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The video discusses various topics in the Roblox community, including an update that allows users to see where their account is logged in, drama over the use of thumbnails in gaming, issues with the premium subscription service, the demonetization of a YouTuber's video, and concerns over the Roblox FPS Unlocker potentially being a virus.
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The video discusses drama in Roblox games, including the FPS unlocker being labeled as a virus and an update allowing users to see where their account is logged in.
Roblox has released an update that allows users to see where their account is logged in, including the city, IP address, and device.
There is drama surrounding the FPS unlocker, with claims that it is a virus.
The video mentions a tweet about pets and drama in Roblox games.
The video discusses a game that used Preston's tweet without permission, which he found disrespectful.
Preston replied to the game developer's tweet politely asking them not to use his thumbnail or icon.
The game developer updated the picture of their game to include Preston's tweet, which is considered disrespectful.
The video mentions that the drama is funny but not a big deal.
The video discusses an incident where a person got injured and blamed it on haters, as well as the release of a game that gave out free Robux. It also mentions the FPS unlocker being mistaken as a virus.
Someone got injured and blamed it on haters.
A game called "Glitch" gave out free Robux.
Keep an eye on Twitter for games that offer free codes.
The FPS unlocker is not actually a virus, but some people are cautious about using it.
00:00petsim is in more drama Roblox games are
00:02giving out free Robux the FPS unlocker
00:04is apparently a virus and just so much
00:06more major freaking news in today's
00:09Roblox video but first I need to thank
00:10my subscribed subscribers because you
00:12guys are if you guys are so cool you
00:13guys are so cool if you're not
00:14subscribed you're not cool at all to be
00:16honest but other than that let's get to
00:18the main freaking story okay which is
00:20well not the main one it's a small one
00:21you know how we do it here okay anyways
00:23let's let's just get started okay so
00:24with the first one it's gonna be this
00:25update that I think I talked about
00:27before but for some reason I've been
00:28getting a lot of people telling me to
00:29talk about it now this happened like a
00:31long time ago at this point but
00:32basically if you go into your Roblox
00:33settings you can now see what account or
00:36where you're actually logged in so you
00:38can see like where someone is logged in
00:40like their City you can see their IP
00:42address and you can see what like device
00:44they're signed in on so like if you were
00:46to get hacked or you think you're hacked
00:48or you think someone signed into your
00:49account you can just check and see if
00:51someone is now most websites actually do
00:52have this feature um so it's pretty cool
00:54that Roblox finally caught up so yeah
00:56that that's just that that's a tiny
00:57little story and I don't know why people
00:59were asking me to talk about about this
01:00now there was like an influx of people
01:02telling me to talk about this in the
01:03past day and a half which I don't know
01:04why I mean this came out like two weeks
01:06ago but I guess I'll mention it just in
01:08case next up we have another pretty cool
01:10story which is some pets and drama guys
01:12some pretty epic pets and drama so I saw
01:14this tweet or this tweet was linked in a
01:16Discord that I'm a part of and uh I
01:17wanted to talk about it because it's
01:18kind of hilarious okay so it's PR it's
01:20Preston drama alright guys so as we can
01:22see in this tweet Taz D they just said
01:25nah okay and basically what's the
01:27context you might be asking well let's
01:28just let's just click on this here so
01:30there's these games called uh I think
01:31badass experiences on Roblox where they
01:34basically you you've definitely seen
01:35them they're just like tycoon or
01:37Simulator games that have like this this
01:39yellow head plastered all over it
01:40they're just kind of like meme games
01:42where it's like I don't know make your
01:43dad think you were not a failure anymore
01:45simulator it's stuff like that I don't
01:46know and recently they made one where
01:48it's called feeding trash to rich people
01:50Tycoon and and you might notice
01:51something here this thumbnail is a bit
01:53familiar now it is edited which they
01:55usually do with most of their stuff like
01:56most of their Tycoon pictures and stuff
01:58are just like already existing pictures
01:59with edited stuff on it I guess it's
02:01just their aesthetic but as you can see
02:03it's a picture from one of Preston's
02:05games uh called my restaurant I think
02:07it's called I don't know I haven't
02:08played it in a while but it's a very
02:09popular game and as you can see Preston
02:10actually replied to this saying hey can
02:13you please not use our thumbnail or icon
02:15I do enjoy your games keep up the great
02:17work which is honestly kind of
02:18respectful like that's a very you know
02:21respectful comment from Preston he said
02:22I like your games you're you're very
02:24cool and you might be like okay that was
02:26pretty nice that was that was a decent
02:27interaction from you know
02:29Preston was he was just trying to be
02:30nice about it right but if we go to the
02:32next if we go to the next part you can
02:34see that they updated the picture of
02:36their game to actually include Preston's
02:39tweet in it that's crazy like that's so
02:41insane that they would even do that here
02:42let's see let's see does this actually
02:43still exist hold on yeah it's it's still
02:46there guys hey can you please not use
02:47our thumbnail or icon I enjoy your games
02:49please keep up the great work and yeah
02:51that's just that's crazy that's crazy to
02:53see that's like so that's disrespectful
02:55man that's crazy it is funny I do gotta
02:57say it's kind of hilarious but it's also
02:59like press the was kind of being
03:00respectful guys like come on come on for
03:02once also this game has one three three
03:04seven favorites right now that's that's
03:06crazy what a number version one edited
03:09thumbnail for Preston heart
03:11that's gotta be that's got to be
03:12disrespectful of of sorts I don't know
03:14but yeah what's going on with that drama
03:15I think it's really funny but uh yeah
03:17it's whatever it's whatever it's not
03:18it's not that big of a deal but I want
03:19to talk about it because it was kind of
03:20funny what else we move on to the next
03:21story which is premium so in my last uh
03:24like I don't know like a week or two ago
03:25at this point I talked about how premium
03:26was like not on the website anymore and
03:28I said in my video it's probably gonna
03:30come back just wait it out you know
03:31maybe cancel your premium subscription
03:33for the time being and just wait for it
03:34all to come back because basically what
03:36was going on is a lot of people had the
03:37450 Robux planned for premium but for
03:40some reason when it tried to renew it
03:41would try and renew the the more
03:42expensive options basically Roblox just
03:44made premium more expensive or more
03:46cheaper for some people it was really
03:47interesting they kind of just like
03:48stopped offering some of these options
03:50to people sometimes it was the cheapest
03:52one sometimes it was the most expensive
03:53one sometimes it was all of them to be
03:55honest and it seems like this problem
03:56hasn't been fixed because in the past
03:58day or so I've gotten a lot more people
04:00telling me about this now I personally
04:01have all three options and I've always
04:03had all three options even when I made
04:04my video in the past I had all three
04:06options where I had a problem that was
04:08on my alt account let me do a little bit
04:09of a checkup on my alt account and yep
04:10on my alt account I only have the most
04:12expensive option so yeah I don't know
04:14what's going on I just kind of wanted to
04:16mention this because I've seen a lot of
04:17people talking about it so yeah I don't
04:19know if this is a glitch or not anymore
04:20like I thought it was just like a bug
04:22because it was like just really odd that
04:24Roblox would do this but apparently it's
04:26not because it's not coming back to
04:28Roblox like so many people are missing
04:30their premium options and I now I'm kind
04:32of getting worried like is premium
04:34actually like being phased out or
04:35something like why would they only
04:37remove certain options for some people I
04:39guess it's probably because of like the
04:40whole thing with how Robux has been like
04:42denominated in a different currency and
04:44stuff like that that's probably what's
04:45breaking everything but also like I
04:47don't know man like this is weird man
04:49but yeah that's what's going on with
04:50premium it's still broken for like a lot
04:52of people like if you don't live in in
04:54Canada I guess it's gonna be broken I
04:56think I've even seen some people in like
04:57America that that don't even have like
04:59the the middle or the third option they
05:01only have the cheapest option so I don't
05:02know which countries exactly are
05:04affected by this but uh if if you are
05:06affected I'm just gonna tell you right
05:07now you might not get it back because it
05:10it's not fixing and it hasn't been fixed
05:12in weeks at this point I mean like
05:14Roblox has been losing money from this
05:16like hundreds of dollars from this this
05:17glitch that's happening like there's no
05:19way they don't notice this happening
05:21anyways that's what's going on with
05:22premium let's move on to the next story
05:23which is laughability guys so I got the
05:26inside scoop on this laughability drama
05:27but uh it doesn't matter because I woke
05:30up late today and it was Joe ver but
05:31basically what laughability does is uh
05:33he basically uh does this series where
05:35he gets banned on Roblox by saying swear
05:37words and all the thumbnails have swear
05:39words basically in his newest uh thing
05:41in the series he had a swear word in the
05:43thumbnail in which it got demonetized
05:45and apparently it got permanently
05:46demonetized like he couldn't change the
05:48thumbnail to fix it or anything so he
05:49re-uploaded the video which is not big
05:51news in itself okay but it's kind of big
05:53news because he has a second Channel
05:55where he uploaded a video called I need
05:57your help tldr he re-uploaded the video
05:59and uh it's back up guys it just has a
06:02different thumbnail I guess so anyways
06:03yeah let's go and I would laugh I just
06:04thought it was interesting but I was
06:05talking about next review because that's
06:06way more important okay the nixture V
06:08recently has been saying that he's been
06:10getting like beat up I don't know what's
06:11going on here so yeah nickster V
06:13basically posted on Twitter that he got
06:15like beat up by haters now I don't even
06:17think I can show these pictures because
06:18they're kind of yucky he has like a lot
06:20of scrapes on his hand and stuff like
06:22that so I don't really want to show that
06:23on YouTube I think he probably just fell
06:25off like a bike or something like I'm
06:26not gonna lie it looks like he fell off
06:27a bike yeah he got he kind of got beat
06:29up pretty bad man but I think the
06:31funniest part about this is that he's
06:32kind of blaming it on on haters he said
06:35the haters got him I think he deleted
06:37the Tweet but at one point he was saying
06:39the haters got him I don't know what
06:40haters are beating up next or V but but
06:43yeah dude that's the nixture V drama
06:44let's get into the main stuff all right
06:45which is this game that gave out free
06:47Robux and it doesn't exist anymore okay
06:49I'm gonna say that right now but that
06:51doesn't mean that this story is
06:52completely useless okay so as you can
06:54see here the game was called glitch
06:56which is a free code Avi where basically
06:58if you beat the Abbey you got a code for
07:00hasm's website where you could actually
07:01redeem it for Robux we already know we
07:03already know you've probably heard about
07:04this already from Creed Crafters someone
07:06else but the reason I'm talking about
07:07this is because I think it's very
07:08important to keep your eyes on Twitter
07:10gosh on it there's been two games so far
07:13that have given out free Robux the third
07:14one is coming up soon okay so yeah make
07:16sure to just keep your eyes on Twitter I
07:18I see this every video but I it's very
07:20extra quadruply important right now
07:22because of how many games are being
07:24released that are giving out these free
07:25codes but as we want to the next story
07:26which is FPS unlocker being a virus so
07:29it's not actually a virus from what I
07:31know I don't actually use FPS unlockers
07:32so maybe don't take my word for it I
07:34mean I've always been kind of like wary
07:35about FPS unlocker so uh yeah but
07:38basically what's going on here is
07:39basically there was a new update to FPS
07:41unlocker and people have been running it
07:42through a website called virustotal
07:43which is a basically a website where you
07:45can run any file that you download
07:46through like every single antivirus
07:48known to man and it'll basically tell
07:50you if it's a virus or not or it'll try
07:52it's it's usually it usually works but
07:54sometimes it fails and basically the
07:55newest updated FPS unlocker has
07:57basically made this virus total website
07:59basically say it's a virus I can't
08:00really find the Reddit post but I've
08:02seen a lot of stuff about it on Roblox
08:03uh on the Roblox Reddit and yeah it's
08:06basically making a lot of people think
08:07it's a virus which is kind of spooky and
08:09yeah that's what's going on with FPS
08:11unlocker being a virus it's that I don't
08:13think it's a virus okay this is made by
08:15someone who worked at ROBLOX but then
08:16again don't take my word for it don't go
08:18downloading it willy nilly maybe be a
08:20little bit careful I don't know I mean I
08:22don't even use the dang program but I
08:23know a lot of YouTubers do and if it
08:25does have a virus you'll see them
08:26streaming Tesla Bitcoin stuff and then
08:29yeah you'll know what's going on
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1. What are the latest topics in the Roblox community?

The latest topics in the Roblox community include an update that allows users to see where their account is logged in, drama over the use of thumbnails in gaming, issues with the premium subscription service, the demonetization of a YouTuber's video, and concerns over the Roblox FPS Unlocker potentially being a virus.

2. How is the Roblox community addressing the update that allows users to see where their account is logged in?

The Roblox community is discussing the new update that allows users to see where their account is logged in and sharing opinions on its usefulness and potential impact on account security.

3. What is the current drama over the use of thumbnails in gaming in the Roblox community?

The Roblox community is currently dealing with drama over the use of thumbnails in gaming, with discussions focusing on fair use, copyright issues, and the impact of thumbnails on content visibility and engagement.

4. What are the primary concerns regarding the Roblox premium subscription service?

The primary concerns regarding the Roblox premium subscription service revolve around its value for money, exclusive features, and the overall benefits compared to the free membership.

5. How is the Roblox community responding to the demonetization of a YouTuber's video?

The Roblox community is expressing its opinions and reactions to the demonetization of a YouTuber's video, discussing the impact on content creation, monetization policies, and the future of Roblox-related content on YouTube.

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