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In this video tutorial, the content creator discusses defensive strategies in FIFA 23, emphasizing the importance of anticipation and player selection. The key to successful defense lies in cutting off passing lanes, covering the central axis, and choosing the right player to engage with the opponent. The content creator highlights the challenging nature of teaching defensive skills due to the situational aspects of the game.
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This section introduces the topic of defensive gameplay in FIFA 23 and explains the difficulty in teaching defensive skills.
The previous video on becoming better in FIFA 23 received positive feedback and helped many players improve.
The goal of this video is to provide more detailed advice on defensive tactics.
The difficulty in teaching defense is that it heavily relies on anticipation and reading the game, which cannot be easily taught like technical gestures.
Selecting the right players using the joystick is essential for effective defense in FIFA 23.
Use the right joystick to select players closer to the ball carrier.
Anticipate the opponent's moves by selecting the appropriate players with the joystick.
Quick player selection prevents the opponent from executing their desired actions in your defense.
The key to defending in FIFA 23 is to use the L2 button (contain) to stay close to the ball carrier and anticipate their movements.
The L2 button helps in various situations and allows you to climb on the ball carrier.
Pressing L2 and moving left or right helps to anticipate the opponent's movements.
Using L2 allows for automatic standing tackles and ball recovery without pressing the tackle button again.
The key to defending in FIFA 23 is to cover the central axis and anticipate the opponent's moves.
Running the axis prevents the opponent from scoring.
Anticipation is crucial in defense.
Double pressing and sending a defender can help regain possession quickly.
The key to defending in FIFA 23 is anticipation and cutting off passing lines.
Try to cover the axis as much as possible.
Avoid losing the ball randomly, especially with risky and low passes.
Anticipate the opponent's moves and avoid panicking or throwing yourself into tackles.
Don't make the mistake of throwing yourself with the full-backs.
00:00yo guys I hope you are all doing
00:01very well today new video we are
00:03going to talk about defense in Fifa 23
00:06three weeks ago I released the video
00:07How to become better in Fifa 23 where
00:09I will give you as much as possible advice
00:10for progressing in the game besides
00:12the feedback on this video is
00:13really amazing many of you have
00:15managed to progress by applying my
00:16advice many of you are achieving
00:18better ranks depending on even
00:19some have managed to reach 20
00:21zero was Champions thanks to his
00:22advice there so I'm really
00:23happy with it that was the goal of this video
00:25you warned that I will make you a
00:26more detailed video on the whole
00:28defensive aspect of the game because there are
00:29a lot of things to say about
00:31defense on Fifa so we are here for that
00:32today and I want to tell you that
00:34I have never done defense tutorials
00:35in the past because I start from the
00:36principle that well defense is 90 95%
00:39anticipation and for me you can't
00:41teach someone to anticipate it's
00:43happening in your head it's reading
00:44the game and that's it, it's not something
00:46like technical gestures where I'm going to
00:48tell you do this technical gesture
00:49with such a key combination you
00:50are going to reproduce it at home you take it
00:52out in this situation it happens
00:54you score that's it's quite simple we're
00:55going to say to learn on the other hand teach
00:56someone to defend well that's it since
00:58it's anticipation it's very
00:59complicated it will depend on your
01:00opponent it will depend if you
01:02know him or not if you know that he
01:03often does the same thing it will
01:04also depend if it is in flux of
01:06champions for example if you notice
01:07that your opponent at the start of the match
01:08always does the same thing so
01:09afterwards you will simply defend in
01:10a slightly different way
01:12and therefore it is quite complicated to
01:14give you the best advice for that
01:16but I'm going to do my best and
01:18I hope it will be useful to you
01:19first thing guys we're going to talk
01:20very quickly about the controller settings
01:22so I'm already playing classic but who cares about that eh
01:23it's just according to your
01:24preferences and then after what is
01:27very important it will be at the level of the
01:28controller parameters to play well with
01:30the pass blocks at the level of
01:31player changes be very
01:32careful because I know that there are some
01:33who start FIFA who at the beginning will be
01:35put in automatic change so that
01:37it is, we will say well, more
01:38automated precisely but that is really
01:40not the thing to do because you
01:41cannot become strong at FIFA by playing in
01:43automatic mode, it is not you who will
01:44select your players whereas it's
01:45the most important thing to master
01:47in Fifa the change of player so I
01:49advise you to play either in
01:50manual or in aerial ball and wandering
01:53personally I play like that then
01:54what good will we have the
01:56very important change of the right joystick
01:57to put it in
01:59classic in any case I think
02:00it's like that the best this year by
02:02default it goes into adaptive and
02:03frankly it's not great I
02:05think we have then the reference
02:06change right joystick put it
02:08relative to the players and then I believe
02:09that we have nothing else important in
02:11terms of the defensive aspect so the
02:13most important thing to master
02:14in the defensive aspect will be your
02:16player selection must
02:17be both as precise as possible
02:19and as fast as possible to
02:21prevent your opponent from
02:23making his attacks as he wants there are
02:25two ways to select these
02:26players on Fifa so the first is
02:27to 'use the button and there so you
02:29press L1 once it selects
02:31the player closest to the
02:32ball carrier so there you will see that I
02:33will press several times it will
02:35select only these two players
02:36there because they are the two closer
02:37to the ball carrier so if for example
02:39you want to anticipate something from
02:41Ben by taking a player a little further
02:42back on the pitch well you ca
02:43n't just with her that's why
02:45it's going to be very important
02:46to learn to select your players
02:48with the second banner so this
02:49time it will be with your
02:51right joystick so here guys for example I
02:52will want to select Di Maria who
02:53is my left Elie hop I put a
02:55play move here towards the top one
02:56right joystick upwards it takes me Maria
02:58so in the direction of well nothing if I want to
03:00take Theo Irish who is at the
03:01top there on the left I put a stroke of the
03:03joystick at the top left boom I
03:05end up with Théo if I want to take
03:06my central defender to anticipate for
03:07example a through ball but my
03:09joystick movement in the direction of my
03:11central defender which will allow me
03:12to anticipate much more precisely
03:14in my player selection so
03:16I invite you to learn how to
03:17select your players with the
03:18joystick because it is essential
03:20to reach a level in the game after
03:22me personally the guys I
03:24still use a lot even though the L1
03:25I use the joystick in
03:26situations where I have no choice if I
03:27want to anticipate a deep call
03:29but for example when the opponent
03:31makes fairly short passes between his
03:32players and I want to select
03:34the player who is quite close to the ball
03:35well I will still use my
03:37L button some small clips of
03:38quite interesting match to
03:39show you the importance of
03:40player selection and why you
03:41have to be very quick but in fact it
03:44prevents the opponent from doing what he
03:45wants in your defense there you see I
03:47am already very quickly with Hakimi
03:48to cover up top he does the pass I
03:51'm already there with tomorry in fact I
03:52prevent him from being able to make the
03:53technical gesture or the pass in my area the
03:56same before he even makes the pass
03:57with Mbappe I had already taken Tommy so
03:59come back to what I I said at the beginning of
04:00the video it's a lot of anticipation
04:02and there you will see there are two small
04:03clips they were matches against under
04:05except me I'm in white under it's in
04:07black so under be careful you must
04:08certainly knowing him presents you
04:10more and you will see that this is
04:12what impressed me the most when when
04:13I faced him it is his
04:15selection the player there you see
04:16in fact he covers the whole field thanks
04:18to his sectioning the player who is
04:19very fast and very very precise and in
04:23fact that leaves you almost no space
04:24there you will see this clip more
04:26than 5 minutes ago or well I was also taking my
04:29time because we were 5 minutes from
04:30the end there were three three and I
04:31absolutely wanted to keep the 90th to
04:33have the script of the 90th which is in my favor
04:35you know but even beyond that
04:38in fact I had I wanted to try
04:39to go a little more in his
04:40camp but I just couldn't
04:42because watching his sectioning of the player
04:43there you can't see with my cam but in
04:44fact every time he is uh already on
04:47the players where I want to go in my
04:48head he anticipates extremely well and he
04:50sections his players I I analyzed
04:51his gameplay a little bit like many
04:52pro players besides that with the
04:54right joystick I personally
04:55still use the L1 quite a bit to
04:57select in small spaces he
04:59really all the time he uses his
05:00right joystick never there and which means
05:02that well there it is ultra precise it
05:04almost never fools players and
05:06see in fact every time I go
05:07somewhere he is already there he moves
05:08all the possible spaces I change
05:10from it well there he will follow me and
05:12it was extremely complicated and in the end I
05:14couldn't even have the last action
05:15because in fact I'm going to get there and
05:17I'm just going to be locked in and there he's
05:20going to counter the cross right after and I
05:21'm going to lose the ball there second key
05:23very important to defend it will be
05:24your L2 key so your key to
05:26contain so there touch two for those
05:28who don't know I think you
05:29all know it's to stay on these
05:30sconces are defender and not throw
05:32so that's fine useful to you in several
05:33situations it will serve you almost
05:34in every occasion and basically you
05:37put in L2 you can even do
05:38little left-right to anticipate towards
05:39the left towards the right and basically even
05:41if you press on both and
05:42you climb on the ball carrier well
05:43there he doesn't move it's simple but even
05:45if he moves you climb on him and the
05:46player will recover the ball will make a
05:48standing tackle in fact automatic you
05:49don't even need to press
05:51your tac button again me the L2 clears
05:52I only use it when I'm close we'll
05:55say the ball carrier there
05:56for example I don't use it and there I get
05:58closer to him I use it and I do
05:59n't have to intervene and counter his
06:01shot after that that comma there you will be
06:03able to see it too I'm going to take myself I'm going to
06:04take my Loupio I'm going to
06:06cut the pass line I'm going to put
06:07in L2 and I'm going to wait and intervene
06:09at the right time to cut the
06:11pass line another other clip which will arrive
06:14you will see he will do a little
06:15leg movement since I am close
06:16to him and well I put him in L2 and I
06:18will intervene quietly so it is very
06:20important to use the L2 button but be
06:22careful not to always use it
06:23either I advise you to
06:24get as close as possible by running
06:26towards the player you want to mark we
06:28will say and we are close there you
06:30put in L2 and then you try to
06:31intervene then to recover the
06:33ball you also have the different
06:34types of tags so the standing tag with
06:36your round button which is quite
06:39useful and you also even have the option of
06:41sliding it with your square button which
06:43for once will be useful only
06:44in situations where you have no
06:45choice, that's the [ __ ] and you let go of
06:47your tack drag it a little bit of
06:49despair but normally if you
06:50defend well you almost never
06:52need to use it other
06:54important thing it will be the double pressing
06:55with era so here for example let's start from the
06:57principle that the player wants to restart, I
06:58anticipate the pass down and I
07:01can send with the R1 button the double
07:02pressure with Al Javer which means that he
07:04will get closer and sometimes even
07:06recover the ball on his own like he
07:07did there so it's really
07:09ultra strong, you shouldn't use it
07:11anyhow the R1 because it can leave
07:12space there are lots of situations
07:14it can really be
07:16useful and the most important thing the
07:18more we will say effective with this double
07:20pressing is for example to anticipate
07:21the page you send your double
07:22pressing and once it is close
07:24to the carrier there you select and
07:25you recover the ball yourself that's how
07:27most pros
07:28defend and manage to cover a
07:30large part of the field as we were
07:31talking about earlier with unders.
07:33Personally, I wouldn't have 50 million
07:35clips to show you of me doing
07:36that because I've never used
07:38double pressing too much until this year so
07:40I haven't yet mastered it to
07:41perfection let's say I'm trying to
07:42work on it because this
07:43year it's really ultra cheating this
07:45way of defending but here I am still having
07:47a little trouble but do
07:48n't worry it will come so that it is a little
07:49more telling guys I started a
07:50little match was the champion and I will
07:52try to explain to you a little bit as we go
07:53along what do I do
07:55how I think when I defend
07:56so what is very important to do
07:57in defense guys is to run
07:59the axis as much as possible to
08:02prevent the guy from scoring because
08:04logically if he is blocked on the side
08:05even if the sides It's very dangerous
08:07this year as long as he doesn't come back in
08:08the middle so there's no danger we're going to
08:09give him the ball back so he has the
08:10opportunity to attack so basically
08:12guys when I'm defending I try to
08:14defend the axis as much as possible, move back a
08:15little bit to be in place there, we can
08:17let him advance there, I send the double
08:19pressure with Théo, I take my my
08:21defender and then anyway,
08:23he's doing a little bit there anything so
08:24we get the ball back we give him the
08:25ball back so he can attack so
08:27guys what do I do I
08:28try to be in place to move back a
08:30little bit I can send a little
08:31double pressing to hinder him and with
08:33my other nice player can boom I
08:35recover the ball directly so there the
08:37same we try to anticipate well but we
08:40know that he is going to make the pass there I put
08:41Théo and I recover calmly so
08:43as I said guys, defense
08:44is almost just
08:46anticipation, so it's not as
08:47simple as that, to explain it to you, it's in
08:49your head that it's happening if you see
08:51a free player there's definitely a
08:52chance that the guy pass to this
08:53player there guys as usual
08:54I try to run the axis it's very
08:56important to always cover the axis
08:57I send it like the pressing with Théo I
09:00anticipate with my PC this which allows me
09:02to recover the ball quite easily
09:03there the opponent rushes a lot
09:05so I don't have much to do in
09:06defense not to anticipate his
09:09passing lines there is not much else to
09:10do we will give him back the ball
09:12because if I score I'm a little afraid
09:13who who is angry leaves the guy who must
09:15understand nothing just gives him the ball back
09:16he must wonder what I'm doing but
09:18here we are a little bit our little
09:19guinea pig in this match and there you will
09:21see I'm going to run the axis I send the
09:22double pressure with Théo to hinder him
09:24and at least I have Carvalo to intervene
09:25there you see I didn't even press
09:27the standing tackle just the button and the 2
09:29that I was talking to you and if you press
09:30L2 and you rush at the player he
09:31will take the ball automatically be
09:33careful when it's Mbappé guys we
09:35know who is going fast so you really do
09:36n't have to let him get ahead of
09:37himself we try to prevent cover all the
09:39possibilities there he finds a pass in
09:41the axis in the surface that's where it
09:42gets hotter boom I use
09:44L2 less and I intervene quite easily
09:45on it as usual we try to
09:47move back from being in place we cover the axis
09:49as much as possible if it is to anticipate
09:50I use double pressing to
09:52hinder it as much as possible there you see there is
09:53no possibility I rush at it and the
09:552 as usual and my player
09:56intervenes automatically we're going to
09:58give him back again but as you see my
10:00way of defending it's more or less
10:01always the same thing I try to
10:03cover the passing lines to anticipate
10:04so as I say it's
10:05anticipation and that for So I
10:07can't teach you it's what's
10:08going on in your head what your
10:09reading of the game we're going to say too and here
10:11I am trying to run the passing lines
10:12boom I was covering Cafou I recovered the
10:14ball quite simply there in the more
10:16the opponent is far from being very strong
10:17so that also makes my life easier but
10:19it's the same whatever the level of
10:21the opponent it's always the same
10:22way of defending trying to cover
10:23the axis as much as possible here also don't lose the
10:25ball randomly because it's
10:27often by losing balls that are a bit
10:28risky and low on the pitch that
10:30you'll take chances but
10:32normally when you're in place
10:33defensively your block is well
10:35grouped if you don't do
10:36anything it should do it, I
10:40'm going to give him the ball back one last
10:41time and then I'll notice a goal or
10:43two because yeah, we've gone a little bit
10:44but for the
10:45player selection here for example
10:46if I want to select him there is no
10:47problem but if I want to take my
10:48side I have to take my
10:50right joystick because it is much
10:51too far and with Hélène it
10:52won't give it to me or watch out for Maldini
10:54who has left he will surely play
10:56behind and here we anticipate we must
10:59not Pan in defense in fact that's what
11:00can cost you at the start of this never
11:02panic you anticipate what you
11:04think the guy is going to do you
11:06don't throw yourself you stay to be two you do
11:07n't have to throw yourself, throw yourself, especially not
11:09also with the full-backs, it's a big
11:10fault that I often find in the
11:11opponents I face, it's that
11:12the guys throw themselves with the full-backs, we're going to
11:14add a little but because
11:15that's it, we've done the trick guys, I
11:17think you've understood a little bit about
11:18how to defend, after that it's going to be
11:19up to you, we're going to say to
11:22improve your skills in this way
11:24of defending and you have to play it. you have to
11:25play that there is no secret guys
11:27FIFA anyway the more you
11:28play the more you will progress in the game
11:29there you go guys the match is over to
11:31summarize I repeat it once again
11:32but everything depends on anticipation
11:34it is the key to your defense in Fifa
11:37you have to cut the good passing lines
11:38and cover as much black as possible and
11:40go out with the right player at the right time
11:42and above all the right player must not go out
11:43with your central defender and that
11:46leaves a big field free if you
11:47go out with your DC you have to be sure to
11:49leave with the ball I tried to
11:51do as much as possible for this defense tutorial
11:52but it was really complicated since
11:53as I say it plays out each time on a
11:55case by case basis it depends on your opponents
11:56it depends on the situations that's it in
11:58the moment what you felt sometimes you
12:00will anticipate the withdrawal sometimes you
12:01will anticipate that it will go straight
12:03and then there you really don't even know
12:04why you anticipated that it
12:06plays so much in one fraction of a
12:07second that it is difficult
12:08to explain but in any case I hope that
12:10this video will be useful to you to
12:12finish the guys to defend well you
12:13have to try to defend with the
12:14best defenders so favor
12:16defenders with more than 80 speed
12:17with big marks in defense in
12:19physics so for example for those who
12:21have a lot of credit myself preferred
12:22it is Lucio it is Coulibaly World Cup
12:25it is tomorry winter varan winter
12:27Maldini for example even Ferdinand and
12:29for those who have a small a little less
12:30credit at less than 100,000 credits I
12:32'm thinking for example of cluster man at
12:33Guardiole before daille regular all these
12:35days at tilocaires also these are
12:37defenders who are very very good come on
12:39I'll tell you see you very soon on one of
12:40my live or on an upcoming video ciao
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the focus of this FIFA 23 defensive strategies tutorial?

The focus of this FIFA 23 defensive strategies tutorial is on anticipation and player selection, emphasizing the importance of these elements in successful defense.

2. What are the key elements highlighted for successful defense in FIFA 23?

The key elements highlighted for successful defense in FIFA 23 include cutting off passing lanes, covering the central axis, and choosing the right player to engage with the opponent.

3. What does the content creator emphasize about teaching defensive skills in FIFA 23?

The content creator emphasizes the challenging nature of teaching defensive skills in FIFA 23, attributing this challenge to the situational aspects of the game.

4. How important is anticipation in defensive strategies in FIFA 23?

Anticipation plays a crucial role in defensive strategies in FIFA 23, as it enables players to anticipate and cut off passing lanes effectively.

5. What is the significance of player selection in successful defense in FIFA 23?

Player selection is highly significant in successful defense in FIFA 23, as choosing the right player to engage with the opponent can make a decisive difference in the outcome of defensive plays.

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