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Adult performer shares his experiences and tips on lasting longer during sex, managing performance anxiety, and using distractions as a technique to prevent premature ejaculation on set.
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The adult performer shares his experience of losing his virginity and learning about sexual techniques.
He lost his virginity by lying to a girl and not knowing what he was doing.
It took him a couple of sexual experiences to learn about thrusting.
He had a bad first experience and thought that was how it always went.
He jokes about his body shape and not needing to watch his diet.
The speaker discusses how the size of the penis can appear smaller when a person gets bigger and muscly, and mentions his occasional use of Viagra.
Slimming down can make the penis appear bigger.
Viagra is used occasionally to enhance performance.
The speaker believes that Viagra can have a placebo effect.
Taking Viagra the day before can still have an effect the next day.
The performer shares a technique to control ejaculation during sex.
He suggests stopping the activity that feels good and changing it up to delay ejaculation.
By recognizing triggers and patterns, one can better control the timing of orgasm.
The performer discusses distracting himself to prevent finishing too quickly during scenes.
He tries to stay involved in the moment but sometimes distracts himself.
On a porn set, he can easily distract himself by interacting with other people.
There is no specific go-to distraction, just something in the room.
He mentions the possibility of getting distracted by a hot sound guy.
00:00the other way in which a man can fail on
00:02set is going too early oh that's [ __ ]
00:04control that yeah you learn that you
00:06learn that pretty quick well anyone can
00:08learn that well i think so i mean right
00:15how do you lose your virginity oh is
00:17that too much of a that's terrible that
00:19yeah that i mean this is all about
00:20visuals this one jesus
00:23calm down i'm so kidding
00:26yeah my virginity story wasn't uh yeah i
00:28actually skipped school for the day uh
00:30it was kind of all planned and all that
00:32sort of thing
00:33and uh i met up with a chick and i'd
00:35lied obviously told her i knew her what
00:37i was doing you know slept with multiple
00:38girls and that sort of thing and i
00:40proceeded to do like press-ups on her
00:42for like
00:43i don't know a couple of minutes and
00:46i just remember like doing that i'm
00:47going about five or six in and i'm just
00:49thinking [ __ ] it people do this all
00:53like jeez
00:54you know you must really and then yeah
00:56it probably took me a couple of sexual
00:58experiences to grasp that you could move
01:00your hips right like that thrusting was
01:03actually i still hadn't learned that so
01:04i'll be writing that one down actually
01:10[ __ ] hell your life is
01:13bizarre if you don't mind me saying that
01:15so far
01:16removed from anything that that we know
01:19i was 18 when i lost my virginity and i
01:21think it was like two years after that
01:23that i'd ever slept with someone else it
01:24was like that one experience i thought
01:26was just that was how it all went and it
01:29was it was quite a bad experience it was
01:30any good
01:33still not was yours in a horse field no
01:37not with a hot
01:40now his penis
01:42as a adult actor do you have to be
01:44conscious of what you eat um a lot of
01:46people do but as you can see
01:50well you're in shape no i have the body
01:52of a nine-year-old vietnamese child i
01:54mean literally
01:55you know it's like when i'm going to
01:56porn they're like you need to go to the
01:58gym you know it's really important to
01:59you know look good and you know be
02:01healthy and all that sort of stuff and
02:02that's all right cool yeah i went to the
02:03gym for a couple of weeks i realized the
02:05bigger i get the smaller my penis looks
02:08i was having that exact conversation
02:10with someone the other day stevie you do
02:11not have to worry about your penis
02:15that makes it sound like i'm saying that
02:17thanks guys thank you jack that's the
02:19nicest thing you've ever said to me
02:23but we were saying like when people get
02:24really big and muscly sure the penis
02:26isn't going to change size exactly if
02:28you're getting bigger around the penis
02:30the penis is just going to look smaller
02:31so if i slim down yeah your penis will
02:34look bigger
02:35that's literally the key there's a very
02:37average penis i'm just extremely smart
02:41do you take viagra then yeah i'll use it
02:43i kind of try not to use it all the time
02:45you know it's one of them just as and
02:47when you know but like i kind of feel a
02:48lot of it's a placebo
02:50oh okay i mean it definitely does work
02:52but half the thing just because you can
02:54trick yourself you know so say i took
02:55half or something on one day for that
02:57scene if i had two days back to back
03:00the next day if i wake up and i'm
03:01feeling kind of fruity then i keep that
03:03and i'm like oh no i'm good i'm still
03:04good from yesterday and you kind of have
03:06that in your head you know what i mean
03:08is it because you knew you took one
03:10oh right yeah because you know it stays
03:12in your system you know
03:13oh i didn't
03:16i'm regretting the one i took two weeks
03:22but yeah no it kind of i don't know as i
03:24say i suppose maybe it's because the
03:25regularity or stuff or the amount of
03:27time you're taking them but yeah i
03:28notice if you take one the next day you
03:30wake up you you feel a bit more fruity
03:32than you normally would right no i mean
03:34yeah i mean i think they technically
03:36last for like four hours or something
03:38yeah that that stays in something or
03:40maybe it's just me i'm weird but
03:42yeah so i try and limit i try not to do
03:45them every day and things like that
03:46because it wouldn't be a great health
03:48option i could imagine it's like
03:49sleeping pills i imagine if you take
03:50them every night and then one night you
03:51don't have it your brain's then tricked
03:53into thinking i don't have that
03:54substance i can't fall asleep 100 could
03:56you stop naturally getting erections if
03:58you rely on them too much i could
03:59imagine so yeah if that just becomes a
04:02false habit you know yeah um okay now we
04:04have sex now we have sex you know yeah
04:06you could almost trick your brain into
04:08saying oh where's the
04:09for sure i could see that happening the
04:11other the other way in which a man can
04:13fail on set is going too early yes is
04:16that ever an issue that's not so that's
04:18the easy bit
04:20that's the easy bit of sex wow i find
04:22that the easy bit that's the fine it's
04:25the maintaining the erection for however
04:27long and being into it for the whole
04:28amount of time that's
04:30you know the [ __ ] shot it's
04:32brilliant yeah like
04:34okay time for the control okay
04:37you know what i mean
04:38that's that's how did you stop that from
04:40happening earlier oh that's [ __ ] control
04:42that yeah you learn that you learn that
04:44pretty quick what you get what anyone
04:46can learn that well i think so i mean
04:49he just said pretty quick i'm 28.
04:52yeah why has it taken so long
04:55no that's my problem it doesn't take so
04:56long it takes literally two minutes
05:00so so i don't know if i'm going too too
05:02into this but so could did you have this
05:04[ __ ] control before you was a porn star
05:06no well you'd finish quickly um yeah but
05:09then it's like learning distractions so
05:12obviously if something feels good and
05:13you keep doing it
05:15then you're gonna learn your lesson on
05:16you yeah i mean and it's that it's
05:18breaking up the mentality and it's
05:20learning that in your head and i think
05:22if you can delay yourself in the act so
05:24it just starts off small you know so
05:25let's just say you're doing something it
05:26feels really good you feel that like oh
05:28my god i'm gonna
05:30and just stop doing what you're doing
05:31right right you can't obviously just
05:32stop the whole act and just go for a
05:34walk because then your partner's
05:35unsatisfied but you could change what
05:36you're doing you so instead of doing
05:37that exact thing yeah change it up and
05:39maybe kiss a boob or stroke a leg or do
05:42do something else where you're not
05:43touching your thing yeah and then just
05:45let everything settle down again and
05:47then go back to whatever you was doing
05:48and you keep doing that and then you
05:50start to be able to recognize the
05:51pattern and then you can start to
05:53realize when you're gonna feel the
05:55feeling of you're gonna come or when
05:57that sort of orgasm starts to build up
05:59and then by that you're sort of
06:00recognizing these little triggers if you
06:02like and then you're able to know okay
06:04i'll just adjust my pace a little bit
06:06and it goes back down and then i carry
06:08on and i can build it up and you can
06:09literally like control
06:12yeah when when you're gonna come i can't
06:16laziness you're just getting far excited
06:18and then we're like yay
06:24i've heard all these kind of like myths
06:25of how men supposedly like slow it down
06:28like recite the england team and stuff
06:31like that but by the time i've done
06:32pickford i'm done
06:35with that or you really like pictures
06:39see i just look at the all the paintings
06:41on the wall
06:43yeah they're lovely they are lovely so
06:45is this
06:46i can't look at that so if you're trying
06:48to distract yourself so you don't finish
06:50too quickly are you in your brain are
06:51you literally thinking of just like
06:53things outside of what you're doing no
06:56i'll stay involved in in the moment of
06:58what i'm doing but just just try and
07:00stop thinking just don't do the action
07:02yeah stop the motion i mean every now
07:04and then you'd have to distract yourself
07:06um and that's fine it's a lot easier to
07:08distract yourself on a pawn set because
07:10there are tons of people about
07:12so i can often if it does if you start
07:14getting really i can just look at the
07:16sound guy and
07:17swear at him or something and just get a
07:19bit of banter so i'm like oh okay cool
07:21then i've almost distracted myself just
07:22for two seconds and then right you can
07:24fly back i was gonna say do you have a
07:26go-to distraction like a mental
07:27distraction or is it just something
07:29that's in the room yeah it's just just
07:30something yeah there's not like a go-to
07:32just hope there's not a really hot sound
07:35it's your pickford
07:38just pickful over there holding a little
07:39boom money i have pictures of pigfoot
07:41everywhere just
07:43i have it the other way though it's when
07:44i'm gonna come i'm like where's pikmin
07:46and then i look at it and i'm like oh
07:48thank god for that
07:49oh there's no way he thought he'd be
07:51getting brought up this much
07:52imagine pickford listens to the show
07:54halfway through he's just getting spoken
07:56about this contest it's just getting
07:57rinsed for both sides
08:02have has there been moments when you
08:03finish too quickly on set then um
08:06i mean
08:07yes but not to the point where i've like
08:08failed the scene like generally if i'm
08:10gonna come i'll just run
08:12i know it sounds stupid
08:14and i wish i could just insert clips but
08:16yeah just i would lit i'll just run i
08:18mean so if i'm going to cut just
08:19distract yourself if if it's gone too
08:21far and i haven't listened to my own
08:22body and i'm like yeah fine now i've got
08:23this i've got this and then like oh [ __ ]
08:25i haven't got this yeah then just get up
08:27and run
08:27just run out of the room distract just
08:30just yeah so i've had that sort of thing
08:31where like a little bit's come out right
08:33not to the point where it's you know
08:35ruined the scene i assume that people on
08:37set know what you're doing
08:41they have to explain to the girl like oh
08:43it's okay
08:44he's not
08:45scared or something
08:50it's just danny shapes in the walls
08:53two minutes later the runner was like
08:54who's taking a [ __ ] in the corner of the
08:56no [ __ ] is that
08:58there's a [ __ ] turd in the corner
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can an adult performer last longer during sex?

An adult performer can last longer during sex by practicing specific techniques such as the stop-start method, deep breathing, and pelvic floor exercises. These methods can help manage arousal and prevent premature ejaculation, allowing for longer-lasting performance.

2. What are some tips for managing performance anxiety in adult performers?

To manage performance anxiety, adult performers can utilize relaxation techniques such as visualization, positive affirmations, and mindfulness meditation. Additionally, seeking support from a therapist or sex coach can be beneficial in addressing and overcoming performance anxiety.

3. How can distractions be used as a technique to prevent premature ejaculation on set?

Distractions can be utilized as a technique to prevent premature ejaculation on set by redirecting focus away from arousal. This can be achieved through mental or physical distractions such as counting, focusing on breathing, or using topical desensitizing agents to reduce sensation.

4. What are effective methods for adult performers to improve sexual stamina?

Effective methods for adult performers to improve sexual stamina include regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, practicing kegel exercises, and communicating openly with partners about sexual performance. These factors contribute to overall sexual wellness and stamina.

5. How can adult performers address and overcome premature ejaculation?

Adult performers can address and overcome premature ejaculation by exploring various techniques such as the squeeze technique, thicker condoms, and numbing sprays. Additionally, seeking professional guidance from sex therapists or healthcare providers can provide personalized strategies for managing and overcoming premature ejaculation.

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