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A Roblox developer is facing two life sentences after being arrested for preying on minors, with YouTuber Reuben Sim playing a significant role in exposing the predator and highlighting Roblox's mishandling of the situation. The arrest was made by the FBI after conducting their own investigation, and the evidence against the developer is strong. Roblox's negligence in protecting children using their platform is evident.
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A YouTuber named Reuben Sim helped expose a predator in the Roblox developer community, who is now facing the possibility of two life sentences.
Reuben Sim was sued by Roblox for $1.6 million but ended up winning the case.
The FBI API conducted their own investigation and made the arrest.
Roblox did not take the predator's actions seriously, leading to a 15-year-old girl being taken across the country to meet him.
A former Roblox developer named Arnold went from being highly paid to facing two life sentences and half a million dollars in fines due to felony charges.
Arnold was creating a Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off game called Sonic simulator.
His YouTube channel featured Sonic games and received 90 million visits.
The community made inappropriate jokes, leading to problems.
The video discusses a Roblox developer who is facing two life sentences.
The developer is being accused of inappropriate behavior.
He apologizes for his actions and promises to change his behavior.
There is a discussion about his use of dark humor and the fine line between right and wrong.
The exchange of messages between the developer and the victims is deemed inappropriate.
The video discusses the possibility of support from the community for the Roblox developer and the termination of his main account.
The creator made a video breaking down the situation in less than seven minutes.
Arnold's main account was deleted after the conversation with the staff member.
Roblox has a public Wall of Shame called "Terminated Players" that is regularly updated.
Arnold's account was terminated for swearing in front of a Roblox intern using voice chat on one of his alternative accounts.
The video suggests that if Roblox wanted to protect its users, they should have deleted his game and curbed his income.
Arnold Castillo, a Roblox developer approved for the developer exchange, was arrested by the FBI for taking an interest in an underage girl from his Discord server and transporting her across state lines.
Roblox could have arrested Arnold years ago if someone had called him out.
Arnold posted a YouTube video showing he was still the owner of the game after being approved for the developer exchange.
The same Discord server he was using for girls was still linked on his games page.
Arnold was arrested by the FBI for taking an interest in an underage girl from his Discord server and transporting her across state lines.
A YouTuber facing serious allegations and legal trouble for making sexual advances and derogatory remarks towards minors.
Allegations sourced from unidentified social media users, reportedly juveniles.
YouTuber has pled not guilty, but overwhelming evidence including physical sting operation and FBI investigation.
Another individual's information likely to be integral to the case.
00:00it's been a pretty wild last couple of
00:02years for Roblox with a lot of
00:04information being exposed about some
00:06very bad people in the community that
00:08have done some awful things as well as
00:10even Roblox themselves putting on the
00:12clown suit and doing some absolute dumb
00:14awful ideas such as suing a YouTuber for
00:181.6 million dollars which ended up being
00:21a giant nothing burger and a huge
00:22mistake on their part they just ended up
00:25looking really silly and stupid in that
00:26case and really Roblox has been kind of
00:29like Gotham City recently with the
00:31amount of terrible [ __ ] going on in
00:33actual crime I'm not exaggerating real
00:36crime and that's what I want to talk
00:37about today Reuben Sim the YouTuber that
00:40was being sued for 1.6 million dollars
00:42but walked away with a huge dub has
00:45still been fighting the good fight
00:47against some predators in the Roblox
00:50developer community and one of them is
00:53now looking at potentially two life
00:55sentences so huge hats off to Reuben for
00:58helping make this happen the FBA API did
01:00step in and make the arrest after
01:02conducting their own thorough
01:03investigation on that same individual
01:05and hopefully all of that goes well in
01:09court and is sentenced properly because
01:11this [ __ ] is downright deplorable and
01:14Reuben Sim also highlights all of the
01:16floundering that Roblox did when
01:18handling this they didn't take any of
01:20this seriously this was an open
01:23pedophile who was preying on minors in
01:26the community saying terrible awful [ __ ]
01:28doing terrible things and Roblox
01:30themselves did nothing to stop it and it
01:33eventually culminated in this individual
01:35getting a 15 year old girl into a
01:37stranger's Uber going 700 miles across
01:40the country to meet him at his apartment
01:42and authorities busting in shortly after
01:45since they were closely monitoring this
01:47guy overall absolute dog [ __ ] handling
01:49in this case by Roblox they did nothing
01:51to protect the children that use their
01:53service and it is mostly children they
01:55did nothing when confronted with this
01:57information about a pedophile who had an
01:59extremely popular game game on their
02:00platform and was using that level of
02:03Fame to actively prey on miners they did
02:06nothing really to stop it Reuben took it
02:09into his own hands and worked with other
02:10members of the community in order to try
02:12and get this individual held accountable
02:13and taken off of the platform so great
02:16[ __ ] all around from Ruben definitely go
02:18show him some love his channel link is
02:20in the description of this video and now
02:22I'm just going to show you some of the
02:24video he made talking about all this and
02:26going over it from top to bottom a
02:28Roblox Dev got arrested by the FBI
02:31what today
02:33is in Reuben Sim's new video but did it
02:35happen today or is you covering the
02:36because I know one Deb got arrested
02:38quite some time ago
02:40so is this a new one
02:42the arrest happened a few days ago
02:44oh [ __ ]
02:46because there was a former Dev that did
02:47get arrested
02:49but that wasn't like super recent
02:53when I first learned about Arnold I only
02:55knew him by his online aliases he named
02:58himself schlebetsky after one of
03:00roblox's Founders John schuletski I'm
03:02like convincing people that he was his
03:04brother seems legit right let me see
03:10can you prove you're actually
03:12shedletsky's brother know it would
03:15require effort couldn't care less about
03:17doing effort
03:19just got done doing the most complicated
03:21physics you'll ever see in Roblox so any
03:24more effort can suck my dick
03:30is this the physics let me send a
03:32screenshot of what a Chaos Emerald or
03:35something like what what is this
03:36supposed to [ __ ] be this weird little
03:38Sapphire that does look like the most
03:41complicated physics I have ever seen in
03:42my life though
03:44it's Sonic spin dashing
03:47over the span of five years Arnold went
03:49from being one of roblox's highest paid
03:51developers to being inducted on two
03:53felonies facing two life sentences and
03:55half a million dollars in fines holy
03:57[ __ ] from what I understand all of this
04:00started in 2017. Arnold was in the early
04:02stages of creating a Sonic the Hedgehog
04:04spin-off game called Sonic simulator oh
04:07my God it actually was Sonic spin
04:09dashing wasn't it uh this is a call back
04:11to something a while ago is this that
04:14YouTube channel that was like an open
04:17spin-off game called Sonic simulator
04:19here's a video from his YouTube channel
04:21that guy also made Sonic games though
04:23which is [ __ ] Wild
04:25the guy that was like openly admitted to
04:28being a pedophile 90 million visits it
04:30was well monetized fully voiced and I
04:32had a decently sized community
04:34and that's where the problems began it
04:37was pretty common knowledge that these
04:39jokes were being made in my community
04:40maybe not to the extent it actually
04:42occurred Jesus but that's mostly known
04:44so far as to the point where I was known
04:47as the old man with kids in his basement
04:49we'll come back to this video later are
04:52you sure that someone different because
04:53I feel like we heard that
04:56are these two different people
04:58no no this is a brand new video that I
05:01definitely haven't seen this here I'll
05:03just pull up what I'm talking about so
05:04that way we can immediately compare I
05:05don't know why I'm asking the [ __ ]
05:06chat who half the time suffers from
05:08short-term memory loss anyway
05:10I think it was called the Andrew files
05:11that did the Deep dive
05:13is this the one I'm thinking no actually
05:15it was um
05:17this was something different
05:18it was
05:20oh God
05:22there's there's been so many goddamn
05:24Roblox Predators my God
05:26people make games thank you that was the
05:30I couldn't remember the full video on
05:32that yeah people make games
05:34the Roblox pressured us to delete our
05:36video content they covered someone in
05:38here that I think is the same guy
05:41that we're talking about right now who's
05:43facing the two life sentences
05:45yeah responding to the document
05:47allegations okay so then this is someone
05:49we learned about I I really thought it
05:51was familiar yeah because the Jeter Man
05:53YouTube channel I apologizing for the
05:56things I've said yeah I know I shouldn't
05:58have said those things regardless of the
05:59context moving forward I will not have
06:02this Behavior
06:05so this guy finally got Justice
06:08delivered then from the sound of things
06:09here you're the reason behind bars while
06:13that one aged well these are just a few
06:15of the messages no he wasn't wrong and
06:17she wasn't the only one my sense of
06:20humor has always been very harsh dark
06:22humor if you will no and while it
06:25doesn't excuse my behavior it does
06:26reveal that I had no intention on moving
06:29on any of the things I said I could just
06:32hear the Fedora in his voice right now
06:34he's got a pinky up as he's saying these
06:38Christ by the way Arnold uses a voice
06:42changer to make his voice sound deeper
06:43here's what he actually said what moving
06:46forward I will not have this Behavior
06:48this shouldn't have been a joke in the
06:50first place he was very careful with
06:52what he said because he knows not to
06:54step over the fine line of joking around
06:57yeah that's the impression I got from
06:58seeing these messages
07:01yeah that seems like a guy who's
07:04he knows where to tap dance on the line
07:07between right and wrong when it comes to
07:14obviously the DMS that were exchanged
07:16between Jaden and the victims were not
07:18okay also there's nothing quite like
07:19calling miners to prove you're not a
07:25quite the big brain strategy no look I'm
07:27not a pedophile here's a 17 year old on
07:30my payroll who can say such
07:32towards the end of the video he shifts
07:34the blame onto the 12 year old and calls
07:36her an attention seeker first things
07:38first red what I said to you earlier
07:41about my apology was completely sincere
07:43and I hope
07:45someday let go of this hatred
07:47however I will call you out on this
07:50because you cannot be claiming to be an
07:54yes victim blaming the child what's
07:57really sad is looking at the like
07:58dislike ratio here he didn't like get
08:01slapped down with the dislikes
08:04so he must have actually had support
08:06from the community which is [ __ ]
08:08crazy since the video is over half an
08:11hour long I created my own video
08:12breaking it down in less than seven
08:14minutes surprisingly Arnold's main
08:16account was deleted not long after my
08:18conversation with the staff member
08:20Arnold however prepared for this also
08:22I'm pretty sure this account
08:24is on the so Roblox has like a public
08:27Wall of Shame
08:29that is actively updated anytime there's
08:31movement like that with bands what is it
08:33called I think it's Roblox
08:35they have like an FBI's Most Wanted for
08:37Roblox and I can't remember what they
08:38call it does anyone remember is it
08:40terminated players
08:42because I I remember it being more than
08:44that but there's like a different one
08:47though that's like much more focused on
08:49like the worst of the worst
08:52is it called oh it's controversial
08:58uh here it is thanks yeah yeah
09:03you have like a mug shot and then why
09:06they're controversial
09:10surely he would be here I would think
09:14or maybe this is like too extreme for
09:15even the controversial wanted board
09:18on September 9th 2021 his account was
09:20terminated for for swearing in front of
09:22a Roblox intern using voice chat on one
09:25of his alternative accounts
09:27and he's earned his place in the the
09:30Hall of evil of Roblox
09:33so yeah perhaps like actual pedophilia
09:35and [ __ ] is a little too extreme to be
09:38on this Wiki
09:39I think that makes sense if devrel
09:42really wanted to protect their users
09:43they'd have deleted his game and curbed
09:45his Roblox income roblox's bottom line
09:47depends on parents trusting the company
09:49with their kids safety and that's not
09:51going to happen if this is the response
09:53to child Predators very true but I think
09:56one thing Reuben misunderstands is
09:58parents don't even care if the shit's
10:00safe for their kids they just need
10:01something to distract them so much
10:03parenting these days is just placing a
10:05[ __ ] iPad in front of them and
10:06letting them go unmonitored on the
10:08internet unsupervised and then getting
10:09mad if something happens and blaming the
10:12the companies for it like it's that's
10:15just the most [ __ ] common parenting
10:18technique at the point at this point
10:20I don't even think they care if Roblox
10:21is necessarily safe as long as it
10:23doesn't cost them money somehow or cause
10:27some kind of issue two weeks later he
10:29tweeted thanks for driving more money to
10:31my game man you guys are really [ __ ]
10:34stupid by giving me all this publicity
10:38man's capitalizing off being outed as a
10:41pedophile talking about raping kids
10:44to the kids I spoke with the detective
10:46who really seemed like he wanted to help
10:48but since I didn't know anything about
10:50Arnold's real identity there wasn't much
10:51they could do the only people who could
10:53have known who he actually was was
10:55Roblox since Arnold was approved for the
10:58developer exchange they must have had
10:59all his personal info had someone at
11:01ROBLOX been the one to make that call
11:03it's my belief that Arnold would have
11:05been arrested years ago less than four
11:08months later Arnold posted a YouTube
11:09video showing that he's still the owner
11:11of the game I also noticed the same
11:13Discord server he was using girls was
11:16still linked on his games page I
11:18messaged the staff member asking if they
11:20could remove it and his response was
11:22they can just add it back
11:26things stay pretty quiet
11:29that's like who works at ROBLOX actual
11:32children too that's like some [ __ ] I'd
11:34say as a kid like what's the point in
11:35showering I'm just gonna get dirty again
11:38like it's not even the point like taking
11:41action is still worth it even if it
11:43could just be added again I really
11:46didn't have time to continue with all
11:47this I just gone through a lawsuit from
11:49Roblox and I really wanted to get back
11:51to making videos so I forgot about
11:53everything until May when one of my
11:55viewers told me Arnold had disappeared
11:56it wasn't talking at his Discord server
11:58or responding the messages a few people
12:00thought he killed himself as it turns
12:03out Arnold had been arrested by the FBI
12:06some breaking news
12:0920 year old Arnold Castillo of New
12:11Jersey is facing federal charges the
12:14reason we're covering this December he
12:15took interest in another underage girl
12:17from his Discord server oh [ __ ] okay
12:20Arnold is 28. so the FBI went on their
12:23own side quest and got him a thousand
12:25dollars to have her picked up and
12:27transported 700 miles across state lines
12:29to his home in New Jersey when her mom
12:31noticed she was missing she called the
12:33police two days passed before she was
12:35able to meet with the sergeant and a
12:37detective at Police Headquarters where
12:39she told them about Arnold she knew of
12:41him by his fake name and the fact that a
12:43few months prior he had placed orders on
12:44Amazon to her house including several
12:46thousand dollars worth of electronics
12:48that were canceled after the delivery
12:50deadline was missed the police got a
12:52hold of Arnold over the phone and of
12:54course he claimed his name was Jacob
12:55shedletsky can you just imagine
12:58a world where roblox actually takes
13:00pedophiles seriously and then he's never
13:03in a position where he pays an Uber
13:04driver to transport a child 700 miles
13:07away from her parents to be with him
13:10that is entirely on roblox's plate right
13:12there that is entirely their [ __ ]
13:14fault this could have been this could
13:16have been squashed two years well this
13:18is 2022. yeah two years prior in the
13:21video Castillo's voice can be heard
13:23narrating over images regarding
13:25allegations that he is a pedophile based
13:27on his vocalized rebuttals the
13:29allegations sourced from unidentified
13:31fellow social media users who were
13:33reportedly juveniles those users had
13:35apparently informed Castile that they
13:37were teenagers and he ensued by making
13:39sexual advances and other derogatory
13:41remarks towards them this has to be one
13:43of the first times where a YouTuber
13:45apology video is actually cited in a
13:47like a legitimate arrest
13:49that's big Dr Ro fatnik really [ __ ]
13:54Arnold Castillo here by making that
13:56apology video with the deep voice
13:57modulator when I learned about all this
14:00I called my local police back and asked
14:01them before the info I gave them to the
14:03FBI Arnold has since pled not guilty and
14:06his trial is scheduled for November 7th
14:09he'll take a plea deal
14:11no doubt in my mind he's not gonna try
14:13and fight it with the overwhelming
14:14evidence and a physical sting operation
14:16that observed a minor going into his
14:18apartment after being reported is
14:19missing and then the 700 or the thousand
14:21dollar bribe to the Uber driver to bring
14:23them there and the getting all of his
14:25messages no shot he's going to take a
14:27plea deal
14:30really fumbled that one there huh Roblox
14:33this is still all supposed well he's not
14:35found guilty on it yet I suppose so yeah
14:39I suppose the right word is alleged but
14:41he has himself confirmed all of the
14:44things he said to minors even blame them
14:46for attention seeking by bringing it up
14:48and then the goddamn FBI investigated
14:51and caught physical evidence watched a
14:54minor go into his apartment after the
14:56whole missing persons report on a child
14:58it's pretty solid evidence I would say
15:02I think we can at least
15:04surmise with a high level of confidence
15:07that not guilty is probably not the
15:10right word here
15:14God damn that's actually that is
15:17actually crazy
15:19good [ __ ] Reuben
15:21Reuben is actually like the Batman of
15:24even though he wasn't the one that ended
15:26up leading to the arrest of the Predator
15:28I still think his information is going
15:30to be integral to the case they found
15:32the apology video on their own but
15:34Reuben compiled like all other relevant
15:36information to forward to them so now
15:38this guy's facing two life sentences
15:40right is that what it was
15:42yeah two life sentences
15:45and this could have all been avoided
15:47this guy was uh he was a pedophile
15:49before Roblox but the actual victim
15:52going there in person could have been
15:54avoided had Roblox just done the bare
15:56minimum of taking a pedophile seriously
16:00at the very least
16:02he has been caught which is more than we
16:05can say for the other Predators from
16:06Roblox that we learned about over the
16:08last year or so
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is the Roblox developer arrested for preying on minors?

The Roblox developer arrested for preying on minors is facing two life sentences and was exposed by YouTuber Reuben Sim.

2. What significant role did YouTuber Reuben Sim play in exposing the predator?

YouTuber Reuben Sim played a significant role in exposing the predator who was preying on minors, leading to their arrest and legal consequences.

3. Why is the Roblox developer facing two life sentences?

The Roblox developer is facing two life sentences due to their predatory behavior towards minors, as highlighted by YouTuber Reuben Sim and confirmed by the FBI's investigation.

4. How did the FBI contribute to the arrest of the Roblox developer?

The FBI conducted their own investigation, gathered strong evidence, and ultimately made the arrest of the Roblox developer who preyed on minors, showcasing the severity of the situation.

5. What mishandling of the situation did Reuben Sim highlight about Roblox?

Reuben Sim highlighted Roblox's mishandling of the situation, particularly in their negligence to protect children using their platform, shedding light on the need for better safety measures.

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