things I think a lot
32:44of people will get some value out of
32:46this now if you want to find you and
32:48find stasis where should we go yep uh
32:51you can go to take
32:54um you can also find us at take stasis
32:57on Instagram and tick tock actually cool
32:59and if you want to connect with uh you
33:01Stefan where should we go
33:04um draw my address or not your address
33:07well you can't give it uh but I mean
33:08like you want to connect with you online
33:09yeah um I mean obviously my LinkedIn or
33:13you can email I'm going to give you the
33:15the email that it's hello at
33:21um that's me so if you have a question
33:23or something hello at the
33:26phone number is also on our website I
33:28will be answering every single call
33:29every single email for the foreseeable
33:31future so I'm very very accessible
33:34alrighty well thanks Stefan I'll put all
33:36those in the show notes a link and then
33:38the email as well so if you want to
33:40learn more about stasis then follow any
33:42of those links uh thanks to fun this is
33:44awesome thanks and enjoy the rest of
33:46your day thanks a lot have a good one
33:48all right well that was pretty great so
33:50if you're watching this on YouTube be
33:51sure to leave a like and drop a comment
33:53to let us know what you think or if
33:54you're listening to this on a podcast
33:56platform be sure to rate and review this
33:58podcast so that we can reach more people
34:00thank everybody for listening or
34:01watching and enjoy the rest of your day
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What motivated Steffan Bankier to create Stasis supplements?

Steffan Bankier, founder of Stasis, created supplements to manage and balance the side effects of stimulant medication for ADHD. The motivation behind this was to address mood swings, energy irregularities, sleep difficulties, and other downsides caused by stimulants, empowering individuals to take the medication they need without worrying about negative impacts on their bodies.

2. What are the main goals of Stasis supplements?

The main goals of Stasis supplements are to manage and balance the side effects of stimulant medication for ADHD. These supplements are designed to address mood swings, energy irregularities, sleep difficulties, and other downsides caused by stimulants, enabling individuals to take the medication they need without worrying about negative impacts on their bodies.

3. How do Stasis supplements help individuals with ADHD?

Stasis supplements help individuals with ADHD by managing and balancing the side effects of stimulant medication. They are designed to address mood swings, energy irregularities, sleep difficulties, and other downsides caused by stimulants, allowing individuals to take the medication they need without worrying about negative impacts on their bodies.

4. What are the key features of Stasis supplements?

The key features of Stasis supplements include their ability to manage and balance the side effects of stimulant medication for ADHD. They are specifically designed to address mood swings, energy irregularities, sleep difficulties, and other downsides caused by stimulants, providing individuals with the support they need to take the medication without negative impacts on their bodies.

5. How do Stasis supplements empower individuals with ADHD?

Stasis supplements empower individuals with ADHD by addressing mood swings, energy irregularities, sleep difficulties, and other downsides caused by stimulant medication. This empowerment allows individuals to take the medication they need without worrying about negative impacts on their bodies, providing the support and balance necessary for their well-being.

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