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The video discusses leaked images of a new DJI drone, possibly the Mavic 4, but the exact details and specifications are still unknown. It appears to have a new camera design and additional features like long tubes on the back. The drone is speculated to be targeted towards professional consumers.
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The video discusses the leaked images of a new DJI drone, possibly the Mavic 4.
The video speculates whether the leaked drone is the upcoming Mavic 4 or a different model.
It mentions the recent release of the Mavic 3 Pro two weeks ago.
The source of the leaked images is credited to friends at Drone Deals and Igor Buchanov on Twitter.
A leaked image of a new DJI drone with a never-before-used camera and two long tubes on the back raises questions about its purpose.
The drone has a familiar design with a bright LED on top and sensors all around.
The two long tubes on the back could be for an extra battery supply or something else.
It is uncertain if this drone is the DJ Mavic 4 or an entirely different model.
The leaked DJI Mavic 4 could be an enterprise drone for high-grade professional consumers.
The drone is not focused on consumers.
It could have a high price tag.
No details about the release date or specs are available yet.
00:00hi guys and welcome back here to draw
00:03the motion to the we're back here once
00:06again with a brand new video and what a
00:10better way to make a comeback here in
00:12YouTube that with the brand new DJI
00:16drone leaked and well in today's video
00:20we're gonna be discussing whether or not
00:22this is indeed the upcoming navic 4 or
00:28is this a completely different drone
00:32but before we get started with today's
00:34Beautiful YouTube channel welcome here
00:37and you're going to keep up to date with
00:39any upcoming DJ product whether it is
00:43the air 3 or the pocket three you
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00:56and join the journey motion family so
01:00any much further Ado let's go ahead and
01:03dive right into today's video which will
01:05be quite an exciting one to say the
01:08and well we just literally saw the
01:12release of the mavic 3 Pro two weeks ago
01:16and the brand new DJ drone has just
01:20leaked these images were assured thanks
01:24to a great friends
01:26deals drone and Igor buchananov on
01:29Twitter sahitch thanks to them for being
01:31able to get your hands on this setup
01:33incredible images for all of you guys to
01:37so without any much further Ado let's go
01:40ahead and take a look at the next
01:42upcoming DJI drone so here we have it in
01:47screen this is the first image that we
01:50get at this brand new DJ drone it looks
01:53a little familiar you can clearly see
01:55that brand new camera that is never
01:57before been used in a digital drone
01:59before and here we have another view of
02:02the lad of this side of the drum at
02:04first it looks kind of like an m30 the
02:08DJI Enterprise series but what we have
02:10right there in the back looks very
02:12interesting we have those
02:14they look like two long tubes and the
02:17question is what in the world is your
02:21purpose and why are they there could be
02:24an extra supply of battery or something
02:28completely different that is what we all
02:30want to know but here we have it from
02:32the top
02:33you can clearly see that bright LED on
02:36the top we have sensors everywhere in
02:39the front in the back on the side I mean
02:41this drone is fully fully capable of
02:44doing some incredible jobs now the
02:47question here is
02:49called this indeed
02:51be the DJ mavic 4 the truth here is that
02:56we don't know for certain what this
02:59drone actually is so the coin is still
03:02up in the air now if you ask me
03:05personally what could this be I think
03:09this could in fact be
03:11another version of the DJ m30 and m30t
03:17now these drones are enterprisable
03:19drones so their focus is not really
03:23but more professional
03:26high grade level kind of consumers so
03:29this drone is going to have if it's an
03:31Enterprise drone in fact it's going to
03:33have a very high price tag but that is
03:36what I think this could be now let me
03:39know down in the section the comment
03:41section down below what do you guys
03:43think this could be could this be a
03:45mavic 4 mavic 4 Pro mavic for Enterprise
03:49what do you guys think this could be but
03:52with that I thought this looks like a
03:54very promising drone and it should be
03:56released here in the near future we
03:58don't have details yet as far as a
04:01particular date or specs but as soon as
04:04we know anything else about this drone
04:07rest assured that you're going to be
04:09finding that information here first
04:12so that being said that is going to be a
04:15wrap for today's video thanks so much
04:18for watching and tomorrow with a brand
04:19new video this joint emotion
04:22signing out
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the leaked images of the new DJI drone about?

The leaked images of the new DJI drone, possibly the Mavic 4, reveal a new camera design and additional features like long tubes on the back. However, the exact details and specifications are still unknown.

2. Who is the new DJI drone speculated to be targeted towards?

The new DJI drone is speculated to be targeted towards professional consumers, indicating that it may offer advanced features suitable for professional use.

3. What are the potential enhancements in the new DJI drone's camera design?

The leaked images suggest potential enhancements in the new DJI drone's camera design, hinting at improved capabilities and performance that may appeal to professional users.

4. How do the long tubes on the back of the new DJI drone contribute to its features?

The long tubes on the back of the new DJI drone indicate possible new features or enhancements. These could have implications for the drone's flight performance or other functionalities, generating interest among potential consumers.

5. What details and specifications of the new DJI drone remain unknown despite the leaked images?

Despite the leaked images, the exact details and specifications of the new DJI drone, possibly the Mavic 4, are still unknown, creating anticipation and curiosity among drone enthusiasts and professionals.

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