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A YouTuber's ex-boyfriend accuses @JustPearlyThings of being fake and fraudulent, claiming that she only uses people for clout and took advantage of him while they were in a relationship; he also reveals that she was not like this when they were dating. O'Shea defends his own history of simping and tricking, but advises viewers not to seek out advice from PearlyThings, who he believes offers "Dusty information" and promotes a fraudulent persona.
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The ex-boyfriend of @JustPearlyThings accuses her of being fake and fraudulent.
The ex-boyfriend claims that @JustPearlyThings reached out to him for her own benefit.
He believes that she used him to gain clout and learn about TikTok.
The ex-boyfriend mentions that @JustPearlyThings' recent success is shocking to him, as it is new information to him.
The ex-boyfriend claims that @JustPearlyThings' behavior has changed drastically and believes it to be fake.
He states that she was not like this when they were dating.
The ex-boyfriend recalls a time when he lost weight and posted a picture with a caption that offended her.
He mentions that she used to constantly criticize him for certain behaviors but is now exhibiting those behaviors herself.
The ex-boyfriend expresses disbelief and thinks that her sudden change is fake.
The ex-boyfriend exposes @JustPearlyThings for her past involvement in tricking and criticizes her for being hypocritical.
@JustPearlyThings admitted to tricking for years and instantly started tricking in the club.
The ex-boyfriend accuses her of living a life she doesn't want to talk about and being hypocritical for doing something different now.
He criticizes her for making derogatory comments about fat people and women, while also pointing out her own contradictory behavior.
The ex-boyfriend reveals his own involvement in tricking and expresses indifference to others' opinions about him.
00:00come on what's good everybody it's your
00:03boy oh oh shade Duke Jackson
00:07at it again with another episode of the
00:11saw Liberty dunk some of you Brothers
00:14know that a few days ago
00:17a YouTuber by the name of oneea Johnson
00:21made a reaction to a reaction
00:25pearly things and at first glance he
00:28looked familiar but I didn't know who he
00:32until I found out that this is just
00:34pearly things ex-boyfriend I believe on
00:37Tick Tock he is known as
00:39um Angry reactions
00:42now let me just say this as a young man
00:45it seems he's from the Chicagoland area
00:48uh seems like the young brother had at
00:50least some problems at one point he
00:52admitted that he was homeless
00:56um and somehow because of his Fame
00:58pearly things reached out to him but I I
01:01honestly believe that part of reaching
01:04out to him was for her own benefit
01:06because this is what
01:07I believe um just pretty things does
01:11just pearly things
01:13is interested in any social media person
01:16especially when she wasn't on right she
01:19she wants to get somebody to help her
01:21get clout that's what she does
01:23that's why she drifted off a fresh and
01:27she gripped it off of this guy and all
01:29of that
01:30to pretty much I believe take advantage
01:32of him and learn Tick Tock and stuff
01:34like that and then um you know had a
01:36relationship moved him in his house her
01:38house rather things like that right
01:41but now this
01:42is what I want to do the guy here is
01:44shocked at her success apparently
01:47when he knew her just last year this
01:50stuff that she's singing now is all new
01:53to him
01:55okay it ain't like some of us guys
01:57who've been in the red pill for a while
01:59or been in a man of sphere for a while I
02:02can even you know for me I was there as
02:04early as 2015. so this is new from her
02:07right I want you to hear what he had to
02:10say about how fake and fraudulent she is
02:12never going to come back
02:16Lord that's cool bro listen
02:20swear to y'all bro I swear
02:24because a lot of people be in my
02:25comments be like
02:27she had to have been like this when
02:29y'all was dating bro no she wasn't
02:33at all
02:35that's what makes that's what pushed me
02:37to believe that this is all like a
02:39charade even more
02:42she was not like this bro it was this
02:45one time when I when I lost weight you
02:47feel me when I dropped like 100 plus
02:49pounds and I was looking all sexy and
02:51stuff you feel me I had posted
02:55I posted a picture and the capture was
02:57like I had tagged this girl who used to
03:00always dub me
03:01I said I used to want blank I tagged her
03:05but now I would feel offended if she
03:07touched me she was on my ass about that
03:10Pearl was on my ass she like no you
03:13can't do that you're better than that
03:15you're better than that and she used to
03:18always like be on my tail about
03:20like that now she out here call it plus
03:34what happened pearly things
03:38ain't no way you went from zero to a
03:40hundred like that bro no way this gotta
03:43be fake bro I don't believe it I call
03:45Cap I call Cap now let me let me let me
03:47let me talk about this guys here's
03:48something I would like to submit to you
03:50you guys know in the manosphere I've
03:52been at least a part of the black
03:54Minister uh at some point all you know
03:56for eight years one of the things I've
03:58never ran away from was my problem with
04:01simping and tricking I've never ran from
04:03that I have had issues with simping and
04:06tricking it up for years even in the
04:09manosphere I don't know how much weaves
04:11I bought over the last 20 years sandals
04:14I bought bills I didn't pay tricked it
04:15off and guess what I'm still tricking it
04:17all now I'm not I'm not gonna stop you
04:20think I'm gonna stop because you said
04:21something about it I don't care about
04:22what you're talking about I have been
04:24tricking for years people who know me I
04:27stay turning it off oh everywhere I go
04:29I'm not new to this I'm True to this
04:31okay that's why I had that classic video
04:34the best video I've ever made
04:37walked in the club instantly started
04:40tricking that's my best video I've ever
04:42met on this platform walked in the club
04:45instantly started trekking that's the
04:47ocean classic okay so y'all can't never
04:49say uh we saw O'Shea out in the Dr in
04:53the Brazil tricking It Off by him but
04:55you know you can't say that because I
04:56already told them myself okay I already
04:58told on myself
04:59I've been tricking for years I walked in
05:04the club instantly started tricking for
05:07years I did that now when it looks like
05:10with just pearly things
05:12you lived a life you don't want to talk
05:15about you all here seeing something
05:17doing something different something
05:18different why are you doing something
05:20different okay something different
05:22that's why folks is coming after you
05:24because you're talking about fat people
05:26women are whales and no offense to the
05:29young brother can I can I say
05:32to our Senate the young Brothers is not
05:34the most in-shaped person in the world
05:36you're saying that you don't date men
05:38with kids that guy got two kids looks
05:41like had a struggle with homelessness so
05:43just last year all of a sudden this year
05:45you're a new red pill Don you're
05:47grifting it up you're not who you say
05:50you are but oh say being simple for you
05:52he been tricking Ben tricking it off in
05:55fact I can't wait till I get my check
05:56this month and trick it all off again
05:59that's the whole purpose of working so I
06:00can figure it off I put enough money
06:02into my retirement then the rest I
06:04tricks it off well I gotta pay some
06:06business expensive taxes and all that
06:07then I'm gonna send I'm going to keep
06:09Simple I was running the manosphere and
06:11had a problem with extreme symptoms but
06:15I never got exposed for that because I
06:17exposed myself y'all thought I cared
06:19about what you thought about I don't
06:19care about you care about you silly out
06:21there don't don't talk about somebody
06:23you out there tricking with me too see
06:25this is what y'all don't get most of
06:27y'all be in the comments oh you know man
06:29I will never be out there or something I
06:31ain't got yes you will if ain't nobody
06:33gonna see you you'll be in the same club
06:35with me with a wig on Jerry curl wig on
06:37buying drinks everybody know that about
06:39that's why I don't take y'all serious I
06:41was one of y'all would come from here oh
06:42man I'll show you so
06:44so I never lied about it but I still
06:46will call them out during I don't just
06:47trick incent for everybody but man I'm
06:50not playing a lot stop the show I
06:51haven't seen something in the last six
06:53seven years well I didn't seen some
06:55stuff but out in this part of the world
06:57it'll make you want to pay all these
06:58bills I'm just gonna just look what do
07:01you think you going and some of y'all
07:03I'm gonna tell you like this you're mad
07:04that I'm I got money now right so if you
07:06keep talking about me I'ma find out
07:09where your mama's is at I'm gonna tell
07:10you what I'm gonna do if your mama catch
07:12the bus and I'll pull up and escalate
07:15I'm gonna be your step daddy I'm gonna
07:16tell you right now so you keep talking
07:18about me in the comments some of y'all
07:20girls that y'all got if they if I deal
07:23with them they're gonna leave you
07:24because once I get through ain't no
07:26coming back so you you you you
07:29keep running your mouth talking about me
07:31I will be your step daddy I will take
07:33your wife from you or your girl you keep
07:35playing with me because I'm instantly
07:36gonna start listen the first day on the
07:39first not the first day if your girl's
07:43on the bus stop I'm taking her work baby
07:44here is a hundred two hundred go buy you
07:47some lunch after that she's gone no
07:49coming back and she's not coming back to
07:50you you Dusty don't play with me I'm an
07:54OG we don't play those games I'm like a
07:56trick and a simp and a pimp at the same
08:00tricep him tricep is tricking sipping
08:03and Pippin just a Pimpin trisipping
08:05pimping imping you get it so again you
08:09need to be honest Pearl put your
08:11dustiness you cannot stop dusting it up
08:13why you have a problem with all this and
08:15all of that this is why YouTubers want
08:17to get right y'all go and Chase all this
08:19money to do what to lie so just dust it
08:21up and lie get all these memberships I
08:23don't understand YouTube man I don't
08:24already deal with those men I might do
08:26it one day but
08:27memberships and all of this and
08:30consultations imagine you paying her for
08:32a consult to talk about what which one
08:35of y'all will be dumb enough to pay her
08:36to talk about yeah I want to talk about
08:38how to be fake in the fraud
08:40um and how to dust my life up I would
08:43love to just dust it up yes I want to
08:46dust it all the way up yeah can you help
08:49me ruin my life because you don't know
08:51the hell you're talking about I would
08:52love for you to mess it up for me yeah
08:53exactly you no no no no nobody but your
08:57ass that's exactly yeah how much do it
08:59cost pay her please so y'all can go
09:02ahead on and get the wrong Dusty
09:04information okay go ahead and dust it up
09:06go ahead and sand it up so guys what do
09:09you think it's your boy oh shade Duke
09:12Jackson back at it again with another
09:14episode of the celebrity jump which you
09:17should probably describe the bill we're
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is @JustPearlyThings accused of being fake and fraudulent?

Yes, her ex-boyfriend accuses her of being fake and fraudulent, claiming that she only uses people for clout and took advantage of him while they were in a relationship.

2. What does O'Shea reveal about @JustPearlyThings?

O'Shea reveals that @JustPearlyThings was not like this when they were dating, indicating a change in her behavior.

3. What does O'Shea defend about himself?

O'Shea defends his own history of simping and tricking, suggesting that he has experienced similar behavior.

4. What advice does O'Shea give regarding @JustPearlyThings?

O'Shea advises viewers not to seek out advice from @JustPearlyThings, as he believes she offers 'Dusty information' and promotes a fraudulent persona.

5. What does the video reveal about @JustPearlyThings' behavior?

The video highlights accusations of using people for clout, taking advantage of others, and promoting fraudulent behavior, urging viewers to consider the authenticity of the content.

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